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iPhone. jailbreakable or not ?

There are two ways to check if iPhone is jailbroken or not and you should try both.

The first is to check the Cydia app on the corresponding iPhone.

You can use Spotlight to find it, and if it shows up, it means a jailbroken iPhone.

find, iphone

Cydia was once indispensable on jailbroken iPhones years ago, but it’s 2019 now, and there are ways to bypass it and even hide it.

In this case, you need to download an application called CopyTrans Contacts.

This is a paid app that can manage contacts on iPhone, but you don’t really need to buy it if all you’re interested in is checking iPhone jailbreak status.

Download, install and run CopyTrans Contacts.

Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac on which you installed the application.

Select the iPhone icon in the toolbar on the left.

You will see a long list of information about the device you have connected.

The last entry in the general section is “Jailbreak”.

If the system says “No,” it means the iPhone is not jailbroken. If he says “Yes”, then vice versa.

Another easy way to check if an iPhone has been jailbroken or not is to see if it has been tampered with.

The point of jailbreaking an iPhone is to add features that aren’t available out of the box.

They may not be obvious, but a quick glance at the device may give you a clue.

Information Security Squad

How to check if iPhone is jailbroken or not

The jailbreak community was once very active.

It has not died out, but the fact that fewer iPhone users are now jailbreaking their devices is a fact.

This is because the iPhone already has quite a few important features that it lacked in its early days.

Apple also tends to add features to iOS that are popular in the jailbreak community, eliminating the need to flash the phone.

However, if you have an iPhone close at hand and need to find out if it is jailbroken or not, there is an easy way to check it.

Is jailbreak illegal?

However, jailbreak is not illegal, tweaks or modifications made thereafter are not precisely tailored to the performance of the device.

If your iPhone is especially old, the setting may affect how it works.

You may find that your phone is not performing well, its battery is not working as long as it should, and it crashes.

Undoing this is fairly easy, but if the tweak does damage your phone, it may not be covered by Apple’s warranty.

How can you tell if your iPhone is refurbished or not??

Today, the question “how can you find out if an iPhone is refurbished or not” has gained popularity among iPhone users. And all the reason is that unscrupulous aftermarket sellers offer refurbished iPhones at the price of new ones. And in order not to deceive the buyer, he must have simple knowledge.

How can you tell if your iPhone is refurbished or not?

In fact, it’s not difficult to find out whether the iPhone is refurbished or not. It is enough to go to the “Settings” menu, select the “General” section and, accordingly, the “About this device” subsection. This subsection contains the main information about the model, the serial number of the smartphone, the amount of memory, etc.

For us, the main point is the first letter that stands at the beginning of the model. Actually, these letters determine the state of the device.

  • If the name contains the letter M. this means that the device has not been restored (in other words, your iPhone is new).
  • The letter F means exchange or restoration of the device.
  • If the first letter is N, you should know that the device was replaced at the service center under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The letter P at the beginning of the model denotes that the device was personalized, that is, when the device was purchased, engraving was performed.

In addition to the letter information in the models, you can determine whether the iPhone is new or not by the box. How to determine this? Pretty simple. All refurbished iPhones, regardless of models, have only the name of the device on the box, without a picture. In the new models of smartphones on the box there is a picture of a device, such as the smartphone itself inside the box.

There is another way to check the iPhone. by IMEI, but it is ineffective. The IMEI determines whether the device case has been changed or not. For example, if the user has a white phone in their hands, but after checking the IMEI it is black, then the body in the phone was changed.

How to check iPhone after purchase

In order not to be deceived by the buyer, check the smartphone for its condition on the official Apple website. To do this, go to the website in the section “Checking the eligibility for service and support” and in the corresponding field enter the serial number of the iPhone (indicated on the box), then click “continue”. If after verification appears “You need to activate iPhone”. be sure you have a new phone.

When registering for repairs, you get a DISCOUNT. 5%

What is the difference between officially refurbished iPhones?

We all know that Apple does refurbish and market certain iPhones like new.

Do you want to know in more detail what these devices are? I have a good article on the topic. read it, there is a lot of useful information.

How do you find out that you have a restored device in front of you? In fact, there are not so many ways:

  • The first and most important is the type of box (it will be different).
  • Lettering on the box. next to the serial number you will see RFB.
  • The price will be lower than the “regular” model.

There are no other differences. These are the same devices as the new ones. They have a full warranty and are verified in the same way on the Apple website. You don’t need to be afraid of them.

How to tell a new iPhone from a used or refurbished iPhone?

It’s another matter when such questions are asked online. what to do in this case? The correct answer is to write a good article. And now she is ready! Keep instructions on how to find out and understand which iPhone you bought (are going to buy). new, used or refurbished?

How to know if your iPhone is new and not used?

The easiest and surest way is to use the Apple website:

  • We’ll need a serial number. over, if you are just going to buy a device, then it is not even necessary to activate it. you can always look at the box, or, what is more reliable, at the activation stage, click on the “i in a circle” icon. However, there are other ways to find out IMEI.
  • We go to the official Apple website in the section “checks eligibility for service and support”. here is the link.
  • Enter the serial number and look at the result.

There may be many options, but in order to make sure that the iPhone is new, we are only interested in two:

  • IPhone needs to be activated. it means that the device is new and no one has used it.
  • Estimated expiration date. It should end exactly one year after the first activation and inclusion. Here already look at the situation. if you are sold a phone under the guise of a new one, but the estimated service date ends in a couple of months. they lie to you and the iPhone is at least used.

Received any other messages that you do not understand? The decryption is in the article about the results of checking the eligibility for service and support.

How to identify “artisanal” refurbished iPhones

In fact, these are the same used devices that are assembled in some unknown place and it is not clear how. This means that you can also distinguish them. check by the serial number on the Apple website. If the warranty has passed, then the iPhone is not new.

And all would be fine, but many sellers, selling unofficially (read, in basement workshops) restored iPhones under the guise of new ones, go to all sorts of tricks and try to confuse the buyer:

  • Say, this is some kind of special phone (Eurotest, Chinese, American, special). so the check does not work. Remember, verification on the Apple website should always work.!
  • The serial number on the box is forged. a random IMEI is indicated, which has not yet been activated. And the device, in fact, has a different number.

But the worst thing is that craftsmen can change the serial number directly in the phone. What to do and how to find out the truth?

  • Check IMEI by command # call button. By dialing it (like a regular call) you will see the serial number. compare it with the one indicated on the box and in the settings.
  • The most time consuming but most reliable is to restore iPhone firmware via iTunes. After this procedure, all interference with the operating system, if any, will disappear.

Well, then we act “according to the knurled pattern”. go to the Apple website, check and draw conclusions.

How to tell the difference between a new and refurbished iPhone?

There is one small snag in this question.

The thing is that there are officially and unofficially refurbished iPhones.

  • The surest and surest way to know if an iPhone is new is to check it out on Apple’s website. Depending on the results of the check, it will already be possible to draw a conclusion. a used device or not.
  • Sometimes the serial number can be spoofed to pass off an unofficially refurbished iPhone as a brand new device. Therefore, we look at the IMEI not only on the box, but also in the device settings (ideally, restore the firmware via iTunes. if the serial is changed in any way, then after this procedure the real numbers will “return”).
  • Officially refurbished iPhones are virtually indistinguishable from regular iPhones. The only difference will be in the picture and the inscription on the box, the price.

Perhaps these are the most important points from all of the above. I hope that the information was useful. if it helps at least a few people (saves them from buying a “bad” gadget, reassures and assures that the iPhone they bought is really new), then it will be very good!

How to check iPhone is locked or not

When buying an iPhone, the question arises: is it locked to the operator or not. This information is important because if it is still locked. you will have to spend some more on unlock. In this article I will tell you how to find out if the iPhone is locked or not.

In a number of countries, the sale of locked iPhones is widespread. devices that can work with only one telecom operator. The advantage of this approach is a decrease in the price of a smartphone, which becomes possible because the buyer undertakes to use the services of a particular provider.

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Diagnostics is FREE. 7 (812) 953-94-11, 7 (921) 984-75-12 (Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 42, Petrogradskaya metro station)

The disadvantage is also clear. if you bought a phone that was produced for the US market and an American operator, you are unlikely to be able to use the services of local providers.

Buying an unlocked iPhone

How to find out if the iPhone is locked if you buy the device not from official Apple sales outlets, but, for example, from the hands of another person? Official resellers also sell locked smartphones, but their documents will definitely indicate the status:

  • SIM Free. you can insert a SIM card of any operator.
  • SIM Locked. the phone is locked for a specific provider.

Another way to test your iPhone is to insert your SIM card from another carrier into it. When turned on, the device will require re-activation. If you can activate the iPhone with a new SIM card, call from it and go online, then you will not have any problems with communication services, since the phone is not locked.

IMEI check

There is another way to check the iPhone for a lock for a specific provider. to punch its history by IMEI on the site To find out the IMEI of the device:

  • Check the 15-digit number on the back of your iPhone.
  • Dial the command # on the phone and press the call button. IMEI will be displayed on the screen.
  • Open the settings, go to the “General” section, tap on the item “About this device”. Find the IMEI code in the table.

The resulting code must be entered in the line on the site Click Check to view basic information about your phone. To check the device for a lock for a specific operator, press the green button “SimLock Warranty” “.

The device status will be indicated in the “SIM Lock” line. If in this field you see the value “Unknown”, then punch the phone on other sites., and others.

These services show not only the status of the iPhone, but also the country with a specific operator for which the iPhone is locked. Please be aware that these sites may display incorrect information, so be sure to check your smartphone with a different SIM card before making a purchase.

Free consultation! Free diagnostics! Warranty for work!

How to check if iPhone is original or not by IMEI?

Check for originality is also carried out through the IMEY iPhone. You can find out the IMEI number in several ways:

Find on the packaging with a barcode. IMEI is lower than the serial number.

Through the “Settings” of the gadget. The path that the user needs to go through. “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Through a combination. It is enough to dial # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

IMEY consists of 15 digits. alphabetic characters do not occur.

It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services:


This service allows you to check how high-quality the hardware of the tested smartphone is. as a rule, “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components. CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking not only iPhones, but also gadgets of other brands.

Enter the IMEI number in the window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check will consist of several parts. First part. certificate.

The certificate confirms that the Apple iPhone is not stolen or lost by the original owner.

If you want to know more about what information the certificate gives, click on the round button with the letter “i”. in the picture it is circled in red.

A certificate in the form of a banner can be inserted into other resources. Click the button “HTML-code to embed on sites and forums”, and you will have access to all kinds of links and codes:

For example, a link to an image of a certificate can be placed by an iPhone seller in an advertisement for a sale. this will increase the level of trust of potential buyers.

The second block. “IMEI decryption”.

From this block it becomes clear that the whole IMEY can be divided into 3 components:

    TAC number. describes the model and origin of the phone (first 8 digits) The serial number of the gadget. is unique for each device (6 subsequent digits) Check digit. the 15th digit, which allows you to check the correctness of all the previous ones. The check digit is calculated using the “Moon” algorithm. you can learn more about this algorithm here.

There are no two phones with the same IMEI numbers.

The third block. “Detailed information”.

Alas, detailed information is not available during a free check. after clicking on the “Get information” button, you will be faced with an offer to pay.

If you scroll down the page with the results of the check, you will find the button “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.

If you lose the gadget, you should use this particular button. this way you complicate the task of selling the phone for the attacker.

How to check iPhone for authenticity?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

Actually, the site of the international identifier itself is available at To check, you need to enter a 15-digit number in the “Enter IMEI” window.

After entering the number, press “Check”. IPhone information appears on the screen.

If this information is not enough for you, click the “Read” button. a full description of the device’s functionality will appear, accompanied by a photo and 3D animation.

If the iPhone is found in the database by the IMEY number, the gadget is original.

Important: when registering on the website through your mailbox, check the “Spam” folder. most likely, a letter with a proposal to activate your account will be there.

How to check an iPhone for authenticity on the Apple website?

This method is the most suitable, because to use it you don’t even need to open the box and take out the device itself. Follow the instructions:

Look for the serial number of the device on the package. it should be located on the back of the box between the IMEI and the Part No. Serial number consists of 11 or 12 characters (numbers and letters).

If the iPhone is printed and activated, check the “serial numbers” on the package and in the device settings (path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”).

Go to the website and in the upper right corner select the “Support” tab.

Scroll down and find the Warranty & Repair section. Here you need to follow the link “Check warranty status”.

Enter the serial number of the device in the special window, then enter the captcha code.

After entering the data, click “Continue”. If you entered the number incorrectly, the system will display the following message:

Recheck the serial number. If there are no errors, then the iPhone is “gray”, and you need to refuse to purchase it.

After correctly entering the “serial” of the activated iPhone, you will see the following screen:

Pay attention to the checkmark in the green field opposite the item “Actual date of purchase”. it is this that confirms that the gadget is original. The rest of the points are devoted to the international warranty for the device, which has a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase, and the right to a free consultation by phone. the owner of the iPhone can exercise this right within 3 months. As you can see, using the service, you can establish not only the authenticity of the device, but also the approximate period of use of the gadget (more than 3 months, more than a year). In our case, the warranty has already expired, so the system offers only paid appeal.

If the iPhone is not yet activated, you will see an exclamation point in the yellow box and the caption “You must confirm the date of purchase of the product.”.

The very fact that the service found this device in the database, and did not give an error, confirms the originality of the gadget.

Please note: if the serial number of the gadget begins with a combination of “5K”, then you are looking at an iPhone of the Refurbished category, that is, refurbished by the manufacturer or seller. Refurbished iPhone cannot be called completely new, despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full guarantee for such a device.

It is better to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI if you buy a sealed gadget. the seller is unlikely to agree to open the package just for you to look at the smartphone. But when buying an iPhone from hands without a box and documents, it is very important to pay attention to visual inspection. the typical signs of Chinese counterfeits are described here.

Find and eliminate the source of wiretapping on iPhone

How to understand that a mobile phone is being tapped? Of course, first of all it is worth paying attention to the fact that personal information suddenly appears in the “wrong hands”. Of course, you might think that someone is deliberately disclosing the data, but a tracking program or device should not be ruled out either.

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to analyze all the data and compare the facts once again. You can determine that a person is being watched through the phone by the following signs:

  • information gets to unauthorized persons;
  • iPhone suddenly started to shut down and restart spontaneously;
  • Internet traffic consumption has increased significantly;
  • sudden and spontaneous activation of GPS;
  • the device is overheating;
  • the amount of space on the phone has decreased;
  • battery discharge is faster.

Note! Of course, all of these signs can be symptoms of something else, for example, the breakdown of the iPhone itself. As a test of the guess, you can diagnose using the codes presented earlier.

If the suspicions are confirmed, what should be done in this case? There are several options for actions that can be taken if a person is being tracked via an iPhone:

  • check your device for viruses and unwanted programs;
  • save the necessary information on a PC, a second SIM card and completely format the device. In other words, reset the settings to factory defaults;
  • use special programs designed for Apple devices. These include Android IMSI-Catcher Detector and CatcherCatcher. These programs will help protect your mobile phone from connecting to false databases. With the help of EAGLE Security, you can see a complete list of applications that have access to the microphone, camera, etc.;
  • Darshak system will help track unusual iPhone activity.

You can check your phone for wiretapping yourself

Possible signs of wiretapping on iPhone

So how do you know if a phone is being tapped, for example, an iPhone? In fact, surveillance and eavesdropping programs rarely manifest themselves on a device in an explicit format. You can only pay attention to some minor points that will help to identify the harmful “bug”.

How to know if a mobile phone is being tapped. iPhone:

  • the battery charge lasts significantly less. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the battery of the device is overheating, and this is a bad sign. If the battery suddenly starts to drain quickly, this is a reason to think. The thing is that spyware runs in the background and consumes a lot of energy;
  • strange (unusual) behavior of the phone is observed. It can be constant freezing, periodic shutdowns, etc. Such actions look especially unusual on new iPhones;
  • when talking with a person in the receiver there are extraneous sounds, noises;
  • sudden interference should be of particular concern. If the smartphone is lying next to the speakers, and the latter suddenly begin to make noise, as if receiving an SMS message, this is already a weighty cause for concern. If spyware is indeed installed on the device, it is most likely transmitting data at that moment;
  • long connection with the subscriber or termination of the conversation. As a rule, most listening programs take time to wedge themselves into someone else’s conversation, hence the delays;
  • high traffic consumption. Currently available espionage programs are often designed so that they accumulate information and then transmit it over Wi-Fi. If a person uses the Internet connection as usual, and traffic is still heavily consumed, it is worth considering. For the sake of interest, you can look at the Wi-Fi statistics, through it, working third-party applications that consume traffic are identified;
  • suspicious SMS. Messages containing incomprehensible alphanumeric texts can be encrypted commands for wiretapping. To check your guess, it is recommended to rearrange the SIM-card to which such SMS comes to another (push-button) phone. If the distribution does not stop, then, most likely, the device is “under the hood”.

There are many signs of wiretapping on iPhone

Can law enforcement eavesdrop on iPhone

Before you figure out how to determine the wiretapping of a mobile phone on the iPhone, it is worth finding out whether it is legal or not. If the conversation is about law enforcement agencies, then the answer will not be so unambiguous.

Wiretapping on iPhone is possible and quite common

For your information! In accordance with Federal Law 26 “On Communications”, cellular operators are obliged to provide all the necessary information to authorized bodies engaged in operational-search activities.

In this case, data on calls, SMS-messages and the like are provided. But as for the direct wiretapping of equipment, the operators in this case cannot always help.

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At the moment, law enforcement agencies can listen to a person’s conversations not only if he has an iPhone, but also another mobile device. This is done using the SORM system.

Important! Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies can only be established if there is an appropriate court decision.

All of the above applies exclusively to legal activities. However, now there are a large number of spyware programs that are installed on a smartphone and allow you to listen to the conversations of another person (subordinate or spouse).

The peculiarity of such programs is that they can be used to record and then listen to conversations, intercept SMS messages, etc. In addition, the user can copy phone numbers from the address book of another subscriber. Needless to say, such actions are illegal? That is why it is worth figuring out how to check an iPhone for wiretapping in order to prevent interference with personal space.

Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies is carried out only by a court decision

How to check iPhone for wiretap. codes and combinations

Can I listen to another person’s iPhone? Yes, you can. In the modern world, there are even special programs designed for this. How to find such a “pest” and what to do then, is discussed later in the article.

Codes and combinations for checking iPhone

All of the above points are only indirect signs that the device is being monitored. You can confirm or deny your suspicions by dialing certain codes.

Note! Checking is carried out using the usual keyboard of the device.

How to check an iPhone for wiretap by entering a combination of numbers:

  • #. checks for current call waiting;
  • #. will help to establish the IMEI. code of this device;
  • # is one of the most useful combinations. With its help, you can get information if someone has requested details of calls and SMS-messages;
  • #. displays data about services serving a specific iPhone;
  • #. if redirection occurs, this command will show it. In addition, the number to which the calls are transferred will be indicated;
  • ##. if redirection is detected using this combination, it will be possible to disable it. Accordingly, calls will be made only from a specific device;
  • # 30. caller ID for incoming calls.

Despite the simplicity, the combinations presented above are working, and most importantly, convenient. With their help, you can easily protect your phone from other people’s intrusions.

Important! It is not recommended to use codes too often. The problem is that not all operators are familiar with these command sets. Frequent activation is suspicious and may lead to blocking of the number.

How to protect your iPhone from possible wiretapping

Speaking about banal protection from other people’s encroachments, it is worth noting that there are a lot of ways. First of all, it is recommended to adhere to the simplest rules:

  • do not transfer the device to strangers, if possible, keep it with you;
  • do not open links coming from unknown numbers;
  • closely monitor the sites that are visited. If not a wiretap program, then an unpleasant virus can always be picked up;
  • do not tell unauthorized persons the password.

Important! When it comes to setting a password, you shouldn’t take it lightly. It is best to use a finger or face scan. As a last resort, it is recommended to come up with a rather complex password that cannot be simply guessed.

Password as protection is the best way to prevent possible wiretapping

Listening programs are not a myth, but a very real phenomenon. Therefore, you should treat your confidential information responsibly. Adhering to simple tips, you can protect yourself, but if the “bug” is still installed, it can be calculated and eliminated.

How to make sure RosTest is iPhone or not: ways

Buyers of Apple products are often interested in how to find out if RosTest is iPhone or not. The article will cover this topic, although the information on the Internet pages is a dime a dozen. For those who are not yet in the subject or have not found an understandable explanation, we will give a complete answer.

Difference between RosTest and EuroTest

The prefix “euro” instead of “rose” is used to certify iPhones that have not passed the examination at the Center. In fact, there is no EuroTest mark. The word was coined to distinguish “white” iPhone from “gray”. In general, all Apple products sold outside the law are called “gray”. Sellers from Europe, reselling gadgets, save on taxes, payment of funds intended for the registration of mandatory documents. It is clear that than the legal ones. This should confuse the consumer in the first place.

If the PCT badge on the box somehow did not satisfy the inquisitive buyer, he looks at the model code in the device itself, compares it with the one written on the package. To do this, go to “Settings”, then. “General” and “About this device”:

We see RU, this makes it clear that the phone ended up in Russia, “having reached” the country in a legal way.

RosTest (PCT), or “white” iPhone

IPhones imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, officially called “white”, have a PCT certificate and a guarantee. Are subject to legal taxes and fees, are sold at the recommended market price, that is, the devices have passed the necessary documentary procedures, are genuine.

We look at the packaging

“Correct” iPhones are packed in boxes, carefully examining which you can already find out the necessary information. A study of the model code and the PCT icon is enough to breathe out with relief: we have the original in front of us. For example, the code MP822RU / A contains two letters meaning “Russia”:

And also for the Russian market, models come with codes:

If the package has the EAC mark (from the English Eurasian Conformity), this means Eurasian conformity and certification of the customs union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. To the consumer, both marks. RosTest and EAC. confirm the guarantee of the legality of the device being sold.

To determine RosTest iPhone or not, you need to apply a few simple steps and check the “legality” of the device.

The tested iPhone is sold at a higher price, but at the same time it has pronounced advantages: authenticity, warranty service in the Russian Federation for a certain period. “Gray” phones, though cheaper, are also capable of breaking or containing a factory defect. In this case, the money spent is down the drain.

When buying, you should carefully study the packaging with a sticker containing information about the model code and the “PCT” mark.

Growth and Eurotest. what is the difference

Growth and Eurotest. the procedure for conducting the verification of produced or imported goods, respectively, in Russia and the countries of Europe. The verification criteria and functions that are not necessary for the operation of the devices in different countries differ depending on the requirements of the network and other parameters. Therefore, for different countries, manufacturers produce different models of telephones.

Interesting! The term “Eurotect” is used exclusively in the spoken language, there is no such concept. The vendors of iPhones, which were introduced into the Russian language without needing to be checked, replaced the term “Eurotect” with the CE mark, which was designed to decipher the code. CE mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of European countries, which can differ from the requirements of the Russian Federation.

iPhone Post and Eurotest can differ in four important criteria:

Charger adapter. The form and size of power sockets in Europe differ from Russian analogs, therefore, plugs in the iPhone charger, which are intended for use in Russia, are For the user, this means that the charge, which comes with a telephone Eurotect, can.

Availability of warranty. Not in all cases on iPhones, which have been unofficially interrupted from Europe or America, the manufacturer’s warranty is removed.

How To Check Your iphone is Fake or Real ? kaise pata kare iphone real hai ya fake

Continued service. Smartphones with a note of space can be repaired under the warranty within two years after the purchase. If a similar service is extended to the selected model of the iPhone CE, the service time in two times is 1 year.

Cost. The device Eurotect is usually imported without payment of taxes and fees, therefore the price of their implementation of the lower certified goods.

What is a “gray” phone

By analogy with the term “white” iPhone, “gray” refers to those smartphones that were introduced to the PF technology, unofficially from Europe or America, and did not pass certification. Non-official import of lots of goods will allow not to pay taxes and reduce prices. This is the case of some companies and online stores, which tend to increase the number of customers at the expense of lower for their accoptimenti. In some cases, the cost of “gray” and “white” gadgets may differ in 2 times.

In addition, the “gray” iPhone can be sold as “white” and at the same high price. So unsuccessful sellers increase the difference between the purchase price and the realizable price, and the profitable and profitable ones. The characteristics of the “gray” and “white” iPhones practically do not differ. this is a product of one manufacturer. the Apple company, but made for a different reference. often than not, the differences are in the software for the telephone, or in the firmware. For some countries on iPhone:

limited maximum volume in nayshnikax;

you cannot turn off the camera shutter sound;

action on the use of communication operators;

Interesting! If the phone is tied to the European operation, with a SIM card, for example, an MTC operator, it will not work. Removal of this feature can cost 100 or more.

The features of smartphones that have been exported from Europe will depend on the law of the country, where it was supposed to be implemented in accordance with the release plan.

How to find out if the iPhone has passed the growth?

When you buy any smartphone, and, in particular, the products of Apple. the iPhone. it is worth carefully studying the characteristics of the device, and the main review of this This will determine the quality and performance of the device.

Today on the market there are several terms for designating the type of certification of smartphones. POST and Eurotest. What are the differences between these two concepts, how to know the iPhone is strong or not and what is better to choose a driver, read our article.

How to distinguish a gray phone from an original

It is important to understand that so-called “gray” smartphones are also original products, not garments, not copies, not used and not refurbished phones. They have undergone certification in another country, therefore some of their functions may not be supported or limited when used on the basis of the location. With this, the main indicators, such as the power of the operating memory, the performance, the size of the memory, the resolution of the screen, the quality of the camera.

It is possible to distinguish the iPhones that have passed the POST test by the special PCT mark on the package. In addition, you can find out from which country that you have taken out the device “by labeling on the package, by phone or by going to the installer. There are no two last Latin letters in your model code for information about the country. For example, PL, PM. Poland, ND. Netherlands, PP. Philippines.

Important! The map on the package and the gadget itself must match.

How to check the phone is original or not

You can check the authenticity of the iPhone phone on the official Apple website To do this, in the bar, indicate the serial number of the iPhone and the IMEI number. Information can be found on the phone and on the box. Automatic check by number will show whether the smartphone is cleaned in the company base, its model, color and release date.

How to know if iPhone is refurbished?

We are often asked how to determine the status of an iPhone. This is especially true when buying a smartphone in the secondary market, where almost every second seller tries to pass off a refurbished device as a new one. In fact, you can check the status of the iPhone very simply. you just need to go to the smartphone settings.

In the “General” section of the iPhone settings at the very top there is a subsection “About this device”. This includes memory capacity, serial number, device model, and more. We are interested in the model. you can determine the state of the iPhone by its first letter.

  • M. new device, not exchanged and restored
  • F. refurbished device
  • N. the owner replaced the device under warranty at the service center
  • P is a personalized device. This means that it was engraved upon purchase.

In our case, the first letter of the iPhone model is “M”, that is, the smartphone was bought in a new state.

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Apple copies all stages of professional filming, and then automates and transfers them to the iPhone. As a result, the company’s smartphones take pictures on a par with advanced cameras, many times superior to competitors.

Back in iOS 7, Apple introduced a new “Activation Lock” feature to prevent outsiders from gaining access to an iOS device in the event of theft or other unauthorized

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You cannot select all text in full on iOS. To do this, you need to slowly (or whatever goes) drag your finger across the screen, highlighting what you need. I tell you how to select everything at once using a quick command

How to identify a jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking iPhone removes Apple’s restrictions on the phone. The main reason for jailbreaking iPhone. it is getting the ability to download third-party applications from providers that are not part of the iTunes App store. If you don’t know if your iPhone is jailbroken or not, a few simple steps can help you determine the jailbreak status of your iPhone.

Detailed instructions on how to find out if your iPhone 3G, 4S, 5S, 6, 7, 8, X is jailbroken or your iPhone is not jailbroken.

Jailbreaking iPhone frees you from Apple’s established restrictions. However, it is possible, and from the official guarantee too.

How To Spot A Fake iPhone

Turn on your iPhone and go to the home page. Hold the Power button to unlock your Apple mobile device by sliding the “Slide to unlock” label.

Browse all apps on your iPhone. Browse all pages with iPhone applications.

Study the “Installer” application carefully. There are several bootable applications such as “Cydia”, “Icy” and “Installer”. If your iPhone has one of these apps, it means the iPhone has been jailbroken. Otherwise, it means that the iPhone is not jailbroken.

Recover your iPhone if you want to be sure your iPhone isn’t jailbroken. Connect your iPhone to your computer and turn on iTunes. Click on Summary and “Restore”.

Jailbreaking an iPhone will void your smartphone manufacturer’s warranty in the event of any issues with jailbreaking an iPhone.

The new 5G phone Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (model ZS671KS) works with cool PTZ cameras. This novelty offers the buyer many interesting characteristics. Here are a couple of interesting details. It has support for 5G networks, a large 5000mAh battery, an excellent and powerful Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 chipset.

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Hey! I read tech news that the hacking community is constantly working to open up the iOS system for jailbreak. But as far as I understand, now trying to jailbreak iOS 11 is definitely a problem.

Hi, I think so. that an unauthorized modification of iOS would compromise security features or cause multiple problems for a jailbroken iPhone or ipad, ipod touch.

Good day! Because of the occasional serious parental concern, I want to spy on my son’s iPhone, but only without rooting and jailbreaking. Are there any free iPhone camera tracking apps??

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Check iPhone by IMEI: find out the operator and SIM Lock status

Before buying, users often have a question: How to find out the SIM Lock status of the iPhone \ iPad is the phone locked or not (Locked or Unlocked), find out the Serial Number, or you need to check by IMEY on whom the iPhone is locked, this is important information for those who want to officially unlock their iPhone from an operator but does not know or doubts the exact belonging of his phone to a specific cellular operator (carrier).

Also, some are interested in the warranty period for the phone (whether it remained or not and its exact dates), all this information can be found using two IMEY verification utilities (links will be below).

Please note that the principle of operation of any official unlock requires strict adherence to the operator to which the IMEY is attached.

This is due to the fact that not all cellular operators support full iPhone unlocking by IMEY, you can read in more detail at the link General information on unlocking iPhone

For those who already have the necessary information, an always up-to-date list of operators for unlock iPhone (if your operator is not in the list, then it is not supported). This information will help you to unlock iPhone as quickly as possible.

  • Check iPhone information by IMEI (displayed: SN, operator, country, lock status, model, memory size, firmware version, warranty, activation, Find my iPhone status)

IMEI: 01333100 Model: iPhone 5 16GB BLACK Serial: 7K116UD Firmware Version: 6.0.1 Warranty: Apple Limited Warranty Warranty Date: 03/02/14 First Activation Date: 05/02/13 Last Activation Date: 05/02/13 Carrier / Next Tether: Canada Fido Find My iPhone: OFF SIM LOCK: Locked

  • Checking iPhone by IMEY on the blacklist is displayed: SN, operator, country, blocking status, model, memory size, firmware version, warranty, activation, blacklist or not (Blacklist Yes \ No, Fing my iPhone Off or On status)

IMEI: 012030009007694 iPhone 3GS 16GB BLACK Product Version: 4.1 SN: Warranty: Apple Limited Warranty Warranty Date: 03/02/13 First Activation Date: 05/02/12 Last Activation Date: 05/02/12 Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US ATT Find My iPhone: OFF Not Blacklisted Lock Status: Locked

To get basic data on iPhone IMEI, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the service page “Check iPhone by IMEI” or “Check iPhone by IMEI on the black list”
  • Enter the IMEI of your phone
  • Press the “Order” button
  • The result will be sent to your email

If you need to remember or find out Apple ID (E-mail), use the Apple ID recovery service by IMEI and UDID

Useful links how to get official unlock iPhone by IMEY:

Problems of the “gray” iPhone during operation

In most cases, the use of a “gray” iPhone does not cause any problems, but this is only due to the fact that most of the devices come to us from neighboring countries. If you buy a Taiwanese or, for example, a Brazilian gadget, you may encounter poor communication quality and even the absence of an LTE connection. This is due to the use of different frequencies in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. By the way, the Russian authorities have repeatedly threatened to block all smartphones that entered the country illegally. This is a very difficult, but technically feasible task.

Perhaps the most significant problems can be caused by the purchase of a “gray” operator’s iPhone (aka “locked”, “locked”, contract, tied to the operator, SIM-lock, etc.). Such a smartphone works only with a SIM-card of a certain operator in the country where the purchase was made.

In addition to the cases described above, the “gray” iPhone can provide less serious trouble for its owner. For example, the plug for connecting the charger adapter to the mains differs in many countries. This means that it is not possible to connect a British or, for example, an American iPhone to a domestic outlet using standard charging without a special adapter.

A less important nuance is that Apple complies with the laws of the countries to which it ships its gadgets, which entails some consequences. For example, an iPhone bought in the Emirates until 2020 did not support FaceTime video calls, a Japanese smartphone will not allow you to mute the camera, and a European will limit the maximum volume in headphones (for Russia, Apple has no restrictions yet).

The best “gray” iPhone for a Russian user is an iPhone brought from the European Union or the United States. The device practically does not differ from the official Apple smartphone, produced for Russia, with the exception of the absence of a two-year warranty.

Benefits of a Gray iPhone

The main and often decisive advantage of a gray iPhone in comparison with a legally imported one for the buyer is cost. The price difference can reach about 25%, while the majority of users do not see any other differences between smuggled and purchased from an official reseller smartphones, but they are still there.

Does Apple Warranty Cover Gray iPhones?

It is not possible to oblige Apple to legally repair warranty smartphones imported from abroad. the company does not undertake the repair of devices for objective reasons due to technical restrictions in different countries. For example, in China, communication standards differ from European ones. At the same time, it is hardly possible to prove that the LTE frequency has nothing to do with screen breakage or battery defects

It is worth noting that starting in 2019, some “gray” iPhones are covered by a one-year (1 year) Apple warranty in Russia. If you have any problems, you will need to contact an official Apple reseller. At the same time, the warranty period for the “white” (official) iPhone is 2 years.

Here is a list of current iPhone versions for Russia, subject to free warranty service in 2020:

iPhone 7: A1778 iPhone 7 Plus: A1784 iPhone 8: A1905, A1863 iPhone 8 Plus: A1897, A1864 iPhone X: A1901, A1865 iPhone XS: A2097 iPhone XS Max: A2101 iPhone XR: A2105 iPhone 11: A2221 iPhone 11 Pro: A2215 iPhone 11 Pro Max: A2218

It is important to understand that in this case we are talking about a worldwide warranty, the duration of which is one year, while the device purchased from an authorized dealer can be serviced free of charge for two years.

What is a “gray” iPhone

To officially sell the iPhone in Russia or any other country in the world, you must conclude a contract with Apple, pay customs duty, undergo certification and obtain all permits. Naturally, official dealers who spent time and money on going through these mandatory procedures take into account their own and state interests when calculating the price (for example, the value of VAT, which is 20% of the cost in Russia). This is the “white” iPhone, and you can find it only at official dealers (which are usually large retail chains, for example, Svyaznoy,, etc.), as well as on the official Apple website. You can get a list of “white” resellers for your locality by clicking on this link.

However, not every batch of smartphones is worth going through all the circles of bureaucratic hell and paying customs duties. It is not difficult for many people who want to earn money to carry several (or several dozen) iPhones across the border from nearby European or Asian countries, and the final price of such a device for the buyer is usually 20% (plus or minus) below the market price.

It is important to understand that we are talking about completely new original smartphones made by Apple. We talked in detail about how to identify a Chinese counterfeit here, and about used iPhones sold under the guise of refurbished ones. here. Also in this article there will be no mention of scammers selling through ads iPhone 5s under the guise of iPhone SE, jailbroken devices in sealed packaging, etc.

The “gray” iPhone is an ordinary new original smartphone from Apple, but which has not passed the certification procedure for the country into which it was imported after the sale. Usually “gray” iPhones are imported and sold in violation of tax laws (smuggled). In addition, when using the iPhone in a non-native region (not the country for which it was released), there may be some restrictions described below.

What is a “gray” iPhone, and is it worth buying such a device

If the iPhone is called gray when selling, then in most cases it is not about the color of the case, but the degree of legality of the import of this device into the country. How to determine a “gray” smartphone and what consequences the purchase of such a gadget can entail. we understand the material below.

A few years ago, for the majority of domestic users, the difference between a “gray” and a “white” (official) iPhone was determined solely by the cost, and the purchase of a smartphone from unofficial resellers (among the common people of “second-hand dealers” or “hucksters”) the average Russian or a resident of the near abroad considered ordinary savings. In fact, the use of an illegally sold device can be justified from an economic point of view, however, gray strife is gray, and it is better to buy an iPhone taking into account the recommendations below.

How to distinguish a “gray” iPhone from a “white

For example, an iPhone model identifier that was produced for the US market will end with the letters LL (or LL / A), “British”. B (B / A), Apple smartphone from Poland. PM (PM / A), from Hong Kong. etc.

Screenshot of gray iPhone settings from Poland:

It is rather difficult to counterfeit all these insignia or use packaging from another smartphone and it is not very profitable in terms of potential profit, so these signs can be considered sufficient to determine the “whiteness” of the iPhone.

If you agree to purchase an iPhone from your hands, but do not want to purchase a “gray” gadget, then also start checking it by matching the information on the box and on the smartphone itself.

Serial number, IMEI and model must be identical in the device settings (Settings → General → About this device) and on the box.

How to find out the serial number, IMEI on a new, unactivated iPhone, we described in detail in this manual.

We talked in more detail about checking iPhone online in this article.