How to find out which country the iPhone is made for

Deciphering the iPhone model number

  • A. Canada
  • AB. UAE, Saudi Arabia
  • AE. UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
  • AH. Bahrain, Kuwait
  • B. Great Britain or Ireland
  • BZ. Brazil
  • C. Canada
  • CH. China
  • CN. Slovakia
  • СZ. Czech Republic
  • D. Germany
  • DN. Holland, Austria, Germany
  • E. Mexico
  • EE. Estonia
  • ET. Estonia
  • F. France
  • FB. Luxembourg
  • FS. Finland
  • FD. Liechtenstein, Austria, or Switzerland
  • GR. Greece
  • HB. Israel
  • HN. India
  • IP. Italy
  • J. Japan
  • KH. China, South Korea
  • KN. Denmark or Norway
  • KS. Finland or Sweden
  • LA. Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador
  • LE. Argentina
  • LL. USA
  • LP. Poland
  • LT. Lithuania
  • LV. Latvia
  • LZ. Paraguay, Chile
  • MG. Hungary
  • MY from Malaysia
  • NF. Luxembourg, Belgium, France
  • PK. Finland, Poland
  • PL. Poland
  • PM. Poland
  • PO. Portugal
  • PP. Philippines
  • QL. Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • QN. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland
  • RK. Kazakhstan
  • RM. Russia or Kazakhstan
  • RO. Romania
  • RP. Russia
  • RR. Russia
  • RS. Russia
  • RU. Russia
  • SE. Serbia
  • SL. Slovakia
  • SO. South Africa
  • SU. Ukraine
  • T. Italy
  • TA. Taiwan
  • TU. Turkey
  • UA. Ukraine
  • X. Australia
  • X. New Zealand
  • Y. Spain
  • ZA from Singapore
  • ZD. Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland, Monaco
  • ZP. Hong Kong, Macau

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Download the file on the iPhone using the link

Where to find your iPhone model

To determine the country for which the iPhone was made, we need its serial number. Knowing it, we recognize it and where the apparatus itself comes from.

To do this, you need to turn on the iPhone, go to “Settings”, find the “General” section, and then to the item “About this device”.

After you have found the serial number, you can go in two ways:

How to check your iPhone’s origin country? All links Working#iphoneorigincountry

  • An easy way to determine the “homeland” of an apple device is to use our service. You just need to enter the full model number of your phone, and find out all the information you need about the origin of your phone and the presence or absence of binding to a specific operator.
  • If there is no way to check the phone through the website, then you can find out the information you are interested in yourself. The phone’s model number consists of four letters and three numbers, but in order to determine which country your iPhone came from, you only need the last two letters. For example, if the model number looks like this. MC354LL, then you need to pay attention to the letters LL.

Check iPhone for UnLock

In many countries, iPhones are sold specially locked for a specific telephone operator. In such a case, the use of this unit in other countries may be restricted. It is possible to eliminate this problem and use a brand new phone, but one way or another, it requires additional investment of time and money.

To make sure that your iPhone will function normally in your country, it is better to check when buying where your apple gadget was brought from, and whether it is locked to a specific operator.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting


However, the Chinese are smart people. And along with high-quality, “branded” cell phones, the country was flooded with fakes, made so skillfully that they can only be distinguished by their serial number or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is a 15-digit number that is the international identifier for mobile equipment, this code is unique for each cell phone.
The first eight digits of the IMEI describe the model and country of origin of the phone. over, the first 6 digits are the phone model code TAC (Type Approval Code). Then 2 digits follow. the country code of the manufacturer FAC (Final Assembly Code). The next 6 digits represent the SNR (Serial Number) of the telephone. The remaining digit is a spare SP (Spare) identifier, it is calculated based on the previous digits, using a special algorithm.
So, the country of manufacture of the phone is described by the 7th and 8th digits of the IMEI. For example, 67. USA, 1940. UK, 80. China.

You can also determine the country of manufacture of the phone by the barcode of the phone, by the first two digits.
And, of course, the country of origin is indicated on the packaging of the phone and in the accompanying instructions and documents. Both the barcode and the IMEI of the phone are written there. However, be careful, sometimes it doesn’t match the original IMEI. In this case, before you is a fake.

Finding out the IMEI of your phone is very simple. Dial # on the keypad, and your phone’s IMEI will be displayed on the screen. If the phone is dual SIM, then there will be two IMEIs on the display.

The IMEI of the phone has one more function. If your phone is stolen or lost, your mobile operator can lock your phone at your request. Blocking is done exactly according to IMEI data.

Each phone has its own set of accessories that are included with the device. The minimum possible set is a device, battery, charger and instructions. Initially, the device must be kept separate from the battery.

Coffee is an ancient drink, and not everyone is capable of knowing its true taste. Yes, and it is possible for those who try real coffee, brewed by a professional. a coffee machine. Coffee is so popular that almost every café has a coffee machine. And having bought a capsule coffee maker for home or office, every morning you will be delighted with a cup of aromatic, invigorating coffee. The repair of professional coffee machines and their maintenance should be carried out exclusively by professionals so that the coffee does not lose its taste.

Seeing the title of the article, many will consider it useless, since they are sure that today absolutely everything, at least the vast majority of phones, is made in China. Yes, maybe there is some truth in this, but there are some nuances that we will talk about. First of all, flipping the cover of the smartphone and looking at the battery, you see the inscription. “Made in China”. However, do not rush to conclusions, because we are not talking about the phone itself, but about the battery. For example, the iPhone battery is also made in China, but the phone itself is a United States product.

Throwing away the phone battery, you can also find a similar mark about China on the inside of the case, however, it is worth slowing down here too. Yes, most likely, this indicates that the phone is really made in the Middle Kingdom. But, the probability of a fake today is too high, therefore, to check the place of manufacture of the phone, you need to use other methods.

So, first you need to find out the IMEI itself. To do this, just dial the combination # on the phone keypad, after which a notification with a 15-digit code will appear on the phone screen. Pay attention to the 7th and 8th digits, because they are the key to the answer to the question. Now, compare the numbers with what we write below.

01, 10 or 70. the manufacturer is Finland;

07 and 08, or 78. phone manufacturer Germany;

19 and 47. telephone made in Great Britain;

and here is a funny situation. This code indicates that the phone was made back in 2003-2004, at a time when the FAC was abolished. In this case, information about the manufacturer must be in the product passport.

In such a simple way, each of us can find out the true manufacturer of our own mobile phone.

When purchasing a mobile phone or tablet of a well-known or unfamiliar brand, the consumer is primarily interested in the real country of manufacture of the device. Many eminent brands place their production on the territory of other states, most often in China, for example, the same Samsung can be produced both in South Korea and have apocryphal Chinese “roots”.

Internet assistant will tell you how to find out the country of the phone manufacturer by IMEI and what features of the code you should pay attention to. We will also describe an alternative way to obtain reliable information about the country of manufacture using the serial number of the device.

The website hopes that this article was useful to you in solving the question of how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI. For a better perception of the material presented in the review, do not forget to check out our training video.


Enter the key combination “#” on the telephone keypad in the telephone number input mode. The screen will display a 15-digit number, which is the IMEI.

Look at the 7th or 8th position of this number. If the values ​​”02″ or “20” are given, it means that the phone was manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and has a rather poor quality. If the numbers are “08” or “80”, then the manufacturer is Germany. The numbers “01” or “10” indicate that the phone was made in Finland, and if in the 7th and 8th positions of the number it is written “00”, it means that the phone was assembled at the manufacturer’s factory, which is very good. Devices that contain the number “13” in this position were manufactured in Azerbaijan and can threaten the user’s health due to extremely low quality.

Look at the box of the apparatus. It should not contain any inscriptions with the names of foreign mobile operators (for example, Orange or Vodafone). The CCE and PCT logos must be pasted on the box, which are also applied under the battery of the device.

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Take a look at the list of supported phone languages. The Russian language must be specified. The kit should include a fully translated instruction, which is printed on high-quality paper.

The warranty card provides service in a certified service center and must be printed in full quality in Russian. A list of authorized service centers that are present in large cities and regions is attached to the coupon.

IMEI, which is written on the sticker behind the battery, must match the value displayed on the screen as a result of the request “#”.

Buying a cell phone. not everyone thinks about the country of its manufacture. It is clear that most of the phones sold in Russia are made in China. But China is not the same as China. Large concerns for the production of household appliances and electronics are transferring their production to the territory of the Middle Kingdom because of the cheap labor. But manufacturers do it legally, they build factories. And the quality of assembly is often monitored there stricter than usual, so as not to drop the reputation of the enterprise.

What is IMEI and where to find it

Each mobile phone is assigned a unique code when it leaves the factory. This IMEI is a 15-digit number. Serves for identification and is used by all manufacturers, as it is an international system.

  • on the packaging of the phone. the box usually has a data sticker;
  • in the warranty card;
  • under the battery. if the case is disassembled, you can take out the battery, turn it over and see the number;
  • using generic code.

The last option is the most convenient. no need to look for documents or go inside the device.

# is dialed on the phone. This command is suitable for all types of mobile phones. When checking in all ways, the code should be the same everywhere. If there are discrepancies somewhere. most likely, the phone is fake.

After entering this combination, a pop-up window with one or two numbers instantly appears. They are stored in the phone’s firmware. Previously, when replacing software, change and have. This led to incorrect identification of the device and, if stolen, the flashed phone could not be found. But over time, protective measures become more and more effective. now this number is hidden in a separate segment, protected from rewriting.

The number is visible on the mobile network, and the device is fully recognized in it. you can find out the series and year of manufacture, model and brand, by whom and where it was made. Phones with two SIM card slots have an IMEI for each of them, and when you dial the verification code, both appear.

How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

05, 70, 02, etc it is the combination of these numbers that will help you see the real state of manufacture of your phone. It is worth noting that corporations that produce smartphones prefer to keep data about the country of final assembly secret, therefore all information specified below is unofficial. In addition, manufacturers of different smart phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia, etc.) encrypt states in IMEI codes under different symbols.

Here is a summary table showing how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI (06, 01, 07 and others), as well as having some estimates of direct users.

The codeThe countryProduct quality information
01, 05, 06, 09, 10, 70FinlandGood mark
07, 08, 20, 41-49, 78GermanyGood mark
19, 40English kingdom
03, 80PRC
02, 20UAEPoor quality
thirteenAzerbaijanPoor quality

If the country code you defined by IMEI conflicts with what is written on the box or under the battery of the device, then there is a chance that the phone you are holding in your hands is a fake.

Definitions of the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

We already know which numbers of the international mobile equipment identifier indicate the country of origin. It is rather difficult to link the seventh and eighth digits of IMEI with a real country, since contradictions may arise between the real origin of the device and the state for which the equipment was manufactured. For example, German-made mobile phones have a country code of 07, but the new South Korean smartphones Samsung Grand Prime, which were originally sent to Germany, received the same code, and then, without any changes, IMEI were distributed throughout Europe.

The online assistant site will try to organize the available information by IMEI codes so that you can determine the country of manufacture of the phone as accurately as possible.

Manufacturer’s IMEI country codeCountry phone manufacturer
02South Korea, United Arab Emirates
04Hungary, China
07Germany, South Korea
20United Arab Emirates
thirtySouth Korea

Returning to our example IMEI 35 788505 145512 2 with country code 05, we see that this device was manufactured in India.

In addition to our table, you can also use a number of special services that allow you to find out the origin of the device online, using for this not only the IMEI, but also the serial number of the phone, which is also indicated on the case and in the documentation. Especially popular are.

The search results for the place of manufacture of a mobile phone must be identical, regardless of whether the data from the packaging box or the body of the gadget, the analysis of the IMEI or the serial number are used for this. If the documents say that the phone is made in South Korea and the Chinese code 80 is indicated in the IMEI, most likely this device is a fake.

It happens that the buyer does not even think about the country of the manufacturer. Obviously, the vast majority of devices on the domestic market, including those from which. was made in China.

However, Chinese products can be completely different. Sometimes, the quality of assembly is even more severely monitored than in other countries. In addition, many big brands are building official factories in China due to the labor force available.

A quick guide to determining the manufacturer of a cell phone

So how do you know the country where your mobile device was manufactured? Let’s try to figure it out.
First of all, this can be done by the name / logo, which can be found above the screen, or as a sticker under the battery.

Another common way to identify the manufacturer of a cell phone is to look at the barcode and look for the first 2 digits in the directory.

In addition, the country must be indicated in the accompanying documentation, including the instructions for use of the device.
However, the consumer should know some subtleties. For example, in documents, he can find the IMEI ID and barcode. If the first one does not match the original number, it is a fake. In this case, problems may arise, for example, with.

Determine the manufacturer of the cell phone by IMEI

What is IMEI? Every cellular communication device is marked with such a unique 15-digit code.
The buyer needs to check it precisely in order to make sure that it is not a fake in front of him. Some supposedly branded phones are so clever fakes that they are difficult to distinguish from the original.

It is in such a situation that the IMEI identifier will come to the rescue. The first 8 numbers of this code usually contain information about the device model, as well as its country of origin. The next 2 digits contain the country code of the machine. The last number is a spare number, which is calculated according to an established algorithm based on the previous digits.

So, to find out the country, you need the 7th and 8th numbers. For example, the number 80 indicates China, and 67 indicates that the device is from the United States.
If a mobile device is purchased “hand-held”, do not believe the stickers on the battery and the phone itself.
To find out your IMEI, you need to dial the combination #. In addition, the numbers displayed on the screen and written under the battery of the device must match.

This identifier has another useful function as well. For example, if the device is lost or stolen, it can be blocked by IMEI.

You can find out the phone manufacturer by a special control code-identifier, which is assigned to each electronic device. It is located in the internal memory, it is called on the screen by the system command.

How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

The first six digits carry information about the device model. The next 2 digits are the code of the state in which the technique was made. Then there are 7 more digits. Six of them are the serial number. The latter is a test one, it is determined on the basis of all the others using a special calculation method. If it is zero, then the phone is old and was released before the introduction of this formula.

The numbers 7 and 8 always mean the country. In the early 2000s, it had a different format, different from the modern one. In 2003-2004, the country code was abolished, the seventh and eighth digits always had the form “00” and it was not possible to get data on the real place of assembly. After this period, the codes were restored. Each user can check their phone by decryption:

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How to find out which country the iPhone is for. a list of country ciphers

It’s amazing what kind of tricks people go to to get a new iPhone model. In order to acquire the coveted gadget first or at a cheap price, they may even go to another country. However, in addition to the monetary side of this issue (customs clearance of imported vehicles can cost a pretty penny), there is also a purely practical one. The point is that not all devices sold in the world will be the same. Below is a description of why this is so, and most importantly, how to find out which country the iPhone is suitable for by model number.

Where to find your iPhone model code

How to find out where the iPhone arrived in Russia and whether the service center will be able to receive it? You need to inspect your smartphone.

Important! In iPhone versions 8 and higher, the smartphone model is indicated on the back cover at the bottom.

You don’t have to go to such tricks and see the iPhone model in the phone itself. To do this, go to the settings and select the “Basic” item. In the menu that opens, click on the line “About this device”. A list appears with the SKU of letters and numbers. If you click on it, the model number will be displayed, which looks like AXXXX, where X is a number.

Finding Model Number on iPhone Versions prior to 7


The requirements of some countries provide for several restrictions that are programmed into iPhones:

  • the maximum volume level is underestimated when using headphones;
  • you cannot use the FaceTime audio and video calling service;
  • you will not be able to turn off the shutter sound when photographing;
  • iPhone can only work with the SIM card of a specific cellular operator.

How to determine the country of the iPhone

It has already been mentioned that the model number, which is written as “AXXX”, and the model code, otherwise the article, are different things, but they are located in the phone in the same menu line.

To find out the model number, you need to click on the article

Note! You cannot find out where the iPhone comes from by model number. The only thing that can be understood from it is for which part of the world (USA, Canada, etc.) the smartphone was intended. But you can find out a specific country by the model code.

IPhone Model Code Character Meanings

It is the SKU, not the model number, that is of prime importance to the user. In order not to introduce confusion, in the future, under the word “model code”, “model number” will mean exactly the article, it is also the batch number (Part.No).

The model code contains encrypted data in the XX000XX / X format:

IPhone serial number decryption

For more information about your phone, see the serial number of the product.

The serial number can be viewed in the same place as the model number

Note! For the most part, a serial ID is needed for Apple employees to monitor the quality of their products. The number itself looks like this: X0XXXX000X00X.

As an example, an arbitrary serial number and its decryption. F4TZX899N73M.

F4 is the address of the factory in China where the iPhone was assembled.

T is the number of the assembly line. These first two points allow Apple to check any device, as they help to know where the iPhone is made, right down to the conveyor line on which it was assembled. For an ordinary consumer, these data are not that they are not needed, they are completely useless.

ZX is the production date. Apple designates the year and week using a special cipher, where the first letter is the year, more precisely one of the six months, and the second letter or number is the week.

LetterC / DF / GH / JK / LM / NP / QR / ST / VW / XY / Z

For your information! The ordinal number of the week begins, naturally, with the number “1”, after the 8th week there are already letters of the English alphabet, starting with “C”. When letters end, numbers begin again, and so on until the last week of the year. Interestingly, there are no vowels in the code (apart from the “Y”) and the letter “Z”.

It turns out that the conditional iPhone was produced in the second half of 2019 in the penultimate week in the period from December 17 to 24.

The numbers mark technical information about the smartphone. N73. iPhone version code, in this case we are talking about 11 iPhones.

M. the color identifier of the smartphone, which differs depending on the version of the iPhone.

However, iPhone serial number decryption is only possible for smartphones manufactured before the end of 2019. Starting in 2020, Apple will randomly assign serial numbers. This number is usually called randomized. This is due primarily to the large number of counterfeits that have flooded the market. Thus, a set of unrelated numbers in the serial number will eliminate cases of fraud.

Service features

Apple’s standard product warranty is 1 year. It is possible to extend its duration by purchasing the Apple Care warranty. However, here the warranty rules for “apple” products are in conflict with Russian legislation, which states that the free warranty on the iPhone should be 2 years.

Important! This rule applies only to those smartphones that are produced for Russia and officially imported into the country. IPhones made and bought in other countries are deprived of this privilege.

Another additional nuance. not all iPhone models (namely, models, not versions, such as iPhone 8 or iPhone 9) can be serviced at Apple service centers. A detailed list of them is as follows:

  • iPhone 5S. A14574;
  • iPhone 5C. A1507;
  • iPhone SE. A1723;
  • iPhone 6 —A1586 and A1589;
  • iPhone 6 Plus —A1524 and A1593;
  • iPhone 6S. A1688;
  • iPhone 6S Plus. A1687;
  • iPhone 7. A1778;
  • iPhone 7 Plus. A1784;
  • iPhone 8. A1905 and A1863;
  • iPhone 8 Plus —A1897 and A1864;
  • iPhone X. A1901 and A1865;
  • iPhone XS — A2097 and A1920;
  • iPhone XS Max. A2101 and A1921;
  • iPhone XR. A2105 and A1984
  • iPhone 11. A2221;
  • iPhone 11 Pro. A2215;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max. A2218.

How to find out the country of manufacture of your iPhone

“Why should you know the country of the iPhone, if everyone knows that all iPhones are assembled exclusively in China?” you ask. Indeed, on the back of the smartphone you can see the corresponding mark. “Assembled in China”. But each gadget assembled in the Middle Kingdom will eventually go to one country or another. And this is what we have to find out: which country is your iPhone intended for.

Finding out the destination country of your smartphone is easy. just look at the batch number. Part No., which can be found in Settings. General. About device. Model. The batch number itself contains a combination of several numbers and letters. And the last pair of letters in the batch number means the country of origin. If the letters are missing from the batch number, they can be found on the iPhone box.

Country codes:

Initially, it was believed that you can find out the country of destination of the iPhone using a special program, where you must specify the fifteen-digit IMEI code. But the results of the service show a mismatch between the encrypted code information and the iPhone shipment region. Therefore, IMEI can only be used to find out the model and brand of the phone.

Until June 2011, any user could easily find out if his gadget was unlocked or not. After that, it became difficult to determine the factory lock or its absence, since Apple releases both versions of smartphones. And some mobile operators offer additional services to unlock iPhone.

How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

05, 70, 02, etc it is the combination of these numbers that will help you see the real state of manufacture of your phone. It is worth noting that corporations that produce smartphones prefer to keep data about the country of final assembly secret, therefore all information specified below is unofficial. In addition, manufacturers of different smart phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia, etc.) encrypt states in IMEI codes under different symbols.

Here is a summary table showing how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI (06, 01, 07 and others), as well as having some estimates of direct users.

The codeThe countryProduct quality information
01, 05, 06, 09, 10, 70FinlandGood mark
07, 08, 20, 41-49, 78GermanyGood mark
19, 40English kingdom
03, 80PRC
02, 20UAEPoor quality
thirteenAzerbaijanPoor quality

If the country code you defined by IMEI conflicts with what is written on the box or under the battery of the device, then there is a chance that the phone you are holding in your hands is a fake.

Name code structure

Depending on the year of assembly of your device, you may have a code of the old and new samples. Let’s consider both options. The old IMEI will have the following structure: 123456-78-912345-0. Let’s decipher it:

  • 123456. Type Approval Code. The numbers of the official standard sample of your device model.
  • 78. Final Assembly Code, country number of the final assembly. For those who are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, it is he who is useful.
  • 912345. Serial Number, serial code of your device.
  • 0.check digit.

Since 2004, a new number format has been applied: 00-000022-333333-1. The country of origin is also encrypted here with the seventh and eighth characters. The numbers in a slightly different form mean the same:

  • 00-0000. TAC, your phone’s unique model number.
  • 22. FAC. How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, we will also calculate it with its help.
  • 333333. SNR, serial number of the device.
  • 1.spare, check digit.
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If your machine was produced during the period when the FAC was abolished (2003-2004), then the 7-8th characters of your “have” code will be two zeros (00). In this case, you will not be able to determine the country where your phone was assembled by IMEI.

What is IMEI number and where to find it

“Have”.code is a 15-digit unique number that identifies each released smartphone, tablet, modem. In addition to the country of origin, with its help, you can find out a lot of useful information about the device: whether it has a proprietary warranty, the presence in the “black” lists, the version of the software. By IMEI, the gadget is identified in mobile networks. Using this code, you can also get any information about unknown phone models.

Changing IMEI is a criminal offense not only in the UK, Belarus, Latvia, but also in our country. However, this does not reduce the number of fakes, which, by the way, can also be calculated by this 15-digit number.

Before you can find out the country of origin by IMEI of a Nokia, Samsung, iPhone or other gadget, you need to find this code. “Have” is usually indicated on the original packaging of the device, or under its battery. You can display this code on the screen of the smartphone itself by typing the command: #.

How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI iPhone, “Samsung”, “Nokia”?

It’s no secret that phones of the same model, from the same manufacturer, assembled in different countries, can vary significantly in quality and reliability. Therefore, many experienced buyers are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture by IMEI, not trusting the data on the box. We will share with you information that will help you understand the “have”.codes of devices, extract useful information from them.

Alternative ways

In addition to the IMEI, the manufacturer of your smartphone, you can calculate the S / N. the serial number of the device. It is also indicated on the box or under the battery next to the “have” code. You can determine the final country of assembly by this number by going to one of the popular services that specialize in providing such information.

The codeState of origin
54Belgium, Luxembourg
60-61South Africa
00-06USA and Canada

That’s all the ways that tell you how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, as well as using the serial number and barcode on the box. The coincidence of all the results, including the name of the country of assembly indicated on the box, is a guarantee that you have a branded device in front of you.

IPhone Model Code: Where To Find What It Stands For

The sticker placed on the packaging of the smartphone informs about the phone model code. serial number. mobile equipment identifier IMEI :

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Further. the section “Basic”.
  • “About this device”:

How to find out where and for which country the iPhone is made

Perhaps some readers will find the question of how to find out which country the iPhone is from will seem strange. After all, everyone knows the name of the “dad” of the famous device. Steve Jobs from the United States. The location of the “apple” headquarters is the state of California. Despite this, smartphones are assembled in numerous Chinese factories. Therefore, the birthplace of iPhone models is called the Celestial Empire. However, their markings are different.

The serial number of each smartphone reads data containing information regarding the color, the amount of the internal memory of the gadget. And also by the code (Part No.) it is easy to find out for which country the iPhone is made.

Meaning of code symbols

Let’s figure out what is contained in the model number:

  • MP822. “tells” what color the body of the device is, what is the amount of its memory.
  • RU is the country where the iPhone will be sold. In our case, this is Russia / Russia. We present the letter encoding from where you can get the information you need:
  • We do not take into account the symbol “/ A”, especially since sometimes the marking does not contain it.

And also the model code helps to understand and identify the type of charger outlet that comes with the iPhone.

Our country has adopted “European” sockets, so it is recommended to purchase iPhones with European country codes, excluding the UK. The official sale of European models in Russia with the same code as in our country provides, moreover, warranty service for smartphones.

How to determine the country of manufacture of an iPhone

We turn again to the sticker on the package (see photo above), and under the number 2 we see the serial number of the device (Serial No.). He will tell about the country that produced the miracle telephone. “Serial”, consisting of letters and numbers, is also found by the chain of actions in the device: “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device”.

Also, to find out all the information about the iPhone, without even unpacking it, offers the site

It is enough to enter the serial number or IMEI indicated on the package with the sticker.

The easiest way to find out where the iPhone is made is by looking at the box:

How to find out which country the iPhone is made for?

Some iPhone models have never been officially delivered to Russia. For example, the very first iPhone, also called the iPhone 2G. Therefore, all pipes were imported from other countries, including Europe and America.

Later the company officially entered our market. Despite this, you can find iPhones from other countries on sale. they are usually cheaper. In addition, they are imported in the event that the premiere of a new generation of iPhone took place, and official sales begin only after a few months.

Be that as it may, such devices are in demand. Is it possible to determine exactly which country the iPhone came from, especially if the seller does not want to say this or is confused about the “readings”? It is possible, and it is very easy to do it.

We take the iPhone in hand, on the desktop we find the “Settings” application.

In this case, we are interested in the two letters following the numbers (highlighted in the screenshot above). they mean the country for which the iPhone is intended. In the example, the letters LL represent the device for the US market.

And this is what the list of country binding looks like (main countries):

AB. Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt
B. Great Britain and Ireland
BZ. Brazil
C. Canada
CR. Croatia
СZ. Czech Republic
D, DM. Germany
DN. Austria, Germany, Netherlands
E. Mexico
EE. Estonia
FD. Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
FB. France
GR. Greece
HN. India
J. Japan
KN. Denmark and Norway
KS. Finland and Sweden
LA. Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador
LE. Argentina
LT. Lithuania
LV. Latvia
LZ. Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay
MG. Hungary
NF. Belgium, France
PL. Poland
PO. Portugal
PP. Philippines
RO. Romania
RR / RS. Russia
SL. Slovakia
SO. South Africa
T. Italy
TU. Turkey
TA. Taiwan
X. Australia
X. New Zealand
Y. Spain
ZA from Singapore
ZP. Hong Kong and Macau

Of course, you can use online services on the Internet, which will help you find out the country in which the smartphone was created for sale. But this is not necessary, because all the information is in front of you. In addition, such services often require specifying the IMEI of the phone, which we do not recommend.

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