How to find out Wi-Fi password on iPhone

Find out the password from the Windows network settings

If you are (or used to be) connected to the network via Windows, it will kindly prompt you for a forgotten password. Depending on the version of Windows, the names of the menu items may differ, but the meaning is approximately the same.

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You need to go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and get to the list of wireless networks. Then open the properties of the desired network and look at the password in the “Network Security Key” field, not forgetting to check the box “Show entered characters”.

Find the password in the web interface of the router

If you have access to the web interface, then the router password can be viewed there. To do this, go to the browser at (or and enter your username and password. The menu structure is different for each manufacturer, but the point is to find the Wireless Network section, which has a Security item with security options. It contains our key, that is, the password of the wireless network.

The menu we need looks like this. The password is hidden by default, and to display it you need to click on the Display password button or something like that.

Look at the standard password on the router

This method is suitable for your personal router or any other router to which you have physical access. Most modern routers have a unique default network name and password. They are usually printed on a label with a serial number and other service information or on a special sticker.

You just have to get to the router and carefully examine its back side. If there is nothing there, try looking at the manual or on Google to see the model of the router. You will surely find what you are looking for.

Look up the password in Keychain Access in OS X

It’s the same with a Mac. OS X stores the password for any network you’ve ever connected to, and of course you can see it.

This is done in the “Keychain”, where all your passwords are stored. Launch it through Spotlight or from the Applications folder and select the System section on the left sidebar. Next, find the desired network in the list and click on the “i” button on the panel below. We put a tick next to “Show password” and after entering the administrator password, we see our password from Wi-Fi.

5 ways to find out your Wi-Fi password

As many as five ways to find passwords from wireless networks to which you once connected.

Reset your password and set a new one

Nothing can stand against brute force. If the password cannot be obtained, then it must be hacked, that is, reset. This method is only suitable if you need a password from your home router, but it will work on absolutely any router, since each of them has a physical reset button. The only drawback is that if your provider uses specific connection settings, you will have to configure it again.

So, we get the router out of the closet, from the mezzanine. or wherever you have it hidden there. and carefully look at the part of it where the ports and control buttons are located. Look for a small hole that says Reset next to it. This is the reset button. You need to press it with a paper clip or a needle and hold it for a few seconds (if it does not help, then hold down reset and, without releasing the button, turn off the router for 30 seconds, and then, while continuing to hold the button, turn it on and release it after 30 seconds). After that, the settings of the router will be reset to standard and you can find out the password in one of the ways described above.

Connect to a wireless network without a password and then view the password

If you have physical access to the router, you can connect without a password at all using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Almost all devices support this technology (Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad).

  • Press the WPS button on the router, as a rule, it is located on the back of the device (usually after that one of the indicators will start blinking in a special way). The button may not be signed as WPS, but have an icon, as in the picture below.
  • Within 2 minutes (hereinafter WPS will be disconnected) select the network on the Windows, Android, iOS device, and connect to it. the password will not be requested (information will be transmitted by the router itself, after which it will go into “normal mode” and someone still cannot connect in the same way). On Android, to connect, you may need to go to the Wi-Fi settings, open the menu. Additional functions and select “WPS by button”.

Interestingly, when using this method, having connected without a password to a Wi-Fi network from a Windows computer or laptop, you can view the password (it will be transmitted to the computer by the router itself and saved in the system) using the first method.

Forgot your Wi-Fi password. what to do (how to find out, connect, change)

If you have automatically connected to your wireless network for a long period of time, it is likely that when you connect a new device, you will find that the Wi-Fi password has been forgotten and it is not always clear what to do in this case.

This instruction details how to connect to the network in several ways if you forgot your Wi-Fi password (or even find out this password). A separate instruction may also be useful: How to view your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

Depending on how exactly the password was forgotten, the actions can be different (all options will be described below).

  • If you have devices that are already connected to the Wi-Fi network, and you cannot connect a new one, the password can be viewed on the already connected ones (since the password is saved on them).
  • If there are no devices anywhere with a saved password from this network, and the only task is to connect to it, and not find out the password, you can connect without a password at all.
  • In some cases, you may not remember the password for the wireless network, but know the password for the settings of the router. Then you can connect to the router with a cable, go to the settings web interface (“admin panel”) and change or view the Wi-Fi password.
  • As a last resort, when nothing is known, you can reset the router to factory settings and configure it again.

View the password on the device where it was previously saved

If you have a computer or laptop with Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, on which the wireless network settings are saved (i.e. it connects to Wi-Fi automatically), you can view the saved network password and connect from another device.

Learn more about this method: How to find out your Wi-Fi password (two ways). Unfortunately, this cannot be done on Android and iOS devices.

Connecting to a router via cable and viewing wireless network information

If you do not know the Wi-Fi password, and the previous methods cannot be used for some reason, but it is possible to connect to the router via cable (and you also know the password for entering the web interface of the router settings or it has remained the standard, which is specified on a sticker on the router itself), then you can do this:

  • Connect the router with a cable to the computer (cable to one of the LAN connectors on the router, the other end to the corresponding connector on the network card).
  • Enter the router settings (usually you need to enter or in the address bar of the browser), then. the username and password (usually admin and admin, but as a rule, the password is changed during the initial setup). Logging into the web interface of Wi-Fi routers settings is described in detail on this site in the instructions for configuring the corresponding routers.
  • In the router settings, go to the security settings for the Wi-Fi network. Usually, you can view the password there. If the view is not available, then it can be changed.

If none of the methods can be used, it remains to reset the Wi-Fi router to factory settings (usually you need to press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for a few seconds), and after the reset, go into the settings with the default password and from the very beginning configure the Wi-Fi connection and password. You can find detailed instructions here: Instructions for setting up Wi-Fi routers.

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Thank you for your help! Connected to the network in a couple of minutes according to your instructions.

very much grateful, this is 2 comment for life

I have a problem, I changed the password on the modem “it’s like a flash drive” and when I changed it I accidentally pressed an extra character and now I can’t connect to the network to find out how I can solve this problem?

Thank you, I solved the problem with your help, but since your recommendations are closer to the “teapot” than to the advanced user, please clarify the terms a little. for example, I always considered a router a modem, about the web interface I have a notion. that there is such a word ” But in general. the problem is solved, thanks again!

With iOS and Safari web browser

If you already have a device that was previously connected to wi-fi, use the simple method. Go to the “Settings” of the Apple smartphone, find the Safari section and the “Passwords” column. Here you can see all the information you are interested in. Keep in mind that the method is relevant only for the ancient “apple phones” 5 and 5s, it does not work on more recent models, iOS versions.

Using iCloud Keychain Manager

To find out the password for wi-fi, you can use the iCloud Keychain application installed on your Mac. The method will work if your mobile device was previously connected to a wireless network and it is combined with a MacBook by one account. To synchronize, the smartphone is connected to the laptop or the Internet is being shared from the iPhone.

To view the code, follow a few simple steps:

  • Run the utility, open the iCloud sub-item on the left side of the screen.
  • Sort items by type on the right side of the screen.
  • Select “AirPort Network Password”, click it.
  • Find the network you need in the list by simply clicking “Properties”.
  • Check the box “Show password”.
  • Now that you know it, you can enter the received data on a tablet, smartphone or any other device.

How to view Wi-Fi password on iPhone?

Friends have come to you and ask for the wi-fi password, but you do not remember at all where it is written. If you have an iPhone, the password can be viewed in a special menu. We will tell you how to share a wi-fi password using an iPhone, how to quickly find out the combination of characters for connection. The information will be useful to all owners of iPhones and those who cannot live a day without Wi-Fi))

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When the data is forgotten, the situation is not so bleak. You can always see the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone, regardless of the model used, iOS version. Let’s look at some popular methods.

Router to help

Another real way for those who do not know how to look at the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone is to use a router. One of the main advantages of this method is that you do not have to install third-party applications or jailbreak the OS. Everything is formal, honest and transparent. It is easy to get access to the password if you know the IP address of the router. For this:

  • Pull down the wings of your smartphone, select Wi-Fi.
  • Find connection info.
  • Look at the address of the router, remember it.
  • Go to Safari browser from iPhone and manually write the IP address of the router in the address bar.
  • Enter your username / password in the required fields and select “Wireless mode”.
  • Click Wireless Security and open the Password section. Now you know how to view the password. you can copy it or rewrite it on a piece of paper.

We recommend setting a special code for identification using Touch ID and then blocking the gadget. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of hacking, personal information will be protected. That’s all I wanted to tell you today. In order not to puzzle over how to share the password, write it down and keep it in a safe place. And if you have not written and forgotten, visit our website. Here you will find a lot of interesting and useful things. Didn’t find the answer to your question? Then voice it in the comments below the article. Our team will answer it shortly.

How to view the WI-FI password on the phone in 3 minutes!

How to find out the password from WI-FI on the phone to which you connected earlier? Let’s tell you! Although many of those who use smartphones cannot live without wi-fi to access the Internet. It is not only convenient, but also completely inexpensive. However, the connection speed is much faster than with 3G coverage. It is enough to enter the key from the Wi-Fi network once, and the mobile phone, having memorized it, will display it itself every time it goes to the World Wide Web. But what if the smartphone did not let you on the Internet because of the password? How to view the password for Wi-Fi on a smartphone or tablet?

Applications for ios (iphone) allowing you to see the password from Wi-Fi

In order to freely access your own or someone else’s Wi-Fi via iphone, there is an application “iWep pro”. This application is a kind of “password cracker”. It is programmed so that it picks up the password for the wi-fi network using the exclusion method.

  • “Aircrack”. This program for finding a password from Wi-Fi works on the principle of information monitoring. It analyzes and intercepts traffic passing through wi-fi.
  • “NetworkList” is another application that allows you to find out the password from someone else’s Wi-Fi network. But it will only work if you have already connected to this network on your iphone, but cannot remember the password. This program saves all previously entered passwords in a hidden folder.

How to find out the Wi-Fi encryption key through your phone or tablet?

To find out the encryption key from Wi-Fi using your phone or tablet, you will need any file manager. It is installed in every mobile phone by default. In it, select the “data” folder, then the “misc” folder, and then. “wpa_supplicant.conf” (file). It should be placed in a text editor. Then you can find out everything that is required to access the Internet via Wi-Fi, including the key.

You can do this using a special program “Android Wi-Fi password finder”. This file is located in the following path: /data/misc/WI-FI/wpa_supplicant.conf. You can find a folder named “data” using the file manager installed on your phone.

Every OS has a folder that stores all the security data of every wireless network you’ve ever used. On Android OS, wi-fi network data is stored in the wpa_supplicant.conf file. You can find it manually or use a special program explorer by installing it on your smartphone.

We look at the password from Wi-Fi on the computer

If you are having difficulty finding the Wi-Fi password on your phone, but you have a computer at hand, then you can find out the password through it. It is enough to do just 3 of the following steps and the password will be revealed to you:

  • Start, search bar, drive in “Control Panel” and click on the icon.
  • We find “Network and Sharing Center”, hereinafter “Wireless network NAME”.
  • We go to the properties of the wireless network, and then to the “Security” tab.
  • In this window, put a checkbox on the item “Display entered characters”, that’s all, here is your password.

We find out the IP address of the WI-FI router through the phone

You can find out the IP address of the router if you have previously connected to this wireless network using your smartphone. To do this, you, as in the methods described above, will need to use any file application. They are installed on all smartphones by default.

How to find out the password for an already connected wi-fi on Android?

It also happens that an Android phone once connected to wi-fi, but you cannot connect the password from this network, and you cannot connect another device to it.

In GoogleMarket you can download a program called “WI-FI Key Recovery”. It will automatically help you find a file called “wpa_supplicant.conf”. The program will analyze it and give you information about the password you need. But for the application to function, your phone must be rooted.

3 more useful articles:

WI-FI Key Recovery is a reliable program that allows you to remember the password to any WI-FI network to which

How to password protect a Wi-Fi router in three minutes? Read it! The time has passed when the Internet

A simple utility that allows you to display passwords hidden by asterisks. Compatible with all browsers, including

What you need to pay attention to?

Before connecting a laptop to a smartphone, you should remember the following points:

    What tariff plan are you using? As a rule, the mobile Internet has a traffic limitation. Using it to work on a computer, you run the risk of using up all traffic much earlier than the payment deadline. Therefore, it is better to forget about such operations as downloading music and watching videos online. use the mobile Internet only for reading, checking mail, correspondence on social networks. How good is the coverage where you are? In the LTE (4G) coverage area, using the mobile Internet on a computer is quite comfortable, in the 3G zone there are already problems with heavy downloads. If the letter E (Edge) is displayed on the phone, there is nothing to count on normal work with the computer. How charged is the battery? When distributing Wi-Fi, the iPhone battery will drain literally before the user’s eyes. Therefore, by imprudently activating the access point, the owner of the gadget risks being left not only without the Internet, but also without a means of communication.

How to share Wi-Fi from iPhone?

The iPhone is a multifunctional gadget, however, it is simply inconvenient to perform some operations on its miniature screen: in order to view a report in Excel format or read an interesting article, it is better to sit at a large laptop monitor. Will the lack of a USB modem or cable Internet be a problem in such a situation? No, because the iPhone can be easily used as an access point and turned into a Wi-Fi router. This article will show you how to share Wi-Fi from an iPhone.

How to share Wi-Fi from iPhone?

To connect your PC to a Wi-Fi hotspot, proceed as follows:

Go to iPhone Settings and look for the Cellular Data section. Go to this section.

Make sure that the Cellular Data and Enable 3G sliders are enabled.

Return to the “Settings” menu and find the “Modem Mode” section.

Go to the “Modem mode” section and set the Wi-Fi password in the corresponding subsection. Password must contain at least 8 characters.

Activate the toggle switch opposite “Modem mode”.

Next, you need to connect your computer. We are considering connecting a Windows 7 laptop.

In the taskbar, click on the “Network and Sharing Center” icon.

Find your device in the “Wireless Network Connection” section.

Click on the device name, then. “Connection”.

Enter the password you set on your iPhone. If the password is entered correctly, the process of connecting to the network will start. wait for it to complete.

There are two signs that the computer is connected to Wi-Fi:

First: the “Network Control Center” icon has changed. now it is not a desktop computer, but a traditional mobile network icon.

Second: a blue bar appeared on the top of the smartphone screen with the signature “Modem mode. connections: 1” (there may be more connections).

As soon as you no longer need the Internet, cut off the connection in order to save traffic.

This can be done in two ways: firstly, through the “Network Control Center” on the laptop, by clicking the “Disable” button, and secondly, through the “Settings” of the gadget, by deactivating the “Modem Mode” toggle switch in the section of the same name. When the connection is terminated in the first way, the distribution continues. you can return to using the mobile Internet whenever you want, however, at the same time, you risk that unwanted users will connect to the access point.

The way to distribute Wi-Fi was described using an example of a gadget with iOS 7. For iOS 8, the same scheme is relevant, but the “Modem mode” slider is hidden deeper: you can find it if you go along the “Settings”. “Cellular” path. “Cellular data network”.

Difficulties when connecting a computer to Wi-Fi distribution from an iPhone usually arise only for the first time. then the computer remembers the password from the access point, and the process of establishing the connection takes only a few seconds. If the computer stubbornly refuses to see the distribution, it is worth asking for help at the cellular salon so that the consultants drive in the correct APN settings.

How to view Wi-Fi password on Android. method 2

The next method assumes the presence of root rights on the smartphone or tablet, which give access to the configuration files of the Android operating system.

Naturally, it will be possible to obtain information only if the mobile phone has already connected to this router before.

We need a program. a file manager for Android that supports root. In this article I am using the Total Commander program.

  • Start Total Commander, go to the root directory along the path:
  • Select the file “wpa_supplicant.conf”, copy the file to another folder, open it in a text editor.
  • In the open file, find the name of the desired network (SSID), in the line psk = “password_from_wi-fi”, the password from wi-fi will be displayed.
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How to find out the password from Wi-Fi to which the phone is connected. 1 way

In the first method, we will do without additional superuser rights (root rights) on the mobile device. We will enter the router settings in order to see the Wi-Fi password there.

Turn on the browser on the device, enter the IP address of the router. The vast majority of devices use one of the following addresses:

You can find out the IP address of the router from the instructions, or see the address on a sticker glued to the body of the product.

A window will open in which you need to enter your username and password.

In the settings of the router, look at the password from wai fay.

I use a TP-Link router, I will show how to get a password for Wi-Fi using this device as an example:

  • Click the “Wireless” tab and then “Wireless Security”.
  • In the “WPA / WPA2. Personal (recommended)” section, in the “Wireless password” field, the Wi-Fi password will be displayed.

If the router settings page is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device, rotate the smartphone screen to landscape orientation, zoom in on the phone screen.

On routers from other manufacturers, enter the settings in a similar way, the device settings interface will be different.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Phone. 3 Ways

Let’s see how to find out the Wi-Fi password on a phone running Android operating system. In different situations, it becomes necessary to find out the password from Wi-Fi on Android, for example, to connect another mobile device to your network.

Most users, after setting up a wireless network, do not remember the password from Wi-Fi, because the mobile phone prompts you to automatically enter credentials when connecting to the network.

This is very convenient, but because of this, users often forget their password. Sometimes, a previously saved password is lost. While everything works, no one thinks about it.

Usually, the user has several options for connecting via Wi-Fi:

  • Private unknown network. to connect, you need to enter the password for this network. There is no access to this network because the password is unknown.
  • Public Network. Free Wi-Fi wireless access available in select locations or establishments. The Wi-Fi password is provided to users by the administration of the organization or automatic connection to the network works.
  • Private home network. your network or the network of your friends, which you can access from any mobile device, by providing a password.

If it becomes necessary to connect another mobile device to a wireless network, you will need to enter the password from Wi-Fi. We bought a new phone, tablet or laptop, or came to visit relatives. It took me to go online. What to do if you forgot your password?

There are ways to find out the password from Wi-Fi through a phone or tablet running on the Android operating system. In the article you will find instructions on several ways to solve the problem.

In order to find out the Wi-Fi password on an Android phone, we will use three methods. In the first method, you will see the password for wi-fi from the router settings, the other two methods will require ROOT rights, which are necessary to obtain information about the wireless network from the configuration system file.

How to find out the password of the connected W-Fi on Android. 3 way

Using the third method, we will try to automatically find out the Android Wi-Fi password using the application. This method works when rooted on the Android phone.

For example, I will use the WI-FI Key Recovery program. Such programs independently extract information from the system configuration file with data on the wireless connection.

  • Install the WI-FI Key Recovery application on your smartphone, grant the Root program privileges.
  • The application window will display, among other things, the password for the Wi-Fi network.

After use, uninstall the application from the smartphone, the program is no longer needed.

Conclusions of the article

If the user needs to find out the password for Wi-Fi on a mobile device running Android, use several methods for this. In one case, you can see the password for wai-fay from the settings of the router. The other two methods require rooted mobile device.

In the first method, the user will independently open the system configuration file, and the second method will work using a specialized application that will automatically show the data of the network connection via Wi-Fi.

WI-FI Password Recovery

WI-FI Password Recovery, along with other applications on an Android phone, allows you to access passwords from networks to which the device was previously connected. Clicking on the application icon will open their list. Clicking on the desired network will copy the code to the clipboard. Anyone who has forgotten the keys to the networks will understand how useful this function is.

Standard smartphone capabilities

There is no universal method for viewing on Android smartphones (LG, Samsung, Asus, Honor, etc.) and iOs wireless security key, whether your device is connected to it or not. According to some internal rules of Google and Apple, all the keys to the networks that the phone remembered are recorded in a system file in a directory protected from user access. You can bypass the protection and find out the combination by setting superuser rights. But the smartphone warranty is canceled from this moment.
There is a common advice: just go to the settings on your phone, open the list of wireless networks, make a long press on the desired one, after which a window with data for connection will appear, where you just need to check the box next to “show password”. But this method is inoperative, since when the checkbox is active, the system shows the characters being entered at the moment, and not the combination that the device remembered.
If you need to find out your password from an access point created directly on the phone, then this is easy to do. For Android 9, the following instruction is relevant:

  • Opening the settings.
  • We select the first item “Network and Internet”.
  • Click on “Access Point and Modem”.
  • A menu with access point settings will open. Here you can see its name, encryption key, and also change them.

Through the file system

This method should only be used if network access is lost. Otherwise, there are simpler methods for finding the password from the network. To retrieve the security key via the phone from the file system, you need superuser (root) rights. If you install them on the phone, it loses the warranty. There may also be malfunctions with the system up to turning into a “brick”, so you should be careful. The procedure is as follows:

  • Download a manager from Pay Market to your phone to access files with support for superuser rights. Most Popular. ES Explorer.
  • Root access of the program will allow you to open the root directory, then data / misc / WI-FI. It will contain a file with information wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • Copy it to another directory (preferably on an external memory card) and open it in any text editor.

The file will list a number of Wi-Fi networks to which the device has ever connected, with related information (including passwords). This is how it looks in the example below. The password is specified in the line psk =.


Samsung smartphones have a standard Android shell, in which there are no special ways to connect Wi-Fi and tools for viewing network security keys, regardless of the status of connection to them. There are 2 options: get root rights and look for the key in the system file, or look at the key in the router settings (with an active connection).

WI-FI Passwords

The utility is considered to be one of the best. The principle of operation is simple: the program removes asterisks from passwords. On Android, by default, you cannot see the connection parameters of the router through a mobile phone, since they are encrypted. The utility makes this possible, and is even capable of recovering passwords. This app also requires root privileges. To install it, just find WI-FI Passwords in Google Play.
After downloading, to see the code from a specific network, do the following:

  • Find the program icon, click.
  • We see a list of all networks to which the phone was connected earlier, select the desired.

The data is copied to the clipboard. If you hold your finger on a specific network, a menu will open that allows you to send the password from the Wi-Fi via the messenger.

Third Party Programs

The programs listed below are not needed to hack access points, but to extract passwords from wireless networks from the system to which the smartphone has ever connected. The utilities help copy the key. This is useful as you can forget the previously entered password.


Xiaomi phones are simple and convenient to use. The same is true for settings. Xiaomi is easy to connect to WI-FI, without the need to install third-party software and get root rights. It is enough to go to the wireless connection parameters and select the desired network by clicking on its name. The display will show a QR code that needs to be scanned with the desired smartphone to connect to the network. After scanning, a combination to enter will appear.

Wi-Fi button is gray and not active. what happened to the iPhone?

Hello everyone! We have already analyzed all possible problems (and their solution) associated with connecting an iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi. here is a detailed instruction. But the fact is that in that article general problems were considered, and today I want to talk about one specific case.

over, there is a reason. a question from a reader of my humble blog.

So, recently I received a letter (the text is approximate, but the essence has not changed): “Good day! My iPhone lost its Wi-Fi connectivity this morning. The thing is that, having gone into the settings, I tried to turn on Wi-Fi, but nothing worked for me. the slider did not move. For some reason, it is shown in gray and cannot be activated. Please tell me what to do? “.

But really, some strange “glitch” iOS. there is a Wi-Fi button, but it is not pressed. Or not a “glitch”? Let’s figure it out, let’s go!

In fact, the problem can be both software and hardware. And of course, first you need to exclude crashes in the iOS system. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • Hard reboot. for different models it is done differently (details here).
  • We reset the network settings. To do this, open “Settings. General. Reset. Reset network settings”.
  • If there is a jailbreak, then delete it. Since some of its tweaks can affect the performance of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Are you using beta firmware? Remember that you can still “roll back” to “normal” from it. do it.
  • Back up and restore iPhone or iPad firmware via iTunes (use DFU mode to be sure). See if the Wi-Fi icon is activated on a completely “clean” (without your data) device.
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Did you do all these manipulations, but the problem persists? Unfortunately, in this case, the gray color of the button most likely indicates a malfunction of the Wi-Fi module.

By the way, this fact can indirectly confirm the impossibility of turning on Bluetooth. its icon will also be inactive.

How to find out more precisely? Open “Settings. General. About this device” and look at the line Wi-Fi address.

  • If instead of numbers we see N / A (Not Available). most likely the wireless module has “died” completely. Only replacement will help.
  • If the numbers are still there, but Wi-Fi still does not turn on, then perhaps the poor-quality soldering is to blame and it will be enough to re-solder the module. It’s also unpleasant, but at least you won’t have to spend money on spare parts.

And what to do now. how to do the right thing?

  • Find out if your iPhone and iPad are still under warranty. If yes, then feel free to take it to the warranty repair. let them figure it out themselves.
  • Is the service term over? Unfortunately, replacing and soldering a module is not the easiest operation. it cannot be done at home, without special skills and equipment. Therefore, you need to visit the service center. But there is good news. the cost of such a procedure is not very high. Although everything is known in comparison

And finally, I would like to note this moment.

On the Internet, as a way to deal with non-working Wi-Fi, you can find this advice. put it in the freezer or heat the device. Say, then the soldering will fall into place and everything will work.

I don’t know if you want to check this method or not, but we must remember about the disadvantages of such a solution:

  • Helps rarely.
  • The effect, as a rule, does not last long. after a while, the Wi-Fi connection icon will turn gray and inactive again.
  • You can easily overheat (overcool) the device and break something else. the motherboard, display, all kinds of controllers, modules, etc.

Therefore, in my opinion, this manipulation is an extremely dubious decision. Although, if you are going to throw out the device anyway (since you simply don’t need it with a disabled Wi-Fi button), then you can try. But only at your own peril and risk, because the consequences can be unpredictable. Again, visiting a service center will be much more correct.

Ways to Crack Wi-Fi Password

There are several ways to hack nearby wi-fi:

  • Interception and decryption of data packets. To understand how this method works, you need to understand how Wi-Fi works. The router, into which the cable with the Internet from the provider is connected, distributes it (the Internet) to the surrounding space. If you have a desire to use this wi-fi, a request from your computer or smartphone goes to the router, where the password is verified, as a result of which you either connect to it or not. But even after a successful connection, the router continues to exchange information with each device connected to it. the so-called. data packets. They, among other things, contain the password from the router. Thus, if these packets are intercepted or decrypted, then you can find out the password from the router. In order to carry out this operation, you will need either a high level of knowledge of computer technology, or special software.
  • Selection of the WPS access code. Sometimes verification of a device requires not a password, but a special WPS-code of the device, it is also selected using cracker programs.
  • Bypassing filters. You don’t need a password to connect to some Wi-Fi access points, it is enough for your mac address to be off the whitelist, the router simply filters “left” mac addresses, and hackers try to spoof them.
  • Phishing. Not the easiest, but very effective way to find out the password from someone else’s wi-fi. The essence of this method is to raise a fake WI-FI point (of the same name as the hacked one), drop users of the hacked access point and collect passwords when the dropped users try to connect to the fake access point. Those. the expectation that users will confuse access points and burn their own Wi-Fi password for you.
  • Selection of passwords. This method is much simpler than the previous one. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Important! The information indicated in the article is of an overview nature, part of the material is fictitious. We strongly recommend not to hack WI-FI networks! This material can be used solely for educational purposes to improve knowledge of information security.

Article “How to hack a neighbor’s wi-fi password: 100% way!” was removed at the request of the RKN and the author of the article, San Sanych, have never called and do not call to hack Wi-Fi networks.

Exclusively for educational purposes and to prevent unauthorized access, instead of a deleted article (at the request of the RKN) on this page, we posted an article on information security in home Wi-Fi networks without links to hacker software.

Apps for finding shared Wi-fi passwords

As strange as it may sound, but, often, you do not need to crack passwords from Wi-Fi networks. other people have already shared access from a closed Wi-Fi to which you would like to connect.
For several years now, there have been special applications that contain the necessary information to connect to millions of closed WI-FI networks. Every day, thousands of people share logins and passwords from closed Wi-Fi networks through these special applications. Try to install one of these applications and you may not have to hack anything:

By the way, some of these programs clearly, on the map, can show you the available WI-FI networks nearby.

Hacking a wi-fi password by guessing it

Manual and even more automated password guessing will always be relevant! First, you should try the most obvious combinations like 12345678, 87654321, etc. Surprisingly, such passwords are found among many owners of wireless Internet, and if we are talking about how to hack a neighbor’s Wi-Fi, then this method will definitely work, go for it!

By the way, especially for you, we have compiled a list of the 30 most popular user passwords, here it is. TOP-30 most popular passwords.

If you failed to connect to WI-FI using manual password selection. don’t worry, all is not lost! You can use special Wi-Fi crackers to automatically brute-force passwords. They simply go through all possible combinations of numbers and letters, finding the desired combination. Often, such programs work on the so-called dictionaries (the most commonly used combinations of username / password) at an insane speed and in several hundred threads at the same time. The selection process can take either 5 minutes or an hour. Yes, it may be long, boring and monotonous, but effective.

Connect to an open Wi-Fi network by changing your mac address

Very often, some wi-fi owners use filtering by mac-addresses instead of passwords. In this case, the network will appear open, accessible and password-free, but it will not be possible to connect to it. How to hack a neighbor’s WI-FI in this case? First, you need to figure out what a mac address is.

Mac address is a special identifier that is set separately for each device on the computer network. In order to find out which addresses are allowed for a particular router, there are special scanners that can get this information from the data packets broadcast by it.

After this information is received, you can simply change the mac-address of your computer to one of the allowed ones, after which it will be possible to use this Wi-Fi.
Changing it can be very simple. To do this, go to the Control Panel of your computer, select the Network and Sharing Center item, and inside it. Change the settings of the network adapter. Here you need to right-click on the network connection for which you want to change the mac-address.
In the menu that appears, we need the Properties item, where in the Network tab we click on the Configure button. In the Additional tab, you need to activate the Network address, then enter the new required 12-digit mac-address, click OK and restart the network connection.
After completing this procedure, you will be able to connect to a wireless connection, having already authorized mac-address.

Or maybe you don’t need to hack WI-FI?

Before trying to get a password from an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network and wasting a lot of your precious time on it, there may be nothing to hack and no need to?
Try to scan several times the range of available networks, often among the closed access points you come across unprotected networks that are ready to share the Internet for free, i.e. completely free.

Remember, when connecting to unsecured networks, you need to be extremely careful, since all information you send can be intercepted and compromised.

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