How to find your Samsung TV code

Where to find the IP address of a Samsung TV

All devices that connect to the Internet have personal coordinates indicating that they are in this place. The code is indicated by 4 groups of numbers separated by dots. The address of the Samsung TV should be found out after connecting it via a cable to the modem.

To find the IP address, just go to the Menu, section “Support”. Then select the designation “network”, it is on this page that it is indicated. If instead of numbers there are only zeros, then the equipment is not connected to the network. It remains to determine the reason and try again to connect to the Internet.

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To recognize the device when working on the network, there is a Mac address. It is indicated on Samsung Smart TV by pairs of numbers and letters separated by a dash. His knowledge is extremely rarely required, only for equipment settings.

To find the MAC address, follow the steps sequentially using the remote control.

  • Go to the menu. Open the Support section.
  • Open the Contact Samsung page.
  • To scroll through the page with the code, just press the down arrow on the remote control.

Below the list of different versions are the Mac addresses of the cable and non-wired TV. They start with f8, differ in the second part of the code.

If the IP address changes when connecting to another modem or after turning off the equipment, then the Mac address does not change and, on this TV, remains constant as an individual number.

This is one of their unique identification codes. In this part of the page, if you wish, you can see the serial number, the unique ID of the TV and the cipher of other devices.

4. Find peace and quiet

Even the most seasoned of us in the media sometimes find that they need to take a break from looking at the screens to enjoy some peace and quiet instead. thankfully, Samsung’s Ambient Mode can help with this.

Ambient Mode allows Smart TVs to create a relaxing environment by displaying artwork, family photos and other soothing content when turned off. For those occasions when you want to completely shut off, you can program Ambient Mode to match the wallpaper or background of the space behind the TV so that your screen blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.

It has never been easier to turn your TV into your personal photo gallery with Tap View. Available on the latest Samsung TVs, Tap View lets you display photos and other media on your TV with a simple tap of your smartphone. And with revolutionary QLED imaging technology, you can be sure your favorite shots are shown in the full high resolution they deserve.

We have just touched the capabilities of Samsung Smart TVs. Click here to find out more about the latest updates and innovations in the line.

1 Samsung TV Plus is available in select regions including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Korea, and Thailand. Service availability varies by region. TV Plus is available on Smart TV 2016-2020 in the US, Europe and Thailand. In Canada, the service is available on Smart TV 2017-2020. In Korea, the service is available on Smart TV 2013-2020.

2 The service is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs 2016-2020.

3 Instead of downloading the app, users can choose to access the service through the web browser of their Smart TV.

4 Service availability and content partners vary by country. Samsung Health is coming to 2020 Samsung Smart TVs in the near future. Users of the 2018-2019 models will be able to access the above applications in the “Applications” section of their Smart TV.

5 Available on Smart TV 2019 and newer models. Both the TV and the computer must be connected to the network.

How to find out your Samsung Smart TV model

Applying to different tastes of consumers, manufacturers annually release new models of equipment that differ in their characteristics.

How can you find out your Samsung TV model in order to determine its additional functions and basic characteristics. There are different ways, from labeling on the box to the company’s website.

3. Comfortable work from home

Samsung Smart TVs not only offer a range of features to help users stay active and entertained at home, they make it much easier to be productive when it’s time to work.

In 2019, Samsung introduced an exclusive remote access feature. Available on the company’s newest Smart TVs, it allows users to remotely access and control their personal computers from the TV, regardless of their PC’s location. five

Remote Access also offers a wide range of cloud-based documentation services that can make it easier for students to continue their studies at home. They can even use a web browser to watch online courses and lectures live on their big TV screen so they don’t miss any notes or details.

Remote Access also features Wi-Fi Direct, which makes screen sharing between TVs and PCs, mobile phones and tablets easy. This versatile feature enables users to enjoy a wide variety of content on a large TV screen.

2.Work up to sweat

As much as we love the daily commute or study from home, we still need to stay active throughout the day. even if it means turning your living room into a training studio.

Fortunately for Samsung Smart TV users, home workout videos catering to almost every interest and ability are just a few taps away.

Just click on the exercise service of your choice, select a workout to stream and get started. It’s that simple. With high definition TVs, you’ll never miss a step while working in a sweat. And with the variety of services available and more, it’s easy to find content to take your fitness to the next level.

Samsung’s new Samsung Health service offers a simple solution to meet the fitness needs of Smart TV users. Scheduled to launch in late May in the US, UK, Canada and Korea and new markets on the horizon, Samsung Health brings together free fitness content from world-class partners, including the popular Calm meditation app as well as obé Fitness, Fitplan. Echelon, barre3, and Gillian Michaels: Compatible with 2018-2019 Samsung Smart TVs, these apps allow users to work at home with ease. four

With Samsung Health, users will also have access to the service’s extensive catalog of content completely free of charge for one year after the service is launched.

How to find out the model

All the necessary data for each product model is encrypted in the marking.

Samsung TV has 2 types of information:

They are distinguished by the presence in the cipher code of the country for which this equipment was manufactured. The technical data sheet is issued for several models at once. In it you can find out all the characteristics and functions after determining which series of the TV.

  • on the box;
  • on the back of the TV;
  • on the menu.

The full name of the model consists of the name of the company, followed by a list of groups of numbers and Latin letters. There is a sticker on the side of the box.

The rear panel contains all the model information in the Samsung logo plate in the upper left corner. The model code should be found in the “Model Code” line. Above the code on the page, the official website of the manufacturer is indicated. If you need additional data or need to clarify something, you should go to it and select your country. After that, contacts will appear for communication with a specialist of the company in Russian.

Forgot your Samsung PIN

You may need a PIN code or password from Smart TV Samsung in two cases:

  • The user wants to lock the Samsung TV or certain channels (parental control system). This is convenient if there are small children at home who need to hide inappropriate content.
  • The Samsung device has already been locked and the person cannot remember the code.

To find out if the Samsung TV is locked, just look at the monitor. A window with fields for entering a four-digit number will appear there.

To remove the restrictions, you will need a remote control. You can also use a smartphone with a downloaded “Remote” application. Without these devices, attempts will be in vain. To find the pin code for your Samsung TV, you need to study the instruction manual. There should be a separate section dedicated to this issue.

If the user did not change the data on his own, then the Samsung TV pin code will be the standard. 0000 (less often they use. 1111). By entering the numbers, the TV is unlocked and you can continue watching.

In case you forgot the previously set code, you need to roll back TV to the factory settings to return to the standard option (0000).

To reset the code, you can use the push-button remote control:

  • Turn on TV device.
  • If Samsung TV is older than 4 years, hold down the “Exit” button on the remote control for a few seconds. A new window will open.
  • If the Samsung TV is new, the factory reset is different. In order, you will have to press the following keys: Mute, 8, 2, 4, Power.
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The keys must be pressed quickly, otherwise the combination will not work.

Factory reset with touch panel:

  • Press the power button.
  • Maintain the following combination: Mute, “plus”, update key, “minus”, “update”, “plus”, “update”.

How to get a TV code

If the first time you did not manage to return to the factory settings, you need to try again. The buttons will need to be pressed very quickly until the operation is successful.


Connecting a TV to the Internet no longer seems like a crazy idea, because manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times and produce modern, high-quality, and most importantly, multifunctional devices. But to unleash their full potential, a Smart device requires an Internet connection. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Using a LAN cable;
  • Using a Wi-Fi wireless network.

In our case, it is better to use Wi-Fi, because it is really more convenient, since there are no boring wires and other not very convenient paraphernalia. And as soon as the connection has been made, the TV is completely ready to use. But to prevent other users from using your work, the connection is protected with a password. It is recommended to come up with a complex PIN so that no unauthorized person can use it, because the more devices are connected, the weaker the signal can be.

the simplest ways to find out the ID of the Tricolor TV receiver

Tricolor TV is a digital satellite broadcasting company for television throughout the country. When purchasing equipment from this company, the client must connect the devices and register in the system in order to conclude an agreement in order to receive the necessary service. An important point during registration and further use of services is the presence of an identifier of the receiving equipment. Each company tries to protect its products as much as possible from illegal use, so the presence of complex combinations is a must in the protection of information. Consider how to find out the identifier of the Tricolor TV receiver.

Through a subscription agreement

You can find out the ID number from the concluded subscription agreement. See the agreement in the upper right corner. The receiver ID can be found there. The field in which the number is registered is called “ID of the receiving equipment”. Do not confuse with the number of the subscription agreement.

However, if the contract is not at hand or you have not concluded it yet, and you are going to register online, you will have to find out where else to find the identifier.

How to connect the TV to the network using WPS

Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS for short, is a simplified way to connect to the Internet through a smart TV. As a rule, setting up a network connection, especially for users who first encounter such a task, turns into an overwhelming problem, especially if the password is forgotten.

The peculiarity of this method is that there is no need to know the pincode. All the user needs is direct access to the router. In addition, you will need to carry out a few simple manipulations. In particular:

  • Go to the device menu, find the sub-item where the network parameters are indicated and select “Connect using WPS. PBC”;
  • Then, without wasting time, go to the router, find and press the button on it with the inscription “WPS”. This should be done quickly, before two minutes have passed. Although, before proceeding with this procedure, it is recommended to make sure that the device supports this function by default. If you are not sure, go to the web interface and connect it. As a rule, this key is very small, and is located on the back of the device, so examine it carefully;
  • If everything is good, then in a second the Internet network will be connected on the TV.

How to Access Secret “Service Menu” for All Samsung TVs

It is worth clarifying that you can configure the Internet in this way only if the device has a standard pin, that is, the factory settings have not changed. If the router is not new, then the settings can be reset to the factory settings using the “Reset” key. To make it work for sure, it is advisable to hold the button for a few seconds.

In order to connect to the network without knowing the standard password, you can enter the PIN of the router. Then the connection will be more secure, and the owners of the TV will be able to use Internet content without the help of a computer or smartphone.

In order to use this function you will need:

  • Go to the menu and select “Network”, taking the sub-item “Connection using WPS-PIN”.
  • Here you can also find out a special code that will appear on the screen. It should be entered into the router settings. This is done as follows:
  • Connect to the router interface;
  • Select the menu with WPS settings;
  • Click the “Add Device” button.
  • Then enter the password that appears on the TV. It is only very important to have time to do this before the numbers disappear. If you don’t have time, you will have to repeat the procedure, since the former password is no longer suitable. So, as soon as the procedure comes to an end, click on “Connect using WPS-PIN”, and use the new data.

Having started to enter the correct parameters, the TV immediately connects to the network, and you can already work on the Internet. If something went wrong, then, of course, the device will not have an outlet to the network. Thus, if there is no window that confirms the successful connection of the device, you should repeat the procedure or restart the TV. Perhaps this is the case.

Many people think that if you do not use a standard password, the connection will be insecure, but this is not the case. Also, not everyone knows where to find the WPS PIN code for LG TV, as well as for TVs of other brands. But the fact is that the code is generated randomly and is used only during one connection.

The name of the network does not change, but the value of the identification number is yes. In addition, it can be assigned only if all the settings of the router have been “reset” to the factory settings. Nevertheless, this method of connecting to the network has one, but a significant drawback. the code is too long and complex, which is very inconvenient.

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How to find out the exact TV model

Tip: Check any characteristics of the TV device at the office. manufacturer brand resource.

There are other ways how to most accurately find out the model, series, year of release of a Samsung TV or another brand, which will be discussed below.

Finding the information you need through the menu

One of the simplest and most affordable ways is to go to the TV menu and get information from there. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will be provided with a full TV view. You will know detailed information: brand, type of software, series, release date, etc.

Why Know TV Model

The owner of the TV will need this info in the following cases:

  • repair of equipment. you need to purchase new parts to replace those that have failed, invite a master or contact a service center;
  • if you have any questions about operation. search for answers on the Internet or contact Support;
  • TV upgrade. download the latest firmware to expand the functionality of the TV, find instructions on how to connect, for example, a gamer console or laptop;
  • purchase of a new remote control. if the old one is broken or lost.

over, it is best to know also the series and the year of release of the TV in order to take into account all the features of the device.


The procedure for finding out the Samsung TV model through the menu:

  • Select the classification “Support” → go to the sub-item “Contact Samsung”.
  • Scroll down the page to Model Code. Here the modulation will be indicated in letters and numbers. For example, UE43NU7090UXUA.

Instructions on how to quickly and 100% find out the LG TV model:

  • Find and press on the remote control an oblong button labeled Settings.
  • Go through the following path: Menu → Settings → Support.
  • The product / service information will show the TV model / type.

There are several options here, taking into account the peculiarities of TV:

Nuance: The procedure may change as new models and firmware versions are released. The latest information is always provided on the official Sony website.


The simplest option is to use the buttons on the remote control. We press sequentially: 1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4. The buttons must be pressed one at a time, as when switching TV channels. On the first line of the menu displayed on the screen, the numbers-letters-numbers that make up the TV model will be written. Return to watching TV will help the universal Home key on the remote.

How to find out your TV model Samsung, LG, SONY, PHILIPS: 5 tips

When you need to find out the nuances of operating a TV, you need to know the model. And how to do it if the device is “100 years old at lunchtime”: stickers are ripped off, designations are erased. However, there are 6 simple ways to correctly determine not only the model, but also the series, as well as other TV parameters. about this.


You can find out the model through the menu on Samsung TVs released in 2008 and later. Older devices do not contain such information.

The menu of modern TVs is standard. Samsung maintains a consistent interface across its devices. Let’s get started:

  • On the remote control, press the button to go to the settings menu. The key is depicted as a gear.
  • In the options window, select the “support” tab.
  • An additional menu will open, among the options, click “Contact Samsung”.
  • A window will appear in which the identification code of the model will be registered, useful information from the manufacturer. contacts, the current website of the company on the Internet.
  • We need a parameter called “Model Code“.
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In order not to forget in the future, write down the sequence of symbols on a separate piece of paper. It is better if it is self-adhesive, which can be stuck in place of the sticker that has come off. Or enter the information on a blank sheet of the service book.

Sometimes the manufacturer provides universal documentation that is intended for a number of models. But there is usually a note sheet at the end. Here in it and write the data.

For LG owners, the procedure is similar to Samsung. Information is contained in the settings menu:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the “MENU” or “HOME” key.
  • A standard menu will appear, among the parameters, select the diagnostics item, “Contact”.
  • Click the TV details section.
  • The type, model name will be displayed in the form of an encrypted code consisting of numbers, Latin letters.

In the window that appears, the current version of the software, the serial number of the device, communication channels with representatives of the LG manufacturer (phone of the hot mowing line, website address) will be registered.

This method is suitable for models under 2011 release.

How to find your TV model number. all ways

Any TV set at the factory is assigned a unique name, an identification code by which you can find out the characteristics of the device.

I want to tell you about all the ways to detect this code and help you find out the models of TVs from Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony. I will also teach you how to decipher codes.

If you are too lazy to read the article, you can watch a video from Samsung:

And if this information was not enough,


If you did not have time to throw out the TV box, carefully examine it. The manufacturer marks the packaging with the model name and device type.

An empty box is usually stored until the warranty period has expired. This means that the TV is new and all the information is easy to find out by other methods.


Philips took a different path. To obtain the necessary information, you will need to quickly dial the code using the remote control. Follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the device. Switch the TV to the mode of viewing terrestrial channels, it is not necessary to have a cable, digital connection to TV (channels may not be shown).
  • Quickly enter the key sequence “1, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4”. In case of an error, nothing happens, try to repeat the set.
  • The service menu will appear on the screen. Click on the “Set Type” tab.
  • The exact model identification code of the TV will be displayed. Write it down.

If the service menu does not open, try to re-enter the key sequence, follow the standard algorithm.

You can also find out your Sony TV model through the service menu. Your actions depend on the specific model. If the TV has Android with earlier software versions up to 3.533, the algorithm is as follows:

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Home” button.
  • Select the settings tab.
  • Follow the section “TV”. “About the device”.
  • Help information will be displayed, click on the item “TV Name”, “System Information”.
  • The window will display the serial number of the device (code identifier).

With the newer models, things are a little simpler. Press the “Help” key on the remote control and enter the system information section. There you will see service information, including the model number of the device.

If you are using a TV without smart functions, the procedure is as follows:

  • Press the “Home” key on the remote control.
  • The settings menu will open, you need the “Help” item.
  • Go to the customer service section.
  • Help information appears on the display. The model name is located at the top, on the right.

Another alternative way to find out the model, check the serial number and hours of operation of your Sony Bravia TV (for models older than 2016) is with the TV turned off, using the remote control, press successively: i. 5. VOL-. Power (On).

On the official website, the manufacturer warns: “The algorithm may differ depending on the device and software.”.

Technical documentation

Each device is supplied with technical documentation and a warranty card. The instructions describe in detail the capabilities of the TV, its setting and, of course, the model number. Try not to throw out documents, they can come in handy.

I have repeatedly come across problems with the resale of equipment when buyers took the device without technical documents. This is inconvenient when configuration is required. Therefore, keep your documents in a safe place.

QR code

On modern TV models, you can find a sticker with a QR code. The encrypted image contains information about the device. To read the identifier, point the camera of your mobile device at QR. For identification, you will need an application for working with QR codes, which can be downloaded from the Playmarket.

Other manufacturers

For modern TVs from Sharp, Dexp, Panasonic, Toshiba, you can find out the model in the same way. open the settings section and find the system information tab. On older devices, the only way to recognize the model is to read the markings on the case.

As a last resort, contact the service centers of the device manufacturer, request assistance from support specialists. The company’s official website has a hot line number.

System menu

If none of the above methods worked, the internal menu comes to the rescue.

The exact information about the device model is registered in the settings: the current software version, information about the manufacturer. The arrangement of items in the control menu is different for different devices. Developers and manufacturers do not adhere to the same structure. Before proceeding with searches, make sure that:

  • You know the brand of the TV. The label on the front bezel is usually present.
  • The device is in working order and the screen is not damaged.

You will need a remote control and a few minutes of free time.

Destination country designation

And the last are three letters that designate the country in which this TV will be sold:

  • XRU. Russia;
  • XUA. Ukraine;
  • XCS. Kazakhstan;
  • XZF. France;
  • XXU. England;
  • XZТ. Italy;
  • XXC. Spain;
  • XZA. USA;
  • XXY. Australia;
  • XMA (XXM). Malaysia;
  • XZN. Arab countries;
  • XXT. India, Thailand;
  • XMS. Asia;
  • XZG. Germany, Austria and Switzerland;
  • XXN. Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg;
  • XBT. Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia);
  • XXE. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland;
  • XXH. Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and so on).

2016 model with LED screen

Let’s take a look at one example of Samsung TV labeling. From left to right:

  • U. LED TV,
  • E. region Europe,
  • 75.diagonal of the screen in inches,
  • K. 2016 model,
  • 9.the ninth series, the numbers 0,0,0 will not tell us anything without the help of specialists (the last two zeros speak about design),
  • AB. indicates the type of tuner, which can be identified in the list below.

Example of decoding marking

Consider models of different years and with different display matrices. The following is a discussion of all possible labeling variations.

Screen view

The first letter denotes the screen manufacturing technology:

  • U. backlighting of an LCD matrix with light-emitting diodes (LED. Light-Emitting diode);
  • Q. QLED, an LCD matrix using quantum dots for backlighting, Quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF);

All modern models of Samsung TVs use liquid crystal matrices (LCD) as a display, the matrix backlight and the quality of the matrix itself are different. Therefore, there are regular U models and premium Q TVs.

  • K. matrix of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED. Organic Light-Emitting Diode);
  • P. plasma screen (PDP. Plasma Display Panel), discontinued since 2014;
  • L. matrix illumination with fluorescent lamps (CCFL. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), not available since 2013;
  • C. kinescope (CRT- Cathode Ray Tube. Cathode ray tube), not available today.

The type of screen can be attributed to the form, there are flat and curved displays. Already in 2019, only one series comes with a curved display, and before that there were more models with such a screen. Until 2018, the following letters were used in the marking:

  • F. flat screen;
  • C. curved screen;

Screen size

Further in the designation of the model there are two numbers. which indicate the size of the diagonal of the screen in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm.).

Usually they produce TV sets with screens from 32 inches to 65 inches, the most popular among users. There are also more screens, but this is already for large rooms and most buyers do not choose them.

2019 model with QLED screen

Samsung is changing the labeling of QLED TVs in 2019:

  • Now the series number can be indicated by three numbers: the first is the series number, the second is the modification within the series, and the third is added for TVs with a resolution of 8K. If the series is indicated by only two digits, then the resolution is 4K.
  • Compared to the 2018 QLED markings, there is no longer any designation for curved and flat screens. All QLED models come with flat panel displays in 2019.
  • After the letter of the designation of the year of manufacture, there is now a designation for the presence of an HDMI 2.1 port. If there is A, then there is no port, and if B. there is a port.
  • Further, as in the previous year, there is a letter designating the type of tuner. After it, the marking of the country of destination.

Let’s decipher the designation of the Samsung TV, already for the Q model:

  • Q. QLED TV
  • E. region Europe
  • 65.Diagonal of the screen in inches
  • Q9. model 9 series
  • 0. modification number and if there is one digit, then the resolution is 4K, if there are two digits, then the resolution is 8K
  • R. year of manufacture 2019
  • B. second generation means HDMI 2.1 port and new 2019 remote control (A. first generation without HDMI 2.1 port)
  • U. tuner view
  • XRU. country of destination Russia


The fourth digit indicates the presence of the tuner and its type. For example, 7 means a DVB-T2 tuner, and 0 means a DVB-T tuner. This was the case until 2013, but since 2013, the type of the tuner began to be designated by two letters, and the fourth digit also began to refer to the design.

Now the type of the tuner is designated as follows (the newer designation is indicated in brackets):

How do I find my Samsung TV code?

  • AW (W). tuner DVB-T / C;
  • AB (B, AU or U). tuner DVB-T2 / С / S2;
  • AK (K). tuner DVB-T2 / C;
  • AT (T). two tuners 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • SB. tuner DVB-T2 / С / S2;
  • SS. tuner DVB-T / C / S2;
  • ST. two tuners 2 x DVB-T2 / C / S2;
  • SL. two tuners 2 x DVB-T / C / S2;
  • AF (BF). DTV Tuner / Digital Cable Tuner / Analog Tuner;
  • DK. DVB-T2 / C;
  • AR (DR). DTV Tuner / Analog Tuner.
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Further there may be one or two letters. According to the company, these letters do not convey any information to consumers. In addition, these letters may not be in the labeling of Samsung TVs.

2017 model with QLED screen

  • Q. QLED TV,
  • E. region Europe,
  • 65.Diagonal of the screen in inches,
  • Q9. model 9 series,
  • F. flat screen (for curved letter C),
  • A. date of release and start of sales,
  • M. letter refers to the design,
  • U. tuner view,
  • XRU. country of destination Russia.

TV pin code. what is it for and how to find it?

Each TV model has a blocking function that blocks access to channels or the network. There are situations when a user sets a password and then accidentally forgets it. The article will discuss how to find out the code for an LG or Samsung TV, in what situations it can be useful at all, and how to reset it.

Why you need to know the TV pin code

Lock (parental control) is one of the useful options. It is used, for example, if there are children at home who, instead of studying, are distracted by the TV screen. Then the parents set a pin code, but sometimes they come up with such a complex combination that they then forget it.

As a result, the channels are blocked, and the user cannot watch their favorite TV shows. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it on your own, without asking for help from a TV master.


Again, the instruction will help, which can be found on the Internet. There is a special section in the user manual dedicated to blocking. If there is no instruction and no connection to the network, it remains to rely on your memory, but in such matters it often fails.

The Samsung manufacturer usually uses the standard PIN code. 0000 (sometimes it is a combination of 1111). If the user has not dealt with blocking before, there should be no problems. But if something has changed, you will have to reset the settings:

  • Turn on TV.
  • On the remote control sequentially press “Mute”, “”, “update button”, “-“, “update”, “”, “update”.

You need to press the buttons quickly, so it does not always work the first time.

If a TV model was released before 2012, the standard password on it is 0000. You can also reset an already exposed combination like this: hold down the “Exit” button for 10 seconds.

On models older than 2012, the user password is reset as follows: sequentially press on the remote control “Mute”, “8”, “2”, “4”, “Power”.

Password change may not work the first time.

How to find out the pin code and unlock the TV

On the locked device on the screen, instead of channels, there will be a blue background with an image of a key or a field for entering a password. The PIN code is also used to activate the lock. To remove parental control, you need a remote control and knowledge of a combination of numbers. In extreme cases, you will need to reset the TV settings to factory settings, that is, so that they are set by default. In many situations, the problem is solved on its own, especially if the instruction has been preserved.

It happens that the user did not set any passwords, but still faced a blocking problem. probably the children played around and accidentally pressed a certain combination of buttons. To unlock the TV, you need to know the pin code, and here the instructions will help, which indicates the standard passwords and the procedure for using them.

Not everyone, after purchasing equipment, save the pieces of paper attached to it. Fortunately, in the era of the Internet, instructions can be found on the network, it is enough to indicate the model of the TV (the marking is on the back of the case).

The instructions contain sets of numbers, after entering which restrictions on channel search are removed. You can also unlock the device by pressing a button on the remote control, where the key is drawn. It is clamped for 10 seconds and after that the password is either removed or reset to the factory.

If you cannot find out the pin code of the LV TV, and the standard methods do not work, there is a cardinal one. resetting the settings to the factory settings:

  • Go to the menu, section “Settings”.
  • “Safety”.
  • Select the item “Reset pin code”.
  • After that, enter the wrong combination and press “Ok”.
  • Press “Up”, “Up”, “Down”, “Up” on the remote control sequentially.
  • Enter the code “0313” and confirm with the “Ok” button.

Next, they look to see if they succeeded in resetting the password. If everything is in order, then whatever combination was placed before, it will change to the standard one. To get rid of the block altogether. enter “0000”.

Another method, relevant for a push-button remote control:

  • They press “Power”, that is, turn off the TV.
  • Press the buttons “Mute”, “8”, “2”, “4” on the remote control.
  • Turn on the TV.

Method for owners of Smart Touch Control:

  • Turn on the TV set.
  • Sequentially press the buttons “Mute”, “Volume up”, “Return”, “Volume down”, “Return”, “Increase”, “Return”.

As you can see, there are several ways to remove the pin code. Now it will be clear how to act if someone accidentally blocks TV, thereby restricting access to TV channels.

You can remove the pin code in one of the convenient ways.

Where to find the WPS PIN

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a way to connect your smart TV to the Internet. Its peculiarity is that it is not necessary to know the PIN code. The combination is randomly generated and is valid only for one connection. That is, the network name remains the same, but the identification number is constantly changing.

If the user is faced with a lock on the TV, it’s okay. Many people start to get lost because they don’t know the combination. All standard passwords are indicated in the instructions for the technique, and if it is lost, you will need to reset the TV settings to the factory settings.

How the issue with the code is solved

The easiest way to find out the standard PIN code of a Samsung TV is to take out instructions from your model or find it on the Internet. It contains a special section dedicated to this issue. There you can also find out what to do if the password has been changed and then lost. Having neither instructions nor access to the network, you can only count on your memory, which, unfortunately, in such matters most often fails, and a locked device blocks access to Smart Hub.

Standard for Samsung Smart TVs, the manufacturer sets a simple pin. 0000 (less often 1111). If the owner did not change it or did not use it at all, there will be no problems. If there were changes, as an option, you can reset the settings to return the old password.

The PIN for Samsung TVs can be reset with the remote control in a simple way:

Then press the Mute button in a clear sequence Update button. Update button Update button.

To have the previous access to the hub and continue to use the TV, you can restore the factory code (for TVs assemblies before 2012, these are the same 0000 by default). You need to find the EXIT button on the remote control, hold it down and hold it for at least ten seconds.

For newer models, from 2012, the procedure for resetting the user password is carried out by pressing the buttons from the remote control in the sequence: Mute, 8, 2, 4, Power (power button). You need to press the buttons quickly.

Unlock Samsung Smart TV: TV pin code

There are usually two situations in which a pin code becomes necessary. the desire to block the TV and situations when it is already blocked, but the user has forgotten the password he entered. There are also times when a person changes the factory code, setting his own, and forgets about it.

If the device is locked, you can find out about it by seeing a blue screen instead of TV programs with a key or password field displayed on it. Also, if you want to enable, for example, child lock, you cannot do without knowing the pin code. Regardless of the circumstances, in this case there is no unsolvable problem.

To unlock your Samsung Smart TV, you need a remote control (RC). Without him, the issue will not be resolved. The user needs to know a special combination of numbers. Sometimes, in extreme cases, you will have to go back to the factory settings, reset the channel settings and tune them again. In the most difficult cases, the wizard flashes the software on the Samsung TV again.

In most situations, the owners can cope on their own, without the help of specialists. This is especially not difficult if the instruction from the TV has been preserved.

When it’s not always about the password

Before unlocking your Samsung TV to watch TV programs with Smart technology, you need to find out the exact cause of the inconvenience by answering the question: “Do I really know why the problem appeared?”.

Nothing can be restored without a Smart TV remote control. If it is faulty or lost, you should start purchasing a new remote control;

If every time after turning off Smart TV the channel settings get lost, then the matter is in the firmware and it needs to be updated;

You can check the operation of the remote control using an ordinary camera on the phone, holding any button from the remote control and directing it to the phone camera, if there is a flash in the photo, then everything is in order with the remote control, and if the TV does not respond to it, you should call the wizard.