How To Fix Black Screen On Startup

windowed mode

I had a case when after starting the game the screen turned off, for a long time I could not figure it out on my own, crawling on the Internet, I still found an interesting solution that helped.

All you need is:

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

After launch, when you see a black screen, press the “AltEnter” keyboard combination to switch to windowed mode.

How To Fix Black Screen On Startup

After that, in the game settings, change the resolution to a lower one. But if this method did not help you, Contact the game developers through technical support.


I still see a black screen when I start the game, but is there sound? Perhaps the reason is in the toy itself, the installation happened with errors or there is a bug in it.

Of course, the question arises, what to do?

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

In the first case, just reinstall the toy, and the bug is treated with the help of Special patches, which can be found and downloaded on the Internet.

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Monitor connection

In most cases, the solution is simple and in order to remove blackness, it is enough to check your monitor for serviceability.

Namely, you need:

  • Check the cable for damage, if any, replace it.
  • Connect the computer to the monitor through a different connector. For example, if it was originally connected via VGA interface, then connect it via DVI or HDMI.
  • Right-click on the desktop, go to the “Resolution” section, then to “Advanced settings”, then to the “Monitor” tab and set the minimum refresh rate, I have it “60Hz”.

Restart the toy and check if the screen turns off.

How to get rid of black screen in games

Many users who sometimes play games are faced with a problem when a black screen appears when starting the game. over, this can affect absolutely any toy, but in most cases the problem arises in warface, fallout 3, wolfenstein and league of legends. Below we will analyze the reasons for its appearance and ways to solve the problem.

technical malfunction

If you see a black screen when you turn on the game, while the toy itself does NOT start, the reason may be overheating of the card, or overheating of the north or south bridge on the motherboard.

In this case, you should disassemble the computer or laptop and thoroughly clean it from dust, do not forget to disassemble the cooling system to replace the thermal paste. Cleaning Procedure Follow with care, because even the slightest damage to the motherboard or components can render them inoperative.

After completing the cleaning process, check if the computer screen goes blank while playing, the problem should be resolved.

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

System requirements

Before installing any toy, check if it matches the specifications of the computer. Below I will describe the parameters that you need to pay attention to, they are often written in the description of the toy.

  • Operating system version.
  • Card specifications (often written card model and memory size).
  • Generation and frequency of the processor, for example (Core I5 ​​- generation, 2.4GHz. Clock frequency).
  • Random access memory (RAM), for example (4 Gb).
  • Required hard disk space.

It looks like this in the description:

Make sure that your computer or laptop meets all the required specifications and only then begin the installation process.


Especially often a black screen in games appears due to the absence or old version of the following programs: Net Framework, Visual C, DirectX, and drivers for the card.

To remedy the situation, it will be enough to install or update the already installed software in the latest version. But first you need to delete the old one. I recommend downloading them only from official sites so as not to pump yourself up with viruses. As for DirectX, it is installed automatically along with the drivers on the card, so just download the drivers from. the site of the manufacturer of your board for your version of windows 10, 7, 8 or XP and install them.

After that, the reason for the appearance of the black screen during the game should disappear, however, if this did not happen, go ahead.

Professional help

If it was not possible to fix the problem yourself,
then most likely the problem lies in a more technical level.
It can be: breakdown of the motherboard, power supply,
hard disk, card, RAM, etc.

It is important to diagnose and fix the breakdown in time.,
to prevent the failure of the second components.

The easiest method to fix the problem

In simple situations with small failures, you can effectively and quickly solve the problem by using Windows 7 restore points, i.e. Roll back the OS.

To this end, you must perform the following sequential steps:

  • To start the OS, quickly press the “F8” button, after which a screen appears with inscriptions in white letters, where it is proposed to select the method of loading the OS;
  • Place the cursor on the line “Last good configuration” with the arrows and call it “enter”;
  • After that, if the PC boots up and the usual desktop appears, then the user has successfully managed to remove the BSEC problem.

Solving the problem through safe mode

This mode is loaded as follows:

  • To start the OS, quickly press the “F8” button, after which a screen appears with inscriptions in white letters, where it is proposed to select the method of loading the OS;
  • Place the cursor on the “Safe Mode” line with the arrows and call it “enter”;
  • Wait until the end of the PC boot process in safe mode.

You can now try to revert Windows to the state before the problem occurred. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Through the “Start” menu enter “Programs”;
  • Select the “Standard” tab and open “Service”;
  • Find here and name it “System Restore”.
  • Then (sorry for the tautology) click on “Next” and select the desired point, then click on the “Next” button again;
  • Then they will call it “Done”;
  • Wait until the restore process is complete.
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Why BSEC appears

The main reasons for displaying BSEC when starting Windows 7 are as follows:

  • If nothing appears on the black screen at all, there is no mouse cursor and white lettering, then the reason is probably in the system, for example, a failure of the card drivers;
  • Problems when updating the OS and software;
  • The presence of “broken” system files required at system startup;
  • The action of malicious applications (viruses)
  • Computer hardware defects.

How to fix black screen when booting Windows 7

Least of all, when the computer is turned on, the user wants to see how not the system desktop appears before his eyes, but a black screen when loading Windows 7. Of all the troubles that may arise after starting Windows, this is the most negative, and not in vain this phenomenon was assigned the name “Black Screen of Death” (BSEC).

However, if before the eyes of the computer owner the BSEC was displayed only with a white cursor on the computer display, then before proceeding with a drastic measure, like reinstalling Windows, it is recommended to use the instructions below. A detailed guide outlines the situation when Windows 7 boots normally on a computer or laptop and what to do when the BSEC appears.

  • Why BSEC appears
  • The easiest method to fix the problem
  • With the introduction of the registry editor
  • Solving the problem through safe mode
  • Through the recovery environment

With the introduction of the registry editor

What to do when the file responsible for the graphical shell is loaded incorrectly.

To remove this defect, you need to do the following:

  • Simultaneously pressing the keys “Alt”, “Ctrl” and “Shift” or “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Del” will launch the “task manager”;
  • Enter the “Applications” tab;
  • Left-click on “New task”;
  • In the window that appears, type “explorer” and rename the cursor to the “Ok” button;
  • When the desktop is displayed, it means that our assumption turned out to be correct;
  • Next, you need to make adjustments in the registry;
  • Open the Windows directory in the C root directory and find the Regedit.exe file in it, then double-click on it with the mouse cursor;
  • The registry editor will open, in which enter “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and go to the “SOFTWARE” subsection;
  • Then open the “Microsoft” directory, find the “Windows NT” folder in it. Entering it, go to “CurrentVersion” and “Winlogon”;
  • Make sure that the parameter “Shell” is set to “Explorer.exe”;
  • If this is not the case, then call the context menu on “Shell” and click on the line “Change”;
  • Then, in the “Change string parameter” menu, specify “Explorer.exe”;
  • Then, through “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” go to the “Winlogon” directory and delete “Shell” (unless the user himself has not created this parameter)
  • Scan the system with an anti-virus utility in order to remove the virus file.

Through the recovery environment

To this end, you must perform the following sequential steps:

  • To start the OS, quickly press the “F8” button, after which a screen appears with inscriptions in white letters, where it is proposed to select the method of loading the OS;
  • Place the arrows on the line “Computer troubleshooting” and call it “enter”;
  • This will be followed by a series of intuitive windows with guides to action, you need to complete them to get to the recovery options menu and will be called the “Startup recovery” section;
  • The system will independently analyze its files responsible for downloading, and, if necessary, debug them;
  • Done! Now you need to restart your PC and see the normal Windows desktop again.


If you have a laptop, then try connecting a monitor to it, this is done either via VGA output or HDMI. There is a high probability (if the integrated adapter is NOT disabled in UEFI) that after enabling, you will see an image on the screen and be able to roll back the discrete card drivers (through the device manager), install new ones, or use system restore.

Black screen on a laptop with Windows 8.1 due to Crypto PRO

I have caught problems many times with this encryption software product. For example, the Windows installer service could not be accessed, and here this thing puts a spoke in the wheel. For some reason, the registry branches HKLM \ Policy \ PolAdtEv disappeared.

Here the actions are as follows, you need to uninstall Crypto PRO, then when the problem with the black screen is fixed, you will install the latest version. As in method 4, call the task manager, but in the run window enter “appwiz.cpl”. This will open the snap “Programs and Features”, where you will need to remove Crypto PRO.

Hope that thanks to these methods, you were able to fix the problem with black screens in Windows 8.1 operating system. Material from

The first way

To begin with, the question arises: “How can you do anything if there is nothing on the screen?” I got out of this situation in an interesting way. I put the laptop to sleep. Oddly enough, but upon waking up, everything was fine, there was no black screen. Since when I press the shutdown button, my default is to fall asleep, it was enough to press it. If for some reason you cannot do this, or it does not work out, you will have to use an alternative method.

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8. Method

In the same safe mode, try uninstalling the drivers, this is done through the device manager, right-click on start and select the device manager.

Select the adapters item and click on You need to also right-click, and select delete. After which the system will load the standard drivers, reboot.


In order to stop constantly showing the black screen, you need to: boot into safe mode

  • Open hidden files and folders
  • Delete folder C: \ Windows Activation Technologies
  • Make sfc / scannow with powershell as administrator
  • Reboot
  • Activate with a normal key

A way to fix the problem with a black screen and cursor

This method is similar to the fourth, but here we will NOT use safe mode, but try to get out, through “Task Manager”. And so you have a black screen when loading windows 8.1 and the cursor blinks. Press the magic key combination (Simultaneously) CTRL, ALT and Delete.

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Select item “Task Manager”

In the window that opens, click the File menu. Start a new task”

Start the Windows Explorer process by entering explorer.exe.

You will open “My Computer”, then as in method 4, you must delete the folder C: \ Windows Activation Technologies and make sfc / scannow from powershell or command line under the administrator.

Remove the black screen at boot

Application error 0xc0000142 when starting a game or program

The most common situation is that an error when starting the application 0xc0000142 occurs when you start a game or program, most often recently installed, and also, in our reality, not necessarily licensed, although this factor may be absent.

Below are the methods that most often help to fix the error 0xc0000142 in the described situation, and if they do not help, go to the section on additional methods: it lists less often working solutions, which, however, may turn out to be correct in your scenario.

  • If a third-party antivirus is installed on your computer, Disable it (or it is better to remove it, at least temporarily) and try launching the game or program again. If the error recurs, and you recently installed the program and it is NOT licensed, try uninstalling it (through the Control Panel. Programs and Features), and then, does not turn on the antivirus. install it again, and note that the path to the settings folder does not there was Cyrillic (Russian letters).
  • If the game or program was installed in folders, the paths to Which contain Cyrillic (you can find out by opening the properties of the program shortcut and looking at the path), try reinstalling it into a folder whose path does not contain Russian letters.
  • Try to run the game in compatibility mode with the previous version of the OS (right click on the shortcut. properties. tab “Compatibility”), as well as on behalf of the administrator, which is configured in the same section of parameters.
  • Perform a clean boot on Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7. If the error persists, it means that some service or third-party program is causing an error when starting the program you want. Most often we are talking about various software for protecting your computer. The task is to find which one. If the error started appearing recently, we can assume that we are talking about a recently installed or updated program. You can try using restore points if available.

These are not all. Possible ways to fix the error when starting the application, but more often than others they are triggered in the cases considered. If error 0xc0000142 continues to occur, you will find more sophisticated solutions later in the instructions.

Application error 0xc0000142. how to fix it

One of the most frequent and, at the same time, difficult to fix problems is an error when starting the application 0xc0000142 in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, which occurs when you start a game or program, or immediately when you log in.

In this manual, in detail about the various causes of the problem and the ways to fix the error when starting the application 0xc0000142 in Windows 10 and previous versions of the OS, both when turning on the computer or laptop, and when starting games and programs.

  • How to fix application error 0xc0000142 when starting a game or program
  • Application error 0xc0000142 when starting Windows 10 (and previous versions)
  • Additional methods of error correction
  • How to fix error 0xc0000142. instructions

Additional ways to fix the error

If error 0xc0000142 has not been fixed up to this point, try the following solutions:

Error 0xc0000142 when starting and logging on Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7

If an error occurs when you log on to the system, that is, when you start Windows, you see the window “Error starting application 0xc0000142”, the reason is almost certainly in some program in startup or service, I described one of the common options in a separate article about this error caused by esrv.exe. The general procedure for this scenario is as follows:

  • Pay attention to the name of the exe file in the title of the error message. If you know what kind of program it is, go to step 2. If not, find out by searching on the Internet.
  • If this program is NOT critical, just try uninstalling it in the control panel. Otherwise. remove from startup, as well as go to services (WinR. services.msc) and, if there are corresponding services for this program, disable them (double click on the service, startup type. “disabled”).
  • Then restart your computer.

As in the previous case, if the described did not help to cope with the error, go to the next section.

How to fix error 0xc0000142. instructions

Finally, in case the problem is still not resolved, search for malware on your computer, for example, using AdwCleaner or other malware removal tools.

Chrome browser black screen: how to fix this glitch [updated]

About three days ago, the Chrome browser on a working laptop began to behave somehow strangely. First, a glitch with the display of site content slipped through.

the content of the page appears NOT on the screen only after manually resizing the browser window.

And yesterday Chrome simply and without fuss gave a black screen right from the start. In this case, the browser menu and the context menu by right-clicking open, but the page is still not visible, as we DO NOT click on it.

Even a screenshot of this disgrace makes no sense to expose, since it will be just a Windows 10 window completely filled with black.

over, as soon as it became clear that restarting the browser first, and then restarting the operating system, the problem could not be solved, suspicions arose automatically that the card was working. But updating her driver (just in case) did not work either, as well as reinstalling Chrome, but they had to spend time on them.

And only after all this stupid appear on, I remembered one long time ago not a new way to eliminate such a bug. This method in this particular case involves reconfiguring the browser compatibility mode on Windows 7. And now we will tell you how this is done. so,

How to remove black screen in Chrome browser:

  • find the Chrome icon, click on it with the right mouse button and in the pop-up menu, click “Properties” (if you click on the icon on the taskbar, then in the menu you need to find and again right-click the Chrome icon there, and only then the second menu with ” properties “);
  • in the “Properties: Google Chrome” window that opens, go to the “Compatibility” tab;
  • activate the option (check the box) “Run the program in compatibility mode with:”
  • and select Windows 7 in the menu below;
  • click “Apply” and then “OK” at the bottom of the window.
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Launch Chrome and test the result. If the black window is still nowhere and NOT Delos, open the properties again, select another version of Windows in the same list, for example, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 8, and turn on the browser again.

We, as we have already said, managed to solve the problem on the version of Windows 7. However, a little later it was discovered that the change was not saved by Windows 10, i.e. in the “Compatibility” tab, the specified option was inactive, which was quite surprising. However, the black screen in the browser did NOT appear anymore.

[Added] If the above method did NOT have the desired effect, then also:

  • disable all extensions, restart the browser and then enable them one by one to identify the problematic program (it is very possible that some of the extensions are NOT optimized for the current version of Chrome)
  • disable hidden settings (flags) in Chrome. open the chrome: // flags / page, find and disable (“Disabled”) the last activated “flags” through the search, as well as the following three: chrome: // flags / # ignore-gpu.blacklist, chrome: // flags / # overlay-scrollbars, chrome: // flags / # composited-layer-borders and enable (“Enabled”) chrome: // flags / # disable-accelerated-2d-canvas, after which restart the browser:
  • disable “Hardware acceleration” of the browser: “Settings”. “Additional” (at the very bottom). “Use hardware acceleration (if available)”. “Off” and restart the browser;
  • change the browser screen size. switch to windowed mode and just move the edges of the screen in different directions for a while (sometimes it helps)
  • perform a complete reset of the browser settings: “Settings”. “Additional” (at the very bottom). “Restoring default settings” (at the very bottom):

Method number 3. Reactivating Windows

Sometimes errors related to system activation result in a black screen when Windows 7 starts up. If you are using licensed software, you just need to re-enter the code and confirm the data.

Method number 1. Using safe mode

If you see a black screen when booting Windows 7, first of all, you should try to solve the problem through Safe Mode. To do this, restart the computer and press the F8 button on the keyboard. This must be done before the logo appears on the screen. The monitor will display a whole menu with several items, of which you need using the button “” and “” highlight “Safe mode”, and then press Enter. What will it give? This mode provides for the ability to run only the programs and services that are needed for the system to work correctly. The same mode is used by specialists to use computers that have been susceptible to virus attacks, and is also used to recover deleted data and in order to prepare the computer for reinstalling the OS. If, after switching to safe mode, you see a desktop with a shortcut, a taskbar and other tools on the screen. it means that a black screen when booting Windows 7 appeared due to a malfunction of some service that you installed shortly before the problem occurred. The most logical solution to the problem would be to restore the system or remove programs and drivers installed recently using “Control panels” (paragraph “Removing programs”).

Method number 2. Restoring or reinstalling Windows

If you cannot enter Safe Mode, you can perform a System Restore. For this purpose, a Windows disc is inserted into the drive and, following the prompts on the screen, select the Appropriate options. If the black screen problem does NOT go away even after doing this, you will most likely need to completely reinstall Windows.

Method number 4. If the computer is infected

Perhaps this reason is the most common among those due to which a black screen appears when starting Windows. There is a certain aLGorithm of actions, by completing which, you can correct the situation. First of all, you should press the AltDelCtrl key combination and open the task manager. In the window that opens, you will see the “Processes” tab. We need it. You need to find the explorer.exe process. If there is none, click on the button “New challenge” and enter its name in the window that opens. If the black screen disappears after taking the steps, the problem is almost solved. It remains to select the “Run” item in the “Start” menu, enter the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.SOFTWARE. Microsoft. WindowsNT. CurrentVersion. Winlogon, and then enter the value explorer.exe opposite the Shell item. If something else is already written there, it must be erased without fail.

Method number 5. Restoring the system using antivirus

It. Another way that can help you fix a black screen when booting Windows XP and other versions of the popular OS. If the actions described in the 4th method helped, you need to reopen the task manager. Using the item you already know “New challenge” open Internet Explorer (to launch the browser, enter iexplorer.exe). You should install the AVZ program, and then launch it. Next, in the program window, select “File. System Restore” and tick off the items responsible for the Explorer launch key and Explorer settings.

Black screen when booting Windows 7: how to fix the situation?

A black screen when booting Windows 7 means that at first the system boots after turning on the PC in the same way as usual, but it stops at the stage when the cursor flickers on a dark background. For an inexperienced user, this situation can be very scary. But don’t worry: black screen. this is a modified version “blue screen of death”. Unlike his elder “fellow”, the black screen allows the user to take any action and more effectively fix errors in the OS. So how to restore the system?

Method number 6. System recovery

And finally, the last option on how you can fix the black screen when loading Windows 7. To do this, while the black screen is displayed, you need to press the Shift button five times in a row, or hold it down for 10-15 seconds. A Dialog Box will appear asking you if you would like to activate Sticky Keys. At the bottom of the window there is a link offering to go to the Special Center. opportunities. click on it. At the top of the new window, you can see the search term in the control panel. Enter the inscription “Task Manager” and wait for the Control Panel to open. We need an item called “System”. Next, go to the tab “Protection”. A window will appear on your monitor “Properties of the system”, where you will immediately see the button “Recovery.”. Following the instructions of the program, select a restore point. it is best to choose those made during the period when the OS was working 100% stable.

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