How to flip the screen back with the buttons on a laptop

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Third Party Programs

For those users who change the orientation on purpose, for example, this is required for the convenience of presentations or work, it will be convenient to download special applications that not only correct the inverted screen, but also have additional settings in their functionality.

  • Pivot Pro allows you not only to change the orientation, but also to adjust the color of the monitor. There are hotkeys, as well as the ability to make different screen rotation for multiple connected monitors.
  • EEERotate is a utility that can not only rotate the screen, but also change the orientation of the touchpad.
  • iRotate is a simple utility. After installation, it is displayed in the tray, and RMB calls up options for screen rotation.

Using a gyroscope

Modern laptops come in a variety of form factors. One of the popular options is a convertible laptop, which has several modes of operation. a tent, a tablet and a laptop. Similar devices can be found at Lenovo and ASUS. A feature of these devices is a built-in gyroscope, which can independently rotate the screen on a laptop, depending on its position in space.

Sometimes the user carries the device in a bag and, taking it out, discovers that the image has turned upside down. In this case, in order to fix it, it is enough to turn the device again, and everything will return to its normal position.

Video card driver

If the screen on a laptop is turned over, and the laptop is equipped with a discrete Radeon or GeForce graphics card, you can use the native utility that is installed along with the driver on the graphics adapter.

A utility from nVidia is called the nVidia control panel. In it, you should open the “display”. “display rotation” and unfold the picture as needed.

The AMD brand has named the utility Catalyst Control Center. Here you should select “graphics adapter control center”. “display tasks” and click on the picture that displays a suitable screen position.

Some laptops with integrated graphics from Intel will not force users to do anything at all. It is enough to right-click on the desktop and, choosing “graphics parameters”. “rotation”, specify the desired angle of rotation.


The Windows 10 operating system provides the ability to flip the screen back using a keyboard shortcut.

Important! It should be noted right away that not all laptops support this function, and even from the same manufacturer, different models can both return the screen back when using hot keys, and not respond to user action.

All of the above methods will help return the screen to its normal position, but you should understand what caused the rotation. Sometimes this is an accident. a cat stepped on the keyboard, or a child pressed it, but it can also be caused by viruses or system failures.

Built-in Windows utility

If you did not manage to turn the screen on the laptop with the buttons, then you can turn to the built-in utility, which is provided in all operating systems. Windows 7, 8, 10 and in the old XP. It’s easy to enter the utility, just open the desktop settings and select the correct position in the “screen orientation” submenu. In Windows 8 and 10, this requires in the desktop menu to go to “display settings”. Similarly, the entry into the menu is carried out on older OS.

There are four positions in “screen orientation”.

  • Landscape (Standard Correct Mode).
  • Inverted landscape (the picture is rotated 180 degrees, that is, upside down).
  • Portrait (90 degrees to the right).
  • Portrait inverted (90 degrees. turn left).

How to flip an image on a laptop

A common question from laptop users is how to flip the screen on a laptop. The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is that the video card malfunctioned, and you need to reinstall the driver. The solution is generally not bad, but before using this method, you can try simpler methods, since in the overwhelming majority of situations the problem is not in the video card, but in the careless use of the gadget.

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How to flip the screen on laptop 10 (computer) with keyboard and differently

Good afternoon friends. We are all used to the correct positioning of our monitor screen. But, there are times when we turn on the computer and find that the monitor screen is turned upside down, or 90º. What to do in this case? How to flip the screen on laptop 10 (computer) to normal position?

Let’s first think about why this could happen on our monitor. The most common case is that you accidentally pressed the CtrlAltArrow hotkeys. Or your pets did the same. I myself saw my kitty walk on the keyboard. What command can she give the computer? One can only guess. Small children and not so can arrange.

Also, it may happen that you entered an extra combination on the touchpad. Or they went into the settings of the video card or display, and they themselves did not notice how they gave such a command. The most unpleasant case is, of course, a computer virus. In this case, only a decent antivirus program will help you. But let’s pretend it’s not a virus. How to deal with an inverted screen?

How to flip the screen on a laptop keyboard shortcut

This is probably the fastest method to return your computer screen to its original position using the keyboard. Although, for a number of reasons, these hotkeys do not always work on the computer. It works mostly on laptops. It happens that some of the hotkeys are canceled by the video card, or your operating system. But, we will nevertheless consider this combination, since this is the first method of assistance in such situations.

So, if you notice that the screen is flipped 180º, the first thing to do is type CtrlAlt.

If the screen looks to the side, i.e. inverted by 90º, you need to press either the right or left arrow, depending on the situation. You can check right now how this combination works for you, just do not forget to return everything back by clicking on the opposite arrow. Of course, the keys must be pressed at the same time.

As I already noted, this is a method for laptops, so if you have not achieved the desired result, you should not panic, but move on to the second option.

Windows 7 display options

In the seven, everything is also pretty simple. So, go to the “Control Panel” through “Start”. Next, select in the category “Small icons”, “Screen”.

Or, there is an easier way to get into the Windows 7 display settings. It is similar to the dozens of methods. On the empty field of the desktop, click the “right” button of the mouse. Choosing screen parameters.

Further, we see the link “Permission”. Click on this link and go to the settings of the screen with great possibilities. Set the screen resolution to the one your monitor has, or the recommended one. Select the “Landscape” orientation. If we choose “Portrait”, the desktop screen flips 90º. If any inverted, the screen will flip 180º or 270º. You can play around if you’re interested. For the changes to take effect, do not forget to “Save”.

Windows 10 display settings

Let’s right-click on the unallocated space of the desktop. We will open a drop-down menu where we select “Screen Options”.

Now, we move on to dozens of tinctures. Select “Display” in the left column. Then, look for the “Orientation” fad. Further, in this command select “Landscape” from the drop-down menu. We save. In future versions of Windows 10, the design of the window may change slightly, and will not be very similar to this screenshot, but the meaning remains the same.

Feel free to experiment and choose Landscape (inverted). The work table will be flipped 180º. It is difficult to navigate in this mode, you will not immediately figure it out. Even the mouse acts unusually (in inverted mode). I was not able to take a screenshot right away.

Windows 10 system is pretty smart. Understands that something incomprehensible has happened, and therefore, gives a little over 10 seconds for you to confirm your decision. Otherwise, everything returns to its place.

But, to confirm such a decision by clicking on the “Confirm” button is rather problematic, since the mouse behaves unusually and the correct position of the screen is quickly restored.

How to flip the screen with a video card

Quite a simple method, somewhat similar to the previous one. I have an nVidia video card, so I will show it with an example. But, for all video cards, the principle of this method of returning the display to the correct position is similar.

So, let’s click on the unallocated space of the desktop with the right mouse button. Selecting “NVIDIA Control Panel”.

Then, in the left column of the new window, select “Rotate the display”. On the right, a large window will open where we will see the name and model of our monitor and the orientation of the screen. Everything here is the same as in the cases above. Choose “Landscape”. When choosing a bookstore, the screen will rotate 90º, and so on.

You can turn the screen in the desired direction by clicking on the arrows next to the screen image. In this case, the rotation will also be a multiple of 90º in the direction you specify. To implement this command, do not forget to click “Apply”. If this method does not work with your video card, you need to update the drivers, for example, with the free DriverHub program.

But, and if all the methods, turning the screen on the laptop 10, did not help, in this case, an urgent check of the system with an antivirus for malware is needed. Success!

Windows desktop settings

If hotkeys are disabled on your PC, or you currently do not have access to the keyboard, you can use an alternative method. The orientation of the image on the monitor can be changed through the Desktop settings. Follow the instructions:

  • Right-click on a blank area on the screen.
  • In the context menu that opens, select the “Screen Resolution” section.
  • The option you are interested in is called “Orientation”. Just select the option you want from the drop-down list. Landscape is the default. Rotate 90 degrees. Portrait. Rotate 180. Landscape Inverted.
  • Click. to confirm the changes.
  • Click. to close the window.

This method is universal. it is suitable for both laptops and desktop PCs, and also works with video cards of any manufacturers (including integrated ones).

Ways to flip the screen

using hotkeys

Nowadays, many laptops have special keyboard shortcuts for rotating the screen (they are called hot keys). They allow you to change the orientation of the image on the screen in a matter of seconds, for example, to make it portrait or landscape. As said above, this function is quite handy in some cases.

Keyboard shortcuts for rotating images on the monitor:

  • CtrlAlt (down arrow. By the way, you don’t need to press the pluses!). flip the screen 180 degrees (ie upside down);
  • CtrlAlt ←. rotate 90 degrees to the left;
  • CtrlAlt →. rotate 90 degrees to the right;
  • CtrlAlt. return images to their normal position.

Note: these keys will not work for everyone, for example, they can be disabled by default in the driver settings. Or the manufacturer did not lay them at all

via video driver settings

To begin with, I want to say that you must have video drivers installed (as well as a control center for them. By the way, Windows often installs drivers when installing the system, but they will be without a control center!).

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If the driver is installed on your video card, you just need to look in the tray (next to the clock): there should be a corresponding icon (example below)

Or right-click anywhere on the desktop: there should be a link to the control panel in the context menu (example below).

Login to NVIDIA Control Panel // from the desktop

If you do not have such links, most likely you do not have the drivers installed (or are by default, which were installed on the system along with Windows). It is recommended to download and update the drivers for the video card first. Programs for auto-updating drivers, see here:

In the Intel settings, you need to open the “Display” section. In the “Rotation” subsection, you can select a value of 90-180-270 degrees (see the screenshot below).

In addition, in this section you can set the refresh rate, set the resolution, scaling, and other settings.

Note: Please note that after changing the resolution or rotating the image, you will see a warning on the screen asking you to confirm the changes. If suddenly the picture on the monitor has completely deteriorated, and you do not see anything, then just wait 15 seconds, the changed parameters will be reset and return to their original values.

In the NVIDIA Control Panel, click the Display tab (on the left side of the menu), then click the Rotate Display link. There you can choose an orientation:

When choosing between these modes, set the parameter as it is convenient for viewing the image on the monitor.

In AMD Catalyst Center, everything is also quite obvious: open the menu on the left “Common Display Tasks / Rotate Desktop”. choose the mode from the list: landscape or portrait (there are also mirror options for them).

AMD Catalyst Center // select display orientation: portrait, landscape

Note: The settings menu can vary greatly depending on the version of the video driver.

through windows settings

Right-click anywhere on the desktop, select “Screen Resolution” in the pop-up context menu (as in the screenshot below).

Next, the screen settings will open: in the “Orientation” tab, change the value to “Landscape”. or “Book” (depending on requirements).

Important! When you change the resolution or orientation, Windows will wait for you to confirm the changed settings. So, if something goes wrong, just wait 15 seconds. and don’t press any buttons

In principle, changing the orientation of the image is the same as on Windows 7. When you right-click on the desktop, a menu will appear. you need to select “Display settings”.

Next, the “Customize your screen” page will open: there are just settings for orientation, screen brightness, and resolution. Set the required parameters.

Why the picture on the monitor may not rotate?

Sometimes you press buttons, change settings, but nothing happens. the picture on the monitor does not change in any way This can happen for the following reasons:

1) Change the orientation of the wrong monitor. This is relevant if you have multiple monitors connected to your computer (or were previously connected). When setting up, pay attention to which monitor you change the orientation!

2) Perhaps your drivers are crooked. or flew off. You should try to download the drivers from the official website of your manufacturer and reinstall them. How to find, select and update drivers for the video adapter can be found in this article:

3) I also recommend checking your computer for viruses. Some types of malware suit games: they change the resolution, make the mouse cursor jump, rotate the image, and so on. Popular antivirus programs of this year are given in this article:

4) Lastly, try booting your Windows OS in Safe Mode. It is often in this mode that it is possible to correct certain errors. In addition, if the problem is related to video drivers, then the image on the screen should be displayed in standard mode.

How to enter Safe Mode in Windows 7/8/10.

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The Windows operating system provides a screen flip function. It can be useful for non-standard monitor positions, lying down (with a laptop), using multiple screens or projectors. This article presents several ways to expand an image on a personal computer.

W indows can rotate the screen without additional software. This is especially useful if you have a PC monitor that rotates. Many PCs have hotkeys that can rotate the screen as well and are easy to accidentally press.

Driver configurations

Manufacturers of modern video cards include special applications in their driver packages for convenient device configuration. With these utilities, users also have the ability to rotate the image. This guide describes the sequence of steps for NVIDIA graphics cards. Do the following:

  • Click on the button in the form of an arrow “Up” in the tray (area with miniature icons in the lower right corner).
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA logo icon on the panel that opens.
  • In the drop-down list, select “Control Panel”.
  • The configuration panel will open. On the left side of the window there is a navigation menu. Use it to go to the “Rotate the display” section in the “Display” column.
  • You can rotate the current image by checking the checkbox next to the desired item. An alternative way is to use the arrow buttons on the right side of the window.
  • Click on the button. to immediately rotate the contents of the screen.

For video cards from other manufacturers, the sequence of actions will be approximately the same.

How to flip the screen on laptop 10 (computer) with keyboard and differently

Tell me what you can do: on my laptop, the screen turned 180 degrees and everything became upside down. The picture itself seems to be clear, without distortion, the laptop turns on and works otherwise as usual. Is it possible to rotate the screen without going to the service?

Quite a popular problem that occurs equally often on laptops and PCs. Most likely, you just accidentally changed the video driver settings, or pressed a certain key combination. In this article I will give several ways how you can get everything back

Note: In some cases, flipping the screen is very handy! Do not think that software developers are intriguing you on purpose. For example, you are watching a photo or video taken upside-down. you clicked a couple of buttons and the screen turned. Conveniently? Conveniently!

How to rotate the screen using hotkeys

Some PCs have hotkeys that quickly rotate the screen when pressed. They are provided by Intel graphics drivers and are only available on select PCs. If your PC’s display suddenly rotated when you pressed something on your keyboard, you probably accidentally turned on a hotkey.

To rotate the screen using hotkeys, press Ctrl Alt Arrow. For example, Ctrl Alt Up Arrow returns your screen to its normal vertical position, Ctrl Alt Right Arrow rotates your screen 90 degrees, Ctrl Alt Down Arrow flips it upside down (180 degrees) and Ctrl Alt Left Arrow rotates it 270 degrees.

You can change these hotkeys or disable them if you like using the Hotkey Manager tool in the Intel Graphics Control Panel on your PC. To access it, right-click on the desktop and select Intel Graphics Settings, or press Ctrl Alt F12 to open the Intel Control Panel. Click Options & Support Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you do not see the graphics customization tool on your PC, you probably are not using Intel graphics. If you do not see the screen rotation shortcuts on the Hotkey Manager screen, they are not available on your PC.

How to rotate the screen in Windows 10 or 7

To rotate the screen in Windows 10, right-click and choose Display Settings. In Windows 7, right click and select “Screen Resolution”.

In Windows 10, you will be taken to the Settings window System Display. In Windows 7, you will be taken to the Control Panel Appearance and Personalization Display Display Settings.

Find the Orientation option under Scale & Layout, select the drop-down menu below it, and then choose your preferred screen orientation: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (upside-down), or Portrait (upside-down).

This window looks different on Windows 7, but has the same orientation options.

If you don’t see the screen orientation option in Settings in Windows 10 or Control Panel in Windows 7, try updating your computer’s graphics drivers. This parameter may be absent if you are using generic video drivers that are not suitable for the graphics hardware of your computer.

Flip the monitor screen using Windows settings.

In the system settings of the Windows operating system, there is also a screen rotation function, so let’s use these settings and try to solve our problem. In order to figure out how to flip the screen on a laptop using Windows. You and I need to do the following:

  • On the Windows desktop, right-click and select “Display Settings”;
  • In the window that opens, in the “Orientation” item, you must select the correct parameter, namely, “Landscape” orientation;
  • After that, you need to apply the parameters by clicking the “Apply” button. The laptop monitor screen should return to its original position.

If the listed methods do not help.

Sometimes there are cases when the above methods do not help or the user cannot understand how to perform them correctly, then you can try using the Windows System Restore function. Thus, we can roll back to those operating system settings when the monitor screen was not turned upside down.

In order to perform a system restore, you need to open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore”.

After that, select the date on which you want to roll back the settings and start the recovery process. After restoring the system, the screen position should return to the correct position.

The most extreme option, which will 100% solve the problem of how to flip the screen on a laptop, is to reinstall the operating system. But this is like the very last option if others do not help.

Turn off screen rotation in Intel graphics settings.

Sometimes it happens that the method described above does not answer the question of how to flip the screen on a laptop, since the key combinations differ from the system ones. In this case, most likely in the Intel graphics settings, other hotkey combinations are prescribed to control the settings of the video adapter. Therefore, we will turn them off now, so as not to fall into the trap with an inverted screen in the future. To disable the settings, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Intel Graphics Control Panel. This can be done by right-clicking on the icon near the clock.
  • In the window that appears, select the “Graphics Properties” item;
  • Another window will appear, in which we are interested in the item “Setting mode”;
  • In the window that opens, go to the item “Settings and support” and uncheck the item “Functions of the shortcut keys”

As you can see, all the settings in this paragraph boil down to correctly configure the hotkey combinations that are specified in the Intel Graphics Control Panel or disable this function.

How to flip the screen on a laptop using system hotkeys?

In order to flip the image on the monitor, there are special hot keys. Consider which combinations you need to press.

  • CtrlAlt Down arrow. flip the screen completely, with all open windows;
  • CtrlAlt Up arrow. flip the screen to its original position;
  • CtrlAlt Right arrow. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right;
  • CtrlAlt Left arrow. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left;

As a rule, to solve the problem of how to flip the screen on a laptop, pressing the keyboard shortcut CtrlAlt Up arrow. if this action does not return the screen orientation to the desired state, then we try all the combinations.

How to flip the screen on a laptop? 3 working ways!

Very often, many laptop and netbook users face the problem when the image on the monitor screen turns out to be inverted by 90 or 180 degrees. At the same time, due to confusion, people begin to look for an answer to the question of how to turn the screen on a laptop to its initial state. As a rule, the image on the screen turns upside down, not because of a breakdown of the computer’s video card, as many users believe, but because of inaccurate pressing of hot keys on the keyboard. Perhaps a cat was walking along it, the child was playing and tapped on the keyboard, or the keyboard is faulty and spontaneous operation of the keys occurs. In general, the solution to the problem is quite simple and you and I will need to perform some actions to return the monitor image to its original form.

Let’s summarize.

As you can see, if you are faced with a problem of how to flip the screen on a laptop, then in many cases you can solve it yourself without resorting to the help of specialists. In most cases, the problem lies in incorrectly pressed hotkeys. But if the problem goes deeper, then reinstalling the operating system will help.

How to flip the screen on a laptop?

Hotkey usage can be changed or disabled

In order to change the hotkey combination to any more convenient one, you need to go to the Intel driver control panel. Options & Support.

To disable hotkeys: right mouse click on the desktop → Graphics Options → Keyboard shortcut → Disable or uncheck the corresponding driver control menu as in the picture above.

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Three easy ways to quickly flip your laptop screen:
1.Hot keys: CTRL arrow keys on your keyboard.
2.Driver Utility.
3.Windows Control Panel.

Press and hold the following three hot buttons (the simplest way)

  • Ctrl Alt (down arrow). rotate 180 ° (upside down);
  • Ctrl Alt → (arrow to the right). rotate to the right by 90 ° (the top of the screen moves to the right);
  • Ctrl Alt ← (left arrow). rotate left by 90 ° (the top of the screen moves to the left);
  • Ctrl Alt (up arrow). the normal position of the laptop screen (This is the answer to the question: “How to return the normal position (orientation) of the screen in a laptop?”).

These keyboard shortcuts may not work if the “native Windows drivers” are installed on the system.

This option is more likely if the laptop is old enough, but with a modern operating system. For example: Windows 8.1 is installed on a laptop produced in the early 2000s. or Windows 10.

A special case: you cannot flip the screen with the Windows 8 operating system on a Lenovo G560e laptop in this way (there are no drivers on the website for this model under Windows 8).

The wizards of our service will install Windows on any, even a very old laptop. Guarantee, affordable price with or without a specialist visit. We’ll also install Windows on a Mac OS laptop. Familiar Windows programs. now on Apple laptops.

Flip the screen using the Nvidia driver

You can rotate the screen for laptops with video cards running on the Nvidia chipset through the driver control panel.

Enter the Nvidia Control Panel → Rotate Display → Select Orientation → click the Apply button.

4 default screen positions in Nvidia driver settings

You can get to the Nvidia driver interface through the system tray. In Windows XP, Windows 7, near the clock, right-click on the corresponding driver icon.

Then, in the context menu, select the Nvidia control panel, or through the Windows control panel in the appropriate driver tab.

In Windows 8.1, in order to get into the driver, you need to right-click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen. where Windows XP had Start.

After that, select Control Panel in the context menu → then the item where the word “graphics” will be mentioned.

How to flip the laptop screen 90 ° (180 °) using hotkeys

Hotkey combinations may vary on different laptop models. Some combinations are guaranteed to work for laptops with an Intel chipset, but may not work for AMD, Nvidia, so the article provides several ways to solve this problem.

If somewhere on the laptop case or in documents there is a mention of Intel (Intel inside sticker on the case), it is faster and easier to flip the screen using a combination of certain buttons, the so-called “hot keys”.

I must say that the overwhelming majority of laptops in the world run on Intel logic, so the method should work for sure.

Intel Cards

The entrance to the settings of the integrated cards from Inter is done in a standard way. It is enough to right-click on the corresponding icon in the tray, select “Display”, and there to select the correct position of the screen.

How to flip the screen on a laptop

Some users may find themselves in a situation where the image on their laptop screen is upside down. Either a child pressed something on the keyboard, or a pet turned out to be guilty, or a number of other reasons worked. the fact is that the image was rotated 90 or 180 degrees, and the user cannot imagine how to return it back. In this material, I will try to help people who find themselves in such a situation, and I will tell you how to flip the screen display on a laptop, and the methods that will help you with this.

How to use graphics card settings for screen rotation

In order to rotate the laptop screen, special applications for ATI Radeon, Nvidia, and Intel graphics cards can help us. Below I will tell you how to use their functionality.

Nvidia cards

Log into the Nvidia Control Panel, select “Display Rotation” there, determine the desired orientation and click “Apply”.

You can also get there by right-clicking on the Ndivia icon in the system tray, and in the menu that appears, select “Nvidia Control Panel”.

Flip the screen on a laptop using a keyboard shortcut, etc.

In order to rotate the screen on a computer, I recommend using the following standard methods:

  • Use the Ctrl Alt arrow key shortcuts (for example, the CtrlAlt arrow key to the left (←) key combination will rotate the image on your screen to the left by 90 degrees, the CtrlAlt up arrow key combination will rotate the image 180 degrees, and so on). over, this method may not always work, and depends on the settings on your computer;

Press this key combination to rotate the screen

  • Use your PC’s screen resolution settings. We go to the screen of our desktop, place the cursor on any empty area, press the right mouse button there. In the menu that appears, select “Screen Resolution” and, having entered the screen settings in the “Orientation” option, select “Landscape”;
  • The same option, only in a different way. We go to the “Control Panel”, then “Hardware and Sound”, in the “Screen” menu, select the option “Adjust the screen resolution” and set the orientation as we need.
  • I also recommend checking your computer for virus programs. Some of the viruses (especially of an advertising nature) can affect the PC, including turning the monitor image upside down. In the fight against viruses, I recommend such programs as Dr.Web CureIt !, Malware-Antimalware, AdsCleaner and others like them.

    Rotate your Laptop screen back to normal

    Radeon cards

    Open the graphics settings of your card through the video card control panel, find the “Display Manager” submenu there and in the “Rotation” option select “Standard landscape”.

    What to do if the screen flips over

    If, for some reason, the image on the laptop screen has turned upside down, and the question arose about how to turn the screen back on the laptop, then use the tips above, using both standard system capabilities and personal settings of the graphics cards installed in your laptop. These tips will help you return to the standard screen position and enjoy the stable and working functionality of your PC again.

    How to rotate the screen on a laptop in various ways?

    Today, there are various ways on how to rotate the screen on a laptop. On the one hand, such a reversal can happen by accident. With the help of such a solution, working conditions are significantly improved when solving some special, specific tasks. But one thing can be safely asserted with great certainty. this knowledge will not be superfluous.

    You let your kid go to your mobile PC, he accidentally unrolled the image during the game and now it is inconvenient to work on the gadget? Nothing strange happened, and it is not difficult to get out of such a situation. It so happens that there is not enough portrait orientation of the screen and it makes sense to change it to landscape. For example, such a need may be caused by working with a large text document. Conventionally, the methods of how to rotate the screen on a laptop can be divided into three types:

    • Using the video adapter control panel.
    • Using OS tools.
    • Special key combination.

    When installing video card drivers, a control panel must be installed, which significantly expands its functionality. Starting with the Windows 7 operating system, it became possible to expand the picture on the monitor screen. Some video adapter developers went further and provided the ability to rotate the image using a special key combination.

    This is the most commonly used way to rotate the screen on a laptop. Simultaneously with the installation of the drivers, the video adapter control panel is installed. Its shortcut is on the taskbar in the lower right corner. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be of the following form:

    Let’s look at how to rotate the screen on a laptop using an Intel graphics card as an example. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the shortcut. We make a left click on it. In the menu that opens, select the “Graphics Options” item. A drop-down list will open, in which you need to find the “Rotate” item. A list of possible options will open:

    • normal appearance;
    • 90 degrees;
    • 180 degrees;
    • 270 degrees.

    By default, the checkbox is next to the first one. If you press the left mouse button opposite any of them, the image will instantly unfold. In this case, a request will appear, which must be answered within 15 seconds, otherwise everything will return to its original state. The principle of changing the screen orientation for other developers is similar, but since their solutions have more functionality and there are much more menu items, it is more difficult to find the required section.

    Special key combinations are used to rotate the image. They are different for each manufacturer. For example, for Intel products, simultaneously use “Ctrl” and “Alt” and, without releasing them, any of the cursor keys.

    How to flip the screen on a laptop? Such an operation, for example, can be done with

    A properly configured laptop screen is the key to fast and productive work. This must be remembered and taken into account when processing text or editing images. With this tool, you can significantly reduce the time spent. On the other hand, if the picture was accidentally unfolded, then it can be returned to its original position without any problems using any of the methods described earlier.

    How to flip the screen on a laptop: different ways

    When you play games or watch videos on your smartphone, you rotate your mobile to a comfortable position, 90 degrees to the right or left, so that it is more convenient for you. At the same time, the automatic screen rotation function is immediately triggered on the phone. Did you know you can also rotate the screen on a laptop? When you rotate it, you can view pictures from a different angle, adjust a more comfortable position for watching a movie, or simply prank your colleague by placing the screen upside down or dropping it on its side in a laptop with Windows 10 or 7.

    flip, screen, back, buttons, laptop

    In this article, we’ll look at a few simple ways to rotate your computer screen to portrait mode (portrait orientation), and also show you how to quickly return everything to its normal position.

    Image Orientation Problems

    Often the position of the computer display does not change at the request of the user, but as if by itself. In fact, this is influenced by a number of factors.

    • Infection with viruses. Insecure programs infiltrating the system often cause display position changes that cannot be controlled. You can solve the problem if you conduct a thorough scan of the device with an antivirus program and clean it from malicious software.
    • Incorrect software operation. All kinds of system crashes and technical errors can provoke problems with image orientation.
    • Careless movement. Most often, banal carelessness and inaccuracy in work leads to accidental pressing of buttons, as a result of which the picture on the monitor rotates incorrectly.

    Many users wonder how to flip the screen on a computer. Hot keys, working with drivers, changing settings, installing special programs. there are many options. The use of any of them will allow you to set the required position of the image on the monitor of a laptop or stationary computer, as well as make working with content more convenient.

    Special programs

    When you connect multiple monitors to one computer or when you often create complex presentations, the standard Windows capabilities are not enough to change the image on the display. Then special programs come to the aid of users:

    • EEERotate. It does not imply any difficulties in the process of use, it guarantees a comfortable and high-speed turn. Comes with an element that allows you to easily change the orientation of the touchpad to side control.
    • Pivot Pro. Its principle of operation is similar to EEERotate, but does not imply a change of the touchpad. functional, since it allows you to flip the picture on multiple monitors at the same time and edit the size of the windows that open. Has the function of adjusting the monitor resolution and color saturation.

    Each of these programs can be easily downloaded through Yandex or other browsers. After that, you need to install them on a laptop or desktop computer. This will optimize the performance of the monitor.

    Rotate the screen using your graphics card control panel

    You can flip the screen on your laptop and in the settings panel of your graphics card. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select the appropriate option which will open the “Video Adapter Control Panel”. Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD. Alternatively, you can press the Win R key combination or type ‘dxdiag’ in the command field to access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. This is necessary in order to find out which video card is installed in your PC.

    • right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the menu that opens;
    • then select the “Display” category, and in it (the menu on the left will open) the item “Display rotation”;
    • select the display (monitor) on which you want to rotate the screen;
    • select the required orientation for the screen and press the OK key.

    By default, the system uses the normal landscape orientation. But other options for screen rotation are available to the user:

    • 90 degrees to the left (portrait orientation);
    • 90 degrees to the right (reversed portrait orientation);
    • 180 degrees (landscape orientation reversed).

    To rotate several screens at once:

    • In the Navigation Pane of NVIDIA Control Panels, under Display, click the Rotate Display link. The corresponding page will open;
    • select multiple displays if you want to rotate multiple screens;
    • select the required orientation of the screens.
    • Right click on the desktop and select “AMD (ATI) Catalyst Control Center”.
    • In the “Desktop Management” section, find the item “Rotate Desktop”.
    • Next, select the appropriate option:
    • Portait (portrait orientation);
    • Landscape (flipped). landscape orientation (reversed);
    • Portrait (flipped). portrait orientation (flipped).
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    After selecting the desired option, do not forget to click OK for the changes to take effect.

    Unfortunately, it is not always possible to select Russian in the Control Center for Drivers and Settings from AMD, so you have to deal with English.

    Flip the computer / laptop screen using hotkeys

    The easiest way to return the position of the image back is to use the hotkey combination.

    Select the required combination on the keyboard depending on the current position of the screen:

    • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the left. Ctrl Alt right arrow;
    • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the right. Ctr Alt left arrow;
    • Screen rotated 180 degrees (standing upside down). Ctrl Alt Down arrow.

    Pressing the keys must occur simultaneously. otherwise, nothing will work.

    Try using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt F8. this will return the graphics settings to the “Default” value.

    Did it help? Bookmark this page (just in case) and you’re good to go. If everything remains in place, try the following method.

    Flip the image through the screen parameters.

    Digging through the settings, you could accidentally change the screen orientation from landscape, to portrait or portrait, thereby flipping the image. Now the task is to bring everything back.

    On an empty space on the desktop, right-click. In the context menu, select “Display Options”.

    You will be taken to the Windows settings, section “Display”. Find the item “Orientation”, and select “Landscape” and save the changes.

    All the above actions were performed on the Windows 10 base. The only difference from the lower versions is the design of the settings window. Do not be alarmed if the design of the windows from the screenshots does not match yours.

    • Right-click on a blank space of the desktop and in the context menu, depending on the manufacturer of the video card, open “AMD VISION Engine Control Center” or “Nvidia Control Panel”.
    • In the menu, find the “Display” tab and open the “Rotate display” item.
    • It remains to return your monitor to its normal position by selecting the required rotation angle.

    An approximate sequence of steps and the name of the menu tabs are indicated, as they may vary depending on the version of the drivers and the model of the video card.

    Rotate the screen using the keyboard

    If your laptop has a graphics card, you can use hotkeys to quickly maximize the screen in Windows 10 or 7.

    • Press Ctrl Alt. to rotate the screen 180 degrees (down).
    • Press Ctrl Alt → to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right.
    • Press Ctrl Alt ← to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left.
    • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen to its normal orientation.

    With the help of buttons, the desktop changes position on any laptop, regardless of the brand, be it Asus, Acer or HP.

    flip, screen, back, buttons, laptop

    If using a keyboard shortcut is not your method, there are two more options you can try.

    What can cause the image on the screen to turn over?

    There might be some kind of error in the system. It is possible that the driver “took off”. Someone’s cruel joke is also likely. Or an accidental pressing of a combination of buttons by a pet (for example, a cat) or a child. The problem resembles the moment when you inadvertently clicked on the “cross” while working with the browser, and now you need to reopen the closed tab.

    The screen turned over on a laptop. what to do?

    If your Windows screen suddenly flips 90 degrees, or even completely upside down after you (and possibly a child or cat) pressed some buttons (the reasons may be different), it doesn’t matter. Now we will figure out how to return the screen to its normal position, the guide is suitable for Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7.

    The easiest and fastest way to fix an inverted screen is to press Ctrl Alt Arrow Down (or any other, if you need to rotate) on your keyboard, and if that worked, share this instruction on social networks.

    The specified key combination allows you to set the “bottom” of the screen: you can rotate the screen 90, 180 or 270 degrees by pressing the corresponding arrows together with the Ctrl and Alt keys. Unfortunately, the operation of these hotkeys for rotating the screen depends on what video card and software for it is installed on your laptop or computer, and therefore may not work. In this case, try the following methods to fix the problem.

    How to flip the Windows screen using the system

    If the method with the Ctrl Alt Arrow keys did not work for you, go to the window for changing the Windows screen resolution. For Windows 8.1 and 7, this can be done by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting “Screen Resolution”.

    In Windows 10, you can get into the screen resolution settings through: right click on the start button. control panel. screen. screen resolution setting (left).

    See if there is a “Screen Orientation” item in the settings (it may not be there). If there is, then set the orientation you want so that the screen is not upside down.

    In Windows 10, setting the screen orientation is also available in the “All settings” section (by clicking on the notification icon). System. Screen.

    Note: on some laptops equipped with an accelerometer, automatic screen rotation may be enabled. Perhaps, if you are having problems with an inverted screen, this is the case. As a rule, on such laptops, you can enable or disable automatic screen rotation in the window for changing the resolution, and if you have Windows 10. in “All settings”. “System”. “Screen”.

    Setting screen orientation in video card management programs

    The last way to fix the situation if your image on the laptop or computer screen is upside down is to run the appropriate program to control your video card: NVidia control panel, AMD Catalyst, Intel HD.

    Examine the parameters available for change (I have an example only for NVidia) and, if the item for changing the angle of rotation (orientation) is present, set the position you need.

    If suddenly none of the suggested help, write in the comments more details about the problem, as well as the configuration of your computer, in particular about the video card and the installed OS. I will try to help.

    Distribution of new, sometimes interesting and useful materials from the website. No ads and free computer help for subscribers from the author. Other subscription methods (VK, Odnoklassniki, Telegram., YouTube, Yandex.Dzen)

    Thank you so much! The child pushed chaotically.

    Thank! helped a lot! My son tried so.

    I have a DELL Latitude E6410 laptop under Win 10. When you turn it to one side, the image on the screen turns upside down. Turns over in different directions. it is impossible to return only to the regular position automatically. You have to do this with your hands in the properties of the screen. Is this normal or some kind of glitch? Also, my laptop does not go to sleep when the lid is closed (there is a magnet in the lid). Perhaps it has something to do with?

    Unfortunately, I cannot answer. I have never worked with such laptops (with orientation sensors) and I don’t know exactly how it is implemented there. But it looks like a glitch, of course. Is everything official from Dell installed? (drivers / utilities)

    Thank you very much, they helped a lot, my daughter did her best

    Thank you so much! So scared
    when the child pressed something and the screen turned over ( And with the magic recipe “Ctrl Alt Arrow Down” everything corrected!

    Thanks, all worked well! Friends, do not put anything on the keyboard)

    Such a problem, the screen turns over when the laptop is turned on and restarted, and I cannot change the screen resolution, hotkeys turn it over, but after restarting everything is new what to do?

    And try to get started with the official video card drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website for your model to download and install. At the same time, even if, say, you have Windows 10, but at the office. site only for 7-ku or 8-ku, feel free to download them and install.
    And then see if the problem was resolved.

    Thank you! The ctrlalt arrow option helped.

    Thank! It happened by chance. it became a portrait orientation, it was not possible to restore through the parameters. for some reason there is a landscape inverted, so funny! Helped right away Ctrl Alt Arrow! I often use your recommendations!

    Pressed Ctrl Alt Up arrow. It helped. Thank you so much!

    Hello, thanks a lot for your help, I pressed Ctrl Alt and the arrow to the top)

    Thank you so much! my husband turned over when he wiped the PC) helped out


    If the screen on a laptop is flipped, how do I get the image back? There are ways to fix the problem. The picture can be flipped back using “hot keys”, the usual settings of the installed OS and flipping in the video card software. All these methods are effective and solve the problem quickly and without the help of a specialist.


    The Windows operating system has many settings that the user does not even know about. What to do if the screen on a laptop suddenly flips over? How to get it back and why did it happen? The fact is that one of the “hidden” system settings is image rotation up to 270 degrees. You can flip the picture yourself, but it happens that Windows crashes and displays the image on the monitor in a twisted form. There are several reasons why the screen turned upside down on the device.

    This happens due to the user’s carelessness. Enabling “hot keys” responsible for screen rotation (CtrlAlt arrow) accidentally leads to similar consequences. Software problems also cause the screen to flip. If this happens, it may be necessary to diagnose the laptop to help correct the cause of the inverted image. Viruses also become the cause of this phenomenon. The orientation from landscape to portrait changes if the laptop is struck. What to do if the laptop screen flips over due to viruses? How do I get the image back? First, you need to check your computer with an anti-virus program; secondly, restore the system; third, reinstall Windows.

    How to flip

    What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How do I get the image back? In addition to “hot keys”, the flip of the picture is possible using the OS settings. For Windows 7 and 8, the following solutions are relevant.

    The user should right-click on an empty field on the desktop and select the “Screen resolution” line. A menu should open with various options. Find the “Orientation” column. Choose landscape orientation or another, in case of non-standard settings, and save the changes.

    There are several ways to change orientation for the Windows 10 operating system. On the “Start” (desktop) icon, click the second mouse button and select “Toolbar” and “Adjust Screen Resolution”. Set the orientation to landscape and click Apply and Save Changes. Another method that is relevant for the tenth version of the operating system. On the desktop, press the second mouse button, find the line “Display Settings”. In the system menu that appears, set the landscape orientation, which is standard for all versions, and save the changes.

    Users now know what to do if the laptop screen flips over. How to get back from Windows 10 if this OS is installed on laptops that combine the functions of a tablet and a computer? In this case, make sure the device has an accelerometer. He is responsible for auto-rotate the screen depending on the position of the laptop. This function is available in modern smartphones and tablets.

    The screen on the laptop turned over. How to get it back: quick ways

    It so happens that the screen on a laptop has turned over. How to get it back and is it difficult to do it? These are the questions most often asked by laptop users. But there is nothing wrong with this phenomenon. If this happens, do not rush to call the master and do not panic. Try to correct this misunderstanding on your own. The recommendations in this article are relevant for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

    Setting in the video card

    What if my laptop screen flips? How to return it back? Windows 7 and later versions of the operating system provide the ability to customize the display using a video card. If the laptop has a discrete graphics card installed by the manufacturer, then it has its own software. It is the video card that is responsible for displaying the image on the device screen, so if it is turned over, you should look at its settings. If the graphics card is from AMD, on the desktop field, click the 2nd mouse button and select AMD, find the line “Common Display Tasks”. Rotate Desktop. Apply changes and save. If the video card is installed from the manufacturer NVIDIA, click, as already described, call the settings, select “Display”. “Rotate the display”. Next, set the required orientation. As you can see, the problem of screen flipping is easy to solve on your own and without outside help.


    What to do if the laptop screen flips over? How to get back to the correct orientation of the image quickly? There is a simple hotkey method for this. This option is suitable for modern operating systems Windows 7,8,10. Press the key combination CtrlAlt left, down, right, up arrow depending on the direction. This combination may not work on some laptops due to missing settings.

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