How to flip the screen on a computer hotkeys

15 Amazing Shortcuts You Aren’t Using

Working with dialog boxes

Keyboard shortcut Description
Ctrl Tab Move forward through tabs
Ctrl Shift Tab Move backward through tabs
Tab Move forward through options
Alt underlined letter Executing the appropriate command or selecting the appropriate option
Enter Executing a command for the current option or button
Arrow keys Select a button if the active option is in a radio button group
Shift Tab Move back through options
Shift Tab Move back through options

Work with text

Keyboard shortcut Description
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl C
Ctrl Insert
Ctrl X
Shift Delete
Cut out
Ctrl V
Shift Insert
Ctrl ←
Ctrl →
Jump by words in the text. Works not only in text editors. For example, it is very convenient to use in the address bar of the browser
Shift ←
Shift →
Text selection
Ctrl Shift ←
Ctrl Shift →
Selecting text by words
Ctrl Home
Ctrl End
Move to the beginning-end of a line of text
Ctrl Home
Ctrl End
Move to the beginning-end of the document

Working in Explorer

Keyboard shortcut Description
F3 or Ctrl F Show or hide the search bar in explorer (radio button).

(on the numeric keypad)
– (on the numeric keypad)
Navigation in the explorer tree, collapse-expansion of subdirectories.
(asterisk) (on the numeric keypad) Display all folders nested in the selected folder
F5 Refresh Explorer or Internet Explorer window.
Backspace Move one level up in an Explorer window or Internet Explorer.
F4 Go to the address bar of File Explorer or Internet Explorer.

Special abilities

  • Press SHIFT five times: Turn Sticky Keys on or off
  • Hold down the right SHIFT key for eight seconds: Toggle input filtering on or off
  • Hold Num Lock for five seconds: Toggle sound on or off
  • Alt Left Shift Left Num Lock: Toggle keyboard pointer control on or off
  • Alt left Shift left PRINT SCREEN: Toggle high contrast on or off

Working with windows

Keyboard shortcut Description
Alt Tab
Alt Shift Tab
Calling the menu for switching between windows and navigating through it
Alt Esc
Alt Shift Esc
Move between windows (in the order in which they were launched)
Alt F6 Switch between multiple windows of the same program (for example, between open WinWord windows)
Alt F4 Close the active window (running application). On the desktop ?? invoke Windows shutdown dialog
Ctrl F4 Closing the active document in programs that allow simultaneous opening of several documents
Calling the window menu
Alt. (minus) Call the system menu of a child window (for example, a document window)
Esc Exit the window menu or close an open dialog
Alt letter Calls a menu command or opens a menu column. The corresponding letters in the menu are usually underlined (either initially, or become underlined after pressing Alt). If the menu column is already open, then to call the desired command, press the key with the letter that is underlined in this command
Alt space Calling the window system menu
F1 Calling Application Help.
Ctrl Up
Ctrl Down
Scroll text vertically or move up and down through paragraphs of text.
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Working with files

Keyboard shortcut Description
Shift F10
Display the context menu of the current object (similar to right-clicking).
Alt Enter Calling “Object Properties”
F2 Renaming an object
Drag & Drop with Ctrl Copying an object
Shift drag Moving an object
Drag with Ctrl Shift Create a shortcut to an object
Ctrl clicks Selecting multiple objects in random order
Shift clicks Selecting multiple adjacent objects
Enter Same as double clicking on an object
Delete Deleting an Object
Shift Delete Permanently deleting an object without placing it in the trash

Working in Internet Explorer

Keyboard shortcut Description
F4 Displaying a list of the Address field
Ctrl N
Launching another instance of the browser with the same web address
Ctrl R Refresh the current web page
Ctrl B Opens the Arrange Favorites dialog box
Ctrl E Opens the Search panel
Ctrl F Launching the search utility
Ctrl I Opens the Favorites panel
Ctrl L Opens the Open dialog box
Ctrl O Opens the Open dialog box, similar to the CtrLL action
Ctrl P Opens the Print dialog box
Ctrl W Close the current window
F11 Switching to full screen mode and back (works in some other applications as well).

How to flip the screen on a computer. keyboard shortcuts

Hello. The vast majority of computer users use Windows. It provides an interesting feature that can be useful when connecting multiple external displays. Today I will tell you how to flip the screen on a computer. which hotkeys should be used for this. There are several ways. from simply pressing buttons on the keyboard to making changes to the parameters of the video adapter.

How to flip the screen on a computer. driver configuration

If you are using a discrete graphics card (not integrated), then most likely you have special utilities installed on your PC to control the graphics capabilities of the adapter. With their help, you can not only change the screen resolution, but also rotate the image. Here’s an example for the nVidia panel:

For AMD hardware, the essence will be the same, only the software is different (Catalyst Control Center). If you don’t find anything like this, try running driver update.

Taskbar issue

Many users who flip the image face one drawback. the taskbar disappears from view. If you need to put it back in place (down), then you should open the properties of this very panel and on the very first tab uncheck the box next to the auto-hide option.


This is the name of the combination, with the use of which you can quickly achieve the desired effect, without the need to go into the settings. This saves a lot of time.

All you need to do is press three buttons. Alt Ctrl arrow. In which direction the arrow will be directed, there the image will be flipped 180 degrees.

You can try it now. You see how to flip the screen on a laptop, the key combination is very simple. It will not be difficult to remember it.

Windows 7 display settings

The second method is more relevant for Windows 7 and involves the following change of settings:

  • Go to control Panel (located in the “Start” menu), select the “Small icons” view mode, then “Screen”:
  • Inside you will see a link to change “Permissions”. By clicking on it, you will find yourself on a page with a choice of display orientation:

If you select “portrait” mode, the screen will rotate 90 degrees (vertical). After specifying the “landscape” orientation, the image will be flipped 180 degrees relative to the current state. Do not forget to click on the save changes button for the effect to take effect.

If the screen on the laptop flips over what to do?

It happens that you unintentionally pressed something on the laptop keyboard and the picture changed orientation. Don’t panic right away. It is enough to use the “hot keys”, which were discussed at the beginning of the article. Let me remind them again:

Alt Ctrl arrow (direction of rotation).

If this does not work, you should use the second method. through the screen settings. Does not help? It means there is a possibility of a viral infection. Then you should check the system with the utility DrWeb Cure It. Personally, I have not encountered such an effect, but I read about this on the forums.

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As you can see, this topic is pretty simple. You spent just a couple of minutes of your time figuring out how to flip the screen on a Windows 10 laptop. I believe that everyone can learn, the main thing is to have a desire. And there is no need to immediately run to the service center, sound the alarm and panic.

Using hotkeys

First of all, you need to try to press the following combination of buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen:

  • CTRL ALT. flip the image 180 degrees
  • CTRL ALT. return image to default position
  • CTRL ALT ←. rotate left 90 degrees
  • CTRL ALT →. Rotate Right 90 Degrees
  • CTRL ALT F8. will reset display settings to default values

Interesting! The shortcuts for these keys may not work. this feature is not enabled by default in some drivers. If you have so, then below there will be information on what to do.

How do I flip the screen on my computer?. Easily

You can flip the screen, or rather the image on the monitor, to correct the display of the picture using hot keys and quick settings of the system.

Often this problem occurs due to the simultaneous pressing of special combinations of buttons on the keyboard, which change the display. From this material, you will learn how to rotate the screen on a computer as simply and quickly as possible.

From the previous article, you might have learned how to make an invisible folder. Now we will take a closer look at what to do if the screen on the computer is turned over in Windows 10, 7 and its other versions.

Interesting! In the case of computers, such a problem often appears due to an accidental change in the display orientation in the operating system parameters, during its updates or a crash.

Changing the settings in the driver software

In rare exceptions, it may be necessary to change the settings in the drivers themselves, because everything that we did in the previous paragraph and so will apply to them.

Right-click on the free space on the desktop and then on the menu item of your drivers, this may be:

The main window will open, go to the section with the monitor or display, find the item with the name “Rotation” or similar and set its position:

to default
landscape orientation

The name of the value depends on the video card model and software version, but the essence will be the same.

Important! Remember that you need to enter the driver last, especially if you are poorly versed in computers, so as not to inadvertently change important parameters.

Changing parameters in Windows

Right-click on the desktop on an empty space where there are no files or folders. In the context menu, go to “Settings / Screen Resolution”.

Scroll to the display orientation block and set it to Landscape.

Interesting! If more than one monitor is connected, then first click on the active one for which you want to rotate the image, otherwise the value cannot be changed at all.

With these methods, you can quickly and easily return the image to its normal position. No need to install any third-party software for such a simple operation.

How to rotate the screen using standard Windows features

Windows 7.8 has its own settings for controlling the display orientation. To take advantage of this opportunity, follow the steps below:

On the free space (where there are no shortcuts) of the desktop, right-click, and then a menu will open in which you need to select “screen resolution”.

Next, the screen settings window will open. Here the item “orientation” is of interest, next to which the current position of the screen is indicated.

Click on the screen position element (shown in the screenshot) to select a different orientation for your screen. Indicate the position you need:

  • landscape. standard orientation
  • portrait. rotate 90 degrees to the left
  • landscape (inverted). 180 degree flip
  • portrait (inverted). change position 90 degrees to the right
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After making the changes, click OK, after which you will see the change in the position of the screen and a message with a timer about confirming or canceling the changes. To avoid confusion, press the left arrow, then the Enter key. The window will automatically close and the changes will take effect.

How to rotate the screen on a laptop, PC in Windows 7, 8

Most people wonder how you can rotate the screen on a laptop or computer 90, 180 degrees in Windows 7.8. Maybe you want to make fun of a colleague at work, view content from a different angle, or you have a problem, your screen has turned over and you do not know how to return it to its original position. In our article we will tell you in detail about the methods of how you can do this.

flip, screen, computer, hotkeys

How to flip the screen with a keyboard shortcut and through the Intel graphics interface

The method is often applicable for laptops. If you have a built-in Intel graphics adapter in your laptop, the computer is the easiest method to rotate the monitor image. it is using hotkeys. To do this, there are such key combinations:

  • Ctrl Alt up arrow. return the image to the standard position.
  • Ctrl Alt down arrow. flipping the screen upside down.

You can also do the same in the Intel Embedded Adapter settings:

Open Intel Graphics. It is usually available in the tray next to the minimize all windows button. Click on the Intel icon, select “Graphics Specifications”.

Select the “main mode” of the application. In the section “basic settings” in the “rotation” area, set the appropriate position.

flip, screen, computer, hotkeys

Click OK twice to commit the flip.

You can also, after clicking on the Intel icon, hover over the “graphics options”, then “rotation” and set the required parameter. As a result, the laptop screen will immediately turn.

If you have problems with the above method, and it does not work, then proceed to the steps of the next method.

How to change the position of the screen image through NVIDIA and AMD Radeon video adapters

To rotate the screen on a laptop, computer in Windows 7.8, you can also use the software of video adapters from well-known manufacturers NVIDIA and AMD Radeon. First, determine your video card and, depending on the manufacturer, follow the steps below.

Laptop and Desktop Screen Rotation Windows (Rotate Monitor 90 Degrees)

If you have an NVIDIA adapter, do this:

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel by right-clicking in an open area of ​​the desktop and selecting the appropriate menu item. An alternative way to launch NVIDIA from the Windows tray or control panel.

In the left menu in the “display” section, select the sub-item “display rotation”.

On the right side, respectively, make a choice of 1 of 4 screen positions (the positions are described in detail above in the way of standard Windows features).

Click “apply”, then click the left arrow and enter to flip the laptop or computer screen.

Note: not all laptop models contain these settings.

If you have an AMD Radeon adapter, do this:

As in NVIDIA, the AMD panel can be accessed from the menu by right-clicking on the desktop.

In the left pane select “common display tasks” then “rotate desktop”.

In the right pane, select the desired angle of rotation of the screen and click “apply”. Confirm the changes.

We hope that the material helped you to rotate the screen on a laptop, computer in Windows 7, 8 to the position 90 (right, left) 180 degrees. If you have any problems with the rotation, it is recommended to update the video driver. Then try again.