How to flip the screen on iPhone

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ALGorithm of actions

To carry out the procedure for editing a picture, you need to download a special application from the App Store. Then follow these steps:

  • Install one of the recommended programs on iPhone. The presented applications differ in the functional features of the interface. Plus, there are paid and free options.
  • Go to the application and find the file of interest in the list. All objects obtained by shooting from the camera are stored in the “Video” section.
  • Rotate the image and record a new clip using the Record Movie function. In this case, you can edit the resulting video by removing some of the frames from the storyboard, and then save the final version.
  • Export the file to the library in the desired resolution. For viewing on small screens of mobile devices, you can select a lower quality to save disk space. If the file is planned to be shown in a home theater or on a personal computer, you need to take a higher picture quality. In addition to the internal storage of the device, the file can be deployed in the iCloud cloud service, uploaded to Youtube or.

How to Quickly Flip Videos on iPhone

Often users shoot in portrait or inverted orientation, which degrades the look. Let’s try to figure out how to flip a video on an iPhone to view it comfortably.

The positioning problem arose a long time ago, but has not yet been resolved by Apple. Therefore, users have to search for options on their own. The bottom line is that it is more convenient to shoot vertically, but it is optimal to watch the video horizontally. At the same time, the size of the device matrix allows you to automatically adjust the picture to the desired position without loss of quality. This flaw can be fixed in one of the following patches, in the meantime, device owners are encouraged to use the overwrite method.

List of available programs

Among the many available applications, there are several that have proven themselves from the good side. The list includes the following options:

  • The most popular application is Imovie. This program is developed by Apple, therefore it is fully compatible and demonstrates stable operation. The application is paid, which may not be liked by all users.
  • The free Video Flip application changes the viewing angle without changing the quality of the video. After processing, it leaves the original file in the library, so you need to delete it (to optimize disk space).
  • Camera Horizon helps you capture video in the correct position, regardless of operator error. If the phone is placed vertically, the utility will still record the video horizontally. Supplied free.
  • Rotate HD supports any version of Apple devices. Besides phones, he works with tablets and players. In addition, it supports operating systems of any age. Free to download.

The choice of the program depends on the user’s preferences. You can choose a suitable option with a more convenient interface or more useful functions. The proposed solutions will allow you to make high-quality filming, and without regard to the technical imperfection of the original software filling.

How to flip videos on iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 and older

Need to rotate a video on iPhone or iPad? This is easily done in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, thanks to the standard editor in the Photos app. For iOS 12 and older versions, there is also a method.

Many people record video on iPhone or iPad in vertical mode, initially this is not a good idea as the video comes out with black bars on the sides, and we recommend shooting video while holding the device horizontally. But, if you’ve already shot a video vertically, there is an easy way to flip a video in iOS. We will show you how to turn a vertical video into a horizontal one using rotation.

To rotate videos in iOS 12 and older, we’ll be using the iMovie app on iOS, which is available for free on the App Store. This method works for any type of video, be it a 4K movie, slow-motion video, regular video, time-lapse video, own video, or something else.

On iOS 13 and newer, videos can be rotated right in the Photos app.

How to rotate a video in iOS 13

  • To get started, go to the standard Photo application and select the video you want to rotate.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click Edit.
  • At the bottom, you will notice four editing tools. Select the last Crop Tool.
  • Now at the top, select the Rotate icon in the left corner. If you press it once, the video will rotate 90 degrees. If desired, you can press twice or even three times. When you’re satisfied, click Done.
  • If for some reason you want to undo the rotation, open this video again, go to the edit menu and click Revert in the lower right corner of the screen.

That’s all, now you know how easy it is to rotate videos in iOS 13. over, here you can not only rotate videos, but also edit them in a different way. Read more about the new editing options in this article.

How to rotate or flip videos on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 and older

You can rotate any video on an iOS device by 90, 180, 270 degrees and it’s very SIMple.

  • Open iMovie on iPhone or iPad
  • Select the video you want to rotate from the list, then click on the Share button, it looks like a square with an up arrow.
  • Select “Create Movie”
  • In iMovie, use two fingers to rotate in the direction you want to rotate the video, an arrow should appear.
  • After flipping the video in the desired direction, click on the “Done” button in the upper left corner.
  • Now click the Share button again (up arrow button).
  • Here select “Save Video” (you can also share it on. YouTube, iCloud, etc.)
  • Select 360p, 540p, 720p, or 1080p resolution
  • When finished, iMovie will notify you that the video has been saved to your library, so you can open the Photos app and make sure the video has been flipped successfully.
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That’s all, your video is flipped and saved as a separate file on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

And yes, your videos are stored in the Photos app, not the Videos app. Many people get confused because of this and are looking for videos there.

Rotate the screen in Windows 7 or Windows 10 through the “Control Panel

Like the method described above, changing the orientation of the computer screen through the “Control Panel” does not cause problems. Even a beginner can use it.

Press the Windows key (the logo key between Ctrl and Alt), type in “screen resolution” and press Enter.

If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows 8, click the Start button and go to Control Panel. Click the “Appearance and Personalization” section and then select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.

  • Select the screen settings item, specifically the drop-down menu with the options “Portrait orientation” and “Landscape orientation”.
  • Select the one you want and press OK to confirm your choice
  • To return from portrait to normal landscape orientation, press the Escape key on your keyboard.

How to flip the screen on a laptop: different ways

When you play games or watch videos on your smartphone, you rotate your mobile to a comfortable position, 90 degrees to the right or left, so that it is more convenient for you. At the same time, the automatic screen rotation function is immediately triggered on the phone. Did you know you can rotate the screen on a laptop too? When you rotate it, you can view pictures from a different angle, adjust a more comfortable position for watching a movie, or SIMply prank your colleague by placing the screen upside down or dropping it on its side in a laptop with Windows 10 or 7.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a few SIMple ways to rotate your computer screen to portrait mode (portrait orientation), and also show you how to quickly return everything to its normal position.

Rotate the screen using your graphics card control panel

You can flip the screen on your laptop and in the settings panel of your graphics card. Right-click on a blank space on the desktop and select the appropriate option which will open the “Video Adapter Control Panel”. Intel, NVIDIA or AMD. Alternatively, you can press the Win R key combination or type ‘dxdiag’ in the command field to access the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. This is necessary in order to find out which video card is installed in your PC.

If you have a video card NVIDIA:

  • right-click on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the menu that opens;
  • then select the “Display” category, and in it (the menu on the left will open) the item “Display rotation”;
  • select the display (monitor) on which you want to rotate the screen;
  • select the required orientation for the screen and press the OK key.

By default, the system uses the normal landscape orientation. But other options for screen rotation are available to the user:

  • 90 degrees to the left (portrait orientation);
  • 90 degrees to the right (reversed portrait orientation);
  • 180 degrees (landscape orientation reversed).

To rotate several screens at once:

  • In the Navigation Pane of NVIDIA Control Panels, under Display, click the Rotate Display link. The corresponding page will open;
  • select multiple displays if you want to rotate multiple screens;
  • select the required screen orientation.

If you have a video card from AMD or ATI:

  • Right click on the desktop and select “AMD (ATI) Catalyst Control Center”.
  • In the “Desktop Management” section, find the item “Rotate Desktop”.
  • Next, select the appropriate option:
  • Portait (portrait orientation);
  • Landscape (flipped). landscape orientation (reversed);
  • Portrait (flipped). portrait orientation (flipped).

After selecting the desired option, do not forget to click OK for the changes to take effect.

Rotate the screen using the keyboard

If your laptop has a video card, you can use hotkeys to quickly maximize the screen in Windows 10 or 7.

  • Press Ctrl Alt. to rotate the screen 180 degrees (down).
  • Press Ctrl Alt → to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • Press Ctrl Alt ← to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • Press Ctrl Alt. to return the screen to its normal orientation.

With the help of buttons, the desktop changes position on any laptop, regardless of the brand, be it Asus, Acer or HP.

If using a keyboard shortcut is not your method, there are two more options you can try.

Can’t maximize the computer screen

There are situations when it is not possible to make the screen turn over neither in Windows 7, nor in Windows 8, nor in Windows 10. None of the methods mentioned above works. The most common reason for this is that the screen cannot be rotated due to a long time not updated drivers. Naturally, the problem can be solved by updating the video card driver to the most recent version. To do this:

  • go to the official website NVIDIA or AMD (depending on the brand of your video card);
  • on the site, run the auto-detect card scanner;
  • download and install the latest drivers for your card. Choose the “with installer” driver option;
  • try again to rotate the screen to the orientation you want. Check if there will be problems this time.

If you find it difficult to understand the screen through the settings of the video card or to perform the required task using Windows tools, then you can use a more appropriate method. To make it very easy to rotate the computer desktop, third-party developers have created special applications. Here are some of them:

  • Pivot Pro,
  • iRotate,
  • EEERotate and others.

These are free utilities in which a laptop screen can be rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees and back with one click. It is noteworthy that a quick rotation of the desktop using these programs is performed (if necessary) on several monitors at once.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on iPhone 11?

Set up auto-rotate iPhone screen

  • Launch Control Center on your smartphone.
  • In it you will see a lock icon with an arrow. This is the function to disable or enable screen rotation.
  • When the button is pressed, the screen will not be displayed in landscape orientation.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on iPhone in settings?

Find the Settings app on your desktop and open it. In the “General” section, check the “Lock orientation” checkbox. In this case, auto-rotate the screen is disabled, that is, the lock is enabled.

How to remove orientation lock on iPad?

Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open Control Center. Click the Portrait Lock button. to make sure it is disabled.

How to adjust screen rotation?

To enable or disable auto-rotate, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings Special. capabilities.
  • Select Auto-rotate screen.

How to Rotate Screen on Samsung Tablet?

How to flip the screen

By default, you have the rotation option turned on. It is enough to flip the tablet 90 degrees for the image to unfold as well. If this does not happen or this option needs to be disabled, open the Settings menu. System. Specialist.

How to make the screen rotate on iPad?

or Control Center. If the screen rotation lock is enabled using the switch on the side panel of the iPad, then you can disable this option in the standard application Settings → General → Switch on the side panel. To do this, select “Mute the sound”.

How to open Control Center on iPhone 11?

Go to the Settings menu, Control Center. Click Configure Element. management “. To add controls, click the Add button .

flip, screen, iphone

Why the screen won’t rotate on the tablet?

Auto rotate not enabled

If you are holding a new tablet or smartphone in your hands, and the auto-rotate screen does not work in it, then you should go to the gadget menu, select “Settings”, specify “Screen” and activate the line “Auto-rotate screen“. Often after that, auto-rotate the screen will work.

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How to rotate the screen on Samsung?

Just click on the icon to enable.

  • The changed color of the icon indicates that the display rotation functionality is enabled.
  • The second way is more complicated. Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the “Display” section and go to it.
  • Check the box next to “Auto-rotate screen”.
  • Function enabled.

How to rotate the screen if the accelerometer does not work?

This is easy enough. It is necessary to open the settings of the smartphone screen, find the item “Auto-rotate the screen” and check the box. This turns on the accelerometer, which will allow you to rotate the screen in accordance with one or another position provided by the developers.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on iPhone in settings?

Find the Settings app on your desktop and open it. In the “General” section, check the “Lock orientation” checkbox. In this case, auto-rotate the screen is disabled, that is, the lock is enabled.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on iPhone 11?

Rotate the screen on an iPhone or iPod touch using the Home button

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.
  • Click the Portrait Lock button. to make sure it is disabled.
  • Flip iPhone or iPod touch on its side.

How to make screen rotation on Samsung?

Just click on the icon to enable.

  • The changed color of the icon indicates that the display rotation functionality is enabled.
  • The second way is more complicated. Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the “Display” section and go to it.
  • Check the box next to “Auto-rotate screen”.
  • Function enabled.

How to turn on screen lock when watching a video?

How to lock the screen of an Android device while watching YouTube?

  • Select a video and start playback
  • Open the notification panel and click on the Touch Lock icon.
  • Select the video you want to watch and stay on the screen with its description
  • Do not start playback!

How to rotate the screen?

To enable or disable auto-rotate, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings Special. capabilities.
  • Select Auto-rotate screen.

How to rotate the screen on iPhone 5? How to set up screen repeat on iPhone?

Screen Mirroring iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV.
  • Open Control Center:…
  • Click Screen Repeat.
  • Select your Apple TV or AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV from the list.

What to do if auto-rotate screen does not work on your phone?

Auto rotate not enabled

If you are holding a new tablet or smartphone in your hands, and the auto-rotate screen does not work in it, then you should go to the gadget menu, select “Settings”, specify “Screen” and activate the line “Auto-rotate screen“. Often after that, auto-rotate the screen will work.

IOS Updates

Most system errors occur due to bugs in the iOS system itself. In particular, this may prevent the device screen from rotating. Although these cases are rare, it does not hurt to check for updates and, if available, install:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Select the “General” tab and tap on “Update”.

Wait for the update to install on your iPhone and restart it.


Restarting the iPhone can also help in this situation. Reboot can be done at the same time by pressing the Power and Home button, as shown in the image below.

According to the iPhone model, press the corresponding buttons to restart the device

As for the brand new iPhone 8, X. to turn off the gadget, you must SIMultaneously hold down 2 volume buttons and the power button.

Screen does not rotate on iPhone. how to enable screen rotation?

The screen rotation function very often affects the comfortable viewing of videos, photos, etc. Sometimes there are problems with the auto-rotate function, such as, for example, the screen stops rebuilding, or vice versa, it constantly changes its orientation from vertical to horizontal, which is significantly depressing and interferes with the comfortable operation of the device.

Is the accelerometer working properly?

It should be remembered that screen rotation depends on such a detail in the gadget as the “accelerometer”. The reason that the screen rotation does not work may be a defect in this very part. In this case, you need to contact the service center for the help of a wizard.

Display scaling factor

The scaling function enabled may interfere with screen rotation. Therefore, it should be disabled. Also, if you need to enable display scaling, let it be the same for these settings. Consider disabling the scaling option:

  • In the settings section, select “Display and Brightness”;
  • Pressing “Display enlargement”, tap on the view option to check the status of display enlargement;
  • If the function is enabled, select the standard operation mode and click “Apply” to save the result;
  • In the subsequent menu, select “Use Standard” to continue;
  • After this setting, the device will restart.

Why screen rotation may not work?

The most common reason for this is an accidentally enabled lockout option located in the Control Center.

If this option is enabled, you will see this icon:

To disable / enable the lock, go to the Control Center by opening it with a swipe.

Gyroscope Calibration

If after the above methods, screen rotation still does not work, try calibrating the gyroscope:

  • Reboot the iphone;
  • Open the compass, where a pop-up request to calibrate the gyroscope will appear;
  • Approve the request and proceed with this procedure.

How to enable / disable screen rotation on iPhone

As for the default iPhone settings, auto-rotate is enabled by default. To disable this mode, you just need to go to the Control Center and disable this option there.

The iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 Plus version also has an additional option to rotate the desktop.

Terrain mode

Landscape Mode. The actual mode for watching videos, using apps, and more.

To enable / disable it, do the following:

  • Go to “Application Settings”;
  • Select “Display Brightness”;
  • Select “View” from the list provided. The item is located under the line “Zoom Display”.
  • Here you can choose landscape or portrait mode, adjust the zoom, etc;
  • After selecting the mode you need, confirm the settings, after which the device will reboot.

Gyroscope failure

The most difficult reason why the image may stop rotating is mechanical failure. The fact is that a gyroscope is a rather fragile part of mobile gadgets. It breaks most often when dropped or hit. Mechanical breakdown usually has a characteristic feature. it manifests itself gradually:

  • at first, when you rotate the screen, the gadget starts to react incorrectly
  • then on the screen, the desktop can be rotated several times, regardless of your actions
  • in the end, the image just stops rotating when the position of the gadget is changed

How to tell if a gyroscope has stopped working

It’s easy enough to understand that something is wrong with your smartphone. First, make sure that you are not exaggerating the problem. the auto-rotate screen on the iPhone may not work in some applications (for example, the picture stops rotating when watching a video), and also if the device is lying on a horizontal surface. In addition, the screen rotation usually takes some time. 1-2 seconds (this is the principle of the gyroscope, therefore such delays are normal).

But in some cases, screen flip does not work for objective reasons. There are several main symptoms of the problem:

  • when changing the position of the phone, the image on the display does not flip
  • the desktop on the iPhone screen changes position arbitrarily (does not correspond to the change in the position of the mobile device)
  • the desktop does not always rotate

It should be borne in mind that this function should not work in all applications. To believe if there really is a problem with the auto-rotate screen, you need to enter one of the standard applications. The manufacturer recommends using the “Calculator” for this. If the size and orientation of the calculator does not change when you rotate the screen, then something is wrong with your iPhone, and you need to find out the cause of the problem.

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Auto rotation lock

Most often, screen rotation on the iPhone does not work for the SIMplest reason. this option is SIMply disabled. It’s easy to check. if the option is disabled, the corresponding icon is displayed in the status bar (a lock with an arrow in a circle). If you find it on your phone screen, the troubleshooting aLGorithm is SIMple:

  • go to settings (swipe up from the bottom of the screen)
  • click on the icon described above
  • check if the problem has been fixed using the “Calculator” application

Auto-rotate screen doesn’t work on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
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Many owners of a trendy gadget do not know what to do if screen rotation on the iPhone does not work. One of the nicest features of the new Apple models is putting the device into so-called landscape mode. This function is provided using a small device called a gyroscope. It happens that the device itself fails or the operating mode of the smartphone does not allow the screen to turn into a convenient mode. How to distinguish one reason from another and what to do at the same time. we will find out further.

Zoom mode enabled

On iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus models, the reason may be that the zoom option is enabled. In this mode, the icons on the display will be larger, which greatly SIMplifies the interaction with small menu items, but the picture does not turn over following the user’s actions. To fix the situation, you need to take several steps:

  • go to settings
  • select the item “Brightness”
  • further in the zoom menu select the line “View”, then click on the button “Standard” and “Install”

After that, the screen rotation should work as usual. you can also check this through the “Calculator”.

When is the best time to turn to professionals

If the gyroscope itself in the iPhone stops working, you will not be able to repair it yourself. Contact Apple Service Center if the gadget is under warranty. At the same time, be prepared to wait. iPhone warranty repair usually takes a lot of time, since it includes expertise and full diagnostics of not only the monitor, but the entire device. If you are not ready to wait so long, then contact the specialists registered on the Yuda website.

Glass gluing does not guarantee the result

The last and the same sad moment. Sizing is not a panacea. Sometimes after light drops, temperature changes (or strong heating of the device), the glass still begins to peel off the display. Air “bubbles” appear, which then burst. And again you go to the service.

It is important that the procedure can be done cheaply only if the matrix has no damage or visible defects. These can be: yellow stains around the perimeter of the screen, pink spots, broken pixels, translucent vertical stripes and, of course, any cracks. The touchscreen should work perfectly without crashes and broken lines.

In all other cases, you will have to replace the entire display module at a standard price, or maybe even higher than it actually is. taking into account the fact that you already had to spend time coming to service and diagnostics. But it would be easier to pay extra.

What is the difference between “glass” and “module

Let’s get to the bottom of the terminology right away.

Glass: a polarizing film and a sensor layer are installed on a special film or gel to it, which recognizes touch. If only the glass is broken, then in most cases the image on the screen does not deteriorate, but often pixels begin to fade and yellow spots and stains appear.

Display: correct. “matrix”. On 3G and 3GS models, the matrix is ​​installed separately from the glass and replacement can take place separately for each part without any special difficulties. On the rest of the models, this is a tightly glued modular assembly.

Display module: is a single structure of glass, matrix, sensor part, polarizing film, backlight and mounting frame. Of course, loops are an integral part.

So why no one allows changing glass or trying to dissuade?

Glass must be changed under sterile conditions

No, you don’t understand. Not just in a more or less clean room without air movement and dust. Conditions must be perfect, just sterile.

Why? Any speck of dust caught between the glass and the display can ruin the entire procedure. Even if you don’t notice it right away, over time (and temperature changes) a crack may appear in this place due to internal pressure. Such a marriage, by the way, sometimes even occurs in factory modules and new iPhones. stories about iPhones, the screens of which burst “by themselves.”.

Of course, most experimental devices are “lucky”: even with dust between the glass and the display, the owners sell or break the iPhone before something happens. At best, you will walk with visible dots, noticeable when you turn on the backlight. At worst. well, you get it.

The procedure takes a lot of time

Broken glass is very difficult to remove from an old module, even if it is not damaged in any way. Small fragments and real glass dust are often almost invisible to the eye. But to install new glass, the module surface must be surgically clean.

It turns out that the very removal of the glass takes at least an hour of diligent work to remove the remnants and fragments. And the whole procedure from start to finish can take from two to six hours of work of one master.

Compare that to a 20-minute module replacement procedure, and it makes sense to be reluctant to deal with glass. But we haven’t even finished.

The equipment does not match the factory

Machine example (Google Images)

It is clear that not every service will replace the display manually. Some people buy machines from China for a dense and noticeably better glass installation. Sounds great, isn’t it?

The problem with all these machines is that they are not perfect. This also applies to the procedure, and the design, and their calibration. Sometimes (but rarely, which at least pleases) such machines can damage the screen module in the process. This means that the service will have to install a new one anyway. and lose money on it.

It’s clear that we don’t care about their problems. Or not? Some damage is not immediately noticeable, then you come for a warranty for work. and still get a new module. A losing situation, whatever you say.

Why iPhone can’t change glass

Question number one for everyone who crashed an iPhone.

People are furious, offended when they are told: we do not recommend changing the glass on the iPhone. But in vain.

You can change something, there is no problem. It’s just that in the end it will be more expensive for yourself. This will be confirmed to you in any service.

Why is that? I decided to turn to trusted masters and find out what was the matter. What are they afraid of?

Let’s get serious: a module is better

I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth. To each his own. But I think that the module is always preferable to glass. By time, by the quality of work and even by the consequences after replacement.

Maybe all the masters agree with me? 🙂 For some reason it seems that yes.

You can replace the display module for any iPhone at DamProdam Repair. It takes only 30 minutes, and after that you get a guarantee for work and a perfectly working device. The cost depends on the device, but there are no supernatural amounts:

  • iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c: 6 190 rubles and protective glass / film as a gift.
  • iPhone 6: 8 490 rubles
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 9,990 rubles
  • iPhone 6s: 21,990 rubles
  • iPhone 6s Plus: 27,990 rubles
  • iPhone 4 / 4s: 2,500 rubles
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