How to flip the screen on your phone

How to flip a video on a smartphone, tablet or computer

No more tilting your head to the side and deleting corrupted videos.

Modern gadgets automatically flip video when you shoot in horizontal mode. But if in the first seconds of shooting you held the smartphone vertically, and then changed the orientation of the device, then the video will turn upside down and it will be inconvenient to watch it. Fortunately, these tools let you flip your videos.

How to flip videos on iPhone or iPad

This cannot be done using standard iOS tools. But you can use third-party programs from the App Store. One of the easiest apps in this category is Rotate Flip Video. The program is free, but it shows ads.

To rotate a video in Rotate Flip Video, open it in the application using the camera-shaped icon. Then press the button with the number 90 until you are satisfied with the result.

You can also flip the video horizontally or vertically using the adjacent buttons. When you’re done, just click Save. after the advertisement, the new video will appear in the film.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Photos app mentioned above. You can flip videos in it on iOS in the same way as in the Android version of the program.

How to flip a video on an Android device

We need the Google Photos app. If this program is not yet installed on your device, download it from Google Play. Open the video you want to edit in it. Then click on the second icon from the left in the bottom menu and use the “Rotate” button until the video is in a suitable position.

Remember to save the result at the end.

How to flip videos on macOS

You can rotate videos on Mac directly in the standard QuickTime player. Just open the video in this program, then click in the top menu “Edit” and select the appropriate rotation option from the list.

Then click on the cross to close the window. And when prompted to save the flipped video, select the appropriate folder on the disk for this.

How to flip a video on a Windows computer

The Free Video Flip and Rotate program is perfect for this purpose. Run it and drag the desired video into the application window. Then use the arrows to rotate the video in the right direction. After that click “Save”, select the desired format and click Continue.

How to flip a video online

If you don’t want to install additional software, you can use one of the special web services. This method is suitable for any device except for iOS gadgets. But only small rollers can be turned over in this way.

Take the Rotate My Video service as an example, which supports videos up to 250 MB. Click Pick Video and download the desired file from the device. Then flip the image using the arrows under Rotation. Change the aspect ratio in the Ratio section if necessary. When done, click Rotate Video, and on the next page click Download.

In a few seconds, the inverted video will download to your device.

Customize your lock screen background

The lock screen wallpaper may be the same or different from the home screen. Follow these steps:

Open the Settings app.

Click the Device tab and then select the Wallpaper category on the left side of the screen.

Select “Lock Screen” on the right side of the screen.

Select a wallpaper from the scrolling list at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Images to select an image from your tablet’s photo library. You will need to crop the image before adjusting it.

Click the Set Wallpaper or Done button to apply the image.

For Galaxy Tab 4, follow steps 1 to 3, then select a wallpaper type from the items displayed: Gallery, Wallpaper and Wallpaper.

Unlike the home screen, live wallpapers cannot be applied to the lock screen.

flip, screen, phone

Travel Wallpaper. This is a special wallpaper for your lock screen. When selected, the tablet downloads travel advisory images that can be used as the lock screen wallpaper.

What is Samsung DeX and what devices does it work on?

Samsung DeX. it is not hardware. it is a software platform that turns your smartphone or tablet into a desktop computer. It works on all of Samsung’s flagship smartphones introduced since 2017, including the Galaxy S8 / S8. Note8, S9 / S9. Note9, S10e / S10 / S10. Note10 / 10.S20 / S20 / S20 Ultra, Note20 / Note20 Ultra, and Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold2.DeX is also available on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Tab S5e, Tab S6, Tab S7 and rugged Tab Active Pro where it can be use directly on a tablet screen with a keyboard case or on a connected monitor with an external keyboard and mouse.

The initial version of Samsung DeX, released in early 2017, required a docking station (DeX Station or DeX Pad) to operate and connect peripherals. With the Note9 launch in August 2018, Samsung introduced the DeX HDMI adapter, cable and multiport adapter, eliminating the need for previous dock accessories.

Practical Ways to Take Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab. is a series of Android tablet computers manufactured by Samsung. There are several models of this tablet, from Galaxy Tab 7.0 to 2, 3, 4 and Pro. There are many advantages to taking screenshots on these handheld devices, just to name a few: save images you like, save content you want to read after a while, and share interesting content with your friends. To learn how to take a screenshot on your Samsung tablet. here are some solutions.

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How to flip the screen on a Samsung tablet. A beginner’s guide to Samsung DeX

Published on August 5, 2020 by Samsung for Business

Samsung DeX promises to usher in a new era of mobile-based desktops by turning your phone into a powerful computer. The best part: it’s free. The DeX platform is built into the software of many of Samsung’s latest mobile devices, so everything you need to get started using DeX. these are the monitor, HDMI adapter and peripherals. And with the new Galaxy Note20, you can use DeX wirelessly on most Miracast TVs.

If you’re new to DeX, here’s a guide to help you understand what it is, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to you and your business.

Click on the links below to go straight to what you are looking for:

What displays work with DeX?

Wired DeX can work on almost any monitor or TV with an HDMI port, however supported resolutions and aspect ratios vary depending on the mobile device and adapter used. Once connected to your monitor or TV, open Settings and go to the DeX menu. There you will see the screen resolution supported by your setting. You may also need to change settings on your monitor or TV so that content does not overlap the edges of the screen, as noted in the Getting Started Tips section above.

For Wireless DeX, most Smart TVs with Miracast will work, but Samsung Smart TVs released since 2019 provide the best experience.

II: Using the Power Button Volume Down / Home Button

There used to be a screenshot icon in the main menu, but with the launch of the latest update, the icon was removed. Instead, you must print the screen using a keyboard shortcut. To take a screenshot on your Samsung tablet, you can SIMply press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time for 2 seconds. Then you will hear the camera shutter sound, which means that the screenshot was successfully taken. The screenshot will be automatically saved to the Gallery. However, this method is not applicable to all Samsung tablets. On devices like the Galaxy Tab 3, you need to press the power button and the home button at the same time to get a screenshot. Also the screenshot will be posted in the Gallery. Taking screenshots in this way is really very convenient.

Pros: This method is very convenient and you don’t need to install any apps on your tablet.

Cons: It only allows you to capture the entire screen and has no editing options.

If you want to take screenshots of any part of the screen and add annotations to them, you can use professional third party screenshot apps as follows.

Which DeX adapter is better?

Three available Samsung DeX adapters offer different benefits depending on where and how you use the platform.

The compact and compact DeX HDMI adapter makes it easy to connect your phone to a standard HDMI cable on your monitor. Since there are no additional ports for connecting a USB keyboard and mouse, you will have to use Bluetooth peripherals. For longer DeX work sessions, use wireless charging to recharge the battery.

The DeX cable is SIMilar to a standard HDMI adapter, but is 1.4 meters long and plugs directly into your monitor. This is ideal if you plan to use the DeX mostly in one place and can leave the cable connected to the monitor. It is often used in corporate hot desktop scenarios where users walk in, connect their phone to the cable, and get to work.

A full-port DeX multiport adapter provides the ultimate in DeX flexibility. In addition to an HDMI port for connecting an HDMI cable to a monitor, you have a USB 3.0 port for connecting a keyboard or mouse, a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired internet, and a USB-C port for connecting a cable to charge your phone. Like a standard HDMI adapter, the multiport adapter is also compact and easily carried in your .

Go mobile only with DeX

Your detailed guide to deploying a mobile solution for your employees. Download now

When connected to a monitor through one of these adapters, Samsung DeX loads quickly on the monitor, providing the user with a familiar desktop with resizable windows, drag-and-drop functionality and keyboard shortcuts.

In August 2019, Samsung introduced DeX for PC. It allows users to connect their mobile devices to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to access DeX right from their computer.

With the release of the Note20, DeX wireless technology was introduced. This allows users to use DeX cable-free on Smart TVs with Miracast as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Read on for more tips on navigating the DeX interface, but first let’s look at the pros and cons of the three official DeX accessories.

Windows Media Player (Movies & TV)

Windows 10 comes with two preinstalled programs for playing “Movies and TV” and “Windows Media Player”. There is no rotation function in them, but it can be done through the screen setting.

Play the file. Minimize the player.

Right-click on a free area of ​​the desktop and select “Screen Options” from the list.

Next, you will need to rotate the Windows screen, which in turn will turn the entire appearance of the system upside down. After watching the video, do not forget to return everything as it was.

Click on the “Orientation” radio button and select one of the positions.

The screen will turn over, and with it the video in the player.

On a note. Additionally, on the built-in Intel HD Graphics video adapters, the flip function is available by switching the Ctrl Alt shortcuts and the desired arrow.

Google photos

Installation links:

On a note. Android phones usually have the Google Photos app installed by default.

Run the app and open the video in it.

Tap on the settings icon.

Press the “Rotate” button and unfold the video to the desired position.

Rotate My Video

Official website of the project:

To download the clip, click on “Pick Video”.

Use the arrow buttons to expand the image. Then click “Rotate Video”.

Download the resulting file by clicking on “Download”.

How to rotate a video

In this tutorial, I will show you how to flip video on computer and phone. We will learn how to rotate images in media players, online services, video editors and phone apps.

Windows Live Film Studio

If you have Windows Live Movie Maker on your computer, you can quickly and easily make a spread through it.

Unfortunately it is no longer supported. it cannot be downloaded from the official site. But if you wish, you can download it on third-party resources.

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Type Movie Maker directly from the open Start menu and launch the application.

Drag the file to the program window.

Use the buttons in the top menu (the “Home” tab) to set the correct arrangement of frames.

To apply the changes and save the new file, click on the “Save Movie” button.

Online convert

Go to the site at

Select the extension for the output file.

Upload or drag the file to the main window.

In the “Rotate video” setting, select the desired value.

Click the “Start Converting” button to apply the settings.

Download the finished file to your PC.

On the computer

You can rotate the video directly in the viewer. in the media player. Usually there are several such programs installed. To see what players are on your PC, right-click on the video and hover over the “Open with” item.

You can also go to the Start menu and see the players in the list of programs.

Next, I will show you how to flip videos in popular players. These are free programs, each of them can be downloaded from the official website and installed on a computer.

Through the function “Auto rotate”

The easiest way to rotate an image. this is to enable the “Auto-rotate” function. On an Android phone, to do this, you need to lower the upper curtain (swipe down) and click on the corresponding icon.

And on the iPhone. swipe up from the bottom and select “Rotate screen”.

MX Player

Installation links:

One of the most popular players for smartphones. You can change the video view right during playback by tapping on the icon in the top menu.

How to flip the Windows 7 screen

You can rotate the screen in a SIMilar way in Windows 7. This operating system uses a slightly different interface to control the display settings.

In Windows 7, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an unallocated space on the Desktop.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the item “Screen resolution”.
  • In the “Screen Settings” window, in the “Orientation:” parameter, select the required option:
  • Landscape.
  • Portrait.
  • Landscape (inverted).
  • Portrait (inverted).
  • Click on the “OK” button.

How to rotate the screen. 7 ways

This article describes various ways to flip the screen or rotate the computer screen by changing the display mode of the display screen to the side position in “portrait” mode, or by turning the monitor screen upside down. Screen rotation methods may be needed by the user for different purposes.

Sometimes, a change in the correct orientation of the screen occurs due to lost settings, after installing or updating the video driver, as a result of an error in the Windows operating system, due to user actions, for other reasons.

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to flip the screen on a laptop (laptop) or computer (desktop) using different methods. This can be done in several ways:

  • Use a keyboard shortcut on a laptop that flips the screen.
  • Flip the Windows screen using standard operating system tools.
  • Rotate the screen using the graphics card settings tool.

In the first case, a key combination is used that flips the screen. To flip the screen, the user presses the corresponding keyboard keys.

The second method assumes that the user will use the built-in functions of the operating system to rotate the Windows screen.

In the third option, you need to use the control panel settings of the NVIDIA, AMD or Intel graphics card. There are options in the video adapter settings that are used to change the screen orientation.

How to find out which video driver is installed on the computer

Before you change the display display settings using the video card control panel, you need to know what type of video devices are on your computer.

  • Open Device Manager on your computer in one of the convenient ways.
  • In the list of connected devices open “Display adapters”.
  • All video devices installed on this computer will be displayed here.

One laptop or stationary PC can have two video adapters: a graphics adapter integrated into the motherboard and a discrete video card. By the name of the devices: NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, it will become clear which control panel to look for on the computer.

Screen rotation in AMD graphics settings

AMD Graphics Control Panel settings differ markedly depending on the video driver version.

In AMD Catalyst Control Center, in the General Display Tasks setting, select Rotate Work Display. The control panel window displays the current rotation of the desktop. Select the required turn from the other available options:

  • Bookstore.
  • Landscape (mirrored).
  • Book (mirrored).

Click on the “Apply” button.

How to flip the Windows 10 screen

Now let’s take a look at a method that works on all desktop PCs and laptops in the Windows operating system. Screen orientation can be changed using built-in system functions.

If the user needs to rotate the Windows 10 screen, he can use the following method:

  • Right click on an empty space on the screen.
  • In the context menu that opens, select “Display settings”.
  • In the Settings app, in the Display tab, in the Scale and Layout section, navigate to the Display Orientation option.
  • Select the appropriate screen display option:
  • Landscape. standard default orientation.
  • Portrait. rotate 90 degrees to the left.
  • Landscape (inverted). 180 degrees upside down.
  • Portrait (inverted). turn hectares 90 degrees to the right.

Immediately after changing the screen orientation, a window with a timer will open, in which it is necessary to confirm the changes in the display parameters. If the user does not confirm the changes within 10 seconds, the default settings will be saved on the computer.

How to flip the screen on a PC with NVIDIA graphics

On computers with NVIDIA graphics cards, you can change the orientation of the desktop from the control panel of the graphics adapter.

On a computer with an NVIDIA graphics adapter, follow these steps:

  • Launch NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer.
  • In the task column, in the “Display” section, click on “Rotate the display”.
  • Choose the option that suits you
  • Landscape.
  • Bookstore.
  • Landscape (folded).
  • Book (folded).
  • After selecting the desired orientation, click on the “Apply” button.

Screen rotation with Joke prank software (optional)

There are specialized programs with which you can flip the Windows monitor screen. I decided to supplement the article with a story about the free Joke program, which does not need to be installed on a PC.

With the help of the Joke program, various effects can be called on the monitor screen to joke at the unsuspecting user. Among the capabilities of the program there is a suitable function. screen flip.

Go through the following steps:

  • Run Joke on your computer, or schedule the desired effect to run at a specific time in advance.
  • Click on the “Rotate” button, after that the desktop will turn over on the computer screen.
  • The effect is disabled in the program using the “F5” key.
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How to flip the screen on a laptop: keyboard shortcut

Let’s first figure out how to rotate the screen using the keyboard. Not all computers support screen rotation using hotkeys. On some laptops, this function may be disabled by the device manufacturer.

Now we are going to see how to rotate the screen on a laptop with integrated Intel graphics. On devices with video cards from other manufacturers, this method most likely will not work.

In order to flip the screen, the following key combinations are used:

  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “”. return the default screen orientation to its original position.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “→”. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “←”. rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “”. turn the screen upside down.

This method will not work on stationary computers.

Screen Rotation in Intel Graphics Control Panel

On computers using Intel graphics, you can use the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel or Intel Graphics Control Center.

Follow these steps:

  • From the Windows Control Panel, open “Intel HD Graphics”. Another way to access the parameters: press the “Ctrl” “Alt” “F12”.
  • In the Intel Graphics Control Panel open the Display section.
  • In the “Display” window, in the “Display settings” section, select the desired screen rotation angle:
  • 0 degrees;
  • 90 degrees;
  • 180 degrees;
  • 270 degrees.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.

The Options and Support section contains settings for keyboard shortcuts or to disable keyboard shortcuts.

In this case, you will need to follow the steps:

  • Run the Intel Graphics Control Center application on the computer.
  • Open the “Display” tab.
  • In the “Settings” section, in the “General” tab, in the “Rotation” option, select one of the appropriate options:
  • Scenery.
  • Portrait.
  • Landscape (upside down).
  • Portrait (inverted).

SIMilar actions can be performed from the context menu of the screen:

  • Right click on the screen.
  • In the context menu, first select “Graphics Options” and then “Rotation”:
  • Rotate 0 degrees.
  • Rotate 90 degrees.
  • Rotate 180 degrees.
  • Rotate 270 degrees.

Three ways to flip the screen to the starting position

I can imagine the situation. you turn on the computer, it boots up and the image on the monitor gets the wrong orientation. What to do? Panic! We urgently need to fix and turn the screen on the computer to its normal position. And it doesn’t matter why this incident happened. someone’s “bad” joke or you turned it over yourself.

All described methods are applicable to computers based on OS Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10) and are arranged in the order: from SIMple to complex. No time to waste and let’s start.

Turning the screen back through the graphics settings

If all the described methods do not help and the failure occurred at the software level, you can try to rotate the screen through the graphics adapter settings. The sequence of actions will depend on your device and the model of the installed video card.

Let’s decide on the type of graphics adapter:

  • Intel Graphics. for laptops and personal computers without a discrete graphics card;
  • Nvidia graphics. for PCs with an installed video card from this company, as well as laptops with the specified video adapter and an external display connected;
  • AMD Graphics. For PCs with an AMD GPU and notebooks with an external display attached.

Video cards from Nvidia and AMD

This method will help owners of personal computers and mobile PCs with an external monitor connected through the HDMI port. All operations will be carried out from the video card control panel and do not forget to update the drivers first.

  • Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and in the context menu, depending on the manufacturer of the video card, open “AMD VISION Engine Control Center” or “Nvidia Control Panel”.
  • In the menu, find the “Display” tab and open the item “Display rotation”.
  • It remains to return your monitor to its normal position by selecting the required rotation angle.

Flip the computer / laptop screen using hotkeys

The easiest way to get the image position back is to use the keyboard shortcut.

Select the required combination on the keyboard depending on the current position of the screen:

  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the left. Ctrl Alt right arrow;
  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the right. Ctr Alt left arrow;
  • Screen rotated 180 degrees (standing upside down). Ctrl Alt Down arrow.

Pressing the keys must occur SIMultaneously. otherwise, nothing will work.

Did it help? Bookmark this page (just in case) and you’re good to go. If everything remains in place, try the following method.

Flip the image through the screen parameters.

Digging through the settings, you could accidentally change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait or portrait, thereby flipping the image. Now the task is to bring everything back.

On an empty space on the desktop, right-click. In the context menu, select “Display Options”.

You will be taken to the Windows settings, section “Display”. Find the item “Orientation”, and select item “Landscape” and save the changes.

All of the above actions were performed on the Windows 10 base. The only difference from the lower versions is the design of the settings window. Do not be alarmed if the design of the windows from the screenshots does not match yours.

Intel Graphics Options

This method is mainly suitable for owners of mobile PCs. laptops and netbooks, since the display works on the basis of graphics integrated into the device’s processor. The name and appearance of the settings window may vary, depending on the processor model.

On an empty place on the desktop, right-click and in the context menu click “Graphics Options”. “Rotation”. and the required rotation angle.

If the specified item is missing, go to “Graphics Specifications”.

In the HD graphics control panel window, mark the required rotation angle.

Don’t forget to apply the changes, you won’t need to reboot the device.

In this manual, I have described all the available methods for solving the problem. If none of the steps described above helped turn the image over, try using one of the restore points or scanning your device for viruses. Also, a banal driver update often helps.

Well, if the problem is solved, thank the author with a like and a comment, I will be pleased.