How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

ITunes errors that lead to Recovery Loop

Errors 1013 and 1015. iTunes Attempt to Downgrade iPhone / iPad Modem.

These errors are not the only ones, but the most likely ones.

Reasons Why iPhone Falls into Endless Recovery Mode

How does it work, you ask, it is not difficult to drive an iPhone into Recovery Loop, it is enough to interrupt the recovery by disconnecting the device from the computer or downgrade (downgrading) the firmware. In both cases, your device will be “stuck” in recovery mode and even a forced restart will not help. After turning off the device, it will still turn on in Recovery Mode.

100% iPhone recovery from recovery loop with loss of all data and update to the latest iOS

If special programs (TinyUmbrella, redsn0w and RecBoot) did not help to get the device out of the recovery loop, and this happens, there is only one way out. you need to restore your iPhone or iPad in DFU mode. This is fraught with irreversible consequences:

  • loss of all data stored in the device’s memory (if there is no backup copy, it will no longer be possible to restore them);
  • iOS update to the latest version.

Before restoring the device from DFU mode, connect it to the computer with a USB cable, launch iTunes, and when the program recognizes the connected device in recovery mode (it is still in a loop), click “Restore”. Wait until the end of the process and if after that the iTunes icon (blue or orange, there is no difference) and the connector appear on the iPhone or iPad screen again, enter the device into DFU mode and restore it.

The recovery loop is not a fatal phenomenon, and if for some reason your device got into the Recovery Loop, do not panic. It is not difficult to get the device out of this state, you could be convinced of this, it is only important to follow the instructions correctly.

If during the process of removing the device from the recovery loop you have problems or have questions about the instructions, we will be happy to answer them in the comments.

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You can download RecBoot for Mac from the developer’s official website. The link to the Windows version is available in the.account. The utility is no longer supported, so you will have to use what you have (the latest version for Mac OS X is 2.2).

  • Connect iPhone in recovery loop to computer and launch RecBoot.
  • After the utility recognizes the connected device, click on the “Exit Recovery” button.
  • Wait for the device to reboot.
  • If your iPhone (iPad) boots up normally after restarting, congratulations. If the iTunes icon and lace reappears, read on.

    Of course, Tenorshare ReiBoot can quickly and easily solve your freeze problems and wake up your iPhone from recovery mode. If your iPhone is still stuck in recovery mode or after a while the system got on the screen, did not respond, maybe due to a damaged file system, then fix the operating system to restore it completely without losing data.

    Stuck in recovery mode after iOS 10/11/12 update for iPhone, how to?

    We are sure that many have encountered a freeze in the recovery mode after updating iOS 12/11 / 10.3 / 10.2.1 / 10.2 / 10.1 / 10/9, especially users of the iPhone X / 8/7/7 Plus, SE, 6s / 6s Plus / 6/6 Plus, 5s / 5c / 5, 4S, iPad or iPod touch. When you see the USB cable and the iTunes icon on the screen of your iPhone, it means that the iPhone is in recovery mode. Today I will tell you how to get iPhone out of recovery mode, how to solve iphone stuck in recovery mode.

    What is Recovery Mode?

    Recovery Mode, open mode when the device is turned off and the USB connection is active. It is through this mode that the flashing and “Update” take place. If you connect the iDevice in this mode to iTunes, then you will see a message that the program has detected “The device is in recovery mode”. The USB cable and iTunes icon will be displayed on the screen.

    Other Ways to Get iPhone Out of “Recovery Mode” (Difficult and Data Loss)

    A way to exit Recovery Mode. Forcibly restart by holding down the Home button, Power, and holding these buttons for 10-15 seconds. After that, your device restarts.

    If this does not work, there is also a second way to get rid of the black screen with the cable and iTunes image. restore to iTunes, But it will erase all the contents, so create a backup before using it.

    • Download and install iTunes on your computer.
    • Open iTunes, connect device to PC with USB cable.
    • Wait for the image of the iPhone with the cable connected to appear on the screen.
    • Press the “Restore” button in the aytyuns. the device will start working again as usual.

    Reasons Why iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

    iPhone freezes in recovery mode, there are several phenomena. May be:

    • hardware and software failure
    • after / during jailbreak
    • after / during iOS 12/11 / 10.3 / 10.2.1 / 10.2 / 10.1 / 10 update
    • file system corruption

    With Tenoeshare Tenorshare ReiBoot, you can quickly and easily fix problems, including stuck on apple logo / black screen / during startup / blue screen of death, delay in DFU / recovery mode / Home button, errors (iTunes was wrong in sync / update / restore iOS device) to iPhone / iPad / iPod, without data loss or damage. Welcome to use our products.

    How to get iPhone and iPad out of recovery mode in RedSn0w

    Friends, earlier we talked about our experience of removing the iPhone from recovery mode (cord and iTunes) using the TinyUmbrella program and judging by the comments, this method was useful to many. But some novice users have not been able to install TinyUmbrella on their computer, as this program requires additional Java and Net Framework modules. Even after installing these modules, TinyUmbrella still had problems launching, leaving iPhones and iPads with the same black screen, cord and iTunes icon. I had to look for an alternative.

    If you have not read the previous instructions, then I will briefly explain what we are going to do today. if iTunes and a cable connecting to it appear on the screen of your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then sometimes you can restore the operation of the device without losing information, than we and let’s do it today.

    In order to make it easier to get the iPhone or iPad out of the looped recovery mode, we found another program that is easier to start and use, it is called RedSn0w, does not require the installation of additional components, starts and works immediately after installation. Where to get RedSn0w, it is written here:

    Sometimes users think that for the iPhone to work with the RedSn0w program, the phone must be jailbroken with Cydia. But this is not so, they are not needed for the procedure of removing the phone from the recovery mode.

    Get iPhone out of recovery mode

    We connect our iPhone, which has fallen into a permanent recovery mode after an unsuccessful downgrade of the firmware and error 3194, to the computer. I don’t know for sure whether the iTunes program installed on the computer is needed, but when preparing this instruction, we had it installed. If you have read the link above and downloaded RedSn0w, run the redsn0w.exe file and see only two buttons in the program itself.

    We need the Extras button, press it and see a few more different buttons. To exit recovery mode, click. Recovery Fix

    A simple version of “Recovery Fix” has been applied to your iPhone. The more comprehensive version is not currently available for A5 or later devices.

    We press the OK button and watch how our iPhone reboots. After the reboot, we no longer see the cord and iTunes on the screen, the phone works again, and all the information remains in its place. If after pressing the Recovery Fix button in the RedSn0w program your iPhone has not restored its work, then it has fallen into an obedient recovery loop.

    iPhone won’t turn on, Apple logo stuck, black screen, constant reboots? Any problem can be easily solved

    Others, including more serious software errors on the iPhone and iPad, are also solved using the iMyFone Fixppo utility. To do this, the program has Standard Mode, which is responsible for fixing a lot of various software failures.

    The utility is able to fix popular problems related to:

    • Apple logo stuck on the screen,
    • the occurrence of cyclic reboots,
    • inability to turn on the iPhone or iPad,
    • freezing device with a completely black or white screen.

    In all these cases, Standard Mode comes into play, which is also distinguished by its ease of use.

    We tested this rescue mode on an iPad Air that lay idle for several weeks with the Apple logo stuck on the screen. First of all, the utility automatically detects the model of the device and the number of its firmware, which is immediately offered to be downloaded. A very convenient option, since you do not have to search for the required firmware on third-party resources and worry that the required version of iOS may not be suitable for a particular device.

    After the firmware has finished downloading, all that remains is to click on the Start button and enter the device into DFU mode, following the instructions on the screen. The utility itself “understands” what happened to your device and, again, automatically solves the problem. At the same time, which is very important, the program warns about whether the recovery will be performed without data loss or whether the problem is still so serious that data deletion cannot be avoided.

    It took only 15 minutes to rid the iPad Air of the stuck Apple logo, of which 5 minutes were downloaded the firmware. Then the tablet turned out to be ready for full-fledged work. over, the recovery took place without losing any data. all information and applications remained in place.

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    How to get iPhone out of recovery mode using the iMyFone Fixppo utility?

    Let’s start by looking at the most common problem for iPhone and iPad users. device freezing in recovery mode. Most often this bug occurs when installing a new version of iOS. over, you can “catch” the eternal recovery mode even with a secure installation of iOS over the air. you do not need to use iTunes for this.

    It is very easy to understand that your iPhone or iPad is stuck in recovery mode. the iTunes logo is displayed on the device screen. Restarting the device in such cases does not always help. In most cases, after a restart, the depressing iTunes logo reappears on the screen.

    iMyFone Fixppo saves iPhone and iPad from everlasting recovery mode with just one click. Previously, we reviewed many similar utilities, but we have not seen such a simple way to solve the problem before.

    In order to get the iPhone or iPad out of the recovery mode in the utility, just select the Enter / Exit Recovery Mode item and connect the device to the computer. The program automatically detects the device in recovery mode and allows you to bring it back into working state by pressing one button.

    It takes less than 30 seconds to wake an iPhone or iPad out of recovery mode. After that, the device immediately turns on, and the utility itself signals that the process was successful.

    This mode also makes it possible to enter the device into recovery mode. This option can be useful if you want to perform a “clean” install of iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

    How to get iPhone out of recovery mode? Review of the rescue utility iMyFone Fixppo

    Although iPhones are recognized as smartphones with a minimum of software bugs and problems, they do happen. Yes, there are not so many of them as on Android smartphones, but iPhone users who are in a problem situation are clearly not any easier from this. What if your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode, keeps restarting, or won’t turn on at all after one of these bugs occurs? In this review, we will talk about the truly life-saving iMyFone Fixppo utility for Windows and Mac that solves any such problem in a couple of clicks.

    The iMyFone Fixppo utility has the ability to fix various software crashes on iOS devices. The program not only allows you to get your iPhone and iPad out of recovery mode, but also cope with many other problems.

    For example, the Apple logo is stuck on your iPhone and nothing helps to get rid of it. Or the iPhone has gone into a cyclic restart, preventing normal use. Or the iPhone simply won’t turn on, unresponsive to pressing the Power button. The iMyFone Fixppo utility handles all such problems.

    Fix iTunes errors

    Many iPhone and iPad users choose not to use iTunes due to its complexity and the potential for various strange errors. For example, iTunes can tell you. “Error 14 occurred while installing iOS” and calm down on that. The utility from Apple does not tell any recommendations for further actions.

    Fortunately, iMyFone Fixppo is able to fix all of the most common iTunes errors that users may encounter. The same Standard Mode is responsible for the restoration, to start which you need to perform just a few clicks.

    Expert Mode: iPhone and iPad password reset, tricky problem solving

    Also in iMyFone Fixppo there is a special expert mode that allows you to get rid of the most difficult problems with iOS devices. For example, if the iPhone or iPad has turned into a “brick” as a result of installing a new version of iOS and does not want to be restored to any. Even using the standard mode of the iMyFone Fixppo utility.

    When using expert mode, it is important to understand that its use implies a complete reset of the device during the recovery operation. In other words, the iPhone or iPad is reset to factory state. However, when the gadget just lies and does not even turn on, the main task is to restore its performance.

    This is what Advanced Mode does. Initially, like the usual mode, it determines the model of the device and downloads the necessary firmware for it. If the firmware was downloaded by the utility before, while using the normal mode, then you will not have to download it again.

    Then all that remains is to enter the iPhone or iPad into DFU recovery mode by following the instructions on the screen. Then the utility does everything by itself, namely, it finds out the cause of the failure and fixes it. 15-20 minutes and the device “comes to life”.

    An important feature of the expert mode is the ability to reset the password on iPhone or iPad. It is important to note that all data is deleted from the device along with the password. In addition, after resetting the password, the device will require you to enter your Apple ID password. If you, as the owner of the gadget, have this data, then resetting a forgotten or accidentally set password will not be difficult.

    iMyFone Fixppo is a great utility that can help out in a variety of situations. It is very effective yet extremely easy to use. Thanks to this, even inexperienced users can save money and bring their iOS devices back to life without having to go to service centers.


    Good afternoon, there may be a problem with the telephone board, repair from 2500-4000 r.

    How to Exit iPhone or iPad Recovery Mode (Recovery Mode)

    Let’s look at an example of how to exit Recovery Mode, aka Recovery Mode, on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, the model of the gadget does not matter. The appearance of the interface may change slightly.

    Recovery Mode on iPhone or iPad is used to factory reset, restore and flash the device. Usually, the recovery mode is started manually by the user, but sometimes the device goes into it on its own.

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    An unsuccessful update or flashing becomes the cause of the error. The device cannot exit Recovery Mode on its own, the user must manually switch it to normal mode.

    Ways to exit recovery mode

    If the iPhone or iPad has switched to Recovery Mode, you will see the iTunes icon and the cable image on the screen. When connected to a computer, a message will appear that “the device is in recovery mode, so it needs to be restored through iTunes”.

    You can exit Recovery Mode by performing recovery, as written in the message. However, if you do not have a backup of your smartphone / tablet, then all data will be lost. So try another method:

    • Press the Home and Power keys at the same time. Hold the buttons until the device turns off (10-15 seconds).
    • Unplug the cable from the USB connector.
    • Hold down “Home”, press “Power” and hold until the logo appears. Release Power while continuing to hold Home.

    If the reboot does not help (for example, the device got into the Recovery Loop as a result of an unsuccessful firmware or jailbreak), then you can take the device out of the recovery mode using the TinyUmbrella program.

    Using TinyUmbrella and RedShow

    For the TinyUmbrella program to work correctly, NET Framework 3.5 and Java must be installed on the computer, otherwise the application will not start in the Windows environment. When the program starts working, you need to do three things:

    • Connect iPhone / iPad to Computer.
    • Select a device in the left window of TinyUmbrella.
    • Click “Exit Recovery” in the right window.

    After rebooting, the device should work normally. If TinyUmbrella doesn’t solve the problem, use the RedSn0w program:

      Run the utility. You will see two buttons. click “Extras”.

    To exit recovery mode, select “Recovery fix”.

  • In the notification that appears, click “OK”. The device will reboot and then start normally.
  • If, after using the listed programs, the iPhone again booted into recovery mode, then this indicates that it has fallen into endless Recovery Mode. The only way out in this situation is to restore the device via iTunes.

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    If you have a backup copy of your data, then nothing terrible will happen: return the information to your iPhone or iPad after a hard reset.

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    Put iPhone 7/8 into Recovery Mode

    iPhone 7/8 is designed with a capacitive Force Touch Home button. The original recovery mode has been moved to the Volume Down button. Thus, the method will be different from other iOS devices. Now You Can Check How To Put iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus Into Recovery Mode.

    Step 1 Press the power button for 3-5 seconds until you see the presentation to turn off, slide the button to turn off your iPhone.

    Step 2 Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Press and hold Volume Down on iPhone 7/8 and connect to iTunes.

    Step 3 Release the button when you see the iTunes icon appear on the screen. Your iPhone is now in recovery mode.

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    Best Way to Get Out of iPhone Recovery Mode

    To solve the problem that iPhone freezes in recovery mode, you can try the professional iOS System Restore.It has the ability to return your iPhone to its normal state safely. You don’t have to worry about data loss or privacy issues. Just download it for free and try it.

    Step 1 Run iOS System Recovery

    Launch this powerful iPhone system recovery tool and connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable. Click ” Tools” in the left column and select “iPhone System Restore”. After that, you need to press the “Start” button to start waking iPhone out of recovery mode.

    iOS Systme Recovery can automatically detect when your iPhone is frozen in recovery mode. To complete this step, you must select your iPhone model and download the refurbished device plug-in.

    Step 3 Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

    When the plugin is loaded, it will automatically fix the problem and wake up your iPhone from recovery mode.

    You can learn how to get iPhone out of recovery mode from the video below:

    How to Get iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 Out of Recovery Mode

    With the above methods, you can easily put your iPhone into recovery mode. But there are also many iOS users who want to know how to get out of this mode. Because they are suffering from the problem that iPhone 6/5/4 is stuck in recovery mode. Under such circumstances, you are not allowed to restart your iPhone or do anything with it. This part will show you how to get an iOS device out of recovery mode.

    Basic tries to get iPhone out of recovery mode

    Press and hold the Power and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

    When the process is complete, your iPhone will restart and exit recovery mode.

    What is iPhone Recovery Mode

    When you google “What is iPhone Recovery Mode”, you cannot find a straight answer. All related results talk about how to get an iPhone / iPad in or out of it. Even from the official Apple website, the answer has not yet been found. Actually, iPhone recovery mode. it is just a way to restore on your iOS device. When your iPhone enters this mode, you can restore a suitable backup and sync all iOS data to it. Apple introduces iPhone recovery mode when updating or restoring iPhone / iPad / iPod, although you hardly know your iOS device is in this state. Alternatively, you can use recovery mode to fix some iOS errors.

    How to put iPhone into recovery mode and exit it

    “What is iPhone Recovery Mode? Yesterday I connected my iPhone 6 to iTunes for the latest iOS 14 update, it said my iPhone was in recovery mode and I need to restore it. Now I cannot use my iPhone and it is not responding. What does iPhone recovery mode mean? How do I get my iPhone out of recovery mode? “

    Have you ever faced a situation where your iPhone is frozen in recovery mode? You may not know anything about this until some errors happen. In fact, your iPhone will be in recovery mode while updating or restoring. Sometimes, in order to fix problems, you also need to put your iOS device into recovery mode. This guide will show you what iPhone recovery mode is and how to put your iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 4S / 6/7/8 / X / 11/12 into and exit from this mode.

    • What is iPhone Recovery Mode
    • How to put iPhone into recovery mode
    • How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

    How to put iPhone into recovery mode

    During your daily use of your iPhone, you can run into problems of all kinds. In most cases, problems can be easily fixed by rebooting. Although for some tricky issues, you need to rely on recovery mode. So you can see that many iOS users are looking for a way to put iPhone into recovery mode.

    How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

    You need to exit recovery mode using the following algorithm:

    Disconnect iPhone from USB cable.

    Turn off the device by holding down the “Power” button for a few seconds.

    Press the second “Power” to start the iPhone normally.

    If this method does not give results, you should try the option “in reserve”:

    Hold down “Power” and “Home” at the same time and hold until the device turns off.

    Press “Home” and, while continuing to hold it, add “Power”. Then just wait for the cherished “bitten” apple to appear on the screen.

    What is a recovery loop and how to deal with it

    Recovery Mode Loop (loop of recovery). a state when the “apple” gadget fails to exit recovery mode. The fact is that when the iOS device boots up, a full system diagnostics occurs. if problems are found, the iPhone “plunges” into Recovery Mode again, then again performs an internal check.

    If there is a problem that cannot be resolved by switching the iPhone to recovery mode, this cycle will continue until the smartphone runs out of battery. Hence the name. loop.

    The reasons for the occurrence of Recovery Loop are as follows:

      Software failure. the user performed the update or restore procedure incorrectly (for example, he removed the cable without allowing the process to complete). Attempt to downgrade. downgrade the operating system version.

    The danger of getting into the Recovery Loop is indicated by errors numbered 1013 and 1015. You can find out what these codes mean here.

    The iPhone cannot exit the recovery loop by its own means. You will have to install and learn additional software. fortunately, all the necessary programs are free. Utilities such as:

    The simplest of these utilities is RecBoot, which has only two buttons. To exit the recovery mode, just click “Exit Recovery mode”.

    For unknown reasons, finding this useful program on the net is now quite difficult. Therefore, it is important to consider how to exit the Recovery Loop and using some other utility. we will choose RedsnOw. You need to act like this:

    Enter the device into DFU mode according to the instructions provided in this article.

    Click “Recovery Fix” and wait for the gadget to boot in normal mode.

    The “Recovery Fix” button becomes available only when the iPhone connected to the computer is in the update mode.

    You can also use iTunes to break the loop. It is enough to connect the gadget to the computer, switch to device control mode and click “Restore iPhone”.

    Why wasn’t this method mentioned earlier? Because in this way the user will lose all the data that was stored on the iPhone. In addition, the device will be updated to the latest version of iOS, and there will be no way to return to the previous one (which, probably, the owner of the gadget was 100% satisfied with). When using special utilities, there is a chance to get a device with the same operating system and content.

    IPhone Recovery Mode?

    Recovery Mode (recovery mode). one of two emergency modes of Apple technology. Recovery Mode makes it possible to restore the functionality of the i-gadget if, due to a software failure or as a result of an unsuccessful jailbreak, the device turns off, does not want to boot and generally respond to pressing buttons.

    Recovery Mode and DFU Mode are provided by Apple, therefore their use does not entail a loss of warranty. The differences between them have been detailed in this article. In short, Recovery Mode is “softer” in terms of the degree of impact on a mobile device and at the same time less effective. many problems are too tough for it. DFU Mode bypasses iOS and creates all files from scratch. It is recommended to resort to DFU only when critical situations arise and only when the recovery mode has already been tried.

    How to enable Recovery Mode?

    Before entering the gadget into Recovery Mode, take a USB cable and connect it to the PC port. Do not connect the cord with the device itself.

    Turn off your smartphone by long pressing the “Power” button. wait until the screen turns off. If the device is already turned off, you can skip this step.

    Hold down the Home key and insert the cord. The iPhone will boot up and you will see an image of the USB cable and the iTunes logo on its screen. This is another difference between the recovery mode: in DFU, the iPhone just has a black screen. to understand that the mode is activated, the user can only by a message in iTunes.

    After a few seconds, a window like this will appear in iTunes:

    You need to click “OK”. Then you can reset, restore or flash the gadget.

    Recovery Mode can fix many iPhone problems, but it is imperative to get iPhone into recovery mode correctly, or else the problems will get worse. If, for example, the user hurries up and disconnects the gadget from the PC before the update procedure is over, the iPhone will fall into a recovery loop, from which it will be possible to remove the device only by using special programs.

    How to get iPad out of recovery mode

    You can take the iPad out of the mode in this way:

    • The gadget connects to the computer via a USB cable.
    • Next, the TinyUmbrella utility is installed and launched (suitable for Windows and Mac OS).
    • Be sure to translate iPad into DFU Mode.
    • After the application detects the device, the “Fix Recovery” window will switch to active mode. The message “Attempt to fix recovery?” Will appear in the window that appears. (“Trying to fix the recovery”), here you must click “Yes”. The device will reboot by itself and will work normally.

    Control panel in the TinyUmbrella program

    Note! TinyUmbrella is a handy utility that allows you to work with any Apple technology. It allows you to quickly remove the device from Recovery Mode without using additional keys.

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    How to put iPhone into recovery mode

    You can enable recovery on any smartphone using the buttons. Touch phones often drive users into a stupor, since there are few keys in the devices. To properly perform a recovery on 4, 4 S, 5, 5 SE and 6 S models, follow these instructions:

    • The device always turns off.
    • While holding down the “Home” button, you should connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable.
    • Once connected, the iTunes logo appears on the device. Connecting to iTunes means Recovery mMode is activated.
    • Then iTunes opens through the computer, while it is important to ensure that the iPhone is in Recovery Mode.
    • After a few seconds, a window will appear on the PC screen with the inscription that the device has been detected and you need to restore the smartphone before use. The user must confirm the action with the “Ok” button.

    Note! To work correctly, the latest version of iTunes must be installed on the PC.

    Algorithm of action for owners of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

    • The gadget is connected via USB to the computer.
    • The new version of iTunes is launched.
    • Next, hold down the power and volume down buttons. After the iTunes icon and cable appear on the screen, the phone goes into recovery mode.
    • The system can offer two options: “Refresh” if data saving is available, or “Restore” to completely clear the settings to factory defaults. The user chooses himself.
    • After everything is done, you need to exit the program by restarting the iPhone.
    • The device is connected to a PC via a cable and iTunes is launched.
    • You should quickly press first the volume up key and then the volume down.
    • While holding down the power button, you must wait until the display shows the cable icon and iTunes.
    • In the iTunes program, you must select the “Update” or “Restore” option.

    After confirmation, the smartphone will be cleaned and updated to the latest version of the system.

    To disable recovery mode, just restart the device

    iPhone & iPad. How to Get Out of Recovery Mode (NO DATA LOSS)

    Note! You can restore the system using the Tenorshare ReiBoot software. It helps you enter Recovery Mode in a few seconds. The advantage of using the additional program is that it is easy to operate, since users do not need to memorize key combinations for different models.

    Recovery mode for iPhone 5s and other models using Tenorshare ReiBoot:

    • You need to go to the website of the official developer and download the program to your computer.
    • Connect the device to the computer using a cable.
    • Run the program, where the partition for entering the recovery mode is selected. After 10 sec. the mode will start.

    If the device cannot be found, you need to follow these steps, which are slightly different for different models:

    • iPhone 8 and 10. Press the volume up and down buttons (one at a time). Restart the device via the shutdown key and wait until the iTunes connection icon appears on the screen;
    • Recovery Mode iPhone 7 and 7 Plus turns on after holding down the power button and turning down the volume. Thus, the device reboots and connects to the program.

    Important! For other models, the actions are identical, only you need to press the power button and “Home”.

    After completing the above steps, you need to check the device model information on the PC and select the “Download” item to download the new firmware. After installing the firmware, you need to go to the “Fix it now” section. Recovery mode will restore factory settings.

    What is iPhone Recovery Mode and what is it for

    Translated from English, the name Recovery Mode is translated as “recovery mode”. You can launch this function to restore the working state of the smartphone in the event of an emergency. Often this mode helps in the event of software failures that do not make it possible to turn on the equipment and use it as usual.

    Recovery Mode and DFU are two special modes on Apple devices

    For your information! Transfer to a special mode is provided on all Apple equipment.

    It is necessary to use Recovery Mode if the gadget has turned off and will not start. In this case, neither the display nor the buttons will respond to attempts to start the iPhone.

    Each smartphone manufacturer adds a special feature to the menu that allows you to roll back the device to factory settings. It helps to return the phone to normal operation. IOS devices have a special feature called Recovery Mode. If a software crash occurs, a factory reset is used. The advantage of this function is the preservation of the warranty.

    In general, the recovery function can be used in several cases:

    • restoration of the working state in the event of software failures. In this case, the problem affects the normal functioning of the device, blocking its inclusion. During recovery, the mode performs the following operations: checks the integrity of the files and resets the content with the settings;
    • iOS update to a new version. In the process of work, the following are checked: file integrity, firmware of additional modules and system partitions.

    How to put iPad into recovery mode

    To put the tablet into Recovery Mode, turn it off. Then the “Home” button is clamped, and the device is immediately connected via USB to the computer. The device should display the iTunes icon and the connected cable. This image signals the transition of the device to Recovery Mode.

    Important! It is necessary to enter the gadget into special mode through the latest version of iTunes.

    After connecting to the program, a window will appear on the screen with information about the successful connection of the iPad in recovery mode. Then “Ok” is pressed to start the process. To take the device out of the mode after the end of the procedure, disconnect it from the PC and reboot.

    What is iPhone Recovery Mode and how to enable

    Apple smartphones have been ranked among the best for many years. Despite all its advantages, the technique has its drawbacks, which often appear at the wrong moment. Recovery Mode iPhone is a kind of airbag that saves the gadget in unforeseen situations. Many users do not know what this function is for and how to use it.

    How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode

    In some cases, iPhone may freeze in recovery mode. This happens most often when trying to install a new version of iOS. It’s easy to understand that the device is frozen, just look at the phone screen, where the iTunes logo will be displayed. Restarting does not always help.

    You can get your smartphone out of Recovery Mode using the iMyFone Fixppo program. In the utility window, go to Enter / Exit Recovery Mode and connect the iPhone to the PC. The application is able to automatically detect the device that is in recovery mode, pressing one button returns it to its normal state. The process takes no more than 30 seconds, after which the phone restarts, and a sign of a successful process is displayed on the program screen.

    What is the difference between Recovery Mode and DFU mode

    The main difference between these two parameters is that DFU works bypassing the operating system of the device and flashes the firmware directly. In fact, this is a convenient way to solve a number of problems if you cannot reflash through iTunes and Recovery Mode. This method will significantly improve the efficiency of recovery and serious software failures.

    Recovery Mode, on the other hand, is part of the operating system and uses its resources. When Recovery Mode is activated, the display shows a cable icon and an iTunes notification. If DFU is used, the screen remains black. You can understand that the mode works only by displaying it in iTunes.

    Note! Recover Mode, compared to DFC, is able to restore the iPad to factory settings without destroying the data stored on the system. The mode only fights with fixing features. The undeniable advantage is that the internal memory of the tablet is not affected.

    When changing settings or software that should optimize system performance, there are often problems with turning on the device or loading the OS. In such situations, experts recommend doing a system restore immediately. This is a simple procedure that will help restore the life of the device and normal operation.

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