How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Your Phone Screen

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This method is suitable for those with small children. Baby powder can also help you remove scratches from your cell phone. It is very beneficial to use it, since it is NOT expensive, and talc, which is included in its composition, acts as a gentle substance and reduces the risk of spoiling the display of the gadget.

The mixture is prepared in the same way and in the same proportion of powdering water as in the method with soda. After you have received a homogeneous mass, you need to apply it to the screen and rub in, after the process is complete, remove all excess mixture.

Remove scratches with sunflower oil

How to get rid of scratches on your phone in this way, you ask? This is a very effective and simple method.

  • First, you need to drop sunflower oil on the display of the gadget;
  • Then we take a cotton rag and rub in the oil until the screen shines and all the damage does NOT disappear, or will not be visible to the eye.

Displex paste. removes scratches

The process of removing scratches is exactly the same as described above using GOI paste.

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  • How to get rid of scratches on your phone

    Before you start manipulating the phone, you must:

    • turn it off;
    • seal all connectors with masking tape, or simple electrical tape. This procedure will protect the gadget from liquid and any foreign substances getting into it.
    • have a lot of patience, because there are very tenacious scratches, and to fix them you will need several hours of work.
    • If you have done all of the above, then you can start removing the defect from the screen of the mobile device.

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      Baby powder or baking soda:

      Two more folk remedies, which are advised by Zatira scratches, also did not give an effect. It is believed that if soda is diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1, a good abrasive “out of the blue” is obtained. The same thing, only in a thinner version, is obtained with talc. However, with the phone, both tools were powerless. Apparently, the glass is too strong for them, although, it turns out, there was a control on it.

      Display restoration materials

      If you have ever polished something, then you know how important the correct selection of abrasive material is. Let’s consider what we used in cleaning experiments. We will rate all reviewed materials on a five-point scale.

      suede leather:

      Perhaps the easiest and safest way to do regular polishing. Small scratches on wood or plastic can really be rubbed with suede to such an extent that they become completely invisible. However, “simple” does not mean “light”A: Polishing the glass of your phone from scratches with suede with your bare hands can take an absolutely unthinkable time. Most likely, you will get up and quit, and not have time to achieve even the slightest result.


      Another popular way, taken by us from the “early time”. Those who came up with it clearly had no idea how to get rid of scratches on the phone screen using toothpaste. Although toothpaste and the telephone were invented at about the same time (1873 and 1875), there was still more than a century left for the appearance of screens in phones.

      In theory, an abrasive-based toothpaste could help, but in practice it was also not useful. The hero, deliberately completing this method, would have to spend a lot of time.

      How to get rid of scratches on your phone screen

      Almost all smartphone manufacturers today proudly assure us that they have come up with new generations of protective glass, and now there will be no scratches on your brand new screen! Progress in comparison with 10-year-old models is really noticeable, but here’s the problem: the damage on the new glass is also noticeable. With a key, a knife, sand on the beach. it’s real to scratch the protected screen. And even if it’s just one scratch in the middle of a clean screen, it still spoils the whole impression, and often interferes with work.

      How do I remove scratches from my phone screen? There are several ways:

      • Replacing the display module. The most expensive way. If these are not just scratches, but real cracks that distort the picture, there is simply a choice.
      • Replacement of protective glass. But not all display modules allow this, but in many models (for example, fresh iPhones) it is possible. And it is much cheaper than replacing the entire display module, although it is still expensive. Therefore, this can only be recommended for very serious damage.
      • Self polishing. A method with a meager cost, which, moreover, gives the joy of saving ordinary Smart with his own hand. However, before you polish your smartphone yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the experience and mistakes of the latter. After all, we live in the era of Google, and almost any clever thought has already occurred to someone.

      Let’s try to consider the materials and methods that we tried to use for self-cleaning the display from minor damages. Read this before polishing scratches off your phone: your experience will surely help you avoid costly mistakes.

      Paste GOI:

      The development of the Russian State Optical Institute is actually intended for polishing metal, optical glasses and ceramic surfaces. In theory, it should also help against scratches on the smartphone. However, the creators of the paste clearly did not think about how to remove scratches from the phone screen with its help. The test showed that the paste helps only against minor damages, which are already practically NOT visible, and is powerless against deep scratches.

      Car polish:

      Car polishes are specifically designed to remove scratches from shiny surfaces. It is logical to check if they can be used to restore the display. It seems to be enough to apply the cream on the damaged area of ​​the screen and rub it, as written in the instructions, in a circular motion using a soft napkin. The professional method (albeit from a related field) turned out to be more effective than the “folk” ones: it was not possible to completely erase the scratches, but it became less striking.

      Alas, the mixtures in polishes are very different, and not always they can pass painlessly for a smartphone, with all our precautions.

      Vegetable oil:

      By and large, rubbing oil into scratches is unlikely to save a smartphone. The recommendations on the Internet refer primarily to wood surfaces. Wood does absorb oil and swell in the right places, so you can hide scratches in the wood with oil. But the glass of the smartphone only began to shine more from oil, it was not completely saved from scratches. Better than nothing at all, but doesn’t solve the problem.

      How to save the screen?

      Please note that smartphones require very gentle movements. First of all, it is important not how to remove scratches from the phone screen, but how not to damage it.

      Before you start Disconnect your smartphone. If its battery is removable, remove it from sin. If not, try completely discharging the device by playing some kind of heavy game or watching a lot in Full HD. It is important to exclude spontaneous inclusion.

      The second thing to do is to seal all vulnerable spots with masking tape. These are all connectors on the case (USB, audio), speakers, microphones and hardware buttons. You can even glue the screen, except for those areas that you are going to polish.

      Car polish or furniture

      • Apply a small amount of polish to a cotton pad.
      • We polish the phone screen by analogy with the method described above until the obsessive scratch disappears.
      • Afterwards, dry the phone thoroughly with a soft cloth, since the chemical compounds that make up the products, if they get on the skin or inside the body, can cause great harm to your health.
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      baking soda

      • From baking soda and water in a ratio of 2: 1 Make a paste.
      • Apply it to a cotton pad.
      • Use a circular motion to treat the scratched surface.
      • After the scratches have disappeared, remove the traces of the paste with a clean cloth or napkin.

      You can use baby powder instead of baking soda if desired. The procedure is the same as above.

      GOI paste

      Don’t be confused by how this product looks. It is one of the most effective anti-scratch.

      • Apply the paste to a piece of soft cloth.
      • Drop a couple of drops of machine oil on the screen.
      • Gently rub the damaged surface of the screen until it is fully reanimated.
      • Wipe your phone dry and enjoy its pristine beauty.


      • A little toothpaste (gel will NOT work) apply to a cotton pad.
      • Gently polish the screen in a circular motion until the scratch disappears.
      • Finally, wipe the screen with a paper towel to remove any remaining toothpaste.

      vegetable oil

      If the phone screen is mottled with small scratches, then you can polish it with ordinary vegetable oil.

      • Apply a drop of oil to the monitor.
      • Use cotton wool to polish it to perfect smoothness.
      • Wipe the screen with a soft dry cloth or tissue.

      How to remove scratches from your phone screen

      Just think, some 10-15 years ago, many of us only dreamed of becoming the owner of a mobile phone. Today, this gadget can often be seen in the hands of even a first grader. The use of a mobile phone does NOT have the best effect on its appearance, small, and sometimes not very, scratches appear on the screen. To return the device to its former beauty, it is not at all necessary to contact a service center. You can also remove scratches from your phone screen at home. Today we bring to your attention several ways.

      Before you start implementing the methods below to remove scratches from your phone screen, you should do some preparatory work.

      • Turn off the machine.
      • Cover the external connectors with masking tape or electrical tape. This will prevent water and other foreign substances from entering the gadget.
      • Please be patient, as some scratches are very tough. You may need NOT minutes, but hours of hard work.

      Mixed, made from egg, aluminum and potassium sulfate

      • Combine one egg white and a teaspoon of potassium sulfate (popularly known as alum), which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
      • We will heat up to 65 degrees in an aluminum dish.
      • A piece of microfiber Moisten the preparation solution.
      • Place it on aluminum foil and place it in an oven preheated to 150 degrees until the fabric is completely dry.
      • Then dip the microfiber in cold water for half a minute.
      How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Your Phone Screen

      The steps described above should be repeated 3 times, then leave the fabric to dry for two days. After the cloth, you can polish the phone screen.

      What methods of removing scratches from the phone screen are known to you? Share them in the comments!

      How to remove scratches with GOI paste?

      First of all, the choice of a means for cleaning equipment depends on the degree of damage to the screen. Many knowledgeable consumers use GOI paste to get rid of scratches.

      The paste can be sold in 4 types, depending on the dosage of chromium oxide in it, in another way it is called “abrasiveness”. To correct defects on the screen of a mobile phone, a paste with the least m of chromium oxide is suitable for us.

      Before you start polishing, you should seal all sides of the phone with tape so that the paste does not get inside the device. The paste can be purchased in two forms, the way it is used will differ from this:

      • Felt circle with impregnation. In another way, it is felt, which contains a certain dosage of paste. This option will be less effective, but it is not difficult to use it. You just need to walk the device data on the device screen, paying special attention to scratches and cracks;
      • Paste. Its main advantage lies in the fact that the user himself regulates the amount of the substance used. After squeezing some of the product onto the screen, gently rub the paste onto the phone screen using a soft cloth. When finished with cleaning, the paste can be removed with a dry cloth.

      How to remove scratches from your phone screen

      The main feature and convenience of the smartphone is the touch screen, which is pleasant and easy to work with. However, with the time of frequent use of the technique, we notice that the screen began to cover with a barely noticeable crack. In the proposed material, we will consider the common ways of polishing the screen in order to eliminate the scratches that have appeared. Yes, today a variety of protective films and glasses are distributed for these purposes, but often these items reduce the sensitivity of the sensor, which makes working with the gadget less convenient.

      Screen polishing with displex paste

      Unlike GOI paste, displex is a more modern product that specializes in cleaning touch screens. Today, many consumers give their preference to this tool.

      The paste is produced in a small tube with a sharp nose, making it easy to use.

      In order to remove scratches from the screen, you need a small piece of light-colored cloth. Color is important because in the process, the fabric will darken, so you can control the process. After cleaning is complete, you need to wipe the display and check if you managed to get rid of the cracks. If some scratches remain, repeat cleaning. In the same way, you can polish the camera glass on the phone, so the photos will be of better quality.

      Screen polishing with soda

      Soda is used to polish screens due to its availability and versatility. You can also use baby powder instead of baking soda. This method is hardly suitable for cases with large defects, because soda has an extremely small grind and will NOT be able to repair deep damage from the phone screen.

      • Dilute baking soda with water in a ratio of 2: 1. You will get a pasty substance;
      • Cover the vulnerable parts of the device with adhesive tape: slots, connectors;
      • Apply some paste to the phone screen;
      • Within ten minutes, gently rub the paste with a cloth into the screen of the device;
      • When finished, wipe the screen with a dry cloth. If the result was not achieved, repeat the procedure.

      Removing scratches from a mobile phone with folk remedies

      Having decided to resort to folk methods of getting rid of scratches, you must be aware of all the risks. People who decide to use folk remedies often face the ineffectiveness of this method.

      Before starting the polishing process, complete all of the following steps:

      • Disconnect the device;
      • Cover all sides, buttons and holes with tape in order to avoid getting various means inside the phone;
      • Remember that often efforts are not justified immediately when choosing this method, therefore you need to be patient.

      Get rid of scratches with polish

      Also, a composition intended for cars will help get rid of clogged on the screen. Car polish is NOT intended for smartphone screens due to its aggressive composition, therefore it must be used carefully and in small quantities. If after you grind the polish, there is no improvement, do not repeat the procedure.

      In addition to car polishes, there are also screen polishes. Such a remedy will NOT damage your device.

      We remove small scratches on the screen using vegetable oil

      Oily liquids are NOT able to remove scratches from the phone screen, but they can make the device look attractive.

      • Before embedding oil, get rid of the dust on the display;
      • Apply one drop of oil to the screen;
      • Rub the oil into the screen with a cloth until the oiliness is barely noticeable;
      • Get rid of excess with a dry wipe.

      Removing scratches from your phone screen with professional tools

      The market today is saturated with various liquids and pastes designed for cleaning screens. Containing components that do an excellent job, these products are perfect for cleaning equipment and will NOT damage it.

      Polishing the smartphone screen with toothpaste

      You can remove scratches from the screen with toothpaste in the following way:

      • First of all, remove the dust from the phone screen. it can cause additional damage;
      • Cover the holes on the phone with tape so that the paste does not get inside the device;
      • After squeezing out a small amount of paste, spread it across the screen with gentle, pressing movements;
      • After polishing, get rid of the paste on the screen and check if you have achieved the desired result;
      • If cracks are still there, repeat the steps above.

      Removing scratches with baby powder

      If your family has a small child, then a product like baby powder will certainly decorate the shelves in the room. You can easily make a paste from this powder, with which you can remove scratches from the screen of your phone.

      You will need to follow simple steps:

      • Prepare a small amount of baby powder.
      • Take a few drops of water.
      • Mix the components until mushy.
      • Using a clean soft cloth to which the mixture has been applied, wipe the screen.
      • Remove excess paste.

      Defects become less noticeable.

      Vegetable oil will help

      This tool can be useful Not only in the kitchen for cooking various dishes, but also to get rid of scratches and other minor screen defects. Oil can be used in different ways: from corn and sesame to olive and sunflower.

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      You will need to perform a simple procedure: drip oil onto the screen, rub it in a circular motion with a cotton pad or napkin, then carefully remove the excess. After such actions, the screen will get a radiant, even and smooth look.

      Toothpaste will help

      To get rid of scratches with this simple tool found in every home, you will need:

      • Apply a little paste to a cotton pad.
      • It is required to rub this product into the place where the scratch has formed.
      • After completing this step, you need to wipe the surface of the screen with a slightly damp cloth, this will help remove the remains of toothpaste.

      How to remove scratches from your phone screen

      Today every family member has a mobile phone. This gadget has recently become truly universal, it combines a communication tool, a laptop and many other functions. The latest developments have strengthened the case, however, the screen is susceptible to mechanical damage. Scratches appear on contact with hard metal objects, if dropped, or if improperly maintained. To keep your phone screen smooth and even for a long time, it is important to know how to remove scratches from your phone screen.

      To get rid of scratches on the phone screen, it is not at all necessary to visit a service center, it is enough to use the tools at hand. It is only important when performing any of the procedures to act very carefully so that moisture and the means used do not get inside the phone through connectors, slots near buttons, etc.

      Cover the screen with a protective film

      If there are small scratches on the screen of your phone, then you can mask them with a protective film. It is not difficult to stick it on, just read the instructions or contact the service center. Better yet, stick it on a new phone you just bought to prevent scratches.

      Using baking soda

      Every experienced housewife has baking soda in the home that can help remove scratches from your phone screen. It will take 50 grams of baking soda and 100 ml of water.

      • mix components.
      • Mix thoroughly until a thick foam forms.
      • Take a clean, soft cloth, lather on it and rub the composition into the scratches. This must be done in a circular motion.
      • Remove the remaining soda with a damp cloth.

      How to protect your phone screen from scratches

      So that you do not have to remove scratches from the surface of the phone screen, you must handle it with care.

      We take care of gadgets correctly! And if scratches appear on the phone screen, removing them is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

      Anti-scratch remedy

      In addition to the above polishing and mechanical rubbing, there are more modern solutions, for example, chemical mixtures. Their effect is manifested at the molecular level. The composition includes the main active ingredient, the so-called “jewelry powder”. cerium oxide.

      High purity cerium oxide glass polishing powder, used for polishing various glasses.

      Polishing Powder is Ideal for polishing scratches and treating smartphone screen to achieve a glossy effect. The action of chemicals appears gently, and does not damage the surface of the screen.

      We dilute cerium oxide a little with water until the consistency of sour cream.

      Is it possible to remove scratches from the phone screen

      A brand new smartphone always catches the eye with its appearance. With the passage of time, the question still becomes an edge: how to get rid of scratches on the phone screen? There are several professional tricks that will help restore the original look and shine to the device. Tips and tools provided are suitable for all phone models and brands.

      If the owner has NOT taken care of prevention in advance and has NOT glued on a protective film, then scratches are inevitable.

      The appearance of cracks and chips occurs as a result of impacts and falls, as well as other mechanical damage. Micro-scratches and abrasions are typical for more commonplace situations, for example, this can happen if the phone is constantly in your with change or keys. Even the presence of a cover will NOT protect the sensor 100%, since dust, dirt and small particles still get in and spoil the gloss surface.

      To restore the display to its original appearance and get rid of defects, our tips will help.

      When the crack is small, it can be covered with transparent glue or masked with some kind of transparent sticker. To exclude its further discrepancy on the base of the glass, you can stick a protective film. But this does not guarantee that the crack will not appear over time. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the actions that are tested by masters and time.

      The step-by-step instructions are universal and suitable for all models and brands.

      paste GOI

      The State Optical Institute paste is a specially developed polishing agent suitable for processing optical surfaces and glass. Initially, its scope was limited to lens polishing. Today, the appointment has been significantly expanded.

      GOI paste is a universal cleaning agent, which can be successfully used for grinding and polishing any surfaces.

      The application procedure is quite simple:

      • Take a suede / cotton pad. Apply a small amount of GOI paste on it.
      • Place a drop of machine oil on the smartphone display.
      • All over the screen Rub the substance.
      • After 5 minutes, wipe the smartphone sensor with a clean, dry microfiber.

      The methods described above are not a limitation of the effective means. There are also proven mixtures:

      • Displex Modern development with innovative technology. Requires the use of light colored fabric. Packaged in a handy tube with a thin spout. This makes the process faster and safer. In this case, the product is applied pointwise. A cloth is taken and rubbed into the screen until dark spots appear on it. This completes the grinding.
      • Abrasive This subtype of smartphone polishers includes pastes and mixtures that include an abrasive. The particles are applied with a felt wheel with the introduction of a grinder. GOI is also suitable for this, you can use diamond pastes.

      Polishing with GOI paste is simple and effective.

      Proper preparation of the gadget for the procedure is the key to a successful effect. To do this, you need to disconnect the phone from the power supply and turn it off completely. Wipe the screen from dust. All parts of the case, which have open connectors, must be sealed with tape to prevent liquid from getting inside.

      Before removing scratches from the touch screen, close all the connectors on the phone so that they do not get moisture or foreign objects.

      Polishing your phone glass from scratches

      To advanced substances that differ significantly from “homegrown” techniques include professional polishing coatings. Touch screen with cracking on plastic protective glass and display, requires the intervention of oleophobic consistencies.

      Some scratches, usually small and shallow, can be removed at home.

      Polishing the phone screen from scratches, followed by grinding will remove all roughness and make even the deepest scratches invisible. Products are sold as spray or paste. Special wipes with a ready-made grout for the sensor are also on sale.

      How to remove deep scratches

      A successful result and a visible gloss effect is achieved by applying the product according to the stated instructions. For example, car polish is ideal. The brands Turtle Wax, Swirl Remover and 3M Scratch are especially appreciated. To get rid of the damage to your phone you need:

      • apply polish to a cotton pad;
      • rub the liquid into the glass for ten minutes;
      • if cracks remain visible, continue rubbing in until,
      • until the result is satisfactory.

      It should also be remembered that the contact of the screen with solid objects. for example, keys, a lighter and even trifles. can lead to the formation of scratches.

      Independent work

      There is no specific answer in the safety and expediency of independent work. The quality and result directly depends on the state of the phone, what types of damage are present on the screen, as well as their number. This issue is a responsible business that requires a skillful approach and sleight of hand.

      If you have the right tools to grout scratches or you are in doubt about your own strength, you should contact a professional service center or workshop.

      Soda with water

      The baking soda paste sounds a little unexpected. But, suitable for removing the effect “rubbed plastic”. The correct procedure to mask the protective shield:

      • Proportion 2: 1. Soda and water are mixed in a small container.
      • A homogeneous paste is formed, without clots.

      This is the most affordable and easiest way to polish glass.

      The paste is applied to a clean soft cloth, lightly wipes the screen in a circular motion. Remove the remaining mixture with a slightly damp cloth.


      Toothpaste is a remedy that everyone has.

      For polishing, it is better to use whitening toothpastes. Whitening paste generally contains more abrasive particles.

      Note! To get rid of scratches and glass grouting, you need to use only the usual classic paste, grouting with a gel consistency is prohibited.

      Instructions for removing microscratches:

      • Use a cotton swab or clean, soft, lint-free cloth. microfiber will do.
      • Apply a small lump of paste to the swab.
      • Rub the paste in a circular motion, move to the place of the screen where cracks are visible.
      • After rubbing, wipe the display with a damp cloth. This action will remove excess paste.

      Despite the seeming absurdity of this idea, toothpaste really shows good results when polishing.

      Easily and simply remove scratches from the phone screen

      September 3, 2020

      Reading time:

      A brand new smartphone always catches the eye with its smooth and clean glass, but time passes and small scuffs and scratches appear on its surface, which spoil the whole look.

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      We offer about ten current methods to help restore the former shine of a smartphone without visiting a service center and replacing the screen. We discuss how to remove scratches from the phone screen.

      After a year or two, you have to figure out how to remove scratches from the phone screen.

      • Is it possible to remove scratches from the phone screen
      • Polishing your phone glass from scratches
      • How to remove deep scratches
      • Anti-scratch remedy
      • Soda with water
      • Toothpaste
      • paste GOI
    • Independent work
    • How to avoid scuff problems
    • 5 ways to remove scratches from your phone
    • How to prepare a gadget for the procedure

      While it is possible to get rid of scratches on touchscreen glass at home, it does NOT guarantee success. Before you start, be aware that there is a risk that the situation will worsen.

      How to prepare your phone for polishing:

      • be sure to turn off.
      • Wipe the screen to get rid of dust and other small particles.
      • With the help of masking tape (but not usual), we close all parts of the case, through which it is possible for the used funds to get inside.

      Folk remedies how to remove scratches from the phone screen

      The most effective way to remove scratches from mobile screens is to stick a screen protector. The protective film will prevent the appearance of scratches, and so that the screen always pleases with a beautiful view, you just need to change the film. But if there are already scratches, you can try to remove them with the help of improvised means at home.

      Is it possible to remove scratches from the phone screen?

      There is nothing you can do about deep scratches on your smartphone at home, in such cases there is only one way out: go to a service center. But if the scratches are small, you can really get rid of the problem yourself. There are several different ways to remove using professional or improvised means. But the most important thing is to have patience, do everything carefully and DO NOT turn off your brain so as not to ruin the thing.

      It is important to understand that this is a scratch in front of you, not a crack. And scratches are NOT removed (this is just such a turn of speech), but polished. The edges of the scratch are simply grinded off and the surface becomes even, or rather a little concave. In this case, the scratch is no longer noticeable, since only the reflective edges are visible to the human eye.

      Small scratches can be polished by yourself

      Before you start Consider a few basic points:

      • If there is an opportunity to choose polishing products, giving preference to specialized products. Read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.
      • You need to understand what material the screen is made of. This is necessary in order to practice on similar material with the tool you have in order to avoid possible troubles.
      • It will be much easier to remove scuffs on glass screens than on plastic.
      • If you cannot determine what material the screen of your phone or smartphone is made of, try to find all the necessary information on the Internet.
      • None of the scratch repair methods will guarantee the result you want. It will largely depend on how damaged the screen is, how deep and numerous scratches on it.

      Small scratches on the phone screen: removing the problem at home

      No matter how you try to handle your phone carefully, over time, scratches on the screen or case will still appear. We are used to always carrying it with us, not parting with the device even at night. The problem either already exists or will appear over time, so advice on how to remove scratches from the phone screen will be relevant to everyone.

      Minor scratches or abrasions are NOT dangerous for the operation of the device, but very unpleasant for the owner of the device. They are incredibly annoying, at one point the smartphone becomes not so cool. Let’s try to return your iPhone or equally respected phone to its former shine at home.

      Baby powder

      As in the previous case, make a thick mass, only NOT from soda, but from baby powder. Wipe the phone screen with the mixture obtained, and then wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth.

      vegetable oil

      You can’t imagine any simpler thing: one or two drops of vegetable oil rubbed into the surface of a worn screen can restore its former shine for some period. This method is less effective than the others.

      Baking soda

      Our assistant in many household chores and in this case too. Effectively helps in the fight against minor scratches on the screen. Mix baking soda and water in a 2: 1 ratio. Stir the mixture until it becomes a thick paste. Do the same as with toothpaste.


      It will help get rid of small scratches. Toothpaste or powder should be applied in a thin layer to scratches and rubbed in in a circular motion. Wait until the product on the screen is completely dry. Wipe off excess paste cleanly with a cloth or cotton pad moistened with water.

      The toothpaste effectively removes scratches

      Minor scratches will then become less noticeable. However, if the touchscreen is deeply damaged, you will not be able to get rid of it this way. Try it: deep and large scratches become less noticeable. This is already a good result.!

      Professional touch screen polish

      These products are paste-like substances designed specifically for polishing touch screens. Consider the most famous pastes:

      • Displex is applied in a small amount on a light-colored soft fabric and rubbed into all irregularities with gentle movements. As soon as the cloth darkens, dry the glass and check. If you are not satisfied with the result, try again.
      • Polirun is a preparation containing nano components that heat the screen when rubbed. Low-abrasive substances sand the edges of scratches, allowing the second component to fill the voids. The principle of operation with this paste corresponds to that described above.
      • Disc Repair is a tool that was originally used for CDs. The application is as simple as possible: it is applied to a cotton swab and rubbed into the surface of the phone. Repeat if necessary after drying.

      Tips for Polishing Cell Phone Screen

      Having learned this polishing technology, you can independently get rid of scratches on the screen of your mobile phone.

      In various homemade products, electronics lovers often use plexiglass protective screens. This is a wonderful material, it is like ordinary glass, the only difference is that plexiglass is easily processed due to its softness. Because of this, it has one drawback. scratches may appear on the plexiglass.

      Self polishing mobile phone screen

      Now we will share with you an easy technology for polishing it, it will help you remove scratches on the displays of your mobile phones, players and other electronics. By the way, if your phone charger suddenly breaks down, then in this section you will find a solution to this problem.

      With this method, you can also polish small metal objects (for example, to polish a coin). To create this fixture, you will need the following materials:
      1). An electric motor from a children’s toy (or any similar).
      2). GOI polishing paste (sold in many household departments).
      3). cotton buds.
      4). Battery (its voltage depends on the motor used).

      Take a cotton swab and cut off one end. With this end we put the shelf on the shaft of our electric motor. Turn on the engine and twist the cotton wool with your fingers so that it does not fluff.

      During rotation, apply a small amount of GOI paste to the cotton wool.

      As a sample, we took a piece of colorless plexiglass and scrawled the word Licrym on it with an awl.

      The same principle can be used to polish the screen of your mobile phone. We proceed to remove scratches on the plexiglass, i.e. we carry out polishing. With gentle, slow movements, we brush over the scratches with the rotating tip of our cotton swab.

      Remember! You cannot stay in one place for a long time, since the GOI paste will be squeezed out of the stick and the cotton wool will begin to rub the surface of the plexiglass dry, from this it will begin to heat up and may melt (a hole will appear). GOI paste is an abrasive and contains the smallest grains of chromium oxide, which are the main polishing elements. That is why the material is sanded along the edges of the scratch to the very bottom.

      As a result of this process, a small such hole is formed at the place of the scratch and the surface becomes clean again. Although we will get a recess in shape repeating the scratches, we will no longer have such sharp edges scattering light, which already means that the scratch on the plexiglass becomes invisible. And so we have achieved this result. part of a word “Lic” we managed to remove in just 10 minutes of our polish:

      If you look through the plexiglass, then we will NOT see any traces of the presence of letters. As soon as we look at the surface in the reflected light at a certain angle, we will see their silhouette spread over the surface.

      Mobile phone screen polishing performed using this technology will help you get rid of scratches for a long time.

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