How to increase internet speed on iPhone

Install an ad blocker

How many times have the world been told: if you are looking for a way to increase the speed of the Internet, the first thing to do is get rid of ads on websites. Banner ads can take up to 70% of the “weight” of the page you are loading. Just imagine how much of your channel’s resources is spent on loading ads, even if you yourself do not pay attention to it! Go to the extension section of your browser and search for “Adblock”. After installing an ad blocker, your channel will be significantly unloaded.

Disable OS-level channel limiting

Method for Windows users. By default, the operating system cuts the bandwidth by about 20%. To remove this limit, press WinR and enter gpedit.msc. The Group Policy Editor will open. In it, go to the Computer Configuration tab Administrative Templates Network Packet Scheduler QoS Limit Reserved Bandwidth. Set the radio button “Enabled” and in the adjacent field enter the value “0”.

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Windows limits bandwidth at the Group Policy level.

Check the network cable

Regardless of whether you are using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, a cable comes into your apartment from the entrance. It can bend, squeeze or be damaged somewhere, which automatically degrades the quality of the connection. Check the cable in the areas available to you or ask the employees of your provider to “ring” it and repair possible damage to make sure that the speed of the Internet does not depend on its condition.

Check your home network configuration

There can be many devices, but the Internet is one. If you use several computers, smartphones, and even a Smart TV in the load on the same network, they can literally “tear apart” your channel with each other. Configure your home network wisely: read our article for tips on how to expand the range of your network and make sure that it has enough for all devices.

Clean up your computer

Often it is not the Internet that slows down at all, but your computer, and with it the connection and the browser. One of the most effective ways to increase your internet speed is to boost the performance of your machine. Run a virus scan, clean up the system, fix overheating, and increase the amount of RAM. For tips on improving your computer’s performance, read our article.

How To Make WiFi Speed Faster On iPhone

Organize your browser

Many users have a not very useful habit of opening many tabs in the browser at once, and even pinning them to automatically open. As a result, when you log on to the network, your browser is forced to load many sites at once. it is logical that each individual page will load more slowly. Close unnecessary tabs (bookmark the most needed ones), and the Internet will immediately become faster.

Use bookmarks instead of many tabs.

How to remove internet restriction on iPhone?

To disable the limit, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app and scroll down to the iTunes Store and App Store.
  • In the “Cellular Data” section, select “Applications”.
  • Select “Always Allow”.

How to make iPhone work in LTE only?

On iPhone, go to Settings Cellular Data Options and tap Turn LTE On, or go to Settings Mobile Data and tap Turn LTE On. If your carrier supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the options below will be displayed. May 21, 2019.

What to do if the Internet does not work well on the iPhone?

Restarting often helps to solve problems with Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Turning off iPhone disconnects Wi-Fi and cell towers. If the internet was slow or not available, a restart may fix it. May 9, 2019.

How to remove 200MB limit on iPhone?

On iOS 13, go to Settings and go to the App Store and iTunes. ” In the “Applications” section in the “Cellular Data” section, select the “Always Allow” option. You can also put “Ask if more than 200 MB”. On older versions of iOS, there is no way to remove the restriction, but it can be bypassed.

Tariff plan, network parameters and SIM card change

A browser that hides advertising banners and efficiently (and sometimes in an optimized form) loading web pages, while speeding up surfing the web, will not make life completely easier. We’ll have to dig deeper and seek help from the selected mobile operator:

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Even 5-6 years ago, smartphones and tablets did not support 4G, and therefore operators distributed SIM cards exclusively with 3G. The difference in speed between the two generations of network technologies is colossal (4G is almost 10 times faster), and therefore a banal change of mobile identifier will help to increase the speed of the Internet. Of course, the long-awaited effect will appear only if the smartphone and tablet are capable of processing a 4G signal.

Improve Network Performance on iPhone

Network parameters and APN selection

Make your iPhone internet faster / speed up your internet

With a new SIM card, it’s time to look into the “Settings”, select the “Cellular” section (the parameter may be called differently depending on the version of the operating system, the selected firmware and launcher) and in the “Data Parameters” force 4G (LTE) instead of 3G or 2G.

Changes are applied automatically and take effect without restarting your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, it is recommended to remove the slider from “Data saving”. this option is often found on iPhone and iPad and is designed to reduce the downloaded traffic over a mobile network or via Wi-Fi.

In addition to the type of network, some enthusiasts recommend experimenting with the access point (APN), which is automatically assigned by the operator. Internet from MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Yota and Tele2. it may become faster if, instead of standard values, set new ones.

  • Megafon.
  • Beeline.
  • Yota.
  • MTS.
  • Tele2.

NOTE! Be sure to select the PAP authentication type. After entering new values, the smartphone or tablet must be rebooted.

Standard options without a fixed (monthly or daily subscription fee) are hardly capable of becoming a stumbling block in front of the high speed of mobile Internet. And yet, at least for the sake of experiment, you can switch to a tariff optimized for tablets or smartphones and download content from the network. Perhaps the speed will increase. \

You cannot discount third-party parameters, such as frequencies supported by mobile equipment (budget models of smartphones are able to process only common signals and cope worse with the load on the ground or far from the operator’s base stations). The manufacturer indicates additional details and specifications on the official website. there you can also clarify information about the bandwidth, supported technologies and the speed of mobile Internet in peak state.

Deactivating services and background processes

The standard settings of the iOS and Android operating systems contain a whole collection of parameters and sections related to downloading information from the network.

Apple has also provided automatic updates to the operating system in the background. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are able to download the necessary files, and then. at a designated time. unpack and install the content without additional prompts to the user. They are also ways to download data from compatible software (notes, browser, books and maps).

Even the “AppStore” does not stop working in the background. and while the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is on charge and connected to the Internet, it updates software and entertainment content. As a result, the fewer background processes and services, the more stable the Internet connection and the higher the final speed.

Browser selection and configuration. Clearing cookies and accumulated cache

The standard web browsers introduced in iOS (Safari) and Android (Google Chrome), although they have already become familiar tools, do not always cope with the load 100%. The reason for this is that the sites are not optimized for overloaded with advertisements and pop-up banners. The problem can be solved in several ways:

  • A radical change in preferences. At least programmatically “speed up” the Internet will help a new browser that can optimize and adapt web pages for viewing on the screens of mobile technology. For iOS, either “DuckDuckGo” will do, and on Android, “Opera Touch” or “Reactive Phone” will do the job.
  • Change of settings. If the passwords saved in the browser and data synchronization are more important than the optimized content, then to speed up the Internet, it is recommended to go through the tabs with the settings.

You will have to edit the settings for Safari in the “Settings” iOS, but the “Google Chrome” options are already opened through the gear inside the browser.

It is advisable to activate sliders related to automatically closing tabs after a week or a month (the best way to get rid of the accumulated cache), blocking pop-ups and even cookies, and even displaying a list of frequently visited resources. Additionally, it is recommended to clear the history and accumulated data about visited resources, autocomplete and downloaded files.

How to speed up the Internet using third-party software on Android

The iOS operating system, although it allows you to get rid of some background processes and services, and offers flexible browser settings, cannot be compared with the same Android in terms of the number of additional settings. There, enthusiasts and experimenters will find endless scope for creativity:

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Amplification of the received signal for MediaTek processors

If the 3G or 4G signal is interrupted, the network is often lost and even access to Wi-Fi is unstable, you will have to look into the developer panel using the MTK Engineering Mode service.

After loading the interface, you will have to go to the “MTK Setting” section, then select “BandMode” and the SIM card you want to configure. In the list that appears, it is important to check the boxes next to the items:

  • EGSM900
  • DCS1800
  • WCDMA-GSM-900

Then you need to go through the items related to LTE. Changes are accepted by pressing the SET button, reset. by means of “Reset to Default”. In any case, you will have to select the values ​​on an individual basis.

Internet Speed ​​Master Tool (Root required)

The special optimizer of mobile networks “Internet Speed ​​Master” does not work without Root-rights, but it automatically unloads special updates and patches that can strengthen the received signal, speed up the download and even set suitable frequencies if an abnormal load is observed in some region.

“Internet Speed ​​Master” has several operating modes: “Apply Patch” is available to those who have taken care of Root rights, and “Improve Connection” is available to everyone else. Regardless of the choice, the developers recommend organizing a backup and, if the situation gets out of control, roll back to the previous point.

If you have no time to deal with Root rights, then Net Optimizer or Internet Optimizer Pro will also help with partial acceleration.

Opera Mini browser

How to increase the speed of mobile internet on Android and iOS

Hello everyone. Mobile Internet is unpredictable: when traveling, it often disappears, gives out a “floating” speed, and now and then forces you to switch to “airplane” mode to search for a stable signal. It is impossible to completely get rid of “network” problems, but at least figure out how to increase the speed of the Internet on your phone you need to. there will be a chance to cope with everyday tasks faster and pay less attention to limitations and errors.

Tips to Increase Mobile Internet Speed ​​on iPhone.

The situation with the mobile network or any city with a million population is getting worse every year. An interesting fact is that this is not related to the work of telecom operators or the choice of a certain tariff. A couple of years ago it was possible to freely talk on Skype on the street, but today the iPhone does not always load even an ordinary web page.

The network identification icon on a smartphone can already be considered just a screen decoration. It is quite easy to understand why the Internet is slow, considering how many people today have modern mobile phones. Devices are used not only for communication, but also for surfing the world wide web.

The primary task of operators is to ensure good voice communication, but the issue of network connection is decided on a leftover basis. It becomes especially noticeable how 3g disappears in the city center, where there is always a large crowd of people. It is logical that the question arises of what to do in such situations. But there is an elegant way to increase the speed of mobile Internet on your beloved iPhone, without resorting to additional installation of special equipment or antennas. To do this, you need to use the standard settings that are provided on the cellular.

G or LTE does not work well

There are dozens of possible reasons why 3G or LTE works so poorly on iPhone. But most of them have a fairly simple reason that everyone can eliminate. It is worth remembering that in the evening, the connection rate decreases, which is associated with the increasing load experienced by servers and communication channels.

During this period, the number of online users who perform certain actions has traditionally increased. This leads to the fact that for most users the network simply dulls, regardless of which frequency the 3G or LTE device operates at, and what tariff plan is used. Before answering the question of how you can increase the speed of mobile Internet on any iPhone, you first need to find out whether this indicator is really low or the reason is completely different. What to do in such situations?

Avia-mode to help

If you are worried about why the Internet is loading so badly on the new iPhone, use the instructions:

  • Open the Settings app,
  • Activate the “Air mode” function.
  • Hold the activated function for a few seconds, then turn it off.
  • After resuming the registration of the device in the operator’s network, try to reconnect the data transfer to the iPhone.

This action is comparable to reconnecting to the network. Often the effect turns out to be positive, the speed of loading a page or file increases significantly. This can be explained by the fact that the operator will prioritize providing a stable connection for a new client. After a while, the situation may repeat itself and again the question will arise, why is the Internet so dull. Normal operation depends on the frequency of the device.

Speed ​​increase instruction

There are other universal ways to increase the internet speed on your phone. You should try the following:

  • Restart the gadget. Very often, this simple action helps to strengthen a weak signal. The device switches to another cell tower and the problem goes away.
  • Disable all automatic download programs, they are great at devouring traffic, which negatively affects the page load time in the browser.
  • Reconnect iPhone connection with Wi-Fi router or modem. Also, the solution to how to strengthen the signal may be to restart the router itself, check all network connections, cables for any damage or kinks.
  • Check for delays in paying for access to the World Wide Web. This fact may seem ridiculous, but very often such forgetfulness becomes the reason why the Internet suddenly disappeared. The user began frantically to search for the cause of a non-existent problem.
  • If possible, check whether the traffic volumes allocated per day according to the selected tariff have not been exhausted;
  • Check with the provider if any repair or maintenance work is in progress. Possible causes of malfunctions include natural phenomena, unforeseen force majeure. Technical support phone number is on the receipt or contract.
  • When using access to the router, without a password, neighbors can take advantage of this opportunity, and this very “slows down” the network. It is necessary to make access using only the password you know and the question of how to improve the Internet on your smartphone will be solved very simply;
  • One of the ways how to strengthen the 3G signal on a modern phone is to search for a position with maximum proximity to the signal sources and antennas of the cellular operator. This equipment is characteristic and easy to find in urban environments.
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If it is impossible to correct the situation with any of the listed options, you should contact the service center employees. Most likely, the problems are related to internal problems, malfunctions of the functionality of the iPhone itself. Remember if your smartphone fell on a hard surface.

We measure the connection speed

A program like Speedtest, available in the App Store, can help you. All other running programs and downloads must be stopped while testing is running. When reviewing the results of the test carried out, special attention should be paid to the load indicator. It is this indicator that is decisive in the descriptions of tariff plans. 5-10 Mbps is enough for free surfing in the network space.

For those who need to improve communication, it makes sense to switch to a more expensive tariff plan. It is better to test several times. The results should not diverge much, if this happens, wait a couple of hours and try to run the test again.

Additional traffic packages

The site contains a lot of additional traffic packages (SMS, minutes for calls, traffic for messengers, and so on). Each MTS client will find his own package. Someone needs 100 MB in order to watch the video, and someone wants to use the “100GB for a day” package or the Unlimited tariff.

We use the application with ROOT rights

To increase the speed of the mobile Internet, there are special programs that are downloaded to the device. ROOT rights allow applications to make adjustments to the system. One of the applications that can increase the data transfer speed is Internet Speed ​​Master.

  • Download the program and install it on your phone.
  • Launch the application.
  • Allow the service to access the settings.
  • Click the Apply Patch button.

As soon as the system makes the settings, the device must be rebooted, and then check the flow rate.

In other cases

In the event that, according to the signs, none of the above problems suits your case, then most likely there is no MTS connection, not through the fault of the operator, but due to the breakdown of your phone. You need to check if the SIM card is correctly installed, restart the operating system on your mobile phone, and reset the settings to factory settings. If in this case no shifts have occurred, you should contact the service for the repair of mobile phones in your city.

Mobile Internet from MTS

Engineering works

There is also the problem of technical work carried out by the technical service of the telecom operator in your area. You will also not be able to influence it, however, in this case, if there is no connection, you will have the opportunity to call the customer technical support service and clarify the deadline for the completion of technical work.

Attention: The operator is obliged to notify its subscribers about technical work in advance. However, an unplanned failure could have occurred and the notification did not reach you. In this case, we recommend that you go to the MTS website and read the notifications and information available there.

In this case, we recommend that you go to the MTS website and read the notifications and information available there.