How to increase the sound when talking on iPhone

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How to increase the volume of the earpiece on a push-button telephone?

You can do this through the phone’s engineering menu. To do this, you need a special service code (each phone has its own code). We enter it and open the menu, find the “Audio” tab and set the volume slider to maximum.

How to check speaker volume on iPhone?

Go to the “Settings” “Sounds” (or “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals”) and drag the “Call and alerts” slider back and forth several times. 5 days ago

How to increase the volume of the iPhone 7 earpiece?

Go to Settings → Music → Equalizer and select the Late Night preset. The iPhone sound will then change and become louder. Depending on the smartphone model, this can be a gain of 5-10%.

How to increase the volume of the earpiece?

To increase the volume of an Android smartphone, you need to dial the command ### (in some individual phone models it may be different. use Google). In the opened engineering menu, you need to scroll through the top menu, then go to the Hardware Testing section, and then to Audio.

How to increase the volume of the Meizu earpiece?

The volume is adjusted through the engineering menu in the Android operating system:

  • You need to go to the Phone application and dial the number: ###.
  • Find in “Hardware Testing”.
  • We find the section “Audio”, and then. “Volume”.
  • Go to “Audio playback” and find the field with the value “3/4 pole headset”.

Why the ringtone has become quieter on the iPhone?

But the two most common reasons for a quiet sound when talking on an iPhone are technical problems either on the side of your device or on the side of the cellular operator. your phone just doesn’t pick up, so the volume and sound quality will fluctuate during a call.

How to increase headphone volume on iPhone?

How to increase the volume of music on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings” → “Music”;
  • Select the item “Limit volume”, turn off the limitation of the volume level and set the value “Maximum volume” to maximum;
  • Return to the “Music” section and go to the “Equalizer” menu;
  • Select “Late Night”.

How to turn up microphone volume on iPhone

How to increase the volume of the earpiece without using the IOS keys

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Most interestingly, this method for increasing the maximum volume of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has only been discovered now, although, in fact, it has been present in the iOS system for more than three years. In order to bypass the restrictions and increase the sound volume on all devices of the “apple” corporation, it is enough to launch the “Settings” application, then scroll down and click on the “Music” section.

In the section that opens, you need to click on “Equalizer”, then in the list that appears, find and select the “Late night” option, which will increase the volume. The thing is that in this sound mode, loud sounds become softer, and quiet ones. much louder.

This means that almost all music on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with this sound mode will be approximately 10-25% louder than at the default settings. The method applies both to the speakers of the device and to the headphones and acoustic systems connected to it. Since this method of increasing the volume is incorporated in iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11, it does not harm Apple products, so it can be used without any fear.

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Setting up the iPhone microphone

Apple’s iPhone comes with headphones with a built-in microphone. Thanks to the microphone, you can communicate on iPhone without holding it. After connecting the headphones to the device, you can adjust the volume of incoming calls and your voice when recording voice memos.

Instructions on how to increase the iPhone microphone volume.

The headphones supplied with the iPhone have a built-in microphone and all you need is an iPhone headphones with microphone.

Plug the iPhone Headphone Mic into the Headset Port on the top of the iPhone.

Look for the “” and “-” symbols on the headphones. In the center of the wire is a small box with volume control symbols. If you look at it from the other side, you will see a small microphone. Make sure that your hands or clothes do not cover it from you during a conversation.

Click on the “” symbol to increase, and “-“. to decrease the microphone volume.

Move the microphone to your mouth if the other person cannot hear you.


Thank you for the article. But such a question can be asked how to reduce the microphone volume when recording video on an iphone? Extremely curious!

How to boost Iphone Audio Volume and Quality

I completely agree! Wonderful information, I was just interested in the topic of how to increase the sensitivity of the iphone 4s microphone. thanks for the guidance

There are other solutions to the microphone problem, they are very simple. Avoid covering the microphone with your fingers when holding iPhone while talking or recording video. Remove any protective film or case that might be covering the iPhone microphone. Remove any dirt from the microphone. All this can be considered trivial, nevertheless it can work and you should not forget about them.

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Increase headphone volume

It often happens that out of concern for users, manufacturers reduce the sound of the headphones in order to protect them from hearing damage. If you want to bypass this limitation, a jailbreak is required, which consists in gaining access to the file system and correcting it. You can install a terminal with Cydia or mount your phone as a computer partition.

increase, sound, talking, iphone

The second option is more convenient. It is enough to put Phone Disk and sort out the smartphone files:

  • Go to the Library section, Preferences tab. In the com.Apple.celestial.plist file, the number 1 is put in the Audio / Video line. All these actions are carried out in a copy of the file on the computer, after which it is transferred to the phone instead of the old version. Editing can be done using Xcode or any similar utility.
  • The plist document is then edited. There you will see the name of the regions and the value of the sound. For example, it could be 83%. You need to set 100% (number 1). Then save the modified file and download to your phone.
  • Reboot your device. After that, the smartphone should give out sound at full strength.

iPhone 8/X/XS/11 Pro Low Call Volume Caller Can’t Hear Sound Problem FIX

The problem is that in new versions of iOS, the installation of updates is accompanied by the return of the settings to the original parameters. So you have to jailbreak regularly.

How to increase volume on iPhone?

One of the most important qualities required of a good smartphone is the ability to correctly reproduce sound when talking and listening to ringtones. It often happens that an external or internal speaker, headphones do not function at full capacity. The performance of the microphone, headset and ring signal can be significantly improved if you know a few simple secrets.

Optimizing speaker sound transmission

To improve the quality of the iOS speaker, you should:

  • Use the standard set of settings. The necessary buttons are on the touch screen and on the device itself. The end of the case is equipped with a silver button. To improve the audibility of the call, press on the top of the.
  • If these manipulations did not bring success, then you will have to act without a button. On the touchscreen, open Settings and go to the Sounds section. Move the slider on the special blue panel to the right.
  • The above actions may not bring the desired result, and the user will still be dissatisfied with the standard sound of the smartphone. Then you need to work with the system files of the device.
  • Proceed as follows: “System”. “Library”. “Frameworks”. “Celestial.framework”. You will need the SystemSoundMaximumVolume document. There you will find information regarding the maximum sound in the entire system. The default is 0.7. You should set 0.99 and reboot the gadget.
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You should also regularly brush your speakers with a soft, clean, dry bristle brush. The protective case also “eats up” some of the sound, so choose the models that provide maximum passage.

How to increase the volume of the Huawei earpiece?

In Huawei phones, the engineering menu is called “ProjectMenu”. It is a little different from the devices of other manufacturers. However, you can improve the sound volume through this menu. ### or ###.

How to increase volume on iPhone if the button doesn’t work?

If the buttons do not change anything, go to the Settings section Sounds, then make sure the Change with buttons feature is turned on. Alternatively, you can change the volume using the Control Center by swiping up.

Why is there a quiet sound when calling on iPhone?

But the two most common reasons for the quiet sound when talking on the iPhone are technical problems either on the side of your device or on the side of the cellular operator. your phone just doesn’t pick up, so the volume and sound quality will fluctuate during a call.

How to turn on sound on iPhone 5?

Open “Settings”, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and set the appropriate volume of the ringtone and notifications. Here you can also enable “Change with buttons”, which will allow you to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

How to remove headphone volume limiting on Android?

In the sound settings, you can turn off the song volume normalization mode and the safe volume limiting mode. Also in the settings of the Music application there can be settings that allow you to improve the sound of tracks specifically for headphones.

How to restore sound on iPhone?

Go to the “Settings” “Sounds” (or “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals”) and drag the “Call and alerts” slider back and forth several times.

How to set up headphone sound on iPhone?

The mono balance can be adjusted to increase the volume of the right or left channel. Enables or disables the Mono Audio feature and adjusts the balance. Select Settings General Accessibility Mono Audio.

Change the audio level during a conversation

Some users face such a problem as poor hearing of the interlocutor or answering machine when making calls. In this case, the problem of how to increase the volume on the iPhone is solved quite simply. This requires:

  • Adjust sound with dedicated buttons. Make sure that when you tap, a slider widget is displayed on the screen indicating volume control.
  • If the sound quality in both speakers is poor, make sure that there are no foreign objects in the dedicated headphone jack.
  • The call volume cannot be changed when Bluetooth is on. Disable this function before making a call.
  • The question of how to increase the volume on the iPhone is easily solved if you clean the speakers with a special brush.
  • After purchasing a new mobile device, you need to make sure that there is no protective or fixing film in the wrong places. The user should remove the excess cover immediately after purchase so as not to face a similar situation.
  • Restarting your phone may also fix the problem of changing speaker power.

Often, users do not see that no special equipment is required to correct the sound: it can be set up on your own in five minutes.

How to increase volume on iPhone in various ways

Most iPhone users complain about the quality and volume of the transmitted sound. It is quite easy to improve this characteristic if you slightly tweak the settings or install an additional application.

Increase volume using settings

To make the sound louder on the iPhone, as on expensive equipment, you need to slightly change the settings in the phone itself.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the sub-item “Music”.
  • Select “Volume Limit” and set the maximum sound level.
  • Exit the previous item and select the “Equalizer” menu.
  • Check the box next to “Late Night”.

With simple steps, the volume of the sound being played will be much higher than it was before. If the result still does not suit you, you can correct it using the available settings in the “Equalizer” menu.

By installing additional programs

Often, the factory volume does not suit the average user, so he has to use unofficial applications to adjust it.

Jailbreak. it is the name of a way to help make iPhone louder. It is as follows:

  • All actions must be performed on a computer, in a file-copy of all data of a mobile phone.
  • You need to install an app called Phone Disk.
  • Click on the “Library” tab.
  • Go to the “Preferences” menu.
  • Open document com.Apple.celestial.plist.
  • Put the number 1 in front of the “Audio / Video” item.
  • Open plist file.
  • Opposite the same item, set the value 1.
  • Save all changes.
  • Download the result to your mobile phone.
  • Reboot device.

This method, which allows you to increase the volume on the iPhone, can only work using the Xcode program. In newer versions of mobile phones, the settings are reset automatically within a few weeks, so this procedure will have to be carried out regularly.

If none of the above methods helped

The volume on the iPhone could not be increased and its level still does not suit the user? The best solution is to contact Support or a repair shop. All of the above methods to increase the volume on an iPhone can help solve extremely minor problems. A workshop or a specialized service will help correct this defect if it is caused by serious system malfunctions.

You can increase the volume on the iPhone yourself in several ways. The first is to change the settings, the second. in the installation of special programs, the third. close inspection of the speakers for physical obstructions such as film or dirt. If none of the above methods helped, then it is better to contact the repair service.

Page 7

To adjust the ringer volume,
do the following:

In Menu mode, select Settings.

Select the item. Change. Inbox

Select Ringtone volume.

Adjust volume by scrolling right

Adjusting the audio volume during a conversation:
During a call, press the volume key (up
or down) to adjust the speaker volume.

When there is a lot of noise during use
loudspeaker audibility may be impaired.
To improve the audibility of the caller, use
normal conversation

In Menu mode, select Settings.

Select the item. Change. Inbox

3 Fold your hands into a megaphone

Remember what you do when you shout “ay” in the woods? Fold your palms over your mouth to make it louder. The same can be done when listening to a smartphone in nature. Simply fold your palm near the speakers to bounce sound waves towards your ears.

place the device Place the phone in a bowl or large mug with the speakers facing down

First you need to go to the engineering menu by typing one of the following codes in the phone dialer:

Next, you need to go to the Audio menu.

There are three main modes for audio settings:

You need to select the mode in which you want to adjust the volume. For example: “Normal mode”. “Microphone”. You will see the menu items “Volume 0”. “Volume 1”. “Volume 2”. “Volume 3”. “Volume 4”. “Volume 5”. “Volume 6”.

The task of these items is to determine the level of the microphone signal, at certain settings of the general volume of the phone (the general volume of the phone is controlled by the volume rocker of the phone). In fact, it all comes down to a simple rule. “The higher the speaker volume, the lower the microphone sensitivity.” For example: in a noisy room, you can make the speaker volume higher (for better audibility of the interlocutor) and lower the microphone sensitivity (to reduce the transmission of external noise). For a quiet room, the settings can be reversed.

Below is an example of settings. Note that these values ​​are not the only correct ones and only illustrate the very principle of adjustment. Specific options may vary depending on the microphone in your phone.

Volume 0. 255
Volume 1. 235
Volume 2. 215
Volume 3. 205
Volume 4. 195
Volume 5. 185
Volume 6. 175

After setting the required values ​​in the last item “16 Level setting”: Max Analog Gain. 178, Step. 4. Press OK. After that, press 2 times “Back”. To the question: “Update parameters? “. The answer is YES! We reboot the phone. Configuration complete!

It is also worth noting that excessive microphone sensitivity can lead to an echo effect (the interlocutor hears himself).

On a principle similar to setting a microphone, you can adjust the volume of other audio devices:

Speech. speaker volume level during normal conversation
Keypad tone. the volume of the beep when the keys are pressed
Melody. the volume of the ringtone during a call
Sound. TV and radio volume

Have you ever gone on vacation and found that you forgot to put your smartphone speaker in your suitcase? Or, once you were trying to listen to a podcast while you were preparing dinner, and you did not hear anything, because water was drawn into the sink, and a frying pan was hissing on the stove There are many situations when you want to amplify the sound without connecting the speakers or plugging your ears with headphones. experts offer five simple, free and ingenious ways to enhance the sound of your gadget.

Have you ever gone on vacation and found that you forgot to put your smartphone speaker in your suitcase? Or, once you were trying to listen to a podcast while you were preparing dinner, and you did not hear anything, because water was drawn into the sink, and a frying pan was hissing on the stove There are many situations when you want to amplify the sound without connecting the speakers or plugging your ears with headphones. experts offer five simple, free and ingenious ways to enhance the sound of your gadget.

4 Place your smartphone in a bowl

This trick will live on as long as sounding gadgets and deep dishes exist. Just place your device in a bowl or large mug, this time with the speakers facing down. Sound waves will reflect off the bottom and side surfaces of the cookware and fill the room better.

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Speaker from scrap materials

2 Night equalizer

On iPhone, go to the menu, select Settings Music EQ and then Late Night. The rest of the equalizer options also increase the volume, but Late Night in this case is the best option.

1 Turn upside down

The speakers are located on the bottom of the device, so they sound louder when facing up and out, rather than down as usual, where they are muted by a stand or table top. Want to listen to loud music from your phone. turn it upside down and support with something.

Speakers are located on the bottom of the device so they sound louder when facing up and out

Roll your palm around the iPhone speaker

This method is good if you hold the iPhone in your hands, for example, to watch YouTube. Just fold your palm in a semicircle near the speaker and sound waves can bounce off your hand towards your ears.

How to make and install a ringtone (ringtone) on any iPhone without a computer right on the device?

Flip iPhone

The speakers on iPhone are at the bottom of the device. To increase the volume, simply turn the device over so as not to drown out the sound by any surface or object, such as a table top. This will make the sound a little louder and cleaner. Propping your iPhone with something, also make sure the speaker is facing up.

Equalizer: add bass (low frequencies) when listening to music on iPhone and iPad.

Equalizer Late Night Mode

Choose Settings → Music → Equalizer and then Late Night Mode. Of all the EQ modes available on the iPhone, this is the loudest. However, if the sound on the iPhone is at its maximum, you can hear slight distortion when operating in this mode.

How to properly shade secret data in iPhone screenshots so that they cannot be seen.

How to increase the sound when talking on iPhone

Sound on iphone models ranging from 2g to iphone X and 8 plus is extracted from two speakers. Consider them.

One is used for conversation, and is at the top of the screen. Through the narrow horizontal opening of the display glass and the mesh, sound passes from the internal speaker, which in turn is screwed to the display and pressed to the contacts of the cable, on which, in addition to the speaker, there are a front camera and light sensors to adjust the brightness of the display.

This speaker. so called speaker, mainly used only for mobile phone conversation like standard GSM. as well as for Internet calls via viber whatsapp skype programs, etc.

The second speaker is used for speakerphone and loud reproduction of sounds and music. It is much larger and stronger in power. It is located near the charging socket on the right side, and is also covered with a protective mesh. which protects the speaker from dust, debris, sand and liquid.

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus has an innovation. stereo sound for music and video playback. And everyone wondered if the engineers had created an iPhone with three speakers, or the iPhone had two speakers left, and the speaker became louder and more versatile.?

The answer is number two. stereo sound is extracted from two speakers: the lower and upper speaker-a.

In general, we have already figured out how many speakers and where they are on the iPhone. It remains to disassemble the types of their breakdowns and repair options.

The simplest thing is that the sound of the speaker in the iPhone has become quiet. Such a breakdown usually manifests itself if any kind of liquid gets into the speaker hole and the protective mesh located there. The sticky and viscous liquid immediately clogs the holes and holes in the mesh. thus closing the passage for sound, and possibly nailing the speaker membrane.

You can try to quickly repair such a breakdown at home without disassembling the iPhone by dropping a drop of alcohol or any other non-aggressive degreaser on the mesh and brushing it with a toothbrush.

This option saves with a probability of 70%, but it happens that you still have to disassemble the phone, and change both the mesh and the speaker.

If the sound has disappeared completely from the earpiece, you need to make sure that the iPhone has not switched to headset mode. To do this, when you call, you need to press the volume button and see the message that appears on the iPhone screen. If the inscription “headphones” appears under the volume scale. this indicates that the speaker is simply turned off by the system, and the iPhone thinks that headphones or a headset are connected to it.

Repair of such a breakdown is solved either by replacing the lower loop, or by soldering the elements on the board, which are responsible for switching the sound modes of the smartphone.

If the earpiece does not work and the sound mode is standard, we try to disassemble the iPhone and change the speaker itself and / or the cable to it.

Few people know that iPhones shipped to Europe through official channels have a factory volume limit. This requirement is primarily due to EU laws, according to which the sound power in headphones cannot exceed 100 dB. According to scientific studies, listening to music at loudness levels above 90 dB can have a truly irreversible effect on hearing. Despite the fact that for most markets Apple does not limit the volume in its smartphones in any way, we still advise you to do it yourself.

Today, almost all playback devices (including iPhones) and headphones are capable of providing very high sound pressure levels, sometimes exceeding all permissible standards. This is especially true for open-type headphones like EarPods or Airpods, where noise isolation is absent as a class. As a result, in a busy place it is easy enough to exceed the limit without even noticing it. Fortunately, the iOS mobile operating system is well placed to manually set the limit. Let’s find out how to do it.

So how to limit the maximum volume of iPhone and iPad?

  • Launch “Settings” and go to the “Music” section on your device.
  • We find the item “Playback” and go to the “Volume Limit”.
  • Here it will be necessary to set an acceptable volume level for you. To do this, drag the “Maximum volume” slider. The recommended indicator is 70-80% of the total volume.
  • Next, go to “Settings” → “Screen Time” → “Content and Privacy”.
  • In the “Allow changes” section, go to the “Volume limit” menu item.
  • It remains only to check the box opposite the option “No”.

All is ready! In order to return everything as it was, it is enough to set the slider in the menu “Settings” → “Music” → “Volume Limit” to the maximum, before that turning off the corresponding option in the “Screen Time”.

Many have found themselves in a situation when, during a trip, it turns out that they have forgotten the Bluetooth speaker at home. Or, for example, while preparing lunch, the user tries to listen to a podcast, but nothing is heard due to the gurgling of the tap and the hiss of the frying pan. There are many situations where you need to turn up the volume on your iPhone, but there is no way to use a bluetooth speaker or headphones.

How to instantly jump to the first or last photos in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad.

Here are five free and easy ways to make your iPhone a little louder.

Place iPhone in a bowl

This trick has been around for many years. Just place your iPhone in a bowl with the speaker facing down. Sound waves will bounce off the bottom and sides of the selected cookware, thereby increasing the volume.

Make your own iPhone speaker

The bowl trick works great, but you can direct the sound waves even better. All you need is a toilet paper roll or roll of paper towels, a couple of plastic or paper cups, and scissors. Make a slot in the sleeve large enough to fit the iPhone. Then make holes in the sides of each glass and slide them over the grommet.

Banal cleaning

The most common cause of sound degradation is dust and dirt getting into the process connectors. It gets there when worn in s or a bag. Sometimes it can be seen with the naked eye.

To remove dirt yourself, you need to be very careful.

  • use a toothbrush to remove dirt and debris;
  • try to remove dirt with a soft brush;
  • try to remove dust with tweezers.
  • use a variety of liquids and sprays to clean the speakers;
  • use needles, paper clips, toothpicks;
  • blow off the device yourself or use compressed air cylinders.

Any liquid can get inside and cause irreversible processes from oxidation of contacts to failure of parts and components of a smartphone.

Sharp objects can damage the protective structure and the speakers themselves, as can compressed air.

Even on an iPhone 7 with a waterproof case, you shouldn’t use harsh cleaning agents (liquids, cleaning agents, compressed air). In addition to the chance to damage the speakers, you can also break the waterproof insulation layer.

Checking the settings

For starters, the most basic set of measures for diagnosing sound quality.

Make sure that Do Not Disturb (Settings. Do Not Disturb) and Silent Mode (switch on the side of the iPhone) are disabled.

Reboot iPhone and set the sound level to maximum.

Disable Bluetooth if other accessories are paired with it.

We check the sound in the standard applications Music and Phone or a problematic program, where we noticed a deterioration in sound.

MYTH: Many people think that European iPhones have quieter sound to comply with EU standards. Yes, European smartphones have such a limitation (Settings. Music. Volume Limit), but it only concerns the sound volume in the connected headphones.

Why the iPhone has become quieter

It’s unpleasant when, after a certain time, you begin to notice a deterioration in sound quality. Speakers can wheeze, hiss, produce noise and clicks. This applies to both the earpiece on the front panel and the external one on the bottom of the smartphone.

Speakers and fluid

Water or other liquid is categorically contraindicated in any technique. Until Apple indicates that the iPhone is IP68 compliant, it cannot be considered fully protected. Indeed, if liquid gets inside the device, the warranty repair will be refused.

You cannot clean iPhone speakers with any liquid.!

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Even the oldest iPhone can handle a few drops of rain or small splashes. You just need to quickly remove moisture with any soft cloth.

  • use any dry wipes and cloths for wiping monitors or glasses;
  • wipe off the liquid with a dry kitchen or toilet towel;
  • blot a drop with the corner of your clothes if nothing more suitable was found.
  • use paper napkins, towels or toilet paper (wood particles in the composition can leave small scratches);
  • wipe it on clothes (you can touch the body with a zipper or a button);
  • try to blow off or shake off drops (water can get even deeper inside the device, and the wet smartphone itself can slip out of your hands).

serious precautions are needed after severe wetting. Wipe down the housing and openings immediately as described above. Now you have to wait until the moisture trapped in the connectors dries.

Never dry the device with a hairdryer, in the sun or in a heating device.

So you can easily ditch the battery, overheat temperature-sensitive elements, destroy the glue and sealing substances inside the case.

If the iPhone turns on after drying, it’s too early to rejoice. You will have to make a visit to the service center. Even the smallest amount of moisture in the case, when dry, can leave a deposit of salts, impurities and other particles on the elements.

Over time, this plaque will corrode and destroy the components of the device. Then it will only get worse, you can get to expensive repairs or the device is recognized as completely unrepairable.

It’s better to spend half an hour of time and drop into the service center, so you will be calm that everything is in order with the iPhone inside.

What else could there be

It happens that the sound of the speakers deteriorates for another reason, dust or moisture is not to blame here. Speakers can be damaged if the iPhone is unsuccessfully dropped on a hard surface. Even if no impact marks are left on the outside, components inside may be damaged.

The speaker may turn out to be defective at all. For the first few months, it regularly produces a sound, and then it gives up abruptly and begins to wheeze.

And if you fumble in iPhones and Macs, have experience in a service center. contact the guys at FruitFix, they are just looking for smart craftsmen.

Setting up call forwarding on your mobile device

Make sure that you do not have call forwarding activated and that your calls are not being forwarded to a third-party Skype calling application. Some older Android phones have call forwarding settings. For newer models go to your calling app settings.

Contacting a service center for phone repair

If all of the above does not help, the reason may lie in the physical breakdown of your phone, in particular, the speaker or sound amplifier board. In this case, you should contact the service center to repair your gadget.

Remove malicious apps that block sound from your phone

If you are wondering why there is no sound on an incoming call on your phone, but all the sound on it is turned on, antiviruses (Kaspersky, AVAST, AVG and others) can help. Restarting your phone in safe mode can also solve the problem. If the call is made without problems in safe mode, it means that external applications installed from the outside interfere with the sound reproduction during a call. Stop (delete) each of them one by one in order to identify the problematic one and get rid of it completely.

Why is there no sound on the phone when I call, but all the sound is on

Many of us are inseparable from our smartphone. Once we pick it up, we may find that we missed one or more calls. We can ignore this until we notice that when a call comes in, it simply does not ring. But when talking, playing video or music, the device plays perfectly, and no problems are observed. Why is there no sound on the mobile phone during an incoming call, but all the sound in the settings is turned on? We will tell in our material.

Cleaning the audio jack of a mobile device

In some cases (especially important for iPhones), the smartphone may freeze in the headphone connection mode, in which the external sound is muted.

  • Use a toothpick to gently remove dirt from the inner surface of the connector. lint, fluff, paper, etc.;
  • Using a cotton swab, gently clean the outer surface of the connector;
  • If moisture gets inside the connector, gently blow inside with a hairdryer. You can also put the device in a warm place for a while, for example, on a windowsill, illuminated by the sun;
  • In case the connector is stuck, try several times to simply connect and disconnect the headphones to it. You can also tap the device gently.

Disable airplane mode on your phone if you can’t hear a call

Make sure airplane mode is not turned on if there is no sound on the phone when you call.

  • Go to settings, select “Network and Internet”.
  • And then deactivate the “Flight mode” (if the latter is installed).
  • Airplane mode can also be disabled in the top settings panel of your device.

Do not disturb mode as the reason why there is no sound on the smartphone

Also check if the Do Not Disturb mode is turned off on your phone and that it is not set to turn on automatically at certain times of the day.

To do this, go to the settings, then select the “Sound” section, and there check the “Do not disturb” mode. “Enable automatically”.

Checking the volume setting if sound is on

On most Android phones, when you go to volume settings, you will see four sliders. ringtone volume, media volume, notification volume, and system volume.

The volume (melody) of the ringtone is what you need to adjust correctly. Set the required comfortable value of this slider.

Also check if you can hear other sounds well. music, videos, alarms. If there is no sound there, then the reason for the dysfunction is not in the settings (see tips below).

Also try setting a different ringtone for the call. This is especially true of third-party ringtones that are not native to this smartphone. This can help solve the problem that there is no sound of an incoming call on the device when the rest of the sound is working normally.

On iPhones, the ringer / mute switch can be configured to mute the ringer. This switch is located above the volume switch. If you see an orange color on this switch, then your phone is set to vibration mode. Switch it to sound and you will hear the ringtone again when a call comes in.

How to troubleshoot?

Only the simplest and most obvious problems can be eliminated on your own when the conversational or lower speaker does not work.

  • Examining the iPhone case for contamination
  • We remove the cover and clean the microphone holes and the non-working speaker on the iPhone (which one is not working, we took it apart in the previous section)
  • We clean the nets, covering from dust and dirt, technical holes
  • We insert the working headphones into the 3.5 mm jack located next to the charger and carefully remove it. We repeat the procedure up to 10 times, perhaps the audio codec is frozen.
  • We are trying to restart iPhone, how to do it read in the article How to restart a frozen iPhone.
  • In the most difficult case, we reset the settings to the factory settings. This erases all applications and user settings, in 10% of cases, the problem lies precisely in this.

Symptoms of a Top Speaker Malfunction

  • Sound is not played during conversation
  • Noises, crackling, distortion of the voice when talking
  • You can hear me in the FaceTime app, but I can’t hear the other person.

Broken down speaker

After you have received an understanding of the problem, you need to try to fix them yourself, without the help of paid masters from service centers. If, when communicating with the interlocutor, you hear crackling, interference and stuttering, most likely there is something with a connection, but not always. This may be caused not by the fact that the conversational or music speaker does not work, but a problem with the audio codec, a small microcircuit, in the bowels of the phone.

What to do if speaker on iPhone is not working properly?

According to statistics, 25% of users face this problem. With the release of new models from Apple, the problem when the speaker does not work on a seemingly reliable device like a tank will only get worse.

Why does not it work?

All iPhone models are equipped with an earpiece and a polyphonic one for playing music and ringing. For example, if the sound does not work on the iPhone, you need to understand which one has become unusable. There are many reasons when a speaker on an iPhone breaks, here are the most common:

  • Water got into the polyphonic or earpiece speaker
  • Mechanical damage to the phone
  • Overheating and subsequent peeling of the microcircuit responsible for encoding the audio signal, it may be because of this that you lost sound on the iPhone.
  • Falling iPhone from a great height on a hard surface, as a result, again a problem with the microcircuit.
  • Software bugs iOs, applications, or common system glitches

As a consequence of the speaker not working on the iphone 5, the sound on the iPhone is not working. But it is necessary to clarify, since the upper and lower loudspeakers are installed in the phone, each is responsible for the reproduction of different sounds. To find out which of them has become unusable, especially if water gets into the phone, we carry out the simplest tests, by analogy with microphones.

Question answer

Most likely, the liquid got inside the device, and this is already more difficult to eliminate, read about this in the article what to do if the phone falls into water?

The same as with water ingress, read here. But in this case, it will be much more difficult to clean everything, get ready to replace the loudspeaker or speaker.

Yes, it will do, the methods will work with success for iphone 4s, iphone 5s, iPhone 6 and even for the 7 series.

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