How to insert a SIM card into Samsung

How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy. step by step guide

Inserting a SIM card into a Samsung is much more difficult than untrained owners of other smartphones think. To perform this operation correctly is a whole art. And most of all the SIM adventure you try to put in the progressive Galaxy’s tray. Let’s make a reservation right away. the instruction is universal. What we are about to cover will work on both the A10 and A50. Go.

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Possible problems

The most common problem is associated with guessing the “key”. Popular tools among the people are paper clips, pins, needles. The more ideal the pin diameter is, the better. The second nuance is trimming the SIM card. Many Samsung owners cut the edges with scissors. in this case, you need to act precisely. The third problem is that the smartphone refuses to see the SIM card at all. Let’s see what can be done.

How to find out your phone model

The model is designated with a special number containing information about the series, characteristics and functionality. The easiest way is to look in “Settings” and find the “About device” section there. If you have a removable cover, look for the desired data on the surface of the battery. The IMEI along with the serial number will also be found there. If you type # on the keyboard, you can get into the online databases where the required information is stored.

In order to correctly insert the SIM-card into “Samsung”, you should understand your model in advance. And here a simple Antutu application comes to the rescue. If that doesn’t work (which is unlikely), try combinations # or #. Not only the model of the gadget will be displayed, but also the software you are using.

Incorrectly cut sim card

You are not dealing with an ordinary piece of plastic, but with a complex microcircuit. The slightest mistake will cause the SIM card to stop functioning. If the trimming is done incorrectly, contact your mobile operator. The service point will replace your device, keeping your tariff plan and current balance. Examine the markings for accurate orientation.

How to insert a SIM card into a “Samsung” of a specific model

There are several varieties of Sims, the instructions for inserting them will vary. Nowadays, phone models with two trays are gaining popularity. both slots will be of the same type. Let’s list the types of SIM cards:

  • full-size (vintage for push-button gadgets);
  • mini (for devices produced in the tenth years);
  • micro (2003 product focused on LTE and 3G technologies);
  • nano (tiny premium SIM card with missing plastic edges).

Galaxy developers decided to use nano technology. At the same time, we were pleased with two slots and a microSD memory card. All cards are invested in the same way, but the localization of the trays is the result of design thinking. If you did not find a sticker with step-by-step instructions, proceed according to our guide. Now you will learn how to insert a SIM card into “Samsung”, even if you use A7 and A5. Our recommendations will be useful for all users of the The steps are:

  • Disable smartphone (or tablet).
  • Find the tray cover at the end.
  • Look for a small dot. key hole.
  • Arm yourself with a needle and push it into the hole.
  • Open and carefully remove the tray.

If you acted correctly, this is what will open to the eye.

It should be borne in mind that there are several types of trays in mobile devices. The most common solutions are for one or two SIM cards. And there are also hybrid solutions and coupled with a memory card. The Galaxy A6, for example, has two nano slots and a microSD drive. Since the sim cards have a bevel, it will be difficult to install them incorrectly. The same applies to tablets of the Tab S series, which are actively sold in the post-Soviet space. Act carefully. and you will achieve success.

The phone does not see the SIM card

It is likely that your SIM card is simply faulty. You know how to insert a SIM card into “Samsung”, and you couldn’t be wrong, so why doesn’t the gadget accept the attachment? There may be several reasons:

  • expired shelf life;
  • poor pruning;
  • spoiled slot;
  • mechanical damage;
  • damaged contacts;
  • software failure;
  • card holder contamination.

To avoid a problem, handle trays and card modules with care. Do not let dirt get inside the phone, carefully cut the edges. If you can’t do something, contact the master. The gadget will still be useful to you, do not break it.

How to insert a memory card into a Samsung phone?

Most smartphones from Samsung support memory cards, which can, for example, save photos taken with the device’s camera. In this article, we will show you how to insert a memory card into a smartphone if you do not know what to do to do this. By the way, if you want to connect a USB flash drive via OTG, we have already talked about this earlier.

You will need a paperclip. You can find it in the kit from a smartphone. If you don’t have a branded paperclip, use a regular paperclip.

Pick up your smartphone and look for the edge on which the tray is located. In our example (Samsung Galaxy S8), the tray is on the top edge.

In the photo above, it is on the right. There is also a small dot on the left, but this is a microphone. do not insert a paperclip into the hole for it!

Insert a paperclip into the hole in the tray and press down.

Actually, this is what the tray looks like. Please note that it can take a variety of forms. So, in our example, a tray is used either for two SIM cards, or for one SIM and a memory card. You may have a dual SIM and memory card tray.

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Next, insert the memory card. You will not miss the place, since the seat for the memory card is much larger than for nanoSIM, which is used in modern Samsung smartphones. It should look like this:

Insert the tray with the memory card, and be sure to all the way.

If everything is done correctly, you will see a message about the inserted memory card. If the card is already known to the smartphone, information about it can be found in the section “Device maintenance”. “Memory”.

For Samsung smartphones with a removable back cover, the memory card slot is located next to the battery, for example:

You will have to remove the cover beforehand.

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Installing a SIM card in the Galaxy A5

The Nano-SIM is installed in the following sequence:

  • Turn off your smartphone. Failure to do so may result in burnout of the power controller or power amplifier.
  • Take a metal ejector, insert it into the hole on the slot cover, and press down a little.
  • When the tray leans forward a little, open it by pulling on the protruding end.
  • Place the SIM card in the card holder. If necessary, insert a second SIM card or microSD memory.
  • Return the slot to its original state by pressing on it with your finger.

After the connector is in place, turn on the phone and check if the SIM-card is detected. If everything is done correctly, the signal strength of the network will be shown on the screen of the mobile phone. If the display shows the message like “Insert SIM”, try to remove the card and install it again.

How to insert a regular SIM card into a smartphone with Micro SIM

In communication salons, Mini-SIM is issued as standard. In some cases, this is a combined SIM, from which you can “squeeze” the size of the cards that the user needs, as they fold into each other. Micro-SIM contains a small amount of plastic and is a medium-sized SIM card. The card cut to the required size is inserted into the battery compartment with the microcircuit down.

How to Insert Sim Card and SD Card in Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

How the Internet works on smartphones with dual SIM cards

If the smartphone has one SIM-card, then the Internet works through it. If the smartphone has two SIM cards, then you need to choose through which Internet connection will work. The choice of a SIM card for calls and SMS does not affect the Internet and is configured separately.

SIM or USIM card activation

Launch the Settings app and tap Connections → SIM card manager. Select a SIM or USIM card and tap the switch to activate it.

The sequence of work will be as follows:

  • Find a SIM-card cut template online and print it on paper.
  • Glue your SIM card to the template. If the old card is in Mini format, use the MiniSIM to NanoSIM scheme. For Micro size, the MicroSIM to NanoSIM template is suitable. For the correct fixation of the SIM card, be guided by the cut corner.
  • Following the printout, remove excess plastic from the SIM card with a knife or scissors. To avoid damage to the microcircuit, be extremely careful and do not make sudden movements.
  • Sand the edges of the card with fine-grained sandpaper.

How to find out your phone model

The model is designated with a special number containing information about the series, characteristics and functionality. The easiest way is to look in “Settings” and find the “About device” section there. If you have a removable cover, look for the desired data on the surface of the battery. The IMEI along with the serial number will also be found there. If you type # on the keyboard, you can get into the online databases where the required information is stored.

In order to correctly insert the SIM-card into “Samsung”, you should understand your model in advance. And here a simple Antutu application comes to the rescue. If that doesn’t work (which is unlikely), try combinations # or #. Not only the model of the gadget will be displayed, but also the software you are using.

How to insert a SIM card into Samsung A30 and A20: action algorithm

The manufacturer has done everything possible to simplify the process of installing the SIM into the phone. Samsung has moved away from the legacy method of removing the back cover, removing the battery, and then replacing it. Now a special slot is provided in the front part and is completely independent of other elements of the smartphone.

Let’s consider how to insert a SIM card into Samsung A30 and A20. Immediately, we note that the installation instructions are the same for both devices, so it makes no sense to separate them.

Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S8 / S8

  • Find the slot where you want to insert the SIM card. As already noted, it is located at the top left side when looking at the smartphone screen.
  • Disconnect the device completely to exclude software malfunctions when replacing a SIM card.
  • Find a tool to remove the special tray. It should be in the box with your Samsung phone. If the device was bought hand-held, any thin metal object can be used. The optimal solution is a paper clip.
  • Insert the tool into the thin hole at the bottom of the card holder and press down on it. Correctness of actions is confirmed by a quiet click and opening of the tray.
  • Remove it from the connector. There will be three holes. two for the SIM and one for the SD card (Micro).
  • Install one or two SIM cards at once, if necessary. See first how to insert a SIM card into Samsung to avoid mistakes.
  • Put the SIM card tray back in place. Make sure you insert it the right way round. Sims must be face down.
  • Click on the card holder and make sure it is locked into the Samsung smartphone.
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That’s all. If you were able to insert the SIM card into the A30 or A20, turn on the phone and make sure that it is detected normally. Try to call, send SMS and go to the Internet.

How to set up for Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call or so that all calls go from the desired SIM card

Don’t know how to set up on Samsung so that the phone offers a choice from which SIM card to call? On this page you will find instructions on how to make the phone offer a choice from SIM-1 or SIM-2 for outgoing calls, as well as configure so that all calls go only from the desired SIM card.

1) The first way is how to set up Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call:
– Open “Settings” on your phone or tablet.
– In the settings we find the item “SIM card manager.
– Next, in the menu that opens, we find “Voice call” and in the window that opens, select “Always ask”.
Now when you want to make a call, the phone will offer from which SIM card to make a call from SIM-1 or SIM-2. Also, if desired, in the Samsung settings, you can select the desired SIM card from the two with which all calls will automatically go.

2) The second way is how to configure the choice of SIM card for calls on a Samsung phone. Suitable for Samsung Android 10, 9 smartphones:

The article was posted on February 14, 2017. Edited 06.04.

How to insert a SIM card into Samsung

If earlier, in order to install a SIM card in a smartphone, it was necessary to remove the back cover and remove the battery, now everything is a little different. phones are becoming thinner, and manufacturers are trying to make their cases (conditionally) not collapsible. How to insert a SIM card into Samsung and start using your mobile device fully?

At the moment, in almost all modern smartphones, the installation of SIM cards and memory cards is very similar to each other.

Installing a SIM card

The first thing to do is to find on the device case the cover of a special tray located on one of the side faces.

As a rule, it is placed on the left and equipped with a special hole for the “key”. Some smartphones have two trays at once, but most mobile devices have one at a time.

Even a simple needle or paper clip can act as a “key” (which comes with a smartphone), because all you need is to insert it into the hole in the tray and easily push it inside. This will allow you to open the tray, which you then need to gently pull out with your fingers.

  • for one SIM card;
  • for two SIM-cards;
  • one hybrid tray (in which you can install two SIM cards or one SIM card together with a memory card);
  • two trays (one for SIM cards, and the other for a memory card);
  • two trays (one for a SIM card, and the other for a SIM card and memory card).

For example, the Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone has two trays, where one holds a nanoSIM SIM card, and the second holds another SIM card and microSD memory card.

You need to try very hard to install the SIM cards incorrectly, since they have a special bevel (“key”, “guide”) at one of the corners and somehow other than correctly, they do not allow the SIM card to enter the slot. The same goes for the memory card.

After the SIM cards are installed in the slots, carefully insert the tray (or trays) into place and press them against the body until they are completely closed.

If everything is done according to the instructions, the signal levels of mobile networks will be displayed in the status bar, and information about the memory card connection will appear in the notification panel.

What to do if Samsung does not see the SIM card?

Sometimes there are situations when Samsung does not see the SIM card. In this case, the problem may lie in the improper installation of the SIM card (for example, when cutting it yourself), a problem with the SIM card itself (the microprocessor is out of order, mechanical damage), the SIM card does not comply with the standards of the networks supported by the smartphone, or the SIM card has expired.

In some cases, this can be observed on old SIM cards when operators move from 3G networks to 4G coverage.

In any of the options, the most correct solution would be to replace the SIM card with a new one at the center for working with clients of your mobile operator.

Instructions for installing in Samsung Galaxy S7 2 SIM-cards and MicroSD

The other day, instructions were published on the network for installing two SIM cards and a MicroSD memory card in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at the same time.

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As you know, inside all variants of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is used; paired a tray that initially allows you to install either two SIM cards of the nano-SIM format, or one SIM card and a microSD card. In some cases, this can create certain inconveniences, since the owner of a smartphone may want to use both two cards of operators of the hundredth communication, and the possibility of expanding the memory at the same time after all, the built-in 32 Gb may not be enough, and more than capacious Galaxy S7 variants Samsung does not release yet.

However, the craftsmen noticed that the contacts of the microSD memory card and the second SIM card are in different places, so they can be combined if desired and nothing prevents them from working at the same time. This is how this instruction appeared.

Important: you carry out all the manipulations described below at your own peril and risk, we do not bear any responsibility for possible damage that you can cause using the instructions below! The chances of spoiling the SIM-card are the greatest, to a lesser extent microSD memory card.

Also, keep in mind that the microSD memory card modified by the method described in the instructions can no longer be used with most card readers and other devices.

[Instructions] How to make from a simple SIM card. Micro-SIM card

Below is a guide for users who are interested in this. In fact, all the proposed manipulations with SIM cards are simple. Despite this, they do not eliminate the risk to your smartphone. Since incorrect actions can lead to damage to the card.

Similar attempts were carried out on SIM cards of the SFR operator. You can also try it with cards of other operators. First, check your SIM card with the updated chip. If the chip itself is the same, then you can risk it.

First, you need a sharp knife and scissors. Don’t worry, this operation does not require high precision.

Now pay attention to the instruction picture. In the operations performed, try to give the SIM card exactly the same size. If this does not suit you, you take the card and select the size so that the card matches the edge of the micro SIM card.

Below in the picture you can see that this is not exactly the same, because the size of the chip and the card is still different.

The first part of the operation is easy, but also the most dangerous. You need to take scissors and cut off the top of the card, as shown in the picture below. It is 1mm flush with the chip.

Your task is to cut all lines parallel to the chip.

Next, install the card as shown in the picture and cut off the text “SIM 250 extra, etc.” and you will get the following:

Now you don’t have to worry about the base size. You need to cut a little flush with the chip on the left side of the card. Do everything carefully and carefully so as not to damage the chip.

Here’s the result you should get:

If everything went well, you can proceed to the final stage. Take the original micro SIM card in your hands and bring the SIM card to it. Mark the line with a knife as shown below:

Cut the edges according to the example.

Thus, you will get a rectangle, and you will see that you are close to the cherished goal. It remains only to cut off the lower right corner. To do this, again carefully look at the example drawing, attach the card and cut the desired edge diagonally.

By cutting it along the mowing line, you will have a map of the appropriate size in your hands.

You just need to remove the back cover of the smartphone, insert the received Micro-SIM card and make sure that everything works fine.

We hope that our article will be useful for you and will reduce the cost of buying a new card.

Updated 01.10: Now almost all operators will be able to cut or change a regular SIM card to a micro SIM for free. Therefore, if possible. better go to the nearest service center and let them do it for you with a special device.

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