How to install a second WhatsApp on iPhone

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Two WhatsApp on one phone

There are many reasons why you may need to install two WhatsApp on one phone, and it is strange why the developers not only have not added such a function to the application, but also periodically release updates that make third-party applications stop working. But still, this is not a reason to despair, given that a really working method exists and is described in this manual.

Updating the old version of GBWhatsApp

  • There is no need to uninstall the old version to update.
  • Just download the new one (at the moment it is 5.60) from our website and start the installation.

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Installing two accounts on one Android device

    Most likely, you already have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you don’t need to touch it. We are just installing another additional application. GBWA, for this we need download GBWA (password to archive 123) to your phone and start installation.

During installation, you may need to go into the settings and enable installation from unknown sources.

Go to settings and check the box Unknown sources

Once installed, open the app and enter your second phone number.

After activation, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, it will look something like this:

  • The chat in the GBWhatsApp application practically does not differ from the original.
  • But there are many additional features, for example, advanced privacy settings have been added to it, which will help you remain invisible.
  • You can hide your online status, even in groups, hide the second tick and blue microphone, which can give you away.
  • Second way

    There is one more way for it, we need the Parallel Space application.

      Install it on your phone through the Play Market and run.

    Choose a cloning app (you can clone any, but we are considering WhatsApp).

    Create a shortcut on the desktop by dragging the icon down the screen to the “Create shortcut”

  • Open the clone, enter a new phone number and start chatting.
  • For Android

    With phones on the Android platform, namely with specific models, this task is very easy to solve. The Xiaomi brand is letting in phones that not only support dual SIM, but also have a built-in Dual App feature. You just need to activate it through the settings, select the Viber application in the presented list, and then re-enter the Play Market and download Viber again. After that, two identical messenger icons will appear on the phone. Go to each and register under different numbers.

    If you have a different phone model, and it does not have the “Dual Application” function, then the only way out is to use special programs that allow you to make changes to system files and clone the application. You can also find and install this utility through the Play Market. The most popular and understandable to use is Parallel Space. Download it to your phone and create a second identical application:

    For iOS

    To download the second Viber on the iPhone, you need to make manual changes to the system files. So, after you have installed the Viber application from the App Store and registered your phone number with it, you can now add the second version of the messenger. Strictly observe the following instructions:

    • Open the Safari browser from your phone.
    • Insert such a request othman.TV into the address bar.
    • After clicking on the link, a large list of available applications will open in front of you, select “Viber 2”, and click “Download”.
    • Next, you need to run the installation file and wait until the second shortcut appears on the phone.
    • Do not open it yet, but go to the system settings to make changes: section “Basic”, “Device Management”.
    • Add the following certificate manually. VNE Software, confirm trust.
    • Now you can register a second SIM through the clone application.

    Installation methods

    How to install Viber on one phone two times? How can this be done for smartphones on different operating systems?

    How to put a second Viber on a smartphone

    Viber is a very convenient application that perfectly replaces the use of cellular communication and allows you to save on the services of a mobile operator. Viber is a mobile messenger application for free calls and messages with any user, regardless of their location. You just need to connect to the Internet. If with the help of Viber you not only communicate with friends, but also solve, for example, work issues, then it is more convenient to create two different accounts for these purposes. Accordingly, the question arises, is it possible to immediately use two Viber on one phone?

    Is it possible to download 2 Viber on the phone

    For Windows Phone

    • App Cloner;
    • 2Accounts;
    • Multiple Accounts;
    • Go Multiple;
    • Dual Space Lite;
    • Dual Accounts;
    • LuckyPatcher.

    In just a few minutes, you can create a copy of any of your applications on your phone. In order for two different Viber accounts to work simultaneously on the same phone, you need to have two mobile operator numbers, that is, two active SIM cards, and register an application under each. It is important to understand that using two identical programs at the same time with different encryption in system files may slow down their work or disrupt certain functions.

    How to start two accounts

    If you managed to clone the Viber application and there are two icons on the phone screen, then it remains to configure accounts in each profile and launch them. But they will be able to work only under different SIM card numbers. Therefore, to do this, follow the standard authorization procedure:

    • Run Viber.
    • select a country.
    • Enter your mobile phone number (a different number for each of the Viber).
    • Confirm with SMS code.
    • Go to the main menu of the application.

    over, it is not necessary that a phone with two SIM cards be used for two different accounts, it can be a smartphone for one card, and the second one will be simply inserted, even in a push-button phone.

    As far as account information is concerned, it can be identical in two applications, or it can be different. Users’ contacts are pulled automatically from the phone. Otherwise, everything will remain as usual, the work will not differ in any way. However, I want to warn you that many users speak out negatively about such an idea with two Vibers on one smartphone. The second application, which has been cloned, may not display correctly the list of users or not send notifications about unread SMS until you open Viber. In addition, copied applications are less secure and vulnerable to fraudulent attacks. Therefore, if you have 2 phones in stock, then the best thing is Viber for two phones for each SIM.

    How to clone WhatsApp?

    How to download the tool and create a clone in it: First, open the “Android” settings, go to the “Security” section and enable the “Unknown sources” option so that the OS will perceive the second “WhatsApp”, which we will install using the App Cloner.

    Is it possible to have two Watsap on one phone?

    Your WhatsApp account can only be verified on one phone number and on one device. If you are using a dual SIM phone, you will have to select one number to verify it on WhatsApp. Can’t get a WhatsApp account linked to two phone numbers.

    How to make WhatsApp for two SIM cards?

    How to use WhatsApp on a dual SIM phone

    • Download and install the OGWhatsApp app.
    • Open your smartphone settings, go to the application manager and find WhatsApp in the list.
    • Download and install a file manager like ES File Explorer.
    • Open ES File Explorer app and navigate to WhatsApp folder.

    How to use WhatsApp on two computers?

    Just check the “stay logged in” checkbox on each computer in the WhatsApp application. Also, in addition, you should open WhatsApp on your phone and select the “” icon. Everything is very simple. Need to sync WhatsApp on 2 computers.

    Is it possible to download two WhatsApp on iPhone?

    • We go to the settings of your iPhone and go to the “General” section. Select the item “Device Management” and click on the inscription “FoxtoCo. LTD ”.
    • The next step is to open TuTuApp and select WhatsAppGold or its analogue WhatsApp in the list of applications.
    • Install one of the programs.

    How to install two WhatsApp on Android?

    • In the window that opens, find the WhatsApp application and enable the duplicate function;
    • After that, a second WhatsApp will appear on the desktop, where you can log in from another number and use it as an alternative.

    Parallel Space

    Free application on the Play Market that creates a second version of WhatsApp on the device. Management is simplified to a disgrace. Download the program, wait for the download and click on the icon on the desktop. In the proposed menu, select WhatsApp and click on “Copy”, then follow the prompts of the application. When the new version appears on the screen, log in and register in the usual way using a different phone number.

    App Cloner

    Another tool for cloning WhatsApp. Working with the application is simple. Download and install App Cloner on your smartphone or tablet, open and follow the prompts. The utility will display applications that can be copied, select WhatsApp and press once. A duplicate is created automatically.

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    Whats App Business

    It is impossible to do this in the standard program, the engineers did not provide for such an extension for digital devices. Only one application is installed on a phone with 2 SIM cards. But users and developers got around the inconvenience and came up with ways to use two messengers on one gadget.

    Whats App Business is marketed as an app for small businesses. It makes it easy to create chats, communicate with people in real time. In addition, the program allows you to register two WhatsApp on one device. Whats App Business is available in the Play Market.

    Using the shell

    Some Android skins contain the “Software Clones” feature. In the “Settings” item, find “System” → click on “Accessibility” → go to the “Laboratory” section → the “Software clones” option. Then select WhatsApp in the window that appears and turn the switch to the “on” position. A duplicate of the application will appear on the desktop, go in and register a second SIM card.

    How to install a second WhatsApp on an Android phone

    Android users can optionally install two WhatsApp applications on their smartphones. In addition to correspondence lovers, two messengers registered to different numbers are necessary for work, study or sales.

    After smartphones with two SIM cards appeared on sale, subscribers were asked whether it is possible to install two WhatsApp on one Android phone.

    Cloning an application

    In the world of information, it is sometimes important to distinguish between important and not-so-important data streams. Therefore, many people install two messengers on their smartphones: for work and personal life. One of the ways how to install 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone is to copy the application.

    Some digital device manufacturers are equipping smartphones with progressive software shells. These devices have the “Clone Applications” function. With the help of the utility, copies of almost any program are created. To do this, just go to “Settings” → “Applications” → “Clone applications”. In the list of programs that appears, select the one you need and start cloning. A new version will appear on the desktop with the designation 1.2 or 3. Clones work separately from each other.


    OGWhatsapp is an application that you cannot find in the Play Market, you have to download it from the Internet. When looking for a program, you should be careful and choose trusted sites. To enable the device to download a third-party program, follow the instructions:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Find the item “Security”.
    • Next, select “Device Management” → “Unknown Sources”.
    • Switch the checkbox to “on”, thus allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

    Then fill in the search engine with the name of the utility, install it on your phone. Instructions on how to install a second WhatsApp on Android using OGWhatsApp:

    • Go to Whatsapp, open “Settings” and make a backup.
    • Find the folder with the name Whatsapp through the “Explorer”, rename it to WhatsAppold.
    • Go to the “Settings” menu, find WhatsApp among the Applications and clear the cache of the program.
    • Remove WhatsApp from your device.
    • Then rename the WhatsAppold folder to OGWhatsApp again.
    • Now install applications from the OGWhatsApp folder and sign up for WhatsApp with the first phone number.

    Two Whatsapp 2 Numbers One Iphone 2019 Easy installation

    Download the application again from the Play Market and register for a new number. Now two WhatsApp accounts work on one smartphone.

    The program is easy to use, free, allows you to use two WhatsApp registered to different numbers. As in the previous option, through the “Settings” allow the download and installation of third-party applications. Sequencing:

    • Back up your WhatsApp messages and contacts in advance.
    • Find GBWA on the Internet, download to your phone.
    • Run the installation.
    • Enter the phone number for the second app.

    If your device does not have a SIM card for registration, use voice confirmation. On a device with a SIM card, press the virtual call, the answering machine will say a special code, enter it in the field in the smartphone where two applications are installed.

    Remember, when updating the official application, the “duplicated” versions may be buggy or stop working.

    How to install a second WhatsApp on iPhone

    Messengers have taken a strong position in our life. A person cannot do without Wotsap, Viber, Telegram and other applications. You don’t have to open your mail, read newspapers, or watch TV. But it is necessary to check whether the message has arrived. To always be in touch with relatives or clients, users install a second WhatsApp on iPhone and smartphone with Android OS.

    How to install two whatsapps on one iPhone phone

    To put two Watches on one phone, you can use several methods.

    One of them is the installation of the TutuApp application. You can download it at

    The second application is created, you can communicate, send files. use all the functions. One caveat: sometimes ads will be shown.

    Whatsapp business

    This app is used by small business owners. It looks the same as an ordinary messenger.

    In addition to the main functions, a business account in WhatsApp has additional (advanced) options:

    Simply customize auto messages for reminders, greetings and notifications.

    After opening a business account, the organization confirms its profile and receives a green or gray checkmark. Verified accounts have a green checkmark, verified accounts have a gray one.

    Confirmation of the company is at the discretion of Whatsapp and depends on the popularity, the number of years in the market and the image of the company.

    What is the second whatsapp for?

    Some even install two versions of Watsap on one phone. The reasons for this may vary. One program is started for communication with family, friends and relatives, and the second. for work.

    It is convenient when the work Whatsapp is used separately and is tied to a corporate number. It can be turned off during non-working hours so that partners, colleagues and employees do not bother.

    There is another messenger for the family that allows you to be in touch with your family at any time.

    Someone uses the second version of Whatsapp for secret correspondence or communication with those people that others do not want to know about.

    Sometimes hacking or Jailbreak is used to install Watsap, this is not recommended.

    • fast battery discharge;
    • failures and instability in the operation of the device;
    • iPhone security risk.

    The application developers did not provide for the ability to use two Whatsapp clients at the same time. One account was intended for one device.

    Therefore, installing an additional application is possible by workarounds and is not officially encouraged.

    Third Party Tools

    To work in two Wotsap accounts, there are software solutions offered by third-party companies.

    Among them, it is worth highlighting TweakBox. a mobile application service similar to Google.

    First, install it and then confirm use:

    • You need to go to the “Menu”, select “Basic settings”, then go to “Profiles and device management”.
    • Then you need to confirm your trust in Daemon Sunshine Technology and choose Whatsapp.

    You need to know that counterfeit iPhone software is potentially dangerous.

    When installing unofficial apps, all information, Apple ID and password can be stolen.

    There is no data on which servers are used for correspondence. The appearance of advertising. software disadvantages “”.

    If you can’t get another iPhone, use the additional option.

    You don’t have to hack or jailbreak your device to do this:

    • Download and install WhatsApp from GoogleAppStore in a standard way. Activate the device using the main phone number.
    • To add a 2nd account, launch the Safari browser.
    • Go to the website iOS.othman.TV, from the offered services select WhatsApp2.
    • Click on the green button under the application icon.
    • In the dialog box that opens, you will be prompted to put a developer certificate on the iPhone. Confirm and click “Install”.
    • While WhatsApp 2 is installing, close your browser.

    After the installation is complete, in the main settings section, you will need to confirm trust in the “VNE Software and” certificate. The second copy of Whatsapp can be run on your iPhone.

    Install two Telegrams on iPhone. no problem at all

    Of course, on a two-digit iPhone, the easiest way is to use two Telegram accounts tied to different phone numbers.

    Even the messenger support does not hide the fact that you can use two official applications from the App Store for this:

    At the moment, you cannot link multiple accounts to any of them. Nevertheless, this may be implemented in the near future. this is clearly hinted at by the support of the corresponding feature in the Telegram app for Android.

    Pros of the solution: this is an official opportunity to use two different Telegram accounts on one dual-SIM iPhone. this is useful for work and for personal purposes.

    Cons of the solution: there are simply no significant disadvantages to this solution.

    The second Messenger can be launched through the jailbroken

    Unfortunately, I still have not been able to find a full-fledged additional Messenger for the second account.

    Of course, you can link several accounts to Messenger, but they do not work in parallel. they need to be switched in the settings, and this crosses out the meaning of the whole idea.

    The crutch turned out to be an application from TweakBox. In its settings, you can disable automatic switching to a separate Messenger client and correspond via the web interface.

    Yes, it’s still not so convenient, but much better than using the web version of the service through a browser.

    Pros of the solution: it is more convenient than using the web version of the service for an additional account.

    Cons of the solution: the web interface looks poor even in the application, there are no notifications.

    How to Install Two WhatsApp on a Dual SIM iPhone

    I have an iPhone XS Max in my hands with two full SIM cards straight from Hong Kong. Yes, I freaked out: I took not just the most expensive Apple smartphone, but also paid extra on top for a feature that I myself considered useless for a long time. It is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of the device!

    I agree that calls are secondary today. Everyone communicates through instant messengers, and it would be cool to use two Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber accounts on a dual-SIM iPhone. Figured out how this is possible.

    But with Viber I have serious problems

    I have not had positive feelings for Viber for a long time, and the attitude towards him finally deteriorated when he refused to work on my two iPhones at the same time. I’m already silent about tons of advertising. yes, it was 2018 🙂

    The story of finding an additional client for a second phone number turned out to be no less sad. It’s a pity, but the craftsmen I know just ignore this messenger.

    Maybe you can tell me something?

    Two WhatsApps on one iPhone are also more than possible

    WhatsApp is not as easy as it used to be.

    A couple of years ago, the messenger supported third-party applications to which it was possible to link an additional account, but now they simply do not exist.

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    After installing it, you will have to confirm the use through the menu “Settings” “General” “Profiles and controls. device “:

    There are several options, but I settled on WhatsApp. this is a copy of the official client, which they are trying to keep up to date. It can be installed without any problems along with the application from the App Store and even offers additional features.

    The only pity is that any software “” has advertising, and to disable it, you will have to pay.

    Pros of the solution: you have two WhatsApp clients with different phone numbers. do whatever you want with this option.

    Disadvantages of the solution: it is not completely clear through which bypass servers your correspondence goes, and this advertisement is also

    How it is more convenient to use two accounts in messengers

    Without problems with two phone numbers, today you can only use Telegram, with WhatsApp you will have to fiddle with your head a little, but Messenger and Viber are not. Just m-i-m-o!

    Nevertheless, of course, there is a way out, and it is obvious. another iPhone. If you really need an active sub account for any messengers, take a look at the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

    I myself am still insanely glad that I did not sell my iPhone 7 for a penny and left it in a pair with the iPhone XS Max, even if it has two SIM cards.

    WhatsApp Business

    The simplest, most effective, and most importantly, the safest method of obtaining a second copy of the instant messenger in question on the iPhone is to install a separate edition of the service client for iOS. WhatsApp Business. The application became available in the App Store in April 2019, and this, it should be noted, greatly simplified the way for owners of Apple smartphones to solve the problem from the title of the article.

      Go from the iPhone using the link above or launch the Apple App Store on your smartphone, tap “Search”, enter the query “WhatsApp Business”, click “Search”.

    Open the program page in the Store.

    Click “DOWNLOAD” under the name of the application, and then “Install” in the area that appears at the bottom of the screen. If the system requires, enter the password from your Apple ID, tap “Login”.

    We are waiting for the package with the application components to be received from the Apple server, and then automatically installed.

    Launch WatsApp Business for iOS by tapping “OPEN” on the tool page in App Store or by tapping the WA Business icon that appears on the iPhone desktop.

    If you intend to use an unregistered mobile identifier as a WhatsApp account, create an account in the same way as in the standard messenger client.

    When there is a need to log into an existing WatsApp account, we proceed as follows:

      After accepting the “Terms of Service” and issuing permission to access “Contacts”, tap “Use another number”.

    Enter the identifier and tap “Finish”. In the window with a proposal to transfer the number from the “regular” account of the messenger to WhatsApp Business, click “Continue”. Next, we expect an SMS with a verification code.

    We enter the secret combination from the message sent by the service.

    The next step is to restore information from a backup, if it was created when using an account in the messenger earlier. We touch “Restore from a copy”, wait for the completion of the procedure, after which we tap “Next”.

    We make our profile in WhatsApp. We install the avatar image, enter the information in the field “Your company name” (write your name or nickname in the messenger). In the drop-down list “KIND OF ACTIVITY” select “NOT a company” and confirm the correctness of the entered data by clicking “Finish”.

    That’s all. the iPhone now has two messenger applications that are completely independent of each other, which makes it possible to simultaneously use two service accounts on one smartphone.

    Android Shell Tools

    Some manufacturers of Android smartphones equip their devices with modernized and even completely revised software shells in terms of functionality and interface. Among the most famous variations on the Android theme today are the MIUI operating system from Xiaomi and FlymeOS, developed by Meizu.

    Using the example of the above two systems, we will consider the easiest way to get an additional copy of WhatsApp on a smartphone, but owners of devices from other manufacturers and users of custom firmware should also initially pay attention to the presence of a similar feature described below in their phone.

    Cloning apps in MIUI

    Starting with the eighth version of MIUI, this Android shell has been integrated with the “Clone Applications” function, which allows you to create a copy of almost any program on the system, including WhatsApp. It works very simply (shown on the example of MIUI 9).

      Open the “Settings” on the smartphone and go to the “Applications” section by scrolling down the list of options. We find the item “Cloning applications”, tap on its name.

    In the list of programs installed and available for creating a copy, we find “WhatsApp”, activate the switch located next to the name of the tool. We are waiting for the completion of the process of creating a clone of the program.

  • We go to the Desktop and state the appearance of the second WatsApp icon, equipped with a special mark, which means that the program has been cloned. There is no difference in the work of the “clone” and the “original” of the messenger, the instances are absolutely independent from each other. We launch the copy, register, use all the possibilities.
  • Owners of Meizu smartphones running FlymeOS starting from version 6 are also lucky in terms of the ability to use multiple instances of Android applications on one smartphone. A function called “Software Clones” is integrated into many FlaimOS assemblies. A few taps on the screen. and the second instance of WhatsApp will appear in the list of installed programs.

      Open FlymeOS “Settings” and scroll through the list until you find the “System” section. Tap “Special. capabilities”.

    Go to the “Laboratory” section and call the “Software clones” option. We find WhatsApp in the list of applications for which a duplicate can be created, activate the switch located next to the name of the messenger.

  • After completing the paragraph above, go to the FlaimOS desktop where we find the second WhatsApp icon, highlighted with a special mark. We launch the messenger and use it. no differences from the “original” version are observed in the process of using the duplicate.
  • How to install two instances of WhatsApp on one phone

    The need to install two copies of WhatsApp in one smartphone may arise for many active users of the messenger, because the differentiation of the huge flows of information that come every day to a modern person into primary and not very important is an urgent task. Let’s consider methods of obtaining two copies of an application functioning simultaneously in the environment of the most popular mobile platforms. Android and iOS.

    Third Party Tools

    In addition to the above method of getting a second WhatsApp on iPhone, which is clearly recommended for use, there are at least two unofficial solutions to the problem in the iOS environment. However, the following should be considered:

    The use of software solutions not verified by Apple can theoretically lead to the loss of personal data of the user! The author of the article and the administration of are not responsible for any consequences of using unofficial methods of installing WhatsApp! The instructions below in the article are demonstrative, but not recommendatory, and the decision on their implementation is made solely by the user and at his own risk.!

      Go to the iPhone using the above link or open the Safari browser and write the request “” in the address bar, then open the site of the same name by touching “Go”.

    Click the “Download Now” button on the TutuAp program page. Then we tap “Install” in the window-request to start the installation procedure “TutuApp Regular Version (Free)”.

    Next, we are waiting for the completion of the installation of the tool. an application icon will appear on the iPhone desktop.

    We touch the TutuApp icon and receive a notification about the prohibition of launching the tool due to the unconfirmed reliability of the developer on a specific iPhone. Click “Cancel”.

    To be able to open the program, go along the path: “Settings”. “General”. “Device Management”.

    Next, tap on the profile name “NIPPON PAINT CHINA HO” and on the next screen, click “Trust”, and then confirm the request.

    Open TutuApp and find an interface very similar to the design of the Apple App Store.

    In the search field, enter the query “whatsapp“, tap on the first item in the list of displayed results. “WhatsApp duplicate”.

    We touch the WhatsApp icon and on the opened page of the modified client click “Free download the original”. Then we wait for the package to load.

    We tap “Install” in response to an iOS request to try to start installing a copy of the messenger. Go to the iPhone desktop, wait until “WhatsApp” is installed until the end.

    We launch the application. the second instance of the messenger is ready to use.

    We authorize or register a new account and get full access to the now duplicated features of the popular means of communication.

      In the Safari browser, follow the link indicated above, or enter the address “” into the search field manually and click “Go” to go to the target web resource.

    On the page that opens, touch the “Download App”, which will lead to a notification about an attempt to open the “Settings” iOS to install the configuration profile. click “Allow”.

    On the screen for adding the “TweakBox” profile in iOS, click “Install” twice. After the profile is installed, tap “Finish”.

    Go to the iPhone desktop and find the new installed TweakBox application. Launch it by touching the icon, go to the “APPS” tab, and then open the “Tweaked Apps” section.

    Scroll down the list of modified software products to the bottom and find the item “Watusi Duplicte”, open the messenger page in TweekBox by tap on the WatsAp icon next to this name.

    Click “Install” on the Watusi Duplicte page, confirm the system’s request for readiness to install the application by clicking on the “Install” button.

    We are waiting for the second instance of the messenger to be fully installed. You can watch this process by looking at the animated icon on the iPhone desktop, which will gradually take the form of the already familiar messenger icon obtained by the official method.

    Everything is ready to use the second WhatsApp account on the iPhone!

    Whats App Business

    In fact, WhatsApp for Android comes in two editions: Messenger for casual users and Business for companies. The main functionality inherent in the version for a wide audience of users is also supported in the version of the messenger for the business environment. In addition, there are no restrictions for the average person to install, activate and use Whats App Business.

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    Thus, by installing the client application of the service in the “Business” edition, we get a second full-fledged copy of Vatsap on our device.

      Follow the link above from your smartphone or open the Google Play Store and find the Whats App Business application page through the search.

    Downloading and installing a WhatsApp assembly with advanced business capabilities.

    Everything is ready to use two WatsApp accounts at the same time on one phone!

    Methods for Installing a Second Instance of WhatsApp

    Depending on the available device, or rather, the operating system under which it runs (Android or iOS), various methods and software tools are used to obtain two WhatsApps on one smartphone. It is a little easier for Android smartphone users to create a duplicate messenger, but iPhone owners can also do it by resorting to unofficial methods.


    Due to the openness of the operating system, there are many methods of obtaining a second copy of WhatsApp for Android on a smartphone. Consider the simplest solutions to the problem.

    Before using any of the methods described below to create a duplicate, install the messenger in the phone, following the standard instructions.

    App Cloner

    App Cloner is a more functional tool than the above-described Parallel Space, which allows you to create a copy of a messenger in a smartphone. This solution works on the principle of creating a clone with a change in the name of the package, as well as its digital signature. As a result, the copy is a full-fledged application that does not require further App Cloner installed for its launch and functioning.

    Among other things, App Cloner provides many settings that allow you to fully control and optimize the process of cloning applications. Among the shortcomings. work with many popular programs, including WhatsApp, is supported only in the paid Premium version of App Cloner.

    How to Run Dual WhatsApp in Single iPhone | Guiding Tech

      Before you start working with App Cloner, you need to go to the “Security” section of your smartphone settings and give the system permission to install APK files from unknown sources. In this key, Android OS will perceive the copy of WhatsApp created by the following steps.

    Download and install App Cloner from the Google Play Store, run the tool.

    Select WhatsApp from the list of applications available for copying by tapping on its name. On the next screen, it is recommended to change the appearance of the future icon of the duplicate messenger in order to avoid confusion between the copies of the program in the future. For this, there are the options of the “Application Icon” section.

    For most, it is enough to activate the “Change the color of the icon” switch, but you can also use other options for transforming the appearance of the icon of a future copy of the program.

    Press the blue round area with a check mark inside. this interface element starts the process of creating a copy of the APK-file of the messenger with a changed signature. We confirm that you have read the warnings about possible problems when using the clone by clicking “OK” on the request screens.

    We are waiting for the completion of the App Cloner process of creating a modified APK file. the notification “WhatsApp has been cloned”.

    Click on the “INSTALL APPLICATION” link under the above message, and then the button of the same name at the bottom of the package installer screen in Android. We are waiting for the completion of the installation of the second instance of the messenger.

    As a result of completing the above steps, we get a full copy of WhatsApp ready for launch and operation.!

    To be able to use two messenger accounts at the same time on one smartphone from Apple, WhatsApp for iPhone users have two ways.

    Download WhatsApp for iPhone

    Have you decided to download WhatsApp for iPhone? Excellent! You are just at the right place. Here you can download the popular application for free.

    Stop wasting money on SMS! Installing WhatsApp messenger on iOS 7 and higher gives you the opportunity to save a lot, because such messages are sent via iPhone 3G (if you upgrade to iOS 7) and later Apple gadgets for free using this application. If you decide to download this program, you will pay the usual amount for your Internet traffic. and no additional costs for SMS.

    In addition, with the help of such a service, you can exchange photos with your friends. over, such an exchange occurs instantly, that is, the situation is as close as possible to real communication. Can’t wait to install WhatsApp? Then let’s get down to business)

    How to install the program?

    And now how to download and install WhatsApp on iPhone (iPhone) 5, 5s, 6, 6s or later models. everything is very simple, read!

    • Find the messenger in the AppStore or click on the button below:

    Important: you will need IOS7 or higher to install. If you have an earlier version, you need to update, otherwise the application will not work.

    • Download, install and then run the application.
    • enter your phone number, you will receive a digital code on it, which must be entered in the next field

    Installation is complete, congratulations! Customize your profile and use it! By the way, all your contacts are already in WhatsApp! Simple and convenient)

    The application is suitable for iPhone 3GS (if updated to iOS 7), 4.2.1, 4, 4S, 5, 5S. Now you can check out all the features of the application. Probably you have already figured it out, but we will remind: in order to start communication, not only you, but also your friend must have WatsApp installed. To add the interlocutor to your contacts, just add his phone number to your usual list of contacts on your mobile device.

    Application setup and capabilities

    So, first, set your avatar, you can always change it by going to Settings and clicking on the word “Edit” under your photo.

    To see the list of your friends, press the “Call” tab and then on the plus sign to select who you will call:

    To start communicating through messages, click “Chats”, where you will also find the ability to create groups in Whatsapp and mailings, and all your correspondence will be displayed there. We wrote about how to name the group separately.

    By the way, you can add beauty and choose an original background for chats like this: “Settings”. “Chats”. “Chat wallpaper”.

    recently, a cool function of statuses appeared: you can get into it by clicking on the button of the same name in the bottom menu:

    They disappear after 24 hours, you can place various photos, gifs or even videos there, you will find here: cool, meaningful and even English statuses.

    You can also report your current state using the “Information” item, you can also find it in the “Settings”.

    Don’t forget to check your notification settings so you don’t miss anything important:

    Do you want to dictate someone’s phone number to a friend for a long time? Just use the convenience of the service and send him a certain contact. Do you like to travel? Feel free to share geographic coordinates. Use all the features of the application!

    Can’t download? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Perhaps someone already knows the answer to your question.!

    Installing WhatsApp Business

    The Vatsap developers offer two variants of the messenger: regular WhatsApp, which is used by ordinary users, and the Business version, created for companies. The option for businessmen, however, includes the functionality of the regular version (plus additional features for entrepreneurs). An ordinary person can work in it. there are no restrictions for installing applications. So use the business version for your second number:

    • Open the “Play Store” and find the WhatsApp Business application there, or immediately follow this link from your smartphone. Click on the green button to start the installation.

    Click on “Open” or go to your home screen. there will be a WA Business icon. Register a second account and use the app.

    How to install two “WhatsApp” on “Android

    Android is more open than iOS, making it easier to install a second WhatsApp. At the time of installation of the second messenger, the phone should already have the official version of “WhatsApp”, downloaded either from the website or from the “Play Store”.

    Via Parallel Space

    If the version of “Watsap” for business does not suit you and your Android does not have a built-in function for cloning applications, you will have to use third-party tools, for example, Parallel Space.

    This program will create a shell inside “Android” in which you can create a duplicate of the installed “WhatsApp”. The minus of the utility is advertising (in the free version) and the inability to uninstall the program, since the second “WhatsApp” will disappear with it. Where to download and how to use Parallel Space for cloning:

    All applications are checked in the main tool window. Leave a mark only on “WhatsApp”.

    Click on the blue “Add” button. Click on “Accept” and wait while the tool creates a copy.

    Launch the second “WhatsApp” in the Parallel Space interface (there will not be a copy of the messenger icon on the home screen).

    Flyme OS

    The Clones of Programs option is available in Flyme starting from the sixth OS version. The procedure for copying a program is as simple as the previous one:

    • Tap on the gear icon to enter the settings. Go to the block with special features.

    Click on the “Software Clones” menu. We activate the item “WhatsApp”.

    A second application icon appears on the home screen. Click on it to start, and register a second “account”.

    Two WhatsApp on the phone at once: the secret of installation

    You can use only one account in one WhatsApp application, and you can log out only by clearing the program data. If you urgently need to create a new account that is different from the existing one, the easiest way is to install the second WhatsApp utility. However, two identical programs cannot stand in the system. how to find a way out of the situation?

    Via TutuApp

    Where to download TutuApp and how to download the second “WhatsApp” with it:

    • Go to the “iPhone” in the browser at

    Click on Download Now and confirm the installation.

    Click on Nippon and click on “Trust” and confirm the action.

    We find through the search line “WhatsApp” with the word duplicate in the title.

    Click on “Install” in the dialog box. We are waiting for the completion of the installation.

    We go into the messenger and register the second “account”.

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