How to install a weather widget on your phone screen

How to install a widget on your phone’s home screen

You can set the weather on the phone screen like this:

  • Press your finger on an empty space on the main Honor screen, hold your finger until the screen window shrinks and a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the menu, select the section “Widgets”.
  • In the list of available widgets, find the weather widget you want to add to your home screen.
  • Press and hold the widget until it is placed on the home screen.
  • The widget can be released when it is in the right place.

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Weather widget on Honor phone screen

In the user interface that is used in Huawei / Honor and is called EMUI, the standard weather widget first appeared in version 5.0. With its appearance, it has become much easier to find out the current meteorological data on Honor 6, 6a, 7a, 7c, 8, 8x, 9, 10 and other models.

The Weather application itself is located on the desktop or in the Tools folder. It provides the user with detailed information on temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and also indicates the phase of the moon, sunrise and sunset times. To instantly update the information, you need to swipe the screen down for a couple of seconds.

You can configure the application to receive a forecast not only for your city, but in addition to this, specify several (up to ten) other cities. The transition to the screen with the weather for the selected cities is carried out with a swipe left and right.

In order to open the option for selecting cities, you need to click on the corresponding icon, which is located in the upper left corner of the application window. At the top right is the gear-shaped icon. these are the settings. Here the user selects the unit of measure for temperature (Auto (° C), ° C, ° F), turns on the automatic update of the forecast (every hour, every 2 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours or every 24 hours).

By the way, Google Play has a huge selection of alternative weather widgets. The best ones are Weather & Clock Widget for Android, Transparent Clock & Weather (Ad-free), Zooper Widgets, etc.

Problems with weather updates

It happens that the weather information is not updated on the widget. What could be the reason, and what to do in such a situation?

Reason 1. Failure after updating the firmware version.

Sometimes, after installing a new firmware version (EMUI and Android), the weather widget that is displayed on the lock screen “freezes”. In order for the information to start updating again, just go to the lock screen settings and turn off the weather display function. After a few minutes, you can activate it again, and after that there should be no problems.

You can remove the widget from Honor’s home screen, and then, as described under the heading above, add it back to the screen. If, along with this widget, after the firmware update, some applications stop working correctly, freezes and other problems begin, you will have to act more radically and reset the system to factory settings.

Reason 2. Out of memory resources

Here we are talking about a lack of RAM, as a result of which the information ceases to be updated automatically. How to solve a problem:

  • Go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Find the section “Apps and notifications”.
  • Open “Applications”.
  • In the list of applications that opens, select “Weather”.
  • Click “Stop” to stop the application.
  • Clear cache on your phone.

After clearing the cache, you need to restart your smartphone, open the Weather application, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and enable the automatic data update option. In the same place, in the settings, check and set the information update interval. Don’t forget to enable your device’s location feature as well.

Reason 3. Power saving option is enabled

The weather widget will stop showing updated data if the power saving option is automatically or manually enabled on your smartphone. Of course, there is no need to give up the energy-saving mode. You just need to properly configure the operation of the “Weather” application:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Next, open sequentially the sections “Battery and performance.” Energy saving “-” Select applications “.
  • On the “System” tab, find the “Weather” application, open it.
  • We select the “No restrictions” mode.

Now even if your Honor is switched to energy saving mode, the information will not stop updating.

How to Install Weather Widget on Phone Two Quick Methods

Good afternoon friends. Most recently, we looked at the question, what is a widget? Now let’s take a closer look at how to install a weather widget on your phone? I think most of my readers have seen various weather widgets on their phone monitor many times.

It is quite easy to put such weather widgets on the phone’s home screen. To do this, you just need to turn on the Internet on your phone, otherwise, where will you get the necessary weather information? You will learn how to install this widget on the home screen of your smartphone from my article.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this widget may already be built on your phone, it is built in at the factories of phone manufacturers. This means that you just need to find it among the various applications, and then, simply add it to the display of your smartphone.

How to install weather widget on Android

We will do this in different ways. For example, on one of the firmwares, you need to click on the display and keep your finger in one place until we see the menu window. In another, it is necessary to pinch the screen for the appearance of the same menu. It is quite possible that you need to carry out both methods at once.

  • What is your menu design? If it is similar to Samsung and One UI firmware, then select the “Widgets” tab;
  • Then, we need to select the Weather application;
  • From the widgets that appear, you need to find the one you want, tap on it and hold it until you can transfer it to the display;
  • Drag the widget with your finger and release it;
  • Next, we need to click on the cloud-like shortcut;
  • Now it remains for us to allow the widget to find out our location, or add the place where you live ourselves;
  • With the Internet turned on, as soon as the widget receives information, you will find out the weather report for your area;
  • If you want to set the weather on the unlock display, then in this case, we need to download third-party software. Which one? For example, something like Yandex.Weather. This application is located on the Play Store resource. In the search box, we need to enter “Yandex.Weather”;
  • So, we just need to download the application and install it. Then, we launch this widget, giving it permission to determine our location. If you do not want to give such permission (which, perhaps, is justified), then you need to indicate the name of your settlement yourself;
  • In the widget settings, the weather will be shown from the lock screen. Some of the programs also show precipitation. This is more necessary information, because to find out the weather, and not understand whether there will be precipitation or not, is rather stupid;
  • Also, weather data can be found by going to the “Quick Access” window.
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Conclusion: you now understand how to install a weather widget on your phone, choose the method that seems preferable to you. From my point of view, those widgets that are inserted into the smartphone are quite enough and there is no need to install third-party software from the Play Market. Success!

How to Set Weather on Home Screen of Samsung Smartphone?

A bit of geography: The globe is a round planet, the axis of rotation of which has a slight deviation from the vertical axis (from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit) approximately 23.44 °. This causes a regular, four-time change of “Seasons”, or seasons of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

“Climatic” change of seasons, especially in Russia, causes a wide temperature difference, both in the year and during the day; the presence of various types of precipitation. rain or snow; then the sun warms and pleases, then it is dark all day, as late in the evening; and the most important thing is the beginning and end of the “heating season”!

We humans, as warm-blooded creatures who have lost the fur of their skin during their evolution, are very uncomfortable with all these “whims” of the weather. Therefore, the weather forecast both for tomorrow and for the summer season is becoming one of the most important news of interest to mankind. We just have to constantly monitor the weather.

How to set up your smartphone to display weather information on the Home screen of your Samsung smartphone?

The standard set of applications on Samsung smartphones includes a Weather widget, which is very easy to display on the Home screen of your smartphone. This application allows you to configure it so that it shows either the current weather of the “exposed” city, or the weather of the current location, which the smartphone reads from the smartphone’s geolocation data.

over, one of the variants of this widget can show the current time. This allows you to install only one widget instead of two widgets on your phone, in which there will be both the weather and time in your city.

This is a very handy application. If you install it, then you will no longer need an endless set of queries about the weather in the “search engines”. All the weather will be on your Home screen at a glance. And if you also click on the widget icon, then you will see the weather forecast for the week. Use for health!

Below we will show you how to install the Weather widget on the Home screen of your smartphone using the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android 9 Pie.

Important note: Since we want to have reliable information on the current weather, therefore, our smartphone must have access to the Internet during the automatic update of the weather application data or during the forced update of the data. And also, if we configure the display of the Weather for the current location, we must enable the geolocation service (GPS).

Instructions for installing and configuring the Weather widget on the screen of a Samsung smartphone.

On the Home screen, where we plan to set the weather, you need to swipe two fingers on the screen.

Screen. on the Home screen, swipe two fingers together.

This will open the Screen settings. You need to select the “Widget” icon.

Screen. click on the “Widget” icon.

Next, flipping through the pages with widgets with a swipe, you need to find the “Weather” widget.

Screen. by swiping through the pages with widgets, you need to find the “Weather” widget. Click on the “Weather” widget.

This widget has three “weather” options. You need to select “Weather and clock 4×1”. To do this, you need to click on the “Weather and Clock 4×1” icon and hold for a while.

After that, you will be “transported” to the Home screen to determine the location for the Weather widget with the clock. By swiping the widget, set them in a convenient place for you.

Screen. swipe to locate the “Weather and Clock” widget.

This is what the Weather and Clock widget looks like on the screen.

But now, instead of the current weather (temperature, cloudiness / precipitation), our widget shows the “Cloud with a plus sign” icon. This means that when you first start this widget, you need to enter a city to show the weather.

Screen. click on the “cloud with a plus” icon.

The Add Current Location window appears on the screen. In the line “Search” you need to enter the name of our city. We enter the word “Samara”, and after the program displays a list of all settlements containing this word, you need to click on the first line: “Samara, Russia”.

Screen. click on the “Search” line to start entering the city name. Screen. we type the word “Samara”. After that, from the list of settlements, you need to click on the line “Samara, Russia”.

And now the Weather and Clock widget shows the current time and weather in the city of Samara: time 12:44, Tuesday, November 26, sunny, but cold. 6.-С.

In order to get acquainted with the rest of the current weather data and its forecast for the next week, or to further customize the widget, you need to click on any place in this widget on the phone screen.

This is how the home page of the weather widget looks like.

We decided to configure the widget so that it could show the weather in two cities: in Samara and. To add another city, you need to click on the “Places” button.

Screen 0. click on the “Places” button.

In the newly opened window “Places” to add another city, you need to click on the button.

Further, in the search bar you need to enter the text “Moscow”. And after the program displays all the settlements with the word “Moscow”, you need to click on the first line: “Moscow, Russia”.

Screen 1. press the button “”. Screen 2. we type the word “Moscow”. After that, in the list, click on the line “Moscow, Russia”.

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Now, turning the pages of the cities of Samara or Moscow, swipe to the right or to the left, you can see the weather in these two cities.

Screen 3. weather in Samara. To switch to the weather, let’s make a swipe from right to left. Screen 4. weather. To switch to the weather in Samara, let’s make a swipe from left to right.

To enter the Settings of the “Weather” application, you need to click on the “Three dots” icon at the top of the screen on the right.
This is what the Weather Settings page looks like.
In addition to the various settings, here you can make changes to two main points:
– change the time of automatic update of weather data from the Internet;
– enable the item to show the weather at the current location. In this case, one more “place” will appear in the list of cities previously entered by you. where you are according to the geolocation data (GPS) of your smartphone.

Let’s change the auto-update time from “every 3 hours” to “every hour”. To do this, you need to click on the “Auto update” item, and then click on the “Every hour” item.

After that, we will return to the Main page of the “Weather” widget by clicking on the “Back” button

Screen 5. click on the “Auto update” item. Screen 6. click on the “Every hour” item. Screen 7. “Weather settings” screen view after changing the auto-update time. Return to the Main page of the “Weather” widget by clicking on the “Back” button.

When you switch from the “Weather and Clock” widget to the Home screen of the smartphone, the phone will reflect the city that was in the Settings of the widget.
Let’s return to the Home screen of the phone from the weather page by clicking on the Home button at the bottom of the screen. After that, on the Home screen of the smartphone, the widget will show the time and weather of the city of Moscow.

Screen 8. return to the Home screen of the smartphone by clicking on the “Home” button.

On the Home screen of your smartphone in “Weather and Clock” you can “go” to another city. To do this, swipe up or down from the center of the Weather & Clock widget. Thus, you will flip through the cities of Samara and Moscow in a “circle”.

Change the city from Moscow to Samara by swiping down from the center of the widget.

Screen 9. change the city of Moscow to Samara with a swipe from the center of the widget down.

And how to remove an extra clock widget from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

Instructions for removing a widget from the screen of a Samsung smartphone.

Now we have two clock widgets on the screen: the Clock widget and the Weather and Clock widget. To remove the “Clock” widget from the screen, press the widget and hold it for 1-2 seconds.

Screen 0. press and hold the “Clock” widget.

After that, the “Clock” widget will be outlined in turquoise and a menu of three positions will appear. In it you need to click on the item “Remove from the screen”.

Screen 1. press and hold the Clock widget. Next, in the menu, click on the item “Remove from screen”.

The Clock widget has been removed from the screen.
In order to move the “Weather and Clock” widget to the place of the remote widget, press and hold this widget until it is highlighted in a turquoise frame. After that, with a swipe, you need to move it up the screen to a new place.

Screen 2. press and hold the Weather and Clock widget. Swap the widget to a new location. Screen 3. Home screen view after moving the “Weather and Clock” widget.

How to return the clock to the lock screen?

How to set a clock on the lock screen of an Android phone

  • On the main screen, in any free space, make a long press. An additional menu should appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Widgets”.
  • Click on the desired widget, then hold it and place it in the free part of the screen.

How to display the weather on the iPhone home screen?

How to enable weather on the lock screen in iOS 12

  • Go to “Settings” on your iOS device. “Confidentiality”. Geolocation Services. “Weather”.
  • Next, you need to allow the “Weather” application to always determine the geolocation.
  • Then you should go back to the “Settings” and go to the “Do not disturb” section.

How to Install Weather Forecast on Samsung Phone?

You need to select “Weather and clock 4×1”. To do this, you need to click on the “Weather and 4×1 clock” icon and hold it for a while. Screen. press and hold the Weather and Clock 4×1 widget. After that you will be “transferred” to the Home screen to determine the location for the “Weather” widget with the clock.

How to bring the weather back to your desktop?

  • Next. Weather widgets.
  • Select the desired widget, press and hold on it until you can transfer to the desktop.
  • Drag the widget and release your finger.
  • Tap on the cloud icon.

How to add a weather widget to iPhone?

Using widgets on iPhone and iPod touch

  • From the Home screen, press and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps start wiggling.
  • Click the “Add” button in the upper left corner.
  • Select a widget, choose one of three widget sizes, then click “Add Widget”.
  • Click Finish.

How to set weather on Xiaomi screen?

Weather on Xiaomi. how to set up, how to install and uninstall

  • Find the “Weather” application on the desktop and click on it.
  • When you open it for the first time, the program will ask for permission to access the location, phone calls and media of the device.
  • On the page that opens, in the line “Enter location”, specify your city for which the weather will be shown.

MeteoScope-Accurate Weather

The weather is shown on the phone screen for a couple of weeks ahead and for every day by the hour. The data is updated all the time, the interface is light and clear.

  • Full weather information with the ability to receive notifications, data setting.
  • Is there Russian language.
  • All CIS countries, the base of locations, cities is very accurate.
  • There is a widget, you can choose colors. Users write that the lines in the widget are on top of each other.
  • No intrusive ads.

The accuracy of forecasts, like most software, is average.

The best weather apps and widgets for Android

You can’t get away from the weather. For many of us, this ritual even begins the working day. Before going outside, you always need to know what to wear, what to expect from the weather. Today we will take a look at the best weather widgets for Android, as well as applications that allow you to display weather information on the home screen of Android smartphones and tablets.

Transparent clock weather

Transparent Clock and Weather (developed by Machapp Software Ltd) has been downloaded over 50 million times from Google Play. This application has an interesting design and great functionality. The program is suitable for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 and higher.

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Setting up this application is not at all difficult. it itself selects a city by geolocation to display the current forecast. Additional points on the map can be added optionally through the settings.

The application has a nice translucent design with live wallpapers. Additionally, widgets for the home screen are configured. They can be completely customized in size (2×1, 4×1, 4×2, 4×3 and 5×2). Their appearance and location is configured by each user independently.

In addition, the “Transparent Clock and Weather” application can do the following:

  • Build an hourly weather forecast, as well as predict weather conditions for the next week.
  • Choosing app themes and skins for widgets.
  • Information about humidity, precipitation, wind speed, UV index, etc.
  • Monthly calendar of lunar phases and current information about the moon.

The app is free and available for download from Google Play. For an additional fee, you can turn off the display of advertisements in the program.

Weather from Weather Radar Forecast

The “Weather. Weather” application can be found freely available on Google Play. This is a simple and convenient program for monitoring the current weather. The user is shown the current temperature outside the window, the forecast for the next hours and days, as well as extended weather data.

Information can be obtained both from the application itself and through the installed weather widget for Android. The developers have provided several design and layout options for their widgets. The user can choose the option that suits him the most and looks good on the screen of the Android device. By the way, the information displayed on the Android widget can be flexibly configured through the settings.

The app itself can offer users the following:

  • Access to radar charts. They display temperature, wind speed, pressure and other meteorological data.
  • Weather for the current moment, for this day (by the hour), as well as for the next week.
  • Connecting extreme weather alerts.

All information on the weather in the city can be configured independently for display on the screen. The data is updated automatically and is displayed through the application and widget.

Yandex.Weather (Weather for Android from Yandex)

Yandex.Weather is a handy application for keeping track of the current forecast for today and the coming days. This program works with a special Meteum technology. this is an individual forecast of weather conditions with an accuracy of calculation to your home.

In addition, Yandex.Pogoda is ready to offer users the following functionality for Android devices:

  • The forecast for the current day or for the whole week is displayed with the installation of individual geolocation. city, district, house address.
  • You can turn on alerts about sudden changes in the weather. In this case, the user will receive a pop-up notification in the event of a sudden cold snap, heavy rains or other weather situations.
  • Each user of the application can send detailed information about the weather in their region to Yandex. This will help developers provide even more accurate data.

It is clear that Yandex.Weather is a very powerful application in terms of its functionality. The user is offered many additional settings and opportunities to optimize for their requirements.

The easiest and most convenient way is to install a separate widget. Today, widgets are available for the notification panel as well as the home screen. An abbreviated version of the current weather information for the selected city or area will be displayed here. You can customize the widget to display information for the coming hours or days. try it as it suits you best.

Weather Russia XL PRO

Today we will consider the application “Weather Russia XL PRO”. To date, this application has over 10 million downloads and is constantly being updated.

This program is primarily adapted to the weather conditions in Russia. tens of thousands of Russian cities are available. The application automatically detects your location (has geolocation) and offers a forecast for the current region. Optionally, you can add other cities and regularly update data on them.

The graphic component is well implemented. live wallpapers and animation are used. It is possible to choose the design of the widget in order to better adapt it to your device.

In the application “Weather Russia XL PRO” the following is available to users:

  • An accurate forecast for the next 10 days with an hourly report is offered.
  • In addition to temperature, data on precipitation, wind speed, pressure, humidity, etc. are also displayed.
  • The application is regularly updated by developers and optimized for new devices.

The Weather Russia XL PRO application can be praised for its ease of use and wide functionality. The program accurately shows the weather, looks stylish and, in principle, no more is needed.


The mobile application for viewing the weather forecast Gismeteo is known to many today. It is easy to use and as accurate as possible according to its predictions. It is convenient that in this application you can view the weather both for the next hours and for several days in advance.

As for the user interface, it is quite simple and convenient:

  • You can set up a list of cities for the forecast or use geolocation for accurate forecasting where you are now.
  • At the bottom of the screen, choose between hourly or daily forecast.
  • Everything else is set optionally through the settings.

In addition to the temperature forecast, Gismeteo for Android also provides information on precipitation, geomagnetic conditions, wind strength, etc. Information about sunrise and sunset is also displayed on the screen.

It is very important that this app has built-in home screen widgets. Therefore, you can follow the weather forecast on Android without going into the application itself. The Gismeteo widget can be optionally configured to suit your individual requirements: select a city, forecast time, precipitation information.

GO Weather

Application “GO weather forecast widgets”. it is a well-recognized mobile program for tracking the weather forecast, today it is one of the best.

First of all, the developers focused on the bright design and full adaptation of the application for any smartphones with different screen sizes. If we talk about using the widget on the desktop, then the following sizes are available: 21, 41, 42, 51, 52. Thanks to this, you can choose the best option for placing the application on the home screen.

When displaying the weather directly in the application itself, live wallpapers are used. It looks bright and individual, which also allows you to quickly perceive the current weather forecast. Themes are also available through the application settings.

Now let’s talk about the technical side of this application. What it can offer to the average user?

  • Quick view of the current weather forecast through the widget and the ability to set an alarm here.
  • Forecast by day and hour.
  • Access to advanced forecast information: humidity, precipitation, visibility, wind speed, etc.
  • Wind forecast for the next few hours.

By the way, there are over 100 beautiful themes available for GO Weather Forecast Widgets. Any of them can be delivered absolutely free.