How to install apps on ipad 3

About what

A wonderful app that can turn your iPhone or iPad into a touchpad or wireless keyboard for your computer.

How does it work

I consider the main advantage of the program over competitors to be full compatibility with OS X gestures and work without additional servers and host applications that other developers like to impose. It is enough to make a simple setup:

The application is very convenient and it will be difficult to refuse it. Unfortunately, the program is expensive. I was able to get a little discount thanks to AppZapp. Please note that the application works fine with Windows and Linux, Mac is not required.

For whom

The application is perfect for anyone who wants to save money on purchases of programs and games. It is enough to view the news once a day to see the most worthwhile new items in the App Store and discounts on applications.

How does it work

In the iPad version, all you have to do is turn on notifications and browse daily collections of discounted programs and App Store novelties. The iPhone application has a different principle, you first need to set up your own selection, for this we do the following:

    1. On the Notifications tab, select Create new signal.
    2. Select the desired data type (Sales, New Apps, Updates).
    3. We indicate the categories of interest.
    4. Marking the threshold of user ratings.
    5. Choosing devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac).
    6. We give a name and save (in the section with lists we do Pull To Refresh).

As a result, we get a must-have application that will take no more than 5 minutes. of your time every day. Remember that developers give away paid apps for free or arrange sales several times a year (as in the case of adaptations of board games, don’t even expect such apps to be given away for free). The service will be a great addition to our regular selection of sales.

The disadvantages include the different applications for the iPhone and iPad. Due to the different ways of tracking discounts in each program, it is inconvenient to use applications on the phone and tablet right away.

For whom

For those who do not recognize television in its modern form, but want something more. In addition to the usual list of channels, there is news of the day with accompanying video plots, movie announcements for the coming week, selections of programs on topics that are interesting for today and this week (today, for example, from the selection I learned about the passing European Champion in mini-football and watched the match with pleasure Russia. Azerbaijan).

About what

The AppZapp service, which specializes in game and app reviews, has long presented its own apps in the App Store and Google Play. I have been using this service for several years, during which I saved a couple of thousand rubles by purchasing programs at a discount.

Create a developer account

Don’t be alarmed, it’s free. over, you can turn a regular Apple ID into a developer account that you already have. Follow the link, log in or create a new one, agreeing to the terms.

How to install unsigned apps on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

According to Apple, the only source of iOS apps is the App Store. As you can imagine, this is not the case. There are many applications from third-party developers that, for one reason or another, did not make it to the App Store, as well as various open source software that is distributed free of charge. This article will discuss how to legally install all this on your iPhone or iPad.

The installation itself is not difficult, but it consists of several stages and will require careful attention from you. We need a Mac with OS X 10.10 installed, an Apple developer account, Xcode 7, and the source code of the application we are going to install. Go!

We find the sources of the required application

In fact, we are going to create an application now. Just writing code from scratch is not necessary, because you can use ready-made application source codes that are freely available. All that remains is to compile and install such code on an iPhone or iPad.

A lot of source code can be found on GitHub or Bitbucket, as well as on individual developer sites for specific applications. Offhand I can name the Game Boy Advance emulator, Plum-O-Meter, Kodi media player.

We’ll walk you through the installation process using the popular f.lux utility that many of you use on your Mac as an example. Now the archive with the sources has been removed from the official site due to Apple’s requirements, but a copy of it can be found in the discussion on Reddit (if you have any difficulties, leave your email in the comments. I will send you my copy).

Install Xcode

The Xcode development environment, which you need to compile and install the application on your device, is also free. Find it in the Mac App Store and download.

Linking a developer account in Xcode

Next, you need to add your developer account to Xcode. We go to the settings and on the Accounts tab we drive in our username and password.

Compiling the application

Now we need to turn the code into a finished program that can be installed on the device. To do this, do the following:

Extract all the archive files into a separate folder and open the iflux.xcodeproj file in Xcode.

Add any text to the Bundle Identifier field after com.justgetflux.iflux to make the identifier unique, and just below, in the Team field, select our developer account.

We connect the iPhone or iPad to the Mac using a cable and select it in the Product → Destination menu.

After that, a warning about the absence of a profile on the device will appear. We fix the error by clicking the Fix Issue button.

It remains to press Cmd R (or the Play button on the panel) to compile and install the program on the device.

The application icon will appear on the desktop of the device, but Xcode will not be able to launch it until we activate the profile. To do this, go to “Settings” → “General” → “Device Management”, select our developer profile and click “Trust”.

That’s it, our application is installed. As you can see, it starts up and is fully functional. Notifications, geolocation and everything else works as in any application from the App Store.

This is a general principle, but you can install any other application in the same way. However, if the developer releases a new version, then you will have to download and install it manually. But the process will take much less time, since you will already have all the necessary permissions and profiles.

How to download and install the app on iPad?

  • Download and install iTunes.
  • Go to the “Store” tab and click on “Login”. Enter your Apple ID and password, and then in the same tab “Authorize computer”. By doing this, we bind iTunes to this computer.

install, apps, ipad

  • After downloading and installing iTunes, click on the iTunes Store tab, and then the App Store
  • Everything is ready, now you can safely download applications to your computer.

Installing the application on the iPad via a computer

First you need to download the application. This is very easy to do. Choose any free application and click on the “Free” button. After that, the application will be downloaded to your computer. Now the challenge is how to transfer all this to your gadget. We connect the iPad to the computer, click on it and go to the “Programs” tab. Now on the left side, where the list of downloaded applications is located, click opposite the icon of the required application / applications “Install“. Thus, we gave the command that it is necessary to install this particular application on the iPad. In order for it to appear on your computer, you need to click on “Synchronize” from the bottom right and wait until the end of the transfer of the application to your iPad.

After that, you can disconnect the iPad and launch the application.

How to download and install the app on ipad?

Today we continue the series of tips and the topic will be downloading and installing applications on the iPad. It is worth noting that they are installed on iPhones in the same way. A variety of applications can greatly expand and transform standard capabilities. With the help of applications, you can, for example, edit photos or edit videos, as well as brighten up your leisure time with fun games, on the road or at home. By the way, if you are a schoolboy or student, but do not have Apple products yet, in order to install math applications, I recommend installing Mathtype on your computer.

The advantage of all Apple devices is a single operating system (iOS), so we will tell you how to install programs on the iPad, and otherwise you can figure it out on your own.

Installing programs on iPad from the device.

Open the built-in App Store application, and then simply select the one you like from the list of applications. It should be noted that among them there are paid and free ones. If the application is paid, then the price will be indicated on the button for installation, and if it is free, in this case there will be an inscription “Free”. I recommend to go directly to the “Top Charts” tab, the “Free” section. After you have chosen the desired application (in our case, free), just click on the “Free” button, and then on “Install”. After that, a window will appear to enter the password for your Apple ID account. Click on “OK” and wait for the installation to finish.

That’s all. Now you know how to download and install the application on iPad. If now you are asking yourself which applications are worth installing, then I advise you to read this article.

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Torrent tracker

One of the few such file managers that does not require a jailbreak to install on iOS is the iTransmission program. It is closely related to Safari. to download it, you need to go to the emu4ios website through this browser.

  • Download the tracker file using Safari.
  • Open the iTransmission application, go to the Downloads folder through its interface, find the file with the.torrent extension and launch it.
  • You can run the video file through iTunes by finding it in the downloads folder.

How to Download Movie on iOS / Mac OS via iTunes

ITunes is installed on all Mac OS devices. You can download movies in MP4 format. You can use both free and paid methods.

Open the iTunes app on Mac OS.

Click on the name of the movie to go to the description and click on the button with the cost.

After purchase, the movie will be available for download and synchronization with an iOS device.

How to Download Movies to iPad and iPhone in Different Ways

There is a prejudice that you can download a movie on an iPhone only through the App Store, which does not have free media content. Today we will tell you how to complete this operation without harming your budget and without resorting to jailbreak. All methods are absolutely legal and do not lead to the withdrawal of the license to use iOS.

How to Download Movies for iPad / Mac OS for Free

If you decide to download movies to iPhone, and not buy them, then there are four possibilities:

  • Transfer them from the computer.
  • Access network cloud services.
  • Apply torrent tracker. a kind of public file storage with free access.
  • Use the file manager of the Safari browser for iPad or iPhone.

Watching a movie on iPad using the cloud service

It often happens that it is impossible to download movies to iPad due to the full memory. In this case, you can use the so-called cloud services.

One of them is Dropbox, a file server that provides not only storage services, but also file synchronization and the ability to interact with the server through a client program. (There are quite a few other cloud services besides Dropbox; you can compare them here.)

Dropbox provides 2GB of storage for free. This is not too much, but in the.avi format you can find files weighing 700-800 MB. In addition, Dropbox has a Partner Program, and if other users register using your referral link, you will be credited with additional space for this free of charge. And the last argument. the cost of a Dropbox subscription is ultimately cheaper than buying 1-2 films in the iStore.

How to watch a movie on iPad using the Dropbox cloud:

To work with it, you need to register on the Dropbox service.

Install the Dropbox app for Mac OS (or PC) and iPad, respectively. This step is optional: you can also upload a movie to the cloud via the web interface.

Download the movie on PC / Mac OS in any way (for example, via torrent).

Upload a movie to the Dropbox cloud via the desktop app or using a browser.

Open the video via the Dropbox web interface or download a movie from the cloud to iPad / iPhone.

Watching movies through the Safari browser

Also free software compatible with iOS. With it, you can download movies for iPhone directly. But for this, the Documents application must be installed on the mobile device.

In the lower right corner of the main application window there is an icon. a compass arrow in a blue circle. By clicking on it, you will open the Safari browser, which has its own file manager. You can download any content through it. For example, on the file hosting site

In the default settings, files are added to the Downloads folder. To launch them, the “Applications” tab opens in the iTunes window and the Documents folder is highlighted by clicking, after which the explorer will open and access the movie folder.

The disadvantage of this method is that the browser file manager is not very powerful. Downloading one or two gigabytes can take several hours.

What you need to know

If you decide to download movies to iPad or iPhone, then you need to know the conditions under which they will be launched and displayed correctly on the screen. There are only two of them:

  • Your iPhone or iPad must have a media player built into iOS.
  • The format of the downloaded files must be readable by this program.

The standard media player for Apple devices is the iTunes utility. All other software of this kind will run only in its shell. It is one of the few programs that you can download for free. Its functionality is not limited to playing audio and video files. With it, you can create your own library and organize it at your own discretion. And also to perform actions to exchange files between different devices or network services. this is exactly the feature that is the ability to legally download movies and other media content on the iPhone for free.

The range of supported formats for downloaded video files is quite wide, although many users find it insufficient. The following types of encodings are legitimate:

  • H.264. Allows you to broadcast Full HD video at 720p. Files with extensions.m4v.mp4
  • Motion JPEG. The resolution is 1280×720 pixels, the bit rate is 35 MbpsAvi files.
  • MPEG-4. Obsolete encoding used on CD-player discs for computers. The resolution is 640×480 pixels. Stream rate 2.5 Mbps. Files with extensions.m4v.mp4

To download movies for iPad in other encodings, you need to install format converters.

Downloading a movie from a computer

iTunes plays a key role in the download and management of media content. If you want to download movies to iPad, then its installation is a prerequisite for the success of the enterprise.

In our opinion, this is the best way for those who have difficulties with delicate manipulations on the touchpad. For this, iTunes must be installed on both devices. This utility is OS independent and will work on Windows, MacOS, and iOS.

We connect it to the device with a wire or via Wi-Fi.

How to download apps on your old ipad or iphone.

We are looking for the iPhone icon in the upper left corner (the “Movies” folder must be created in the “Media Library” sidebar in advance), the “Synchronize” tab opens.

We put a checkbox, after which the link “Select a folder” is activated, when you click on it, a window of the contents of your computer opens.

Find the folder with the downloaded file using Finder or Explorer. It can be selected all or opened by selecting a specific file. The files will be available in the “Downloaded” or “Home Videos” section.

5.1. Alternatively, use the “Add to Library” command from the main iTunes menu and then sync the contents of the library with the connected iPad or iPhone.

In the lower right window of iTunes, click the “Activate” button and wait for the content to be transferred to iPhone.

Installing iOS 10 Beta 1 on iPad for free

What to do if I have flashed and selected the “Set up as new iPad” item, but I have a backup copy?

If you’ve already set up your device, you can reset it to run the iOS Setup Assistant again. Select Settings-General-Reset-Erase Content and Settings. Since this action will delete all existing content from the device, only perform it if your data has already been backed up.

Or restore from a backup via iTunes.

iTunes crashes while flashing on iOS 10?

It happened to me once, although in theory it shouldn’t be. Update iTunes to the latest version.

iPad freezes at some point during initial iOS 10 setup?

IPad firmware up to iOS 10

When the firmware file has been downloaded, open iTunes. Hold Shift if you have Windows (Alt-Option for MacOS) on your keyboard and press the “Restore” button.

Next, select the firmware file downloaded in the second step. And click “OK” or “Select”.

Click the Restore button. The firmware process has started. At this point, it is better not to touch the computer and iPad.

How to install an app from the App Store that requires a new version of iOS

If, for some reason, in the “Purchases” section on the iPhone / iPad, the purchases made are not displayed, then use the search in the App Store. Find the apps you purchased from iTunes on your computer or other iOS device using your Apple ID and click the Download button

Unfortunately, not all applications can be installed in this way. For example, if you have an iOS 7 gadget, and the minimum downloadable version is for iOS 10, then most likely you won’t succeed. In this case, you need to use the following instruction.

After downloading the application on your computer, the file can be deleted from the iTunes Library, this is still the version that will not suit you.

Longreads for you

How long can beta testing a new version of iOS take? Well, if we talk about annual updates, then the whole process can consist of a different amount of this

IOS 14 released last week gave fans of products from Cupertino a lot of innovations that our readers are actively discussing in a cozy Telegram chat

Apple from the very beginning built a strategy for the development of iOS, in which outside interference became almost impossible. In Cupertino, I got a quick glimpse

murzik96, Gathered everything in a heap: can delete the default software
2. “Raise and wake up from sleep mode”. when you lift the phone from the table, the screen automatically lights up.
3. Now you need to unlock by pressing the home button, and not with a swipe, in the “clock” program there is now a black background and the “Time to go to bed” tab has been added, which selects the right time for sleep and notifies you.
4.Cellular data can be turned off via 3D Touch
5. Now quick access to the camera is not by swiping from the lower right corner from the lock screen, but by swiping to the left
6.Widgets are available from the lock screen by swiping to the right
7.Widgets now have Notes, Mail, Photos and more.
8.the sound of the keyboard has changed (became more dull)
9. now in editing photos there is a new item “markup” you can draw, select fragments and write text on the photo
10.Also in Tinctures. Universal Access there were:
Magnifier in the camera (by pressing the home button three times)
Light filters. for people with color blindness, etc but you can just play around (adjust the screen tint from bright purple to bright yellow
11. Widgets are now available in the notification center! only from applications! and from the screen home. in the notification center only notifications, respectively.
12. in the button “return to prev. Approvals ”that appeared in iOS 9 (in the upper left corner of the screen), the black arrow is replaced by a square with a white arrow inside (it’s easier to hit it)
all that I found)

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How to install the beta version?

IMPORTANT! The iOS beta is not a completely off-the-shelf product, so be sure to back up your data.

  • Go to the Apple beta testers website. Sign in with Apple ID.
  • Register your device in the beta testing system. Click Load Profile. The browser will open the tablet settings. In the “Profile Installation” window, click “Install”.
  • Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software update”.
  • Wait for the new beta to install.

Answers to questions about the firmware

I tried to compose questions and answers based on the problems that I have ever encountered with the firmware

ITunes update

Update iTunes to the most recent version. You can do this directly from the iTunes menu. Or download it from the official page on the Apple website.

Who needs it, here’s a guide for beginners: How to install iTunes on Windows. On Apple computers, iTunes is included in the operating system.

The current version of iTunes is 12.5.1! (or higher)

Preparing iPad

Make sure your device meets the iOS 10 requirements.

  • the outdated iPad 1, for which the final version will remain iOS 5.1.1.
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini 1, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5G. for them the final version remains iOS 9 forever (while the most current iOS 9.3.5)
  • iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch 6G

Attention! If you have a reflashable iPad running iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, then you need to temporarily disable Find iPad (requires Apple ID password). The firmware will not work without shutdown.

How to install an app from the App Store that requires a new version of iOS?

Hello everyone! Apple is constantly releasing new versions of iOS and, frankly, a big thank you to her for that. Why? Because, thereby, she does not let me get bored. something is constantly happening. Well, okay, back to the topic of the article. So, Apple is trying and producing, and the developers of games and applications, in turn, timely and very quickly rewrite their programs so that they are fully compatible with the new firmware.

And in the end, such a situation may turn out. you are trying to download an application from the App Store, and the iPhone or iPad tells you that you need to update your gadget to a new version of iOS and nothing will be installed and downloaded until that moment. Here is such an unexpected ultimatum from the “apple” company and its services. Checkmate! Or not?

This disgrace looks something like this:

This content (app) requires iOS 7.0 (any version can be here) and newer. Please upgrade to iOS 7.0 (or higher) to download and use this app.

And, it would seem, what is the problem? Update and download! But:

  • There is not always a need for a new version of the firmware, someone wants to leave their device on the old and tested version of the software. Check out how many shoals iOS 10 has! Not everyone will want to update.
  • Many people simply cannot install a new firmware. here is an article on this topic, pay attention to the number of comments.
  • At the moment, people still have many such gadgets as the iPhone 4. And, as we know, the latest version of iOS for it is 7.1.2. That’s it, you can’t update it further, and many applications and games, when downloaded from the App Store, require iOS 8 and no less! And in the future this will continue. the next iPhone 4S is next in line, and there it is not far from the “fives”.

What to do in this case? Leave the gadget without programs and games? Of course not! After all, there is a way to download those applications on the iPhone that require a newer version of iOS than the one currently installed.

True, one smartphone is not enough for this, you also need a computer.

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. We launch. iPhone or iPad can be disconnected.
  • In iTunes, open the App Store and select the application that you did not download on your device due to the old version of iOS.
  • Click “Download” and enter the Apple ID data (the identifier must be the same as the one under which you registered on the iPhone or iPad).
  • That’s it, we don’t need iTunes anymore. We pick up an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store there and go to the “Shopping” section. We find the program that was downloaded earlier to the computer and click on the “Cloud with an arrow” icon.
  • A warning appears that the old version of the application will be installed, click “OK” and wait for the download.

That’s it, we managed to install a program that previously required a newer version of iOS on your iPhone and iPad. And we didn’t even touch the firmware. we didn’t need to update it!

The only thing, as you already understood, this way old versions of applications and games are installed (specifically for the iOS that is installed on your device at the moment). So, there may not be any new chips (introduced in subsequent editions of the program).

But the main thing is that the application itself will work and can be used! And this is much better than just a “bare” device without any games and programs.

How to Install iPhone Apps on Mac M1 without Using the Mac App Store

Computers with an Apple Silicon M1 processor can install applications using.ipa files. This is a program format for Apple’s mobile OS. A file with this extension can be obtained using the iMazing program.

  • Download and launch iMazing;
  • Connect iPhone or iPad to Mac on M1;
  • Select your device and click on Manage Apps;
  • Select “Library”, after which you will see a list of all applications that are installed on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Right-click the application and select the Download option to add it to your library;
  • Right-click the same application again and select the Export.ipa option;
  • Select the export destination, for example the Applications folder;
  • In the Applications folder, click on the program icon to install it.

Apps installed this way are not optimized for Macs on the M1 chipset and are only intended for touchscreen devices, so you might encounter some bugs and issues while using them. But for the most part, iOS apps work well on Mac, even if they’re not optimized.

How to install iPhone and iPad apps on MacBook with M1

With the release of the new MacBook Air 13 “and MacBook Pro 13” on the Apple Silicon M1 processor, it became possible to install applications written for the iPhone and iPad. Today I’ll show you how to install them on new MacBooks. Go!

Due to the fact that Apple’s own Silicon M1 processor is built on the ARM architecture, it became possible to install applications and games written for the iPhone and iPad, which are also based on the ARM architecture, on a Mac with a new chipset. Some developers have specifically included support for installing their programs directly from the Mac App Store. Let’s finally learn how to install iPhone and iPad apps on MacBook with M1.

How to install iOS apps on a MacBook using the Mac App Store

First, let’s figure out how to install programs and games for iOS directly from the Mac App Store.

If there is an inscription “Not tested on macOS” next to the application, then the developer has not optimized it for macOS, and if there is no inscription, then you can safely run it on your MacBook or Mac mini (2020). The interface of the program may not be completely optimized for the OS design, because it is still an application for iOS, but it often works quickly and stably.

Thus, you can install games and applications for iPhone and iPad on your MacBook or Mac mini (2020) with an Apple Silicon M1 processor. Some applications do not support full screen mode, especially games. But they can still be used and installed both through the Mac App Store (if the developer has officially optimized them for the new MacBook hardware), and through the iMazing utility, using it to extract installation files with the.ipa extension.

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For a more visual guide on how to install mobile apps on Mac with M1, I suggest watching the video.

Do not forget to comment on the material if it was useful to you, as well as go to our Telegram channel. All the best!

How to install an older version of any app on iPhone and iPad

Quite a common situation. you update an application or game and instead of improved performance and new features, you get a completely inoperative tool. Developers of all stripes make such mistakes, and you can only roll back from a new version to an old one using the Charles Proxy tool.

The Charles Proxy program can also come in handy in cases where some functions have been removed in new versions of applications or games. There are a whole lot of examples of such remote functions, take at least the official applications of or YouTube, the latest version of which causes only negative emotions in users.

We want to note right away that despite the apparent complexity, any user can install an old version of any application. The main thing is to follow the instructions clearly. In it, we installed on the iPad one of the first versions of the application of the popular social network Instagram.

How to install an older version of any app on iPhone and iPad

Download, install and run Charles tool for Windows or Mac (download)

Launch iTunes and start downloading the app that you want to old version of which you want to install on your iPhone or iPad

In the Charles window, select the iTunes server from which the application is being downloaded with the word “buy”. Right click on the server name and select Enable SSL Proxying

Go back to the iTunes window and stop downloading the app

Note: if the application has already been downloaded, then it must be removed in the section “My programs”

Find the app you want in iTunes again and start downloading it again

Go to the Charles window and find another line with the word “buy”. this is exactly the object that we are looking for. Go back to iTunes and stop downloading the app

Open the found branch with the word “buy” in Charles and find the line buyProduct

Select the line buyProduct and go to the Response tab, where specify the XML Text display type

On the screen, after the line softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers, you will see lines of the form:


where the seven-digit number refers to the application’s version numbers in ascending order. In our example, we rolled back Instagram to the truly ancient version 1.8.7, whose build number was first in the list. In practice, it is most often necessary to rollback to the previous version, so it is recommended to choose the build number (the one enclosed in the tag) as close as possible to the final version.

Right click on buyProduct and select Edit

Select the XML Text section and find the line in the field:

where XXXX is the latest version of the application. Instead of XXXX, you need to paste the value you copied in step 9, and then click Execute. In our example, we changed the number 81542337 to 2948163, thereby rolling back the most recent version of Instagram to the earliest.

Right click on buyProduct again and select Breakpoints

How to Download Apps on Old iPad (iPad Mini / iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 / iPad Air)

Go to iTunes, find your application and refresh the page (Ctrl R on Windows). Then start downloading the tool

Moments after clicking the download button, you will be taken to Charles, where you need to switch to the Edit Request. XML ​​Text screen. In the XXXX field, instead of XXX, paste the build number you copied in step 9, and then click the Execute button.

Then click Execute again

Go to iTunes and make sure the app download has started. Wait for the download to finish

In iTunes, select the “My Programs” tab, find your application and right-click on it and select “Details”. Here you can make sure that it is the old version of the application that is being downloaded.

Remove the new version of the required application from your iPhone or iPad, connect the device to iTunes and install the old build

After the end of synchronization, the old version of the required application will appear on your smartphone or tablet

What to do if you can’t install the Fitness app on iPad

Some iPad owners reported problems installing the Fitness app due to a bug in the App Store that shows the message “This app requires certain features that are not available on this device.”.

If so, try updating your iPad to the latest iPadOS to see if that solves the problem. updating to iPadOS 14.3 on our iPad Air (2020) was enough to fix this issue for us. plus you’ll need it on Apple Watch and iPhone has the latest version of the respective operating systems.

If none of this is successful, try contacting Apple Customer Support to see if you can fix the problem.

2 min

We could all take care of ourselves a little better at the moment, and while we have little chance of going to the gym or workout classes, your iPad can help you stay toned until some semblance of normalcy returns to the world.

Here’s how to get the Fitness app installed on iPad and get started.

What is a fitness app?

This is part of the recently released Fitness service. offered by Apple. The Fitness app can be installed on your iPad and will also be preinstalled on Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPhone with iOS version 14.3.

With the Fitness app, you can watch activities from the world’s top health coaches, including activities such as HIIT, yoga, cycling, dance, and treadmill running.

However, two things to note: you will need a Fitness subscription to use the service and Apple Watch 3 or later to set it up. The former can be overcome by choosing the free trial offered by Apple, which then turns into a monthly subscription of £ 9.99 / 9.99 or an annual cost of £ 79.99 / 79.99.

The service is also part of the Apple One Premium package, which costs £ 29.95 / 29.95 per month and also includes Apple Music, Apple TV. Apple Arcade and 2TB iCloud storage.

Read more in the article “Should I get an Apple One?”

Using the Fitness App on iPad

For some reason, Apple does not treat the iPad version of the Fitness app with the same level of credibility as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV versions. You can’t see the exercise summary and health metrics as Apple seems to think they are best saved for the smallest screens on which they can be viewed.

What you really get is a wide variety of fitness classes that you can watch and use for your workouts. At the top of the screen, you will see all the different types of activities (yoga, basic, strength, etc.), allowing you to filter out others that might not be as useful. So if you don’t have a treadmill at home, you don’t have to wade through various activities geared towards those who have one.

In each section, you can also use a filter to adapt the suggested videos. by time, coach and some other conditions. This is a good idea as it gets around a lot of obstacles that can make you give up after a few sessions (a battle we all face).

Themed collections are also available with a beginner section that serves as a good introduction to what Fitness has to offer

You don’t need to use your Apple Watch to track your performance, so if it’s out of power, you can still get your heart to beat more often with your iPad. That being said, you’ll really need a watch on your wrist to get the most out of your service, as it connects perfectly to the Fitness system and can be a great helper when changing your winter coat.

If you haven’t invested in an Apple Watch yet, or are looking to upgrade to larger-screen versions that also monitor blood oxygen levels, read our Apple Watch buying guide and our guide to the best Apple Watch deals.

You can also watch on Apple TV if you want your workouts to appear on the largest screen in your home.

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