How to install HD videobox on Samsung TV

HD VideoBox. what is it?

The player for HD Videobox includes a huge catalog of graphic content, and it also has a built-in search engine for materials on third-party web resources. In fact, the program does not have its own, built-in player, it allows you to choose any one. Best TV Players: VLC Player, BS Player, MX Player.

HD Videobox for Android TV also allows you to download movies and TV shows, which we can later watch without an Internet connection. To achieve your goals, you need to use auxiliary utilities, like Advanced Download Manager.

Important! The main problem is that HD Videobox for Samsung Smart TV does not exist. This program is developed exclusively for Android. The Tizen operating system is built on Linux. For everything to work, the developers must make a separate version for Samsung TVs, but it still does not exist, as well as guarantees of further release.

What to do? There are several options:


To make it easier to work with the program, we recommend setting several settings:

  • Go to “Settings” inside the program.
  • In the line “Player by default” select the appropriate player.
  • In the “Video quality” item, set FullHD.
  • Activate “Remember video position”.
  • Go to the “Video files” section and select those sites from which the video will be downloaded.


Step by step guide how to install HD VideoBox:

  • Downloading Videobox ( to your phone.
  • Go to “Settings” on the “Security” page and set the flag “Allow unknown sources”.
  • Open the file through the explorer (in APK format) and confirm the installation.
  • Install the Smart View program on the smartphone (it is already built-in on Samsung phones).
  • Press the “Source” button on the TV remote control and select the “Screen Mirroring” mode.
  • Turn on the Smart View application and start the broadcast.

Unfortunately, it may be that the video in HD VideoBox lags. Due to the low bandwidth of Bluetooth, data in high resolution cannot be transmitted in real time. We recommend lowering the video resolution to FullHD, it works stably.

Recommendations for using HD VideoBox:

If you nevertheless chose HD VideoBox, then you should get acquainted with the basics of its installation and use.

HD VideoBox for Smart TV Samsung

Smart TVs are required to allow their owners to watch a variety of videos, series, films and television. However, the functionality laid down by the plant is quite limited, most of the multimedia content is not there or needs to be bought. To expand the capabilities of TVs, applications are actively used. HD VideoBox for Smart TV Samsung is the most popular program, but it has extremely limited support.


Analogs HD VideoBox

Smart TV setup on your TV may differ slightly depending on the TV model.

In the life of a modern person, there is a huge variety of gadgets, which, it would seem, why do we still need to use a TV. However, as practice shows, the need still remains. TV still remains source of information, although not the main one, since more often we search for necessary news and content using a computer, but it still remains. In addition, we really love to watch movies on a huge screen, which laptops and desktops are not equipped with. TV is perfect for such a purpose.

And also modern TVs have more functionality than it was before. Now the use of television goes far beyond viewing only terrestrial TV channels. A modern TV can serve us not only as a TV receiver for various television channels, but also serve as a media player, because all of them are now equipped with USB connectors, where you can install a flash drive, for example, with a movie. And the most interesting addition to a modern TV is the ability to connect them to the Internet.

Today, most TVs have a Smart-TV function, which in fact implies an Internet connection, but still not all. If we became the owner of a TV with Smart-TV, then we should be prepared for the fact that the full use of such a TV will become available only after certain settings that we will have to make.

Smart-TV setup

Setting up Smart-TV directly is a more painstaking task that may be beyond the power of an inexperienced user. Nevertheless, we will show you the most basic points worth paying attention to. It is worth remembering that different manufacturers use different operating systems for their Smart TVs. For example, Samsung uses Tizen specially designed for them in its TVs, LG installs webOS in its products, some other manufacturers, such as Sony or Philips, use the Android operating system.

Thus, the process for setting up Smart-TV on a TV may be slightly different. But all the same, the most basic manipulations that an ordinary user can make will be approximately the same. Therefore, no matter what kind of TV we purchased and how new it is, the first step in setting up Smart-TV is to update the system to the latest official version from the manufacturer. It may take little effort to make these updates, but a lot of time. Initially, we need to go to the settings menu and find the “Update” item there. First, we must search for these very updates, and in the event that the search gives us a more recent version than the one we have installed, we need to download it and then install it. At this stage, we will only need to press the remote button several times and wait.

In the event that we set up a TV that runs on the Android operating system, then it is highly desirable or even mandatory to create a Google account or use the one that we already have. This way we can make the most of our Android TV. Creating an account is done in much the same way as on a smartphone or tablet, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with this. If another OS is installed on our TV, then it is not necessary to create an account.

Among the other programs that will make the TV more convenient to use, one can mention Gismeteo, which is most often used to keep abreast of the weather outside the window. Also, for moviegoers, the Kinopoisk program may be useful, where there is perhaps the largest database of information about modern cinema. WebCam World will allow us to visit many parts of our planet in absentia by viewing them through webcams in real time. And you can also choose from a huge number of applications the one that will most comfortably allow us to view the latest news from the film industry.

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And yet it is better to consult a specialist

We have covered the most basic operations for setting up Smart-TV on a modern TV. Such procedures, for sure, can be performed even by the most inexperienced user, who has never been used to setting up Smart functions before. Nevertheless, after making settings similar to those that we described above, we will be able to use Smart-functions on the TV only partially, because only a specialist who knows all the nuances of setting up to the smallest detail will be able to configure them as fully and efficiently as possible.

Often, when setting up Smart-TV on their TV, ordinary users can face a number of unsolvable problems. For example, unstable or non-working applications, network interruptions, and so on. By entrusting the setup of Smart-TV to a professional, we will certainly avoid these problems, and among other things, we will save a lot of time, because the IT engineer will carry out the setup much faster thanks to his considerable experience. In addition, a professional customizer at the time of setup is able to detect hidden defects in a new TV, which we may not initially notice.

First start of the TV

recently, our TVs practically did not require any settings other than tuning the channels of interest to us. Plugged it in, pressed the power button and started auto-tuning. Like everything else. Now TVs have become smart, which means that our new Smart TVs will require us to enter basic settings before their first launch. They can be easily entered even by an inexperienced user or even one who has not been connected with Smart-TV before.

Of course, TVs come in a variety of different brands and come from many different manufacturers. Each TV has its own settings interface, but, anyway, the essence of the manipulations is reduced to one thing. So, initially, turning on our brand new TV to the network, he will try to find out certain information from us. This will be necessary in order for us to be as comfortable as possible using our TV in the future.

To begin with, we will need to indicate in which language our TV should communicate with us and in which country we will use our TV. Sometimes it is additionally required to indicate the time zone in which we are located. This will be necessary in order for the TV to automatically adjust the time for us. A step later, we will be asked to connect our TV to the Internet. We recommend making the connection immediately, because if you skip this step, you will still need to return to it in the future in the settings menu, since Smart-TV will not work without the Internet. The connection can be wired or wireless. In the event that we connect the TV via Wi-Fi, select the “wireless connection” item, look for our network and connect to it using our own password.

After all these procedures, we have the opportunity to start searching for channels. To do this, we will have to select a channel search mode, for example, terrestrial television, cable or satellite. Choosing the mode we need, we start the TV to automatically tune the available TV channels. Now we will have to wait for a while until the scan goes to 100%. On some TVs, we will be prompted to set parental controls on some channels. We can either do this or skip this step.

At the very final stage of the settings, some manufacturers will ask us to read the user agreement and confirm that you have read it. It takes no more than a minute, after which our TV is already fully configured. And, for sure, he was able to find some TV channels, of course, if we did not forget to connect an antenna to him.

Free TV for Smart TV

TVs that support Smart TV provide the ability to watch free channels using the Internet, or rather wireless and wired (Wi-Fi connection), as well as using a cable or built-in / mobile antenna. All options give access to basic free national transmission channels, a wider list of TV programs can only be connected through special applications or through IPTV, which is offered by your Internet provider. Consider all the ways to connect Smart TV to free channels and their settings:

  • Watching publicly available national channels on Smart TV analog broadcasting. Despite the transition to a digital broadcasting format, analogue is still available and makes it possible to watch basic 20 channels for free on Smart TV. For connection, a cable is used that is connected to a universal antenna. Step-by-step instructions for connecting a free television broadcast:
  • To set up the broadcast at the first stage, you need to insert the cable into the connector.
  • On the remote control, find the menu button and enter the main setting system.

install, videobox, samsung

  • Select the line with automatic channel search.
  • In another window, a choice will appear through which the signal will be transmitted. In this case, select “cable”.
  • After that, a new window appears where the type of signal is selected. In this case, select “analog”.
  • Automatic debugging of channels in progress.

Some on-air programs may be of low quality, then the automatic search will simply slip through. If you need this channel even in low quality, then manual tuning is recommended. Be sure to save your search settings so the TV list does not get lost.

  • Digital terrestrial broadcasting connection. Digital television has a number of advantages in terms of the quality of the transmitted image, therefore, it is preferable to connect a free TV for Smart TV digital broadcasting. To set up public channels of this format, you need:
  • Connect the receiver if it is not built into the TV.
  • Find the menu word or settings on the remote control and enter the control system.
  • Go to “Options” and select automatic channel search.
  • In the pop-up tab, you are prompted to select a signal source, for digital television it is a cable. Confirm your choice by clicking on the word “Start”
  • After that, a small menu appears with a choice of the type of signal transmission, you need to select “digital”. Confirm the selected source.
  • A window appears again in which you need to select the “Search Mode” subsection and select the “Full” tab there.
  • At the next stage, you need to fill in digital data: baud rate (6952 KS / s), modulation (256 QAM), start frequency (298000 KHz)
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Some models provide an automatic network search system, in this case you need to select the search mode, which activates the free broadcast of 20 channels on Smart TV.

Programs are added in the settings via the “Content” subsection. Next, select the “External” item, enter the playlist name and a link to it there, save the changes. You can add an unlimited number of playlists to the external section as described above or using a special code issued by SS IPTV, which changes every day. Only one channel list can be added to the internal playlists section.

These are some simple ways to help you connect free channels to your TV.

HD VideoBox and Smart TV

Watching movies and TV shows on mobile devices is definitely a good thing. However, almost everyone wants to periodically relax at home in front of a large screen with maximum picture and sound quality. Therefore, among HD VideoBox users, the idea of ​​installing the program on TVs with the Smart-TV function is also popular.

This action is also very simple, however, you need to follow the instructions:

  • first of all, it is worth making sure that the TV has exactly the Android OS, the version of which is at least 4.1. Otherwise, alas, it will be impossible to use HD VideoBox;
  • if this condition is met, it is worth taking care of the software that will open the video from the application. Usually on TVs it is already worth it when you buy, however, there may be options. For example, not every native program successfully reads streaming video. To be sure of the result, you can pre-download and install proven players on your TV. These can be ViMu, MX Player, VLC Player, etc.;
  • when everything is ready, you can proceed directly to download. To do this, open a browser in the TV menu;
  • in it, open the website;
  • click on the “Download” button;
  • for the software to download successfully, you may need to additionally configure the TV itself a little. To do this, in the “Security” menu item, uncheck the box opposite the prohibition on downloading applications from unknown sources;
  • when the download takes place, start the file manager, find the “Donwload” folder and already in it. hdbox_2.29;
  • using a file in this folder, start and confirm the installation.
  • After it, the icon will appear in the “Applications” section. Everything. the program can be used, customize it to fit your needs.

HD VideoBox on smartphone

Of course, absolutely anyone wants to be able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows anywhere and at any time on their smartphone. With HD VideoBox, this will be very easy. Installing an app on a smartphone is quick and fairly easy.

The device must be based on Android OS. The procedure is as follows:

  • to download the program, you will need to visit our website, because there is no application on Google Play;
  • before you start downloading, you need to set up your smartphone. In particular, in the line “Install applications from unknown sources”, you must check the permission box. You need to look for the setting in the “Security” section;
  • go to the main page, download the installation file;
  • then everything is like everywhere else. they just start the installation, wait a couple of seconds. and that’s it, the application can be launched.

Installing HD VideoBox on Android

HD VideoBox is a popular online application for quickly and conveniently searching for movies and TV series with specified parameters on the Internet. The program is attractive with a large set of useful functions, operational efficiency, and user-friendly interface.

In order to enjoy all the advantages of HD VideoBox, you need to properly install it on your device. To make this process easy and pass without problems, we have prepared instructions for our readers.

HD VideoBox on TV-boxes

If the TV in the house does not support the Smart-TV function, but you still want to watch movies using HD VideoBox, there is a way out.

This is the acquisition of a TV set-top box. The main thing is that it be equipped with one of the latest versions of Android OS. For example: Xiaomi Mi Box S.

After connecting the set-top box to the TV, the process of downloading and installing the application will be almost the same as on Smart-TV. Considering that modern set-top boxes are quite inexpensive, this way of using HD VideoBox is convenient and acceptable for literally everyone.

How to download the app

Various apps on Smart TV show how much smarter TVs are. Samsung has a very large number of free widgets and they perform various functions and thereby expand the possibilities.

Additional Information! The company has blocked the ability to install applications from a flash drive and it is not easy to get around this situation.

Every Smart TV owner has no idea what kind of world opens up in front of him with the help of widgets. Depending on their purpose, they are divided into categories in which you can find and choose anything.

  • Online viewing of films, blogs, TV series, concerts, etc.;
  • Music audio players where you can listen to new music for every taste;
  • Games. here the variety is endless, as they are divided into many subgroups, genres, age categories;
  • Service of additional programs for tracking the exchange rate, world time, weather and other.
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First, let’s take a look at the process of downloading the widget to Smart TV:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, use the remote control for this.
  • We select the “Network” section to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • We create an account if it was not installed when the device was purchased. In some devices, it is common to all programs called Smart Hub. If there is no such program, we all know the Play Market.
  • In the login line, enter the email address, come up with and remember the password and click the “I agree with the terms” checkbox. Account is now available.
  • In the “search” item, enter the name of the program that you want to download. If you don’t know what you need, you can go to any widget and read all the necessary information on its page.
  • To download the program, click “Download”. After the end, a window will appear, which will indicate that it is already on your TV and you can use it.

Important! Before downloading the application to your TV, you need to check the availability of memory on the device.

Series B and C

Now let’s take a look at the boot process for Samsung B and C models:

  • We overload TV;
  • Click on “Internet TV”, then click on the “A” button;
  • Select a user to enter the PIN code;
  • Go to the menu, select “settings”;
  • It is obligatory to select the item “Developer”, there you need to enter the IP address and save;
  • In this window, select the item “Synchronize”;
  • We agree with all actions.

Installing from a USB stick

Installing third-party widgets from flash memory is not possible on all TVs and this process is not easy, but if you follow all the recommendations, you can later use your favorite program on the screen. Samsung Smart TV 6 series and Samsung C and B have such an opportunity.

Important! To install a widget from a flash drive, NstreamLmod must be installed initially.

Let’s take a closer look at how all this happens in the first version of the TV:

  • First of all, on the USB flash drive, you need to create a directory with files containing the downloaded files.
  • Next, we install the peripheral device into the TV and find it in the list of devices.
  • We log into the Smart Hub and launch NstreamLmod.
  • In the letter, select the item “USB Scanner” and see the archives.
  • Click on the desired one and the download process begins.
  • After loading, exit the Smart Hub menu and turn off the TV.
  • We turn on the TV set, go to Smart Hub again and see the program we need in the list.

Reference! In Samsung C and B, installed programs marked “user” will be removed from the USB flash drive during the installation of a new program. To solve this problem, you need to store all the files used in order to restore everything later.

Installing widgets

In order for the process to proceed without problems, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • PC and TV communication problems will disappear if you turn off the antivirus firewall;
  • The installation process means synchronization of TV and computer, for this you need to create a user account called “Develop”.
  • Press Internet TV, go to settings. authorize the owner of the “Develop” type;
  • You can start installing the widget.

Series E

Series E differs from others in that after pressing the SmartHub and “A” buttons, the inscription “Samsung account” appears. There is no need to be afraid of him, enter “develop” in the free field, after which we remember or write down the password generated by the TV. Next, click “Login”, after which you can start installing various programs.

  • Log in with your account;
  • Select the “Service” section by clicking on the PU Tools;
  • Find in the options. Developer;
  • After that, we are looking for “IP-address”, where we enter the required IP;
  • At the development point there will be updated programs, to start it, click on “Synchronization of user programs”.

F series

On the F-series model, it will not be easy to authorize the user, therefore, before proceeding with the installation of widgets, we will consider this process in more detail. To do this, through the PU go to the menu, in which we find the Smart functions. The account can be identified by selecting it from the list. We leave the menu by clicking on the checkbox “Remember password”.

  • On the PU, press SmartHub to access additional programs;
  • Click on “Options” and select “IP Settings”;
  • We register the IP address of the server;
  • Click “Start App Sync” to see the list of applications;
  • reboot TV if needed.

Installing Apps and Widgets on a Samsung Smart TV

Everybody knows the meaning of such a phrase as “Smart-device”, because today each of us widely uses the capabilities of tablets or phones. The queue has reached other devices as well. Next, we’ll take a look at how to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

When buying such a device, not every user knows all its functions, and there is a huge number of widgets for every taste. The main thing in installing the program is to know the steps where to go, and this is quite a simple matter. Samsung Smart TV lets you experience all of its TV capabilities.

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