How to Install Second WhatsApp on Samsung

Is it possible to use two WhatsApp on one phone?

People who find communication in WhatsApp convenient and familiar begin to experience certain difficulties when they want to register two SIM cards in the application at once. Today you will find out if you can use two WhatsApp in one phone and how to do it.

WhatsApp is a popular modern information sharing application. Among the owners of Android phones alone, there are about a billion people using it. With it, you can send each other photos and videos, as well as voice messages. At the same time, you pay only for consumed traffic, and not for each message separately. Do you want to send media files? It’s not difficult, for example, how to send a video to WhatsApp, you will learn from our other article.

Option two

This and the following options may require permission to install third-party applications. You can do it like this:

  • Go to device settings
  • Open the line “Security”
  • In the sub-item “Device management” look for “Unknown sources”
  • Check the box next to “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources”

Be careful when choosing the sites from which you download applications. Install an antivirus on your device to avoid infecting your phone with malicious viruses.

The next option would be to install the OGWhatsapp application. It is a little more complicated than the previous one and requires some skill.

  • Using search engines (Yandex or Google), you need to find OGWhatsapp and install it on your phone.
  • In the official WhatsApp go to “Settings”, open “Chat” and make a backup.
  • In the file manager of the device (may also be called “Explorer”) find a folder named WhatsApp and change its name to WhatsAppold.
  • Through “Settings” go to “Applications”, find WhatsApp there and click on “Clear cache”. After that, uninstall this application from the device.
  • Rename the desired folder again, now from WhatsAppold to OGWhatsApp.
  • Install OGWhatsApp, register in it the previous number to which the official WhatsApp was installed before.
  • Download the official version of Vatsap from PlayMarket again and register the second number in it.

Now you have the required program installed for two sim cards. You can start using it!

How WhatsApp works on a dual-SIM phone?

On a regular smartphone that supports the use of two SIM cards, only one number can be connected to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the developers did not include the ability to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 device in the program’s functions. Therefore, in the standard version of the application, a person has to choose the number that has the most calls.

But, for most people using two SIM cards at once, this turns out to be a rather inconvenient option. Therefore, most of them are wondering. how to install two WhatsApp on a phone with two SIM cards?

Is it possible to set two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Although this option is not provided in the official version of the messenger, there are always craftsmen who can bypass inconvenient rules. So, now you will also find out how you can download and install a second WhatsApp on your phone.

Please be aware that the installation methods differ depending on the operating system of the device. Below you will find instructions on how to install this application on the IPhone and Android.

How you can install WhatsApp for Windows mobile, you can learn from our other article.

Option one

For this method, you do not need any special permissions, because the application that will help you duplicate WhatsApp for two SIM cards can be downloaded from Google Play. It’s called Parallel Space and lets you create a second version of almost any application. It’s nice that it’s completely free to download.

    • Download Parallel Space and open it on your device.
    • Choose WhatsApp from among the programs for making copies.
    • After copying is complete, create an icon for the new program on the main screen using the application prompts.
    • Enter the created program and register the second number in it in the standard way.

    How to install two WhatsApp on one phone if it’s Android?

    Here we take a look at three of the most popular options for using two Whatsapps on one Android phone. Naturally, for this, the first account must already be created on one of the sim cards.

    Option three

    You can also make two WhatsApp on one Android using the GBWA program. This method is somewhat simpler than the previous one, but you may also need permission to install third-party applications, see the previous option.

    • Download GBWA and wait for the program to be installed.
    • Enter the number of the second SIM-card and follow the prompts of the system.

    If at the moment the card on which you want to put dual WhatsApp is in another device, then use the voice confirmation function. Touch the virtual button “Call” in the application and a voice call will be made to the device where the required SIM card is currently located, in which you will be given a special code. Enter it in the required field of the program and the installation will be completed.

    It should be borne in mind that when updating the official version of the application, all downloaded programs may stop functioning.

    Installing WhatsApp Business

    This method is completely official and safe. It consists in installing a separate WhatsApp Business application, which can be downloaded from the AppStore. It needs to be downloaded like any other application.

    When you start this client, you will be prompted to use the number that is already registered in WhatsApp. At this stage, you need to select “Use a different number”. The same option for installing the second number is also suitable for Android.

    How WhatsApp works on a smartphone with two SIM cards

    In one phone, regardless of how many SIM cards can work on it. 1 or 2. you can install only one WhatsApp application and bind a single number to it. That is, the developers, in principle, do not provide for the option that the user will have several accounts. He will have to use the messenger on the number that he uses more often. For many, this is not the most comfortable option, so in order to create two WhatsApp accounts, you will have to look for workarounds.

    The process of how to install the app will depend on the operating system of the phone. Android or iOS. To figure out how to make two accounts in WhatsApp on one device, both options will be considered.

    Through the GBWhatsApp program

    Usually one Whatsapp account works on two SIM cards. Another way to make a difference is with the GBWA program. It will be easier to install two WhatsApp through it than in the previous case, but you still need to give permission to connect third-party applications.

    • Find GBWhatsApp and install it.
    • Enter the number of the inserted second card. Hints will start to appear on the screen to follow.

    If updates to the official version of WhatsApp are released, then third-party programs that allow two numbers to work in the messenger may no longer be supported. In this case, the second SIM card is re-tied.

    Built-in Android capabilities

    In some versions of Android and fillings, it is possible to install the second version of programs. Somewhere it is called “Cloning Applications”, somewhere “Software Clones”, somewhere it may be “Second Space”. But the principle of operation is the same everywhere.

    Instructions for version 8 of the MIUI Android shell:

    • Enter “Settings”.
    • Find the “Applications” section there, where the desired option will be. “Clone applications”.
    • After clicking on “Clone applications”, a list of programs that are available for copying will open. In it, you need to find WhatsApp and switch the toggle switch. The process of creating a clone will begin.
    • A second application will appear on the desktop, in the corner of which there will be a designation that it is cloned. You need to enter it and register the second number.

    In other versions of the OS, this feature may be in “Accessibility”. In any case, you need to look for it in the settings.

    Installation instructions for Android

    To put 2 WhatsApp on one device, one account must already be created in the standard way. Further, on smartphones running Android, you can act in the ways listed below.

    Through the Parallel Space app

    Parallel Space is an application that can clone WhatsApp to one phone but 2 SIM cards. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play on Samsung, LG, Sony and other smartphones. By the way, Parallel Space can make two versions of not only Watsap, but almost any application.

    To create several accounts on one device, you need:

    • Download Parallel Space to your smartphone and launch.
    • A list of programs that can be copied will open. Here you can choose WhatsApp.
    • When the cloning process is complete, icons of the created programs will start to appear on the screen. There will also be hints on how to make the copied version icon. But it’s very simple. you just need to choose software from the listed options.
    • Open the copy program on the desktop and register the second number in WhatsApp in the standard way.

    This is the easiest way to do two WhatsApps on one phone without any special permissions.

    Through third-party software

    Popular third-party app. TuTuHelper.

    • Download TuTuHelper application from the official website and install.
    • At the first start, you will be prompted to download the developer certificate, you need to confirm the action.
    • Go to “Settings” on your smartphone.
    • Find “Basic”.
    • Go to “Device Management”.
    • In the line “Winner Media Co., LTD” click “Trust”.
    • Open the downloaded TuTuHelper application. Find WhatsApp in the list of programs and click Get.

    After that, another WhatsApp will be loaded to the desktop. By analogy with the second step, you need to give permission to install software from “JiaNaHaiWei Co., Ltd”. On the second messenger, go through the usual registration, but with a different SIM card.

    IOS manual

    An iPhone running iOS basically only supports one number. The exception is the XS model, which comes in a two-SIM version. Installing WhatsApp on two numbers on the iPhone is also possible.

    Official rules for using two profiles on one phone


    This method requires permission to download third-party programs. Be careful when choosing a site to install the application, so as not to harm your own phone.

    • Go to phone settings and enable the “Unknown source” option
    • Download the OGWhatsapp application on your gadget (you need to find it in a search engine).
    • Go to regular WhatsApp and don’t forget to back up.
    • Find a folder called WhatsApp through your phone’s file manager (it can also be called “Explorer”) and rename it to WhatsAppold.
    • Clear the WhatsApp cache and delete the application from the device memory.
    • Go to the device file manager (File Explorer) again, now you should find the WhatsAppold folder and rename it to OGWhatsApp.
    • Open OGWhatsApp, log in with the number you already have in WhatsApp.
    • Download the official version of the WhatsApp app using the Play market. Register an account in it through the second phone number.

    Parallel Space

    The peculiarity of such an application is that it runs under MultiDroid. the first virtual engine on Android. So you can use it in the village without fear for the confidentiality of telephone data. To make a WhatsApp clone through this application, follow these instructions:

    • Download Parallel Space (this can be done through the Play market) and open the application on your smartphone.
    • Select the desired WhatsApp application to create a clone.
    • Use the application prompts and, when copying is finished, create an icon of the second application on the main screen.
    • Log in to the new WhatsApp register a new account in it using the second number.
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    Are there any alternative options for installing a second WhatsApp on a smartphone?

    Before the official WhatsApp Business app was created, people were looking for ways to clone the popular app. So the answer to this question is yes! To do this, you need to create the first account on one of the SIM-cards and select one of the options presented below.

    Dual Messenger

    Fortunately, in the new models of Samsung smartphones, Dual Messenger is installed by default, thanks to which users can use two messenger accounts at the same time, and for this they do not need to download various files from the Internet.!

    If your gadget does not have such a tool as Dual Messenger, you need to find and download it in the Play market.

    If you already have Dual Messenger on your smartphone, all you need to clone the app is:

    • Open the “Settings” section on your smartphone.
    • Click on the “Extended functions” function.
    • Find the Dual Messenger tool in the “Advanced Features” list and click on it.
    • Find in the list of available apps that are compatible with Dual Messenger, WhatsApp.
    • Click on “Install”. The clone of the selected application will appear on the home screen shortly and will be ready to use.
    • Register an account in the new application via the second phone number.

    How to Clone WhatsApp Apps on Samsung?


    Attention! This application is a modified version of regular WhatsApp and has no official representatives. Also, its download is possible only on third-party sites, so carefully choose third-party sources for installation.

    • Go to phone settings and enable the “Unknown source” option.
    • Download to your device and launch the GBWhatsApp application.
    • Enter your second phone number in the GBWhatsApp system and wait while the program checks your number. This may take a few minutes.
    • Further. follow the prompts of the program. They will help you install the cloned application on your smartphone.

    Installation methods

    You can use a second Viber on your phone. However, you will not be able to simply re-download the application from the Play Market. Android platform specialists offer the following two proven options: use the “Dual Application” function or download an emulator helper.

    Dual application function

    This function is already installed in the mobile phone and is built-in from the manufacturer. But, you need to immediately clarify that only owners of phones from the Xiaomi brand can count on it. To enable it and work simultaneously in two Viber accounts, you need to follow these steps:

    • Go to smartphone settings.
    • Find the “Dual Application” section.
    • You will see a list of available programs for copying.
    • Choose the one you need. Viber (tick).
    • Go to the Play Market and download the second application again.
    • On the main page you will have two Viber shortcuts and you can go into each of them and register under different SIM cards.

    In some Xiaomi phone models, the “Dual Application” function may have a different name “Cloning”.

    This function is very useful, as you can use it when working with other applications where you need to create an account and link it to the SIM card number. The only downside is that in order to obtain such privileges, you must become the owner of a phone of a certain manufacturer brand. Xiaomi, and not all Viber users prefer these smartphones.

    Using emulators

    If you are satisfied with your phone, and you do not want to change it, and there is no “Dual Application” function, then in order to have two accounts on one smartphone, you need to install a special emulator utility that allows you to solve this problem. For Android phones, there are a number of powerful emulators available that can be used to clone applications. Here is a list of such programs:

    • 2Accounts:
    • Parallel Space;
    • LuckyPatcher;
    • Remix OS Player;
    • XePlayer;
    • Android Studio emulator;
    • Nox App Player.

    The clone function is available for all Android smartphones. This action is not tied to the presence of two SIM card slots. Using emulator utilities allows you to bypass the phone’s factory settings and duplicate the system files of installed applications or other widgets. The only drawback that experts warn about is the low level of security and possible rare device freezes when two accounts are running simultaneously.

    How to Create Dual WhatsApp in SAMSUNG

    Launch two Viber accounts on a smartphone

    How to put two Viber on an Android smartphone

    Viber is one of the most downloaded phone apps. It completely replaces calling and messaging through your mobile operator. You just need to connect to the Internet. The most important thing is that there are no restrictions, both in terms of communication time and in the location of each user. You can download and install the mobile application absolutely free. Viber contains a large number of available features that will be useful for any phone owner.

    Is it possible to download 2 Viber on Android

    For various reasons, some Viber users have two registered accounts, respectively, for different mobile phone numbers. This is most often caused by the creation of a work and personal profile. Along with this, the question arises, how do two Vibers work on one phone? An amendment must be made right away, it will not work to install 2 identical applications with different accounts on one device, but there is still a way out:

    • the presence of a built-in function in the phone. “Dual application”;
    • download additional emulator program.

    Both the first and the second method are working and allow you to quickly establish the process of connecting to one of the accounts. You can try for yourself the two presented options on the phone, and then choose the most acceptable one. Simultaneous access on one smartphone to any of the Viber accounts will allow you to increase the efficiency of the application and the convenience of its use.

    How to run two Viber accounts on one smartphone

    After you cloned Viber, it remains only to configure and run two accounts. Each account is tied to different numbers of the mobile operator, and it is not necessary that the phone has two SIM card slots. The second SIM-card can be inserted into another, even a push-button telephone. You only need to confirm the specified phone number using an SMS code.

    So, you now have two Viber icons on your smartphone, you need to register for a phone number in the usual order, confirm it and set up a profile. Personal data can be the same or different. Contacts from the phone book will be pulled up automatically. However, if you register one of the profiles by the phone number, the SIM card of which is in the other phone, then, accordingly, the contacts will be pulled from this device. As for the interface and the usual set of functions, they will be identical in both applications.

    A similar idea with two accounts on the phone helps many to solve the problem of constantly switching profiles in Viber, which affects the quality of communication and saving the history of correspondence. But Honor has the disadvantages of cloning an app. Firstly, notifications in the second copied application do not work in the background, that is, you need to constantly go to Viber and check if there are unread messages or missed calls, this is at least inconvenient, and there is a risk of missing something important. And secondly, the copied programs from the emulator utilities contain a lot of ads that interfere with the work in the application.

    How to download WhatsApp on Samsung

    There are 3 ways to download WhatsApp messenger to Samsung Galaxy or other model:

    • via the Google Play application;
    • through a browser from the developer’s official website;
    • via a browser from a resource offering a modified version (for example, for gadgets with an outdated operating system).

    In order to use the first method, you need:

    • Open the smartphone menu and click on the Google Play icon.
    • After opening the application in the search bar, enter the name of WhatsApp.
    • Press the “Install” button, which will appear on the screen in the upper right part after processing the request.
    • Wait for the download to finish.

    Downloading through a browser is performed according to the following scheme:

    • Go to the page with the release you are interested in. It should be remembered that only downloading from the developer’s website is safe.
    • Specify the operating system used by the gadget on which the application will be installed. You may also need to specify its type, for example Galaxy.
    • Press the “Download” button.
    • Reset file from computer to phone.

    Installing WhatsApp on Samsung with Bada or Wave

    You can find a suitable version on the Internet, on sites specializing in the distribution of add-ons for this messenger. An example is my-WhatsApp.

    After downloading the file to your phone, you need to restart it. After that, you can proceed with the installation. It is made according to the same scheme that was presented in the previous section for the “Android” system.

    How to install WhatsApp on Samsung phone

    A step-by-step instruction on how to connect WhatsApp to a Samsung phone for free in Russian comes down to 4 steps. Sometimes errors occur when installing the messenger, but you can fix each of them yourself.

    How to install “WhatsApp” on Samsung

    The sequence of steps for installing the messenger depends on the download method. If it was done through a browser, you need to find the installation file saved on the gadget and activate it.

    If the application was downloaded through Google Play, then a file with the.APK extension is sent to the user’s device, the installation of which will start automatically. After its completion, you need to create and configure an account.

    • open “WhatsApp”;
    • transfer your phone number to the system;
    • in the appeared action confirmation window, click on the “OK” button;
    • when a message arrives at the specified contact, enter the code contained in it in the number confirmation field;
    • fill in profile information.

    The same scheme is used to install the messenger on a Samsung tablet. If it does not have a SIM card installed, you need to have a phone at hand to confirm the number.

    What to do if the messenger won’t download or install

    Problems with downloading and installing the messenger can occur in 3 cases:

    • insufficient gadget resources;
    • incorrect operation of the Google Play service;
    • task manager error.

    Faced with the inability to download the application from Google Play, the user must check the amount of free memory on their mobile device. The minimum allowed value is 100 MB.

    If this amount of resource is missing, you can try to solve the problem in the following ways:

    • move some of the information from the gadget’s memory to a removable disk;
    • carry out the optimization procedure through the “Settings” section.
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    If the crash is caused by a Google Play malfunction, you can fix it by restarting your phone.

    If this does not help to solve the problem, you need to proceed as follows:

    • go to the “All applications” section of the gadget settings;
    • stop Google Play services;
    • run this utility again.

    The task manager error occurs due to the presence of a hidden WhatsApp folder in the data / data of the device. Its existence is the result of previous failed installation attempts. You can get rid of it by returning to the factory settings.

    The same error can be caused by using the Task-killer utility. It must be deactivated before downloading WhatsApp.

    How to download “WhatsApp” on a Samsung tablet?

    To install the messenger on your tablet, you need a SIM card. The application can be downloaded from the Play Store or from the official WhatsApp website. This will require permission to install files from an unknown source.

    • in the “Settings” menu, go to the “Security” tab;
    • remove the ban from the “Allow unknown sources” function;
    • after downloading the program, return the security settings to their original state.

    How to Enable Dual Apps in Samsung Mobile & Works For All Samsung Devices

    The application is installed as follows:

    • Give the command to install by opening the file.
    • During the download process, confirm your agreement with the proposed terms.
    • Please log in. This action is possible with an activated SIM card.
    • Receive a confirmation code that will come to the specified number and enter it in the proposed field.

    After the system accepts the entered code, the application will become available for use.

    Ways to Install WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Some users face difficulties in setting up the program. This is due to the lack of an official product and the use of third-party applications.

    To install WhatsApp, follow these steps:

    • Connect the watch to your smartphone. For this purpose, you need to download the program from the Play Store or App Store. After activation, you need to sync with your smartwatch.
    • Find the function “Manage notifications on your device” in the settings and activate notifications received through the messenger.
    • Link your WhatsApp account to your device.

    After completing the listed actions, it will be possible to receive and read the incoming information. Information about incoming messages will be displayed at the top of the device screen. Installing the application allows the user to communicate freely with friends without the need to hold a mobile phone.

    WhatsApp for Smart TV “Samsung

    Since Samsung’s Smart TV runs on Android platform, the WhatsApp application will function without any problems.

    • connect TV to the Internet;
    • download the corresponding file for Android OS from the official website of the messenger;
    • install the program according to the suggested steps;
    • log in to the application using your phone number.

    The completion of the installation will be indicated by the message that appears on the screen.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch compatibility with WhatsApp

    Despite the widespread use and use of smart wrist devices and the WhatsApp messenger, not all watch models support it. Smart sports gadgets from “Samsung” starting from 1st generation devices (Samsung Gear) can work with this application.

    In the latest versions of Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800NZSA), it is possible to connect not only WhatsApp, but also social networks (OK, etc.), but it is impossible to find the official application on Google Play and the App Store.

    The latest update to WhatsApp brings support for Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear), the operating system for smartwatches and other wearable devices. It is available on the official WhatsApp website.

    How to install WhatsApp on Samsung Watch

    The WhatsApp Messenger application for communication is the most demanded. It helps to keep in touch both when dealing with business issues and during sports and outdoor activities. Manufacturers of Smart watches also did not stand aside, expanding the functionality of wrist devices. Before installing WhatsApp on the Galaxy Watch, you need to make sure that the sports gadget implements this feature.

    What to do if the application does not download or install?

    Errors while downloading and installing whatsapp for Samsung can occur due to the following reasons:

    • malfunction when connecting to a Google account;
    • errors of Google services;
    • little space on the device;
    • the application is not available in the user’s country.

    Most of the problems are solvable, and their causes can be corrected by yourself.

    • clear temporary data and application cache;
    • restart the gadget;
    • download the.APK file from the official website of the messenger;
    • delete the used Google account and create a new one;
    • repeat the steps to install the program.

    When downloading the.APK file, you need to make sure that it is legal and secure. To detect viruses, you need to check it with one of the available antivirus programs. These actions do not give a 100% guarantee, but they reduce the likelihood of downloading an infected product.

    How to install a second WhatsApp on an Android phone

    Android users can optionally install two WhatsApp applications on their smartphones. In addition to correspondence lovers, two messengers registered to different numbers are necessary for work, study or sales.

    After smartphones with two SIM cards appeared on sale, subscribers were asked whether it is possible to install two WhatsApp on one Android phone.

    Cloning an application

    In the world of information, it is sometimes important to distinguish between important and not so important data streams. Therefore, many people install two messengers on their smartphones: for work and personal life. One of the ways how to install 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone is to copy the application.

    Some digital device manufacturers are equipping smartphones with progressive software shells. These devices have the “Clone Applications” function. With the help of the utility, copies of almost any program are created. To do this, just go to “Settings” → “Applications” → “Clone applications”. In the list of programs that appears, select the one you need and start cloning. A new version will appear on the desktop with the designation 1.2 or 3. Clones work separately from each other.

    App Cloner

    Another tool for cloning WhatsApp. Working with the application is simple. Download and install App Cloner on your smartphone or tablet, open and follow the prompts. The utility will display applications that can be copied, select WhatsApp and press once. A duplicate is created automatically.

    Whats App Business

    It is impossible to do this in the standard program, the engineers did not provide for such an extension for digital devices. Only one application is installed on a phone with 2 SIM cards. But users and developers about Bosch have inconvenienced, and have come up with ways to use two messengers on one gadget.

    Whats App Business is marketed as an app for small businesses. It makes it easy to create chats, communicate with people in real time. In addition, the program allows you to register two WhatsApp on one device. Whats App Business is available in the Play Market.

    Parallel Space

    Free application on the Play Market that creates a second version of WhatsApp on the device. Management is simplified to a disgrace. Download the program, wait for the download and click on the icon on the desktop. In the proposed menu, select WhatsApp and click on “Copy”, then follow the prompts of the application. When the new version appears on the screen, log in and register in the usual way using a different phone number.

    Using the shell

    Some Android skins contain the “Software Clones” feature. In the “Settings” item, find “System” → click on “Accessibility” → go to the “Laboratory” section → the “Software clones” option. Then select WhatsApp in the window that appears and turn the switch to the “on” position. A duplicate of the application will appear on the desktop, go in and register a second SIM card.


    OGWhatsapp is an application that you cannot find in the Play Market, you have to download it from the Internet. When looking for a program, you should be careful and choose trusted sites. To enable the device to download a third-party program, follow the instructions:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Find the item “Security”.
    • Next, select “Device Management” → “Unknown Sources”.
    • Switch the checkbox to “on”, thus allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

    Then fill in the search engine with the name of the utility, install it on your phone. Instructions on how to install a second WhatsApp on Android using OGWhatsApp:

    • Go to Whatsapp, open “Settings” and make a backup.
    • Find the folder with the name Whatsapp through the “Explorer”, rename it to WhatsAppold.
    • Go to the “Settings” menu, find WhatsApp among the Applications and clear the cache of the program.
    • Remove WhatsApp from your device.
    • Then rename the WhatsAppold folder to OGWhatsApp again.
    • Now install applications from the OGWhatsApp folder and sign up for WhatsApp with the first phone number.

    Download the application again from the Play Market and register for a new number. Now two WhatsApp accounts work on one smartphone.

    The program is easy to use, free, allows you to use two WhatsApp registered to different numbers. As in the previous option, through the “Settings” allow the download and installation of third-party applications. Sequencing:

    • Back up your WhatsApp messages and contacts in advance.
    • Find GBWA on the Internet, download to your phone.
    • Run the installation.
    • Enter the phone number for the second app.

    If your device does not have a SIM card for registration, use voice confirmation. On a device with a SIM card, press the virtual call, the answering machine will say a special code, enter it in the field in the smartphone where two applications are installed.

    Remember, when updating the official application, the “duplicated” versions may be buggy or stop working.

    Features of WhatsApp on a Dual SIM Android Phone

    Smartphones with two SIM cards still do not allow the user to create two messenger accounts. The person will have to choose one of the numbers, to which the account will subsequently be registered. In this case, it is preferable to use a SIM card, which is used more often.

    However, having two SIM cards gives the WhatsApp user several advantages:

    • fast work of the application is ensured. As practice shows, WhatsApp works faster on gadgets with multiple SIM cards;
    • no failures and crashes during work;
    • simplified registration of your profile.

    Installing a second WhatsApp on Android using Parallel Space

    Parallel Space is a program that duplicates WhatsApp for two SIM cards at once.

    Note! This software is freely available on Google Play. To install it, you do not need serious knowledge and skills, you just need to follow the prompts.

    The procedure for downloading two WhatsApp messengers to one Android device is divided into the following steps:

    • Type the name of the application in the Google Play search bar, download it and install it on your device.
    • After opening the software, all programs installed on the phone will appear in its taskbar. Click on the WhatsApp icon to create a copy of it.
    • The procedure for dubbing the messenger will begin, which can last for several minutes. When copying is finished, an instruction with further instructions appears on the display of the machine. The user will need to create a second Watsap icon on the desktop in accordance with the assistant’s prompts.
    • After completing the previous step, the procedure for copying the software can be considered complete. The files will sync as well. Now the user will need to go through authorization in the program.
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    Important! This is a standard procedure and does not differ from the first registration. First you need to choose a free number to which the account will be registered, then fill in the fields with personal data.

    How to make two WhatsApp on Android phone using OGWhatsapp app

    Another application from Google that allows you to duplicate a popular messenger for users who have two SIM cards in their phone.

    The procedure for copying WhatsApp using this method is as follows:

    • At the initial stage, you need to download the selected program from Google Play and install it on the gadget.
    • Agree with the system notification and give the appropriate permissions for the functioning of the software.
    • The main page of the application will open, which will present all the features of OGWhatsapp. Click on the “Backup” tab.
    • In the window that opens, select WhatsApp and confirm your action by clicking on the “Ok” button.
    • Wait until the end of the process of copying the messenger. At the end of the procedure, the user does not have to independently create the second WhatsApp icon on Android. OGWhatsapp will do it automatically.
    • Register a new account according to the standard scheme.

    Note! When registering a second account, the “Backup phone number” field will appear. It can be filled in or left blank.

    What to do if the second WhatsApp won’t start

    There are several reasons for this circumstance, each of which deserves individual consideration:

    • the phone does not have a second SIM card;
    • to register another messenger, you will need a free number, which has not previously appeared anywhere. If the gadget does not support the ability to install two SIM cards, then you will not be able to fully use the application;
    • system failure. Earlier versions of Android OS often crash when installing new applications. In this situation, it is recommended to restart the gadget or roll back the system, which involves resetting the settings to the factory level;
    • outdated version of the operating system. WhatsApp messenger receives updates regularly. Therefore, on earlier versions of Android, this application may not start at all, giving an unknown error;
    • access to programs from unknown sources is blocked on the mobile phone. In this case, go to the “Security” tab in the gadget settings and click on the line “Allow access to suspicious files”;
    • malware. Viruses can also cause certain software to fail to run;
    • system junk. We are talking about files that clog up the RAM of a mobile phone, negatively affecting the performance of applications. You can clear the cache of unnecessary information by using the built-in software;
    • outdated firmware version. To solve the problem, you need to reflash the device, but it is not recommended to perform this procedure yourself in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. It is better to contact the service center, where specialists will identify the cause of the problem, and also find a way to fix it as soon as possible.

    Reset phone settings on the Android operating system

    Note! If the user suspects that his Android device has undergone a virus infection, then he should add the antivirus to the list of installed software and configure it. Usually, such software is already preinstalled on the gadget.

    How to make a second WhatsApp on Android using the GBWA program

    This software has a simple and convenient interface, thanks to which each user will be able to understand how to install a second WhatsApp on Android.

    • Launch WhatsApp installed on the device and back up data to avoid uninstalling it accidentally.
    • Click on the Google Play icon and download GBWA to your device.
    • After installing the software, the user will need to go through a simple registration with the indication of his mobile phone number from the second SIM card.
    • After completing the above steps, the smartphone will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

    Note! The second WhatsApp icon on the device’s desktop is different from the main messenger. Also, problems may arise with its performance.

    How to install a second WhatsApp on Android with the first

    In most cases, Android smartphone users need to install a second WhatsApp. This procedure assumes the use of third-party programs. The main features of the task will be presented in this article.

    Is it possible to install 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone

    This option is not provided by the developers of the manager, but there are workarounds to resolve this issue.

    There are several methods for registering a second account in the WhatsApp messenger on one smartphone. These methods have certain differences, which will be discussed below.

    Installing a second WhatsApp on an Android phone is quite possible

    How to Install 2 WhatsApp Simultaneously on Samsung A50 | a30 | a20 | a70 | a40 | a60

    The messaging app has become one of the most important parts of our lives in terms of digital communication.

    The WhatsApp platform will bring you closer to your family and friends.This is a very popular communication channel today, so it is not surprising that many people want to install a second one, and you seem to be one of them.

    There are a dozen ways to install 2 WhatsApp at once on Samsung a50, although the same options are suitable for other phones in this line a30 a20 a70 a40 a60.

    I will not describe all the options, but as a rule, you need two SIM cards or replace with another during installation

    You can easily insert into Samsung a50 at once 2. Two SIM cards are needed to verify the number with one account, only one number can work.

    Perhaps, over time, enthusiasts will learn to work around this, but at the time of writing this is not real or I do not know.

    How To Easily Run Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Samsung A50 | a30 | a20 | a70 | a40 | a60

    The easiest way to use two different accounts on one phone, in our case Samsung a50.

    Then just log in with another one and install another WhatsApp, but this time register with a second SIM card.

    Another version of the “GbWhatsApp” application with exactly the same interface (appearance, arrangement of buttons). You can download it here at the end.

    If you don’t like it, put WhatsApp Business will allow you to use the second SIM card number.

    Another option is the Parallel Space program. Her help can be put not only on the second WhatsApp, but also on the third, fourth and fifth at the same time on one Samsung a50.

    The last of my methods MultiWhatsapp. Will allow you to put other WhatsApp endlessly and use each of them.

    There are still options with ROOT rights, but I doubt that someone will dare to use them, so I skip them.

    How to install a second WhatsApp without a SIM card

    Most people (myself included) will have at least 2 email addresses. For example, one email address will be used to communicate with family friends and the other to manage professional contacts.

    Likewise, for some reason, you may need an additional WhatsApp account, only it does not allow you to create more than one account for the same SIM.

    Alternative solution, different contact. Is buying a SIM card the only option to get an additional ID?

    Not at all. You can try any of the options below to get a second ID without buying a new SIM.

    If you live in the US or Canada, you can easily set up Google Voice to get a new phone number.

    Since you can send and receive messages in Google Voice, you can apply your Google Voice number.

    To activate a Google voice number, you must provide a phone number. you will receive a confirmation code on it.

    A primary mobile or landline number will work to get the code and set up Google Voice. If for some reason Google Voice doesn’t work, try TextFree.

    TextFree is free for calls and SMS (available for both iOS and Android), which can be used to get a real phone number, but only for the USA.

    Of course, the number will be reserved for you after you create an account and can be used for free text messages.

    Use it as an additional option when you receive a WhatsApp verification code within this time period. Otherwise, the number will be lost and you must reserve a new one.

    Didn’t both of these options work for you? You don’t need to worry. Do you have a landline telephone in your home?

    Then apply this number to your new WhatsApp account. Only you need to select not the text option, but the connection check parameter, to get the code.

    When you ask for confirmation, you receive a voice call to your landline phone with a confirmation number.

    Make a note of the verification code for this connection and enter it to activate the new account.

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