How To Lock The Turned On iPhone Screen

Unlock iPhone screen via browser

How to unlock iPhone screen if you did NOT connect it to your computer and do not have it paired with iTunes?

There is a solution, only you must have an Apple ID, which is the email address and password, which you entered in iCloud on your phone.

First, we log into the website using the email address and password that you used when you first started.

After logging into the site, we will find the “Learn” icon. it will be in the lower right corner of the screen.

After opening it, you will need to enter the password again, and then the phone will be displayed on the map.

Now click the All Devices button at the top, or if there is only one device, the device name is displayed at the top of the screen.

After selecting the phone, a window with parameters will appear in the upper right corner. Click here for the solution titled “Dream iPhone”.

As with restarting iTunes, the data from the phone will be deleted and the lock code will be deleted.

Unlock iPhone Screen via iTunes

If you used to use a smartphone and connect it to iTunes on your computer, it’s a simple matter.

To do this, connect the locked phone using a computer cable and turn on iTunes.

After the program detects your device, Click the icon (top left) and select “Restore iPhone”.

Then you have to wait. All data on the phone will be erased and after restarting, you will have to sign in again using your iCloud account (Apple ID).

IPhone lock screen password will disappear and you can set it again, go to phone settings.

In this case, it is not worth restoring the backup, as it will restore all previous settings, including the old phone or tablet screen lock code.

3 Proven Ways To Unlock iPhone Screen If Forgot Password

“I forgot the screen lock code for iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, iPhone 4, iPhone 5s.”. this is often encountered among the problems of those who have an Apple phone.

What to do when the lock code flew out of our head? If you do not remember the password or the device is locked. there are several easy ways to unlock, although it has the best security system in mobile phones.

This became loudly known when the FBI agents could not get to the data on the iPhone 5.

All the confusion came from a rather trivial iOS feature. After entering the security code ten times, the system automatically deletes all contents of the device.

This happens because there is no physical ability to read data from a locked iPhone.

If we are NOT FBI agents who have a huge budget and can contact a mysterious company that can bypass Apple’s security, then We must do our business differently.

Some time ago in my guide I showed how to unlock any Android. today I want to focus on another solution. how to unlock iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 10 iPhone 5s.?

It can be restored in several ways. Official and. less Official.

This guide applies to the iPhone lock screen, but does NOT cover how to unlock if the screen is broken or the screen is not working.

To unlock iCloud, you need to go to another entry. there I prepared 8 great tools. the link is in the last section of this entry.

What to do if you unlock iPhone using the methods above Failed

If none of the above methods worked for your case, you still have (at least) 2 solutions.

Solution. look at this post, from which you can find out 8 ways to bypass icloud.

Second solution. Describing your problem in detail in the comment in this text.

If possible, drop screenshots. it will be easier for me to help. I will try to answer your request as soon as possible. success.

Unlock iPhone Screen Through Safe Mode

The last solution is to put your phone into safe mode. recovery mode. This method will work if you have NOT added or disabled an iCloud account on your iPhone and cannot use now.

In this case, turn on iTunes on the computer, and then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

Then press the On / Off button and the Home button at the same time. Wait until the phone restarts. The recovery mode screen appears.

Now release the buttons. ITunes will display a message: “The iPhone has a problem that needs to be updated or reproduced.”.

If you want to restore your phone to its original settings and remove the screen lock code, click the “Restore” button and wait until all settings of your phone or tablet are deleted.

After your phone restarts, you can create a new iCloud account to connect your device to. The phone lock code will also not be available.


Although I have NOT tested it, I think this is far from the only article of this kind on the Internet.

help unlock iPhone 5s. forgot screen password. iTunes programs comments

I am NOT aware of other methods besides those described.

Hi guys, there was a problem that I am entering the correct password but writes that it is not the correct password or is being locked.
I started hard Lagat (buggy), there was no memory, I thought I would clean everything tomorrow, I wake up and I can’t unlock the password. I don’t know what to do and so I don’t want to erase the data.

iPhone X I have a phone

I bought an iPhone 6 off hand. The set includes a device and a charger. Have it not blacklisted, but I can not unlock the screen, I do not know the numbers, the former owner has NOT logged out of her account. They stupidly robbed her, and she needed money to fly away. what to do?

Hello. I have ten iPhone. There is a password, but the top of the screen does not work and I can enter two digits of the code. Please tell me how it is possible to unblock?

I can’t figure it out. You know the password, but you cannot enter it?

I have the same situation, well, what happened? (

Write in more detail what the problem is. The sensor at the top of the screen does NOT work or what?

The half-screen is broken and I can’t click on a number to unlock the screen, there is an option to unlock without losing data ?

There is. Via USB OTG Lightning cable and keyboard.

Hello! I have a similar problem, part of the sensor does not work and I CANNOT enter the last 2 digits of the password (What can be done in such a situation? Maybe there is some function that will allow the screen to be turned sideways?

There is no such function, but it is possible through the usual and USB OTG cable.

Help retrieve call incoming calls Side buttons are ok. Something in the settings, apparently, I thought of it and later there are incoming calls. They are on silent mode. thanks

And vibration works. Go to “Settings” “Sounds, tactile signals” and see what’s going on there.

Good afternoon! iPhone 6 the screen is locked, the child typed the wrong password several times. The following appeared on the screen: iPhone is disconnected Connect to aytyunis. The password and login are all from aikloud, is it possible to unlock the phone without losing data from the phone (pictures,) I really would NOT want to lose (((help if you know what you can do? (((((

Tips to help NOT crash your iPhone

iPhone writes to connect to iTunes. what is the error

lost mode

This mode is only available for iPhones based on iOS 5 and later. To activate it, you need to enable the Find iPhone application on the stolen iPhone.

There are a number of specific features of Lost Mode that you can enable on your phone:

  • you can make a call to your iPhone;
  • it is possible to block flashing, which will save the phone from data loss;
  • from the iPhone you can make a call exclusively to the number that you specify in iCloud

In case of theft, it is better to turn on Lost Mode as soon as possible.

Lock a stolen iPhone

Apple product developers have taken care of the security of iPhone owners’ data in the event of theft. The first thing you should do if your phone is stolen is to block it, and then contact the Law Enforcement Agencies, which must take all the necessary actions, which will be focused on finding the lost device.

Contacting Law Enforcement Agencies

To open a case in theft, Law enforcement agencies are guided by the minimum amount of loss. Since the price of the iPhone is an order of magnitude higher than this amount, you can confidently turn to them for help in your search. To facilitate the search procedure, employees can invite you to a serial number (IMEI), which will help you find the iPhone.

You may also be interested. What is IMEI?

IMEI is assigned to each individual device at the time of manufacture at the factory. This code is stored in the firmware and makes it possible to identify each individual iPhone. IMEI can provide all possible assistance in the search for the device that was stolen, and, if necessary, further identification of the found iPhone.

IMEI consists of 14 digits and one additional digit. Thanks to this, the numbers can determine the place of origin and model. To find it, you may need the box in which you purchased your iPhone, or the receipt you received when you purchased it. In addition, you can find out the IMEI on your profile page, if, of course, the device was previously recorded.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is an answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, count someone else’s time.

Instructions for enabling the mode

To enable the mode, you need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • Sign in to iCloud and enter your Apple ID and your password in the appropriate box
  • Next, go to the “Find iPhone” application
  • After that, the location of the gadget will be determined. You can see the location of the phone on the map, in the form of a green circle, which should be clicked.
  • In the pop-up window, you must click on the letter “and”, after which a window will appear in which you will be asked to select the desired function. Select “Lost Mode”.

Next, you will be asked to enter a password, which was already set by you earlier on the iPhone, which was stolen. If you used the device without a password, you will need to come up with one. Save or remember the password, as you will need it to unlock if you find a lost gadget.

After THESE steps, you should enter the number that will appear on the screen of the stolen iPhone. This number will be listed as a contact to contact you if someone finds it. This step can be ignored by you.

Locking the phone, which is stolen, will be done instantly if your iPhone is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the blocking will occur after the phone is connected to the network.

Locking in the event of theft

IPhone Finder Message

You can lock your iPhone remotely by yourself. In addition, you can delete personal data, or leave a message with your coordinates, if it turns out that in fact the phone was simply lost by you.

In addition to the ability to lock the iPhone, there is another function that is available to users, this is the ability to turn on the sound signal, and if the device that was stolen is Nearby, you can hear it and find it yourself.

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To lock your iPhone, you need to use the Find iPhone app. You can do this with the iCloud website or with a second iOS gadget.

causes of problems

Among the most common causes of a problem are:

  • Mechanical damage to the proximity sensor due to impact or falling.
  • Poor-quality repair or installation of non-original components.
  • Moisture penetration under glass.
  • Reflection of the sensor signal by protective film or glass.
  • System crash.

Most often, you can find and fix the problem yourself, but if we are talking about poor-quality repairs and non-original parts or damage due to mechanical stress and water ingress, then you need to contact the service center. In order not to worry about the quality of the repair and the parts used, choose an Authorized Service Center. it will be more expensive, but you will NOT have to redo everything again.

Who is responsible for the screen lock

The proximity sensor responds to locking the iPhone during a call. Its working principle is as follows:

  • Waves emanate from an emitter and bounce off a surface. for example, the head to which you bring the phone.
  • The reflected wave hits the receiver, which turns off the display.

It is very simple to check the operation of the proximity sensor: if you cover part of the phone above the display with your finger when connecting to a subscriber, the screen will go out. Proximity sensor settings on iOS are available, you cannot disable it. That is, it either works properly or does NOT function due to some kind of error, software or hardware.

elimination of the problem

The first thing to do is to eliminate the possibility of a system failure that prevents the sensor from functioning normally. If the iPhone screen locks intermittently during a call, perform a hard reset. It will help eliminate non-critical errors in the system.

  • Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold until Apple logo appears. 9-10 seconds.

Decent iPhone 7 models without a physical Home button use a different combination. Power volume down key.

If the problem is not resolved after a hard restart, perform a factory and content reset. Be sure to back up your iPhone so you don’t lose personal information. After resetting your device, DO NOT rush to restore it from a backup. First, set up the iPhone as new, check if the sensor is working, and then return the settings and files that were on the phone to reset.

If factory reset did NOT solve the problem, pay attention to the smartphone screen. Is there a film, glass or case on it that covers the top of the device? Remove all accessories from the display and test the sensor again. Perhaps a film, glass or case does not allow the waves to pass, and without them the screen will again block perfectly.

When a hard reboot, factory reset, film removal, and other measures DO NOT help, there is only one way left. to the service center. Something bad has probably happened to the sensor and needs to be replaced. The procedure is quick and inexpensive, but necessary if you want to get rid of your lock screen problems.

Enabling iPhone screen lock during a call

The iPhone should be locked during a call automatically as soon as the device is near your ear. Usually there are no errors in the operation of this function, but sometimes users are faced with the fact that the screen is NOT locked. This leads to accidental call drops, turning on the speakerphone, turning off the microphone and second unexpected consequences that interfere with the conversation.

The display does not go out after notifications

Another similar problem is that the screen lights up when a notification of a message or other event arrives, and then does NOT go out. If this happens at night, then by morning you can get a well-discharged smartphone. The problem is unpleasant, but you can solve it yourself, without contacting a service center. For this:

  • Open iOS Settings and go to “General”.
  • Select “auto-lock”.
  • Set the time interval. By default, the minute should be selected, but you can put less. The main thing is not to select the “Never” option. it is because of it that the screen does NOT go out after the notification appears.

If this did NOT fix the problem, remember when the problem first appeared. Uninstall recent games and applications if you have jailbroken or installed tweaks. pay close attention to them. Jailbreak, by the way, may be a prerequisite for the proximity sensor to stop working on calls, so be careful with hacking the system.

If you can’t find a specific app or Tweak that is interfering with the normal operation of iOS, perform a hard restart and reset settings and content, and then set iPhone as a new device.

Shutting down iPhone via iOS

In order to turn off the iPhone without the lock button, the developers have provided the Assistive Touch program built into the iOS. To unlock this function, find the “settings” icon (gray gears) on the main screen, then go to the “General” item, then. “Universal access”.

How To Lock The Turned On iPhone Screen

Slide the switch near the AssistiveTouch label to the right so that it turns green.

An icon will now appear on the lock screen. If you click on it, the iPhone control menu will open. We select the item “Device”, and then hold down the “Screen lock” button to turn off the phone.

How to turn on iPhone if the Home (lock) button does not work

There are a hundred wrong actions that can cause various damage to a smartphone. Despite the quality and reliability, Apple devices can be damaged due to carelessness. According to the rating of calls to the service center, the breakdown of the lock button is considered the leader. Few people know that using a smartphone with such a problem is still possible. The developers have provided several ways to turn on the iPhone if the lock button does not work.

What causes a breakdown

In total, there are five buttons on the iPhone, of which two are volume control, one is for returning to the home screen. One more. to control the call modes and, finally, the remaining one. to perform the functions of locking the touch screen and turning on the device.

There are many reasons why the lock button does not work:

  • Power button physically damaged (broken).
  • The loop connected on the board does not work (breakage or incomplete contact).
  • Wetting the main board of the smartphone, which means the loss of conduction contacts.
  • Reasons related to malfunction and errors in the operating system.
  • Often, breakage occurs due to over-pressing. You can continue to use the iPhone, but this will significantly reduce the comfort of work.

Turning on iPhone using the charger

You can turn on the smartphone in case of breakdowns of the lock button using a simple, but proven method. For this, a charger from the device is used:

  • Connect the charger, preferably the original one, to the power source.
  • Leave the device for a while: 10 to 30 minutes.
  • After reaching a certain level of charge, the system will automatically turn on the iPhone. If this does not happen after a while, you should check the health of the charger, as well as the power source.

If the button breakage is caused by errors in the software, press the key combination for a deep reboot. Simultaneously press the buttons “Home” and “Lock”, and then hold them for about 15-20 seconds. The completion of this operation is the appearance of the Apple logo on the home screen.

Despite the possibility of using an iPhone with a damaged lock button, it cannot be operated in this way for a long time, because this will lead to damage to the second electronic components of the gadget. Try to make repairs as quickly as possible.

Via iCloud on a computer

This will require a desktop version of iCloud on a computer or a browser version on any phone. The sequence of actions is similar to the previous instruction:

  • Visit by entering your username and password for your account;
  • Select the device you want to block and leave a phone number for communication.


What does it mean to “lock” iPhone

In this case, all iPhone functions stop working, and when you try to unlock the screen, a message appears: “Missing phone. This iPhone has been lost. Please call me (phone number). ” Depending on the wishes of the user, additional data and comments may be indicated in the message. When blocking, the owner marks the device as Lost by remotely blocking the gadget using a special password. This allows you to track the location of your device. And if the device has the Apple Pay function (and plastic cards are included in it), then such a gadget will not be able to pay.

You can lock a device in several ways listed below, however, the fastest and most popular is remote locking via a trusted device of a close or relative based on iOS. This message goes away, and the iPhone returns to normal when the owner cancels Lost Mode and contacts the one who managed to find the lost or Stolen device.

All this will work if users have activated the “Find My” or “Find iPhone” function in advance. If this did not happen, then it will be more difficult to find the device, and the chance to regain access and find it by location is close to zero.

If you suspect or are sure that your iPhone was stolen or lost, use one of the instructions below in order to find the gadget and protect your personal data.

Why iPhone is stolen

The malefactor is always driven by one goal: to quickly and profitably sell the stolen thing obtained by illegal means. The ideal victims are those who know little about the security system of Apple gadgets and DO NOT protect the device in any way: they don’t put passwords when unlocking the device, they don’t speak about turning on the “Find My” function (on iOS 12 and below, this function is called “Find iPhone “). While Apple improves security every year, creating new apps and improving existing technologies, Thieves are finding ways to unlock iPhone, even if it’s linked to a passcode, Touch ID fingerprints, or Face ID. Why iPhones are being stolen:

  • Sell ​​on the black market at an attractive price. If the fraudster has a suspicion that the owner of the iPhone might wake up and knows how to protect the lost gadget, they sell the Stolen device at half the market price;
  • Put up for auction on sites like Avito or Yula. Before buying a gadget “off hand” we recommend that you check the gadget, whether it is listed in the stolen database. Such ads are often issued by a postscript in the ad “urgent sale” and a reduced price in comparison with the cost in other sellers;
  • Hand over to a pawnshop. The kidnapper will be able to help out a little, but it will still be possible to cash in on other people’s property. It is possible that the owner will be lucky, and an employee of the establishment will see the message left on the screen with a request to return the phone with a contact number and will try to contact the user;
  • They reflash and keep it for themselves. If the smartphone cannot be unlocked, then a Jailbreak is put on the gadget. The likelihood of finding a buyer is significantly reduced, so the attacker begins to use the hacked device themselves. It is unlikely that it will be possible to return your gadget, and even in its former state;
  • Hand over for spare parts. An iPhone that is locked is most often sold cheaply for parts. A stolen or forgotten device will be taken apart “piece by piece”, making it almost impossible to get it back.
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How to enable the “Find iPhone” option

This is very easy to do. This basic function is pre-installed in any model and in the latest versions of the axle. over, it cannot be deleted, so you will always find it in the settings. If you have any version in iOS 13, the procedure is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” and select “iCloud”;
  • Type in the username and password for the account, if it was NOT done earlier;
  • Allow the program to use your geolocation, clicked on “OK”;
  • Scroll down a little and swipe to the right on the inscription: “Find iPhone”. Confirm Action.

If you have iOS 13 firmware:

  • Open “Settings” and click on your name at the very top;
  • Select “Locator”, then tap on “Find iPhone “;
  • The next step is to move the value of “Find iPhone” to the active position.

For correct operation in both cases, DO NOT disable the location services and leave them in the working position at all times.

How to lock an iPhone if it is stolen

Apple products are expensive, which means that any iPhone model is “under the gun” and automatically becomes the target of thieves and intruders. Scammers profit from the sale of stolen iPhones or keep it for themselves. And also. it is easy to lose or forget a smartphone in a taxi or cafe, but, of course, the chance that the device will be returned is close to zero. What to do in a situation when the phone is lost or stolen?

There is a way out, and it was invented by Apple itself, which takes care of its customers. In case of unexpected loss or theft, the corporation’s engineers have created an aLGorithm that allows you to track the device and, if necessary, lock it, making it useless for the thief and keeping private information. The article will tell you how to remotely lock your phone in several possible ways (both Official methods and using third-party utilities) if it is stolen or lost.

Apple ID Verification Fraud

and more cases of “verification” of Apple ID from your device. It looks like this: a stranger asks for help and tells you to enter your login and password on your iPhone to test the functionality of the functions. At first glance, it seems that you can trust this person, because no one will ever share the data in the login and password for no reason, unnecessarily. In fact, it turns out that the account is empty, there is nothing on it: no contacts, no photos, and the shell with applications is NOT touched. Often there are no “Apple” products for thieves, and all actions take place through the iCloud desktop site.

An attacker often dwells on Apple-themed forums and infiltrates the user’s trust, asking for his opinion and talking about the experience of use. And after a couple of days, they come up with different stories: from “I used Android for a long time, and now I switch to Apple to check the old account”, “I can’t enter, and the name of an important medicine in“ Notes ”to“ Bluetooth / Wi does not work on my iPhone.Fi / geolocation, check on your device. ” The essence of this fraud remains the same: remotely lock your iPhone, then demand several thousand rubles. This is literally theft of an iPhone. After such actions, the fraudster on the other side of the screen will make it so that the user stole the gadget from him, and not vice versa. You will not be able to try to get out of the ill-fated account and enter your Apple ID data, because the phone is marked as stolen by the attacker. That is, in a nutshell, the device will turn into a “brick” in unlocking scammers.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of such cases, and the resources of the police are not enough to investigate such every small case. There is no way out of this situation yet: you should hope for the carelessness of the thieves and believe that they did not have time to change their own password to Apple ID. Then try turning off Lost Mode and changing your passcode. In order not to get into such a situation, it is not worth answering such messages from strangers on the network and helping only relatives and friends.


A very useful application that tracks the location of the iPhone. To find a lost gadget and find out exactly where the last interactions with the device took place, fraudsters just need to connect the device to a computer. In a few seconds, the owner will receive a notification with the latest location. The utility updates data every hour, send geodata to the owner.

If Find My iPhone or Find My is turned off

What is the likelihood of finding an expensive smartphone? It is extremely small, applications and third-party utilities will not help here. Contact the Law Enforcement Authorities, Drawing up a statement of theft or loss (it is very important to clarify this point!). Police officers will definitely ask for a unique IMEI serial number (the combination can be found on the original box).

This can last for several days or several months. It remains to be hoped that scammers will go online (no matter with which SIM card), broadcasting IMEI activity. This reveals the location of the device, making it easier to find.

If you did not have the Find My or Find My iPhone function turned on, you just have to change your account password and hope for the best.

via iTunes
if Find My iPhone is disabled

Click “Restore iPhone”

After restoring the firmware, roll up the backup. The iPhone will then ask for a new password.

Through recovery mode

A window will pop up on the computer in which you need to click on the “Restore” button.

After the end of the recovery, roll up the backup and set a new password.

Extra headache. True, if a smartphone is needed urgently, there is nowhere to go. Of course, when it’s only locked for 15 minutes, it’s easier to wait. recover longer.

It makes sense to try one of the above methods only if the block is standing for several hours.

P.S. For those who “found” a smartphone on the street: if you don’t know the Apple ID, don’t even try to reset the password from someone else’s handset, it will still NOT work.

via iCloud

We select “Find iPhone”. all devices. the device we need.

Click “Erase iPhone”, after which the smartphone connected to Wi-Fi will go through the recovery procedure.

Install a backup via the cloud (or via a computer) and enter a new password.

What Happens When Blocking

The iPhone is quite protective of owner data. You just need to enable the password. The smartphone immediately becomes useless in the wrong hands, except to disassemble for details.

The east lock screen will NOT be bypassed, it is well protected, including from password guessing. After five incorrect attempts, the iPhone will only go to the sixth after a minute. By the seventh in 5 minutes. By the eighth. in 15.

Even if the owner received his phone back, he simply cannot enter the password. Example. One day my iPhone was in my nephew’s hands. Blocked “brick” returned.

Rebooting does NOT solve the problem, but only slightly decreases the counter. It would seem easier to put off your smartphone until tomorrow. But this is NOT a solution, digging further.

There are three ways that can help bring iPhone to life:

How to revive locked iPhones

What to do if the smartphone asks to wait a couple of days before entering the password.

Maxim Klimenchuk

Author, engineer, coffee lover and father of a little “why”. I try NOT to overgrow with gadgets. does not work.

Unlocking iPhone after jailbreak

Both of the above methods, most likely, will NOT suit the owners of “jailbroken” smartphones, since they are associated with the installation of the Official firmware.

And this leads to the inability to connect the device to your cellular operator and the loss of the second advantages of jailbreak.

Fortunately, it is possible to unlock an iPhone with iOS 5 or higher without updating the firmware by using the free SemiRestore app.

The SemiRestore utility is installed on a computer (the manufacturer claims support for Linux, OS X and Windows XP (SP3).8.1).

During the factory reset process, it deletes all personal data of the iPhone owner without losing the jailbreak.

Unlocking procedure:

  • Download SemiRestore from the official website and install on your PC.
  • With USB cable, connect iPhone to computer.
  • Launch SemiRestore and wait for it to recognize your smartphone.
  • If recognition is correct, click the “SemiRestore” button in the main window of the utility. this will start the process of clearing data on the iPhone.

The iPhone screen may turn on and off several times during recovery, this is normal.

After a few minutes, when the smartphone is fully loaded, you will see a clean desktop and initial settings.

However, the Cydia application will NOT disappear anywhere. by its presence, as well as if you can use it, you will make sure the jailbreak is saved.

After that, you can set a new password and transfer the settings and data from the iTunes backup to iPhone.

Now you know how to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode with three free tools.

The instructions turned out to be concise, but in fact, resetting and restoring all settings can take a decent amount of time.

Therefore, when installing long and complex passwords on devices, you should rely on memory. it is better to write them down somewhere and store these records in a safe place.

Data retention recovery

To reset your password while preserving all other information, open the “Devices” section in iTunes and find your iPhone in the list.

Then expand the “Browse” tab in the right half of the window and click the “Restore” button.

The password will be reset, and all other information will remain in place.

To additionally save a backup copy of settings and other data from your device to iTunes, click the “Copy” button.

How to Unlock iPhone (iPhone): 4 Easy Ways

The longer and more complex the password, the more secure your iPhone is against unwanted access. But such protection can also work against you if you forget your password one day.

What if this happened? The main thing is not to panic: you can easily unlock your iPhone if you know how to do it.

Unlocking via iTunes

You can unlock iPhone using iTunes with or without data saving.

The first method is possible when the iPhone is normally loaded and connected to the service through a computer, and the second. if one or other problems arose during loading.

For example, the device hangs on the splash screen or only the iTunes cable is displayed on the screen.

Recovery without saving information

If the first method fails or the iPhone does NOT fully load, personal data will have to be sacrificed. the device’s settings will be reset to the state as after purchase.

  • Download iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version.
  • Enter iPhone into DFU mode: Connect the device with a USB cable to the PC and turn off by simultaneously pressing and holding the “Home” and “Power” buttons. After the screen turns off, release the button “Power”, continuing to hold “Home”.
    It should take a few seconds before a message appears in the iTunes window that the connected iPhone is in recovery mode. The smartphone screen will remain off.
  • Click the “Restore” button in iTunes. The program will download the latest firmware and restore the iPhone. During recovery, the device will display a logo and a loading bar.

When the recovery is over, the iPhone can be booted without a password.

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If you have previously saved a copy of your settings and personal data in iTunes, you will have the opportunity to transfer them to your phone.

This way you can unlock any version of iPhone. 4, 4s, 5 and others.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Delete Music from iPhone via iTunes

Unlock via iCloud

The next method also erases all user data from the smartphone. You can restore them only if you have not forgotten to save a backup copy in iCould or iTunes.

To be able to unlock iPhone via iCloud, you need to install the Find iPhone program on your device in advance.

Directly to unblock, you need Internet access. on the device itself (via a SIM card or Wi-Fi) or on the computer to which it is connected.


  • Make sure your locked iPhone has Internet access.
  • Go from any device connected to the network to the “Find iPhone” application on the iCloud website and make sure that the service “sees” your device in the “online” status (there should be a green circle next to the iPhone model in the “All devices” section).
  • Click on the icon of the locked phone and select the option “Erase iPhone” in the menu that opens.
  • In the confirmation window, click the “Erase” button again.
  • In the next window, enter your Apple ID password and click “Finish”.

After that, the process of erasing the settings will begin. The iPhone screen at this time will display a loading bar and a bull’s-eye.

Find My iPhone helps you unlock both iPhone 6 and older models.

How to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

How to Unlock iPhone (iPhone): 4 Easy Ways

After reading the material, the impression is that there is nothing complicated in the process of unlocking the iPhone, comments. Everything is done simply, clearly, no extra actions are required. Yes, of course, there are nuances with the new models of Apple products, but if you think a little, then everything becomes clear.

How to Unlock iPhone. Complete Guide

Most likely, you came to this page hoping to find an answer to the question of how to unlock your iPhone. And it’s good. that you came to us. Indeed, the Internet is full of articles that Not only mislead people, but at the same time Try to impose someone’s dubious services.

What exactly do you mean by unlocking? After all, the word “unblock” can be applied to iPhone in different context situations.

This can be a forgotten numeric password or a lock for a specific communication provider, or a lock via iCloud (Find iPhone service, aka Locator).

The listed types of blocking have nothing to do with each other, therefore, in each case, the actions should be correspondingly different. Today I will tell you how to unlock your iPhone in all the above situations.

  • Why iPhone might be locked
  • Forgotten numeric password for iPhone
  • Lock iPhone by mobile operator
  • How to Unlock iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock Activated

Forgotten numeric password for iPhone

A numeric password (4 or 6 digits) is set on the iPhone to protect your data. If the password was forgotten or initially unknown, then access to information on the iPhone cannot be obtained.

Remember the recent FBI / Apple litigation during the San Bernardino massacre investigation? Then Apple refused to provide the FBI with the means to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone. Well, if the FBI cannot get to the data hidden by the password, then you are not destined.

From this it follows that data with a password-protected iPhone can not be fished out. Unless you made a backup beforehand.

Despite this, you can still unlock your iPhone. To do this, you will have to erase all data from the device (including the numeric password). Again, there are several options. How to do it in the instructions below.

There are at least three ways that will lead to a complete iPhone cleaning:

  • The first is using iTunes (provided that this iPhone was previously synced to your computer).
  • The second is through the Find iPhone service on the website (provided that you have access to the account registered in this iPhone).
  • The third is through the recovery mode (there are no conditions). This is exactly the last way we and successful all the information on the iPhone.

STEP 1. Connect iPhone with a cable to your computer and launch iTunes.

STEP 2. Hard restart the iPhone, holding down the HOME POWER buttons at the same time. Do not release the buttons until the iTunes logo with the cable image is displayed on the iPhone screen.

This will signal that recovery mode has been successfully activated on the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone X or older, read here how to put your phone into recovery mode.

STEP 3. A prompt to restore / update the device will appear on the computer screen. Please select “Reestablish” (Restore).

STEP 4. iTunes will start downloading the latest iOS version for your iPhone. IOS distribution on average Occupies about 1.5 GB.

If your internet connection is slow, the download process may take a long time. If the waiting time exceeds 15 minutes, iPhone will exit recovery mode and you will have to repeat steps 2 and 3.

After the restore process is complete, your iPhone will return to the state “out of the box” and you will need to configure it again. If you still have a backup, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

It should also be remembered that after restoring the phone, you will be asked for the username and password from the Apple ID account to which this iPhone was linked. Read more about this in the third part below.

Lock iPhone by mobile operator

Now let’s consider the situation when the iPhone is locked under a certain mobile operator. Usually, such phones come to our market according to gray schemes from America or European countries.

In civilized countries, most of the population has long been using mobile services on a contract basis. Those. By paying a monthly amount, the client receives a certain tariff package. When concluding a contract, the client is usually offered a mobile phone of his choice.

It can be free or for a nominal fee a tube. over, such phones are provided locked under a certain operator.

Thus, conditionally cheap / free iPhones locked under ATT or Verizon appear in the hands of people, which then enter our market.

The problem is that such iPhones can only be unlocked by calling the support service of the mobile operator. No letters to the operator’s e-mail addresses will pass, so you can NOT try. If you nevertheless decide to call the operator and request Unlocking iPhone, you will be sure to ask the personal account of the concluded agreement and whether you are the owner of this account.

If your answer to both questions is no, they will not be able to help you. The thing is that you can remove the lock from the iPhone only after the expiration of the contract (usually 2 years).

How to unlock iPhone in such a situation? On the Internet, you can find sites that provide the service for Unlocking iPhone from various American cellular network operators.

I myself have never used such services, so I will not advise you anything. I just know that somehow they succeed. albeit NOT with all devices.

There is another (more popular) solution that will help bypass the operator lock and allow you to use the iPhone with any SIM card. This solution is called TurboSIM, and is an adapter (a thin board the size of a nano sim), which you have to shove into the phone’s SIM tray along with the SIM card.

TurboSIM is currently available from three major manufacturers: Jevey, R-Sim and Heicard. You will find detailed information on configuring TurboSIM on this site.

Why iPhone might be locked

Let’s make a reservation once again that the iPhone can be considered locked for various reasons. The word itself “locked” can mean different states of the iPhone.

But I’m just sure that many users, Finding themselves one on one with a problem device, Try to find a solution on the Internet on request “how to unlock iPhone”.

It is a pity that at the very top of the search results of Google and Yandex there are currently sites that do not fully disclose this topic. I hope this article will fix everything.

So, I have identified three cases in which you may need to unlock your iPhone:

  • Forgot numeric password to unlock iPhone
  • Lock iPhone by mobile operator
  • ICloud Activation Lock activated (requires Apple ID)

Decide which of the problems is closer to yours and move on to solving your problem.

How to Unlock iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock Activated

Another common type of lock that can happen to your iPhone is iCloud Activation Lock. The most common reason that leads to this type of blocking is entering someone else’s Apple ID data in Settings. iCloud of your iPhone.

If you knew how many comments people leave under my articles with complaints that some unauthorized people (scammers) have fraudulently blocked their phones by activating Lost Mode.

Well what can you do, as my father says. “Each one is the smith of his own happiness”. You don’t have to trust every person you meet on the Internet.

On the other hand, iPhone could get locked after iOS firmware update / restore. This usually happens when the iPhone was not properly unlinked from the previous owner’s Apple ID.

There can be more than several types of iCloud Activation Lock manifestations, so they cannot be all in one article. There aren’t many ways to unlock your iPhone anyway.

Basically, all methods boil down to communicating with Apple support, but there are other steps that you yourself can do to unlock your iPhone.

Depending on your situation, read the articles at the link below:

In this article, I tried to accommodate three different reasons that can lead to iPhone lock. They are NOT connected in any way with each other and actions in each case should be correspondingly different.

If you did NOT find the answer to your question, write in the comments what exactly brought you to this page. In one of the following articles I will tell you in more detail how to unlock an iPhone for use with any GSM operator and what nuances may arise when using Turbo SIM.

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