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Recovery Mode. recovery mode

Today we will try to put the iPhone into Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, you can enter not only the iPhone, but also the iPad or the iPod touch player, which also run the iOS operating system.

Before putting the device into Recovery Mode, take the standard USB cable that comes with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, connect it to a computer port, but do not connect it to the phone yet. The device must be turned off, so we turn off our iPhone. After the device has completely turned off, we proceed to enter the recovery mode. But please note that this manual applies to the following models:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4, 4S
  • iPhone 5, 5S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6, 6S, Plus

Hold the bottom Home button and, without releasing this button, connect the USB cable to the iPhone while continuing to hold the Home button. Apple iPhone will start to boot and the iTunes logo and USB cable will appear on the screen, now you can release the Home button.

If you have an iPhone 7, 7 Plus and later models, then entering into recovery mode is a little different, we read. input instructions for iPhone 7.

If, after carrying out this simple procedure, a cable icon appears on the screen of your device and iTunes means the Recovery Mode is running. Now you can start iTunes on your computer and do one of the following:

  • Hard reset and restore
  • Firmware

If you are a novice Apple iPhone user and are not very well versed in the features of this phone, then experiment with Recovery Mode, making sure that your iPhone model is officially unlocked. But iPad and iPod touch users have nothing to worry about.

In devices running iOS, there is another mode called DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade). Users often confuse DFU with Recovery Mode, although these are different modes, which are also launched in different ways.

Tips to help you avoid crashing your iPhone

Locking in the event of theft

You can lock your iPhone remotely by yourself. In addition, you can delete personal data, or leave a message with your coordinates, if it turns out that in fact the phone was simply lost by you.

In addition to the ability to lock the iPhone, there is another function that is available to users, this is the ability to turn on the sound signal, and if the device that was stolen is nearby, you can hear it and find it yourself.

To lock your iPhone, you need to use the Find My iPhone app. You can do this with the iCloud website or with another iOS gadget.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is assigned to each individual device at the time of manufacture at the factory. This code is stored in the firmware, and makes it possible to identify each individual iPhone. IMEI can provide all possible assistance in the search for the device that was stolen, and, if necessary, further identification of the found iPhone.

IMEI consists of 14 digits and one additional digit. Thanks to this number, the place of origin and model can be determined. To find it, you may need the box in which you purchased your iPhone, or the receipt you received when you bought it. In addition, you can find out the IMEI on your profile page, if, of course, the device was previously registered.

These simple steps will help you lock your iPhone and speed up the process of finding it. This concludes, and good luck to you and fewer such incidents.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Instructions for turning on the mode

To enable the mode, you need to perform a number of simple actions:

  • Go to the iCloud website and enter your Apple ID and your password in the corresponding box
  • Next, go to the “Find iPhone” application
  • After that, the location of the gadget will be determined. You will be able to see the location of the phone on the map, in the form of a green circle, which should be clicked.
  • In the pop-up window, you must click on the letter “i”, after which a window will appear in which you will be asked to select the desired function. Select “Lost Mode”.

Next, you will be prompted to enter the password that you already set earlier on the iPhone that was stolen. If you used the device without a password, you will need to come up with one. Save or remember the password, as you will need it to unlock if you find a lost gadget.

After these steps, you should enter the number that will appear on the screen of the stolen iPhone. This number will be listed as a contact to contact you if someone finds it. This step can be ignored by you.

The stolen phone will be locked instantly if your iPhone is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the blocking will occur after the phone is connected to the network.

Contacting Law Enforcement Agencies

To open a theft case, law enforcement agencies are guided by the minimum amount of loss. Since the price of the iPhone is an order of magnitude higher than this amount, you can confidently turn to them for help in your search. To facilitate the search procedure, employees can ask you for a serial number (IMEI), which will help to find the iPhone.

iPhone writes to connect to iTunes. what is the error

Locking a stolen iPhone

Apple product developers have taken care of the security of iPhone owners’ data in the event of theft. The first thing you should do if your phone is stolen is to block it, and then contact the law enforcement agencies, which must take all the necessary actions that will be aimed at finding the lost device.

Lost Mode

This mode is only available for iPhones based on iOS 5 and later. To activate it, you need to have the Find iPhone application enabled on the stolen iPhone.

There are a number of specific features of Lost Mode that you can enable on your phone:

  • you can make a call to your iPhone;
  • it is possible to block flashing, which will save the phone from data loss;
  • from the iPhone, you can make a call exclusively to the number that will be assigned by you in iCloud

When stealing, it’s best to turn on Lost Mode as soon as possible.

Go to the cloud on iPhone

Cloud storage is hugely popular for its convenience and affordability. Many applications offer their users storage space for important files at affordable prices. Nevertheless, a branded iCloud cloud is available for iPhone owners, this article will help you to enter it.

iCloud Drive

The iCloud service allows you to store various user data in the cloud storage, and you can access them both from the iPhone and from other devices from Apple, including a Mac computer. In the latter case, the user can create a special folder on the computer, all files from which will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, and which can be viewed on the website.

To use the cloud on the iPhone and go into it, you must activate the corresponding feature in the device settings.

Scroll down and find the line “iCloud Drive”. Slide the switch to the right to activate data sync with cloud storage.

The iCloud Drive app will now appear on your desktop. Opening it, the user will be taken to the storage with free 5 gigabytes of disk space. We recommend reading our article on how to use iCloud on iPhone at the link below.

Go to the cloud on iPhone

IPhones have a built-in function of syncing with Apple’s iCloud cloud, but the user has the right to decide whether to enable it or use the services of third-party applications, for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. The advantage of iCloud is ease of use on iOS devices.

Problems signing in to iCloud

At the end of the article, we will look at the most common problems and their solutions that arise when logging into iCloud, whether it is an application or a web version.

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    Make sure Caps Lock is off and the Apple ID and password are correct. Please note that in some countries it is possible to use your phone number as your Apple ID. Forgot your username or password? Use our tips to regain access to your account.

Read more: Find out a forgotten Apple ID Recover your Apple ID password

  • If your account has two-step verification enabled, check that the verification code you entered is correct;
  • If after logging in, not all sections are available to the user (for example, there are no Contacts or Notes), then you should go to “Settings”. “Your Apple ID”. “iCloud” and enable the necessary functions using the switches;
  • User may encounter various errors when logging into their Apple ID to activate iCloud. We described how to deal with them in the following articles.
  • Read more: “Apple ID blocked for security reasons”: returning access to the account Correcting the error connecting to the Apple ID server Correcting the error “Verification failed, failed to sign in”

  • Make sure “iCloud Drive” is enabled in iPhone settings. How to do this is described at the beginning of this article;
  • Update your device to the latest iOS version. This helps in case of incorrect application work due to incompatibility;
  • Files not syncing with other devices? Check if everyone is signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • The user can choose what kind of cloud storage he uses: standard Ikloud or third-party services. In the first case, you need to activate a special function in the settings.

    How to put iPhone into DFU mode?

    DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is one of the iPhone emergency modes. It is necessary to enter the device into this mode if the user of the “apple” gadget has encountered problems when updating the operating system or when reflashing a smartphone with a jailbreak. In addition, by putting the iPhone in DFU mode and returning it to its normal state, you can fix a number of system errors that can lead to incorrect operation of the device.

    What is the difference between DFU and Recovery Mode?

    DFU mode on the iPhone (aka firmware updates) is constantly confused with Recovery Mode. In fact, the difference is huge, and it consists in the following:

      Recovery Mode. softer mode compared to DFU; iPhone gets into Recovery Mode with the help of iOS, and into DFU Mode. bypassing it. DFU only applies when Recovery Mode refuses to help. You cannot get into DFU mode if the device is not connected to the iTunes media combine. It is not at all necessary to connect the gadget to the PC to enter Recovery Mode.

    There are also external differences between the two specific modes. The gadget in DFU MODE has a completely black screen, without the Apple logo; the gadget does not respond to pressing “Home” and “Power” separately. The display of the smartphone in Recovery Mode shows the USB cable and the iTunes icon.

    Is it possible to put iPhone into DFU mode if physical buttons don’t work?

    To get into DFU mode without using physical buttons, you will have to transform the existing original firmware into a custom one using a simple utility called redsnOw. You can download this program for Windows and OS X here.

    Before using the utility, you need to download the appropriate firmware onto your PC hard drive. Then you should proceed like this:

    Run redsnOw and follow the path “Extras”. “Even”. “DFU IPSW”.

    In the window “DFU-mode IPSW workaround” click “OK”.

    Use the File Browser to find the firmware you downloaded earlier (ipsw file).

    The utility will start creating custom firmware. the progress of this process is reflected in the status bar.

    Once the process is complete, a message will appear stating that the IPSW file has been successfully created. In the message you will see the path by which you can get to the firmware.

    DFU firmware can be distinguished from the original one by its name: custom firmware always has the prefix “ENTER_DFU_”.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes, go to the gadget control menu by clicking on the icon with the image of a smartphone.

    Hold “Shift” (on Mac. “Option”) on your Windows PC keyboard and click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

    Select custom firmware in the window that appears.

    iTunes will warn you that restoring iPhone will delete data. click “Recover”.

    From this moment, the firmware download to the smartphone will begin via DFU Mode.

    How to enter iPhone into DFU MODE?

    There are two ways to enter an “apple” gadget in DFU mode. both are applicable to any of the Apple devices. The first is this:

    Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.

    Press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time and hold for 10 seconds.

    Release Power and keep Home held pressed until iTunes displays a message that the iPhone is in emergency mode.

    The gadget itself will not let the user know that he has switched to DFU MODE.

    The second method of switching to the firmware update mode is considered more correct, however, beginners often do not obey. The initial step is also to connect the smartphone to iTunes. then you need to proceed as follows:

    Turn off the device. wait until its screen turns off completely.

    Hold down the “Power” key, count down 3 seconds, then press additionally “Home”. This is where the main difficulty lies: you need to perform these operations so that the iPhone does not turn on normally.

    Count down 10 seconds after pressing Home and release Power. Don’t let go home.

    A message will appear in iTunes. in the window, click “OK”.

    Then you can start restoring iPhone. this procedure is described here.


    How to get iPhone out of DFU mode?

    Getting your iPhone back to normal is quite simple:

    Disconnect the gadget from the PC.

    Hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. It remains to wait until the smartphone exits DFU mode, reboots and starts working in standard mode.

    If the gadget is connected with a cable to the computer, then after a 10-second wait, you need to release the buttons and hold down “Power” for another 3 seconds (as with a normal power-on).

    How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off?

    But there is one “but”. all this can be done exclusively at the moment when the iPhone or iPad is turned on. It is enough to turn off the smartphone, pull out the SIM-card and the device will no longer be found.

    How to reset iCloud account without password?

    Go to the Apple () System Preferences and click iCloud. Select “Account”. If you need to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or Password? and follow the instructions on the screen. … Select “Security” “Reset Password” or “Change Password”.

    How to restore iCloud if your phone is lost?

    Recovering device data from an iCloud backup

    • Turn on the device.
    • Follow the setup instructions until the Apps & Data screen appears, then click Recover from iCloud Copy.
    • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
    • Choose a backup.

    How to restore iCloud if you can’t access your phone number?

    How to sign in to iCloud if you can’t access your phone number?

    • You can use the password recovery form on the website, where you will be asked to answer various questions. (
    • You can read the detailed instructions on the Apple website.
    • You can contact the technical support service, they will help you.

    How to find your ID number?

    How to find out your ID for making a request?

    • To find out your ID for filing a support ticket, follow these steps:
    • Go to the game
    • Go to Settings (bottom right corner)
    • In the lower left corner you will see your PM ID in the format: “pm123456”
    • If you are banned, change your ID, which you can find after downloading the game.

    What to do if you forgot your Apple ID security questions?

    If you forgot your Apple ID security questions

    • Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.
    • Select the option you want to reset security questions, then select “Continue”.
    • Enter your Apple ID password and click Continue.

    How to sign in to iCloud from a computer?

    In the window that appears, you will need to enter your Apple ID email address and, accordingly, your password.

    When the login is successful, several available sections will open on your screen, depending on which iCloud backup functions you have activated.

    If no iCloud section contains any information, it can be assumed that the backup function is disabled on your Apple device.

    To enable it, open the “Settings” menu on your device and go to the “iCloud” section.

    Select “iCloud Drive” and make sure that the toggle switch next to this item is in the active position. If not, activate it.

    iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE: Won’t Charge, Won’t Turn On, Black Screen NO PROBLEM!

    iCloud is a great built-in backup tool for all the information that appears on your Apple devices. By activating this function, you can be sure that if your device is lost, important information will not be irretrievably lost.

    Thank me, share the link with your friends on social networks:

    How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

    iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage system for storing device backups, photos, notes and other files. If necessary, you can get access to your iCloud account from any computer. How this is done, and will be discussed in the article.

    In order to log into your iCloud profile, you must have a registered Apple ID account, which is also used on your Apple devices and in the iTunes program.

    USB connection

    You need a USB cable to pair with a PC. It should be included with the iPhone. in the box. It is better not to use other wires. If the original cable is lost or damaged, you can purchase the same one. The main thing is to choose the components that are suitable for your gadget. A wire with a 30-pin connector (“fat charging”) is intended for older devices. Lightning connectors (“thin”). for next-generation devices.

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    Only USB 2.0 and higher ports can be used for this connection. With the slot version 1.0, the system will issue a notification that everything can work faster. And she will not “see” the gadget.

    Here’s how to connect your iPhone to your computer via USB:

    • Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
    • It is also advisable to download iCloud.
    • Turn on your iPhone.
    • Connect one end of the cable to it.
    • Insert the other into the USB port of the PC.
    • He must determine the presence of a new device. If you sync iPhone for the first time, the Apple Mobile Device drivers will be automatically installed. They can also be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.
    • Unlock your phone. He will give a notification “Do you trust this computer?” Click Trust. The message “Do you want to allow this device to access photos and videos?” May appear. Tap “Allow”.
    • ITunes should start. If it doesn’t, open it manually. Through this program, you can interact with the gadget.
    • Wait for sync to finish.
    • Also, the icon from the iPhone will appear in the “My Computer” menu as a portable device or external drive.
    • To enter the device overview in iTunes, click on the button with the phone icon. She’s from the top left.

    In addition to connecting to USB, you can create a Wi-Fi connection. To do this, all synchronized devices must be on the same network. That is, access the Internet through the same router.

    You will not be “tied” to the PC by a wire. However, not all functions are available in this mode. For example, you will not be able to restore a gadget from a backup or update the software. And this pairing quickly drains the battery.

    Successfully IPhone iCloud Unlock️WithOut Apple ID 4,4s,5,5s,5c,se,6,6s,7,8,X,Xs Any iOS️

    Here’s how to connect your iPhone to your computer using a wireless connection:

    • Go to iPhone Settings.
    • Open the “Wi-Fi” section.
    • Slide the switch to ON mode. It should turn green.
    • Select your network and enter the password if it is secure.

    Now set the sync parameters. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the USB connector. Once set up, you can use wireless communication. And through it work with iTunes.

    • Connect iPhone to PC with cable.
    • Open iTunes.
    • Click on the phone-shaped icon. She’s from the top left.
    • In the “Overview” section, scroll down the page.
    • Check the box “Sync over Wi-Fi”.
    • Click “Apply”.

    Now you can try to connect “over the air” via wireless networks. Disconnect the USB cable first. Later:

    How to Set Up your new iPhone 5s. iPhone Hacks

    • Open iPhone Settings.
    • Go to the “General” section.
    • Scroll down the page.
    • ITunes Sync Menu.
    • Tap on “Synchronize”.

    Now settings and device files will be available in iTunes.

    Pairing is also possible via Bluetooth. If it is on the devices you want to connect.

    • Turn it on on your computer or laptop beforehand. Activate PC visibility to be found by other gadgets with Bluetooth enabled.
    • Go to iPhone Settings.
    • Move the slider to ON.
    • Find your PC in the list of devices and tap on it.
    • A message with a code will appear. The same numbers should be displayed on the computer. This is necessary in order not to accidentally sync with an unfamiliar gadget. In some cases, numbers must be entered manually.

    Programs you need to connect

    To fully work with the iPhone, you need to download certain software to your PC. It is on the official Apple website. Needed to pair iPhone using both USB and Wi-Fi. If you plan to use “apple” gadgets, these utilities must be installed.

    • iCloud. Network storage. Provides sharing of files, contacts, mail, calendar, notes, friends list. If you install the application on all your gadgets, they can exchange data directly. You can also go to the storage through a browser. to do this, open the page
    • iTunes. File manager and main service for syncing iPhone and PC. Without it, it is impossible to figure out how to connect an iPhone to a computer. This program is used to manage the gadget, download programs and files to it. With its help, you can buy content in the AppStore, activate gift cards and send them to friends. ITunes also has a built-in media player. There are other file managers (like iFunBox or iTools). But they are unofficial.

    Navigating records

    How can I log into a computer through an iPhone?

    Today the App Store offers many suitable programs to help us provide remote access to our laptop or PC from an iPhone. An example of a very handy free application is Team Viewer. There is an original program that is usually used by different users to access each other’s computers, or to share the desktop. The iPhone version is also quite remarkable as it has a lot of features. Install it from the App Store, not forgetting to download the version for the computer from the official site (it is also free).

    When launching the application, we receive a unique code, as well as a random one-time password. We enter the code and password. Now you can test the program. It is very convenient to manage it. Perhaps Team Viewer is one of the most useful remote access applications offered for free.

    So, figuring out how to log into a computer through an iPhone is quite simple if you choose convenient software (although it’s still somewhat more difficult than turning off the sound on the iPhone, for example). Now let’s talk about how you can log into a mobile device from a PC.

    How to connect an iPhone to a computer and go through it to the device?

    Almost all modern smartphones rely on a home computer, and the iPhone is no exception. Perhaps, over time, the need for this will disappear, but for now, every user should know how to connect an Apple smartphone to a PC or laptop. for example, to use iTunes.

    Our device comes with a USB cable. We use it to connect a smartphone to a computer through the appropriate connector. After that, the device should appear in the standard menu “My Computer”.

    To transfer information, the aforementioned iTunes application installed on a computer or laptop is used. Also do not forget about synchronization at the end.

    Besides iTunes, there are other third-party file managers. Among them is the iFunBox. add that during synchronization, in no case should you disconnect your smartphone from your PC / laptop. If the disconnection is required urgently, the synchronization must be canceled.


    • Browsec VPN;
    • Unlimited VPN Proxy. Privatix;
    • Betternet VPN;
    • VyprVPN (you can configure the proxy to be activated only for Telegram).

    When using VPN, it is better to immediately disable other bypass methods. It is also recommended to disable the antivirus, which may start to “swear” at the program. If this is not done, applications will begin to conflict with each other. the speed will decrease or the connection will be completely disconnected.

    Choosing a VPN, you need to understand that good and at the same time free servers are rare. Probably, they will be with advertising, slow down or even fraud (when developers deliberately steal the user’s personal data).

    Paid VPN proxies are great because:

    • provide high connection speed;
    • stable;
    • have a large list of countries through which the block is bypassed.

    This link publishes the best paid VPNs.

    How to enter blocked channels in Telegram

    Telegram is a popular messenger created by Pavel Durov. At one time, there was a scandal between him and Roskomnadzor, but the “cart” did not give up. Many people still believe that Telegram is the most confidential and “illegal” communication tool. Yes, the developers are in no hurry to issue encryption keys to the authorities, but if law enforcement agencies request information about someone, they will receive it, along with all the correspondence. Some channels are blocked for various reasons. Nevertheless, the developers of the messenger themselves have left the tools to help bypass the restrictions. The article will discuss how to enter any blocked channel in the Telegram.

    Browser plugins

    For example, someone prefers to use the web version of “Carts”. What to do when you see the message “This channel is unavailable”. install the browser extension, which is done in 2 clicks.

    • ZenMate;
    • Hola VPN;
    • Browsec;
    • anonymoX;
    • FriGate.

    It is convenient to work in two browsers at once: through one you open regular sites, through the second. you unblock closed ones.

    Android devices

    The most famous application with which you can enter a blocked channel in Telegram is Turbo VPN. It is free, therefore with ads. This is how the creators earn money, some of which are allocated to pay for servers that provide anonymity on the network. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off all sounds immediately in the application settings. Turbo VPN Pros: Fast Connection Speed ​​and Simple Interface.

    • Orbot (installed with the Tor browser);
    • Free VPN (Betternet WI-FI);
    • Samsung Max. Data Savings Privacy Protection;
    • Psiphon;
    • Privatix VPN;
    • Hotspot Shield Free VPN.

    Among the paid, respectively, more functional ones, ExpressVPN is distinguished (the first 7 days are free).

    Built-in proxy

    This is the name of the server that redirects the connection.

    To get into a blocked channel, first of all, you need to install the official Telegram client (for Windows or Mac), or use the web version of the messenger. Versions downloaded from the Windows Store and Mac App Store are not suitable. they lack the necessary settings.

    How to bypass channel blocking (for example, Telegram for PC):

    • Open the program, go to the menu (3 horizontal mowing lines).
    • Click “Settings”.
    • Section “Advanced settings”.
    • The required line is the type of connection. Click on it.
    • The default is TCP connection type. To watch materials in unavailable channels, select “Use your own proxy”.
    • In the window that opens, enter the host and port. You may also need credentials (login / password). The most recent proxy addresses are published on the website It is recommended to set “MTPROTO” as a protocol, as it is more accessible and faster. But here it is better to find out empirically.
    • Click “Save”.
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    This is the easiest way, and left by the developers, how to unblock the channel in the Telegram messenger.

    It is understandable when a person wants as few people as possible to know about his personal life. Confidentiality is a good thing, and you need to use it on the Internet, where there are a lot of scammers who are just waiting for you to “reveal”.

    Well, it would be just spam, even intrusive, but especially experienced hackers can easily hack an account on a social network, gain access to correspondence, personal photos. All this is used for blackmail or just entertainment. If someone hacked the password and transferred money from one account to another, this falls under the article, but even in such a situation, the police cannot always help.

    VPN is an encrypted channel used for data transmission. It works as follows: the user’s IP address is “hidden”, and the network perceives the traffic as foreign. at the same time, the restrictions in force in the country are removed. With VPN technology, the device connects to another server. Yes, this somewhat slows down the connection speed, but it will still be enough to open blocked channels in Telegram, read posts and exchange messages.

    Unlike the proxy method, VPN protects any information, both received and transmitted. This method is known to those who create complete anonymity on the network. If a bypass is needed only within Telegram, then the usual built-in protocols (MTProto, Socks5) will be enough.

    Ways to enter a blocked channel

    As you can see, you can remove the lock, and in a few minutes. Among the main methods, proxy servers and VPNs are distinguished. which one to choose, everyone decides for himself.

    7 Opt out of setting up an account to access Apple services

    Here’s a weird thing! For some reason, gadget developers consider their users to be very advanced. Once upon a time at the dawn of personal computers, when setting up Windows, questions were asked quite meaningful, understandable for a Russian person, and at the very end of the setting, a question suddenly arose about a certain 866th page. Where, what is it? No explanations, but at least kill yourself, for no reason, you need to customize it. And no reasonable explanation.

    Then it becomes clear, after some time, that we are talking only about consent to the use of the Russian alphabet when working with Windows. Well, why not then ask, they say, do you want to have Russian letters on your PC, or do you not need them? It is absolutely clear that one must answer this question, of course, “Yes, yes, yes, and yes again!”.

    For some reason, the developers of Apple devices are sure that everyone in the world knows what an account for accessing Apple services, or “Apple ID”, is. And in the next step of the initial configuration of our gadget, they offer to configure this account

    The most remarkable thing is that all these settings can be done quite easily later, when our iPhone is working. During the setting of the gadget, you do not need to enter accounts and so on.

    We need to start the device, not try to configure a lot of things on it instead. Therefore, we will abandon this “attractive” offer, and tap on the inscription “Configure later in Settings” (Fig. 15. here they even explain to us where we can make the missed settings)

    Despite the possibility of rejecting the Apple ID settings, our gadget will be “surprised” by such a rash, according to the iPhone, decision. And we will be asked again about the refusal to use this option.

    And here we firmly answer “no!”, For which we tap on the inscription “Do not use”

    5 Create an iPhone password

    In the next step of the initial setup of the device, you need to come up with and enter a password to access the iPhone. From the moment this password is created, it will not be possible to “reach” the device without this password. Therefore, the creation of a password must be treated responsibly. On the password entry screen, you will be asked to enter this password for the first time using the telephone keyboard with numbers and Latin letters below them.


    It is better to make a password from only numbers, since the use of letters will complicate the input. If someone confidently owns a telephone keypad, he can include Latin letters in the password. Again, I only created a 6-digit password. And that’s a lot, it was possible to make a shorter password, for example, from 4 digits like a PIN code.

    The password is then required to re-enter to make sure the password is entered correctly.

    The entered password now needs to be remembered or even written down! Remember forever, for the entire time of using the iPhone.

    11 Long-Awaited Getting Started on iPhone 5

    And now, after all our numerous consents and refusals to / from the inclusion of certain options of the new iPhone, we get the opportunity to start working on it. An inscription appears on the screen “Welcome!” and the “Get Started” prompt.

    On this inscription “Start work” we tap (Fig. 20)

    So we waited! Patience and a little effort. We can start working on the iPhone, insert a SIM card into it, enter data into the address book, make calls, send SMS, etc. The question “how to set up iPhone 5” was successfully solved, hurray!

    Icons appear on the screen that you can use to do a lot of things on your iPhone. But that’s a completely different story

    Strongly turning on the new iPhone 5

    Let’s go back to the initial launch of the iPhone 5. First, connect the charger to it and make sure that the device’s battery is not completely discharged. Otherwise, you need to charge it first, preferably up to 100%. When iPhone is connected to a charger, an image of the battery appears on the screen, and the numbers indicate the charge level. an intuitive picture that does not require special explanations.

    And so, turn on the power, press the iPhone power button. The initial “Hello” prompt appears, that is, “Hello”

    Note. This is not the same hello that the baby elephant lost and did not convey to the monkey in the famous cartoon “Hello to the monkey”:

    • “When I say hello, I convey you a good mood,” explained the boa.
    • And now Monkey has a “hello” and a good mood.
    • Oh, if only two more “hello” “

    The iPhone has a normal Hello, meaning the device is starting to prepare for the initial setup.

    Then we press (tap) on the inscription at the bottom “Slide to setup”. here, too, everything is intuitively clear, since there is nowhere else to tap.

    The greeting “Hello” now appears again, but in plain Russian

    Again, tap on the intuitive “Configure” inscription at the bottom of the screen

    A warning appears that we do not have a SIM card in the iPhone. Here we answer “OK”, and we have no choice of answers. this is the only possible option: tap on “OK”

    The SIM card, which the iPhone initial setup program warns us about, is needed so that the iPone can immediately connect to the network of the cellular operator.

    To be honest, I didn’t want to do it right away, without understanding the initial settings of the device. Because you can, in the heat of the moment, without having figured out inadvertently download something from the Internet when setting up, and then get and pay a decent bill from a cellular operator. Why do this if there is Wi-Fi, which can be distributed by, say, a laptop, and which in turn is connected to an unlimited wired Internet. download as much as you want without restrictions!

    How to start and set up iPhone 5 yourself for the first time

    You can turn on and set up your iPhone 5 for the first time in three ways:

    • Recover from iCloud copy
    • Recover from iTunes copy
    • Set up like a new iPhone

    But this is in theory, but in my version, when you buy a device for the first time, and there is still no data saved anywhere from previous similar gadgets, there is only the third option from the above, to set up the iPhone 5, as they say, from scratch.

    However, after such an initial launch, I then had to manually rewrite all contacts from the old Nokia’s address book to the new iPhone. But this is a completely different story, it was only later.

    4 Failure to start geolocation service during initial setup

    That’s it, then the iPhone 5 connected to the Internet starts self-configuration. Please note that in the top line, instead of the “No SIM card” inscription, the inscription “No network” appeared, and the Wi-Fi network icon appeared to the right of it. Previously, we only saw a warning about the absence of a SIM card. So our iPhone is now connected to the Internet.

    We can only wait until the activation of the device is completed and hope that all prepaid Internet traffic on our mobile device, from which we have successfully made an Internet access point via Wi-Fi, will not be consumed. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of traffic during the initial setup of our brand new gadget from Steve Jobs.

    After a few minutes of waiting, the iPhone screen comes to life. And the first suggestion appears to start geolocation services

    You don’t need to run these services during the initial setup, it’s never too late to do so later when the iPhone is set up and starts up. Therefore, we will refuse to start this service, for which we will tap on the inscription “disable geolocation services” at the very bottom of the screen

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