How to make a big screen on your computer

Largest resolution

The maximum resolution available to your computer can be found as follows:

  • On an empty space on the desktop, right-click.
  • In the setup menu, select “Screen Resolution”.
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In the window that opens, opposite the parameter, values ​​will be set, by opening the list, you will see the maximum available value. Here, by moving the slider to the proper level, you can expand the screen if it was previously smaller.

Solutions to the problem

Most often, users face the problem when the page size in the browser is very small. There are three main ways to solve this problem, which do not differ in complexity. The first method to expand the screen is to press the “Ctrl” and “” keys at the same time. This combination will change the scale of the screen to a higher one. By clicking instead of the “plus” “-“, you change the size in the opposite direction.

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To use the following method of expanding the screen, you need to look at the settings menu of the Internet browser. We will explain all the actions using the example of Google Chrome, but the algorithm of actions will be the same everywhere:

  • Open the settings: click on the button with three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Settings” item.
  • Click on the link for additional settings and find the item “View”.
  • Expand the “Page Scale” list and select the required indicator.
  • Close the tab, the browser will save all changes by itself.

Also, in the font settings menu, you can increase the size of letters without affecting the resolution of images on the Internet. Very useful for people with visual impairments, because by zooming in on the page, you will make surfing sites rather inconvenient.

How to resize (expand) the screen on a personal computer

The main parameter of a computer screen is its resolution. the number of points per unit area. The more their number, the clearer the image is. Formally, it is simply impossible to expand the screen, because the number of pixels per inch is set by the manufacturer and is a constant number. But to make the image clearer and larger than it is at the moment, you can.

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Desktop extensions

Talking about extending the Windows desktop is not entirely correct. You can increase the size of icons, links, files and folders without affecting the screen resolution settings. There are two ways to accomplish this task:

  • Right-click on an empty desktop, select View, and then the desired icon size (large, regular or small).
  • By holding down the “Ctrl” key and scrolling the mouse wheel up, you can increase the size of the icons on the desktop to the required level.

The latter method is suitable for solving a similar problem in most Windows applications. Knowing this combination, you can expand the computer screen in any program.

How to enlarge the image on the monitor screen?

In most browsers you can also press Ctrl Hold Ctrl and press. to zoom in by a certain amount. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold down Ctrl and scroll the wheel forward to zoom in.

How to resize the desktop on a computer?

In Windows, click Start, Control Panel and select Display. To resize text and windows, select Medium or Larger, then click Apply. Right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.

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How to enlarge the screen on a computer using a keyboard?

  • To make objects on the screen larger, decrease the resolution: press Ctrl Shift Plus
  • To make objects on the screen smaller, increase the resolution: press Ctrl Shift Minus
  • To reset the screen resolution, press Ctrl Shift 0.

How to make full screen on a computer?

Many games use the basic combination “Alt” “Enter”. open the game in full screen or “Alt” “Tab”. window mode.

How to reduce the size of the desktop on a computer?

To zoom out the screen on a laptop using the keyboard in the browser, hold down Ctrl and press the minus, to zoom in, press the plus. Press Ctrl 0 to return to default zoom. Combinations are supported by Photoshop. Zooming the computer screen with keys and mouse, the most convenient.