How to make a black screen in tik tok

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Normal Tik Tok POV

A video with such a hashtag does not have to have an explicit theme. Indirectly, it can relate to love or horror, but its purpose is to lift the mood and relax the user.

  • A girl or a guy serves in the universe of a TV series or anime, sees the characters and reacts to them in a funny way. This is accompanied by a trending melody that matches the events.
  • Mom said that you are not her daughter. The author’s reaction becomes a famous phrase, which was taken out of the context of a book or film.
  • The guy you like sat down next to the desk. Further, the hero recalls that he did not brush his teeth or put on stale socks.

make, black, screen

If such situations are played out in POV commercials, they find a greater response from people, since they are relevant.

Anyone could have encountered this event, so the subsequent reaction is taken with laughter. In humorous content, they don’t pay much attention to the atmosphere. the ridiculous the situation, the funnier the result.

POV ideas for Tik Tok about love

Romance is a common theme for videos with this hashtag on Tik Tok. The plot can show atypical connections between halves.

  • The partner feels intense pain when his couple is standing next to.
  • Every time one half is in pain, the other has a panic attack.
  • If a partner is carried away by another person, his couple will develop wounds on the body.

For TikTokers, these stories are a tool that helps uncover talent and get into Tik Tok’s recommendations. It is important to play the role realistically and create aesthetics. It can be a contrast between the author’s costume and the surroundings to add drama.

Interest in the theme of love is also aroused by plots about how a character from a TV series or anime will react to your image or personality. Popular TikTokers are often POV heroes too.

Peyton Murmier is a common heading hero due to his appearance and sharp popularity among girls. Peyton’s Tiktok POV ideas are all about romance. They include a video where the girls tell how they would react to a specific phrase from the blogger, how they would behave if they met him.

POV Tik Tok that will not reach the audience

TikTok users know that positive and normal content is published on the site, but strange videos also appear.

POV will be irrelevant to the audience if it extols sensitive topics of society in black, exposes minorities and promotes abnormal topics.

Such videos attract unhealthy people who reduce the author’s authority and popularity later. For strange videos, moderators are sent to the shadow BAN, and then they block profiles.

If a TikToker wants to raise a topic that is actively discussed in society, it is important to do it carefully and meaningfully. Prepare mentally and argue your point of view so as not to get a portion of negativity.

Ideas for video videos with #POV in Tik Tok

It is better to start filming a video by thinking over the topic. If a TikToker wants his work to be included in Tik Tok’s recommendations, it must be meaningful and meaningful. The theme is the foundation. After choosing it, the plot and aesthetics are created.

  • love;
  • horrors;
  • childhood story;
  • history related to popular tiktokers.

Such topics are in demand on TikTok, so it is better to focus on them.

  • The presence of an object or object from the point of view of which the narration takes place.
  • The presence of a specific idea that they want to convey to the audience.
  • The story behind.

POV translates to “point of view,” and this is the basics that are important to remember in order to create videos of this kind. User shoots content from the point of view of an object or subject.

In addition to the hashtag, under the video there is a description that explains the plot of the video to the audience, shows what preceded the development of a particular plot. And don’t forget to follow Tik Tok trends to stay on top of the wave of popularity.

POV in Tik Tok: what it means and how to get into the recommendations

Popularity on TikTok is a user’s goal, and it can be achieved with the correct arrangement of hashtags. #POV on Tik Tok is widespread on the site, and it is added even under the videos with which it is not associated. Content must meet specific criteria in order to match these hashtags and Tik Tok slang.

The theme of murder and fear for the pov

Videos of this theme are distinguished by a pronounced aesthetics and richness of the narrative. The author’s character looks emotional and bright to impress the audience.

  • Recommendations often include content where the author becomes possessed by a spirit or demon. Bright and heavy music plays, and the hero uses active facial expressions. Often the author is possessed by a demon from a book or popular anime and TV series.
  • An important place is occupied by videos, which are based on creepy stories from the author’s real life. The plot is exaggerated, since the events are presented to the audience as fiction, but thanks to the game, everyone understands that this happened to the author.
  • The story of a famous killer or criminal who is taken hostage by a situation is a common choice among featured content. Here, the author leads the audience to conflicting emotions when he creates for the killer the image of a handsome guy with a difficult fate.

Every POV video promotes black and red and their shades to heighten the situation. The author may not fully think through the plot, but because of the atmosphere, his work will become popular and will be recommended.

On such a video clip with meaning, you can add text to the clip in Tik Tok and hook the viewers even better.

Variety in Tik Tok content

When an author tries to get into the recommendations, filming only the POV section is a thankless task. Some videos will get into the TOP, but others will receive few views, so it’s better to diversify your creativity.

To do this, Tiktokers shoot conversational videos, reviews, or just entertaining content without meaning. When topics and formats are different, the hashtags for Tik Tok change, the likelihood of getting into the recommended increases. Do not focus on one heading, as this will lead to a dead end.

Fantasy, positivity and adequacy are companions that will help diversify your feed, so develop them and you will get your share of popularity along with a loyal audience.

Everything about the blacklist in Tik Tok. how to block and unblock a user

The Tik Tok platform has gained incredible popularity, but in addition to followers and positive comments, there are negative and not entirely adequate personalities on the expanses of the social network who can spoil the mood of the account owner with comments and messages. To restrict haters’ access to content and comments, just add them to the blacklist in Tik Tok.

What the blocked user sees on the page

A hater from a ban will be able to visit the author’s profile, but not all information will be available to him. The blocked user sees the number of subscribers, but the list itself, the number of subscriptions without access to them. Locking limits the number of likes to be viewed.

Hayter is deprived of the “Add” button, that is, he will not be able to subscribe to the content maker. Instead of clips, there will be an inscription that no videos have been added.

Important! A blocked user will not be able to find an account through the search.

How to block or unblock a person in Tik Tok

Instructions on how to send a user to an emergency:

Use DoSMM if you want to quickly make your video popular. Here you can customize how many views, likes and comments your video will have. 1000 views only 12 rubles.

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  • Log in to your account. Open the hater’s profile. Click on the tab with three dots (advanced settings) in the upper right corner.
  • A pop-up window appears with suggested actions. Select the “Lock” button (third frame in the bottom row).
  • Confirm the action by clicking the “Ok” button.

Note! A similar action is performed with private messages. Go to the “Inbox” tab, click on the “airplane” icon, go to the chat, and then to the additional menu. This is how haters are usually sent to emergency situations, who write negative messages in messages.

Sometimes blocking happens by accident, so it is important to know how to unblock a person in Tik Tok:

  • Log in to the social network. Open your profile.
  • Select the “Settings & Privacy” tab.
  • Click on the section “Confidentiality”.
  • Open the item “Blocked accounts” and click opposite the nickname “Unblock”. Account will appear in recommendations.

How to understand that I was blocked

How to understand that a person is blacklisted in Tik Tok:

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on your own avatar (in the lower right corner).
  • Go to subscriptions, find the account you are interested in. If it is not visible, the user is in the block.

You can find out if a profile is in the bath through a subscription. If you cannot subscribe to the author, the user’s video does not load or does not play with the note “The video cannot be watched due to privacy settings”, most likely, the person was sent to the block.

How to unblock someone if they blocked me back

How to remove from an emergency in Tik Tok a person who did the same? The whole difficulty lies in finding the account of this user, since his account will not be reflected in the search engine. The easiest way is to open an emergency, where all previously banned pages are saved.

Note! If it is not there, you will have to search manually using the link. You can find it by the nickname with the added URL. Example:

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Where is the blacklist

To understand where the blacklist is in Tik Tok, go to the “My / Me” tab in the lower right corner, and then to the settings section. In the settings, in the “Confidentiality” column, there is the “Blocked” tab. By clicking on this item, a list of everyone who got banned will be displayed.

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If someone from ‘friends’ has blocked in tik tok, i.e. now tik tok doesn’t work at all now, how to recover ?

# 4. clear your Discord cache

This action can be used not only in the case when the above measures did not have the desired effect and instead of Screen Sharing, Discord again shows a black screen. Clearing the cache also helps in case of other crashes in the application. This procedure is performed, recall, as follows:

  • close Discord completely;
  • press WinR on the keyboard;
  • in the “Open” line, enter% appdata% and click OK;
  • in the next window we find the “discord” folder;
  • click on it with the right mouse button and in the menu click “Delete”;
  • launch Discord.

# 2. enable / disable hardware acceleration

The Discord application runs, as you know, using just the resource of the computer’s central processor. However, in the Discord Screen Sharing mode, in order to ensure the proper level of video transmission quality, it also begins to “take away” the resources of other hardware components of the system.

Important: given the fact that enabling the “Hardware Acceleration” feature in Discord leads to an increased load on the system, then it is advisable to use it only on sufficiently powerful computers. It is not recommended to enable this function on so-called “weak PCs”.

How to enable / disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord:

  • launch Discord and go to “User Settings” (“gear”. at the bottom of the window on the left);
  • on the left side of the “Settings” screen, click “Appearance”;
  • then the “Appearance” screen (on the right), scroll down to the “Advanced” section:
  • enable the option “Hardware acceleration”;
  • click OK, wait until the application is restarted and test the result.

If the “black screen” is still there, let’s move on:

# 1. update Discord correctly

The service, as expected, is updated regularly. But in a number of cases, as practice shows, the next update not only eliminates errors and bugs previously identified by the developers, but can also cause Discord to malfunction.

Therefore, when the service worked fine, and then suddenly started showing only a black screen, the first thing we do is check for a more recent version of the application. It is better to do it as follows:

  • press WinR on the keyboard;
  • in the “Open” line, enter% localappdata% and click OK;
  • then in the next window we find and open the “Discord” folder;
  • in the “Discord” folder, double-click on the Update.exe file to launch the application update procedure;
  • after its completion, restart Discord and check how it works.

If after turning on the screen sharing it is black again, then

Discord screen sharing: why it’s black and how to fix it

Discord’s current level of popularity is hardly worth talking about. He’s all right with that. Therefore, straight to the point. So why when Discord screen sharing is turned on the screen stays black?

So, if you do not go into technical details, then this “phenomenon” appears in Discord, as a rule, for one of the following reasons:

  • a problem with the computer video card driver;
  • incorrect settings;
  • application crash after installing update.

Therefore, now. how to resolve all these issues and remove the “black screen” in Discord. Let’s start with the simplest:

# 3. Disable all unnecessary programs

This is required not only in order to free up more computing resources of the system, but also because a number of programs (including those that run in the background) can conflict with Discord. Therefore:

  • open the Windows Task Manager (CtrlShiftEsc);
  • go to the “Processes” tab and enable the “Display processes of all users” option;
  • in the list, in turn, select the processes of programs and applications that are not needed at a given time (except, of course, system and obviously unfamiliar ones), right-click on the name and click “End process tree” in the menu;
  • reboot the PC, launch and test Discord.

# 5. if Screen Sharing doesn’t work and it’s still black. reinstall Discord

The measure, of course, is radical, but the most effective one. Especially in cases where the application was initially installed “clumsily” or managed to download and install a “broken” or outdated version that neither works nor updates normally. To reinstall Discord:

  • open the “Control Panel” Windows (Win key);
  • in the “View” menu (top right) select “Category”;
  • then in the next window, click “Remove Programs”;
  • find Discord in the list of installed applications;
  • click on the name with the right mouse button and press “Delete”;
  • after completing the uninstallation procedure, click WinR;
  • in the “Open” line, enter% appdata% and click OK;
  • in the next window, find and delete the “discord” folder;
  • download from the official site and install Discord anew.

Application features

This program is useful for owners of phones running on the Android operating system. Benefits:

  • Intuitive minimalistic interface;
  • Official add-on to the Tik Tok client;
  • Downloading and using is completely free;
  • Works with all current OS versions;
  • Possibility to install your own rollers to decorate the display.

What to do if the button doesn’t appear

Sometimes after installing an add-on, the desired button does not appear. This is a fairly common problem for Androids, as no additional software is needed for iPhones. But the question can be easily resolved:

  • Try uninstalling the video hosting app. Then reinstall it;
  • Repeat these steps with the add-on as well, as it often fails. Reinstallation usually helps in these cases;
  • Restart your mobile device;
  • Free up RAM and internal memory of your smartphone. This can interfere with correct operation;
  • Check for updates of the required programs;
  • Some creators may prohibit this feature for their clips. In this case, you will not be able to make live wallpapers from Tik Tok.

On Android

To do this with a standard addon:

Also, this operating system allows you to make a moving screensaver from any video, even without getting root rights. All applications that will help you create this can be downloaded from Google Play absolutely free. To use a video from Tik Tok, you need to download it to the internal memory of your phone:

  • Open the program;
  • Find the video you like;
  • Click the arrow at the bottom right;
  • Select “Save Video”;
  • It will now appear in the gallery of your smartphone.

Now this video can be converted into live wallpaper from Tik Tok using some applications:

  • Video Wall;
  • Video Live Wallpaper Pro.

You can install any video that meets the requirements. It is also possible to turn on random, so that the image changes randomly.

How to put live wallpaper from tik tok on your phone

Some users would like to decorate the screen of their mobile device with a moving picture. New technologies allow you to do this in a few clicks. To install a short clip on the screensaver of a smartphone, you need to use the method that is suitable for your operating system, since the methods differ.

How to make live wallpaper from tik tok

Most often, to create such photos, the official application from the creators of the video hosting is used. It’s called TikTok Wall Picture. To set a moving picture on the screensaver, you need to click on the Live Photo button, which is located on the main page. A black screen will appear. From it you can go to the official client of the social network.

There you need to pick up one of the clips. You can use your own or other users. Then click the arrow at the bottom of the screen called “Share”. Select Live from the list provided. Wait for the download to finish. Now go to the additional utility. Your live photo will appear on the previously black page. Set Tik Tok live wallpaper on your lock screen.

How to put live wallpaper from tik tok on the lock screen on your phone

Tik Tok live wallpapers have become a popular smartphone screen decoration. This application has been working relatively recently. This social network allows you to upload videos up to 1 minute, conduct live broadcasts and communicate. Some bloggers add beautiful videos that they want to keep. Additional functions and programs allow you to make a moving image out of them and put it on the smartphone screen.

In this article, we will figure out how this can be done using the built-in phone tools and additional software.

On iPhone

For phones on this operating system, additional programs are not required. To create and install a moving picture:

  • Open TikTok;
  • Find and pick up a video;
  • Click the arrow at the bottom right;
  • A list of instruments will open;
  • Scroll to the right and select Live Photo;
  • This video must be saved in the phone gallery;
  • Find the “Live Photos” folder;
  • To view, hold down the picture;
  • Select the screen to install and save.

Method 3:

  • 1) Open the settings, go to the “Accessibility” section.
  • 2) Go to the “Colors and Display” section, select “Inversion”.
  • 3) Confirm your choice.

Color inversion isn’t just about TikTok. The colors of the entire interface will change.

Attention: it is contraindicated to use the inverted mode for a long period of time! You can damage your eyesight!

You will be able to make Tik Tok black on a black screen.

How to put a black theme on Tik Tok

The TikTok mobile app is very popular. It was created for shooting, editing, viewing short videos. If you want to share with your friends, family, acquaintances the highlights of your life, interesting events. use TikTok.

Are you tormented by the autumn blues? Are there too many bright colors around? Today I’m going to show you how to change the TikTok theme and make it a black theme. If you want to set dark mode on TikTok, then you need to enable dark mode right on your phone. Making only Tik Tok black will not work. We’ll look at several ways for androids and iPhones. One of them should suit you.

Method 1:

You can apply this function using the “Quick Control Panel”. Just swipe down from the top of the display and press the corresponding key.

How to make a black background in Tik Tok app

Method 2:

You can change it by going to the settings in the “Screen and brightness” section. After you move the slider to the active position, the entire phone interface will be displayed in dark colors. If you did everything correctly, then you will be able to make Tik Tok black on a black screen.

On iPhone, you can use the color inversion described above.

Method 1:

The desktop and applications will change their color to dark.

But not all phones have this feature.!


In order to make a dark theme in tiktok on Android, you can use several methods:


There are several ways to create a dark theme on Android in tik tok:

Dark theme in Tik Tok

It is easy to make a black theme if in the device settings there is an item: “Night mode”. On iOS 13 and Android 10, the feature was added as standard.

Owners of smartphones that do not support new versions can apply:

  • inversion. A separate mode “Smart inversion” allows you to change the background color, letters, without changes for photos and media files;
  • the use of third-party applications. The second method is more suitable for Android.

There are separate utilities in the Play Market with the name: “Dark Theme”. Some of them affect the selected list of applications, which includes TikTok and Instagram. Otherwise, utilities that are not included in the general list will remain unchanged.

  • reduced load on vision at night and in the evening;
  • minimalistic design. Many apps have already been released with interface color change.

But black designs can be problematic if the selected app does not have color schemes. Therefore, in case of any freezing or malfunctioning, the dark theme will have to be disabled.

IOS Activation

There is only one method of activating black mode in Tik Tok. using an iPhone or iPad tablet running iOS 13. This platform is supported by all Apple smartphones, starting from the iPhone SE model. iPhone 6s and up. Also the 13th version is available for tablets iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 2017, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4.

  • Go to the “Settings” device.
  • Select: “Screen and brightness”.
  • Two theme options: “Dark”. save changes.

After clicking on the toggle button, the entire interface will be displayed in dark colors. You can also open the Tik Tok options and select the “Dark Theme” button. That being said, the user must update the app to the latest version to see the built-in black mode setting.

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How to make the Tik Tok interface black

It is easier to make TikTok black on iOS, where there is a built-in background inversion function, without changes for the interface. For Android, there are separate apps that can change the theme to dark.

Activation on Android

Smartphones with Android 10 operating system have dark mode in the corresponding settings section.

Another way is to select inversion of colors through developer mode. The option affects the performance of the device, but quickly replaces light colors with a dark one

  • Open “Settings.” Accessibility “.
  • Item “Color and display”. “Inversion”.
  • Read Warning. Confirm Changes.

All shades will be displayed in inverse mode. But on Android, videos and photos are also reversed. Therefore, the last option is how to make Tik Tok dark. applications from the Play Market.

  • Go to the Play Market. enter “Dark Mode”.
  • Install. open the application.
  • Select from the list the utilities to be changed.
  • Indicate in the list “Tik Tok”. go to the social network.

If one application did not help in changing the color scheme, the Play Market offers other options that can be downloaded and checked on Tik Tok.

Problems switching color scheme

On weaker devices, hue switching can cause constant crashes and crashes. Concerning the method with inversion and installation of third-party extensions to change the interface.

Solve the error with the “Dark theme” in Tik Tok:

  • remove applications that affected the changes in the interface;
  • remove inversion;
  • restart TikTok with: “Force stop”;
  • reinstall app.

The problem may be associated not only with the operation of the utility, which affects the color change, but also in the Tik Tok itself. To use the “Dark theme”, the user must initially update the social network, and after that. install a third-party extension.

Instructions on how to enable the dark theme

Now you have to figure out how to make a black Tik Tok using the phone settings. Here you immediately need to discuss that Android and iPhone are different operating systems, and therefore the instructions are significantly different.

Since most users are on Android now, let’s start with this:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • The appearance of the menu can vary considerably. The main thing is to find the wording related to brightness and screen. There and go.
  • Find a dark theme and select it.

On many devices, this option may not be available as it was recently introduced. You should not despair, because on the Internet you can easily find applications that install color inversion.

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Find the item “Display and brightness”.
  • Select the “Dark” skin and the TT will appear in a new light to the user. To return everything to its place, do the same operation, only select the classic option.

If the first method doesn’t work for your iPhone, you can go to Accessibility. There will be an interesting option. “Color Inversion”, which can help.

This is where the secrets end. It is not yet clear how soon the developers will decide to update the application.

How to make a dark theme in Tik Tok. instructions for Android and iPhone

Coming to TT, some newbies are surprised that they cannot change the local design. Then users in despair ask how to make a dark theme in Tik Tok. Let’s talk about how to install it and other features of working with the application.

Is there an official dark theme for Tik Tok

In many modern applications and online services, it is clear how to make a dark theme. It not only looks stylish and once again pleases the eye, but also allows you not to strain your eyes. However, the developers of Tik Tok did not fully take care of the subscribers. Currently, there are no settings and options in the application that would make the application interface black. What to do about it? You will have to use your ingenuity and some knowledge about the capabilities of a modern smartphone.

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Why can’t I make Tik Tok dark

The instructions are detailed, but surely there were users for whom the “interface change” did not go smoothly. There are several reasons, but the most likely one is outdated software. In this case, nothing can be done, because the device simply cannot provide the required service. Should we forget about the “black dream”? For a while. Until the user updates the smartphone, it is unlikely that it will be possible to recreate the dark theme.

Note! Hypothetically, some applications from Google Play and the App Store can help. Type a thematic query into a search engine, and the necessary services will rain down. However, nothing guarantees that the phone will continue to work correctly with such programs on board.

After reading the article, users might have been slightly disappointed with the app. However, this is unnecessary. Yes, everyone understands how inconvenient it is to surf at night with a white screen, but so far the only way to change the design is to use third-party services and internal smartphone options. Someday the situation will change for the better.

How to enable dark theme in TikTok on iPhone

On smartphones with IOS personal software, this function is also present. However, it will be found by users with software version 13 or higher. Otherwise, the shaded style is not provided on your device.

Installing black style on iPhone is done with the following steps:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Open the “Display and brightness” section.
  • It can customize the interface you want.

You can activate the setting through the control point. To do this, swipe up and bring up the menu. Then tap on the brightness control icon. The system will open the item “Screen and brightness”, and you can activate the desired style.

If you are setting up the device for the first time, you can set the mode at this stage as well.

Owners of smartphones with software version below 13 can try another method. In the device settings, find the inscription “Basic” and go to this section.

Then tap on the item “Universal Access”. “Display adaptation”. Here you will see the section “Inversion”. Open it and go to “Smart Inversion”. There, move the slider to the active state. The interface of both the phone and the applications in it will change.

Black theme in TikTok for Android

If you are the owner of a smartphone on an Android system, the installation procedure is different for you.

Follow the instructions to enable Black Mode on TikTok:

  • To work, you will have to download an additional utility like Dark Mode. Install it on your phone.
  • When you enter the app, you can activate the dimming of the interface on the device. Other games, social media and apps will configure in the same way.

The method helps to connect the darkened style, but the application will not be available to everyone, as it is designed for the functionality of new devices. With an old Android phone model, you will have to look for alternative ways.

Also, a darkened interface is built into the system of many mobiles. To do this, look for such a function in Android as follows:

  • open the settings on the device,
  • go to the “Screen” section,
  • in it, find the item “Dark theme” or “Dark mode” and activate the function.

How to make a black theme in Tik Tok

A darkened theme is being developed for many social networks so that users can change the design as they wish. If this function does not raise questions on and Instagram, many people on TikTok do not know how to install it.

The article deals with this issue in detail so that Tiktokers with iPhones and Androids can take advantage of this function.

Why you can’t turn on the dark theme in TikTok

The platform is constantly evolving, but the developers still haven’t included the black mode setting in TikTok in the update. You will not be able to activate it in the application, but only through third-party utilities and the functionality of your own phone.

How to remove dark theme in TikTok

The dark interface can be deactivated in the same way. in the phone settings or through the application. To do this, move the slider in the opposite direction, and the smartphone settings will be the same.

How to make black tik tok on your phone?

How to make a dark theme in Tik Tok is a question that is increasingly common on the net. All social networks have switched to the dark theme, this resource is no exception. The article provides information on how to switch. What benefits can be obtained from using the option. If you follow the instructions and recommendations, you can get a product that is comfortable to use.

On Android

The user, when deciding how to make a black tick tock, must perform the following manipulations:

  • You need to make sure your device is using a software variant. You can check it in the device settings.
  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select the Display tab.
  • The Advanced button is pressed.
  • Selectable Dark.

The phone programs will automatically change color. It will become darker and more comfortable on the eyes. If it is not possible to download and install new software on your phone, you will have to download a special Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme mod. It is equipped with advanced functionality. Among the options are darkening, no ads, clickable links. A feature of the mod is the need for ROOT rights.

How to make dark tik tok on your phone?

Before describing in detail the features of the setup, it is worth finding out for what purpose such an operation is being performed. While viewing content, having a bright white background can be uncomfortable for the eyes.

Switching to a dark theme opens up the opportunity to explore content more comfortably. Eyes get tired much less. You can study the information for a long time and watch clips and not experience problems with eye strain. Instructions on how to switch depends on what OS the device is running on.

On iPhone

IOS 11 has a Smart Invert option. It works like a false dark mode. To achieve the result, the user should perform the following manipulations:

  • The extreme version is installed on the phone;
  • A section with Smartphone Settings opens;
  • Select the Display option;
  • Select Dark at the brightness level.

This feature gives the phone a dark screen. In the new software, such an option is considered an official effective tool for making a dark theme on a social network portal.

If it is impossible to use the new version of the software, if an older model is installed, you can pay attention to Classic Invert. With its help, it is allowed to change the black color in the multimedia. But this effect does not affect the application in the best way.

How to enable dark theme in tik tok?

If the user cannot perform an operation using the standard method, the dark theme can be activated via IGDarkMode. The sequence of actions in a similar situation looks like this:

  • Find and open a window on the iPhone
  • Next, click the magnifying glass icon in the tick tock. This is the search function, which is in the bottom right corner.
  • Enter igdarkmode on the line. The tweak will automatically appear in the results box. You must click on it.
  • On the information page, Edit is selected and activated. The button is located at the top right.
  • Next, Install is activated. This must be done after the corresponding request appears on the display.
  • The performed operation must be confirmed. For this, the corresponding button is pressed. After that, a tweak appears on the used gadget.
  • The scheme of action does not end there. To complete the shutdown, it is worth enabling reboot.

After carrying out this operation, the tiktok user can, if necessary, activate the corresponding options in the phone settings. You should go to this section and click on IGDarkMode.

The function is activated using the built-in regulator and switch. You can also shoot the installed dark theme. The user can easily choose for himself a good video viewing mode on the social network.

Summing up

If you want to add a black theme in the popular tik tok on the portal, you must clearly follow the instructions provided. To do this, you need to ensure that the new Android gadget is in line with the requirements and trends. If you have an outdated phone in your hands, you will have to use third-party applications, ROOT rights and jailbreak.

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Control Panel

The editing mode provides the user with the following functions:

  • Change the shade of a fill.
  • Aligns a text box to the center or one of its edges.
  • Choosing the right font and color for the word.

At the top are icons that allow you to change the fill or align the message. Here you can also select a sample font.

The second line of the menu is used to select the shade of the letters. Fill and alignment symbols are similar to those in Word and Excel.

After entering a phrase or a single word, click on “Done”. Next, proceed to editing the size, shade, display time and location.

  • Pencil. used to write text, switch to edit mode.
  • Clock. indicates the exact time when the inscription should appear. A video scale appears on the screen, where, by checking the boxes, the moment of the beginning or end of the text demonstration is determined.
  • Arrows allow you to move the sticker to the desired part of the screen, change its size (stretch or shrink).
  • The cross closes the window with the removal of the written.

You can move the text to the trash can by holding it with your finger and transferring it to the trash can.

To return to the main recording menu, use the “Next” icon. After that, the clip can be viewed, if necessary, apply effects, filters, or immediately save and send for publication.

How to remove or make a watermark

Users can upload and share publications, send them via social networks or instant messengers. At the same time, the Tik Tok watermark is saved on the screen, which not everyone likes.

To remove it, certain applications are used.

  • IPhone owners can find the Video Saver program in the App Store.
  • For Android, a Video Downloader, created specifically for Tik Tok, is presented in the Play Market.

They can be used to erase and add watermarks to videos.

Than they sign

Several fonts are available to add text to Tik Tok:

  • “classic”;
  • “Print”;
  • “manuscript”;
  • “neon”.

Per image

The procedure for adding an inscription on a Tik Tok photo is similar to the process on a video.

Text in Tik Tok. how to make inscriptions

A Tik Tok subscriber has access to a huge selection of effects and tools that allow you to shoot interesting clips. Recently, the developers added the ability to create inscriptions here. Therefore, now you do not need to contact third-party programs or insert “paper posts” into the video. Consider how to make text in Tik Tok?

In the video

You can record clips and create inscriptions on any phone (iPhone, devices running on Android or Windows Background).

To add notes, you need to open the editor, indicated by the “Aa” icon, which is located in the main menu of the clip. When you click on it, an electronic keyboard appears (Russian or English. based on the installed version of the application), different color effects.

  • Enter the required phrase or a single word.
  • Choose a suitable font, shade of letters.
  • Change the size of the text, place it in the desired part of the phone screen.
  • By touching a sticker, set the time of its appearance and disappearance.

After that, you can start applying filters and using effects. Following the recommendations on how to write on video in Tik Tok, users make beautiful, interesting clips.


Some fans at the stage of creating original videos in the application are not limited to the ability to insert fixed text, but decide on animation.

Such an inscription periodically appears and disappears, moves across the screen in all directions, turns over, pulsates, changes the hue, the height of the letters, shows other interesting effects. The number of such stickers can be unlimited.

  • phone screen;
  • selection of effects;
  • menu of available functions;
  • ruler and time counter.

To write text on a computer, you can use Microsoft Power Point. a program for creating presentations in Windows.

Here is a good selection of tools with which you can edit formats, animate fragments.

The text is added both to the new video and to the one already created a long time ago. The inscription can be changed, edited, deleted.

Photo on avu in Tik-Tok: how to make recommendations for choosing an image

  • How to make an ava for Tik-Tok.
  • How to put an avatar.
  • How to change your profile photo.
  • How to make a transparent ava.

How to put a photo on the ava: step-by-step instructions

Let’s move on to the practical part of the article and put the photo on the back. Open the Tik-Tok app on your smartphone. Go to the “Me” section.

At the top of the interface there is a profile icon. click on it. A menu will open where you need to choose the option to upload a picture: take a new photo or add a finished image from the gallery.

The Crop tool opens. Here you need to select the area of ​​the avatar. it is in a circle. Click the “Save” button.

Done, you have installed a new profile picture.

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How to change your profile photo

Now we will show you how to change the ava. To do this, open the “Me” section in the TikTok app. Click on the current photo.

The image will open in full screen. At the bottom of the interface, click the “Change” button.

Upload a new image from the gallery or take a photo. like a selfie.

How to make an avatar in Tik-Tok: sizes and recommendations

First, you need to prepare a photo or picture for your TikTok avatar. The recommended image size is 100 × 100 pixels, the acceptable format is JPEG. These are all the requirements of the social network.

If you find a cool picture of a large size. for example, 1920 × 1080 pixels. then crop it in any graphics editor. Or just load it into the application. there is a built-in editor: a tool that makes it possible to crop the ava.

  • The face must be visible in the photo. even if it is a fictional character (for example, the hero of the movie “Star Wars” or the computer game Fortnite). If you have a personal blog, then add your photo. for example, a selfie. This is true for both girls and guys.
  • Pictures without pixels and the effect of “soap”. Download high quality images. It is important that all small details are visible in the photo: for example, inscriptions.
  • Use a readable font. If you have added an inscription to your avatar. name, brand name or company name. then use a legible font: no “pretty” curlicues and ornate patterns.
  • A minimum of filters. There is no need to apply 5-6 filters to one picture. One will be enough.
  • Thematic pictures. The profile photo should reflect the theme of the account and complement it: for example, in a blog about a movie, you can use an image of a famous character from a movie.

Making a transparent ava

To make a transparent ava, we need an image editor. We recommend Background Eraser. This app is available for Android and iOS. Download and install the program on your phone. through the Play Store or App Store.

Open the application and upload the desired picture, where you want to make a transparent background. Click the “Erase” button. it is located in the toolbar.

Use your finger to remove the background or unnecessary elements from the image. Press the “done” button to save the picture.

Now you can upload a transparent avatar to Tik-Tok.

“Hand through the phone”

This effect is used when it is necessary to change position abruptly, to show a certain object that has appeared in the hand, or to demonstrate a panorama.

  • The camera in front-facing mode looks at the actor and turns on. In this case, the hand moves towards the phone in such a way as to close it.
  • Then the video turns off.
  • Next, the rear camera is launched, which at this moment is covered by the palm.
  • After the start of shooting, the hand gradually moves away from the gadget, focusing on the subject or showing the landscape.
  • At the next stage, it again moves towards the camera until it closes the lens, after which the recording stops.
  • The transition to the front camera is carried out, covering the lens with your hand. Recording starts and the hand comes back.

What are transitions and how to shoot them in Tik Tok

To fully master the art of video editing, you need to understand how to make transitions in Tik Tok. This technique is a move between angles and locations. It enhances the drama, helps follow the plot, and serves as the basis for various stunts. However, initially you need to learn how to shoot a video in Tik Tok.


Transition. the Tik Tok effect in which the picture changes abruptly, and the hero appears in a completely different form or position. It is used to instantly transfer the viewer from one location to the next. Thus, the video is more entertaining.

“Flip over the head”

It is considered to be smoother. From the outside it looks like a somersault.

  • Turn on the camera in shooting mode.
  • Slowly move your hand with the recording device over your head so that the camera is behind. You need to turn it off only when the gadget is located at the top of the head.
  • Place your hand as far behind your back as possible and turn the phone over.
  • Move the device to the front again, turning it off when it is again at the top of the head. In this case, the actor will be in the frame upside down.
  • To return to the original position, you must pause, closing the lens in front of this with your palm.

Review of popular

To make a beautiful transition, it is absolutely not necessary to use special techniques during the recording of the clip or involve friends in the process.

You can create everything yourself, using only the camera of your gadget. Consider how to choose cool ones and shoot.

“Camera flying around”

No additional items are needed to create this transition.

It is very simple in execution, while it looks perfect and organic:

  • We take the gadget in one hand, starting shooting in parallel.
  • With the camera behind the head, press pause.
  • During the break, the location or clothing on the hero changes.
  • We shift the smartphone to the other hand, which starts behind the crown.
  • Shooting starts and the camera moves forward.

“Transition with a cap”

A cool feature that allows you to change the background, the position of the hero in the frame, or the clothes on it. At the same time, everything will look natural and organic.

  • In this case, you need a cap. Although glasses or any other accessory can be used.
  • It is necessary to turn on the front camera, holding the hat in hand. Raise it, as if putting it on, bringing it to the level of a smartphone and blocking the view of the recording device.
  • The recording stops and the clothing or background changes.
  • Again we take the cap in our hands, completely covering the lens peephole with it.
  • Having turned on the shooting mode, we continue to guide the accessory to the head.

Other ways

You can also create transitions at the editing stage.

The most common effects are called the following:

  • Abrupt frame change (opposite of slowmo). It is used when it is necessary to demonstrate a lightning-fast transfer of plot events.
  • Butt-fusion is the easiest way of editing, when the second episode without additional effects follows the first.
  • L-transition. Outwardly, it looks like this. a new scene has already begun, but the viewer still hears the soundtrack from the previous frame.
  • J-transition is the opposite of the effect in step 3. In this case, the viewer still sees the picture of the first frame, but hears music or other sounds from the second.
  • Dissolve is a trick that is used to shorten the duration of a scene. At the same time, the transition between frames is smooth and almost imperceptible.
  • Darkening is used when it is necessary to show that a certain period of time has passed between scenes. In this case, the screen becomes dark, and after opening another event already occurs.