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How to open two apps on the same screen at the same time on Honor. Dual-window mode on Honor smartphones.

Do you want to open two applications at the same time on the same Android screen and do not know how to do it? In this article, you will find information on how an Honor smartphone can split the screen into two parts in order to simultaneously open and use several applications. In our example, we will show you how to turn on and off the multi-window mode on Honor 9, perhaps the instruction will work with other Huawei Honor smartphones and tablets. For example, you can watch a video on YouTube and at the same time use another application, or you are sitting in WhatsApp and at the same time browsing Internet pages on the second part of the screen, etc.

1) And so you have opened one or more applications and want to split the Honor screen into two parts so that you can use several applications at the same time on one screen. You need to touch the display with your knuckle and slide it from one edge to the other as shown in the attached picture below. If you did everything correctly, then you will see how the phone display is divided into two parts approximately from the place where you drew the line. See the screenshot below for how it looks. You can allocate more screen space to one application than to another by pulling the three-dot menu located in the center of the screen division line.

Perhaps for those who turn on the two-window mode for the first time, it may not work the first time and will have to make several attempts. Also, some applications do not support the split screen function, which will be displayed when you try to split the screen.

2) There is another way that allows you to run two applications at the same time on the same Huawei Honor screen. To do this, on an open application, use the tips of two fingers to pull up from the bottom edge of the screen until you see how the screen is divided into two parts. You may also have to make several attempts until you gain experience.

You can open other applications without leaving the dual-window mode, for this we press or touch the home button located under the screen in the center and other buttons located under the screen. I think if you press these buttons a couple of times in two-window mode, you will immediately understand what’s what.

To exit the two-window mode, you can touch the menu and then a cross will appear by clicking on which we exit the split screen. It is also possible to close the function of opening two applications on the screen by simply pulling the menu to the very top or bottom. You can also swap places by applications, for this we click on the menu in the form of three dots and if this icon appears next to the cross, then click on it.

Where are the display options on Honor?

The work area in the Honor 10 smartphone can be changed beyond recognition. Themes and widgets that can be installed from the standard smartphone application will help you with this.

To find it, you need to open the settings and go to the “Home screen and wallpaper” section:

    In this window, you will have the opportunity to change the theme, desktop wallpaper, and also configure the screen with applications and the lock screen separately;

Start customizing your screen by choosing a theme for your lock screen. It can be specified for each of the three screens. In the “Themes” section, you can select dynamic images to be installed on all screens. Or those that you specify in the settings of the theme itself. There are different options here: with a clock in the middle, at the top or at the bottom. Each theme or wallpaper must be selected, then click on the “Apply” button. Only then will it be activated.

How to set up on Honor 10: screen, NFC, time, camera, fingerprint, keyboard, notifications

It’s been a while since Huawei unveiled the Honor 10, a great budget smartphone. He has not lost his popularity today. In this article, we will look at ways to set the correct time, screen display, NFC technology, keyboard, camera, notifications, fingerprint on the Honor 10 smartphone.

Features of notifications in Honor 10 phone

In newer smartphones, developers allow you to customize notifications for each individual application. This is very convenient, you can turn off those of them whose notifications you do not need.

You can find these parameters in the Honor 10 settings:

  • Selecting the gear icon on the Android desktop;
  • Click in the settings on the item “Notifications”;

In the settings above, you can cancel all notifications at once.

And also set up the curtain on the smartphone: activate the standard one from the Android system or choose a modified one. Each application can be configured separately.

To do this, select it from the list and in the window click on the desired section.

Clock and date in Chinese phone settings

If you need to move the clock widget on the home screen of Honor 10 to a different location, then we described how to do it in the previous chapter. Now we will talk about how to change the date and time on your mobile phone. As a rule, these settings come to us over the network automatically when we specify our region in the primary settings. And for the first time we connect a smartphone to a home Wi-Fi network. Or we will activate the transmission of mobile data.

In order to set the date manually, you need to open the settings and select the “Advanced settings” section. Where to choose “Date and Time”. In this section, remove the slider from the item “Date and time of the network”.

Specify the desired settings below. Now you know how to properly set up NFC, screen, fingerprint, notifications, keyboard, time and camera in your Honor 10 phone. We hope these instructions will help you better cope with the parameters of your mobile device.

Instructions for Honor 10 for setting up the camera

Manual setup of a photo and video camera on a smartphone is a task for professionals. The developers at Honor know this, so they have equipped the device with an intelligent camera.

It automatically adjusts to the environment, and automatically activates the necessary modes and settings for maximum image quality. The Honor 10’s camera comes with a ton of presets ready to go. One has only to choose them by name. If you are photographing food, then select the appropriate settings in the list.

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A “smart camera” based on a neural network works. By pointing it, the phone determines what is in front of it. And automatically turns on the mode that is most suitable in this situation.

How to enable fingerprint on Honoré

On the Honor 10 smartphone, users have the option to choose how to lock the screen. You can set a regular numeric password, pattern, or activate a fingerprint. In this case, you will not need to drive across the screen to repeat the key, and even more so to remember it. Touch your finger to the area on the back of the smartphone and the screen is unlocked.

This method is so good that no one except you can enter the smartphone system. Honor 10 key in the form of a fingerprint always with you.

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Select “Security”;

Now try locking the screen to unlock using your fingerprint. You can remove it using the same settings that were required to activate the fingerprint.

How to set up NFC technology on Honor 10

NFC wireless technology has become one of the most popular in smartphones for several reasons. The most important is its ability to transmit data over a short distance. This prevents intruders from intercepting sensitive information. After all, the range of the chip is only about 10 cm. In the Honor 10 smartphone, it acts as a contactless payment method for purchases. But you need to configure it before using it.

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You can find NFC in Honor in the quick access menu. Pull down the Android shade and you will see the signed technology icon. If it is not visible on the start screen, expand the entire list of smartphone features.

  • Select the icon and click on “Device Connection”;
  • In the next window, click on the “NFC” block;

Setting up the keyboard on a smartphone

By default, Honor 10 comes with the popular Android keyboard. Swiftkey. It has flexible settings, any of its elements can be changed if you don’t like it. You can choose the type of keyboard, change the location of additional buttons or the background of the keyboard. In the settings, select the “System” section, then “Language and input”, “Swiftkey keyboard”.

In this section, you can create a new profile in which you can select the desired parameters.

They will be saved and can be applied at any time if the current settings fail. Or you will quickly want to change them. You can create multiple keyboard profiles. And use them in turn. Select the desired section from the menu to customize the keyboard elements. The Honor 10 smartphone allows us to customize any of its tools: time, camera, NFC, screen, notifications, fingerprint.

How to open a picture in full screen?

To view a media file in full screen, do one of the following: Select the media file to view and click the View, Edit, Organize icon in full screen mode. Press the F11 key or the CMDF11 key combination.

How to maximize an app to full screen Windows 10?

To expand the desired application in full screen, just use the ShiftWinEnter keyboard shortcut.

How to maximize an app to full screen?

Ctrl Alt Up Arrow. Returns the image to the standard position. Ctrl Alt Down Arrow. Flip the screen upside down. Ctrl Alt Left Arrow. Rotate the laptop screen 90 degrees to the left.

How to make a window full screen using the keyboard?

If the game opens in windowed mode, you can try pressing the “Alt” “Enter” key combination. They usually put the game in full screen mode.

How to open a window in full screen mode?

Many games use the basic combination “Alt” “Enter”. open the game in full screen or “Alt” “Tab”. window mode.

How to go to full screen mode in GTA 5?

Solution: open “Settings”. “Graphics”. “Screen type”. Select “Full Screen”. After adjusting the settings and saving, the problem may go away, but will return when the game is restarted. If the specifications are out of order, select “Windowed Without Borders”, check and check by reopening.

How to make an image fill the TV screen?

You can also enlarge the screen on your TV according to the following instructions:

  • Press the “Format” button on the remote control.
  • Set the optimal format or reset the settings.
  • Activate the “Auto-fill” mode.
  • Set the “Fit to screen” mode.
  • Enable “Auto Scale”.

Using Aroma File Manager

You must have a custom recovery like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery installed on your Android device to remove the screen lock from your device by following this method.

  • Download Aroma File Manager (.zip format) from the attached link and copy it to the external memory of your mobile phone.
  • Boot your Android mobile into recovery mode.
  • In the recovery options, choose to install zip from SD card or apply update from SD card. Then select the file (xxx = version).
  • Aroma File Manager will launch. Use volume up and volume down keys to scroll.
  • Click on the menu item located in the lower right corner of the app and then select the Settings option.
  • Now scroll down and select “Connect all partitions at startup” and then exit Aroma File Manager.
  • Restart Aroma File Manager using step 2.
  • Go to / data / system / location. You will find the files ‘gest.key’ and / or ‘password.key’.
  • Long press on the file (s) gest.key and / or password.key and select the Delete option.
  • Exit Aroma File Manager and restart your Android mobile.

How to Unlock Screen Without Resetting All Phone Data?

Below are the different methods by which you can disable or unlock the screen from your Android mobile phone or reset the screen lock of your Android device without losing any data. You should try other methods if the current method doesn’t work on your android mobile.

  • Using ADB commands with USB debugging enabled;
  • Using TWRP recovery;
  • Using Aroma File Manager;
  • Factory reset.

Using TWRP Recovery

If your Android device has TWRP recovery installed, you can use this method to remove or disable the screen lock on your Android device.

TWRP recovery has a built-in file manager that can be used to delete lock screen related user data from Android mobile.

  • Boot into TWRP recovery.
  • On the TWRP dashboard click on “Advanced”.
  • Then click on the File Manager option.
  • Now navigate to / data / system location in file manager.
  • Select the gesture and / or password file (s).
  • Then select the “Delete” option and then swipe to confirm.
  • Reboot your Android mobile.

Using ADB Commands with USB Debugging Enabled

This method only works if USB debugging is enabled on your Android mobile. If USB debugging is disabled, you can try other methods mentioned in this tutorial.

  • Download SDK Platform Tools (including ADB) from the attached link and unzip its contents to drive C:.
  • Make sure you have Android mobile drivers installed on your computer.
  • Connect your Android mobile to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Open the extracted platform-tools folder, press the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click at the same time.
  • Select the Open command window option here.
  • Enter the following command to get a list of Android devices connected to the computer.

If this command does not display the device ID on the command line, you need to reinstall the Android device drivers on your computer and repeat the command again.

  • Now log into Android shell with the following command.
  • If you want to use a Wi-Fi network, enter the following command. This command turns on the WI-FI of your Android mobile and connects to existing connected WI-FI networks.

If you want to use mobile data instead, enter the following command.

  • You can now use your Google username and password to disable or remove the screen lock on your Android mobile.
  • Not accessing Wi-Fi or mobile data? Just enter the following commands one by one.

The above commands delete files containing screen lock data.

  • That’s all. Take out the mobile phone battery, insert it again and turn on the Android mobile phone.

How to Hard Reset Phone Through Recovery?

When you enter the service menu (Recovery), you see a dark menu in English. It can be in the form of a tile or a rowset. In order not to get confused in them, look for an item with the words: Wipe data. factory reset. He is responsible for rolling back the phone to factory settings.

You can navigate through the Recovery service menu using the same hardware keys. Usually, the volume up or down buttons work as up and down arrows, and the home button or power key works as command confirmation.

Some modern smartphones allow the user to navigate through Recovery by tapping on the display. Usually, on such devices, the service menu is made in the form of a tile. As soon as you press the “factory reset” key, the phone will ask for confirmation of the command. After that, he will proceed to its implementation. The procedure for rolling back to the basic parameters will begin.

How to Remove Screen Lock on Android Phone?

Turning off the lock screen in Android is as easy as unlocking your phone, you just need to change a few settings and you don’t have to deal with this feature anymore. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone (you can find it in the menu or in the notification bar, but you probably already know how to access it).
  • Go to Security Screen Lock.
  • Now just choose “No”.
  • The phone will then ask you to enter your PIN or password. Enter it, confirm and the lock screen will be disabled.

After completing this step, the lock screen will be completely disabled on your Android device and you can use it whenever you want.

Typing a password every time you want to access your phone can be annoying at times, but that isn’t reason enough to convince you to turn off the lock screen entirely. If you don’t have any other security method on your phone, it will be extremely vulnerable to scammers.

In addition, many unwanted applications can be opened if you do not have the lock screen enabled, depending on the sensitivity of your phone’s screen. You certainly don’t want someone to accidentally call you or send a meaningless message to your friends via messenger.

As Android progresses as an OS, the lock screen becomes more and more customizable as well. Especially in Android Nougat where you have a lot of screen lock options like the ability to set different lock screen wallpapers.

All in all, disabling the lock screen in Android is pretty easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort. However, it is recommended to leave this feature enabled.

Warning: This guide is for educational purposes only. We believe it will help those who cannot unlock their Android devices due to common human error. We do not endorse or encourage any illegal activity based on this guide.

How to Bypass Google Protection on Phone Reset via Recovery?

Any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or a newer OS version has built-in FRP reset protection. It does not allow the “factory reset” command to be executed until the user enters data from the Google account that is tied to the smartphone.

How to Unlock Phone Screen If Forgot Password: Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, Lenovo and BQ?

The screen lock is the first thing you see every time you turn on the screen. Its main purpose is to protect our phones from accidental touches or unauthorized access.

However, there are some people who are annoyed with this feature. They just want to start using their phones as soon as they press a button, without having to enter complex characters or passwords.

This article will show you how to turn off the lock screen on your Android phone and save the few seconds you would normally spend unlocking it.

Why do I need to lock the smartphone screen

The modern lock screen is an evolutionary step in the evolution of the old login screen, which was used since the dawn of computer systems. Essentially, it serves security purposes, preventing a third party from using our device, especially if you do not know the access password.

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Another protection function is to prevent accidental launch of various commands and applications on the phone. This is especially true when Honor is in our. It’s no secret that in this state, the phone is capable of anything, including a set of SMS of random content and sending them to the most unwanted recipients.

In addition to the indicated functions, the lock screen provides quick access to basic information without the need to unlock the device. This information usually includes the current time, events on our calendar, recently received text messages, and other forms of notification. It is enough to tap on the screen, and the specified information will be displayed there without the need to unlock the gadget.

As you can see, there are more than enough useful things from the lock screen. Let’s see in what ways you can put a lock on your Honor.

How to set a password to turn on Honor

To set the Honor display lock, you need to do the following:

  • Go to your phone settings;
  • Select the “Security and Privacy” section there;

In addition to unlocking the screen using a pin code, your Honor has such methods as:

Ways: Features:
Personal PIN The most popular method used by most.
Graphic key A user-defined geometric shape is used as a password. Usually, to install a pattern, you need to connect at least 4 dots on your phone screen.
Password User-defined alphanumeric password is used.

After installing protection on your Honor phone, you will be able to activate the lock by pressing the power button. You can also set the time for the screen to turn off automatically in the phone settings. To do this, go to “Settings”, select “Screen” there, then tap on “Sleep Mode”. It remains to set the time after which the phone goes into the specified mode, and the screen is locked.

How to make a screen lock on Honor

Screen lock is the most important element of the functionality of today’s phone. Its initial idea was to prevent intruders from accessing your device, but now the functionality has gone beyond the designated goal. With the purchase of an Honor phone, we may be puzzled by the need to protect our new device. What is needed for this? Below we will analyze how you can lock the screen of your Honor smartphone. And also we will designate software tools that will help us with this.

Screen lock application. help protect your Honor

In addition to the standard ways to protect the Honor’s screen, you can also use specialized mobile applications, one of which is “Screen Lock”.

The functionality of this application allows you to set various methods of blocking such as:

  • “Pattern”;
  • “Zipper”;
  • With passcode;
  • Like on iPhone.

Also, the capabilities of the application allow you to create widgets on the home screen for easy customization, display the battery indicator on the lock screen, set dynamic wallpapers, show the clock and more.

The Screen Lock tool. On Off Button “for Honorа

Screen Lock has been created as an effective tool to lock your phone screen. It supports administrative (“Admin Lock”) and smart (“Smart Lock”) protection of the gadget.

It is possible to install a widget, special notifications, vibration response of the phone and more.

Lock Screen Programs. helps to make the screen inaccessible

Another mobile application that we want to talk about is the CM Locker application. It is a handy tool that allows you to lock your Honor’s screen, apps, photos and phone contacts. The Burglar Selfie feature will allow you to take a photo of anyone who entered an incorrect password, PIN or pattern.

The application features many themes and wallpapers for blocking.

In our article, we examined in detail how you can set a screen lock on your Honor smartphone. And also what is the algorithm for the implementation of this task, and which mobile applications will help to significantly simplify this process. Use the tips listed above. This will prevent third parties from accessing your phone. As well as random, not initiated by you, calls and messages from your gadget.

3 Ways to Take Screenshot on Huawei Tablet

There are several options for how to create a photo. Below we will consider the three main methods that are used on devices of this brand. And also four additional ones, if the main ones do not suit you in some way.

  • Set up the screenshot:
  • upload in PNG format for clear and high quality images;
  • save images on an internal server or computer;
  • turn off the display of the cursor so that it does not spoil screenshots;
  • use hotkeys to capture a portion of the screen.
  • Manage your readers’ attention:
  • use frames and arrows correctly to highlight one element or a sequence of actions;
  • do not build too long sequences, split such screenshots into several separate ones, or group similar actions.
  • Observe harmony:
  • make sure not to truncate important information;
  • unify graphic selections (line thickness, color);
  • pay attention to proportion and symmetry.
  • Remember confidentiality and “blur” all secrets.

Everything in the screenshots should be beautiful and logical, regardless of who you show them to: your boss, a friend, or a blog audience of thousands of people. Everybody loves to be cared for a little.

Method number 3. smart screenshot

This method allows you to take a screenshot with your knuckles. To activate it, go to Settings Motion Control Smart screenshot

Now you can take a screenshot by double-tapping the screen with your knuckles. Also, by touching the screen with your knuckle and quickly drawing a small area, you will take a picture of that area, which can be edited.

Screenshots with Knuckle Sense

The Huawei Honor 8 was the first to receive the option. In most cases, the screen capture assistant works automatically. If not, easily connects on its own.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ program.
  • Go to the section “Smart Assistance”. ‘Motion Control’.
  • Click on the “Smart Screenshot” function (“On” will appear next to it).

After connecting the “smart assistant”, it is easier to take a screenshot of the screen on Huawei.

  • Close the program with device settings.
  • Move to desired tab for snapshot.
  • Double tap the screen.
  • A completed screenshot on a Huawei (Huawei) phone is signaled by vibration and a preview of the snapshot.

To capture a specific area of ​​the screen, trace the desired area with your finger. The picture will be taken automatically.

How to take screenshots with Knuckle Sense?

This feature was introduced for the first time on the Huawei Honor 8. this is the first Android phone to receive it.

Step 1. If you have not activated it yet, then you need to activate the Smart Screenshot function in Huawei Honor yourself. To take a screenshot, go to the Settings app and select another option in the Smart Assistance menu.

Step 2. Now click on Motion Control, then select Smart screenshot from the list of functions and enable it.

Step 3. Close the Settings app, go to the screen you want to take a photo.

Step 4. Now, just tap twice on the screen. Your phone vibrates slightly and a screenshot preview will be shown on your screen.

How to take a partial screenshot on Honor?

Step 1. Touch the display firmly with your finger, swipe it around the image you want to photograph.

Step 2. Select, size of the captured area, increase or decrease.

Step 3. Now choose how to save the screenshot: original shape, turn into a circle, square or even a heart shape.

With the Smart screenshot function, you can take pictures of the desired part of the screen.

Additional ways

There are also other known methods on how to make screenshots on Huawei tablets.

  • Many models have a Smart Phone function. With its help, the image is fixed with the knuckles. For example, double-click on the display and the image will be saved, or circle the desired fragment, etc.
  • In the top control panel, find the “Screenshot” button, as in the case of a long shot. You need to press it when you decide what you want to keep in memory. Click. the screen can be sent to friends.
  • If there is a keyboard that connects to the gadget, then it is even easier to create a photo. Press the “Print Screen” key, where you need to save information using a photo, the display will blink and then you can share it.
  • If all the methods do not suit you, then there are applications for creating print screens on the Play Market.

screenshot with three fingers

To start using the 3 ways of creating a screenshot, it is recommended to first make sure that it is active. This requires:

  • Go to the settings of the Honor device.
  • Go to the “Management” section.
  • Go to the “Movements” menu.
  • Select “Screenshot with three fingers”.
  • Set the switch to active state.

After the above steps are done, the screenshot is easy. just slide 3 fingers across the screen vertically down.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Honorе

The transmission of information on the network has long been no longer limited to text messages only. Today, graphic messages are very popular, which mean not only pictures and photographs, but also screenshots.

Often, you can explain something if you only attach a screenshot, because it is much easier and faster to show than to tell it several times. Thus, you can quickly share important information or ask for help. For example, if a person cannot figure out a technical problem, then an experienced user can lend a helping hand, who will demonstrate the actions in the screenshot. In other words, there are many ways to use screenshots, but how do you create them? There are several ways to do this too.

via the screen menu

In order to use the second method of creating a screenshot, you do not need hotkeys. On the Honor smartphone, you can always find a notification bar on top of the screen, pulling down on which displays a whole menu where you can perform various actions:

There is an icon called “Screenshot”, clicking on which will automatically take a screenshot.

using hotkeys

On Honor devices, you can quickly take a screenshot by holding down 2 keys at the same time:

  • volume down button;
  • power key.

The key will need to be held for only a couple of seconds, after which a screenshot will be displayed on the screen (screenshot).

In the future, all the screenshots taken can be found in the “Gallery”. “Screenshots”.

smart screenshot

In order to use this method of creating a screenshot, then, as in the previous paragraph, you must first activate it.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the “Management” menu.
  • Open the “Movements” section.
  • Select “Smart Screenshot”.
  • Activate by putting the switch in the active state.
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Thanks to the use of this method, the user does not need to perform any actions, it is enough to just click the knuckle on the screen 2 times. The screenshot is ready!

You can also take a screenshot of one area. To do this, you need to circle the area of ​​the screen with your knuckle. If you need to start or stop recording, then the user should touch his knuckle 2 times. And to create a long screenshot, you need to draw the letter S on the screen with your knuckle:

How to take screenshot on Huawei Honor

Popular lines of smartphones often have specific features. Huawei developers have made the creation of screenshots such a convenient and memorable “chip”. In this article we will look at how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, 9, 9 Lite, 8, 8 Lite, 7, 7a, 7c, 7x, 6, 5 using standard and non-standard methods, as well as how to capture only part of the display, or vice versa, take off a long page.

First, we list the different options for implementing this function:

  • hold down a special key combination (a universal method for most devices, including Huawei Honor 8, for example);
  • use the proprietary development of Knuckle Sense (a more modern version, will work on Huawei Honor View 10);
  • apply the button in the system menu;
  • install a dedicated screen capture app.

In all cases, you can find ready-made files through the gallery.

How to make a long screen

Now let’s figure out how to take a long screenshot on Honor 8 Lite or another model that supports this feature. You can also use the Knuckle Sense technology for this (it is assumed that you have already activated it as described above).

The easiest option is to touch the screen with your knuckle, and then, pressing it firmly, slide it across the display in the form of the Latin letter “S”. It is not required to strictly adhere to the form, the smartphone quite confidently recognizes arbitrary spelling.

After releasing your finger, the system will switch to the mode of taking a long screenshot: the image will automatically scroll, capturing successively screen after screen. If you want a snapshot of the entire page, wait for the process to complete. If, for example, half is enough, touch the screen again at the moment when the desired part is captured. Then you can edit / save / send it as usual.

An alternative way to launch long shot mode is to knock twice to bring up a screenshot, and then click on the icon at the bottom right. Scrolling will start similar to the previous method.

Finally, you can hold down the volume down and power keys. Further actions are the same as when calling through tapping.

How to take a screenshot on Honor by holding down the buttons

The most common option, since it allows you to make a screen on both Android Honor 5 and later models. It is based on the traditional method for Android OS, namely, simultaneously pressing the device power and volume keys.

It is advisable to combine the time of holding down the power button and volume down. In practice, you can press the keys and with a small time interval. To master this method, how to take a screenshot on Honor 6 or any other device, it is recommended to practice. someone’s system immediately reports about the picture, some smartphone owners get it after 3-5 attempts.

The way how to take a screenshot of the screen on a phone in Android 9, which will receive Honor 9 Lite, 8 Pro and more advanced devices of the line, is implemented in a slightly different way. In it, the creation of a screenshot is called through the menu, which is shown by pressing the shutdown button for a few seconds.

How to take a partial screenshot on Huawei Honor

A more interesting use of gesture control is to remove a partial screen, as can be done on Honor 9. Pre-activation is performed in the same way as in the previous paragraph.

To obtain a part of the image, you need to open the desired screen, and then press your finger firmly against the display and trace the desired area, returning to the starting point of the touch. It is best to use your knuckle for this purpose, this will make it easier for the phone to recognize the contour.

In the preview window, a colored outline will show the area you selected. You can leave it as it is, or you can use the icons at the top to get, for example, a heart shape or a circle. The size of the selection can also be adjusted by stretching or shrinking the borders.

The finished picture can also be saved, edited or forwarded.

Screenshot with Knuckle Sense

If you don’t like the standard method, you should master the proprietary approach, like taking a screenshot of the screen on an Honor phone. The technology is called Knuckle Sense and uses gesture control. Please note that for the first time the technology was presented only in the 8th Honor, it will not work on earlier models of the line.

Before taking a screenshot on Android Honor with a gesture, you first need to activate the corresponding item in the settings (on some models it is already enabled by default): open the control section using gestures and enable smart screenshots. By the way, this same setting makes it possible to remove a part of the display or save several scrolls of the screen to a file (for example, if you want to get a screenshot for a long page on the site).

After activating the function to take a screenshot, just tap the display twice with your knuckle. A preview window will appear, where you can save the snapshot, make changes, or immediately share it.

Sensitivity may vary depending on the smartphone model. Somewhere a very light tapping is enough, so that sometimes false positives occur during normal typing. Somewhere on the contrary, you need to quite seriously kiss with your knuckle. It is recommended to start with light taps and gradually increase the force in order to find a comfortable level for you, at which the smartphone will reliably detect the gesture.

Using the button in the menu

Another option, how to take a screenshot on the Honor 10, is available through the menu shade. For this, a special screenshot icon is used.

It brings up the same preview menu as other methods.

Using App Screenshot Easy

If the previous options, how to take a screenshot on Honor 7 or other devices of the line, are not suitable, use special applications. For example, Screenshot Easy ( allows you to capture an image or video from the display, and you can customize the capture in a variety of ways.

Recovering a deleted widget

Re-add the element to the screen using edit mode. In this case, you should start from the above instructions for adding.

How to install the Widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei

Widget is an application presented in an illustrative format. It is an informative element that contains useful data that was obtained during the operation of a particular application. The most relevant Huawei and Honor widgets: weather, date and time, moon phases, small notes, etc.

Moving a widget

To move it to another location, click on the icon and wait a couple of seconds. As soon as the phone responds with a characteristic vibration, we move it to the desired position by means of a swipe without releasing the finger.

To move to another page, bring it to the edge of the screen in the required direction and drag it to the desired location.

Removing a widget or app icon

To remove an element, click on it with your finger and hold it for a couple of seconds. A minus in a circle or an image of a trash can with the text “Delete” will be highlighted in the upper part. Then, using a swipe, move to the icon, while keeping your finger on.

This procedure does not mean at all that he has been deleted from the memory of the mobile phone forever. In reality, the user only deletes from the main display. If necessary, you can return it back.

Where are the widgets on Huawei and Honor

They differ in that they can be placed virtually anywhere on the work screen. To activate edit mode and make changes, for example, add a new icon or delete an unnecessary one, you need to bring two fingers together on the screen. You can also open the editing mode by holding your finger on any free space. The following icons will then appear in the lower half of the display:

  • Wallpaper.
  • Widgets.
  • Navigation.

How to install the widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei smartphones

  • Select the table on which the element will be installed. Usually, they choose the main desktop so that, after unlocking the phone, they can immediately be able to observe the operation of the specific software installed in the device.
  • Using a swipe, we bring two fingers together. This operation activates the editing mode. After that, a menu of several items will appear at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on the widgets icon. Scrolling the tape to the right, we select, for example, music or clock.
  • Now you need to choose with dimensions. If we talk about music, then the best option would be 3×1.
  • Select the appropriate option and move it to the working display. After that, it should appear on the desktop and reflect the exact data on the program’s activities.

To move to another page or delete, you need to perform a typical operation: hold down with your finger and drag to the desired position.

What to do if the widget does not load

  • Failure in mobile phone settings.
  • Cache load. The loaded cache significantly contributes to the formation of problems in the functioning of the device. In this case, go to the “Settings” section and clean it.
  • The need to update your Google profile. Typically, users use this method on failures. If the item does not load, we just try to restart the smartphone. To do this, we delay the blocking button and wait for the reboot. After that, we try to enable.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the error of the program itself. Let’s say you can’t add an e-wallet. The solution is to update the software. Go to the Play Market, find the program you need and click on the update button.