How To Make A Call Photo In Full Screen

Through the phone book. application setting

I will briefly tell you what the application will offer on the first launch:

  • The window where you will need to GRANT permission to intercept incoming calls, answer window, incoming SMS, etc. That is, already at this stage it is clear that we have a completely independent program with its own functionality.
  • Next, you will need to configure missed call notifications, they can also be displayed on the entire window, including on the locked screen.
  • You will also be prompted to install interface themes manually or download ready-made solutions.
  • Set up gesture controls (down, left, right, up) and choose which gesture exactly what will mean.
  • Determine the action of the sensors: for example, you can simply turn the device over to pick up the call.
  • Set blocking of incoming calls: you can set a blacklist or make it so that all unknown numbers are blocked. perhaps this option may be useful to someone.
  • And the last point. “Bypass methods”. you can NOT touch them at all if everything works correctly, and if something is wrong, you should try to check the box that you need, perhaps after that everything will be OK.
  • work, you will receive a notification that the basic setup has been completed.

photo installation

Now, in order to put the caller’s photo on the whole screen, select “Contact Manager”.

In this case, a single Screen for the call will be installed on all contacts.

To set up your box:

Tap on Numbers needed, a new menu will appear.

Select the source from where you want to take the image (in the same way you can put on the caller).

You can see how the full-screen Android photo will look when you call, by selecting “Preview” in the contact menu.

You can see for yourself that the functionality is quite extensive. I am sure that many of this software product will be interesting and useful.

How to put the caller’s photo on the full screen Android

I propose to figure out a simple way to install the caller’s photo in full screen on Android, so that when a call comes in, the photo is displayed on the entire display.

Setting an image to a contact

I’ll start from the beginning: I’ll tell you how you can generally put an image on a contact.

This can be done in two ways:

through the gallery

  • Go to the gallery (installed on all Android devices by default).
  • Open the image you want.
  • Tap on the “Operations” button.
  • Select “Install As”.
  • The next step is to open the item “Contact photo”.
  • It remains only to indicate the contact so that the photo will be assigned to him for a call.

In this situation, you can use one of the Special programs for Android, which allow you to put photos on the full screen when you call.

Using utilities

There are quite a few such applications, but I liked Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD. because setting a photo number on the whole screen for Android is far from its only function. This product can be customized even by a perfectionist, because the program has very fine settings.

Full screen photo on Android :. How to add a photo to a contact in Android:

an excellent program, I recommend, the main thing is absolutely no advertising, and the Interfom is done professionally, which pleases the eye

She’s a fucking paid one

when working with this program, a regular dialer often pops up, even if you set the maximum time for closing a photo, which is NOT at all pleasing. If you try to put a tick in the non-root bypass method, it asks for RTH rights, installed it, but the problem did not resolve, the regular one still slips, which is very NOT nice. my friend has the same story.

in kind divorce on the grandmother

I put it when it calls I can’t answer and reset why

everything seems to be cool, but why calls without sound (ringtone and vibro) just display a photo? how to fix?

Hello. These parameters are changed in the phone settings. If this option does not help, try restarting your phone and, as a last resort, do a factory reset.

For two years I have been using this program on the Lenovo S720 phone. Everything was without problems, very pleased with the program. Now I installed it on Lenovo K50 phone. And the program practically does not work, in nine cases out of ten the regular call comes out. Sinned on the cleaning program, but whitelisted the program. It still doesn’t work. Tell me what could be the reason, I really DO NOT want to part with your favorite program, and an adequate replacement for comments. thanks.

Hello. I do not even know, then tell you. In general, there are always alternative applications, you just need to try different options. Regarding this particular program. well, there may be an optimization problem. It’s not even about the android version (although this too), but more in the very “iron”. That is, each phone has its own components and it happens that applications simply do not want “is friendly” with some specific components. Or maybe the firmware itself is like that. Most likely, the problem is in the firmware. Again, the firmware is optimized for “iron” (phone stuffing). And, I think that it is for the firmware that the application you need is NOT optimized. How to solve the problem? Here there is only one option. to hope that the application developers have fixed this error and optimized the program. try updating the application. If this does not help, then I do not know other options. Here, either look for an alternative, or write to the application developers so that they fix the program and release an update.

Thank you very much, everything worked out.

Install the program without changing the settings. I can’t pick up the phone! I click on the icon to pick up the phone, it is reset. I deleted the program because everyone is calling me, I can’t pick up the phone, even those on which I did not post a photo.

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Through the app “Contacts”

Open the phone book and select the desired contact.

  • Click on the edit contact icon.
  • In the editing window, click on the image of a man (in the photo below it is indicated by an arrow)

The system will offer to select a photo from the gallery or take a new photo with a smartphone camera.

Putting a photo on a contact

Before making a picture on the whole screen, let’s figure out how to set a photo to a contact.

It’s not difficult at all. Here are a couple of ways how you can do this:

How to put a contact photo in full screen on Android

Full-screen contact photo. It’s not only beautiful, but also informative. But, unfortunately, many Android smartphones have a contact photo during a call. It takes up a very small window, which is very inconvenient. I will tell you how you can take a photo of the caller to fill the phone screen.

Set a photo to a contact through the standard gallery

Open the app “Gallery” on your phone and select the required image.

  • Click on the additional options button, in this case these are three dots in the upper right corner.
  • We are interested in the option “Const. image as “, click on it. We are offered to choose what this picture will be.
  • Press the button “Contact photo” and highlighting the area in the picture that should be displayed when calling and confirm “OK”.

Now during the call, the selected picture will be displayed.

How to take a photo in full screen

And so, we have set a photo for the contact, now let’s figure out how to make it full screen during a call.

On some devices, the default photo is full screen when you call. But what if your smartphone doesn’t support this feature? In this case, special utilities will help us, we will consider one of them below.

Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD

The application is one of the best of its kind, has a friendly interface and a large number of settings. Let’s take a closer look at the settings.

Key features:

  • Full screen photo of the caller in HD quality
  • Incoming SMS in full screen
  • Full screen missed call notification
  • Black list of calls
  • Call control with gestures
  • And other settings

The free version of the program supports:

  • Photo when calling full screen
  • Call blocking
  • Gesture control

Program settings:

There are a lot of settings in the application. You can change almost everything. the call window, a large number of gesture parameters, notifications, and more. Even the most sophisticated user will like it.

When you start the application for the first time, a setup wizard will open, which will guide you through the steps to set the optimal values.

  • We set permission to intercept calls and SMS
  • Setting up notifications
  • We choose how the window will look on incoming calls. There are 5 options to choose from in the program
  • Customizing the theme
  • Setting up gestures
  • We configure sensors in the same way
  • We activate, if necessary, call blocking and blacklist
  • The last point can be left as it is, just click next and you will see a window with a congratulation that the setup was completed successfully.
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Now, through the built-in contact manager, you need to assign pictures to subscribers. After that, the caller’s photo will be displayed in full screen.

And how to enlarge a photo from a Contact when making a call to the full screen of a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

After researching this issue, it turned out that this problem can be solved, rather than resorting to installing Special Applications.

The thing is that our “smart phone” (aka “smartphone”) is constantly fighting for its performance. Therefore, constantly analyzing the processor load and the most frequently performed tasks, he begins to optimize all his databases, with which he operates, and rebuilds them so that there is as much free space in the random access memory (RAM) as possible. This also affected our Contacts, which contain information, including photos. So he optimized our Contacts at his own discretion so that in some cases NOT full photos are attached to Contacts, but small photos in circles. Therefore, in the future, it may happen that when you receive a call on the smartphone screen, NOT a large photo from Contact will be displayed, but its small duplicate.

But there is no need to worry. Nothing is missing in the Contacts database. You just need to force the smartphone to re-index this information and everything will return to its original state.

You must first stipulate that the proposed method “Enlarging photos from Contacts to full screen” is performed under the following conditions:

1. Contacts are stored in the smartphone’s memory, not the SIM card. If they are on a SIM card, then this will NOT work.

2. The top has a Theme installed that has NOT changed the call and phone settings. Therefore, it will be better if you return to the original Default theme, which was when you first turned on the phone. (Its order is described in the article “How to return the original theme to the screen of the smartphone HUAWEI (honor)?”. To go to the article, click here).

3. You have previously created a Google account, and all Contacts with photos on your phone have been synced with it. Therefore, information about all your contacts will also be stored on the Google server.

How to enlarge photos from Contacts to full screen when calling HUAWEI (honor) phone

In order to return large full-screen photos to Contacts during a phone call, you need to forcefully Synchronize Contacts from your phone with the Contacts stored on the Google server in your Google account. For this:

1. Launch the Phone Settings application.

Smartphone screen # 3. launch the Phone settings application

2. Select the accounts section.

Screen No. 4 of the smartphone. select the “accounts” section.

3. In the “Users and accounts” section, select the Google notebook.

Smartphone screen # 5. choose a Google notebook.

4. In your Google account, we find the items Contacts. There may be several of them. We, for example, had two items “Contacts”. Therefore, in order to forcibly Synchronize our Contacts with the Contacts of the Google account, you need to click on these “Contacts” items one by one.

Screen 6 of the smartphone. click on two items “Contacts”.

After that, a rotating circle will appear next to each line “Contacts”, which indicates the synchronization process.

Smartphone screen 7. the first item “Contacts” is being synchronized. Screen No. 8 of the smartphone. the second item “Contacts” is being synchronized.

5. That’s it, now we have synchronized our Contacts with the information that is stored on the Google server, and this will force our smartphone to re-index the Contacts database and restore large photos.

Important note:
It should be noted that during the first forced synchronization of Contacts, the smartphone may not index the entire database of Contacts, and when viewing the Contacts phone book, you can see that NOT all Contacts were returned large photos.
Therefore, the procedure for forced synchronization of Contacts should be repeated again until all photos are fully restored.

And how to attach a photo of the caller to his Contact at the top of Huawei?

This is nothing complicated comments. Its order is described in the article “How to set a photo to a contact of a subscriber on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”, And to go to it, click here.

But here’s the bad luck. Previously, after you attached photos of their owners to contacts, then when you received a call, a large photo of them was always reflected on the smartphone screen in full screen. It was very nice and comfortable.

But after some time, it suddenly turned out that now, with an incoming call, the phone screen instead of a large photo began to show a small photo in circles.

Here’s an example: it was and it is.

Screen of a smartphone. screen view for an incoming call with a large photo from OLGa’s Contact screen of a smartphone. screen view for an incoming call with a small photo from OLGa’s contact

Of course this is Heaven and Earth.

How to take a full screen photo of the caller on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

Of course, it’s nice to use a modern smartphone, which on its screen reflects everything clearly and clearly, including the smallest details and real color rendition. This is especially important when shooting or when viewing and photographing.

Human psychology is designed in such a way that he perceives visual images (pictures) faster than text, which still needs to be read and comprehended. Therefore, in order to make it easier for the smartphone owner to perceive information from the phone screen, they often resort to presenting information in the form of a visual image. We, people, are so convenient and comfortable.

This is especially important when they call you on the phone, and the first thing you try to establish is who is calling you now. And if the phone shows only a row of digits of the caller’s phone number, then this tells us little.

But if a person called you whose number has already been entered in the Contacts of your phone and his photo is attached to it, then you literally at first glance will recognize the caller by the photo.

And how to check if large photos on Contacts have been restored?

Viewing the results of reindexing Contacts when recovering large photos on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone

1. Launch the Contacts application on the phone.

Smartphone screen 9. launching the Phone contacts application

2. In the list of Contacts, select the Contact, which has an icon of the photo of the Contact of the subscriber. In our case, this is Contact Denis Korablev.

Smartphone screen 10. select Contact with the subscriber’s photo icon.

3. Look at the opened Contact, which you have chosen.

If there is a small photo in circles next to the Subscriber’s Name, it means that the large photo linked to this Contact has NOT been restored yet. In our case, the Contact Denis Korablev with a small photo in circles.

Screen number 11 of the smartphone. view of the Contact Denis Korablev with a small photo.

Therefore, you need to perform the procedure for synchronizing the Contacts database with your Google account, the order of which is described above. Click here to go.

4. If the content of the opened Contact, which you have chosen, contains a photo of the subscriber on the half of the screen, then this means that the large photo of the Contact has been restored.

Smartphone screen 12. view of Denis Korablev’s Contact with a large photo.

5. Now you are all right.

If a subscriber calls you whose Contact in your phone contains a large photo, then upon an incoming call you will see a large portrait of the subscriber on your phone screen, in our case Denis Korablev. Therefore, at first glance it will be clear to you. who is calling you now.

Screen No. 13 of a smartphone. screen view for an incoming call with a large photo from the Contact Denis Korablev.

6. At the same time, if you yourself call a subscriber whose Contact contains a photo, then on the screen of your smartphone there will be a large photo from the Contact as a background, but it will be very blurred. This is done so that you DO NOT get confused about who is calling to whom now: if they call you, then there is a clear photo on the screen, and if it is blurry, then you are calling him (enters his number).

Screen number 14 of the smartphone. the screen view for outgoing calls with a large blurry photo from the Contact Denis Korablev.

We put a contact photo on the full screen on Android. 3 ways

The function of setting a photo that is displayed when a certain contact calls, has existed in modern smartphones for quite some time. As a rule, it is not difficult to set up a suitable image, but by default it is often located in a small window. Many users are unaware that this setting can be easily changed by stretching the picture to fit the width of the display to improve the comfort of viewing the call. Today we will find out how to set a full screen caller photo for Android OS.

Through the photo gallery

You can set a photo for any contact in the second way, the implementation of which, as in the previous case, is provided by the standard tools of the operating system. At its core, this method repeats the previous one, only this time you start your journey with a catalog of images on your smartphone:

  • Go to the gallery section on your mobile device.
  • Find the required photo, then open the menu of additional actions for it.
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Use the option “Set Image As” and then “Contact Photo”.

  • Select the required entry from the opened phonebook list.
  • After all THESE manipulations, a picture will be set for this contact. As in the previous method, its size will depend on the features of the operating system and mobile gadget.

    Through the phone book

    The contact photo size displayed during a call depends on the operating system version and smartphone manufacturer.

    Some models have built-in support for full-size images for phonebook numbers. To check this, use the following steps:

      Open the standard application on your smartphone that is responsible for accessing contacts.

    Find the required entry in the phone book, then click on the icon for editing it.

  • Once in the settings menu, use the picture with a blank photo to make changes.
  • The system will prompt you to take a new photo or select an existing image.
  • Thus, you can easily stretch the photo to full screen when calling on certain versions of Android OS.

    Through special utilities

    Is there a universal method to easily take a full screen photo of a contact when calling on Android OS?

    We recommend that you use Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD, as it is really a very high quality and free product. I downloaded and installed the program, follow these steps:

    • Let’s launch the Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD program on a smartphone.
    • Open the section called “Contact Manager”.

    Select the source of the image (take a photo, take from the gallery, etc.).

  • Click on the “Preview” button to check the correctness of the settings.
  • In addition to performing the main task, Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD contains a lot of additional options for setting up a call blocker, as well as various gestures to control your smartphone. To get access to the advanced settings of the application, you will need to acquire its paid version.

    through the gallery

    For this method, you need to go to the application “Gallery” and find the desired image there. Further:

    • Click on the options button at the top of the screen.
    • In the menu that appears, select “Set Image As”.
    • Select “Contact Photo”.
    • Now set the size of the visible area for the image during an incoming call.

    After clicking on the “Ok” button, the picture will be installed on your contact. As in the previous section, the location of the elements may not be in the same places as in the screenshots, but the principle remains the same.

    Now, with an incoming call, you should see something like this:

    In most cases, the caller’s photo will look like this when called on Android 6. There are exceptions, if, for example, the manufacturer decides to change the standard phone application to its proprietary one. In such cases, it is impossible to predict what size the picture will be when called. Often it doesn’t look very pretty, for example, like this:

    Fortunately, few manufacturers do this, and this is the exception rather than the rule. The same cannot be said about previous versions of Android. For example, to take a photo in full screen on Android 4.4.2, you almost always had to use additional software.

    Through the phone book

    In order to set the caller’s photo for a call, open the phone book and perform the following actions:

    • Select the desired contact and click on the icon to edit it.
    • In the menu that opens, click on the icon with the image of a silhouette of a person.
    • A window will pop up in which you will be asked to select an image from the existing ones or to make a new one.

    This is a universal scenario that fits all device models. But please note that you may have the wrong version of Android, graphical shell or phone book.

    Therefore, remember this sequence of actions, but be prepared for the fact that you will have some elements in the wrong place, as shown in the screenshot.

    How to set an image on a contact

    Installing a photo on a contact in full screen is not available for all smartphone models. Some users may need additional phone setup or installation of additional programs. In any case, you first need to assign an image to the contact, and only then figure out whether it is worth making any additional settings. There are two ways to do this.

    How Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD Works

    Despite the fact that this is a program for displaying a caller’s photo, it has a fairly wide range of features, including:

    • selection of an incoming call interface;
    • setting up notifications;
    • customization of themes;
    • adding gestures;
    • selection of sensor actions;
    • call blocking.

    The first time you turn it on, you will be able to configure the functions you want.

    If you are not interested in additional parameters, and you just want to know how to install the image, see the short instructions:

    • From the main menu select contact manager.
    • From the list that appears, select the contacts to which you want to install the picture. By default, it is one for everyone, if you want to change it, follow the instructions below.
    • Click on the contact where you want to change the photo.
    • Select “Use photo from phone book”.

    Now you can see the person who is calling you in full screen on any version of the system, from any brand and model of smartphone. Don’t worry about localization and translation either. For example, if the call screen is on Android 5.1.1, the utilities will leave it Russian. Nothing will be renamed and will be exactly the same as in your phone book.

    Please note that the app has two versions: paid and free. In the free one, some of the above functions can be cut, and the maximum number of available contacts to which you can set a picture is six. You can switch to a paid subscription from the application itself or from the Play Market.

    How to make a photo large in size

    If you have an incoming call with an established contact picture looks like in the previous screenshots, there is nothing left to do but look for additional programs. This is the only way you can “stretch” it to full screen.

    But functions in smartphones, which were added from third-party sources, often slow down and tend to crash. This is explained by the fact that they are NOT optimized specifically for your model of the device and may give errors.

    Don’t be upset, because they have a lot of advantages. For example, setting images in high resolution, changing the style and elements of an incoming call, configuring sensors, replacing themes, adding gestures and other innovations.

    There are enough applications with which you can do this. When choosing, look for products such as Full Screen Caller, Full Screen Caller ID and Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD. Since the last solution is the most functional, to demonstrate the functionality of this kind of programs, we will choose it.

    Set the contact image to full screen

    The ability to assign a specific image to a contact appeared a long time ago. But not everyone uses it. Someone does not know how, but someone is just too lazy to understand this issue. Although there is nothing difficult in how to put a contact photo on a call in full Android screen. It is convenient, beautiful and informative. In this article, we’ll show you all the ways you can do this on any Android device. We will even analyze the installation methods on those devices where it is initially impossible to put a photo on the whole screen.

    What could go wrong

    If you have any problems installing the photo, try to do it again first. Perhaps you didn’t succeed the first time. If it doesn’t help, most likely your contacts are on the SIM card.

    To move them:

    • Go to phone book settings.
    • Select the “Export from SIM” option.
    • Highlight the desired contacts.
    • Wait for the process to complete.

    After THESE simple manipulations Try again to set the image, most likely, now everything will work out.

    Setting caller photo to full screen on Android

    The function of calls on any smartphone is one of the most fundamental and frequently used, working together with special applications for adding and saving numbers like “Contacts”. To make it easier to identify the caller, you can set the contact photo both in a small area and on the whole screen. It is in the second design option that we will tell further along the course of today’s instructions.

    Setting the caller’s photo to full screen

    All Possible approaches can be divided into two options, the relevance of which is directly determined by the capabilities of the smartphone. At the same time, it is possible to compensate for the lack of the necessary functions not with one, but at once with Several applications available in large quantities in the Google Play Store.

    Full Screen Caller ID (FSCI)

    One of the best choices for Flipping a caller photo to full screen is Full Screen Caller ID, available for free download from the Play Store. This program differs significantly from numerous analogues, providing not only a replacement for the standard avatar, but also many auxiliary functions.

    • Immediately upon the first launch, you will be prompted to make basic changes to the design of the incoming call screen, swapping the “Reject” and “Accept” buttons, assign FSCI as the default calling software and some other features. In the future, each parameter can be edited through internal settings.

    The default app replaces the standard call handling and expands the contact’s photo to full screen, in fact, rather than requiring additional steps after installation. At that time, if you skipped the necessary step at the beginning, it may be necessary to make changes to the phone settings.
    After exiting Full Screen Caller ID and open the standard Settings application. Here you need to select the “Applications” category in the “Device” block and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.

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    Now tap on the line “Calling application” and select “FSCI” in the list that opens. As a result, the software is likely to replace the standard and any other call processing tool.

    In addition to the above, you can manually change the screen image for contacts from a specific group. For example, if the caller is in the Contacts application address book or the number is NOT displayed at all.

    After that, specify the photo in one of the available ways and Confirm the application using the “Save” button. In the process of choosing a picture, you can also pre-familiarize yourself with the design.

    As an addition, you can use the “Slideshow” button to assign several automatically changing images at once.

    Optionally, through the internal settings, you can change the style and arrangement of most of the elements on the call screen. This makes the software the best option among all analogues, deserving the most attention.

    HD Photo Caller Screen ID

    The last application in our article will be the one whose main and only function is to replace the caller’s image with the full-screen version. For the software to work, you need any version of Android, starting with the fourth, and preferably an image in HD quality.

    To successfully enable the application, despite the internal sections and settings, and does not even require the first launch after installation or designation as a default tool.

    The program is extremely easy to use, allowing you to set a contact’s photo to full screen with a minimum of action. At the same time, due to the support of a much larger number of devices and stability than in the first two versions, this tool is an excellent Alternative with a fairly high rating in the Play Store.

    How To Make A Call Photo In Full Screen

    Ultimate Call Screen

    A quite worthy alternative to the past software is Ultimate Call Screen, which provides a number of internal settings for the outgoing call screen with the ability to rotate the contact photo on a larger scale. To use it, you first have to download and install.

    Download and install

      To get started, open the “Settings” and in the “Security” options enable the function “Unknown sources”. In the case of the latest versions of Android, starting with the eighth, permission will be required by the program with which the APK file was downloaded.

    The Ultimate Call Screen app, unlike the previous option, is currently not available for download from the Play Store, which is why third party sites are the only option. The best of such resources. The forum appears, where to download you need to find the “Download” block, select a version and confirm saving the APK file to the device’s memory.

    Then tap on the downloaded file in the “Downloads” list or find it in the device’s memory. One way or another, a standard software installation tool will open with the option to confirm the installation.

    Software use

      Successfully completed the installation and opening the application, you can immediately set the desired parameters. Each function has a corresponding signature and afterwards it makes no sense to consider something separate.

    After that, the software will be ready for use without the need to designate it as the default call handling tool. At the same time, the caller’s photo will be expanded to full screen.
    The only thing that can and should be done is to set the default image, if for some reason it is absent in the contact. To do this, go to the “Appearance” tab and tap on the “Photo and default” block.

    Here you can make changes to your choice both for contacts without a photo, and for SEPARATE groups like hidden numbers. In all cases, for editing, click the “Default Photo” button, select the file and Confirm saving using the bottom panel.

    Optionally select the subsection “Prev. view “to get acquainted with the final result. For correct display Use portrait photos.

    It should be borne in mind that the application has not been updated for a long time, and afterwards it is quite possible that problems with work both on certain devices and on specifically new versions of Android.

    Adding a photo in “Contacts”

    The easiest way to set up a photo is to use standard smartphone functions and applications, which should be enough for many users. To do this, you just need to attach an image to the contact you need in the address book, after which when you call the photo, not the whole screen will be displayed.

    Application settings

    Regardless of the phone model, contacts are managed through a special “Contacts” application, which is also available for installation from the Play Store.

      To add a file in this way, you need to open the application and find a specific person in the list provided, if necessary Using the “Search” field.

    After that, at the bottom of the page, click the “Change contact” button and tap on the icon with a photo in the center of the screen.

    Next, the “Change photo” pop-up window will appear on the screen, where you need to use the “Select” link. This will open the standard application “Gallery”.

    From the list of images, select the appropriate one for the contact, use the selection frame to restrict a specific area, and click the “Save” button.

    If you did everything clearly according to the instructions, there will be an automatic redirection to the contact settings with the changed photo. To complete editing, use the “Save” link in the right corner of the page.

  • The described actions can be repeated Not only when editing an existing contact, but also when creating a new one. For THESE purposes on the main screen of the application there is a button with the “”.
  • Installation via gallery

    Another, but rather an auxiliary way of installing a photo, comes down to selecting and attaching an image through the “Gallery”.

      First of all open the specified application through the menu, find and select the photo you are interested in.

    Photo control may differ depending on the smartphone model and firmware version, but usually it is enough to tap on the center of the screen to display the toolbar and press the button with three dots in the upper right corner. In the list that appears, use the item “Set picture as”.

    At the bottom of the page, click on the icon labeled “Photo” of the contact and select a person from the list that appears. Please note that if there are various applications for managing the address book on the device, there may be several options at once.

    After selecting a contact, as in the previous case, you will have to align the image with the frame and tap on “Save”. This completes the installation procedure, and you may well be convinced that the method works the next time you call from the selected person.

    This method is relevant only in some cases, since on most Android devices the photo is displayed in a separate area of ​​the screen. This limitation can be circumvented only with the help of third-party applications, for which, as a rule, you will still need a contact card with an attached image.

    We’ve looked at the basic tools for setting a full screen caller photo, but the list of apps presented isn’t really limited to three items. If necessary, you can always independently use the search for analogues in the Google Play Market.

    Are there any restrictions on using a photo in a contact card?

    • As a photo for a contact, you can use images in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF;
    • The maximum size of a photo used in a contact card must NOT exceed 224 KB.

    Learn more about the existing iCloud limit here.

    Contact photo when calling in full iPhone screen. how to?

    The address book on a modern device is not just a telephone directory, but rather a functional contact file containing email addresses, links, social profiles, calling options, and other information in people. over, each entry can be accompanied by a photograph of the subscriber.

    It is very convenient to use a photo or other image as a kind of avatar for each contact, because it will be used not only in the address book, but also when making calls, communicating via FaceTime, iMessage, SMS, etc. Setting up personalized images is quite simple, and you can do it in different ways.

    How to take a contact photo on a call in full iPhone screen

    1. Open the Phone application, go to the Contacts tab and find the desired contact,

    2. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner to go to editing;

    3. Above the first and last name of the contact, click on the “Change” button;

    4. Press All photos to select a photo from the Photos application or take a picture from the device camera by pressing the button with the camera image;

    5. Select a photo, move it if necessary and Change the scale, select a filter and click “Done”.

    All! Now when calling on iPhone, the photo will be displayed in full screen.

    How to take a contact photo when calling in full iPhone screen on computer

    1. Go to the website and log in with your Apple ID;

    2. Go to the Contacts application; Your contacts must be synced to iCloud. You can do this according to this instruction.

    3. Select the desired contact and click “Edit”;

    4. It remains to click “Add photo” (just drag the desired image) from any folder on the computer into the window that appears and click Finish.

    Note that older versions of iOS do not support full screen display of contact photos on incoming calls. If, for example, on an iPhone with iOS 9 (and newer) installed, the caller’s photo during a call is NOT displayed in full screen, then it is likely that too small images were set as personal photos. In this case, delete them and add new, larger ones.

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