How to make a computer screen to normal size

Method 3

The third method suggests using an operating system update:

  • Open “Control Panel”. “Windows Update”. Windows 10 will diagnose itself. Early versions sometimes have problems.
  • After that, the download and installation of drivers will begin.

However, this method is not reliable. Instead, users prefer to manually search for and install missing components.

Connecting a TV, laptop, or additional monitor to a computer

If another monitor, or laptop, or even a TV is connected to your computer, then disconnect them. If after that on your main monitor everything is corrected and the image has expanded to full screen, then you need to correctly determine in the display selection settings which of them will be the main and which will be secondary.

And in the “Screen” settings, select the required monitor.

Operating system crash

Sometimes the screen becomes narrower as a result of reinstallation or a malfunction of the operating system, and setting the extension does not work (or is not available). In this case, you can:

  • Use the control panel on the computer monitor;
  • Check and, if necessary, reinstall the video card driver.

How to extend the monitor screen on a Windows computer

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Quite often, computer users ask the question of how to expand the monitor screen.

There can be several reasons why the monitor screen becomes narrow with black bands around the edges, or the picture is not fully displayed, and the image becomes blurry.

Now we will consider the most common situations of such incidents and try to fix them.

Most often this happens for several reasons:

  • Incorrect screen resolution setting;
  • The video card driver is not installed;
  • Connecting a TV, laptop, or additional monitor to a computer;
  • Incorrect monitor settings.

Now let’s look at all these reasons in more detail.

Screen resolution settings can get lost when installing pirated programs, reinstalling the system, penetrating the system of a virus, after playing the game with its own settings, as well as after a sudden unexpected shutdown of the computer.

In this case, it is quite easy to fix the situation. It is enough to right-click on the free space of the desktop:

And in the drop-down context menu select the item “Screen resolution”

In the next window, find “Resolution” and open the list by left-clicking on the small black arrow on the right.

You should see a list of possible screen resolution options.

Do not experiment with all the resolutions in a row, because if you select a resolution that your monitor does not support, the screen may dim and you will not be able to adjust it without the help of the wizard.

The monitor will not burn out, but you will need to reset your settings. This is usually done through “Safe Mode”, or on another computer that supports the resolution that you set yourself.

Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select “Display Settings” from the drop-down context menu

Go to the “Display” tab on the left, find “Resolution” in the window on the right, click on the arrow and select the required parameters.

Usually it says “(Recommended)” next to the required parameter

Screen resolution

The procedure for adjusting the screen resolution depends on the version of the operating system.

  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Select “Properties”. “Options”;
  • Set a suitable resolution.
  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Open the “Screen Resolution” window;
  • Set permission.

How to remove a stretched screen?

The correct display of image elements on a computer screen, the ability to work on it without straining your eyes. it all depends on what screen resolution parameters are set. Usually, after the operating system has been reinstalled or the system files have been updated, it turns out that the screen resolution is not set correctly.

There are two reasons that the image is stretched: first, due to the fact that the screen settings are set to the wrong parameters; the second is the lack of the necessary driver for the video card installed in the system.

In the first case, it is very easy to fix the screen stretch. If you are using the Windows XP operating system, then open “Start”, then “Control Panel”, then “Display”. In the window that opens, select the “Options” tab and use the slider to set the required screen resolution. If you have a regular monitor, then the normal screen resolution is 1024×768 pixels.

If you have a monitor with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, which is typical for a laptop, then the required screen resolution is 1366×768 pixels. After you have set the slider to the parameter you want, click the “OK” button. The screen resolution will change. Rate it and if it is normal, then confirm the changes in the appropriate window that appears on your screen.

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If not, then select a different screen setting.

If you have the operating system Windows 7, then in order to change the screen resolution, right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop. You will open a context menu in which you need to select the item “Screen resolution”. Next, you adjust the screen resolution just like for Windows XP.

If you do not have a video card driver, then the situation is somewhat more complicated. It is easy to find out whether the driver is installed. just open any window, for example, “My Computer” and try to move it with the mouse. If the window moves with noticeable distortion, slowly, in jerks, then this means that the driver is absent.

To install the driver, open “Start”, then “Control Panel”, then “System”. In the window that appears, select the “Hardware” tab, click on the “Device Manager” button, select “Video adapters” from the list. If the driver is not installed, the video card will be marked with a yellow question mark.

Double-click on the line with a question mark. A window will appear in which you need to click on the “Reinstall” button. Insert the driver disc you have into your floppy drive and click Next. The program will automatically find and install the necessary files.

If the driver is on your computer hard drive, then you should specify the path to it.

Basically, difficulties arise when you need to install video card drivers on a laptop. In order to find out which driver you need, use the Aida64 (Everest) program. You need to run the program and see the data of the video card. Using the obtained data, go to the website of the laptop manufacturer and find the required driver.

Sometimes you can solve the problem with installing drivers on a laptop with a Windows XP operating system using an installation disk with an assembly of Windows XP Zver.

This assembly contains many drivers, but you won’t be able to install them right away due to the fact that they are packed. To do this, find the archive you need in the OEMDRV folder. Copy it and unzip it.

After that, start the driver installation process again and specify the path to the unpacked driver.

Adjusting the scale of the desktop through the context menu

The easiest way to customize the scale of your desktop is to use Windows capabilities. This OS is installed on most computers and allows you to quickly change the screen resolution.

The process of rescaling the desktop is almost identical in all versions of Windows and involves a few simple manipulations:

  • Select any point on the screen that is not occupied by icons and click on it with the right mouse button;
  • In the list that opens, find “Screen Resolution”. By clicking on this item, a window with a resolution scale will appear (in Windows 7, instead of a slider, a list with suggested parameters appears);
  • Having chosen a certain resolution, you must press “Apply” and “OK” for the changes to be saved. The higher the resolution (more pixels), the smaller the screen will scale, and all objects will become smaller.
  • If the item “Screen resolution” does not appear when you click on a free point (depending on the version of the operating system), select the “Properties” option. In the “Properties: Screen” window that appears, click on the “Parameters” item, where a scale with the screen resolution will appear.

    Note: scaling, measured in pixels, has upper and lower bounds. However, the range is quite wide and allows you to choose the desired option.

    If the list of options contains only 2-3 parameters, it means that a “basic” driver for the video card is installed on your computer.

    In this case, you need to find on the Internet the software (driver) for the video card installed on the computer and the corresponding version of Windows. Then the possibilities of screen resolution will be expanded.

    Information about the Windows version and the integrated video card can be found by clicking on the following items in sequence:

    • Start menu;
    • when opening, select “All Programs” → “Standard” → “Service” → “System Information”;
    • the top line contains the name of your OS;
    • on the left, the item “Components” → “Display”;
    • the top line contains the name of your video card.

    Important: it is better to download the software from the official website of the manufacturer of your video card in order to avoid the appearance of malicious files on your computer.

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    System font settings

    In addition to changing display settings, Windows can customize system fonts and some graphic elements. So, you can change the typeface and font size for individual elements of the Explorer, as well as change the scale of all related elements. How to enlarge the screen on a computer will be shown below. The most complete set of options for changing the graphical desktop environment is available in the now outdated Windows 7. In Windows 8.1 and 10, the options for customizing the environment are limited by the developers, so you will have to use third-party utilities to change the parameters that are no longer available through the interface.

    Change Resolution

    In Windows 8.1, through the desktop context menu, open the “Screen Resolution”, set the recommended or most suitable resolution and save the settings. In Windows 10, go to the “Display” section and select the optimal resolution.

    Reset monitor configuration

    If none of the above methods have restored the orientation or resolution to normal, reset the monitor itself. To do this, you need to press the “AUTO” hardware button located on the panel of your monitor.

    Availability of an external monitor or TV

    Restoring the screen when the second display is turned off will clearly indicate it as the cause of the problem. To avoid it, the next time you connect the device, you will need to open the “Screen resolution” setting already known to you, then open the “Multiple displays” item and set the desired resolution for each device manually.

    Graphics card settings

    If for some reason you cannot change the orientation using keyboard shortcuts, then you can use the control panel of the video card driver. It could be NVIDIA or Intel. Let’s take a look at making changes to the settings on the Intel panel. Click the right mouse button on the desktop and select the option “Graphic characteristics” from the menu.

    Click in the “OK” window that opens, and then on the panel itself, select Rotate → Rotate to normal view. Apply the settings. Alternatively, you can select Graphics Options → Rotate → Rotate to Normal View from the desktop context menu. The result will be similar.

    Screen Resolution Applet

    You can also choose the correct orientation of the picture in the “Screen resolution” settings available from the same desktop context menu. Open them, select Landscape from the Orientation drop-down menu, and apply the settings. There is no “Screen Resolution” item in the Windows 10 desktop menu, the required options in this OS version are located in the “Display” section of the “Settings” application.

    What to do if the screen gets narrow

    Now let’s look at the situation in which the monitor screen has narrowed. Let’s see how to get it back. As a rule, the narrowing of the screen and the appearance of black bars occurs at an incorrectly set resolution. The problem can also be caused by the absence of a video card driver, connecting a second display or TV to the PC, incorrect settings of the monitor itself.

    Restoring Screen Orientation

    The change in the orientation of the screen is most often caused by incorrect actions of the user himself, less often this occurs due to errors in third-party programs for managing display settings.

    How to return the screen to normal mode?

    • Click the Start button. in the “Start Search” field, enter Personalization and in the list of programs, select Personalization.
    • Under Customize appearance and sounds, select Display Options.
    • The display settings you want to restore, and then click OK.
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    How to increase the screen size on a computer?

    Use the following keyboard shortcuts:

    • To zoom in, press Ctrl and Plus
    • To zoom out, press Ctrl and Minus
    • To reset the page scale, press Ctrl 0.

    How to customize your screen resolution?

    • Right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.
    • Select Resolution from the expanded menu, a list of recommended resolutions for your screen will appear.
    • If the desired resolution is not found among the recommended ones, click options.

    How to make full screen on a computer?

    Many games use the basic combination “Alt” “Enter”. open the game in full screen or “Alt” “Tab”. window mode.

    How to change screen resolution using command line?

    How to change the screen resolution using the command line in Windows 10

    • Open a command prompt or PowerShell console and run the command QRes.exe / x: 800 / y: 600, after replacing the 800×600 resolution with yours.
    • X is the number of horizontal pixels and Y is the number of vertical pixels.

    How to increase the screen resolution on a Windows 10 laptop?

    Go to Control Panel Appearance and Personalization Display Screen Resolution and click Advanced Settings. This will open the display adapter settings. The rest of the process will remain unchanged; click the “List of all modes” button on the “Adapter” tab, select a resolution and apply it.

    How to change scale in Windows 10?

    To change display settings in Windows 10, select Start Settings Accessibility Display. To enlarge only the text on the screen, drag the Expand Text slider. To enlarge everything, including images and apps, select the appropriate option from the Zoom All drop-down menu.

    How to reduce screen size on Windows 10?

    • Here’s how to resize text, images and apps in Windows 10.
    • To change display settings in Windows 10, select Start Settings Accessibility Display.
    • To zoom in or out on portions of the screen in Windows 10, use Magnifier.

    How to return the screen to normal mode?

    • Click the Start button. in the “Start Search” field, enter Personalization and in the list of programs, select Personalization.
    • Under Customize appearance and sounds, select Display Options.
    • The display settings you want to restore, and then click OK.

    How to rescale a page in Google Chrome?

    To enlarge or reduce objects on the page, use the zoom settings.

    • Launch Chrome on your computer.
    • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the “Customize and manage Google Chrome” icon.
    • In the “Scale” line, select the option you want: To zoom in on the page, click on the plus sign.

    How to resize a window using the keyboard?

    How to resize a window using the keyboard in Windows

    • Press the key combination “Alt Space”
    • If you want to maximize the window, then press the letter “P”
    • If you want to manually correct the size, then in the menu that appears, use the down and up arrows to go to the item “Size” and press “Enter”

    How to make a computer screen to normal size?

    how to make a normal screen? Ctrl mouse wheel. Start. control panel (design and themes). screen. parameters. screen resolution. put what is written in the laptop passport.

    How to change the screen scale on Android?

    • Open device settings
    • Select Special. Features Scale of the image on the screen.
    • Change the scale using the slider.

    How to return Windows 10 display settings to default?

    • Click the Start button. in the “Start Search” field, enter Personalization and in the list of programs, select Personalization.
    • Under Customize appearance and sounds, select Display Options.
    • The display settings you want to restore, and then click OK.
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