How to make a dark theme on Samsung

How to enable Night Mode on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

In the proprietary shell of the One UI system, which runs modern Samsung smartphones and tablets, starting from the first released version, there is a dark theme, which was originally called “Night Mode”. With the release of One UI 2.0, the dark theme has been renamed to “Dark Mode” and has acquired new features, including dimming the wallpaper, a blue filter and the ability to enable night mode on a schedule.

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Turning on the dark theme not only saves battery power, but is also designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue by limiting the blue color. In addition, many users activate the dimming mode for aesthetic reasons. simply because they like the dark One UI better than the light one.

By activating night mode, the black theme will apply to both the system interface elements and many supported dimming applications, including Gallery, Messages, Phone, Contacts, Google Play, YouTube,. Instagram, Telegram, Viber and other third-party programs.

Two more helpful instructions for owners of Samsung mobile devices:

How to enable dark theme on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

There are two ways to activate night mode: through the Settings application and using the button located on the quick settings panel. The second option is easier. just fully open the “curtain” by swiping down twice from the top edge of the screen, go to the second page by swiping to the left (by default, the “Darkening mode” button is displayed on the second tab with quick settings), and click on corresponding icon.

night mode settings on Samsung Galaxy

The advanced features of the dark theme are available in the One UI settings menu. To go to them, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the “Dimming Mode” toggle switch, you can turn on the black theme, and clicking on the name of the item. go to additional options.

In the subsection that opens, there is also a switch designed to manually activate the night mode. In addition, a separate toggle switch is available that is responsible for turning on the dark theme on a schedule.

You can schedule dimming between dusk and dawn. for this, the geodata function must be active to automatically determine the time of sunset and sunrise based on the location of the mobile device.

Also, the dimming mode can be turned on according to the schedule. To do this, select the “Custom Schedule” item and set the start and end times for the dark mode.

The two remaining functions from the list are responsible for dimming the wallpaper and activating the adaptive color filter. The last option allows you to automatically turn on the blue filter from sunset to sunrise to reduce eye strain.

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How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android or iPhone?

Dark themes are available for many applications today, not to mention smartphone firmware. So in one of the updates, a dark version of Instagram appeared, first for devices based on the Android operating system, and then, almost immediately, for iOS. It is noteworthy that in both cases, the switching circuit works according to the same principle.

How to make a dark Instagram theme on Android or iPhone?

The first thing you should know is that there is no switch to the dark theme in the application (relevant at the time of this writing), the developers for some reason decided to go a completely different path. The point is that the dark theme is automatically activated if your firmware supports the dark theme and is enabled. For example, we will use a Samsung smartphone that has such a function. Of course, don’t forget to update Instagram to the latest version (link to instructions).

So, Instagram is updated, open it and And we see the same thing that we saw before.

We swipe from the top of the smartphone screen to the bottom so that the quick access menu appears, and we find the button for the dark theme, which in our example is called “Night mode”. Click on it.

Done, dark theme on smartphone launched.

Now tap on the Instagram icon on the desktop.

Of course, the dark theme is relevant for all sections of the application:

If your smartphone and its firmware do not support the dark theme, alas, you will have to do without the dark theme for now. But, most likely, in the very near future there will be unofficial versions of the application with the default dark theme enabled. However, we strongly advise against downloading applications from other sources than the Play Market.

For iPhone and iOS, dark mode is enabled in settings.

After that, the dark theme will turn on in the Instagram app.

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How to enable dark theme on Android

First, let’s see how the Android 10 dark theme is enabled. This functionality is built into the operating system by default. Therefore, there will be no problems here.

Follow these steps on a phone with Android 10 or later:

  • Enter the mobile phone settings.
  • Click on the “Screen” section.
  • In the “Display” section in the “Dark theme” option, slide the switch to the “On” position.
  • A dark theme will work on the device.
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Now, black mode will be used by default in the system interface and in those applications that support the dark theme.

On some devices, dark mode automatically turns on when the battery drops to a low level to use power saving mode. You can change this option in the phone settings.

If the screen of the device displays the wallpaper selected by the user in the phone settings, and there you need a dark background, download a suitable image with a black background to your mobile phone, and then select it as wallpaper for your desktop.

How to make a black and white screen on an Android phone

On Android 9 or earlier operating systems, you will not be able to simply enable the dark theme. You will have to use workarounds to get a similar effect.

One solution to the problem is to use a black and white screen on your phone. In this case, the monochrome mode of display settings on Android will be used.

How to Get Dark Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8 & Older Devices. Without Root

To enable the black and white screen on Android, you will need to use the “Developer Mode” mode on your phone, which must first be activated.

On the device screen, all the details of the system and application interface will turn black and white in different shades, depending on the applied color scheme. It’s not exactly dark mode, but it might work for someone. This mode significantly reduces the drain on the phone’s battery.

How to make a dark theme for Android phone

There is an exotic option for including some kind of dark phone design. The essence of the method is that the inversion is enabled on the mobile device. the reverse permutation of colors, due to which it becomes possible to get dark colors in most interface elements.

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Open “Accessibility”.
  • Turn on the “Color Inversion”.

The colors on the phone will change, the application icons will become somewhat unusual. Perhaps this option will suit you. It should be borne in mind that this mode, according to the assurances of Google, the developer of the Android operating system, somewhat slows down the phone.

Using third-party applications

You will have to test the applications yourself to choose the most suitable one for your device, according to your wishes and preferences.

For example, we are using the BlackWhite Launcher Theme application, which can be downloaded from Google Play at go.launcherex.theme.blackandwhite.

  • Install the app on your phone.
  • In the program window, select “Go To Homescreen”.
  • After the theme on the device has changed, in the open window, select the main application. BlackWhite Launcher Theme.

If your device has Android 9 Pie installed, click on the “Settings” icon, among the available options, select the “System Settings” option. Go through the following parameters in sequence: “Screen” → “Advanced” → “Device theme”. Select the dark theme of the device in the settings.

Changing this setting will darken some system settings.

How to TURN ON DARK THEME on ANY Samsung Galaxy Smartphone!

Benefits of a dark mode interface on your phone

Dark or black mode (Dark Mode) on a mobile device has a number of advantages over the usual (default) theme for a smartphone or tablet.

Features of using this theme:

  • A dark background relieves unnecessary strain from the user’s eyes, preserving vision, especially in the evening and at night.
  • On a black background, text is better distinguished in the phone settings and in installed applications.
  • In the case of using the dark mode, the battery consumption is reduced, as a result, the battery is saved, the device is discharged more slowly.
  • On many phones, a dark background will be more contrasting than in the default theme.

Taking these circumstances into account, the question naturally arises of how to make a dark theme in a phone running on Android. Unfortunately, in most cases, it will not be possible to simply solve this problem.

Starting with the Android 10 operating system, it became possible to activate the dark mode in the phone settings. In previous versions of Android, partial activation is possible after changing some settings on a mobile device or using third-party applications that can display black mode on the phone.

In the preparation of this article, we used two phones running on a “clean” version of the operating system: Android 10 and Android 9. In a few instructions, we will try to solve the problem of the dark theme in different ways.

Many users have devices with add-ons (skins) over the system: MIUI, EMUI, OxygenOS, Flyme, NubiaUI, etc. Third-party skins change system settings, add their own or disable the default ones. Therefore, the settings items may differ on your device, because some system options may be in the wrong place at the whim of a particular phone manufacturer.

How to enable dark theme on Android: black and white phone screen

Many mobile device users need a dark theme for the phone, in which the interface and application settings have a dark or black background. This is because the phone’s dark mode has its own advantages over the default theme.

Lately, many developers have been adding the ability to enable dark mode in their Android apps. Users can activate the dark mode settings in the most specific application by enabling the corresponding option, if this program has similar functionality.

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It is not always convenient to perform such operations in a large number of applications. Better to be able to turn on a very dark or black theme all at once on an entire device in the Android operating system than in standalone apps that support this visual mode.

How to enable dark theme Android 9

Android 9 has a setting called Device Theme. This option partially changes the visual display mode of the theme, including dark mode in only some parts of the interface on the phone screen.

  • Tap the “Settings” icon.
  • Enter the “Screen”, click on “Advanced”.
  • Click on the “Device Theme” option.
  • In the “Device Theme” window, activate the item “Dark”.

On some screens, the display background will turn black. You will need to enable the dark theme yourself in all supported apps. If necessary, you can set a dark image on the home screen to use it as wallpaper.

How to turn on dark mode on

has long been considered a popular social network. It is constantly evolving and improving, adding new features and capabilities. And although initially the network was created only for use with smartphones, it has long since moved to desktop computers. How can you change the theme on to dark?

How to make dark on iPhone

Unlike Androids, on iPhones, users cannot change the theme on the iPhone itself. This can only be done by changing the theme of your smartphone or tablet. Of course, this feature is only available in 13 and new releases of the iPhone, iPad.

  • Open settings;
  • find the item “Screen and brightness” and click on it;
  • in the tab that opens, select the item “Dark”.

Comparison of Normal and Dark Mode on

The developers of the social network are constantly improving the official applications, adding new features and capabilities. The addition of the dark theme was due to the younger generation using the web at night while working or studying during the day. Also, some users have eye problems that prevent them from viewing anything in the daytime. Because of this, it was decided to add a black theme to all mobile apps.

The daytime theme has a white color scheme combined with reds. The entire background was in white, while all the icons, buttons, and the search bar were all in red. Also, all images, small videos and GIFs had high brightness and contrast to show the colors. They should not fade against white or change shade.

The dark theme is designed for viewing pictures and other media files at night or late in the evening. It can be used on an ongoing basis if you configure this feature in the application itself. By connecting it, the user observes a decrease in the brightness of all pictures and gifs, a change in theme when opening Internet resources from Interest. Using a dark theme turns everything into dark shades, the background turns black, and the letters turn white. All mowing lines of the buttons have a gray stripe, the parameter icons in the settings are made in the same color.

Setting up dark mode on Android

When installing an official application on Android, a number of possibilities open up to the user that are not available in an application developed for a desktop computer. If you need to customize the dark theme on such a device, you should do the following:

  • First of all, you need to update the application to the latest version, since this function appeared only in it. It is possible that Android may not support it, so it is worth updating it too.
  • After logging in, you need to go to your own profile. To do this, you need to click the most extreme right icon at the bottom.
  • Next, go to the application settings and select the “Change settings” item. Different editions and models of Android may have a different name for this item.
  • In the tab that opens, select the “Application theme” item. There, a list of all available themes will be provided, including a dark.

Many Android systems and editions, notably the latest ones, have a built-in dark theme. If it is enabled, all applications will automatically switch to it. Also, will automatically jump to this topic if battery saver is enabled.

To change the theme using the smartphone settings, you should go to the “Display” menu and select the desired option. This function is only available in version 10.

Installing Night Eye and Activating Dark Mode on the Computer

The file needs to be opened and installed. During installation, you should confirm the agreements and select the language pack that is most convenient for the user. After that, every site that has a dark theme function in its inventory will be in it.

For to switch to the dark theme, you need to configure the utility. The developers have provided three modes for this:

  • Dark mode. It transforms. including the search box, icons, buttons, and images. The latter reduce the level of brightness and contrast so as not to be too light against a black theme. Opening links will also be in a dark theme.
  • Filtered. This mode does not allow you to change the color of websites, their brightness and saturation. But the user can independently configure these parameters for themselves.
  • Normal. This is the standard mode of the Night Eye utility, which is installed immediately after adding the function to a desktop computer. It does not provide for editing or any changes.
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Of course, this is a third-party resource developed not for. but for changing the browser theme for all Internet resources. There is no utility specifically designed for this social network yet. This is due to the fact that developers are primarily targeting those users who use mobile applications, not so long ago an option for tablets was added. There are plans to add this feature to the official desktop app or extension in the future.

On Android

So, let’s get acquainted with the Dark Mode Theme software, which helps to install dimming for early platforms accompanying Google Phones. Such developments can harm the device or obtain information about personal account information.

  • download software;
  • install on your phone;
  • enter the registration information of the photo hosting account;
  • confirm authentication.

After the manipulations, Instagram will appear in a browser version. The designated use case contains Feed, Stories and Direct.

Messenger participants will not be able to use the functions:

  • the imposition of masks;
  • live;
  • monitoring content on IGTV;
  • business profile configuration;
  • settings for working with content;
  • switch between personal and commercial page.

And the main limitation of the Dark Mode Theme after setting the dark theme. On Instagram on Android, the browser view will change. the application will remain working in the standard interface. Accept or upgrade your OS for a fashionable cover.

How to make black Instagram on your phone

Developers of the social network last year took care of introducing a “night” design on users’ screens. However, unlike VK, photo hosting bloggers do not need to add the signature “Dark theme” to messages.

Smartphones based on Android version 10 are supplied with the discussed background by default. Therefore, users do not have to puzzle over how to make a dark theme. On Instagram, their colleagues running iOS 13 can likewise be content with the standard change settings.

In gadgets of early specifications, it is provided for the installation of utilities to resolve the issue. In the article, we will pay attention to the work of Android version 9 and below in the context of the black mode.

How to make a dark Instagram theme on your phone

How to make a dark theme on Instagram, trend-following users intend to know. Let’s describe the reasons for the installation of the black design by the participants of the social network. Here are the ways to paint a profile:

  • standard configuration;
  • inversion of colors;
  • Dark Mode Theme app;
  • beta testing of the new mode on the Instagram page in the Play Store.

We advise you to download applications from official sources, so that instead of changing the design, you do not get into account vulnerabilities.

And to keep Stihl safe, invert the background. Invert Colors option adjusts coloration for interface elements and hosted content. However, the presented method is clumsy, since it affects the quality of viewing images. Read on and find out how to set darkened tones differently in the messenger.

What is the dark Instagram theme for??

Let’s highlight the reasons that encourage developers and users to give preference to the black style:

  • improving the perception of recordings due to the high-quality selection of shades;
  • reducing eye strain during long surfing on news, Stories, friends’ accounts, etc.;
  • increase in battery autonomy, confirmed by the practice of specialists. After all, the need for intensive backlighting of the display, made on the AMOLED matrix, is eliminated.

How to enable black theme on Instagram

First, about setting up dark mode through beta testing:

  • open Google Play;
  • tap the button for the social network;
  • press the word “Beta testing”;
  • take part in testing the new functionality of the program;
  • put a black interface on a portable gadget;
  • open the official client with activated mode.

Now it is clear how to make a dark theme on Instagram if the mobile phone OS does not support the option. We present an algorithm for changing the skin for owners of devices running Android 10:

  • start phone configuration;
  • touch the inscription “Screen”;
  • activate the toggle switch “Dark mode”.

After the done manipulations, the background design becomes available automatically. The duration of the “night” format is determined by the individual settings of the user. To change the theme, in the screen settings, find the “Advanced” group and select the “Light” item in the menu.

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