How to make a dual screen on your phone

How to split a monitor into two screens

The owners of smartphones of the South Korean brand often ask how to make a dual screen on Samsung and thereby expand the capabilities of the device. After enabling this function, you can simultaneously work in several applications on the same screen. Previously, it was necessary to install additional applications, but with the advent of Android 6.0, a built-in option became available on Samsung devices. On some smartphones, the dual screen appeared only with the 7.0 version of Android.

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Many of us spent our evenings in front of a warm tube TV with friends, playing on consoles. It was always especially pleasant to play together at the same time, without waiting for their turn.


Unfortunately, currently many game developers do not add such a mode. new games with splitscreen can be counted almost on the fingers of one hand. One spring evening, I got the idea to try to get around the restriction imposed by the developers and make the split-screen game mode more accessible.

I chose World of Tanks as a guinea pig for the game for several reasons:
1. The ability to play together, this mode is called “Platoon”.
2. The game on the minimum settings is not demanding enough. any average performance PC should pull 2 ​​copies.
3. The gameplay of the tanks is quite simple, although the developers are positioned as a “massively multiplayer online action game with elements of RPG, shooter and strategy” (Wikipedia). But as for me. an arcade game for puff-puff.
4. Probably the biggest reason is me, a few hours a week, and my youngest son loves to shoot. With the older one, we sometimes run in Portal2, there is a split screen mode for TV.

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Use Your Phone as a Monitor (SECOND SCREEN)

These guys hopefully are familiar to many

A more detailed study of all the components for tanks together on TV led to the following:
1. Configure the game client for the possible launch of two copies
2. It is necessary to divide the TV screen into two virtual.
3. Solve the problem of sending button clicks / deviating sticks from the gamepad to an inactive window.
4. Send vibration to different gamepads from different clients.


There is an even easier way to split the screen in 2 in Samsung. Here you need to go through the following steps:

  • Open the program of interest as usual.
  • Long press on the “square” of the smartphone.
  • Wait for the list of other running programs to appear.
  • Click on the other required software. It should open in the same part of the display.

These actions are enough to make a double screen. As in the previous case, the aspect ratio can be changed by moving the intermediate strip.

What can it be useful for??

The split screen feature is very useful. Its disadvantage is that it only works well in powerful smartphones. When using it on weak phones, the picture will slow down. This is especially true if the user is running two powerful applications at the same time. For optimal performance (no brakes), your Samsung phone should have at least 2 GB of RAM or more.

Here are some ways to apply dual display on Samsung:

  • Open YouTube and a website with text information. Watch your favorite videos and listen to lectures at the same time. Alternatively, along with media content, you can open a forum and communicate with other users.
  • Read books and chat in any messenger. If you make double mode, you can not waste time switching between windows when the next message arrives.
  • Viewing YouTube and mail. In this case, you can watch your favorite clips and do not miss the moment when an important letter comes from work, on school issues or from a friend.
  • Simultaneous play. If you want, you can play several applications, but for this, the latter must support the multi-window mode.
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If you do dual screen on Samsung, you can find many ways to use this option. And if in early smartphones there were problems with the speed of work, in modern devices with a powerful processor, there are no problems with this issue.


Another way to enable dual screen on Samsung is to use settings. The instruction looks like this:

make, dual, screen, phone
  • Bring up the quick settings screen by moving the top bar down.
  • Click on the settings section (developer mode may be required).
  • Click Settings, and then select System UI Tuner.
  • Activate the split display option with a gesture.

Further separation is possible by clicking on the multitasking button.

How to Enable Split Screen on All Android phones

There is another way how to make split screen on Samsung through settings (for some models). The algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter Settings Mode.
  • Go to the Additional Features section.
  • Activate multi-window mode.
  • Press and hold the Recent button to switch the program from full screen to split mode.

As a result of the described actions, it is possible to make a display divided into two equal parts with the possibility of simultaneously launching two different programs.

How to split the display in two on Samsung phones running Android 9?

The owners of new smartphones were confused. If earlier the dual screen option was in additional functions, then in phones with Android 9.0 version and higher it disappeared. This is actually a mistake. It’s just that the manufacturer hid a useful function a little deeper.

make, dual, screen, phone

For example, to split the screen in two in Samsung A50, you need to go to Settings, and then go to the Accessibility section. It will have a link to the Installed Services section at the bottom. After clicking on this area, you must activate the Split Screen option.

How to make a dual screen on Samsung?

To use this useful option in practice, it is important to know how to split the screen into 2 parts on Samsung. There are three ways for this.

How to make two desktops on one monitor?

So, now to split the screen into two equal parts, just open the required window and press the key combination “WIN left or right arrow”. The previously selected active window will move to the selected side, and the rest of the windows will be presented in the form of thumbnails.

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How to make two desktops on a laptop?

  • On the taskbar, select Task View New Desktop.
  • Open the apps you want to use on this desktop.
  • Select Task View again to switch between desktops.

How to split the screen into 2 parts on an Iphone?

To split the screen equally between two programs, drag the program divider to the center of the screen. To enable Split View in Slide Over mode, swipe down from the top of the app. To exit Split View, drag the splitter above the program you want to close.

How to enable two apps at the same time?

How to open two applications at the same time on Android earlier versions

  • Launch the app you want to open on half the screen.
  • Hold the multitasking button for a few seconds.
  • The screen will display applications that you can open.

How to hide the second screen on Android?

Swipe the screen with two fingers as you would to zoom in on an image or text. All pages will be displayed on one screen. Press and hold the page you want to delete. Drag the page to the “X” icon (at the top of the screen).

How to make 2 desktops in Windows 10?

  • Win Ctrl D. create a new desktop and switch to it;
  • Win Ctrl F4. close the current desktop;
  • Win Ctrl left / right arrow. switch between adjacent desktops.
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