How To Make A Home Screen On Your Phone

Where the screenshot is saved?

After the snapshot is taken, it is saved, of course, in the device’s gallery. However, it should be noted that it is sent not to a regular folder, but to a special one called ScreenCaptures. It is there in the future that you can search for your screenshots in order to send and edit them as you need.

Screenshot on HTC, Fly and other models

In addition to the scheme with clamping “Home” and “Power” (as on the HTC phone), you can take a screenshot of the screen using other key combinations.

For example, these are the “Sound Down” and “Power” buttons. It works on a Nexus 7 device that does not have a physical home button located at the bottom of the screen in the center. Simply put, to take a picture on this tablet, you need to hold down the volume control button (“Down”) and the display lock key.

In general, the following tendency should be noted: if you do not know how to take a screenshot of the screen on a Fly phone (or on any other model), carefully consider the functionality of your device. As a rule, the combination of buttons is such as not to involve virtual (or programmatically created) buttons in this process, but to use exclusively physical keys. And there are not so many of them on any smartphone or tablet.

Screenshot software

You can learn to take a picture at any time. It won’t take long: the main thing. will catch how the button is pressed, in what order the keys are pressed. The point is that if you choose the wrong order of pressing, the device will recognize this command differently and will go to the start page or lock the screen. It is important here to grasp which combination leads exactly to the creation of the picture.

As for situations when you cannot remove the screen for certain reasons (for example, one of the keys involved in the process does not work for you), then you will need an additional application. There are quite a few of them on Google Play: they all function as screenshot creators programmatically. True, some of these applications can ask for root rights on your phone or tablet, which, as a rule, is available on the device.

How to take a screenshot on Android?

In fact, most devices running one or another operating system (although this part of the article is devoted specifically to Android), have a similar mechanism for taking screenshots. It consists in the fact that you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons. Since the creation of a screenshot cannot be carried out directly using commands on the display of the device, it is obvious that the clamping of the physical keys is necessary. It’s about “Home” and “Power”.

How do I take a screenshot of the screen on my phone? How to take a screenshot on Android?

Since each of us uses a tablet or smartphone on a daily basis, there may be situations where we need to share an image on the screen with our friends or other people. For example, you saw an interesting moment in a movie, found a cool quote in a book, and for this reason wanted to share it with a friend. Of course, you have a question: “How to take a screenshot on your phone?”

For those who DO NOT know the terminology at a sufficient level, we make an explanation: a screenshot (from the English screen shot). this is a screenshot, or rather. what is happening on it now. A screenshot is a great tool to showcase what your phone or tablet is currently displaying. In addition, the resulting photo can not only be sent to whoever needs it, but also edited in accordance with your expectations.

What is “Home” and “Power”?

Of course, having seen the information in the instructions that you need to hold down two keys to carry out the operation, you will ask yourself: “What are these buttons?”

The answer to them is very simple. The first one. “Home“. located at the bottom center of the display. In the event that you are wondering: “How to take a screenshot on the phone?”, You should definitely know this. The “Home” button is used to return to the main screen of the device (be it a phone or a tablet) with its help you can, in case of freezing of the gadget, quickly go to the start screen. It is her that you need clamps to create a picture.

Of course, simply pressing this key will do nothing by itself. Chances are you will launch some kind of background application or exit to the phone’s task manager. If you ask: “How do I take a screenshot of the screen on my phone?”, We need to find the second button. It. “Power”.

Finding the specified key is very easy. this is also a button with which you will unlock the screen of your device and, accordingly, lock it if necessary. With the “Power” button, you can also turn off the tablet, simply squeezed it itself.

Alternatively, if you press both keys at the same time, a screenshot will be taken. This scheme is classic for Android, but it does not work in all devices. On some, the clamps follow other buttons in which. further in the article.

How to know when a screenshot was taken?

In fact, each camera has its own effects, by which it will be possible to determine that a picture was taken. For example, this is the appearance of a frame around the edges of the display, which then shrinks and “slips” into the gallery of your device. Also, such effects can be a glow that appears and gradually fades away, heading, again, to the area of ​​the gallery icon, and so on.

The main thing. that before you take a screenshot on your phone, you will see that your device will give the Corresponding sign, which you will understand anyway.

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How to send a screenshot?

After all, you know how to take a screenshot on your phone. There was little left to do. do with it what we created it for. This, as noted above, can be a simple sending of a picture to friends, editing it in a graphics program, and other manipulations. In principle, there are limitations on how to apply the snapshot.

In order to find the resulting picture, we know, we need to go to the ScreenCaptures folder. Further, the same procedure applies to the image, which is also applicable in all other cases with all your photos: you can, using the application or suites, select this picture and attach it in messages; or you can cut it and move it to your photos if you like. You can do whatever you want with a screenshot!

Hopefully, this article will answer such a simple question: “How to take a screenshot of the screen on the phone?” we have given a comprehensive answer to help you in the future. We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck to you!

Split screen mode on pure Android

First, how you can use two different apps on pure Android by splitting the screen. At the top, the interface may be slightly different, but the essence of the actions remains the same:

  • Launch the applications that you want to use in split screen mode, and then open the list of running applications: on my phone (Nokia with Android 9 Pie, works on Android 10) this is done by dragging the indicator from the bottom up, on some devices it may be a separate button (usually. “stripes” at the bottom left).
  • In the list of applications, select the one that you want to place at the top of the screen and click on the icon of this application. Select Split Screen from the menu. If there is such an item in the list, check if it is present for other applications. If yes. then read the first note below.
  • The application will be placed at the top, and a list of the second running applications will be placed at the bottom. Among them, select the one you want to launch at the bottom of the screen and just click on it.
  • Done, the screen is split and you can work both with the app in the upper half and in the lower.

In addition. some notes regarding split screen operation.

  • Some applications DO NOT support split screen mode and for them the “Split Screen” item will not appear in the menu.
  • On some phones, you can resize part of the screen for each application by moving the bar in the center. If you move it all the way up or down, the phone will work in normal mode again.
  • The way to control the split screen may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in any case, to exit it you can simply close both running applications (but it is usually easy to find an easier way).

How to split screen on Android

The latest versions of Android allow you to work in split screen mode and place different applications in different parts, which can be convenient in some situations, for example, with very active communication in the messenger and a fairly large screen.

This tutorial details how to split the screen into 2 parts separately on pure Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. The steps are demonstrated for Android 9, but on many devices, the same can be done in earlier versions of the OS. See Also: How to Transfer Picture from Android to TV.

How to split screen in 2 on Samsung

The essence of the actions required to enable split-screen mode between different applications on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is not much different from actions on pure Android:

  • When all the applications that you want to place on two parts of the screen are running, click on the button that displays the list of running applications (button with stripes, far left at the bottom).
  • Click on the icon of the application that you want to place at the top of the screen and select “Launch in split screen mode”. If such an item is not displayed, it may not be possible to work in this mode (and there are such applications).
  • The app will be Placed on top, and in the list below you can select another app to place on the second part of the Samsung screen.
  • Done. Now the screen is split, you can change the size of each part, move the separator bar, and to exit the split screen mode, you can click on the application list button, and then click on the cross at the top of the screen (or just close all applications used on two screens ).

I hope there won’t be any problems: everything is very simple and clear enough. If you still have questions, below. the first part of which shows the division on pure Android 9 Pie, the second. on Samsung smartphones.


If something remains NOT clear or works in an unexpected way. tell us about the situation in the comments, perhaps there will be a solution.

One button desktop photo

I think that half of the readers of this article will close it after the next sentence, since they will receive an exhaustive answer to their question, such a simple solution is offered to us by Windows for creating screenshots, all other methods only expand the possibilities and add new possibilities for processing the received images.

The standard keyboard of any laptop and desktop computer has a PrtScr key, which is an abbreviation for Print Screen. It is located in the upper right part of the keyboard (approximately above the arrows).

Pressing this button automatically places the desktop image with all currently open tabs and windows in the computer clipboard.

The next step is to get the image from the buffer and place it in the desired file. To do this, open any image editor, for example, Paint (it is in the standard Windows application package). Its shortcut is located in the Start menu. All programs. Standard.

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The version of the program in Windows 7 has an insert button, click on it and the image will be added to the program window.

In earlier versions, there is a separate button, so you need to open the “Edit” tab in the top menu and select the “Paste” link in it.

You can edit something in the screenshot, after which it remains to save our picture in the desired format. Paint allows you to save bmp, jpg, png and gif formats. Most often they use jpg or png. To save, open the top menu of the program (File), then select “Save As” and select the desired file extension.

Specify the name and in the window we determine the place where this file will be placed.

Thus, you get a finished photo from your computer desktop.

In the same way, you can insert a picture not only into image editors, but also into other applications, for example, Word allows you to directly add a screenshot from the clipboard (only it will not allow editing).


Pretty old service for taking pictures of the screen. I have been using it for several years now. Simple, convenient and reliable, there is a Russian interface.

It attracts the fact that the client program of this service uses standard keyboard shortcuts to create screenshots. That is, the same PrtSc button takes pictures of the screen, only places the picture not on the clipboard, but immediately uploads it to the Internet and gives you a short link.

You can configure it so that, along with the short link, a copy of the image is placed in a folder on your computer. For example, specifying the desktop folder in the settings and all screenshots will immediately appear on it, and you do not need to open editors, insert and save something. in the settings I will show how this is done.

Official website of the program.

After installation and launch, an icon like this will appear on the desktop, it shows that the program is running and ready to work.

The first start will be accompanied by a window with tips, which describes the main keyboard shortcuts, which may be useful for you to capture the screen with the necessary parameters.

To change the default settings, click on the blue icon with a cloud and in the window that opens in the upper right corner, click on the “Settings” icon. There are several tabs in the settings, the first one is associated with a profile (you can link an account with your profile on social networks), it is optional. Of interest is the next tab. “Basic”. There are several points, they are all understandable without being described, so I will dwell on only one (I left the rest as they are):

“Save a copy to disk”. check the box here and specify the folder where the image box will be placed. If you do not check the box, then the screenshots will be available only on the server on the Internet and they will have to be downloaded from there to the computer (extra steps), otherwise the link to the online version will be created immediately and the finished file will be saved on the computer.

A useful tab in the settings is “Keys”. There All the combinations used by the program with a description of the functions are given. They can not only be used, but also changed at your own discretion.

If you want to immediately edit the picture, then Use the Win A buttons, in this case, after selecting the screenshot area, you will open the editor. The editor’s capabilities are shown in the picture:

In terms of cloudiness, ClIP2Net has one drawback. free files are stored on the network for a maximum of 30 days, if you want longer, pay. It is for this reason that I have now switched to using YANDEX.DISK.

How to take a screenshot on your phone (Android, IOS, WinMobile)

There are a lot of mobile phones based on different smart operating systems, which are not inferior to personal computers in anything, and users are often worried about how to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung or Lenovo phone, a similar question often torments the owners of iPhones. Therefore, I decided to summarize the material and in this post touch on the solution to these problems. In general, screenshots on mobile devices are taken by different buttons depending on the operating system (rarely depends on the manufacturer, although there are exceptions).

The first time I faced the need to capture the desktop of my phone, when I wrote an article about the Yandex Money service, I had to add pictures to it showing the operation of the application. There are buttons similar to the computer Print Screen. had to figure it out.

Cloud services for taking screenshots

The advantages of cloud services over the ones described above are that the created screenshots are immediately laid out on the Internet, and you get a ready-made link to them. This hyperlink can be sent by email, skype or shared on social networks. quickly and conveniently.

Naturally, there is also a drawback, it will NOT work to send an image to the network without an Internet connection.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Most often, you need to get a box NOT of the entire screen, but of some of its area or a separate window. To obtain such an image, you can do as in the previous paragraph, then, in a graphics editor, cut out the desired area, but there is a simpler way.

Windows 7 has a built-in scissors program. As far as I remember, in Windows XP it was NOT, therefore, for old people operating systems, the item is not suitable. for them I will show how to take a screenshot on a computer in the next block of the article (about the program).

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instructions for use:

The application is located in the Start menu. All programs. Standard.

The program is made in the form of a small window. When opened, it darkens the entire desktop with fog and waits for you to select an area to take a screenshot. In the drop-down list, you can customize the shape of the selected area. Full screen, Rectangle, Window and Free area.

How To Make A Home Screen On Your Phone

After selecting the mode, select the area on the screen to be photographed with the mouse. After selection, two buttons will appear in the program window for editing the resulting image. a yellow marker and a pen with several colors. As you can see, the possibilities for editing are very scarce, but there is no need to wait for more standard programs.

We took a picture, made a selection and captions, after which we press the “Save Fragment” button, jpg, gif and png formats are available.

Screenshots in YANDEX.DISK

The function of creating photographs of the monitor screen from YANDEX.DISK appeared quite recently, but I was immediately attracted by it because only for the shortcomings of the service described above.

To store files, YANDEX.DISK is used and there are restrictions neither in time nor in the volume of files, that is, the picture you created remains available constantly and does NOT disappear after 30 days.

To use Yandex Disk, you just need to enter mail in a search engine, but to be able to use the Screenshots from YANDEX.DISK function, you need to install the application on your computer. I had it before, since the application makes it easier to work with your folders in the cloud storage. download the program here.

After starting the program, a special icon will appear in the tray, by clicking on it, we will see a pop-up window with the link “Take a screenshot”.

Clicking on the link turns on the mode of selecting the area of ​​the desktop for photographing. Selecting the desired area of ​​the screen, after which the editor for primary image processing will immediately open. In it you can draw arrows, add text, highlight something with a marker, blurry secret areas that you DO NOT want to show to anyone, well, cut off unnecessary.

Below are two buttons. “Save” and “Share”. The first will send the resulting image to the screenshots folder on Yandex Disk, the second, in addition to saving, will immediately prepare a public link that you can share with other Internet users.

All screenshots will be stored on Yandex Disk in the “Screenshots” folder created automatically.

Screenshot on Android

Most Android smartphones take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons. For Samsung, the screen drawer is done using the Home Power (HTC accepts the same combination) or Back Home buttons. All screenshots are added to the gallery, where you can take them using your phone’s standard explorer or one of the installed applications.

How to take a screenshot on a computer, laptop or phone

Greetings friends. In the process of my blog I very often have to use images showing fragments or entire pages of sites and programs. these are called screenshots. As a rule, screenshots are needed to create instructions and manuals that help beginners understand certain subtleties of work, today I will tell you how to do them.

I will show you how to take a screenshot on a Windows computer as well as different mobile phones. We will use both standard tools that are on every machine and, therefore, instantly available for any user to work, as well as special programs that give certain chips that are absent in programs built into the computer’s operating system.

In theory, you can do without programs, but they allow you to expand the possibilities, for example, immediately upload pictures on the Internet. you get a ready-made link that can be sent anywhere. So, I decided to give a complete set known for all occasions.

The purposes of taking pictures from the monitor can be very different. I already mentioned that for me this is a way to provide my articles with high-quality instructions and make them more understandable.

For some, the ability to take screenshots is an opportunity to correctly ask a question. For example, you cannot figure out a technical problem on your laptop, explain to a competent person who would help you, in words you also cannot. In this case, the screen shot will solve all the problems. they captured the problem, sent the file to the specialist, received competent assistance.

Often, the ability to take a screenshot is required by gamers. Save an interesting moment of the game as a souvenir, which you can then share with your friends.

In short, the field of application of pictures is huge. Let’s get down to business.

Screenshot on iPhone

iOS makes it possible to capture the screen in versions 2 and higher, before that there was no such function. By standard means, a photo of the screen on the iPhone is obtained by pressing the Sleep / Wake keys (2 seconds) and simultaneously pressing Home. You can find the results in the Photos app.

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