How to make a lock screen with sound

Through group policies

Open the Run window. using a combination of WinR. Enter the command gpedit.msc and click “OK”.

make, lock, screen, sound

In the Local Group Policy Editor window. in the tree on the left, open in turn: “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Control Panel”. “Personalization”. Then double-click on the line “Prohibit the display of the lock screen”.

In the window that opens, put a marker in the “Enabled” field. Save changes, restart your PC and the screen should no longer appear.

Tutorial fro lock screen tik tok

Using the registry

Since not all users can run the gpedit.msc command and get into the local group policy editor, for example, if Home Windows is installed, then you can perform all the actions in the registry.

To open it, in the “Run” window enter the command regedit.

If you, as in the example, do not have the Personalization folder (2) in the Windows folder, then you need to create it. Right-click on the “Windows” folder (3), and select “Create” (4). “Radel” (5).

Name the created folder “Personalization”. Go into it, click on an empty area with the right mouse button and create a “DWORD Parameter (32 bits)”.

Give the parameter a name “NoLockScreen”. Double click to open it.

In the hexadecimal system, set the “Value”. “1” and click “OK”.

You managed to disable the screen lock. Boot all windows, reboot and it shouldn’t appear anymore.

Run window

Another way is the Run box. Open it with the WinR combination and enter the following command in the field:

% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ rundll32.exe USER32.DLL LockWorkStation

After clicking on the “OK” button, the computer will be locked.

The same can be entered on the command line. Run the console as administrator, paste the command and press “Enter”.

Enabling the screensaver

If you regularly forget to lock the desktop, and you need it to happen after a certain time, then open the page described above in the settings, but click on the “Screen saver settings”.

From the drop-down list, you can select a suitable view for it (1). Be sure to set the “Interval”. when it should appear (2). Also put a checkmark in the “Start at the login screen” field (3). Save changes.

In the example, the selected “Large Text” screensaver will appear after 1 minute of PC inactivity. By moving the mouse, the login screen will appear, and you will need to enter the password set for the account.

If you decide to turn off the lock screen, then do not forget to uncheck the box next to “Start at the login screen”. Otherwise, when you do not use the computer, it will appear after the specified time.

Hotkey combination

The easiest way to lock the Windows 10 screen is with the WinL key combination. You can press it right while working at the computer, and it will immediately lock. To continue working on the PC, click the “Enter” key. or drag the screen up with the mouse, or press the “space” and the login window will immediately appear.

Choose an account, if there are several of them, and click “Login” or enter the password in the field provided. The familiar desktop will appear and you can continue to continue the paused work.

If you plan to use the Windows 10 lock screen to protect your personal data, then it is better to set the password to “ten”. Blocked and then you need to enter a password to get into the system. Otherwise, what kind of protection is it if just a couple of clicks and you are already in the system?

Display notifications

Even before you log in, you can see information on the status of the main applications on the lock screen. To configure this, go to the “Personalization” section in the parameters and open the already familiar tab “.

Here you will see one tile showing the application for which the details are displayed. Below you can select several applications. brief information about them will be displayed.

To select another application, you must click on the occupied tile. If you want to add a new one, click on the plus sign.

A list will open from which you can select the appropriate utility. To not show any information, select the top item “Nothing”.

The display of notifications is also configured in the “System” section on the “Notifications and actions” tab. If you want them to be shown, drag the slider in the corresponding field to the “On” position.

Scroll down the page and customize which apps you want to receive notifications from.


Many people care about the lock screen wallpaper and the icons displayed on it, since this is the first thing you see when you log in. All these parameters are selected in the “Personalization” section (1) on the “Lock screen” tab (2).

Background selection

Any custom picture can be used as background (3). To do this, select “Photo” from the drop-down list (4). Thumbnails of images will be displayed below. you can choose something from them. If you have your own picture, then click on the “Browse” button (5).

Through Explorer, select the desired image, select it and click “Select Image”.

The specified picture will be added to the rest of the tiles, and you can see how it will look on the lock screen in the “Preview” area.

You can also have a “Slideshow” appear on the lock screen. Select the appropriate item from the drop-down list. Then you need to “Add folders”. where the images that will be shown during the slide show are stored. To do this, click on the plus sign.

Select the folder and click on the select button. If an error warning appears, then the folder must be moved or copied to the desktop, or to the “Pictures” folder on the C drive:.

So select all the necessary folders, and you can delete the unnecessary ones from the list. Then go to “Advanced Slideshow Options”.

Configure all the available parameters to your liking and you can close the window.

And the last thing you can choose as a background is Windows Highlights. In this case, pictures are automatically downloaded from Microsoft servers. The Spotlight function, which uses machine learning, is responsible for choosing a picture. it analyzes information about the user and shows what the person should be interested in.

The images themselves are stored on the computer. Let’s figure out where exactly? First, in the “Explorer” go to the “View” tab and check the box “Hidden items”.

Instead of “Username” you need to select the name of your account.

This is where the pictures that are displayed on the lock screen are located. To view them, double-click on the file (choose a large size). When the field for changing the name appears, enter something and add it at the end.jpg.

Rename a few files like this and see what kind of images they are. For convenience, you can switch to large sketches mode.

You will be able to set your photo on the lock screen while viewing images in the Photos application. If you have a different viewer selected by default, then right-click on the photo and select “Open with”. “Photos”.

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Then click on the three dots at the top and click “Install as”. “Install on lock screen”.

Method one: record video from the screen in VLC without sound

  • Open VLC → click “Media” → “Open Capture Device”;
  • Set the capture mode to “Screen”, and change the desired frame rate, adhering to the rule: the lower the number of frames per second, the smaller the output file size, respectively, the higher, the higher quality video (smoother) the output will be, but the file size will be more (in our example, we will indicate 24 fps, with such parameters, the output video file with a duration of about 5 minutes will take only about 8 MB);
  • Then click on the down arrow next to the Play button → select “Convert”;
  • Click the “Browse” button to select and specify the path to save the file with the recorded video;
  • That is, first we indicate where to save, for example, on the desktop, then assign any name to the file (in our example “video”) and press the “Save” button. shown clearly in the screenshot;
  • To start recording, press the “Start” button;
  • After that, video recording of everything that happens on the monitor screen will begin (the entire desktop is recorded);
  • Using the control buttons (directly in the player window or in the Windows system tray), the recording can be paused and then resumed;
  • To complete the process of writing to a file, just click the “Stop” button.

Now you can play the output file (in our example, this is a file named “video” saved on the desktop) and you can make sure that the recording was successful.

How to Record Screen Video with Sound Using VLC

The VLC media player allows you not only to play multimedia content, but also has a number of very useful functions. So, for example, using VLC, you can record video from the monitor screen (with and without sound), how to do this further and consider.

Below are two methods (relevant for 2021) that allow you to record video from the screen (with and without sound) using the example of the VLC 3.0.12 player running in Windows 10 20H2 (64-bit).

Method two: record video from the screen in VLC with sound

To implement video recording with sound via VLC, you need to preload and install a small open source helper utility called “on screen capture recorder to video free” (click “download” or go to the official page to download).

  • Open VLC → click “Media” → “Open Capture Device”;
  • Set the capture mode. “DirectShow” → in the name of the video device, using the drop-down menu, specify “screen-capture-recorder”, and in the name of the audio device “virtual-audio-capturer” (note that these items can be selected only after setting ” on screen capture recorder to video free “);
  • Then the whole process is repeated, as in the first method.

At the output, we have a video recording from the monitor screen, but already with sound.

How to change the lock screen

The owner of an Android smartphone sees the lock screen all the time. It appears when you turn on the phone and, in its standard form, contains a request to disable the lock (a pattern for a graphic key, a field for entering a pin code, an image of a lock that must be moved to the side, etc.), the date and time, as well as a notification information panel at the top of the display and the network status. At the request of the user, it can be customized to your liking, for this you need to know how to change the lock screen on a smartphone with Android OS. will tell you how to do this using the built-in capabilities of the operating system, as well as through special utilities.

How to change the lock screen

There are several ways to change your phone’s lock screen using its system capabilities.

You need to open the main display of the smartphone, touch an empty space with your finger and hold it for a long time. A list of available functions will appear, among them. “Wallpaper”. You must click on this button.

A page with many template images will open, as well as a button for choosing your own image in the gallery.

You need to click on the image you like, click “Apply”. The system will offer to install it on the lock screen, desktop, or both, and then a notification will appear that the wallpaper has been set. It remains only to check how the picture was posted.

The second way to put a new image on the lock screen is to use the gadget’s settings. You need to go to the section of the same name, find the “Screen” tab and select “Wallpaper”. Further actions are the same: pick up an image, click on it and set it as a replacement for the standard background.

If the phone memory contains your own images or beautiful pictures downloaded from the Internet, you can put them on the lock screen immediately when viewing. You need to open a graphic file, click on the button with three dots to select additional functions and click on the button “Set as wallpaper”.

Locker master

Those who are interested in how to change the lock screen on Android and download their own photo, live wallpaper or theme instead of the usual background will love this application. You can customize the new image as you wish by setting a greeting, clock, unlock method, etc. The locked display displays alerts from user-assigned applications. You can view messages immediately, without wasting time entering a password or pattern. The program is completely free.

Special utilities

In addition to the capabilities of the operating system, you can use special programs to change the lock screen.

Next Lock Screen

Convenient and popular utility with a wide range of functions. Supports multiple lock screen modes, allows you to change the background by setting a daily wallpaper from Bing, one of the templates or a custom image. The application allows you to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from the locked display, displays messages, notifications about missed calls and SMS, weather data, etc. The interface is simple and comfortable, the utility will be understandable even for inexperienced users.

Hi locker

Convenient to use, beautiful and functional utility. For the lock screen, you can set a greeting for the user by name, add the display of weather, calendar events, notifications. The background image can be changed to a template picture or a photo from the phone memory. The application allows you to unlock the device with a pin code, pattern or fingerprint.

The disadvantage of the utility is the large number of advertisements. You can find out how to disable it in the corresponding article.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

This program helps to change the background of the locked screen, set a picture password, and also displays the received messages. They can be viewed without removing the lock. The utility allows you to create reminders and displays them at the appointed time on the display.

Basic ways to turn off Windows 10 lock screen

The two main ways to disable the lock screen include using the Local Group Policy Editor (in case you have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise) or Registry Editor (for Windows 10 Home, works for Pro as well), the methods are suitable for Creators Update.

The method with the Local Group Policy Editor looks like this:

  • Press the WinR keys, type gpedit.msc into the Run window and press Enter.
  • In the local group policy editor that opens, go to the section “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “Control Panel”. “Personalization”.
  • On the right side, find the item “Prohibit the display of the lock screen”, double-click on it and set “Enabled” to disable the lock screen (just like this. “Enabled” to disable).

Apply your settings and restart your computer. Now the lock screen will not be displayed, you will immediately see the login screen. When you press the WinL keys or when you select the “Lock” item in the “Start” menu, it will not turn on the lock screen, but the login window will open.

If Local Group Policy Editor is not available on your version of Windows 10, use the following method:

  • Press the WinR keys, type regedit and press Enter. the Registry Editor will open.
  • In the registry editor, go to the HLEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Personalization subkey (if the Personalization subkey does not exist, create it by right-clicking on the Windows subkey and selecting the appropriate context menu item).
  • On the right side of Registry Editor, right-click and select New. DWORD Value (including 64-bit) and set the name to NoLockScreen.
  • Double click on the NoLockScreen option and set the value to 1 for it.
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When finished, restart your computer. the lock screen will be disabled.

If you wish, you can also turn off the background image on the login screen: to do this, go to the settings. personalization (or right click on the desktop. personalization) and in the “Lock screen” section, turn off the item “Show the background image of the lock screen on the login screen “.

Another Way to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Using Registry Editor

One way to disable the Windows 10 lock screen is to change the AllowLockScreen setting to 0 (zero) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrenTVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ SessionData in the Windows 10 registry.

However, if you do it manually, each time you log in, the setting automatically changes to 1 and the lock screen turns on again.

make, lock, screen, sound

There is a way to get around this as follows

  • Run the task scheduler (use the search in the taskbar) and click on the right “Create task”, give it any name, for example, “Turn off the lock screen”, check the item “Run with highest rights”, in the “Configure for” field specify Windows 10.
  • On the Triggers tab, create two triggers. when any user logs on and when any user unlocks the workstation.
  • On the “Actions” tab, create an action “Run a program”, in the “Program or script” field, enter reg and in the “Add arguments” field, copy the following line

Then click OK to save the created task. Done, now the lock screen will not appear, you can check this by pressing the WinL keys and immediately go to the password entry screen to enter Windows 10.

How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10

This instruction contains ways to completely disable the lock screen in Windows 10, taking into account that the previously present option to do this in the local group policy editor does not work in the professional version of 10, starting with version 1607 (and was absent in the home version). This was done, I believe, for the same purpose as disabling the ability to change the option “Windows 10 consumer experience”, namely in order to show us advertisements and proposed applications. Update 2017: in version 1703 Creators Update, the option in gpedit is present.

Do not confuse the login screen (where we enter the password to disable it, see How to disable the password when logging into Windows 10 and waking up from sleep) and the lock screen, which shows cute wallpapers, time and notifications, but can also show ads (just for Russia, apparently, there are no advertisers yet). Further, we are talking about disabling the lock screen (which can be called by pressing the WinL keys, where Win is the key with the Windows logo).

Note: if you don’t want to do everything manually, you can turn off the lock screen using the free Winaero Tweaker program (the parameter is located in the Boot and Logon section of the program).

How to remove lock screen (LockApp.exe) in Windows 10

And one more, simpler, but probably less correct way. The lock screen is an application located in the C: \ Windows \ SystemApps Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy folder. And it is quite possible to remove it (but take your time), and Windows 10 does not show any worries about the lack of a lock screen, but simply does not show it.

Instead of deleting it just in case (so that you can easily return everything to its original form), I recommend doing the following: just rename the Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy folder (you need administrator rights) by adding a symbol to its name (see, for example, mine in the screenshot).

This is enough for the lock screen to no longer be displayed.

At the end of the article, I note that I am personally somewhat surprised by how freely they began to slip ads in the start menu after the last big update of Windows 10 (although I noticed this only on a computer where a clean installation of version 1607 was performed): immediately after installation, I found not one or not two “proposed applications”: all sorts of Asphalt and I don’t remember what else, and new items appeared over time (it may come in handy: how to remove the proposed applications in the Windows 10 Start menu). We are promised the same on the lock screen.

This seems strange to me: Windows is the only popular “consumer” operating system that is paid for. And she is the only one that allows herself such tricks and disables the ability of users to completely get rid of them. And it doesn’t matter that now we received it as a free update. anyway, in the future, its cost will be included in the cost of a new computer, and someone will need the Retail version for more than 100 and, having paid them, the user will still be forced to put up with these “functions”.

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could not remove lock screen in newest Windows 10 1909

For some reason, it turns off after a while, the word blocking pops up and turns off

Nothing helped. How was the blocking, if you do not move the mouse, it remained. Can’t you suggest a way to remove.

Options. Accounts. Login Options. Login Required. Never, Dynamic Lock Disabled.

I’ve tried all the methods too. the lock screen is missing for a while, then it appears again. As a rule, after updates and reboots after them.

Color matching

This option will appeal to everyone who is tired of the standard blue color of the Windows operating system.

Use the Win I key combination to open the Windows settings menu.

Open the Personalization section.

Open the Colors subsection.

In the Windows Colors list, you can choose a default color that suits you. It will be used in all windows of the operating system, including the taskbar.

Manage Settings Tool in Windows 10. How to Hide or Show Sections?

In this article, we will look at two ways that will allow you not only to restore the display of skr.

Windows themes

And finally, one of the most interesting themes today is Windows Themes. This option allows you not only to change the color of the windows or change the background image, it can radically change the visual component of Windows. Suitable for fans of non-standard operating system appearances.

Use the Win I key combination to open the Windows settings menu.

Go to the Personalization section.

Open the Themes subsection.

In the window that opens, you can change the sounds of the operating system, the mouse cursor and customize Windows yourself. If you wish, you can always go to the Microsoft Store and install ready-made themes.

We hope the article was useful to you and helped you to customize the visual component of Windows.

Personalize your lock screen

Let’s start with a question that interests the vast majority of users. background settings. No one argues that standard images are quite good and even interesting, but sometimes everyone wants variety.

Disable notifications

Although the password protects your account from unauthorized access by third parties, they can still see our personal notifications. To avoid this situation, we recommend using the following instruction.

Use the Win I key combination to open the Windows settings menu.

Go to the System section.

Open the Notifications and actions subsection.

Toggle Show notifications on lock screen to Disabled.

How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10

Immediately after turning on the computer, the Windows 10 lock screen is always ready to please us with pleasant.

Hide your email address

If the issue of confidentiality of personal data is not an empty phrase for you, then you probably wondered how to hide your email address from prying eyes. Windows developers foresaw such a need and introduced a function that allows you to do it in the shortest possible time.

Use the Win I key combination to open the Windows settings menu.

Go to the Accounts section.

Open the Login Options subsection.

Find the Privacy column and toggle the Show account information (such as email address) option on the login screen to Disabled.

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How to change the image on the Windows 10 lock screen

In Windows 10, when you turn on and when you lock the computer, a splash screen appears with a random image. You can change the image shown on the lock screen and in today’s article we will tell you how.

Previously, we looked at how to turn off the lock screen and make the login to Windows 10 automatic, and we also described how to find images that are shown automatically on the lock screen. Today we will describe how to set your own images on the lock screen. The article will contain a couple of ways that will not take you much time

Change the lock screen background image in settings

3.On the left side, select “Lock Screen”, and on the right next to “Background” you can choose three options for the background image: Windows Interesting, Photos, Slideshow.

  • Use Windows interestingly as a lock screen background

Windows Fun is available in all editions of Windows 10. This is a feature that gives you a controlled flow of information. For example, “Windows interesting” will show various images (not from your computer, downloaded from the Internet), and you can mark which of them you like and what you don’t, thereby training this service so that it will show more images that you like in the future The images loaded in this way can be found in the folder% LocalAppData% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h3txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets in more detail in the instructions.

If you want images on the lock screen to download from the Internet and change automatically. next to “Background” select “Windows interesting” and close the settings.

  • Use photo as lock screen background

If you have a photo and want to set it as the background of the lock screen on a permanent basis. next to “Background” select “Photo”, and also turn off the “Show fun facts, jokes, tips and other information on the lock screen.” Below you are offered to choose a photo from the existing ones (by the way, they are located on your computer in the C: \ Windows \ Web \ Screen folder). To choose your photo. click “Browse”

find and select the desired photo = click “Select picture”

  • Slideshow as your lock screen background

You can also choose to show the photos (images) from a folder one by one on the lock screen. That is, for example, I have a folder with a selection of the best family photos, I install a slideshow, and then all the photos from this folder appear on the lock screen, alternately changing each other.

Next to “Background” select “Slide Show” and click “Add Folder”

We find the folder with the images that we want to set for one-by-one display on the lock screen, select it and click “Select this folder”. Also turn off the “Show fun facts, jokes, tips and other information on the lock screen” feature.

If the list contains folders from which you do not want to watch the slideshow on the lock screen. click on the unnecessary folder = left-click on the “Delete” button that appears

On the same screen below, select ” Slideshow Options” and customize the slideshow display to your preference. When set the required parameters. just close the settings.

Change the lock screen background image in Photos

By default, all images in Windows 10 are opened through the Photos app. Open the image you want = click on the three dots in the upper right = select “Set as” = Set to lock screen.

That’s it, we looked at several ways to change the images on the lock screen and they should be enough for you. If there are additions. write comments! Good luck

Lock Screen. Windows: Interesting

The Windows 10 lock screen with its amazing images is always in the center of the user’s attention.

Pictures change automatically every day and there is no way to tell the operating system on its own how often it needs to receive new images for the screen.

Also, there are often cases when the same image does not change for several days in a row and you have to wait until Windows itself chooses a new one for you.

And when it might happen, you have no idea.

There are at least two easy ways to fix this situation.

So, if your computer does not want to change an already boring picture for too long, here’s what you can do.

How to change the lock screen background in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the lock screen image is shown in a number of cases. For example, if you locked a user session using Win L or by clicking on the user’s image in the Start menu and selecting Lock, a lock screen background image will appear on your PC screen. When you log into Windows 10, you also see the lock screen. This is how you can change the Windows 10 lock background image.

In the Windows 10 operating system, the background of the lock screen image can be set using the Windows Settings app. Go to: Settings. Personalization. Lock screen.

In this section, you can customize images for the lock screen:

  • Windows: Interesting
  • A photo
  • Slide show

Note: In Windows 10, there are two lock screens. The first default lock screen that appears when you are logged out and the password entry window for the user account or you have this requirement enabled. The second Lock Screen is linked to your personal user account. In this article, we will take a look at how to change the lock screen background image for the user lock screen.

Change Lock Screen background in Windows 10

Go to the Personalization section. Screen lock.

How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone!

On the right under the Background, you can choose one of the following options:

Windows: Interesting. will display various backgrounds automatically downloaded from the internet.

A photo. here you can set one image. which will be used as the background of the lock screen. You can select any custom image using the Browse button. Click on it and select the desired image:

Slide. show. use this option. to show a slide. show as your lock screen. It will display images from the folder you specify. Click the “Add Folder” button to add a new folder with images that will be cyclically shown on the lock screen.

Tip: You can also use the Photos app to set your favorite images as your lock screen background. Open the desired image in the Photos app and press the three dots menu button.

Select “Install As”. A new menu appears on the screen using the “Set to Lock Screen” command, this will set the current image as the background of the lock screen.

There is a shortcut CtrlL for the same action. You can click it to set lock screen background with photos app directly.


The easiest first way, where you will have to click on the camera icon in the upper right corner with the question “Did you like what you saw?” and click on the “Dislike” link that appears.

Then immediately get a new picture.

The widget itself uses feedback to interact with the user and will select or exclude similar images from the display.

How to find lock screen images in Windows 10

Have you been using a new operating system for a long time, but still have no idea where are the pictures used for the lock screen in Windows 10? Today we will touch on this issue and several related ones, for example, how to pull off the desired picture for yourself.

During their work in the top ten, users noticed that the operating system periodically changes the screen saver of the lock screen. Sometimes there are very beautiful pictures that you want to use as your desktop background. Only for this you need to find out where these images are stored. Advanced users even tried to find all the graphic files stored in the directories of the system volume, but in vain, the necessary images were never found. Why it so happened that the search did not find the necessary files, we will consider below.