How To Make A Print On The Screen

What are Honory with a fingerprint

A fingerprint scanner is a relatively new technology, so it is not available in all smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer. You can put a fingerprint on the gadget lock on the following models: 10 8x, 7a, o, light, 8, 9, 7c, 6a. The function is available on most Honor gadgets starting with the sixth modification. In most of the gadgets, the sensor is located on the back panel, and in Honor 10 or Honor view 10 there is a display module with a fingerprint.

How To Make A Print On The Screen

How to set up your fingerprint

The fingerprint scanner menu is located in the phone settings. In the “Security and Privacy” section, go to the “Fingerprint” item. After that, the aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • We choose additional protection in case the scanner does not work well for some reason: a PIN code, a pattern, or a digital password. Specify the data and click on the “Continue” button. Thanks to this, if your finger does not always trigger, you can still unlock the display at any time.
  • In the section of scanner functions, select the item “Screen unlock”. In addition, you can also use this function to protect personal information or SEPARATE mobile applications.
  • Let’s proceed to the registration of the fingerprint. To put it on blocking, you need to save your data in the device system. You can do it like this: select the “New fingerprint” item, and then put your finger on the scanner and move it depending on the instructions on the phone screen.
  • After the data is saved, you will receive the following notification: “Fingerprint ID 1 registered”. Done, you can now use your finger to unlock your phone. In addition, there is a function for renaming stored values ​​- for example, you can write the received data as “Right Index” or “Left Big”.

You can remove your finger from the phone memory through a similar menu. To do this, you need to follow the path description above, click on the name of the desired fingerprint, and then on the “Delete” item. If you decide to stop using the fingerprint scanner altogether, you should disable the “Screen unlock” option in the section of its functions.

Using a fingerprint on an Honor smartphone

Fingerprint scanning is a popular technology that is used to protect modern smartphones. Due to the fact that each fingerprint is unique, it allows only its owner to instantly unlock the phone. A fingerprint scanner is also used in gadgets of the Honor brand. which ones have this function and how to configure it, we will tell below.

What to do if the scanner does not work

In this case, we advise you to try the following methods:

  • Turn off finger unlock and then turn it back on.
  • Delete the fingerprint from the phone memory and then add again.

The fingerprint scanner is a useful feature on Honor smartphones. It allows you to instantly remove the screen lock, protect personal data and mobile applications. To start using this technology, just save your prints in the appropriate section of the settings menu.

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How to Add Fingerprint on Honor and Huawei Phone

Adding the owner’s fingers is done through the basic settings. There you open the “Security” section, and following the instructions.

The item with the print settings is missing, what to do?

If you have lost the item with the setting, restart your phone. Perhaps it was a small bug. If after rebooting it does not appear, roll back the firmware to the factory settings.

What to do if added prints are missing?

Added fingerprints are usually NOT deleted on their own. They were erased either by outsiders or outside programs. If this phenomenon is fixed, also install an antivirus and Conduct a comprehensive scan.

sensor check

Immediately we advise you to check the accuracy of the work. lock the screen and touch the scanner to unlock. If everything worked out successfully, then use your smartphone in classic mode. If you get an error or can’t open the desktop, try saving another finger for Touch ID.

registering a new Touch ID

After setting the password, proceed to finger swiping. To do this, the phone will prompt you to quickly touch the sensor 10-20 times with different sides of your fingertip.

This is necessary in order for the system to carry out a full scan and save your unique pattern. Each touch is accompanied by a slight vibration. Then click “Finish”. The functionality allows you to store an unlimited number of prints. You are allowed to enter here both your scans and your friends or relatives.

Which is better: classic scanner or screen scanner?

In 2020, there are two types of reading element available. on the back cover and on the screen. Screen technology is touted by smartphone manufacturers as an advantage, and is more expensive than “classic” ones. In principle, there are no differences, but the pluses are argued as follows. The most convenient place for the reading plane is the front side. That is, in practice, you do not have to pick up the gadget from the table to unlock it. Plus, placing the reading area on the screen is modern. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are increasingly abandoning unnecessary holes, cameras, making their screen frameless.

  • stops working if liquid or moisture gets in;
  • more expensive;
  • refuses to work in case of heat or frost;
  • if the screen is cracked, then it stops working.

Therefore, most people prefer the classics. They are cheaper, more reliable and more durable.

adding a regular password

Before you scan your finger, the system will ask you to enter a pin or standard password. This does not mean that you will have to specify it every time. Such a requirement is reasonable and logical. if suddenly your scanner breaks down, the sensor module fails, or for some other reason becomes unavailable, an alternative is proposed. Your best bet is to come up with and reference complex code here. Tips for setting an additional password:

  • DO NOT use too simple combinations;
  • DO NOT use values ​​that are directly or indirectly related to biographical information (date of birth, wedding date, addresses, phone number, email, etc.)
  • DO NOT share the secret password with strangers.
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Additional fingerprint functions

I installed a fingerprint on Huawei and Honor as a security tool, you will be surprised by its additional features. blocking applications and mobile banking. For example, when logging into the online banking services, you are always asked for a password. If entering a long combination is not always comfortable, then you are offered to replace it with a simple touch.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Also, the Touch-block can be installed as protection for individual programs and applications.

Possible problems and how to solve them

Like any complex technology, Touch Ai Di has some shortcomings and inaccuracies in its work. You should NOT immediately blame the development company for unprofessionalism. Operational problems most often arise from uncontrolled failures and user negligence.

Setting rounding as on screen

But before making a change to the setting, you need to find out if you really need to turn on the on-screen precision. Indeed, in some cases, when a large number of digits with decimal places are used, a cumulative effect is possible in the calculation, which will reduce the overall accuracy of the calculations. Therefore, it is better not to abuse this setting unnecessarily.

It is necessary to include accuracy as on the screen in situations of the following plan. For example, you have a task to add two numbers 4.41 and 4.34, but the prerequisite is that only one decimal place is displayed on the sheet. After we made the appropriate formatting of the cells, the values ​​4.4 and 4.3 began to be displayed on the sheet, but when they are added, the program outputs as a result to the cell not the number 4.7, but the value 4.8.

This is precisely due to the fact that Excel continues to take the numbers 4.41 and 4.34 for the calculation. After the calculation, the result is 4.75. But, since we have set the formatting to display numbers with only one decimal place, rounding is performed and the number 4.8 is displayed in the cell. Therefore, it appears that the program has made a mistake (although this is not the case). But on the printed sheet, such an expression 4.44.3 = 8.8 would be an error. Therefore, in this case, it would be quite rational to turn on the accuracy setting as on the screen. Then Excel will calculate NOT Taking into account the numbers that the program keeps in memory, but according to the values ​​displayed in the cell.

In order to find out the real value of the number that Excel takes for calculating, you need to select the cell where it is contained. After that, its value will be displayed in the formula bar, which is saved in Excel memory.

Turn on screen-like precision in modern versions of Excel

Now let’s figure out how to turn on the precision as shown on the screen. First, let’s look at how to do this using the example of Microsoft Excel 2010 and its later versions. They include this component in the same way. And then we will learn how to run precision both on screen in Excel 2007 and in Excel 2003.

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    Move to the “File” tab.

An additional parameter window is launched. We move in it to the “Additional” section, the name of which appears in the list on the left side of the window.

After going to the “Advanced” section, move to the right side of the window, which contains various program settings. We find the block of settings “When recalculating this book”. Check the box next to the parameter “Set the accuracy as on the screen”.

  • After that, a Dialog Box appears, stating that the accuracy of the calculations will be reduced. Click on the button “OK”.
  • After that, in Excel 2010 and above, the “accuracy as on screen” mode will be enabled.

    To disable this mode, you need to uncheck the box in the parameters window next to the setting “Set accuracy as on screen“, then click on the button “OK” at the bottom of the window.

    Rounding accuracy as on screen in Microsoft Excel

    We make various calculations in Excel, users do not always think that the values ​​displayed in the cells sometimes DO NOT coincide with the topic that the program uses for calculations. This is especially true for fractional quantities. For example, if you have Numeric formatting installed, which displays numbers with two decimal places, then this does NOT mean that Excel counts the data this way. Comments, by default this program counts up to 14 decimal places, even if only two characters are displayed in the cell. This fact can sometimes lead to unpleasant consequences. To solve this problem, set the rounding precision setting as on the screen.

    Turn on screen-to-screen precision in Excel 2007 and Excel 2003

    Now let’s take a quick look at how the precision mode is enabled as on the screen in Excel 2007 and in Excel 2003. Although these versions are considered outdated, they are nevertheless used by many users.

    First of all, let’s take a look at how to enable mode in Excel 2007.

    • Click on the Microsoft Office symbol in the upper left corner of the window. In the list that appears, select the item “Excel Options”.
    • In the window that opens, select the “Advanced” item. In the right part of the window in the group of settings “When recalculating this book” Check the box next to the parameter “Set the accuracy as on the screen“.

    Precision Mode As On Screen Will Be Enabled.

    In Excel 2003, the procedure for enabling the mode we need is even more different.

    • In the horizontal menu, click on the “Service” item. In the list that opens, select the “Parameters” item.
    • The parameters window starts. In it, go to the “Calculations” tab. Next Set a check mark next to the item “Accuracy as on the screen” and click on the button “OK” at the bottom of the window.

    As you can see, setting the accuracy mode as on the screen in Excel is quite easy, regardless of the version of the program. The main thing is to determine whether in a particular case it is worth starting this mode or is it still available.

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