How To Make A Screen Screen On A 51

How to take a screenshot of the screen on “Nokia X

Although the device from this series is slightly different from its counterparts, if you can call them that, it is not at all difficult to take a screenshot on it. The actions underlying the creation of screenshots on this device are extremely simple. Again, the user is only required to hold down several buttons simultaneously for a short time.

How To Make A Screen Screen On A 51

After the photo is taken, the operating system will save it to the gallery embedded in the software. From there, you can already perform various manipulations with the file: copy, delete, move, modify with the editor or share it using a multimedia message or on social networks. In general, the choice of action remains after creating a screenshot by the user himself.


Open the application or program at the moment you would like to take a photo. Then press several buttons at once. These are the power and volume down keys. Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that you need to do this immediately. If you press the buttons individually or sequentially, you might have problems taking the screenshot. Rather, the system simply will not respond properly to such a combination and therefore will NOT take the screenshot itself.

If it is created, you will be instantly notified by the operating system that the manipulation has been successfully completed. The relevant context will appear at the top of the screen. To view what you have photographed, you can navigate to the gallery of the device. There, find a folder called “Screenshots”. All screenshots are saved after creation exactly there.

Method one: use a logo

If you look carefully down the screen of your device, you will notice the corporate logo “Windows”. To take a screenshot and capture the information available on it, simply hold down the logo for a few seconds. At the same time, we use the power control key. If you do this at the same time and hold down the buttons in the active position for a few seconds, you will notice a small flash that will notify you that the screenshot has been successfully taken and placed in the folder. This, in fact, is where it all ends.

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How on “Nokia” take a screenshot of the screen?

How on “Nokia” take a screenshot of the screen to capture information that you want, for example, to use in the future? A similar question interests many people who have purchased devices from a Finnish manufacturer. Many of them ask how to “Nokia” take a screenshot of the screen. At the same time, users do not even realize that the combination for capturing the screen from buttons is quite simple, and it could be discovered in an ordinary experiment. Since on “Nokia” take a screenshot of the screen?

What models are covered by this rule?

Many users ask how to take a screenshot on “Nokia Lumi”. over, they all have different models of devices. It can be a series of 500, 600, 900 and so on. But it doesn’t matter, because all THESE devices are based on one operating system. Therefore, the principle of creating screenshots will be the same.

So let’s move on to looking at how to take a screenshot on your phone “Nokia”.

Fundamentals and phone models

A similar function (we are talking about creating a screenshot) is laid in the foundations of the software of many models of mobile devices released by the Finnish manufacturer. It is logical that this does not require the installation of additional utilities. Although they do exist. Nevertheless, the Finns adopted a similar trend in the South Korean company. “Samsung”, which began to build the function of taking a screenshot into the shell of the operating system. The answer to the question of how to “Nokia” to take a screenshot of the screen is quite simple: to do this, you must press a certain key combination.

As you can see, there is nothing so complicated in taking screenshots. What did we find out in the course of this article? Software “Lumi” and SEPARATE phone models of the Finnish manufacturer allows you to take a screenshot without using third-party programs. This can be done using a combination of keys and logo “Windows”.

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How to take, share, and delete Xbox One screenshots

Here’s how to take and manage screenshots on your Xbox!

How to take a screenshot on Xbox One

First, you need to have the game running. And you cannot take screenshots of Control Panel or other apps like Netflix. You can take screenshots of the entire console, but you will need a capture card such as ELGato HD 60. Like this:

1. When you are in a game and find the scene you want to capture, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the menu.

2. In the menu, press the Y button on the controller to take a screenshot of the current screen.
Don’t worry if opening the ID initiates the game pause menu, it should still capture the scene in the game you wanted.

3. Now your screenshot will be saved to your console!

How to share screenshots on Xbox One

Once you’ve captured a screenshot, there are several ways you can share. Xbox One comes with Multi Gigabytes of free cloud storage to store your Xbox Game DVR captures and screenshots, but you can export them either to your PC or to your OneDrive Personal Cloud for safe storage. Xbox Live clips and screenshots will automatically upload to the cloud until your storage is full.

Saving and sharing screenshots on Xbox

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the menu.
2. Press the “View” button (in the lower left corner of the Xbox button) to open the “Capture Options”.

3. Scroll down with the left joystick to control the grips and press the A button (This will open the Grip Control menu).
4. Find the screenshot you want to upload to OneDrive and select it with the A button (This will open the full screenshot).
5. Select the “Share” icon using the A button.
6. From here you can share the clip to the following locations:

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Your Xbox Live activity feed that friends can see (depending on privacy settings).
Private message.
At the Xbox club you are a member.
Link in.
On OneDrive.

7. If you are logged into your Microsoft account on PC or through, you can find screenshots under OneDrive \ Pictures \ Xbox Screenshots.

Removing a screenshot from Xbox One

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the menu.
2. Press the Home button using A on your controller.
3. Open the Guides menu again and press the “View” button (in the lower left corner of the Xbox button) to open “Recent Snapshots”.

4. Go to a recent clip and select it with the A button.
5. Here you can choose to delete to remove it from your console, Xbox Live, or two locations.

6. If you can’t find your clip, go to View All Below. (This will open the Manage Captures menu).
7. Find the screenshot you want to delete and select it with the A button (This will open the screenshot in full).
8. Select the trash can icon with the A button to delete it.

Save, delete, or share Xbox snapshots with Windows 10 PC

If you’re using a Windows 10 PC and the same account as Xbox Live, you can quickly and easily retrieve and download screenshots using the pre-installed Xbox app. Here’s how:

1. Click Start and type “Xbox”.
2. Click to open the Xbox app.
3. If you have NOT used it before, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account. After you open it, it should look like this:

4. Open the hamburger menu by clicking.
5. Select Game DVR.
6. Click “To Xbox Live” to view your captured images Saved online.
7. Select your preferred screenshot from the download list and click “Download” to save, delete or share it.

8. Then you can click “On This PC” to view the clips and screenshots you downloaded and click “Open Folder” to find the file. By default, files are saved to C: \ Users \ UserName \s \ Captures.

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