How to make a screen sharing in discord

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End screen sharing

Each broadcast must end sooner or later, and users of the Discord mobile app have two options for how to stop the stream. To do this, you can use the button in the curtain, which is called “End Stream”. Screen sharing will end immediately after clicking on it.

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You can return to the voice channel and your broadcast, where there will be another button. “Stop showing”.

Choose the method that suits you and turn off the broadcast at any convenient time.

Start screen sharing on a private call

Above, we looked at ways to organize screen sharing for voice chat on Discord. If you want to share the picture with only one user, it is more convenient to make a call through private messages. The process of setting up the broadcast remains the same, so we will consider exclusively its implementation, and read about the available parameters above.

Connect to a channel and enable broadcast

The main stage is connecting to the voice channel and activating the screen sharing, which is even easier on smartphones and tablets than it was in the program for computers.

    Go to the required server and click on one of the voice channels to connect.

A notification will appear where you need to confirm the action by tapping on the button “Join the voice channel”.

The following screenshot has circled the button that should be clicked if you want to start screen sharing.

A message will appear with permission for Discord. confirm it with the “Start” button.

You will be notified that you are currently showing your screen. Switch to other programs for users to see them.

The image below shows how other users see what is happening if they run Discord as a program on a computer or in a browser.

PC program

As the first option for screen sharing, we will consider a method using a computer program, since it is through it that users most often start broadcasts or communicate with friends, showing them what is happening on their screen. Discord PC users have a lot more options when compared to those who downloaded the mobile app. Next, you will see for yourself when we talk about the available demo settings.

Mobile app

In one of the latest updates to Discord for mobile applications, the developers added the ability to enable screen sharing in it, using approximately the same setting that we talked about above. Unfortunately, while the function is not suitable for streaming, since it does not have flexible variation of parameters, however, it will be quite enough to show what is happening on the screen.

Changing demo options

Let’s finish the process of setting up a demonstration of what is happening in Discord on a computer by changing its parameters right during the broadcast, which allows you to quickly reduce the load or increase the quality, if possible.

    Press the “Screen” button again, which is now green because the broadcast is running.

You can do three different things: change the quality of the transmission, specify a new window for capturing, or stop the stream.

When you hover the cursor over “Transfer quality”, a list appears with a possible frame rate and screen resolution, where you need to mark the appropriate items with a marker.

Selecting a new window for capturing is carried out in the same way as it was the first time, while switching occurs immediately without any delays.

Now you know how to set up and start a Discord demonstration in three easy steps, whether it be streaming games or showing what is happening on the screen for a friend who has come to solve an operating system problem. By the way, to show the screen to only one friend, you can make a call through private messages, which will be discussed in the final section of this article.

Enabling screen sharing in Discord

General Discord settings

Let’s start again with the general settings of the application, because during the demo, sound is captured from the operating system, the microphone and the webcam is shown if you activate this function. The main parameters are checked as follows:

    Launch the application and click on the icon with your avatar to open the “User Settings” menu.

Go down to the section “Application settings” and tap on the item “Voice and video”.

Use the available options to change the input mode, adjust the sensitivity and voice.

Edit all the points present exclusively for personal requirements and do not forget that you can return to them at any time to correct.

Why do I need screen sharing

There are various reasons to start showing on Discord. The most common of them is the desire to explain to the interlocutor certain issues related to the work of the PC. Just showing what to do is much easier than explaining everything in words. And the interlocutor will surely, therefore, understand everything much better and faster.

The reasons may be completely opposite. If you have something going on that needs to be shown to a friend. For example, an incomprehensible error popped up or some kind of failure occurred.

Of course, each user may have their own individual reasons why they need a screen sharing on Discord.

So don’t underestimate this feature. It is better to know in advance how to use it so that you know what to do when the need arises.

How to run the demo

You can make a screen sharing only while communicating with another user. So start by video chatting with someone first. To do this, go to the chat with this user and click on the video camera icon at the top.

If you are trying to figure out how to enable screen sharing in Discord for several users at once, then first you need to create a group chat, and then start a group call. But keep in mind that this feature will only be available for a conversation with no more than ten participants. In addition, there is a heavy load on the network when showing simultaneously for several users, so you need a good Internet connection.

  • Move the mouse over the image from your interlocutor’s camera.
  • After that, a small menu should appear at the bottom.
  • Here you need to click on the icon with a monitor and an arrow.
  • After that, it remains only to select the mode, and the interlocutor will see what is happening on your PC.

Now a little about the modes that you have to choose to make a screen sharing. There are two of them here: full screen and window view.

If you choose the first option, then the interlocutor will see everything that is happening on the computer monitor.

If you choose the window type, then your friend will see only one of the windows open on the PC. For example, you can choose this option if you want to show how a certain application works, and then the other person (or people) will not see anything superfluous. If you minimize or turn off the window of your choice, the broadcast will stop.

Preparing Discord

Before you do a Discord screen sharing for the first time, you need to go into your profile settings and check a few things there. You need to do the following:

  • Launch the messenger.
  • In the lower left corner, click on the gear icon next to the username.
  • On the left pane, select the Streamer Mode tab.
  • Activate the option “Enable streamer mode”.

If this mode is not active, then you will not be able to enable the display of a picture from the desktop on your server in Discord.

Screen Sharing in Discord

Screen sharing is one of the most convenient features of Discord, which allows one of the participants in a conversation to show others what is happening on his computer. This can be useful in situations where you are telling your friends about something computer-related. As the proverb says. it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. From this article you can learn how to enable screen sharing in Discord with sound.

What to do if screen sharing doesn’t work

Certain problems may occur when trying to run the demo on the server. Now we will look at the most frequent crashes and the reasons for their occurrence, and also try to figure out why specifically your screen sharing in Discord does not work.

Let’s start with the problem when the user does not have a button to enable the demo, or there is one, but it does not work. There are two main reasons for this. First, the user did not turn on the “streamer” mode, which we talked about earlier. Second, the presence of an outdated version of the application. For screen sharing to work correctly (with sound and normal picture quality), be sure to install the latest version of Discord. Otherwise, it may simply not start.

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Now let’s talk about why the image does not turn on, although the display itself has already been launched. The reason for this problem most often lies in the users themselves, who start the “window view” mode and incorrectly indicate the display area. In this mode, the user himself must choose which of the windows will be displayed.

If the picture freezes or disappears completely from time to time, then most likely the reason for this is a bad connection. over, the problem can be both on your part and on the part of the interlocutor.

Well, another common problem is the lack of sound in the demo. There are two ways to enable audio in a demo via Discord.

First you need to check if the sound is turned off. This can be done through the window where you can see the picture from your computer. There should be a switch labeled “Sound”. If it is inactive, toggle it and the sound should appear.

If the cause of the sound problems is not in the switch, then the following should be done:

  • Open the app’s custom settings (the gear next to the name).
  • On the left pane, open the Voice & Video tab.
  • Click on the pop-up line next to “Input Device”.
  • Find “Stereo Mixer” among the suggested options.
  • Close settings and call your friend again.

After that, normal screen sharing with sound should start.

What to do if there is no sound on screen sharing in Discord

This is how easy it is to enable screen sharing in Discord. If suddenly your demo does not start and none of the methods described above helped you solve the problem, then you should contact Support. They will surely find a solution to the problem.

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How to enable screen sharing in Discord

In order to be able to show your screen to the interlocutor, you will need:

  • Launching the application.
  • Open any channel and chat.
  • In the chat window, click on the icon in the form of a video camera.
  • The video broadcasting mode will start. At the bottom, click on the button in the form of a monitor with an arrow.
  • The program will give you the choice of displaying the screen: full screen or as a window.
  • Turn on the demo.

Screen sharing in Discord

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Technology is designed to simplify all areas of social activity. With the help of applications, users can communicate without leaving home with an interlocutor from the other side of the world, without having to go anywhere. Messengers and social media offer a wide range of possibilities for the modern generation. Discord is a great example of such a program.

This is a messenger that has a significant number of functionalities, including: sending text messages to a private or public channel, exchanging documents and media files, performing voice and video communications. In addition, consumers of this software can broadcast their musical compositions to the correspondence channel, as well as show the screen of their device in real time. In this article, you will learn what this feature is used for and how you can enable screen sharing in discord.

Why do I need to share a screen on Discord

The use of this functionality can be of all kinds and can be used to achieve various goals. For example, when communicating with an interlocutor, a misunderstanding arises between you, which consists in the difficulties of setting up a computer or a game with you or your opponent. You were able to launch the game, but your friend was not. It is difficult to explain how you did it with voice messages. It is in such a situation that you may need to show your subscriber your screen. You start this mode and on the other end of the communication line the user will see everything that you are doing on your device. Now you will thoroughly explain to your partner what needs to be done to correct the error.

This function is in great demand among streamers. Streaming is a popular and profitable activity. The topic can be practically anything, it can be a walkthrough or description, analysis of new applications and computer programs, and much more. You can play the game, and your subscribers will see all your actions in the virtual world. But this will require activating streamer mode. For this:

  • Launch the Discord app.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Open the streamer mode options.
  • Carry out the activation by ticking the appropriate box.

This mode is good because it blocks pop-up windows from all other programs on your computer (notifications, messages).

What problems may arise

Some users complain about black screen instead of displaying information. This may be due to the fact that the user simply did not start the broadcast or incorrectly determined the display method.

Poor connection quality can also cause a freeze or no connection at all. To improve image quality, you may need to completely reinstall the program.

Presetting a demo in Discord

Before going into details, make the settings.

How to enable broadcasting in Discord? To show the screen, video chat is started first. Screen sharing can also be started in voice communication mode.

  • To get started, open the settings page, the “Voice and Video” tab.
  • If a video device is available (for example, a webcam, a built-in laptop camera), check if everything is in order with it by clicking the “Test Video” button.
  • If you are using the web version of the application, you will need to confirm the browser access to the camera. Optionally test your voice, adjust microphone sensitivity and other parameters.

When the configuration is complete, open a dialogue or conference with users.

Enabling Discord Screen Sharing

Select the appropriate view during video calls: Standard, Dedicated, and Full.

  • In the first case, the video and chat space is divided in half.
  • The highlighted mode assumes that the main window is removed from the video, only the selection of the video is saved.
  • In full view, expands the main video and highlights to cover other chat groups.

If you switch to other conferences or servers during a video call, the video stream appears as a picture-in-picture (for convenience, you can easily move around the screen).

How to enable screen sharing in Discord

Discord was originally created as a voice and text chat application focused on ge.

Discord was originally created as a voice and text chat application aimed at gamers. So, combining a free messenger with support for VoIP and video conferencing, the developers managed to create a useful and convenient service. Discord has become popular with other users as well. The creators have invested an incredible amount of time and money into it to improve the functionality. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to enable screen sharing in Discord.

Possible difficulties

Screen sharing does not imply the transmission of system sounds to the interlocutors. For example, the sound of a running video or game will not be heard by the interlocutors. This feature is only available in Discord Nitro: sounds from applications on your computer will be shared with your friends.

During the broadcast, the interlocutors will see pop-up windows of social networks and instant messengers, and personal information may also be displayed. To hide, use the Streamer mode, which offers advanced functionality (including keeping personal data secret).

When it comes to screen sharing?

Discord is a useful app for functionality: it combines video chat and screen sharing. At the same time, you can enable broadcasting not only for one user, but for nine. Thus, there is no need to switch options. they are available at the same time.

The Screen Sharing and Video buttons allow you to switch the window from a video call to a screen sharing. It is possible to do this directly during the conversation. In this case, the interlocutor can show the selected screen, for example, a specific monitor (if there are several of them), or the selected area of ​​the screen, or the selected application.

Let’s figure out how to enable screen sharing in Discord, and when it might come in handy. The need arises, for example, when you want to broadcast gameplay to other people, or just show what is happening at a particular moment on the screen.

What problems may arise

If you cannot find the button, it is advisable to update the program. the latest version of the software is available on the official website. Contact Support if you have any difficulties.

How to enable screen sharing in Discord on PC

As you know, screen sharing in Discord is very simple, and consists in performing the following operations:

  • Launch your Discord client;
  • Go to the user settings by clicking on the gear next to the username at the bottom;
  • In the opened user settings menu, select “Voice and video”;
  • In the options for setting up voice and video, select your microphone and camera, if necessary, test their work;
  • Then on the left, select the “Streamer mode” section;
  • Here activate the option “Enable streamer mode”;
  • Now go to the channel you need in Discord;
  • At the bottom left, click on the “Screen” button;
  • Select a screen for a demo, and click on “Live”;

Select a screen for a demo and click on “Live” below

  • The stream will start in the form of broadcasting your screen;
  • To stop the stream, reopen the Discord window, click on the “Screen” button, and select “Stop Screen”.
  • The described procedure for sharing a PC screen on Discord is pretty straightforward, and runs smoothly. But how can you perform screen sharing on your phone in the Discord app??

    How to share a cell phone screen on Discord

    Unfortunately, there is currently no functionality for showing the phone screen in the Discord mobile application. The creators of the application did not integrate this feature into the functionality of the mobile version of the application, and it is not available for activation. At the same time, the prospects for its appearance in future versions of the application are not yet clear.

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    As an alternative, some craftsmen suggest installing “Teamviewer” (a package for remote control of a computer) on their phone. Then turn on the function of sharing the screen of this phone on it, and transfer the picture from it to another user on the PC, on which “Teamviewer” is also installed. The latter will show this stream on the Discord channel to viewers using the screen sharing function in the stationary version of Discord. How justified are such manipulations, let the reader decide for himself.

    How to enable phone screen sharing in Discord

    Many of the gamers use the functionality of “Discord”. a free messenger with support for VoIP and video conferencing. The messenger allows you to conveniently communicate by voice during games, share the necessary information with each other, it runs perfectly on various platforms. One of the handy aspects of its functionality is the option to show your PC’s screen to other users. How to enable screen sharing on a mobile phone in the Discord application? Let’s talk about this in our material.

    What is Discord Screen Sharing

    Screen sharing is a convenient function that allows you to broadcast the screen image of your PC (smartphone) to other users in real time. For a long time, the functionality of the “Discord” messenger did not have the function of screen sharing, and only requests from many users inspired the developers to include this function in the work of the program.

    However, for the free version of the product, this function comes with some restrictions. Full functionality is available with a Discord Nitro subscription (premium package) making this package worthy of user attention.

    Above, we examined a way to start screen sharing on a PC and phone in the Discord messenger. Since at the moment the possibility of broadcasting on a smartphone is not available, we recommend that you do not use unsuccessful surrogates in the form of screen sharing via TeamViewer. Use the built-in feature on the PC version of Discord only.

    What is screen sharing for?

    Screen sharing in Discord is used for a variety of reasons. For example, a user needs to show other people what is happening on his PC monitor. Thus, it is easier to explain remotely what and how you can set up or solve another problem.

    The demonstration function is mainly used by streamers, so they often have a question about how to enable broadcasting in Discord. There are various directions for streaming:

    • a new application or program has been released, and you need to make a review on the software;
    • showing the passage of the game;
    • description of the functions and capabilities of any program.

    Due to the high quality of transmitted data in Discord, the picture and sound in the demonstration are at the highest level. In addition, if you enable demo mode with sound, other notifications from the PC are hidden from prying eyes.

    How to enable streaming on Discord

    Discord is a unique messenger that has a lot of settings and functions. With its help, users can not only communicate using text messages and audio calls, but also capture the screen of the computer used for broadcasting. In this article, we will look at how to enable screen sharing in Discord and what difficulties you may encounter.

    Activating demo mode

    Before broadcasting a game to Discord, enable the “Steamer” option. This can be done as follows:

      Launch Discord and go to settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom.

  • In the panel on the left, find the item “Streamer mode”.
  • In the window that appears on the right, move the toggle switch to the active state opposite the function of the same name.
  • To enable the demo, follow the instructions:

    • Turn on the messenger and go to any channel.
    • On the right in the window for correspondence in the top panel, click on the icon in the form of a video camera.
    • A window with video broadcasting will open. In the lower panel to the left of the End Call button there is an icon in the form of a monitor and an arrow, which is intended to go to the screen sharing. Click on it.
    • A window will appear where you will be asked to select one of the display options: full screen or only window.
    • Click on the Share button.

    After that, a screen sharing will start in Discord on the server. The interlocutors will be able to see what is happening on your monitor.

    Possible problems

    Sometimes Discord screen sharing doesn’t work. There can be many reasons for this. Let’s analyze the main problems encountered by users of the messenger.

    • The button for activating the mode is inactive (gray). This happens because the user has not turned on Streamer mode or the program is outdated. Try to update it to the latest version.
    • The broadcast is on, but there is no picture. This problem mainly appears when the wrong screen capture area is selected when the “Window View” mode is selected. Here you need to independently choose which window should be displayed.
    • Image freezes or intermittently disappears. This occurs when the Internet connection is unstable or slow. over, the problem can be both from the side of the broadcaster and from the side of the interlocutor.

    There is often no sound during broadcast. There are two possible solutions for this situation:

    • Activate the switch labeled Sound, which is located in the demo window.
    • Select the correct audio device for input in the application settings in the “Voice and video” section.

    It is possible to enable screen sharing in Discord in a few clicks. Do not forget that first you need to activate the “Streamer” mode in the settings, only after that you can start broadcasting. Possible problems and their solutions are described above, if none of the options are suitable, contact the support service for help. You won’t have to wait too long for an answer from their side, while they will help to cope with any difficulty in using the messenger.

    When the need arises for screen sharing?

    The use of this option can be different. For example, in the process of communicating with another Discord user, when it becomes necessary to show what exactly you have on the screen.

    These may be situations when you are unable to configure something, and another, more experienced Discord user helps you in solving your problem.

    In this situation, screen sharing will be an excellent tool for the interlocutor to understand exactly how to help you in solving the problem. This option is very popular among streamers.

    Streaming your own stream is fun, popular and, importantly, profitable activity nowadays.

    • The direction can be different: the description of the new application
    • demonstration of the passage of a new game
    • visual description of the program


    When all the options are adjusted, all that remains is to check the microphone in Discord:

    • Go back to the same program options page.
    • But this time find the MicTest block.
    • In it, click on the Let’sCheck button.
    • Try to say something. Do not hesitate, because no one will hear it.
    • Adjust the microphone volume slider so that everything sounds optimally.
    • To stop testing, click LMB on the Stop Testing button.

    That’s all. Now you know everything about how to test your voice on Discord. If everything is perfectly audible and a sound signal is displayed in the program, then this means that everything is in order. But unfortunately, during setup, you may encounter a situation when there is no sound or the program does not see the input device. What to do in this case? Let’s figure it out.

    Enabling Discord Screen Sharing

    To enable screen sharing on Discord, you need to follow these steps step by step:

    • Turn on the Discord messenger
    • We open any service and channel
    • In the window for sending text messages, click on the icon in the form of a camera.

    When the video chat is loaded, you have access to the Demo function in Discord. To activate it, move the mouse over the active chat window, where the video of the speaker is located. A small menu will appear at the bottom.

    The system itself will prompt you to select the type of the displayed screen:

    • Full Screen
    • Window view.
    • It remains only to turn on the demonstration and your interlocutor sees everything that is happening on your screen.

    If you choose “Full Screen”, then users will see everything that you yourself will see. If you specify the option “Application window”, then you can broadcast only a picture of a specific application, for example, games.

    Then if you minimize the game, the demo will end. For successful configuration, the program that you plan to stream must already be running.

    After clicking on the button with the monitor and the arrow, a screen image appears instead of the video. You can disable it by calling up exactly the same menu.

    Hover the mouse over the demo picture and wait for the button strip to appear. After that, click on the picture with a small video camera. The program will go into chat mode, and users will see you, not the desktop or application.

    Enabling Discord Screen Sharing

    To enable screen sharing on Discord, you need to follow these steps step by step:

    • Turn on messenger D
    • We open any service and channel.
    • In the window for sending text messages, click on the icon in the form of a camera.
    • After that, the video broadcast of the conversation will begin on the screen. Next, we need to click on the icon in the form of a monitor with an arrow.
    • The system will prompt you to choose the type of the displayed screen: full screen or in the form of a window.
    • All that remains is to turn on the demonstration and voila, your interlocutor sees everything that is happening on your screen.
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    How to set up a WEB-camera in discord

    Screen sharing in Discord is a very convenient feature that allows you to show you what is happening at that moment on the screen of one of the participants in the conversation.

    To activate it, you will need to start a group video chat or make a regular video call to a friend. Displaying a picture from your monitor can be organized in a company of up to ten people.

    If you do not have a button to share the screen, most likely the program is outdated, you need to download the discord of the updated version.

    Uninstall for Mac OS

    And for this operating system, the procedure looks like this:

    • Launch Finder.
    • Go to the “Programs” directory.
    • Find the Discord item in the general list of elements and right-click on it.
    • Select the option “Move to”.
    • Next, open the “Trash” window.
    • Activate cleaning.
    • Reinstall the program according to the previously suggested instructions.

    Today there are many different applications where people from all over the world can exchange voice and text messages, as well as call up in real time, without spending their money on it.

    The Discord messenger is one of the most striking examples of communication platforms with wide functionality and unique capabilities for users of this product. One of Discord’s features is the ability to share your screen. In this overview, you will learn what this option is for and how to enable screen sharing in Discord.

    Presetting Screen Sharing in Discord

    Before you start sharing the screen, you need to start the video chat itself. To do this, open a chat with a user and click on the video camera button at the top, above the messages, or start a video chat in any other way.

    • Launching the Discord messenger.
    • Go to user settings.

    We activate by moving the button “Enable streamer mode”

    Screen sharing and available options

    During video communication, the user has several views available, from which he can choose the desired one:

    standard. the video and chat space is divided in half;

    selected. the window with the video will be removed, only the selection of the video will remain;

    full. the main video is expanded and highlighted, which allows you to cover different groups of parts.

    When switching to other conferences, to other connected servers during a video conference, the service converts the broadcast video into a “picture within a picture” format, which can be moved around the screen.

    Important points and video setup

    you can broadcast what is happening on the screen to one or several users;

    right during the broadcast, the buttons “Video” and “Screen sharing” are available, which allow you to switch between the corresponding modes. the interlocutors will see either the user’s face, captured by the camera, or what is happening on his screen;

    the function allows you to broadcast the passage of the game or work in the application, including highlighting a specific area of ​​the screen directly during the broadcast or selecting the desired display (if there are several of them);

    you can switch to screen sharing both during a video call and during a voice chat.

    To use the full conference / broadcast switchover feature, you need to configure and test your video. For this you need:

    go to the settings, select the “Voice and Video” tab;

    use the “Test Video” button to start checking the connected video device, for example, a webcam (if available);

    when using the browser version of the service, you will need to confirm the browser access to the video device;

    you can test the video itself, and, if desired, the speakers and microphone.

    After that, you can safely start a video conference in order to use the screen broadcast in it.

    How to make a screen sharing in discord

    Discord is originally a voice and text chat application. The service received its grateful audience, primarily connoisseurs of computer games, thanks to the combination of video conferencing with VoIP.

    The audience of “Discord” has expanded over time, so that one of the functions. screen sharing. has become even more in demand. Let’s figure out how to activate it.

    Possible problems and solutions

    Initially, when sharing a screen, system sounds are not transmitted directly to the interlocutors. To fix this, you can use the system sounds option available in Discord Nitro preferences. In this case, the interlocutors will immediately hear sounds and music from applications, for example from a game.

    Another problem for many is created by the fact that when the screen is broadcast, the interlocutors can see pop-up notifications, messages from instant messengers and other private information. To fix this, you can activate Streamer Mode. It is available in the application in the user settings tab of the same name. There you can activate the mode itself using the switch, and also set the Automatically Enable / Disable switch. In this case, the streamer mode will automatically turn on when the broadcast starts and turn off when the broadcast ends. In this mode, the interlocutors will not see any private visual information.

    Finally, if the screen sharing feature is not available at all or works intermittently, you need to make sure that the application is updated to the latest version and contact Support as needed.

    Setting up sound and headphones

    First of all, let’s set up the sound and headphones so that you can comfortably communicate with the interlocutor. Since it is difficult to conduct a full dialogue with poor sound quality.

    Open the program and look in the lower left corner.

    Namely, where the icons are located: microphone and headphones. If they are crossed out with a diagonal, red stripe, it means that they are disabled.

    Click on such a sign to activate it. After pressing, the bar disappears and the sound appears. But that’s not all, for more advanced settings, click on the gear icon. He’s to the right of the headphones.

    This will open the settings panel. We go to the section “Voice and Video”

    And here, with the help of advanced settings, you can adjust the sound quality for yourself. What does it mean? I will dwell on this issue in more detail.

    How to turn on sound for screen sharing in Discord

    There will be a short lesson today. I will tell you how to turn on sound for screen sharing in Discord. In addition, we will consider all the settings necessary for the correct operation of the messenger.

    For those who are not in the know, Discord is a communication program, something like Skype, Viber or Vatsap.

    Unlike Skype, which is used by everyone, Discord is still gaining popularity.

    But, every day the number of its users is growing by a million people, and perhaps even more.

    The messenger was developed in the fifteenth year, exclusively for communication between gamers. And even now, all players prefer this program for joint games.

    In terms of games, Discord is much more functional than similar messengers.

    • Remove echo;
    • Reduce noise;
    • Turn on microphone on click and so on.

    Below we will take a closer look at all the settings. In addition, it is possible to create YouTube channels with voice chats and the ability to search for a team to play.

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    Microphone sensitivity

    By default, the sensitivity is adjusted automatically. But, if something does not suit you, you do not like the sound quality, then you can turn off auto-tuning.

    And then, pulling up the slider and checking the sound in parallel, set the desired values ​​on the scale.

    Thus, you can cut off all extraneous sounds that are in the background.

    How to turn on sound for screen sharing in Discord

    Novice users can get lost in the Discord settings, as well as in any other programs.

    For them, the simplest settings become a serious problem. Difficulty setting up the sound is especially common.

    Therefore, I decided to write a detailed tutorial on the settings to help beginners.

    Also, at the end I will answer some of the most common questions about working in the Discord program. So read it to the end.

    Advanced sound settings

    All settings are recommended to be carried out in communication mode Ask a friend to help you, and during the conversation, immediately check for any changes. So let’s get started.

    Click on the input devices and mark the microphone you are using. There may be many devices in the list, but you yourself must select and indicate the one you need.

    The next step is to select an output device, that is, indicate active, working headphones.

    Tip. never specify speakers as an output device. For full communication in this program, you need headphones.

    Then set the microphone volume and audio mixer to the desired position, check the audibility.

    Further, going down below, you will see the activation settings by voice or by pressing. Choose as you like best. Personally, I would leave activation by voice, as it is more convenient for me.

    You specify the parameter you need. You will find a video at the end of the article. There it is described in more detail.

    Noise suppression

    Well, by scrolling the slider below, you will find advanced noise reduction settings.

    • Echo cancellation;
    • Noise suppression;
    • Gain control.

    This concludes the lesson on sound tuning in the Discord program. Do not be afraid to spoil something in the settings, feel free to click on all the adjustments.

    The point is that it is not possible to spoil something in the program. When something went wrong, and you don’t know what exactly, you can reset all settings.

    The program will return everything as it was, and you can slowly repeat it all over again. And so on until the sound quality is perfect.

    And in order to see everything with your own eyes, I recommend watching the video below.

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