How to make a screen video on iPhone XR

Options for new smartphones

When using more modern versions of phones, you can do without installing third-party software. Owners of models with iOS 11 and higher, on which iPhones from iPhones from 5s can work, just need to use the built-in functions. To capture video, perform the following actions:

  • Opens control settings.
  • In the ” controls” list, select the screen recording item by pressing the plus sign.
  • Exit the settings and start recording from the “Control Center” of the phone.
  • Perform all actions that need to be recorded and turn off the built-in utility by pressing the same button again.

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A quick click on the start recording icon allows you to turn on saving the screencast without sound. Pressing hard on the screen will open a menu where you can turn on the microphone. Clips are saved in MP4 format with high frame rate (up to 50 fps and above).


The Record My Screen program allows you to record videos not only on old phones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, but also on gadgets with an unofficial version of the platform. jilbreak. Therefore, phone owners who have installed firmware not supported by Apple can also record videos. over, unlike iREC, the program is completely free of charge available on Github.

Before you can record a video from the iPhone screen, the program should be downloaded, installed and run. Sound can be recorded both from the application for which the screencast is being made and from the built-in microphone. The data is saved as an MP4 file at 30 frames per second and can be immediately uploaded to both the photo and video gallery and cloud storage.

Among the advantages of the program is support for iOS 6.1, thanks to which it will run even on old iPhones, not to mention modern models. Due to hardware acceleration, video recording does not slow down the phone. an important feature for owners of old gadgets. Before capturing a video from the screen on the iPhone, the user can manually select the display orientation and the quality of the video.

How to Record Screen Video of Old iPhone

Owners of older phones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, will have to download a special utility before making a video of the screen on the iPhone. Among the most popular programs are Display Recorder, iREC, and RecordMyScreen. over, if the first two are suitable for officially supported versions of iOS, the latter is intended for jailbreaks.

How to Record iPhone Screen Video

The owner of any mobile gadget, including Apple, may need to record a video from the smartphone screen. that is, make a screencast. How it works on iPhones, we will tell you in our article.

There are several different ways to record iPhone screen video, starting with the very first models released back in 2009. If you have a more recent smartphone, it’s even easier to do this, even without installing additional software. the built-in capabilities of iOS 11, 12 or 13 are enough.

For Windows computers

The owner of a Windows PC can take a screenshot of a video from an iPhone by installing third-party software that receives broadcast via AirPlay, a protocol for wirelessly transferring video to other devices. To do this, you can use, for example, the LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver utility, which works with modern versions of Windows (starting from the 7th version). The advantages of this program are free distribution and small size.

To capture video from a mobile device, follow these steps:

  • Run the program on the computer.
  • On an iPhone connected to the same network, go to Control Center and select Screen Repeat.
  • Find the LonelyScreen utility in the list of available devices and applications and select it for video transmission. After that, everything that is done on the iPhone will be displayed on the PC screen.

In order to record videos in Windows 10, the easiest way is to use the built-in options by simultaneously pressing the WinG keys to launch the game bar. A PC user with version 7 or 8 of the operating system will have to install third-party video capture software such as NVIDIA ShadowPlay or Open Broadcaster Software.

Display Recorder

To work with the application, you just need to download Display Recorder, install it on your iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Run the utility and click on the record button. After that, a red bar will appear at the top.
  • Go to the main screen or to the program in which the actions will be recorded.
  • To stop recording video, return to the application and click on the stop button.

Among the features of the program is support for operating systems starting from iOS 6.1. Other advantages include automatic encoding of clips in the H264 MP4 format, the ability to select the screen orientation and recording quality. The created video is automatically exported to the smartphone library.

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Another way how to record screen video on iPhone is to use the iREC app. All you need to do is:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Launch and specify the name of the future video.
  • Click on the start recording button and perform all the actions for which you need to make a screencast.
  • Stop recording by choosing to save it to your phone.

The disadvantage of the program is the need to pay 2.99 to the developers. But among the pluses there is support for platforms, starting with iOS 7, on which even such old models as iPhone 4 work. In addition, the application supports iPads and iPods, and can not only shoot a video with sound, but also record conversations on a mobile connection, Skype or any messenger.

Recording videos using a PC

In addition to using programs downloaded to a mobile gadget, there are ways how to take video from the iPhone phone screen using a computer. over, almost anyone. even with Windows.
An important prerequisite for getting started is the need to connect your iPhone and PC to the same network using a cable or Wi-Fi. Because of this, you will most likely have to be in the same room as the computer to remove the video. But you don’t have to install additional software, the methods are suitable for phones of any model.

IPhone Screen Recording on MacOS

The owner of a computer with macOS will also have to use a special application to capture video from the iPhone. However, unlike a Windows PC, it is already built into the operating system. The procedure is as follows:

  • Connect the phone to the computer using a cable, allowing access to the device.
  • Launch the QuickTime Player program, which can be found through the search.
  • Select the “File” item or a new video recording in the utility menu.
  • After turning on the default video recording from the webcam, switch to the mobile gadget by clicking on the small arrow.
  • Select the quality of the video and the sound source, which can be a microphone of a computer or mobile device.
  • Press the record button to start filming what is happening on the iPhone screen.

Having recorded a screencast, you should click on the “Stop” button in the program and select a location to save the video. In the same way, you can record only audio by enabling audio recording in QuickTime Player and using the iPhone as an external microphone.

How to Capture iPhone Video with Sound

Add a screen recording button to Control Center via Settings

There you will find other functions that you can quickly access.

Sound recording allows you to capture not only your voice, but also the sound from applications and games

The recorded video is saved in the Photos application by default. To find it, you don’t even have to open it and manually search for a video. Apple has thought of everything for you: after you finish recording, you will receive a notification from the Photos application, clicking on which will take you directly to the freshly recorded video. All that remains is to view it and decide whether it is worth subjecting it to additional post-processing or you can send it like that.

How to record with sound screen on iPhone

The founder of Mikhail Korolev is a great inventor. He constantly comes up with all sorts of innovations for working with the site, layout of articles and processing of images and teaches us these subtleties. But since he rarely succeeds in delivering the necessary information personally, he has to go to various tricks in order for the lesson to be learned. In this case, not only clarity is very important, but also sound accompaniment. Therefore, the standard function of recording the screen on the iPhone was not always suitable, because it allows you to capture a picture, but not to record sound. Anyway, we all thought so up to a certain point.

It turns out that you can record the iPhone screen with sound.

Screen Recorder with Sound on iPhone

Thanks to the function of capturing images with sound, you can not only show what is happening on the screen of your iPhone, but also describe it with your voice. You don’t even need an external headset for this, because all recording is done on the built-in microphone. The main thing is not to cover the area with the microphone with your hand or something else during recording. Otherwise, at the output, the sound may turn out to be either too quiet, or not recorded at all. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, hold it by the side edges on weight, and iPad. vertically, if possible without pinching the bottom end.

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However, in this mode, you can record not only your voice, but also the sound of the iPhone or iPad itself. Yes, you’re right, screen capture on iOS also captures audio in games, video services, and other applications with voice acting. That is, in fact, thanks to this function, you will be able to conduct, if not live broadcasts, then at least record the gameplay of the games you play, and then, having slightly corrected, put it on YouTube or send it to the person for whom the recording was intended. The main thing is to remember that it is illegal to record films and series on paid video platforms in this way, and then send to someone or distribute in another way, is illegal and equates to piracy.

Recording video from the iPhone screen using iOS

Although the feature is implemented on devices with iOS 11 and 12 out of the box, capturing video from the display is not included in the list of options that are displayed by default in Control Center. Therefore, first you need to activate the corresponding button in the settings.

To do this, open the Settings app, select Control Center and click Customize Controls.

Under Controls, click the plus sign to the left of Screen Recording. The option will immediately move to the “Enable” list and begin to appear in the Control Center.

By keeping your finger on the icon to the right of Screen Recording, you can move the item, thereby changing the location of the button in the Control Center. You can also remove unnecessary functions from the panel by clicking on the “minus” to the left of the corresponding element, and confirming with the button “Delete”.

Now, to start shooting, swipe up from the bottom of the display (on iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, swipe down from the top right) and click on the record icon.

To shoot a video with sound, press the button with effort and turn on the “Microphone” in the window that appears. Then click “Start Recording”.

A timer will start, which will count down for 3 seconds, after which video capturing starts. At the time of shooting, the status bar will glow red. On iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, only the time in the upper left corner is highlighted in red.

To stop recording, open the Control Center and click the button again, or click on the status bar and select “Stop”.

A third method is also available: press the touch button hard and click “Stop Recording”.

Capturing video from the iPhone screen on iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10 without a computer and jailbreak

For older iPhones running iOS 10 and below, the AirShou program has been created, which can capture video from the display without jailbreak and computer.

To download the app, go to and scroll down to the app description. Click “AirShou” → “Install” → “Install AirShou” and select “Install” in the pop-up window.

The utility will load and its icon will appear on the desktop.

But AirShou will not start until you designate the developer of the program as trustworthy. To do this, go to “Settings” → “General” and open “Profiles and device management” (the item may be called “Device management” and “Profiles”).

Select a developer, click “Trust” China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company Limited “and confirm by clicking” Trust “.

After the performed actions, AirShou will start working. Now run the program and allow sending notifications. Then click “Agree”.

In the main application window, select “Record”. Next, enter the name of the future video or leave the field empty. then the file name will be set automatically.

Also select the orientation: porter or landscape, and set the resolution in which the video will be recorded.

Click Next and give AirShou access to the microphone.

Now bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom edge of the display and click on the AirPlay Replay button. Select “AirShou (Device Name)” from the list of available devices and recording will start.

To stop capturing video from the screen, open AirShou and press “Stop”.

Videos are displayed in the application on a separate tab. To go to the saved videos, on the main AirShou screen, click on the button in the upper right corner. You can play videos, open them in other programs or save to Camera Roll (files will be transferred to the Photos application).

How to take video from the iPhone and iPad screen

Only in iOS 11, it became possible to record video with sound from the iPhone screen without using third-party programs. But for previous versions of iOS, solutions are available: using a computer or using a special application for iPhone and iPad.

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The video capture feature works in iOS 11 and 12, which are supported by most Apple mobile devices. If your gadget runs on iOS 10 and older, you will have to use third-party software. about this in the second and third sections of this manual.

Useful materials for Apple technology owners:

How to take video off the screen using a computer program

For Windows, several programs have been developed with which you can capture video from the iPhone screen. They are paid, but trials are available with some restrictions. For example, Wondershare iOS Screen Recorder displays the program logo over the video recording. The LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver utility is also paid, but in the trial version there is no reduction in functionality and overlay of a watermark, so we recommend using it.

Go to the official website and click on the “Download for Windows” button. Download the installation file and then install the program. When you run the utility for the first time, the Windows Firewall window will appear. allow LonelyScreen to communicate in private and, if necessary, in public networks.

Connect your computer and iPhone to the same network. On your smartphone, open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the display (on bezel-less iPhones, swipe down from the top-right edge). Click on the “Screen Mirroring” button (“AirPlay Video Mirroring” in iOS 10 and below) and select “LonelyScreen”.

The image from the iPhone screen will be broadcast in the program window on the computer. To start recording, open the options panel and click on the red button “Start recording”.

To stop recording, in the LonelyScreen window, click on the “Stop recording” button. Or, in Control Center on iPhone, select Screen Replay and tap Stop Replay.

To view the captured video, click on the green Play button. To go to the location of the file, click on the folder icon. By default, recordings are stored in the “This PC” → “Videos” directory.

Screen mirroring in iTools

The function of recording an image from the screen is also in the well-known utility iTools. This is a paid, more functional alternative to iTunes. The trial version of the program has restrictions on file transfer and video capture from the display. Therefore, to unlock the desired function, buy a license or use an activator. The latter can be found on the internet.

Then connect iPhone to PC via USB. When prompted “Trust this computer?”, Select “Trust” and enter the passcode for the device.

Open iTools, go to the “Toolbox” tab if English is installed and select “Screen mirroring” (“Real-time Desktop”).

To start shooting, click on the red round button. Select the resolution, video quality and folder where to save the recording. Then click “OK”.

Screen capture starts. To pause recording, click on pause, and to stop recording, click on the gray square.

If you left the default settings, the files will be saved in the “Videos” folder.

If the display does not start recording

When you added the screencast button, clicked on it, the timer started, but after the countdown, the shooting did not start. do the following:

  • On iOS 11: Go to Settings → General → Restrictions, enter the Restrictions passcode, and activate Screen Recording under Game Center.
  • On iOS 12: Go to Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy, enter your Screen Time passcode → Content Restrictions → Screen Recorder and select Yes.

How to record a screencast to GIF

The DU Recorder application will help you create GIF-animation from the recorded screencast. After downloading the program from the App Store, launch it, provide access to “Photos” and allow sending notifications.

According to the instructions from the beginning of the article, add “Screen Recorder” to the Control Center, then in the DU Recorder menu, click “GIF Recorder”.

Open Control Center, forcefully press the screencast button, select “DU Recorder” and click “Start Broadcast”.

At the right time, stop broadcasting in a convenient way, after which a notification will pop up that the recording is complete.

The created GIF animation will be displayed in the DU Recorder in the “Video” section, and will also be saved to the Camera Roll.

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