How to make a screenshot of a separate part of the screen

How to Take a Screenshot of the Highlighted Screen Area?

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Hey! In this article, we will look at the main ways how you can take a screenshot of the computer screen using standard system tools and using special programs.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

It is not always necessary to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or even the active window. Sometimes you need to take a picture of a certain part of the monitor so that the rest of the elements are not visible. Of course, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen, and then cut out the desired part in Paint, but this is too long and difficult. How to take a screenshot on a Windows 7,8,10 laptop for a specific part of the screen? To do this, you need to use the standard Snipping Tool.

This program is located at: Start. All Programs. Accessories. Scissors. After clicking on the program shortcut, the following window will appear in front of you:

Click on the Create button and the mouse cursor will turn into a cross, and the rest of the screen will be fogged up. Now press the left mouse button and select the required area of ​​the screen by dragging the cursor, it will be a screenshot that will immediately appear in the “Scissors” editor. Here you can make edits and save the screen on your computer File. Save As

Special programs for screenshots

The standard Windows tools for taking screenshots are only good when the need for screenshots does not arise very often. Sometimes, for various reasons, a PC user is forced to regularly take screenshots, edit them, save and send them by e-mail. So that this process does not take much time, specialized programs were created.

Personally, I use the Lightshot program, a more detailed description of which you can read by clicking on the link. Here I will only say that with one click of a button, you can select and take a picture of the desired part of the screen, a small screen will automatically open, where you can also conveniently make minor edits, and from here save the screen on the computer, in the cloud, or send it to the addressee. Very convenient and fast, the program is always in the registry, and I use it all the time.

There are other programs installed on your computer that allow you to take screenshots of your Windows screen. Their description is provided by the links at the bottom of the article.

Sometimes we need to send someone the image that we see on the monitor screen. For example, to ask a familiar IT specialist why some program does not work on the computer, or to confirm with a picture that we have sent money to a friend’s phone. In the end, you can take a screenshot of the correspondence on the social network and show it to a friend.

In such cases, it is required to take a screenshot of what is happening on the computer, which is also called a screenshot. In this article, you will find instructions on how to make a screenshot of the computer screen using Windows 7 tools, as well as using several programs.

How to take a screenshot of a screen or part of it in Windows 10

Although Windows already has a built-in tool for taking screenshots of the entire screen or part of it, called “Scissors”, there is a faster way to do it:

The next time you need to take a photo, just use the keyboard shortcut “Win” “Shift” “S”.

Once you do this, your screen will turn gray and your cursor will change to a crosshair.

Hold down the left mouse button and select the part of the screen that you want to save.

When this is done, the screen and the cursor will take their usual form, and the part of the screen you have selected will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste the saved snapshot into any image editing application using the key combination “Ctrl” “V” or by right-clicking and selecting “Paste”.

Screenshot of the selected area on the screen

If you need to take a screenshot of not the entire screen and not the entire active window, but only the selected area of ​​the screen, then this can be done with the Scissors tool, which is by default in all Windows operating systems starting from Windows Vista.

Open the Scissors program by clicking Start. All Programs. Accessories. Scissors.

A window of the program will pop up on which the “Create” button will be pressed, and the rest of the screen will become transparent.

When the “Create” button is selected in the Scissors program, you need to select the area that you want to photograph and, after selecting, release the mouse.

After you release the mouse, a window with the selected area will pop up. For example, in the picture below, I took a screenshot of a part of the Yandex website page.

In the program “Scissors” you can draw, as well as use a yellow marker, which will allow you to select the necessary part of the screenshot if necessary.

To save the screenshot, click “File”. “Save”.

Where can I paste the saved screenshot in Windows 10

When it comes to where to paste the image, you can use Paint on your Windows computer, or opt for something stronger like Photoshop (especially if you need to edit a screenshot).

You can also paste the screenshot directly into Word, Outlook, or any other program that supports image insertion. You can even insert an image directly into VK, or. to publish it publicly without saving it on your computer.

How to take a lot of screenshots without inserting pictures in Paint

In order to take several screenshots in a row, you need to press the WindowsPrintScreen key combination.

After that, the picture will be immediately saved on the hard disk of your computer, and you do not have to open Paint or another editor and save the screen. Photos will be automatically saved to This PC. Pictures. Screenshots. Later, you can open these files and edit, if the need arises.

What is a screenshot and why take them?

A screenshot is a snapshot of an image on a laptop or computer screen. You can screen the entire screen, one active window, or a part of it. It will come in handy to solve a system problem with a PC, save and send a reminder. Find out more about why you need to take screenshots from the following list.

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6 reasons to learn how to take a screenshot on a laptop or PC

Bugs. Solving a problem with a PC over the phone is long and difficult, especially if you do not understand the program and try to explain the reason to the sysadmin. It’s even harder to tell your grandmother where to click to type. It is much easier to take and send a photo to assess problems remotely.
2. Save the web page. No need to re-search for text with a dynamic site structure, pave the route in online maps.

Create an illustration. You can instantly illustrate text in a blog or post so you don’t waste a lot of time choosing lighting and retouching when shooting. This is useful when creating infographics, workshops and recipes.
4. Correspondences and lists. If you made a funny joke in a correspondence, you are tempted to send a joke to a friend or post it on a page: a snapshot will come in handy. Husband forgot the grocery list again? The screenshot will help out.
5. Protected file: correcting the text in such a photo is problematic, so the screenshots are used as evidence, for example, an online money transfer report. If you need a report, but you don’t want to publish confidential data, cover it in a photo editor, for example, in Corel Draw.

Save program settings. This step is similar to saving web pages. Especially useful for those who have just started learning how to use the program. In order not to make mistakes during use, and then frantically not to remember “how it was before”, and not to search the Internet, it is enough to “capture” the default option.

Keyboard shortcuts and Paint

To capture the entire screen image on the computer monitor, press the PrtSc (PrintScreen) button: the image will be transferred to the clipboard. If you need to create a screen of the active window on a laptop or PC, use the AltPrtSc combination. In some laptops, you need to press the combination FnPrtSc. for the whole survey, and FnAltPrtSc. for the window used.

To save the picture, open standard Paint and press CtrlV (paste) on your keyboard. Or right-click the touchpad / mouse and select the “paste” option from the menu that opens (for the English version of the OS. “paste”). For Windows XP or Vista, find in the menu “Edit → Paste”. For Windows 7 and above, click “Insert” at the top, as shown in the picture.

In the classic Paint application, edit the picture: erase unnecessary parts of the picture with an eraser, insert text into the image. Background fill will help make the text clearer. After editing, save the finished picture in the desired format.

Note: For Windows 8 and 10 operating systems, use the Win PrtScn combination instead of FnPrtSc to take a picture of the entire screen: the picture will be saved to the image library automatically.

Important! Before the photo is inserted into the editor, do not copy other elements, otherwise the photo will not be saved.

Remember: on a full-size keyboard (with a numeric keypad), the PrtSc key is placed separately, on a standard one (without a numeric keypad), the PrtSc key is usually located on the F11, Ins (Insert) keys.

How to take a screenshot on a computer and laptop? 10 quick ways

In order not to suffer in search of a camera, not to select lighting and not to adjust the sharpness, not to retouch the resulting photo for 2 hours, you can take a screenshot on a laptop. It comes in handy to create a cheat sheet, send a message to a friend, or keep a reminder. For more information about why you need a screen, how to make and edit it, read the article.

Windows scissors

The native Windows tool will help you to screen the entire screen or any part of it. Most users prefer this application to the usual combination of buttons on the keyboard, since here you can create an image of any shape, as well as edit the picture.

  • Find the utility through “Start”: enter “scissors” in the search box and click on the name of the application.
  • In the application window that opens, select the “Create” option to display an optional menu.
  • Click on one of the options presented to select a selection format and create a screen. In this case, variations in the shape of the screen are acceptable: it can be rectangular, arbitrary, for the whole screen. The picture will open in the program window.
  • Using the Pen tool. sign the image, choosing the “Marker”. select the text, if necessary.
  • Use the eraser to erase unnecessary areas of the drawing.
  • By clicking the “Save As” button, select the location and format of the image. In this application, you can create drawings in JPG, GIF and PNG.

Note: to send screenshots without problems, choose the JPG or PNG format. These pictures are light enough to be sent by e-mail. In addition, these formats are universal, so they can be read by any photo editor or viewer, for example, Adobe Photoshop.

Windows H buttons

This combination is useful to immediately send a screen to email or save it to the cloud storage. After pressing the keys, a picture and a panel displaying a list of applications will appear. Choose what you need to do: send a photo by e-mail, save it to the cloud in Google Disk, Dropbox, OneNote or another service. In addition to exporting to cloud storage, you can immediately open access to the file.

Windows Laptop Screenshot Tutorial: 3 Methods

To make a screen on a laptop, you do not need to download a special program: just use the system utilities. Choose any convenient method from the ones below.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Mac OS computer

Making printscreen on MacBook is easy: choose one of the 6 suggested options.

Press cmdctrlshift3 at the same time to copy the snapshot. Open the graphics and photo editing app you like and insert the image using cmdv command. Edit if needed and save in the required format.
2. Press cmdshift3 and the PNG image will appear on the desktop. The name of the picture is the date and time of shooting. This method is faster than the first.

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Enter the command cmdshift4. the picture of a part of the screen will be immediately saved on the desktop. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to crop the image, which means that it will not lose quality. The disadvantage of this option is that you cannot create a print screen on a laptop or PC of too small a part, for example, a folder icon. In this case, the image will stretch.

To screen the window in use, apply cmdshift4 spacebar.

Good to know. To edit the screen of the screen, use the combination cmdshift4 “additional key”. So, add an extra shift to stretch the picture one side at a time. First select the empty part, and only then click the additional button. Drag the picture with the mouse. Add an option to stretch the image around the entire perimeter.

Win S Shift

This key combination is suitable if you need to take a screenshot not of the entire screen, but of its part. When you press these buttons at the same time, a tool appears that allows you to select the desired area on the screen. This snapshot will be saved to the clipboard. Next, you need to act as in the first paragraph of the article. save a picture through the Paint program or paste it directly into a dialog or messenger.

How to take a screenshot on a computer or phone: the easiest ways

There are several ways to take a screenshot.

Often at work or when communicating, it becomes necessary to take a screenshot. screenshot of computer or phone. There are many ways to take a screenshot, from built-in operating system to special programs for working with screenshots.

Win PrntScr

An even easier way to take a screenshot. simultaneously press the Windows keys (aka “Start”) and Print Screen. Any screenshots taken this way are automatically saved in the Screenshots folder. This way, you can quickly save many screenshots to your computer.

To find this folder, on the Start menu, click on Pictures. In the Windows 10 operating system, you can also click on Explorer (the icon on the quick access toolbar immediately to the right of “Start”).

This method is suitable if you need to take a lot of screenshots without cropping or processing. After all, you do not have to open the image editor every time, insert a picture from the clipboard into it and save each file manually.

Screenshot apps

There is a huge selection of third-party programs on the Internet that allow you to quickly take screenshots and immediately save them to your computer. You can also download a browser extension for taking screenshots.


This tool makes it easy to take screenshots. You can also select an area for a screenshot, edit the resulting image and change its format, but faster. Go to the Windows search bar and enter “Scissors”. Click on the “Create” item in the upper left corner of the program. Then select the area of ​​the screen you want to capture. Click “File” and “Save As”.

Print Screen button

Any laptop or computer keyboard has a Print Screen key that takes a screenshot of the moment the key is pressed. Most often it is located in the top row of the keyboard behind the F1-F12 buttons. The key can be abbreviated as PrtScr, PrtSc or Print Scrn.

After you clicked on PrntScr, you will not see any visual changes, however the screenshot has already been created and is in the clipboard. After that, you can directly paste it into any social network or dialog using the “Paste” button or the CtrlV key combination (they must be pressed simultaneously) and send immediately. This is useful if you don’t need to crop the screenshot.

To save a screenshot to your computer, open Paint and paste the screenshot you just created by pressing the Ctrl and V keys at the same time. You will see the screenshot you just created. To save it to your computer, press Ctrl and S at the same time and select the location where you want to save the snapshot.

How to take a screenshot on your phone

Most mobile devices take a screenshot when you press the screen lock key and the volume up or down buttons at the same time. You can find the specific keyboard shortcut for your device on the Internet. Screenshots will be saved to a separate folder in the device gallery.

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How to take a screenshot (photo, screenshot) of a part of the screen in Windows 7

There are often cases that in order to prepare some reports, lessons, coursework, we need to insert photographs of the windows of the programs in which we work. Sometimes it is necessary to photograph the entire screen as a whole, sometimes only the active window of the program in which you are working.

However, there are times when we only need a photo of a small portion of the screen. You can take such a picture, of course, with the help of special software, but if you don’t want to install any programs, let’s figure out how to do this using the standard tools that Windows 7 offers us.

And oddly enough, this can be done in two ways.

We take a screenshot of a part of the screen using the Alt and PrtSc keys, as well as the Paint graphic editor.

I like this method better, to be honest, because it works 100% anyway.

So, let’s say I need to take a photo of a part of the KMPlayer window. I don’t need the entire window, but a picture of the logo itself:

I make the window active by clicking on it with the left mouse button once. Next, I hold down the Alt key and after PrtSc. Thus, I put a snapshot of this window into the clipboard.

Next, I launch the Paint graphic editor and insert our window there using the keyboard shortcuts CtrlV.

In the “Home” tab, I click the “Crop” item and select the part of the photo I need:

Next, I right-click on the piece of the photo that I selected and select the “Crop” item from the drop-down menu.

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As a result, I got a picture of the logo, which is what I wanted. It remains only to save it by clicking on the leftmost tab in the form of an arrow and selecting “Save As”.

Only when you save the picture is it better to choose the jpg format and it is advisable not to forget the place where you saved it.

Watch the video tutorial. in which I show how to take different screenshots in this way:

Using a mini-program such as Scissors. It is located along this path: “Start. All Programs. Accessories. Scissors”.

The program seems to be good, but not in all cases allows you to take a picture of what you want. However, if you need to take a quick photo of something, then it will do just right.

We launch the program. In the “Create” tab, you can select areas of the screen to photograph. Here you can take photos of both the whole screen and a separate window, and you can also take pictures of an arbitrary rectangular area or, in general, an area of ​​arbitrary shape. I choose “Rectangle”

And right away I photograph my logo. In order to save the snapshot, you need to click on the floppy disk. That’s all.

Watch a video in which I show you how to work with the Scissors program:

Win S Shift

This keyboard shortcut starts the function of selecting the desired part of the screen, and then opens it for viewing and processing, including cropping, pencil, pen, highlighter, and saving.

Win S Shift. selection of a part of the screen.

How to take a screenshot on a MacBook

MacOS, like Windows, has a built-in service for taking screenshots.

The fastest way to do them is with the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Cmd Shift 3. screenshot of the entire screen. The file is immediately saved to the desktop in png format.
  • Cmd Shift 4. selection of a screen area. It can be moved (Space), scaled arbitrarily (Shift) or in specified proportions (Option).
  • Cmd Shift 6. Screenshot of TouchBar.
  • Cmd Shift 5. call the “Screenshot” utility in MacOS Mojave. With its help, you can take a picture of the entire screen, a separate area of ​​it, the active window, as well as take a video of the entire screen or a selected area.

In the “Terminal” you can change the save location and format of screenshots, enable the window shadow or remove it if it interferes.

MacOS has a service for taking screenshots.

In addition, you can take screenshots on a MacBook using the above online resources (Lightshot, Yandex.Disk, dropbox) or programs that can be downloaded and installed for free (Greenshot, SSmaker, etc.).

Print screen

Almost any computer keyboard has a Print screen button (if you didn’t recognize it right away, it may be hidden under the abbreviation Prt scn, Prnt Scrn or PrtSc). She is responsible for copying the entire screen image of the monitor to the clipboard. Its color (or the color of the label) can match the color of the Fn key. in this case, you need to press them together.

Print screen. key on computer keyboards.

To get a graphic file, it is better to open a program that can work with images (standard Paint, if available. Adobe Photoshop), create a new document in it and paste the contents of the clipboard into it (Ctrl V). If you plan to immediately publish the file on a social network, when saving, you need to select a format that will allow you to get good quality with a small size (jpg, png).

If editing is required, for example, applying filters, adding text, photos, graphic elements, it is better to give preference to such a format that does not reduce the quality (tif). Also the file can be inserted into a word processing document, presentation or email.

Similarly, you can take a screenshot of only one active window by pressing Alt and Print Screen at the same time.

YandexDisk and Dropbox

File sharing services with additional useful functions. Opportunities:

  • installation on a computer or work in a browser;
  • screenshot of the entire screen, area, active window;
  • image editing;
  • output of a graphic file to Yandex.Disk (Dropbox cloud) or to a laptop folder;
  • link formation.

Dropbox. file hosting.

Ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

Screenshot. a scan of the screen, a quick way to copy what is happening on your computer, record and share it in the correspondence in order to avoid unnecessary explanations. Various programs, online services and hotkeys allow you to both take a screenshot on a laptop and edit the resulting image.

Screenshot. screenshot of the monitor.

Win PrntScr

Windows 10 now makes it possible to save a screen without the participation of additional programs. Using the Win Prntscr buttons, you can take a picture of the screen and immediately get the finished png file in the “Pictures”. “Screenshots” folder. The Alt Win PrntScr combination saves the active window to the “Videos”. “Clips” folder.


The installation process requires registration on the site. Main functions:

  • a snapshot of the whole screen or part of it;
  • image editing, drawing, adding elements, text;
  • saving a graphic file;
  • providing a link;
  • uploading files to cloud storage.

Clip2Net is a handy little utility for creating screenshots.

You can upgrade to a PRO account with advanced features.

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