How to make a screenshot of the screen on A71

Taking a screenshot of the page (screen)

Increasingly, when working at a computer, and on the Internet in particular, we need to make screenshots of pages.

make, screenshot, screen

Most likely, you already needed to do this in some game, or send some report in the form of a screenshot of the screen to confirm your words. Well, or it happens that the interlocutor does not quite understand what they want from him and need to literally on his fingers, or rather, on the skin, highlight some element on the page and indicate the action.

It is for these purposes that this article is to solve your problem, which haunts and helps.

Stage 2: insert the taken snapshot into a graphics editor

After we have completed the first stage, we run the standard Paint program that is available on any Windows OS:

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And then just in the program window press the key combination “CtrlV”

The screenshot will be inserted into the program from the clipboard. Now you just need to select “Save” in the top menu, or press the “CtrlS” key combination and select a location on your computer to save in any of the available formats: jpg, png, gif.

Optionally, you can reduce the size of the image, stretch or shrink it.

Stage 1: put the screen in the buffer

To do this, if you have a large keyboard (with a numeric keypad), then just press the PrtScr key.
In this case, a screenshot of the entire screen will be taken and placed on the clipboard.

If you want to “take a picture” only of the active window (if several windows are open in Windows), then you need to press the AltPrtScr key combination. That is, hold down Alt and, as it were, add PrtScr to make everything work.

If the AltPrtScr key combination does not work for you, then find the Fn key (near Alt) and read FnPrtScr.
This often happens on a laptop, where the keyboard is small and does not have a number pad on the right.

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At this time you can be on any site, or SIMply in Word or another program, or play a game and press the combination of these keys to take a screenshot.

At the same time, we want to note that you will not see any information that the keys worked. In order to understand that the screen has been made, you need to go to stage 2.

Taking a snapshot of a page in Windows 7 with scissors

If you have a Windows 7 operating system, then you can do without the keys described in the previous section, and without all kinds of inserts.

You just need to run a standard and very handy program called “Snipping Tool”.

Immediately upon starting the program, the cursor will change to a cross. By holding down the right mouse button, you can select the desired area of ​​the screen, release the button and a screen will be automatically made.

This mode is called “Rectangle”. It is the default. But you can choose other options from the drop-down list in the menu: “free form”, “window”, “full screen“.

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After the screenshot is taken, save it to your computer using the “CtrlS” key combination.

If you can’t make a screen using the Print Screen key

Let’s first take a look at how a screenshot of a page with the Print Screen key is taken at all, namely without any additional programs.

Lightshot Screenshot Software

Download software by button (for Windows):
Download Lightshot free

or go to the official website Mac version available.

After installation, an icon will appear in the Windows tray (near the clock), by clicking on which you can select an area for a screenshot. Then we save it to the computer or to the prntscr server so that.
You can read about the possibilities in the picture below.