How To Make A Screenshot Of The Screen On Samsung A50

How to turn off Samsung A50 phone after updating

After updating to Android 10, the method of how to turn off the Samsung A50 has changed due to the integration into the device of the Daily news feed, an analogue of the proprietary Bixby. Now in a smartphone from Samsung there are 3 methods to turn off the power.

How To Make A Screenshot Of The Screen On Samsung A50

How to turn off Samsung Galaxy A50

You can turn off your phone using:

  • a virtual key located in the notification shade;
  • combinations of physical buttons on the side face;
  • change the assignment of the power key.

forced shutdown

This option is used in situations when the device does NOT turn off by any of the above methods, freezes during operation or switching on:

  • pre-connect the phone to the power adapter;
  • hold down the power and volume down buttons;
  • after 10-20 seconds the system will shut down and restart will start.

In cases where it is impossible to forcibly turn off the smartphone and the shutdown button does not work, it remains to wait until the battery is discharged, which will notify the user about the disconnected screen.

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In case of repeated freezes, so that you do not have to do a forced shutdown, do a data reset. Before performing this operation, transfer your personal files to a memory card, computer, or cloud storage. Recover your Google account if you forgot your username and password. Next step:

  • go to “Settings”, from there to “General settings”;
  • tap on “Reset”;
  • at the bottom of the page, select Reset Data. Depending on the OS version, the function is called “Reset Device”;
  • a new page will open where you need to click on “Reset” again.

The phone turns off, and the process of cleaning the internal memory begins, restoring system files. If the device continues to work unstable, Contact the service center with a request to diagnose the device.

Switching off via additional menu

For this method, the shutdown button is not needed, it is replaced by a virtual analog.

  • Unlock your smartphone. Swipe from top to bottom of the screen to unfold the notification shade.
  • In the upper right corner, next to the gear icon, there will be a shutdown key. Tap on it.
  • A list of available functions will appear. Click on “Disable“.
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keyboard shortcut

When it is not possible to call the additional menu through the shutter (the smartphone is frozen, it malfunctions), this can be done using the buttons:

  • turn on the device;
  • simultaneously press the volume rocker down and the lock button;
  • the screen prompts you to turn off, restart the device, or turn on Emergency mode. Choose the first option and wait for the disconnection.

one button

Power key customization eliminates the need for a sensor or combination of buttons.

  • Press the power and volume down again.
  • Under the list of available actions, tap on the “Side key settings”.
  • In the list that opens, tap on the “Shutdown menu”.
  • Now, instead of the application menu with news, it will be possible to turn off the device.

The button is also reassigned through the parameters of the Samsung Galaxy A50:

  • go to “Settings”. Scrolling down the page, Until you come across “Additional functions”, open them with tap;
  • on top, click on the “Side key”;
  • repeat the steps above.
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If the above steps do not work, there is no such item in the settings, you will have to reset the phone to its original settings. This will return the operating system to the factory state, activate the new functions introduced into the device firmware.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has 3 ways to turn off the power of the smartphone, including the ability to return to use the power button, which with the update to Android 10 was reassigned to the Daily call.

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