How To Make A Screenshot On Android

How to make a screenshot on Android

Screenshot or screenshot is an instant screenshot of the device screen. In other words, a box is an image with a picture of what is currently displayed on the device screen. In the Windows operating system, in order to take a screenshot, you need to press the Print Screen key. In this article, we will talk about how to make a screenshot on Android.

Due to the fact that there are many versions of android, and there are even more different firmwares, there are also many ways to get screenshots. By default, in standard Android, in order to make a screen, you must simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button of the device (lock button). You need to press these buttons simultaneously and after pressing hold them until the device does NOT take a screenshot. You will know that the screenshot is ready by the characteristic sound, as well as from the notification menu, in which a message will appear to create a screenshot.

At the moment, this method of taking screenshots on Android is the most common. It is used on devices with pure android (no shells and other changes), as well as many other devices.

If you have a device running Android 3.2, then in order to make a screen, you need to press the “Recent programs” button and hold it until the device does NOT make a box and does NOT report it.

If you have an older version of Android, then in order to make a screen you will have to install third-party applications, since in older versions of Android there are comments on the built-in function for getting screenshots.

How to make a screenshot on Android from Samsung

If you have a Samsung device, then the method of holding down the volume down and power buttons for a long time will NOT work. Instead, you need to use a different keyboard shortcut. On devices from Samsung, in order to take a screenshot, you must simultaneously press the power button of the phone and the mechanical button “Home”. which is located under the screen of the device.

After pressing THESE buttons, you need to hold them down before the smartphone takes a screenshot. You will recognize the creation of a screenshot thanks to the characteristic sound and message that will appear in the notification area.

Other ways to take screenshots on Android

In addition to the aforementioned methods of obtaining a screen photo, there are others. For example, you can make a screenshot on Android using apps installed from Google Play. Using third-party applications, you will get more additional features related to taking screenshots.

The drocap2 application allows you to make screenshots in JPEG and PNG formats. In order to make a screen using the drocap2 application, it is enough to launch the program, turn on the application using the “Start” button, go to the screen you need and shake the smartphone. Thus, you do not have to press anything, the application will make a screen in response to the movement of the device. It should be noted that for this application to work, you need root rights.

Screenshot ER is a paid program. With it, you can take screenshots in many different ways: by shaking your smartphone, using a widget on the desktop, using a shortcut, using a timer, or by holding a key for a long time. In this case, the user can choose the format of pictures (JPEG and PNG) and send the resulting image using Dropbox, Picasa and other similar services.

By the way, we have an article on how to take a screenshot on Windows Phone.

Breaking. not building: more options for bypassing ROOT

How to make a screen on “Android” with an old operating system, if you don’t want to hack it? There is also such an option. There are several programs that allow you to get ROOT rights for the duration of one session of the device (until the next reboot) without breaking the system files. For example, No Root Screenshot It app.

software part

List of actions how to make a screen on “Android” programmatically, is given below. If you press and hold the shutdown button on the mobile device for a few seconds, a Dialogue window will appear. On some mobile devices, holding down the power button for five seconds or more will trigger an additional action, such as, “Reboot the operating system” or “Go to the service menu”. This fact must be taken into account and try to hold the power button for no more than three seconds. In the list of suggested actions of the dialog box, among such as “turn off the power”, “airplane mode”, “reboot” and other various suggestions, you can find the item “screenshot”. It is enough to press once with your finger on the “screenshot” menu item. and “Android” will take a snapshot of the current screen view of the mobile device. Then it will place the snapshot in a graphic file and hide it in one of the folders of the file system. The file is searched through the device gallery.

Screenshot? Never never heard!

The word “screen” is derived from the word “screenshot” (screen shot), and literally translated from English into Russian as “screen shot”. Taking screenshots and sending them by mail or via social networks is quite popular among netizens.

Many have the skills to take screenshots on a personal computer or laptop. And those who DO NOT own, Having studied the keyboard thoroughly, will be able to find a button with the inscription Print Screen (a variant with the abbreviated name PrtScr is possible). Clicking this button will take a screenshot of the entire screen and place it on the clipboard. If you hold down the Alt key while pressing the Print Screen button, the screenshot will only take one window that is active at the time of the application snapshot. The saved image from the clipboard can be placed in a separate file, for example, using Paint, pasted directly into a text editor or message window. Some owners of mobile devices, especially tablets, have a wireless keyboard available for ease of use, but what other owners of mobile devices based on the operating system should do “Android ”without a full keyboard? How to make a screen on “Android” in such cases?

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What are ROOT rights and how to get them

It all starts small. Someone is disturbed by the shutter sound when taking a photo on a mobile phone under control “Android”. And someone is tormented by the question of how to make a phone screen. “Android” with an operating system below 3.2 does not allow the use of programs that work with system files without ROOT rights. With the help of special software, you can get full rights over the system. For each model of a mobile device, obtaining a ROOT is individual. Hacking instructions can be found on many forums. You can use the services of a service center, whose specialists will complete the task very quickly.

Magic programs for owners “Android” 3.2 and below. Step Back. Devices on “Android” third version

Perhaps a few years ago, one of the developers “Android” the third version wondered how to do on “Android” screenshot, resulting in many operating system modifications “Android” 3.0. 3.2 received a software solution for creating a screen on the device. To take a screenshot, you need to hold down the Recent Programs button for a few seconds. The path to save the screen can be found through the gallery.

How to make a screen on “Android”? Take a screenshot of the screen on “Android

Who would have thought that the word “Android”, literally ten years ago, meant the work, endowed with human intelligence, so firmly established in our lives. This is the name given to the world’s most popular mobile platform. And it is for this platform that millions of games and applications exist. Strange as it may seem, the “screenshot creation” service is in great demand among mobile users. To help owners of mobile devices based on “Android” in this matter, created this article.

“Android” 4 and higher: hardware

Make a box on “Android” with an operating system of the fourth version and higher it will NOT be difficult. Smartphone manufacturers with pre-installed system “Android” 4 put the functionality of taking screenshots into the hardware.

Great editing possibilities with the right programs

Screen screen on “Android” obtained by pressing one or two buttons, manufacturers have simplified the actions of users as much as possible. Press the button. get the result. Everything is simple and accessible, provided that the resulting image does not need to be edited, for example, before sending it to the second person. Turning to Google Play, you can find many interesting programs that allow you to not only create a box, but also immediately edit it. crop, draw or add comments. That’s just for this software to work, all the same ROOT rights are required.

Screenshot apps

If Root rights are obtained on the device, you can use one of the applications.

  • Screenshot Ultimate.
  • Screenshot Pro.
  • No Root Screenshot it.

By the way, several of the applications presented above do NOT require superuser rights, but they require a connection to a computer to use them.

Making a box on different versions of Android

In one of the latest versions of Android 6.0, called Marshmallow, the Google Now on Tap service was implemented to take screenshots. It is called by long pressing the “Home” button. Next, the user needs to open the “Share” window and the mailbox will be successfully created. In addition, the system will offer to send the created image somewhere. If you just need to save it, then select the functionality to upload to “Google Drive” or “Google Photos”.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the screens are slightly different from those that can be obtained on earlier versions of the system. The point is that when you get a screenshot using Google Now on Tap, you will find that the image will be missing the bottom navigation bar with the standard buttons (triangle, circle and square).

Android 4.0, 5.0 and up

If your mobile device is running version 4.0 or higher, then in order to save a screenshot, you need to simultaneously hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons. The resulting image can be viewed in the section “Gallery”.

Users of this OS version need to hold down the button that displays a list of recent applications.

Unfortunately, the “old lady” 2.3 does not provide the ability to save a screenshot using standard system tools. As a rule, on smartphones and tablets of some manufacturers, this issue has been resolved (first of all, these are smartphones from Samsung, on which everything is done by holding down the “Power” and “Home” buttons). Therefore, in this case, you can try to thoroughly study the capabilities of your device, it is possible that the manufacturer has provided a combination for saving a picture.

In the event that it turns out that the device does not provide for such a combination, you can use third-party programs (Root rights are required), which are presented further in our review.

How to take a screenshot on an Android phone from any manufacturer

Unlike Apple products, on Android devices, the key combination that allows you to take a screenshot is always different and is determined not only by the capabilities of the operating system, but also by the device manufacturer. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to take a screenshot of the screen on Android of different system versions. Also advise the applications that can be used for this purpose, i.e. some kind of universal ways.

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From the article you will learn

Making a box on devices from different manufacturers

As mentioned above, some manufacturers foresee their own solutions for taking a screenshot of the screen on the phone:

  • On Galaxy Note devices, screenshots are taken with the S Pen.
  • On HTC devices, you need to hold down the Power and Home buttons.
  • Users of LG products have access to the Quick Memo utility. which not only can capture the screen image instantly, but also allows you to take notes.
  • On the Sony Xperia, everything is done using a special menu. The user can call it by long pressing the “Power” button.
  • On Meizu devices and most other manufacturers, you must simultaneously hold down the “Volume” or “Volume.” and “on / off”.
  • On some Samsung smartphones, a picture can be taken by holding the Home button.

Where to find screenshots taken?

Let’s say you managed to make a screenshot of the screen. But where to find it in the system, where does it save the image?

Find Gallery on your desktop and open. There will be a new folder called “Screenshots”. all pictures are saved in it. You can also use any file manager to search. Here already, which is more convenient for you.

As you can see, the methods for taking screenshots differ depending on the version of the operating system and the device used.

Resorting to third-party programs is needed last, since in terms of convenience they are not as good (they require additional rights, load RAM, etc.) as standard tools, originally provided in the operating system. But with the help of the functionality of such programs, you can always make a screenshot of the screen on a smartphone or tablet running any version of Android. The main thing is that the application supports work with your version of the system.

universal method

If all of the above methods did NOT work, then there is one, rather complicated, but guaranteed method. So, how to make a screen on the phone, regardless of the model and version of the operating system. To use it, we need a computer with a gadget connected to it via a USB cable:

  • Enable USB debugging on your smartphone
  • Download and install the required drivers
  • Download and copy the archive to the root disk of the computer
  • Copy files “adb.exe”, “AdbWinApi.dll “and” fastboot.exe “in Windows \ System32. Run Command Timeline and navigate to the copied folder.
  • In the “SDK” subdirectory open the “platform-tools” directory and enter the “adb shell” command.
  • Find and run the ddms.bat file in the “tools” folder. The launch should lead to the opening of the “Davlik Debug Monitor”.

All devices connected to the Android computer will be displayed on the left side of the program screen. In this list, you need to select the desired smartphone and open the Device-Screen Capture menu. Now you can take a screenshot, return it, save it or put it on the clipboard.

This is undoubtedly a difficult method that will take time and some experience to implement. However, it is this method that can be used in any situation, regardless of the manufacturer, model and version of the operating system.

See also how to take a screenshot on an Android phone using apps.

Standard ways to get a screen shot

To figure out how to make a screenshot on an Android phone, you need to find out the model, manufacturer and operating system of the device. This will determine which keys you need to press to get the screenshot. The most common combination is the power button, pressed at the same time as the volume down key. In our case, this method works perfectly on all smartphones of the British company Fly, for example, on the latest model Fly Cirrus 13.

Also, together with the power key, you may need to press the “home” button, depending on the model, touch or mechanical.

If you have selected the correct key combination, you will see the corresponding message in the notification bar (in that the screen drawer is made). On some smartphones, the screenshot is accompanied by the sound of the camera shutter.

In some cases, the screenshot button can be found in the menu that pops up when the power button is pressed for a long time, along with the overload and shutdown keys. Sometimes you can find tools built into the interface by the manufacturer for creating a screenshot of the screen. For example, Samsung smartphones and tablets can have a digital pen, or a snapshot option built into the menu. Some models make a screen of the screen, if you just slide the edge of your hand over it.

How to take a screenshot on Android

06/05/2017 14:11:00

Almost every smartphone or tablet user is faced with the need to take a screenshot of their gadget over time. You may need a screenshot of the screen to share interesting information with your friends or post your achievements in the game on the network. Often, screenshots are taken by gamers, in some cases the box may be required to demonstrate an error in the application for the developer support. Any situation can arise, and you need to know how to make a screenshot of the screen on your phone. In this article, we’ll focus on a few of the ways you’ll need to do this. The fact is that depending on the model of the device and the firmware version of its operating system, a screenshot can be obtained in a certain way.

As you now understand, taking a screenshot on any Android device can be very fast and simple. just press a couple of keys. The only exceptions are older models and some Chinese smartphones, in which such a function is not provided.

How to Screen on a Samsung Android Phone

Modern models of Samsung mobile devices are equipped with another easy way to create screenshots. To do this, just slide the edge of your palm across the working display from left to right or from right to left.

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Attention! This feature may NOT be enabled by default. To activate it, go to the “Settings” menu, select the item “Control”. Next, in a new submenu, go to item “Palm control” and choose “Screenshot”. After that, the newfangled way of creating screenshots will be available to you.

If your mobile device has a physical button “Home”, then the second method of how to make a screen on Android is suitable for him.

  • Choosing the screen we need
  • Press the key for two to three seconds at the same time “Home” and the power button on the side of the smartphone body.
  • We will see the visual effect of creating a screenshot on the screen.

It is worth noting that with each method of creating a screen capture, they will be saved in the folder “A photo” (Folder “Gallery” on older versions of the Android operating system).

If your mobile device works on a proprietary interface from the manufacturer, then perhaps the following, fourth method for making a print screen on Android is suitable for it.

Many proprietary firmware for Android OS have an additional menu that is called by pressing the power button of the mobile device. Therefore, we do everything according to the following aLGorithm:

  • Calling the additional menu with the button “On off”.
  • In the menu, select the item “Take a screenshot” (Take screenshot).
  • The screen shows how a screenshot is taken.
  • That’s all, we can use the corresponding pictures, which are saved in the folder “A photo”.

Individual manufacturers provide individual screenshot commands for Android OS. We will take a look at several popular smartphone manufacturers.

The third method is for older generation mobile devices of all manufacturers, which have physical buttons under the display:

  • Open the application screen we need on the display.
  • Simultaneously clamp the physical keys under the screen “Home” and “Back to” for a couple of seconds.
  • Hear the characteristic sound of a screenshot.
  • Find the screenshot in the folder “Gallery”.

How to take a screenshot on Android

New users of mobile devices sooner or later face the question of how to take a screenshot on Android. It is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, and such information will be useful to many. It seems that on a desktop computer on Windows, a separate key on the keyboard is responsible for this operation. “PrintScreen”, but nothing like the comments on the desktop and in the virtual keyboard of the Android operating system.

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot of the screen on an Android phone, then we will tell you about all the possible methods, including individual options depending on the manufacturer of mobile devices.

We first introduce you to universal ways.

How to Take Screenshot on Android LG Phone

LG’s proprietary Android add-on UX has a Quick Memo app for creating and editing screenshots. Its activation button is located in the upper curtain of the notification panel. This application will simultaneously make a drawer of any application or desktop, as well as edit it, for example, crop.

So, the first way to take a screenshot of the screen on Android.

  • Make sure the screen you want is open (desktop or application you need).
  • Hold down the side buttons of the smartphone for a couple of seconds simultaneously: the power button and the bottom of the volume rocker (volume down).
  • We hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter. A photograph of the desktop is visualized on the screen. Screenshot of the smartphone display is automatically saved in the directory folder “A photo” most recent file.
How To Make A Screenshot On Android

Screenshot on modern Xiaomi smartphones

If you have purchased a new mobile device from Xiaomi, and you are interested in how to take a screenshot on Android, then here is another quick way for you. The latest Xiaomi models, such as Mi 8, allow you to take a screenshot of the screen with one simple swipe: swipe with three fingers from top to bottom of the screen. The proprietary MIUI shell immediately recognizes this command and takes a screenshot.

We hope our tips will help you choose the most convenient way for you to create screenshots on Android.

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