How to make a small screen on your phone

For Samsung

Samsung has a variety of smartphone models, divided into rulers for easy classification. The differences between them are in characteristics, design and functionality. This also applies to the options for creating screenshots. in one model there are 5 of them, in the other only 3.


The universal method works for these smartphone models. Plus, there are two additional options.

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How to take a screenshot on LG

LG has gone even further in its quest to please the screenshot lovers. The shell has its own Quick Memo application. This program takes screenshots and allows you to process them in the built-in editor. You can crop the edges of the picture, add standard images or captions.

  • Lower the curtain of the notification bar.
  • Click on the Quick Memo app icon.
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All these conveniences do not exclude the possibility of taking screenshots on LG phones using a universal method.

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edge of the palm

In expensive Samsung models, you can capture the screen by sliding the edge of your hand over it:

  • Go to the settings and select the “Additional functions” section.
  • Activate the Palm Screenshot feature.
  • Keep the display on and slide the edge of your hand over it from edge to edge.
  • Camera shutter beep and visible flash will indicate success.

How to make a screen on an Android smartphone: how to screen a screen on a phone?

notification bar

  • Unlock the display.
  • Open the notification area to the maximum.
  • Click “Screenshot”.
  • The screen will collapse and freeze for a couple of seconds so that you can select the following actions with it.

pair “Power” button

The option allows you to combine each sensor with a mechanical “Power” button:

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However, the combination does not replace other options in the operating system add-on. These “hot keys” are not set to open “anything”, unlike the option with holding one button.