How to make a stretched screen on a laptop

Scaling setting in the video card control panel

Graphics card drivers from AMD and NVIDIA have GUI applications. Through them, more detailed graphics control is carried out. There are separate menus for adjusting scaling and auto-resizing, so we recommend checking this option.

Disable automatic device installation

By default, in Windows 10, missing drivers are loaded automatically immediately after installing the OS. In most cases, this process is successful, but sometimes there are problems with graphics adapters. Even if you install the appropriate driver yourself using the previous instructions, it may not help, as the files will be reset in the future. To do this, you first need to disable this built-in option, which is done like this:

    Open “Start” and through the search go to the “Control Panel” application.

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Use the left pane to navigate to Advanced System Settings.

Here you should click on the button “Device installation parameters”.

Mark the item “No (the device may not work correctly)” with a marker and click on the “Save” button.

After that, you need to remove the video card driver that was installed by the considered tool. This procedure is not easy for all users, so we recommend that you study other material on this topic by reading the material below. As for the installation of suitable software, and this must be done immediately after deleting the old files, this procedure is described in Method 2.

Changing the screen resolution manually

First, let’s look at the most commonplace situation when the screen settings do not match the required ones, which causes the screen to stretch. You can independently check and change the resolution in just a few clicks through a specially designated menu in Windows.

    Open “Start” and go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.

Make sure you are in the Display category and then check the screen scale and resolution. Set the scale to the recommended value and the resolution to the maximum.

Read about other available methods of changing the screen resolution in other guides on our site by clicking on the headings below.

The changes will take effect immediately and the stretched screen should be corrected. If the required permission is not in the list, go to the next method, and in the case when it does not change at all, you will need to study the recommendations from a separate article on our website by clicking on the link below.

Installing Graphics Drivers

Now we propose to touch on the topic of installing drivers for a video card, since it is the absence of this software that most often provokes the appearance of a stretched screen and the absence of the required screen resolution values, which in most cases occurs just after reinstalling the OS. There is a separate material on our site, which demonstrates universal instructions for owners of video cards from different manufacturers. Check it out to find out exactly how the correct installation is carried out.

Sometimes the installation of drivers ends up with an error. This can be due to various reasons. In some situations, users select the wrong software versions or system conflicts arise. Another instruction on our website will help to deal with this, you can go to which by clicking on the link below.

Fixing a stretched screen in Windows 10

A stretched screen in the Windows 10 operating system is a situation that users sometimes encounter after reinstalling the OS. It means that the display resolution settings have been set incorrectly or cannot be set due to lack of graphics drivers. There are different ways to fix this situation, and today we want to talk about all of them so that you can quickly find the right one. We recommend that you start with the first method and move on to the next in turn to save time, as we have arranged them in order of their effectiveness and ease of implementation.

Radeon Settings

Unfortunately, there are fewer settings in the AMD control panel, but there are also several items responsible for editing scaling. You can check and change them like this:

    Right click on the desktop and select “Radeon Settings”.

Here in the “Display” section you can enable scaling and select its mode. Try different values ​​to see which one can help you get rid of the stretched screen.

Alternatively, you can go to the “Additional settings” category.

Zoom settings are made through the “My digital flat panels” by moving the slider located there.

If you do not have the control panels just described, then the driver for the graphics adapter was not installed correctly, or this process was carried out through the built-in Windows tool. Refer to Method 2 to understand how to install the correct driver, thus adding the reviewed applications to the OS.

NVIDIA Control Panel

Let’s start with the owners of NVIDIA graphics adapters. There are a huge number of settings available in this software, so just follow the instructions to quickly figure out how to edit parameters.

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    Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” in the context menu that appears.

Here go to the section “Adjusting the size and position of the desktop”.

Now you can change the zoom mode in the first tab and check the result. If it suits you, just save the changes.

Pay attention to the “Size” tab. Here for manual adjustment, click on the “Resize” button.

Now resize the screen by tracking all changes in real time.

Additionally, note that adjusting the scaling can be done much easier, but you will need to use the Command Prompt to do this. Run this application as administrator and enter the command rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll, dtcfg setscaling 1 DA X. At the end, replace the X with the scaling value, where 1. display scaling, 2. driver, 3. no scaling, 5. driver with maintaining the aspect ratio. Loop through these parameters in order to eventually find the optimal.

Adjusting the screen via the monitor menu

The last method is associated with the monitor menu, which is built into this device. It is present in most modern models and is launched via buttons located on the case. If you do not wish to make any configuration changes, you can immediately reset the parameters to the default state and see if the problem with the stretched screen is fixed. To do this, there is a menu item “Reset”.

If you want to set the setting yourself, pay attention to the menu sections called “Expansion” and “Zoom” (resolution and scaling). There, change the options for zooming in or out, if available. Additionally, consider the screen resolution itself. There may also be an item “Auto” or “Auto Reject”, which is responsible for automatically adjusting the screen. Sometimes this option is displayed as a button on the body. Check the parameters and change them yourself to get rid of the stretched image problems.

At the end of this material, we want to note a few additional points that we did not consider as separate methods. Pay attention to them if the actions described above did not bring any result:

  • When connected via a VGA cable, it may not be possible to adjust the scaling or set the required screen resolution. If possible, it is recommended to connect the monitor to the computer via HDMI, DP or DVI.
  • If the problem only occurs when launching a specific game, go to its graphics settings and check the options for the aspect ratio or scale. For example, on a 4: 3 monitor, it is not recommended to set the values ​​to 16: 9 or 16:10, since then the picture will simply stretch.
  • When working with an old video card, keep in mind that it may not support the resolutions of newer monitor models, which will cause certain problems during operation. In such situations, we can only recommend updating the component or replacing the monitor with an older one.

You have received many different tips that are aimed at solving the stretched image problem in Windows 10. Use all of these tips to find the cause of the problem and solve it as soon as possible without any difficulty.

For NVidia and AMD

Video card drivers allow you to separately adjust the game stretch. Therefore, you can work through them. But first, we set the standard parameters in the game (4: 3 and 1024×768). Then we proceed directly to stretching CS GO 4: 3.

  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Select “NVidia Control Panel”;
  • Find “Adjusting the size and position of the desktop”;
  • Set the parameter “Full screen”;
  • Save settings.

Attention! If there is no such item, you need to reinstall the drivers for the video card. Reduced functionality of the control panel. the problem of crookedly installed drivers.

  • Similarly, right-click on the desktop;
  • Select “Graphics Properties” from AMD;
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Games” tab;
  • Find CS GO in the list;
  • Click on “Profile parameters”;
  • Select “Display scaling” and mark “Full panel”;
  • Return to the main screen of the graphics control panel;
  • Click on the “Display” tab;
  • Enable GPU Scaling.

Instead of these settings, if you want to stretch all games at once, you can go directly to “Display” and turn on “GPU Scaling”, and then select the “Full Panel” scaling mode.

After that, the screen in CS GO is stretched as planned. But the image on the whole computer will not suffer. Therefore, there is no need to constantly change the settings. over, the method works even on Windows 10.

What will stretch the image?

The settings of the game itself allow you to make a widescreen image. But it just adds a viewing angle, although it removes the black stripes on the sides. For real traders, this is not the most profitable option.

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Therefore, you can use another method. stretching. What are its advantages:

  • easier to aim. the enemy visually becomes wider due to deformation of the image;
  • the mouse begins to move faster to the side, while maintaining vertical speed;
  • aesthetic pleasure. black bars do not distract, the entire screen area is involved.

If this is what you need, then let’s start analyzing how to stretch an image in CS GO.!

How to stretch 4: 3 to full screen: goodbye stripes!

Black bars on the sides of the screen are a common problem for those who like to play on laptops and rectangular monitors. It’s ugly, inconvenient, and distracting. But, fortunately, the problem can always be removed. Let’s figure out how to stretch 4: 3 to full screen on a laptop.

Game and video card settings

How do I stretch 4: 3 to fill the screen so it doesn’t get 16: 9? Easily. But for this you have to go beyond the game settings. Now we will learn how to make 4: 3 in the form of a rectangle. Even on awkward Windows 10.

First you have to set the settings that are necessary to stretch the game. This is a 4: 3 (square) format with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the display mode is full screen. All methods work with such a base. After saving the settings, you need to close CS: GO.

Then you have to open the Game Library on Steam and find CS GO among the list. Then right-click on it and open “Properties”. Here we need the section “Launch Options”.

A window will appear with a line into which you need to copy two commands:

With their help, the game will start in a window, but without frames. After that, you will have to tinker a little with the settings of the video card itself. In this case, the image outside the game will also be stretched. So, if this option does not suit you on an ongoing basis, you can either reconfigure each time before playing, or try other methods.

So, in most laptops, an Intel chip is installed in addition to an NVidia or AMD video card. We will work through him. It is necessary:

  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Select the line “Graphic characteristics”;
  • In the new window, click on the square with the inscription “Display”;
  • Set a resolution similar to the game (1024×768);
  • At the bottom, find the “Scaling” section and put a tick on the “Scale to full screen” item;
  • Save settings and close the panel.

If you just want to increase the viewing angle

When you do not need to spoil the image, making it disproportionate and elongated, you can simply change the format in the settings and expand the screen. For this you need:

  • Go to CS GO;
  • Select Settings;
  • In the “Screen format” section, put the banal 16: 9.

After that, the viewing angle in the game will be higher, and the image will not be spoiled by stretching. There is no practical benefit from this, as such, but the aesthetic feelings do not suffer. But 4: 3 full screen is larger for those who want to play better, but easier.

Image is stretched on Windows 10. disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10

First of all, you must turn off automatic driver updates through Windows 10, because that is the source of the problem in this case.

The system constantly overwrites the manufacturer’s driver with its own from the Windows Update site causing problems.

To do this, open an explorer window. In the side menu on the left, right-click on the This PC tab and select Properties from the drop-down context menu.

A new window will appear with the name “System”. Again, pay attention to the left side of the window with a list of available tabs. Click here in the “Advanced System Settings” field. A new window will appear titled “System Properties”. Go to the “Hardware” tab in it.

Click on the “Device Installation Settings” button. In the new window, you can choose whether the system should automatically install manufacturer apps and device icons.

This option also includes device-specific drivers such as ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Select the “No (device may work unexpectedly)” option here.

If the system asks you to restart your computer, agree to this. The first step is behind. the system will no longer automatically install a new driver, which causes resolution problems.

Now we need to restore the original driver for our video card so that all resolutions are available again.

How to remove a stretched screen on Windows 10 in a laptop or computer monitor

If the screen resolution in a laptop or computer on Windows 10 is stretched, then the problem is most often in the drivers, although a dozen in this case are much more successful than Windows 7.

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The problem may be that many AMD drivers since March 1, 2016 are simply not updated, and those that are with the latest revisions of Windows 10 do not work.

What to do with such a flaw in order to fix a stretched screen on Windows 10. If the manufacturer or Microsoft does nothing, then users of laptops with such video cards will simply have to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

And this despite the fact that they were strongly encouraged to switch to Windows 10 and now they are left on the “ice”.

This prompts many people to return to older systems, in particular, not all equipment of the latest generation is necessary, and they do not like it.

The second problem is the resolution of the monitor, but it is usually solved through the settings. Let’s take a little deeper look at how to remove a stretched screen on Windows 10 in a laptop or computer monitor.

Stretched screen on Windows 10. restore the original driver to the video card

First, try to do it as simple as possible, that is, using the device manager.

Go to Control Panel in Windows 10 (if you don’t have a pinned tile, you can search for it), then go to the Hardware and Sound tab. Device Manager”.

In the Device Manager window, expand the Graphics Cards tab and find your card in the list. Double click on it with the left mouse button to view the details.

In a new window with detailed information about the video card, go to the “Driver” tab and use the “Restore driver” option.

The system should automatically restore the original driver that was previously working properly, and since we turned off automatic driver update in the first step, we are confident that it will not be overwritten anymore.

Immediately after restoring the driver, the screen will briefly go black and then return with the correct resolution.

Windows 10 and the screen resolution is stretched. how to fix it

Your Windows 10 won’t allow you to set your screen resolution higher than 1024 × 768? Is the image stretched out on a monitor or laptop? Don’t have widescreen resolutions to choose from? Don’t worry, it can be fixed.

Windows 10 updates include not only system components and new features, but sometimes drivers such as graphics cards or other devices.

It may happen that the drivers provided by Microsoft will not work as expected, causing our video card to display an image in the wrong resolution.

Installing the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website does not help as the system constantly overwrites the driver with its own.

Many users who have slightly older laptops and computers have learned about this. As a result of the update, there were problems. they stopped displaying the widescreen resolution.

Only basic screen resolutions are available, such as 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768. How to fix it?

What to do if driver recovery doesn’t work

If the “Repair Driver” option in the second step does not work, you must first completely uninstall the current drivers and then manually install the original drivers using the official installer from AMD or NVIDIA.

If you have a Radeon graphics card, download the AMD CleanUninstall utility. This is the official tool for removing drivers for Radeon cards. Run this program, click OK to confirm the removal of the drivers and wait a little.

After a while, a summary window will appear. click “Finish” and confirm to restart your computer. Now you need to install new drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

After installing the drivers, the resolution will be restored to the correct value, compatible with the native supported resolution of the monitor or laptop.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, the easiest way to uninstall them is with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).

Then download and install the drivers for your graphics card from the NVIDIA website. Once installed, the screen resolution should return to normal. Success.

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