How to make a video from a computer screen


The best program for recording video and creating screenshots from games (I emphasize, it is from games, you cannot simply remove the desktop with it)!

  • its own codec is built-in, which allows you to record video from the game even on a weak PC (however, the file size is large, but nothing slows down or freezes);
  • the ability to record sound (see the screenshot below “Sound Capture Settings”);
  • the ability to choose the number of frames;
  • recording video and screenshots by pressing hot keys;
  • the ability to hide the cursor while recording;
  • free.

In general, for a gamer. the program is simply irreplaceable. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of free space on your hard drive to record a large video. Also, later, this video will need to be compressed or edited in order to “move” it into a more compact size.

Camtasia Studio

One of the most famous programs for this task. It implements dozens of various options and capabilities:

  • support for many video formats, the resulting file can be exported to: AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF, CAMV;
  • the ability to prepare high-quality presentations (1440p);
  • based on any video, you can get an EXE file with a built-in player (useful to open such a file on a PC where there is no such utility);
  • can apply a number of effects, can edit individual frames.
  • paid software (some versions insert labels over the image until you buy the software);
  • sometimes it is difficult to adjust to avoid the appearance of blurry letters (especially with a high quality format);
  • you have to “suffer” with the video compression settings in order to achieve the optimal file size at the output.

Generally speaking, the program is not bad at all and it is not in vain that it is the leader in its market segment. Despite the fact that I criticized her and do not really support her (due to my rare work with video), I definitely recommend it for acquaintance, especially for those who want to professionally create a video (presentations, podcasts, training, etc.).

Bonus: oCam Screen Recorder

I also discovered this interesting utility. I must say that it is convenient enough (besides free) in order to record the user’s actions on the computer screen. With just one click on the mouse button, you can start recording from the screen (or any part of it).

It should also be noted that the utility has a set of ready-made frames from very small to full-screen size. If desired, the frame can be “stretched” to any convenient size for you.

In addition to video screen capture, the program implements the function of creating screenshots.


Not a bad utility for recording video and audio from PC to files: AVI, WMV / ASF. You can also capture the actions of the entire screen or a specific selected area.

The resulting files are easily edited with the built-in editor. After editing. videos can be uploaded to YouTube (or other popular video sharing resources).

By the way, the program can be installed on a USB stick and used on different PCs. For example, they came to visit a friend, inserted a USB flash drive into his PC and recorded his actions from his screen. Mega-convenient!

HyperCam options (there are quite a few of them, by the way).

iSpring Free Cam

Despite the fact that this program appeared not so long ago (comparatively), it immediately surprised (on the good side :)) with its several chips. The main thing, perhaps, is that it is one of the simplest tools among analogs for recording video of everything that happens on a computer screen (well, or a separate part of it). What pleases most of all about this utility is that it is free and there are no inserts into the file (that is, not a single shortcut about which program this video was made in and other “garbage”. Sometimes such things take up half screen when viewing).

  • to start recording, you need to: select an area and press one red button (screenshot below). To stop recording. 1 Esc button;
  • the ability to record sound from a microphone and speakers (headphones, in general, system sounds);
  • the ability to record the movement of the cursor and its clicks;
  • the ability to select the recording area (from full-screen mode to a small window);
  • the ability to record from games (although the description for the software does not say about this, but I myself turned on the full-screen mode and launched the game. everything was recorded perfectly);
  • there are no inserts in the image;
  • Russian language support;
  • the program works in all versions of Windows: 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits).

The screenshot below shows how the recording window looks like.

Everything is concise and simple: to start recording. just press the red round button. and when you decide it’s time to end the recording, press Esc. The resulting video will be saved to the editor, from which you can immediately save the file in WMV format. Convenient and fast, I recommend it!


Excellent software for quickly and efficiently creating demonstration videos and presentations from the PC screen. Allows you to export video in many formats: SWF, AVI, UVF, EXE, FLV (including GIF animation with sound).

Can record everything that happens on the screen, including mouse cursor movements, mouse clicks, keyboard presses. If you save a movie in UVF (“native” for the program) and EXE format, you get a very compact size (for example, a 3-minute movie with a resolution of 1024x768x32 takes 294 KB).

Disadvantages: sometimes the sound may not be recorded, especially in the free version of the program. Apparently, the instrument does not recognize external sound cards well (this does not happen with internal ones).

It is worth noting that many video files on the Internet in exe format may contain viruses. That is why you need to be extremely careful when downloading and even opening such files.

This does not apply to the creation of such files in the program “UVScreenCamera”, since you yourself create a “clean” file that you can share with another user.

This is very convenient: you can run such a media file even without installed software, since your own player is already “built-in” into the resulting file.

Free Screen Video Recorder

An instrument made in the style of minimalism. At the same time, it is a powerful enough program for capturing the screen (everything that happens on it) in AVI format, and images in formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG.

One of the main advantages is that the program is free (while other similar tools are shareware and will require a purchase after a certain time).

Free Screen Video Recorder. program window (there is nothing superfluous here!).

Of the shortcomings, I would single out one thing: when recording a video in a game, most likely you will not see it. there will be just a black screen (albeit with sound). For capturing games, it is better to choose Fraps (see about it a little higher in the article).

Start recording

Open Online Screen Recorder in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Select the recording mode to start recording: full screen recording, program window recording, and browser tab recording. After completing the selection, the tool will automatically recognize the window size and start recording.

Online screen recording

Online screen recording. It is a very easy to use online screen recorder tool for Windows 10/7/8 / XP computers, even Mac, it doesn’t need to download software or install any plugins, which helps save more PC disk space. The quality of the video recorded with the online screen recording tool is higher, the audio quality is clearer, and the exported video is free of watermarks. It allows you to record videos directly from your browser, suitable for major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. What’s pleasantly surprised is that all of its features are 100% free for users. Next, I will introduce you to the specific details of this online tool. Screen recording can be done in just two steps.

Save screen recording

Click the Stop Recording button to complete the video recording process. You can also use the Windows Alt R keyboard shortcut. The video will be automatically saved to your computer. After restarting the Xbox Game Bar, you should be able to find the recorded video. Click “Show all captures”.

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You can also find all recorded screen videos on your computer by following the save path below: Local Disk (C 🙂 Users admin Videos Captures

Tips: Keyboard shortcuts for the Xbox Game Bar include:

Windows G: Open the Xbox Game Bar.

Windows Alt PrintScreen: Take a screenshot.

Windows Alt G: Record the last 30 seconds of gameplay (you can change the length of the recorded time in the Windows Gaming Captures settings)

Windows Alt R: start or stop recording

Windows Alt M: start or stop microphone recording.

Ctrl Tab: Move between open widgets

Xbox Game Bar only records one application window at a time, and you cannot switch to recording another window after you start recording.

It won’t let you record your entire screen, so you can’t record your desktop, File Explorer, or multiple other apps.

It will record all audio played by applications on the device. As a result, a lot of noise appears in the recorded video.

Turn on Xbox Game Bar

Open “Computer settings”, click “Gaming” “Game bar”. Make sure the switch at the top that says “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar” is set to “On”.

Using Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 PC

Many people don’t know that Windows 10 computers have the ability to record computer screen. Use Windows 10’s built-in Xbox Game Bar. The easiest way to record video from your Windows 10 computer screen. Besides games, you can also record whatever you want (except your desktop), such as browser content, Office interface, and more. Now I will introduce you to the details of this functionality:

Stop recording and save the screen video

Click the Stop Recording button to end recording. You can download and save the recorded video directly to your computer, but all videos can only be saved in “WebM” format. User can view them in default Windows Player.

Online tool for recording video from a computer screen. the best choice for those who rarely use screen recording. If you need to record screen frequently for work or study, I suggest you use a professional computer screen recorder: IObit Screen Recorder. Not only is it easier to use, but it also allows you to edit videos and save videos in a large number of formats.

We compared the features of Online Screen Recorder and IObit Screen Recorder:

How to Record Your Computer Screen in Windows 10

Start recording

Open the window of the application you want to record. Press the Windows logo key G to open the Xbox Game Bar. You can click on widgets in the game bar to set recording preferences, such as audio preferences to add voice-overs to your video. When you’re ready, click the Record button to start recording. If you don’t need to change the settings next time, you can simply press Win Alt R to start recording.

Record video audio from your screen for free

  • Record high quality video from your PC screen, as well as audio from your system or input device in sync with video.
  • Simplify the number of steps and mouse clicks, for a more comfortable use. Manage your entire recording process effortlessly.
  • Support for output to multiple formats and conversion using the latest compression technologies. Better quality and smaller size.

How to Record Video from Computer Screen in Windows 10

How to record video from computer screen in Windows 10 without third-party software

Did you know that you can record a video of your computer screen using the built-in tools of the Windows 10 operating system? For example, you want to record a video instruction for someone on how to work in some program with your commentary. Or demonstrate the passage of a computer game. This can be done without installing any third-party programs. Windows 10 already has everything for recording video from the screen.

To start screen recording, open the application you want to record (for example, launch a browser or a game). Then press the WinG key combination on your keyboard:

If you have not previously made a video recording of this application, then the message will first appear: “Open the game menu?”. You need to check the box “Yes, this is a game”:

Then a panel with a row of buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen:

In order for the utility to record video not only in games, but also to work in various applications, you need to click on the gear icon on the panel, and make sure that the “Remember this as a game” checkbox is checked in the window that opens:

Now you can start recording the screen: click on the button in the form of a black circle (or hold down the keyboard shortcut. by default WinAltR):

After a couple of seconds, recording will start. In this case, a small bar will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, which shows the recording time and whether the microphone is turned on.
To stop recording, you need to click the “Stop” button here, or a combination of the same WinAltR keys:

After stopping recording, a notification will appear in the lower right corner that the clip has been recorded and the location where it was saved will be indicated:

At the time of recording, there is no way to pause it. you can only completely complete the video capture process.

Recording is carried out in applications (you can even switch between them) or in the game, but if you exit to the desktop, it will stop.

What to do if nothing happens after pressing WinG (the video recording utility does not start)?

If after pressing the WinG key combination, the panel with buttons for recording video from the screen does not appear, then this means that the utility is disabled. To enable it, go to “Start”. “Settings”:

If desired, in the next paragraph “Game DVR” (or “Clips”), you can set the parameters for future video recordings: change the folder for saving clips, the length of the recording, the presence of sound in the video, the video quality, the display of the mouse cursor in the recording:

How to Record Video from FastStone Capture Screen

An excellent program, many consider it one of the best of its kind. It is also quite comfortable. She has a built-in player, which is convenient in itself. Unfortunately, currently FastStone Capture has changed from free to shareware, with a free period of one month.

The program has an English interface, but there are many Russian-language versions in the torrents. Download the program from the official site Next, install it and run.

FastStone Capture was developed to a greater extent for creating screenshots and various graphic applications for them. But great for making videos too. To record a video, you need to click on a tab that looks like a film strip.

In a new window, you will be offered several screen options. The default is “Rectangular Area”. Then, let’s go to the settings for the sound itself. I advise you to choose Microphone Speakers. This will allow you to both record from the screen and record your voice into the microphone. I advise you to experiment a little.

But let’s go to the “Options” settings. Let’s look at the Video menu first. If we need to record the cursor sliding across the screen, put a check mark above the first line. If you need to highlight it, above the second, etc.

We need to select the Frame Rate. If you are recording a training video, just select 10, if you need to record a small clip, then 25, etc.

Also, pay attention to the Quality of the video. You can choose “good”, “better” and “even better”. I want to add that if you choose the best, with the highest quality, then the video size will be quite large. Therefore, it is better to experiment a little and choose small sizes with decent quality.

Then we have a menu for configuring Audio, Hot Keys, Output Files and Notifications.

But let’s get back to the record. To do this, we need to click on Record. Then select the desired capture area with the cursor. A window will pop up where we will see all the parameters set.

To start recording, we need to click on Start. We will have a yellow menu with recording time and other settings. To end recording, click on the black square.

We just need to save the file by clicking on Save. We have recorded a video.

How to Record Video from Computer Screen oCam Screen Recorder

This program was created by a Russian programmer and accordingly has a Russian interface. The program is easy to use. She has the necessary functions and codecs in the settings.

Download the program from the official site She has a normal attitude. You just need to click “Next”. So, let’s start the program. We have a program menu with a clear interface.

A green frame appears along with the menu. This frame can be stretched with the mouse, narrowed, and rearranged to the place where our recording is.

It is advisable to make small adjustments before the program. I advise you to install codecs as in the screenshot, although they should already be set like this by default.

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Then, select your sound settings. They depend on whether you need to record sounds from the screen, or you want to create a training video and you need to record your voice in the microphone.

The “Open” tab allows you to open the videos (pictures) already recorded by the program.

The “Size” tab will select the size for our screen.

Snapshot tab allows you to take a screenshot of the screen.

Directly for recording, click on the “Record” tab. We will have a menu with a clear interface.

To save the video, select “Tools”. “Options”. We will open a window in which we will indicate in which place we will store our records.

Also in the settings we can create “Hot Keys”, “Mouse Selection”, “Watermark” and so on. Among other things, in the settings we will be able to select the language if we did not manage to select it during the installation. I advise you to look at the menu in more detail.

How to record video from computer screen with sound

Good afternoon friends. With the development of computer technologies, more and more often, users of the worldwide network have a need not only to watch various videos on the Internet, but also to record them themselves. The Screen Camera program does an excellent job of this, but we’ll talk about another program.

If you just need to record videos from services such as You Tube,. etc., then it’s quite simple. I described this in detail in my article:. “How to save a video to a computer?”. But let’s look at another option.

Let’s say you need to record a video from a computer screen from a Webinar, during Skype negotiations, or simply create your own training video. What to do in this case?

For many users, especially beginners, this is a pretty tricky question. Although, in fact, everything is much simpler. In this article, we will analyze three programs specially created for these purposes. over, these programs not only record video from the screen, but can also work as a graphics editor, i.e. allow you to take a screenshot of the screen and edit it.

We will consider free programs (except FastStone Capture, which is shareware). These programs are in many ways not inferior to their paid counterparts and are easier to manage, compared to the same Camtasia Studio, which would require not an article, but a whole book to describe all the possibilities. But let’s move on to the topic.

How to Record Video from Computer Screen QIP Shot

It is also a rather convenient program, created by a Russian programmer and all the menus are in Russian. First, download the program.

QIP Shot has a typical installation. After launching the program, we will have a fairly clear menu with a nice interface. QIP Shot has one peculiarity. It has no built-in codecs.

From here, we will use the codecs that we have on our computer. Therefore, before recording, we will first make the settings we need. To do this, in the menu on the right, click on the gear and in the drop-down menu, click on the inscription “Settings”.

Next, let’s go to the “Video” tab, where we will see what codecs are installed on your PC. From the codecs that you will see, I would suggest choosing something like. Xvid, Dvid, x264, H.264. I do not recommend choosing. no codec, Microsoft Video 1, Indeo Video, Cinepak, Intel.

To the right of this tab there is a button “Settings”. If you are not well versed in the settings of codecs, I do not advise you to click on it.

If you have any problems with which codec to choose, I would recommend installing Xvid. But first, let’s download it. Then you need to install it. When installing, select “Russian language”.

After installing the codec, select it in the settings listed. If you don’t see it, reboot your system. Note, let’s click on the “Settings” button, which I did not recommend you to click on before. In a new tab, you need to click on the “Other Options” button.

In the window that opens, uncheck the box above the line “Display encoding status”. Otherwise, a window with a codec will pop up before each entry.

In audio format, I advise you to choose 48.000 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono.

Please note:. For decent codecs, you need a powerful processor. If the video starts to slow down, you need to choose something else.

With the settings sorted out, now to record video, you need to select the icon with the “Video camera”. Then, with the cursor, select the desired part of the screen for recording. Let’s click on start. Then everything is clear, stop the video and save. Recording made!

Now you know how to record a video from a computer screen with sound. I have listed only a subset of the screen recording software. Although there are many more. But I think these are enough for a start. Good luck creating your own video.!

How to record video from a computer screen
2 easy ways

The need to record video from a computer screen most often arises among fans of computer games. However, screen capture can be useful in other areas as well: saving online broadcasts and webinars, creating training videos, and simply having to film something to show to friends.

How do you record from your desktop? There are many ways, but we will show you two of the simplest ones. after all, no one wants to deal with the complex functionality of professional programs. We will talk about the built-in Windows 10 tool for capturing games and the Screen Camera program.

How to Record Screen Videos in Windows 10

Microsoft decided to take care of the gaming community and made a “native” tool for recording video from the screen. through the Xbox Game Bar. The advantages of this method are obvious. it is free and available to all Windows 10 owners. But not all users have switched to the new system, so those who have Windows 7, Vista and others will have to look for another option.

The algorithm for using the Xbox Game Bar is simple. It is enough to find it in the system search or press the Win and G keys at the same time. You will open a menu in which there will be a report on performance and audio settings. In the upper left corner, find the “Burn” panel. If it is not there, click on the computer icon with a circle inside.

The panel can be removed and called back by clicking on the icon in the top menu

Click the Start Recording button to capture video. A timer appears on the screen. To the right of it there is a microphone turn-on point that allows you to dictate text for a screencast in real time. To complete the process, click on the white square, and the video will be saved in the “Clips” folder.

You can turn on and off sound recording right during the broadcast

This is a convenient way to record from the screen without additional software. However, for those who have Windows 7 and below (up to XP), it is definitely not suitable. In addition, you may need additional software to edit and convert the resulting clip. If you are looking for a program that can give your video a professional look right after recording, try Screen Camera.

Screen Video Recording in On-Screen Camera

Screen Camera is a completely Russian-language program in which you can shoot video from the screen of a computer or laptop of any model without restrictions. Gameplay, online broadcasts, skype conferences. all this can be recorded and saved in all popular formats. The software interface is simple and natively understandable, even an inexperienced user can figure it out.

You can go back to processing the project you recorded earlier

One of the main features of the On-Screen Camera is a built-in editor, in which immediately after recording you can trim a clip, add music to it and insert colorful titles. Thus, the program outperforms the Xbox Game Bar in terms of functionality and at the same time turns out to be easier to learn than professional software. Watch the video tutorial with an overview of the program:

Video recording

  • the button with a red circle is used to start recording, it signals to the program that the area is selected;
  • after clicking on the button with a black square, the rectangle will take the dimensions of the screen;
  • the button labeled Settings will return the user to the main application window;
  • a checkmark in a single checkbox serves to enable the display of the toolbar after the start of recording.

Since you need to record from the screen, click on the button with a red circle. Video capture starts and the toolbar appears on the screen. It serves to pause the recording, end it and turn on the drawing mode. The latter is of particular interest, since not every application allows you to mark important places on the video. To shoot video from the computer screen and draw on the screen at the same time, you often have to use complex plugins in conjunction with the utility.

To start drawing, click on the Start Drawing caption. The user can choose the color of the lines and their thickness. There are few drawing tools. straight line, line with arrow, rectangle, ellipse and pencil. If you need to clear the screen from the marks, click on the Clear button. Sometimes the application crashes and the drawing does not disappear from the screen, while the image capture continues without the drawn lines.

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Be careful. The toolbar will not be hidden from the video. To remove it, just click on the cross on the right. To reopen the panel, right-click on the application icon in the tray and select Show Control Panel. Also, using this menu, you can end the recording, pause it or take a screenshot. If no extra menu items should appear in the video, then the only way to finish capturing the image is. use hotkeys. By default, F5 is set for pause and ShiftF5 for stop.

Upon completion of work, press the button labeled Stop. The program will notify the user in a separate window that the capture is complete. The only inconvenience. you will have to go to the directory with the video yourself. There are no settings in the app to automatically expand the folder with the captured video.

Download and install

As with any other program, OBS Studio must first be installed. You can download the application from the official website. Before installing OBS Studio, be sure to install the vcredist_x86 and vcredist_x64 packages. If one of them is not installed in the system, the writing utility will automatically open a page where you can download the required software.

Installing OBS Studio doesn’t require any special skills. It is enough to agree with the terms of the license agreement and click on the “Next” button.

VSDC Free Screen Recorder

VSDC Free Screen Recorder is best for inexperienced users as it is one of the simplest tools for capturing video from a PC screen. The product is completely free, has no functional limitations, can be used both at home and for commercial purposes.

  • fine-tuning the video quality;
  • source selection for audio capture;
  • recording a limited area of ​​the screen;
  • pause recording;
  • visual selection of image areas with mouse clicks;
  • drawing tools on the screen while recording video.

The only drawback of the program is the complete lack of tools for editing the resulting video.

Instrument installation

So, before you start capturing video from the PC screen, you need to download the utility to your computer. Be careful: download software only from the official website of the developer, otherwise you risk infecting your computer with a virus or trojan.

After downloading the installer, go to the directory where you downloaded it. Double click on the installer file (by default it is named screen_recorder.exe). There is a chance that after this the operating system will warn the user about the danger of files downloaded from the Internet, after which a dialog will appear on the computer screen asking whether to run the installer. Answer yes.

The program that captures video from the screen is equipped with an intuitive installer. During installation, you will need to agree to the terms of the license agreement and select a directory for unpacking the utility files. It is recommended to leave the default installation path to avoid further problems. Changing the installation directory is advisable only in case of a small amount of free memory on the system disk. At the last stage, the installer will offer to create an icon on the desktop.

Selecting OBS Capture Devices

After the first launch, the user will be prompted to perform an automatic setup before capturing video from the PC screen. It is advisable to do exactly this, since the application will independently test the performance of the computer and select the optimal picture quality parameters. Even if the user does not use automatic configuration at the first start, it can be started manually manually. To do this, just click on the “Tools” menu and select the item of the same name.

Before you start capturing video from a PC or laptop screen, you need to select the sources from which the image will be captured. Pay attention to the area called “Sources”. It’s at the bottom of the screen. Click on the “” button located in this zone, and in the drop-down list select “Screen Capture”. If you want to record a video clip with sound, here you need to add “Capture the input audio stream”, and select the device from which the audio information should be captured (microphone, mixer, line-in, webcam). Can add multiple audio devices at the same time.

In the window that opens, click on the “OK” button. Then choose which specific screen you want to capture. Here you can turn off the display of the mouse cursor.

After selecting the capture source, the computer screen will be displayed in the preview area. Here you can change the scale of the image and its position. In addition, the user can add additional recording sources such as a webcam, microphone, file and arrange them at random on the screen.

The “Scene” field is used to create new settings. That is, in one scene you can only set screen capture, and in another. also webcams. After that, you do not have to add or remove recording devices, but only choose a scene to suit your needs.

How to Capture Screen Videos on iOS?

Mobile phones from Apple are able to record video from their screen without additional applications. This feature is only available on the iOS operating system from version 11.

  • Open the settings and go to the “Control Center”.
  • Tap on “Customize controls”.
  • Click on the plus icon next to the “Screen Recorder” line.

To capture video from the screen, swipe up from the bottom of the desktop and tap on the icon with the image of two circles (one nested in the other).


If you are not satisfied with the automatic settings of OBS Studio, you can configure yourself before capturing video from the screen. To do this, in the “File” menu, select “Settings”. To configure video, there are two tabs “Output” and “Video”.

Here you can change the bit rate, frame rate, select codecs, scaling filters and general quality settings. Inexperienced users are advised not to change the parameters set by automatic setup, as this can lead to quality degradation or critical performance degradation during video recording.

The “Hotkeys” section of the settings allows you to configure the program functions for pressing certain buttons. Be sure to configure the start and stop of the recording if you do not want the main OBS Studio window to be displayed at the beginning and at the end of the video.

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Can i use a webcam?

Unfortunately this tool is only for screen recording, you can record screen with sound on desktop, in browser tab and in selected program.

Can I Record Screen and Audio on Mac?

It is an online screen recording tool. You can use this tool to record video from your computer screen on both Windows and Mac.

IObit Screen Recorder

A powerful and free PC screen recorder, you can record high-quality video from your desktop screen and even from a browser tab.

How to select a specific enrollment area if I need to teach my students online using PPT?

You can select a specific area of ​​the application by selecting the capture area, and select the application containing the material you need, then feel free to start recording.

than just online screen recording

Online screen recording. it is the easiest way to record your computer screen because there is no need to download and install software or plugins. It is easy to use and can be used immediately after opening a web page in a browser. However, many people prefer the standalone version as it has more powerful features for both video recording and video editing. We compared the features of the online screen recorder and IObit Screen Recorder:

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Screen recordings with sound

Do you need remote video conferencing with colleagues? We recommend that you use this free computer screen recorder to record every online meeting with company colleagues or clients so that you can review and organize important work points again after completion. Thanks to the compatibility with various systems, you can record the screen with sound on both Windows PC and Mac, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers are also supported.

IObit Screen Recorder

With IObit Screen Recorder, you can freely record and save videos with no time limit.

IObit Screen Recorder has no limits on recording frequency, you can record as many times as you like.

With this screen recorder, your video can be saved in all common formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF, MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, WMAV2.

IObit Screen Recorder helps users cut out unnecessary content at the beginning or end of a video for the perfect result.

You have many more options, you can use this free software to record 480p, 720p, 1080p and even 4K videos.