How to make a video from the Android phone screen

How to Record Computer Screen on Windows

Third party screen recorder apps

Google Play Games is a versatile phone screen recorder for Android. But instead of performing a lot of unnecessary manipulations, it is better to download a third-party application. There are many screen recording applications available for download from the Play Store. One of the best is.
AZ Screen Recorder.

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store by clicking the button above.
  • The app will ask for permission to overlay the screen. This is due to the fact that the floating screen recording control panel is constantly on the screen. Click on the icon to start recording.
  • You can adjust the settings by clicking on the gear icon and start recording by clicking on the video camera button.
  • You can end recording by pulling the notification shade and pressing the stop recording button.

The app does not require root access, no time limits, no watermarks or ads, and there is also a video editing tool. Whether it’s a game or a recording of instructions, AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best apps you can download from the Play Store.

How to record screen on Android

OnePlus Screen Recorder

OnePlus recently provided OnePlus 7 Pro screen recording. Screen recording can also be added to older phones such as the OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6. Here’s what to do to enable screen recording on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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  • You may need to add Screen Recording to the Quick Settings menu first. To do this, click on the pencil icon at the end of the quick settings panel and drag the Screen recorder button up.
  • Just click on the screen recording switch to start recording.
  • When the screen recording control appears, you need to press the red record button to start recording the phone screen.
  • The gear icon opens the screen recording settings. Here you can change the video resolution, orientation, and more.

How to Record Video from Android Phone Screen and Windows Computer

Here we will take a look at various methods and applications that can be used to record phone screen on Android and Windows computer.

There are many reasons for recording an Android phone screen or a Windows 10 computer screen. From creating tutorials and tutorials to showing off your superior gaming skills or presenting for work. Although this feature is already included in the operating system, there are many third-party applications that save time. Here’s how to record video from your phone and computer screen!

Phone built-in function

Users will have to wait until Android Q is out to use the phone’s built-in screen recording feature. However, several phone manufacturers have already implemented this feature in their software.

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Xiaomi Screen Recorder

  • Most Xiaomi phones already have Xiaomi MIUI Screen Recorder app pre-installed.
  • You will find the screen recording feature in the Tools folder on your phone’s desktop.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to set or change options such as video resolution, quality, orientation, audio source, frame rate and nl
  • Then click on the red record button in the lower right corner and then click on start to start recording your phone screen.

Huawei and Honor Screen Recorder

  • Huawei and Honor also have screen recording in EMUI.
  • As in the case of OnePlus, the button to enable screen recording is located in the quick settings menu when the notification shade is pulled down.
  • You can also enable screen recording by SIMultaneously pressing and holding the power button and the volume up button.
  • To stop recording, repeat the steps above.

Using Google Play Games

  • On some smartphones that do not have their own screen recording function, you can record gameplay using Google Play Games.
  • You need to download and log into Google Play Games if you don’t already have this app on your phone.
  • Find the game you want to record, then click the video camera icon at the top.
  • Change the recording settings if necessary, and then click Start to start recording your game. Although this method is for recording gameplay, while recording, you can quit the game and record everything you do.

How to record video from your phone screen

The question of how to record video from a phone appears to many users. It is more difficult to make such a procedure than in the case of a conventional computer. Such an operation is called screencasting, in addition, the recording itself can be created in its pure form or with an addition in the form of a soundtrack from the author. With this function, you can clearly show how to play, work with applications, make firmware or perform other actions. The article presents the basic methods for recording videos directly from the smartphone screen, for devices based on Android and other operating systems without using root access.

Features of video recording on Apple equipment

The technology that runs on iOS. iPhone and iPad. is different from Android devices. These phones cannot support screen recording due to the increased security of Apple products. In this case, users have to use certain tricks to create screencasts:

  • The mobile device is connected to a computer that also runs OS X, after which a recording is made using QuikTime.
  • Shooting is done with an external camera.
  • The device is connected to a PC using a separate adapter. Lightning-HDMI, after which you can use any programs for shooting.
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To eliminate such complications, you can use special applications that work with different operating systems. However, use is paid and for a license you need to pay about 15. This application is called Reflector. It is an Apple TV emulator that allows you to turn your PC into a compatible device to show video from your phone directly to your computer monitor. Reflector can work with various iOS versions starting from 5.0. To do this, you do not need to use a cable, adapters, since all information is transmitted via wireless communication methods via Wi-Fi.

Android APP AZ Screen Recorder

Today there are tons of free applications that can be used to record video from a smartphone screen. The described option is considered one of the best, according to users and experts, so it is worthwhile to dwell in detail on the study of the features.

Among the main functional features of the program are:

  • Writing a program and using it without root rights.
  • The ability to record video without time limits.
  • You can record your voice with a microphone to add comments.
  • Using the front camera, users can record a photo, which will be presented in a separate window on the video.
  • Capture touch screen display.
  • Countdown timer to get ready to start recording.
  • You can draw on the smartphone display while recording
  • The finished video, it turns out, trim, delete certain fragments at different time intervals.

Now you need to figure out in detail how to record video from the screen of an Android phone using this program:

  • First you need to open the application, after which there will be a pop-up menu with icons for recording a video, settings, folders for opening, where the finished video is placed, an exit key. You need to click on the red icon to get started.
  • To stop recording a video, the shutter moves down, using the Recording controls section, you can use the pause or stop keys.
  • Before you start recording a video, you need to go to the settings, select the required display orientation, extension, and video quality. After that, determine the location to save the video. If necessary, sound recording is immediately turned on or off, a timer is set.
  • To view the finished recording, use the “Picture” icon in the pop-up application window. The list of available videos will be shown in a new window, where each has a key for editing or deleting.


  • Wide functionality, since the program is one of the only free programs that allows you to record not only video, but also sound.
  • There is no time frame, which helps to record videos of any length.
  • You can shoot through the front camera SIMultaneously with the screen recording, information is automatically displayed in 2 windows.
  • Screen taps are shown. a useful addition for people taking instructions.
  • Timer to report the start of recording.
  • You can make notes on the display while shooting.
  • It is possible to edit, delete certain frames.
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  • Availability of advertising.
  • There is no Russian menu, which complicates the work.
  • Operation can only be performed on Android operating systems from version 5.0.

Using Reflector for iPhone

To start using such a utility, you need to install it and pay for a license. After that, the following actions are performed:

  • After launching the application, the main window opens, where you need to go to the settings tab and select the display extension (Optimize for). Next, the name (AirPlay Name) is indicated in Latin letters, it will also be displayed in the list of AirPlay devices on the smartphone.
  • Now you should open the multitasking menu on the phone, go to the player control and turn on AirPlay, choosing the created PC. Activate AirPlay Mirroring.
  • Then the desktop of the phone will be shown on the PC monitor, and if desired, it can be expanded for convenience. A SIMilar function is found in the context menu. After that, all operations carried out on the smartphone will be transmitted directly to the monitor. An audio track is played along with the image.
  • The smartphone display is broadcast on Windows and the user only needs to activate the video capture. You should activate any program for capturing clips on your computer and start shooting. All actions related to settings do not take more than 5 minutes.

Other screen capture software

Among the possible options for recording video from the screen of a mobile device, the following can be recommended:

  • DU Recorder is characterized by completely free functionality and the absence of ads, and the recording is carried out in high quality. There are 20 languages ​​to choose from, including Russian. Recording formats are selected personally by the user, of any quality, you can use pause, resume capture. You can save videos to the phone memory or to a memory card. In addition, users will be able to immediately broadcast on Youtube, or Twitch, do editing, create screenshots.
  • Filmit Pro is a free screen recording program with no limits. It is possible to add sounds from the microphone, as well as edit videos. The menu is convenient in several languages. Using the utility, you can apply a filter, crop a video, take a screenshot and edit it, add music.
  • QuickTime Player is a program that is available on any Mac PC that allows you to record a movie from the screen of connected iOS devices. You can customize sounds, there is a Stop button. Connection to PC is done via cable, there are many settings to choose from.

The article presents the main and popular options on how to record video with sound from a phone running different operating systems. In addition to the options described, there are others whose capabilities will differ.

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