How to make a video recording from a computer screen

Video capture using OS, software and external devices

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The ability to record your computer screen can be useful for a variety of reasons. from showing your online friends your skill in playing video games to hints for your girlfriend on how to connect a new antivirus.

There are a variety of options to do things so nice and useful. We will tell you about the main.

How to record video from your computer screen: Windows and macOS.
Video recording by means of the operating system

Both Windows and macOS now have built-in screen recorders, although this is most straightforward on the Mac. Press Shift Cmd5 to open the Toolbox, then Screen Capture. Select whether to record the entire screen or just a portion, click Record, the Stop button will appear in the menu bar. Screen recording can also be done using QuickTime (“File” then “New Screen Recorder”).

Windows screen recorder is focused mainly on games, although you can use it for whatever you like. Find the Xbox Game Bar app from the Start menu, launch it, and click the Record button. At the end. “Stop”.

Programs to help you

OBS Studio

In addition to software capabilities, there are many third-party programs that offer recording and editing functions. One of them is called OBS Studio, and it works on both Windows and macOS. Powerful thing, besides free and easy to use, even if you see it for the first time.

You can choose the capture area: a window or the entire screen if you are writing a game. Sound recording is also available, with the corresponding sound scheme setting installed on your machine.


The product is designed for Windows and macOS. It is a well-known program, polished and versatile. The problem is that it is paid, but if you know how to get around these pitfalls, you will have an excellent video capturer with full functionality at your disposal.

It includes the ability to add effects, music overlays, titles and annotations, and transitions. Plus options for scaling and animating screen entries and support for interactive elements (like quizzes) in your posts. Besides screen recording, you can record webcam and other video sources.

TinyTake (Windows and macOS)
The tool is not as detailed and sophisticated. It has a nice and SIMple interface for capturing windows or the entire screen, some useful annotation tools and built-in video sharing options. About money: officially, clips up to five minutes long can be recorded for free; after that you have to pay for a subscription: from 30 per year.

Office 365
Those who have this software product may not think about video capture. It’s already preinstalled and built into PowerPoint, although only on the Windows version at the moment. Click the Insert tab, click Screen Recorder to record part or all of your screen.

Hardware recording

Sometimes software options are not enough. Perhaps you need to write down what is on the screen before the operating system starts correctly, or, let’s say, you need to “capture” something that the named programs cannot for some reason. For such a serious case, you will need a special hardware device.

Their selection is as rich as the variety of software. The good news is that most of them are relatively affordable: capture cards are designed for gamers to stream video from their console to the Internet.

Perhaps best known is the brand that offers a variety of capture cards that work with Windows and macOS computers and consoles. The device connects to the HDMI connector on the computer you want to capture from and to a spare USB port on the computer that you want to use for the actual capture.

You can use the same Windows or macOS computer to view and record. This is useful if you are using, say, a desktop and laptop in tandem (especially if you are recording resource-intensive content). The device recognizes the video capture device (pictured HD60 S by ELGato) as an external display, so you need to mirror or extend your desktop as needed (display in Windows Preferences or macOS System Preferences).

To work with video content, you will need your own capture application ELGato, which can be downloaded and used for free. It combines capture and editing, allowing you to customize video recording settings, mix audio outputs, add voice comments (very useful for these gaming sessions) and stream footage to the Internet and save it to disk.

In addition to the “native” video capture software from ELGato, the OBS Studio suite mentioned above will work effectively. As a rule, there are no compatibility problems in cards: the external device produces a video stream that most applications are able to recognize.

These capture cards can work with other HDMI-equipped devices such as a TV. To do this, you need to connect the computer through which the “capture” goes, and the TV, as well as 2 HDMI cables.

In addition to ELGato, the following capture card developers have proven themselves on the market: AverMedia, Razer and Hauppauge. Some cards can record video directly to a memory card, without a computer, although the user loses the ability to view and control their recordings in real time.

In most cases, the SIMpler and more affordable video recording methods will suffice, which we talked about today, including the “entry-level”: screen recorders from Microsoft or Apple.

O Cam Screen Recorder

Another noteworthy program, the main feature of which is not technical, but aesthetic: a set of frames for decorating videos is included.

Key features:

  • full soundtrack: microphone, system sounds, music;
  • selection of the quality of the video recording;
  • overlaying a watermark on a video;
  • supports Russian.

Important. Takes up very little screen space in the computer’s RAM.

Let’s move on to the review of paid programs for recording video from the screen, which, as a rule, are used by professional clip-makers or bloggers.

Camtasia Studio

The program can be purchased on the official website of the developer for 200, and, as users write on the forums, the price is fully justified.

The program can:

  • edit already recorded image resize and add various special effects;
  • SIMultaneously capture both the entire screen and a separate part of it;
  • work on any modern Windows system;
  • compress files without loss of quality.

The program is supported by mobile devices and has a Russian-language interface.

This utility is most often used for professional purposes, however, support for the Russian language and a SIMple interface allow using Camtasia Studio at any level of training.

How to record video from your computer screen for free

iSpring Free Cam

This program has appeared in the access relatively recently, it is completely free and does not have ad inserts on the finished video. Videos are saved in a single WMV format.

The program can:

  • record sounds: music from speakers, sound from a microphone, system sounds;
  • record the movement of the cursor and its pressing;
  • select a screen area to record;
  • cut out unnecessary parts in an already finished video;
  • directly upload video to Youtube.

The program is Russified and works on all modern versions of Windows.

How to record video from computer screen online

Сam Studio

An English-language program for recording video from a monitor, one of the most popular among users. Differs from SIMilar free utilities in the ability to record videos of different extensions: MP4, AVI and SWF.

Key features of the program:

  • Supports recording of microphone sound and system sounds;
  • allows you to select the area of ​​the screen to record;
  • records video up to 2GB.

Important. Your antivirus may consider videos created in this program as malicious!

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This service allows you to record videos online without additional downloads, provided that your computer is running a modern version of Windows and, accordingly, supports Java. If there is no Java client, the service will offer to download it. Service works in English.

There are free and paid bases, which differ in functionality and duration of video recording (15 minutes in the free version).

Registration and authorization on the site is not required.

Service features:

  • Shooting video from the monitor screen and from the webcam. There is a possibility of SIMultaneous shooting.
  • Direct publishing to YouTube.
  • Additional information can be added: video title, description, category and tags.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Variable display of the cursor on the record.

After the popular online video recording service “retired”, the above site remains the only online service for recording video from the screen.

Now let’s take a look at standalone free programs. There are a lot of them, and some of them are hardly inferior in their functionality to paid utilities.


It is considered the most popular screen recording software. The official website offers a free trial download, the full version will cost 39.

The main advantage of the program is stable operation even on the weakest computer, since the RAM requirements are only 512 MB.

Key features:

  • allows you to capture a specific area on the screen;
  • compresses video recordings without loss of quality;
  • supports formats: MJPEG, XviD, AVI, MPEG-1;
  • works not only on modern Windows, but also on versions 2000, 2003 and XP;
  • there is a version that supports Russian.

Important. The program can continue to work non-stop throughout the day, controlling the recording process, and independently turn off the computer after completing its work, if you set this in the settings.

AVS Video Editor

Another good example of an application with which you can glue or trim fragments of various videos, as well as save videos in one of the most popular formats: mp4, avi, etc.

It provides a fairly functional built-in editor that not only easily captures images from different sources, but is also able to add titles, work with audio tracks, burn DVDs and much more.

As soon as we have launched AVS Video Editor, select the “Window Capture” item from the menu. It allows you to quickly record a screen image or video, start and stop time, capture area, etc. To save the recording, click on the “New” button, then in the next window select the file type and profile that optimizes it for Mac, iPhone or other options.

It turns out that in a SIMilar way, you can make a video from the screen and yourself at the same time. To do this, launch the editor and connect the webcam. Now we capture the video, as we described it before, record it and save it. For those looking for powerful professional software equipped with a large number of visual effects, I can recommend to study Camtasia Studio.

And if, in addition, you study the course “YouTube coaching. optimal” from Matvey Severyanin, you can become a real video blogger-youtuber.

Today you could be convinced, friends, that the programs presented here in the review make it easy to record video from the screen even for a beginner. they are so convenient, intuitive and thought out from the point of view of the interface. At the same time, you do not need to have many years of qualifications or special theoretical knowledge.

Download any of the installers and follow the instructions I wrote.

10 best screen recording software (with sound)

Better to see once than hear a hundred times.

This is exactly what a popular saying goes, and perhaps it is correct. Have you ever tried to explain to a person how to perform certain actions on a PC, without using videos (or pictures)? If you just explain on the “fingers” what and where to press. 1 person out of 100 will understand you!

It’s a completely different matter when you can record on video what is happening on your screen and show it to others. so you can explain what and how to press, as well as brag about your work or play skills.

In this article, I want to focus on the best (in my opinion) programs for recording video from the screen (with sound). So…

FastStone Capture

A very, very interesting program for creating screenshots and videos from your computer screen. Despite its small size, the program has quite significant advantages:

  • when recording, a very small video size is obtained at high quality (by default, it presses in the WMV format);
  • there are no extraneous inscriptions or other debris on the video, the image is not blurry, the cursor is highlighted;
  • supports video in 1440p format;
  • supports video recording with sound from a microphone, from sound in Windows, or SIMultaneously from both sources at once;
  • start video recording is as easy as shelling pears, the program does not “torment” you with a mountain of messages about certain settings, warnings, etc.;
  • takes up very little space on your hard drive, and there is also a portable version;
  • supports all new versions of Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best programs for recording, compact, does not load the PC, video is of high quality (with sound). What else is needed!?

Start the start of recording from the screen (everything is SIMple and clear)!

Ashampoo snap

Ashampoo. the company is famous for its software, the main feature of which is focus on the novice user. Those. dealing with programs from Ashampoo is quite SIMple and easy. Ashampoo Snap is no exception to this rule.

Snap. main program window.

  • the ability to create collages from several screenshots;
  • video capture with and without sound;
  • instant capture of all visible windows on the desktop;
  • support for Windows 7, 8, 10, capture a new interface;
  • the ability to use the color dropper to capture colors from various applications;
  • full support for 32-bit images with transparency (RGBA);
  • the ability to capture by timer;
  • automatic watermarking.

In general, in this program (in addition to the main task, within which I added it to this article) there are dozens of very interesting features that will help you not only make a recording, but also bring it to a high-quality video that you are not ashamed to show to other users.


An excellent program for quickly and efficiently creating demonstration training videos and presentations from the PC screen. Allows you to export video in many formats: SWF, AVI, UVF, EXE, FLV (including GIF animation with sound).

Can record everything that happens on the screen, including mouse cursor movements, mouse clicks, keyboard presses. If you save a movie in UVF format (“native” for the program) and EXE, you get a very compact size (for example, a 3-minute movie with a resolution of 1024x768x32 takes 294 KB).

Disadvantages: sometimes sound may not be recorded, especially in the free version of the program. Apparently, the program does not recognize external sound cards well (this does not happen with internal ones).


The best program for recording video and creating screenshots from games (I emphasize, from games. It will not work to SIMply record a desktop with it)!

Fraps. recording settings.

Its main advantages:

  • the program has its own codec built in, which allows you to record video from the game even on a weak PC (although the video size is large, but nothing slows down or freezes);
  • the ability to record sound (see screenshot below “Sound Capture Settings”);
  • the ability to choose the number of frames for recording;
  • recording video and screenshots by pressing hot keys;
  • the ability to hide the cursor while recording;
  • free.

In general, for a gamer. the program is SIMply irreplaceable. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of free hard disk space to record a large video. Also, later on, this video will need to be compressed or edited to “move” it into a more compact size.


A SIMple and free (but at the same time effective) program for recording what is happening from the PC screen to files: AVI, MP4 or SWF (flash). Most often, it is used when creating video courses and video presentations.

  • Codec support: Radius Cinepak, Intel IYUV, Microsoft Video 1, Lagarith, H.264, Xvid, MPEG-4, FFDshow;
  • Capture not only the entire screen, but also a separate part of it;
  • Ability to annotate;
  • Ability to record sound from PC microphone and speakers.
  • Some antiviruses find the file suspicious if written in this program;
  • No support for the Russian language (at least the official one).
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Camtasia Studio

An official. website:

One of the most famous programs for recording video from the PC screen. The program implements dozens of various options and capabilities:

  • support for many video formats, the resulting video can be exported to: AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF, CAMV;
  • the ability to prepare video presentations with high quality video (1440p);
  • based on any video, you can get an EXE file with a built-in player (useful to open such a video on a PC where there is no such utility);
  • can apply a number of effects, can edit individual frames.

Among the disadvantages, I would highlight the following:

  • the program is paid (some versions insert labels into the resulting video until you buy the software);
  • Sometimes it is difficult to adjust so as to avoid the appearance of blurry letters (especially with high-quality video);
  • you have to “suffer” with the video compression settings in order to achieve the optimal file size at the output.

Generally speaking, the program is not bad at all and it is not in vain that it leads in its market segment. Despite the fact that I criticized her and do not really support her (due to my rare work with video), I definitely recommend it for acquaintance, especially for those who want to professionally create videos (presentations, podcasts, training, etc.).

Free Screen Video Recorder

Officer. website:

A program executed in a minimalist style. At the same time, it is a powerful enough program for capturing the screen (everything that happens on it) in AVI format, and images in formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG.

Free Screen Video Recorder. program window (there is nothing superfluous here!).

Of the shortcomings, I would single out one thing: when recording a video in a game, most likely you will not see it. there will be just a black screen (albeit with sound). For recording games, it is better to choose Fraps (see about it a little higher in the article).

Total Screen Recorder

Developer site:

Not a bad utility for recording an image from the screen (or a separate part of it). Allows you to save video in formats: AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV, supports audio recording (speaker microphone), mouse movement.

Total Screen Recorder. program window.

It can also be used to record video from a webcam while communicating through programs: MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, TV tuners or streaming video, as well as to create screenshots, training videos, video presentations, etc.

Disadvantages: there is often a problem with sound recording on external sound cards.


HyperCam. program window.

Not a bad utility for recording video and audio from PC to files: AVI, WMV / ASF. You can also record the actions of the entire screen or a specific selected area.

The resulting files are easily edited with the built-in editor. After editing, videos can be uploaded to Youtube (or other popular video sharing resources).

By the way, the program can be installed on a USB flash drive and used on different PCs. For example, they came to visit a friend, inserted a USB flash drive into his PC and recorded his actions from his screen. Mega-convenient!

HyperCam options (there are quite a few of them, by the way).

oCam Screen Recorder

A very convenient free program for video recording of user actions on a computer screen. With just one click of the mouse button, you can start recording the screen (or any part of it).

It should also be noted that the utility has a set of ready-made frames from very small to full-screen size. If desired, the frame can be “stretched” to any convenient size for you.

In addition to video screen capture, the program has a function of creating screenshots.

This concludes the article, I hope that in the proposed list of programs you will find one that can solve the tasks assigned to it.

FastStone Capture

It is considered one of the most stable and high-quality programs. it does not “glitch” (tested on different versions of Windows and various “hardware”) and creates video files of good quality.

The developers made the right decision for programs of this kind. to use their own built-in codecs. It is correct because in a specific operating system the required codecs may SIMply not be available, which will force the user to take unnecessary steps in an attempt to find what he needs on the Internet. FastStone Capture is free for one month only.

After downloading and installing, launch the program. To record a video, press the button with the filmstrip image. In response to this, the program will provide recording options, there are four of them:

  • Window / Object. you will need to select the program window or part of the window;
  • Rectangular area. it is required to designate a part of the screen for recording;
  • Entire screen without taskbar. only the bottom of the screen is excluded from the recording;
  • Whole screen.

In the same window, it is proposed to select a sound source:

  • microphone
  • speakers
  • speaker microphone.

The last option is, of course, for Skype. Then you need to press “Record” and select a section of the screen or an object (if you have chosen the first or second recording option). In the confirmation window that appears, click “Start”. Everything! A small panel below is used to control the process.

FastStone Capture has many settings, for example, video quality can be set to “Good” or “Best”. I advise you to use the first option, since the quality is sufficient, and the file is more compact. You can enable / disable the “Cursor recording” of the mouse, as well as the sounds of its clicks.

Jing is a curious (and free!) Option from the developers of Camtasia Studio that records video as a SWF file.

Allows you to immediately upload the recording to the Internet (SWF is played by the Adobe Flash player, which is built into the Internet browser).

The software product requires registration, however it does not oblige you to anything. The interface is peculiar, but it is very easy to figure it out. there are no difficulties even in the options. The disadvantage is that the recording time is limited to 5 minutes.

Start recording

The process of capturing video from the screen in this software is extremely SIMple.

As I wrote above, everything starts after pressing the “Record” button in the program menu. After pressing it, the process starts without any warning. Everything happens instantly and in the program menu there will be a countdown, how long the recording is going on, as well as the size of the already shot fragment.

As you can see, 20 seconds of the recorded video is 1.6 mb in size. This size depends on the settings that you set according to the recommendations described above, as well as on the material itself taking part in the recording.

If you are shooting a plain white screen, then the size will be very small. When recording any active actions, the size will be much larger.

It is also possible to stop recording and pause if necessary. You can also pause using hot keys, which are configured in the “Hotkeys” item (discussed earlier).

When the recording has started, we can no longer do anything except the recording itself. One has only to shoot the necessary material and click on the “Stop” button, after which the video file will be saved to a folder that is available in the program menu under the “Open” icon.

When I open the folder, I can see my captured file.

We can run it and see that everything works. Unless, of course, you have problems with codecs and with the player itself. The only thing is that the video will not be processed and for a good result you will need to use other solutions, for example, the same Camtasia Sutdio.

If you have an iOS operating system, then the Screenflow program is the best solution. Although there is a special version of Camtasia for iOS.

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At the end of this material, I want to appeal to everyone who wants to master the topic of video lessons (screencasts) really to the fullest and surprise their readers, clients with high-quality video lessons. If you are such, then you certainly need an assistant, because the topic of video tutorials is not just the use of recording in some program. this is a whole science.

You need to learn how to process video. You need to know what and how to say, when to speak and in what sequence. What are the basic principles of professional video and audio processing when creating your videos from a computer screen??

You can master all these points on your own, or you can already take the experience of people who, in aggregate, have recorded not a single thousand video lessons.

A tremendous experience in the topic of video lessons, on the basis of which the Internet business of many famous personalities is built, is provided in the course of Artem Lukyanov “Screencast. Master”. The course was recorded with the assistance of Evgeny Popov, which should discourage you from all doubts about the quality of the material.

For a full introduction to the content of the video course, click on the image above. I am sure that the features that you will see in the presentation of the course will not leave you indifferent. But this is provided that you are really interested in the topic of recording video (video lessons) from the screen.

When you have at your fingertips a whole range of materials on video recording for your sites or just for friends, you can finish this topic indefinitely.

Of course, if you have any other solutions that are also worth considering, then write them in the comments. We’ll figure it out and maybe take it for permanent use.

Screen camera. software in Russian

Since we started talking about the need to download special software, then, of course, you cannot do without programs at all. An excellent option can be the Russian-language software, which is called “Screen Camera”. It is designed to capture everything that happens on the screen of your PC.

It turns out that even a novice user can easily record a video with it, and then can edit it if he uses the step-by-step instructions below:

First of all, we download this program from the official website for free. It is clear that the installation file must be saved to the computer for further launch. It takes up a little over 50 MB, so the download process does not take much time. We unpack the archive, install the program according to the instructions and we can start working with it.

After clicking on it, we will be offered several options for recording: a full-scale screen, a fragment or a separate window with a video image.

Regardless of our choice, you can also use the additional sound recording mode. Click on the button “Write”.

The process of filming on YouTube or from another source has begun. We stop it in the chosen place. here everyone decides for himself. However, the finished video still needs editing. To do this, the program provides a tab equipped with the functions of the built-in editor.

First, save the video with sound on the computer and click on the “Edit” button. It will provide us with the ability to trim unnecessary, dubbing of its fragment, insert titles and much more.

Don’t forget to save the finished video to your Mac or other device. Click on “Create Video” and select the preferred way to convert the file. To this end, you can not only choose one of the proposed formats, but also publish your entry on the Internet online.

That is, in fact, the whole procedure. I also note that this software allows you to supplement the video and make it more recognizable with the help of bright spectacular slides. choose one of the proposed types and indicate the name of your video. Subsequently, you can change its design by loading the desired picture over the annoying splash screen, as well as change the font, slant, size of the style in the title of the entry.

How to take video from your computer screen: 3 great programs

Good day! We continue our series of publications, in which I want to acquaint all of you with the various possibilities and tricks that are provided by user programs and services. In previous articles, we spent a lot of time on such a popular hosting as YouTube, but I would like to continue the topic of working with video content.

Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself in more detail with how to shoot video from a computer screen and in what cases it can be useful. So here we go.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the last article on this issue, I showed the process of recording video with Camtasia studio, which in my opinion is the best option for the Windows operating system. This is not just a video recording tool, but a complete complex for creating truly professional video tutorials.

In the comments to that article, they wrote me a comment with a recommendation of the oCam program, which I decided to test and see what kind of believe it is. What can I say in anticipation of the description of this program?

  • Firstly, the program is free, which cannot leave me indifferent, as well as everyone else who is interested in recording video from a computer and does not want to pay their hard-earned money;
  • Secondly, the disadvantage of the previous software is its small functionality, which does not allow editing the captured video. Only recording is possible;
  • Thirdly, the quality of the recording itself is noticeably worse. Maybe this is due to the codecs I use, but the fact remains;
  • Fourth, there is one advantage, since the software allows you to take screenshots with one click of a button in its menu.

As a result, it is possible to shoot a video with its help and it is done very SIMply. But after that you need to go to another program and edit the video to the final version. It is necessary to remove noise, which is certainly present, to make some footnotes (if necessary) and other operations. For example, I always put calm music on the video for a calmer perception of the footage.

I did not delete this program, and I will even use it once. Just for recording the video in the previous article about Camtasi. I SIMply could not do a video tutorial there, since the program cannot record itself. In this case, oCam software will help me out.

I propose to start with a step-by-step video tutorial, and then plunge into text instructions.

Paid option

Camtasia Studio is not just a video recording program, but a full-fledged video editor, with which you can cut out individual pieces, overlay inscriptions and effects, zoom in on a part of the screen, etc.

Screen Camera is a new and rather handy program, in which everything is intuitive. In terms of functionality, of course, it is inferior to the previous version, but it also has its own advantages. The main advantages are end-user orientation and Russian interface.

But you have to pay only once, unlike the same Camtasia Studio, where a subscription fee is introduced.

For lovers of technical details, I again recommend the training course “Computer genius”, which will reveal to you all the possibilities of your computer.

Share the information you receive on social networks, subscribe to blog updates and become computer literate people.

I wish you all success! See you on the pages of my blog!

Yours faithfully! Abdullin Ruslan

We record video from the monitor for free using oCam

Good afternoon friends!

Today we will touch on the topic of recording video from our computer for the second time.

But at the same time, you will learn how to record video from your computer monitor using the free program “oCam”.