How To Make An Application On The Home Screen

How to add an app shortcut to the Home screen of a Samsung smartphone.

With long-term use of a smartphone, all installed programs, having gone through the natural selection process over time, as a rule, were sorted by importance and relevance. Some were removed as unnecessary, some more “lie” and await their fate, and some are “addressed” every day, and more than once.

It turned out that the most important applications that are constantly launched and that need quick access are just over a dozen.

And what are the ways to quickly launch the most popular programs, so as not to waste time searching for them in the folders of the smartphone?

There are several ways to quickly launch programs on your smartphone. And the simplest of them is when the icon (shortcut, icon) of this application is placed on the Home screen, where you can go from anywhere, clicked on the navigation button “Home” in the form of a circle at the bottom of the display.

And how to create an application shortcut on the Home screen to quickly launch it on a Samsung smartphone?

Below, as an example, we will describe the procedure for creating shortcuts (an icon or icon) of the Voice Recorder program on the Home screen of a smartphone using an editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android 9 Pie.

Instructions for creating an application shortcut on the Home screen of a Samsung smartphone.

1. First you need to find the same application, or rather its icon.
The shortcut of the “Sound Recorder” program of interest to us, being a program from the standard set of Android 9 OS programs, is located in the Samsung folder. Therefore, on the application screen, which has a black background, open the Samsung folder.

Screen number 1. open the folder “Samsung”.

2. While in the Samsung folder, you need to press the “Sound Recorder” icon and hold for a while. Do not release your finger.

First, a small window with a menu of 4 positions will appear above the icon.

But we still can’t take our finger off the app icon.

After 1-2 seconds, a copy of our icon will be created, and it will be moved to the Home screen (which does not have a black background) to install it.
In this case, the adjustment grid will appear on the Main screen in the form of dots arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Each point is a grid element where your application shortcut can be moved.
Here you move the icon on the Home screen with a swipe, you can set it to a permanent place.

Screen number 4. move the program icon with a swipe across the Home screen, install it in its place.

Once it has found a permanent place, you can remove your finger from the “Sound Recorder” tab. The setpoint grid on the display will then be deleted.

Screen number 4. view of the Main screen with a new shortcut for the voice recorder application “Sound Recorder”.

Important note: When you create an application shortcut to launch it from the Home screen, you will create a copy of the main shortcut. The main program icon itself will still be in the old place (it has a black background on the application screen). Therefore, when you delete a newly created shortcut on the Home screen (which has a colored background), the program itself will not be deleted from the smartphone’s memory. Be careful when removing app icons. don’t uninstall the same app!

3. To start the program, just click on this icon of the voice recorder application “Sound Recorder”, and the program will start.
From the main page of the recorder, clicked on the red round button, you can start the sound recording itself, or go to the list of recordings to listen to them, clicked on the “List” icon.

Screen 6. view of the main page of the “Sound Recorder”.

Point one. widgets

Widgets can be added to the home screen by long pressing on any empty area of ​​the home screen.

  • Click on the plus sign at the top left.
  • Choosing to add a widget.
  • Adjust the size.
  • Placing on the home screen.
  • click done.

Everything is very simple, the main thing is to clearly define what and where you want to place.

How to add Smart stack to iOS 14 home screen:

  • Click on the plus on the left.
  • Choosing to add a Smart stack.
  • By placing on the screen.
  • Save.
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The Smart-stack will display up-to-date information throughout the day. Standard Smart-stack built-in slides from your photos, notes, calendar and weather.

Please note that there are several nuances in working with widgets:

  • If you work with Widgetsmith, widgets need to be configured directly in it and saved.
  • Also Widgetsmith is NOT completely free program, many of the functions related to widgets are not available in it.
  • The built-in Photos widget does not allow you to select a photo which can be placed on the desktop.
  • Widgetsmith prevents Smart stacks from being formed. This is the advantage of only native Apple widgets.

How to style the home screen on iOS 14. widgets, themes and app icons

21 September 2020

After the release of iOS 14, many users became interested in the personal design of the home screen: the # ios14homescreen challenge even began on social networks, where fans of creativity demonstrate their main screens.

We decided to tell you in detail how the home screen will be decorated in iOS 14, customize widgets and application icons in a single theme at your discretion.

What applications do you need?

In order to beautifully design the home screen of your iPhone on iOS 14, you will need either the standard “Quick Commands” application or “Widgetsmith”. You can also use any other applications that give access to the widget. For example, you can use the Apple Music widget to add a selection of your favorite music to your home screen.

Everything is at your discretion. The main rule of design is your needs and taste. Q and DO NOT forget that the main screen It is better not to overload a lot of everything, otherwise you will simply be inconvenient to use it.

How to design the home screen of iOS 14. Step three. a photo on the home screen of iOS 14

How to Add Selected Photo via Widgetsmith to iOS 14 Home Screen

To do this, you need:

  • Download Widgetsmith.
  • Open the application, click “Add widget”.
  • Tap on the widget, then in the center of the opened widget.
  • Scroll down, look for “Add photo”.
  • Tapa in the photo, choose the one you want. Please note that you need to allow access to photos.
  • By keeping the widget.
  • Go to the home screen, long press on an empty area makes the applications shake.
  • Click on the plus in the upper left corner.
  • Select the Widgetsmith application from the list.
  • Add the desired widget.
  • Save.

It may be that the widget will NOT immediately display the photo. In order to fix this, you just need to edit it by clicking on the widget and choosing your saved widget. Therefore, it is better to give original names to your widgets created in Widgetsmith.

Point two. application shortcuts

App shortcuts are the second thing to watch out for if you want to style your home screen beautifully in iOS 14.

There are many design options:

  • some users simply sort applications by the colors of standard icons and form a beautiful external image from what is;
  • others use workarounds and change application icons to customize them for a specific topic / fandom;
  • some even remove all applications from the home screen and use only the application library.

Which option to choose. see for yourself. I will only say that there are several nuances in the instructions that we provide below and you better know them for how you spend 2 hours on registration.

Why creating beautiful app shortcuts on iOS 14 can be awkward:

  • Notifications are NOT received. If you are going to customize beautiful shortcuts, you must accept that you will not have notifications on top (message counting). There is a way out of this: you can replace it with beautiful application icons that DO NOT send notifications. clock, calculator, locator, settings, wallet. To be honest, such a minus. For example, I like it even better when there is a red circle with numbers above the beautiful icon. Live more peacefully until you enter the application.
  • Delay in opening. There is such a problem that when you click on a shortcut, you are first thrown into “Quick Commands”, and only then into the application itself. It’s only for a split second, but many people get mad at this delay.

How to style your iOS 14 app shortcut beautifully

Well, if you’ve already made up your mind, let’s talk about how to beautifully design the home screen in iOS 14.

  • Go to the “Quick Commands” application. It’s standard, so you don’t need to download anything.
  • Click on “Add a new command”.
  • Next, we open three points from above.
  • Required. “Add to Home Screen”.
  • We name the team whatever we want, you can even use Emoji.
  • Next Tapa on the icon, upload your photo.
  • Keeping the quick command.
  • We return to the working screen, move the icon where we need.

Do not forget to send original applications to the library so that they do NOT get confused with your design.

The iOS 14 software update allows you to completely customize the look of your home screen: add photos, customize widgets, Smart Stocks, make beautiful app icons, and so on. For many creative lovers with plenty of free time, this is the perfect way to express themselves and take part in the # ios14homescreen challenge.

We hope you found our tutorial helpful. Share your impressions in the comments and post photos of your decorated iOS 14 home screens!

How to enable the clone app on your phone

You can launch a duplicate by clicking. In Huawei and Honor, cloning applications does not affect their functionality in any way.

How to make a clone of an application on Honor and Huawei phones

Now let’s look at how to create a clone of the application on Honor and Huawei. To do this, you can use 2 methods:

  • own phone settings;
  • additional software.
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Each of the methods has its own advantages, features.

How to delete a cloned app in Miui

If the duplicate is no longer needed, users can delete it.

  • Find duplicate.
  • Hold his shortcut for a couple of seconds.
  • Click “Delete” and confirm your intention.

It is important to remember that this will delete the data that was stored in it.

How to create a copy of or Viber in the settings?

Create a copy of and Viber via the device:

  • select phone settings;
  • start creating duplicates;
  • note among others and Viber.

Then activate the function by moving the slider.

Clone App

Clone App is easy to install and use. You can download it for free. After installation you need:

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • Approve the permission to make changes;
  • in the junk, click “Add”;
  • mark messengers, games or other programs for copying.

Duplicates appear on the desktop. To launch them, just tap on the icon.


The main advantage of creating a replica through the functionality of the gadget is that there is no need to download special software, which means using the precious memory of the device. Huawei devices work on the basis of the proprietary Miui shell, which provides a variety of functions and capabilities.

You can clone software like this:

  • Settings menu;
  • find the section “Applications”;
  • mark the point for cloning, mark the utilities for which you need to create duplicates.

The system will display a notification about the successful completion of the process. The same label with the number 2 will appear on the screen.

What is app cloning and why is it needed

Cloning Android programs is an absolute copy of the original software, which allows you to keep all the functionality, technical capabilities, and the entered data. You can use this feature on any gadget that works on Android.

You can create a replica for:

  • in contact with;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Viber;
  • Skype;
  • Telegram;
  • varied games.

Thus, you can not only use an additional account, but also play with the whole family from one device.

Additional Information

The control over the duplication process may differ depending on the model and release period of the device. However, this does not affect usability and functionality.

How To Make An Application On The Home Screen

Where are cloning apps stored in Miui

Replicas of files are also stored in the device memory just like the original. Select memory card for some storage accessories.

How to set home screen on Samsung. How to find and install apps on Samsung TVs 2018 Samsung TV setup guide: what to turn on, turn off and set up. Solved: Home screen settings are inactive. Samsung Community

Hi @ userUD1U3qFwki I hope you are doing well.

Are you using a third-party launcher by accident? I know that when using a third-party launcher, home screen settings will be disabled. To get them back, return to the OneUI launcher by going to: Settings Apps Menu Default Apps OneUI Home Home Screen

Hope this helps!

If you found my post helpful, please like it. If my answer helped to solve your problem, click the button “✓ Accept as solution”.

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Open the Your Phone app

As a result of a partnership between Microsoft and Samsung, an app called Your Phone is now preinstalled on all Galaxy phones with One UI 1.0 (Android 9) or higher. The application can be opened in three ways depending on the OS version on your phone.

First, you can simply open the app from the app drawer. However, if you are using One UI 2 (Android 10) or higher, the Your Phone app is missing from the app drawer. Instead, you can open it from quick settings or settings.

To find it in Quick Settings (QS), swipe down twice from the top of the screen, then tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select Button Order, then press and hold and drag the Link to Windows tile at the top of the page (you’ll probably need to swipe left to scroll to the bottom of the menu) to the bottom page, which is your current array QS tiles. Once added, select the tile to open the phone app and start the process of connecting your phone to your computer.

To access the application, select “Additional functions” in the main menu of the phone settings. You will see a radio button next to “Link to Windows”, select it to open the “phone” application and start the process of linking your phone to your computer.

Install the APK of Samsung Screen Recorder on any Samsung device [Galaxy S8]

This guide will show you how to activate and use the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen recorder on any Samsung phone / tablet. TouchWiz UX from Samsung. one of the most customizable Android apps. It has many features that make your Samsung device worth using. Most of the features are available to every user of a Samsung device, but sometimes some rare apps and functions are hidden deep inside the Android software. One such feature is Samsung Screen Recorder for TouchWiz UX, which is hidden inside the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Screen Recorder may be hidden due to the fact that it is not ready for full use, but in our tests it worked perfectly. We love the fact that Samsung has developed its own screen recorder app that’s built right into the phone’s software. This screen recorder app can be easily enabled on any Samsung device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. After activation, you can easily record the screen image on your Samsung device and share it with your friends.

We add that this is NOT the first time that Samsung has offered its users the ability to record screen. Samsung Game Launcher. one such application that allows you to record gameplay and optimize Android games so that they can be played on your phone at maximum performance. This was a popular feature on the Samsung Galaxy S7 released last year.

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  • Windows PC with Windows 10 October 2018 Update or newer
  • Galaxy Note 10 Note 10 Fold, S10, S10. S10e, A30s, A50s or A90 with One UI 1.0 (Android 9) or newer

I will link the phone to the computer

With the Your Phone app open, select Sign In with Microsoft at the bottom of the page and follow the onscreen instructions to sign in to the same Microsoft account you are using. your Windows PC. After entering your username and password, select Continue and select Allow for the requested permissions. These permissions include “Contacts”, “Phone Calls”, “Storage” and “SMS”.

After granting the necessary permissions, it will ask you to set up the phone application on your computer. So let’s move on to the next step.

How to Enable Samsung Screen Recorder on Any Samsung Device

You can easily enable the hidden Samsung Screen Recorder app on Samsung devices running Android Marshmallow or Nougat. You don’t need to root your device to install this app. With just a few installs of the app, you can follow a few instructions. Below we have added a demo. so that you can make sure of the high quality of the recorded screen:

Just follow and read all the steps to enable Samsung screen recorder:

Download Activity Launcher from Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Download Samsung Screen Recorder APK.

Copy the downloaded APK to your phone memory.

Install the APK using any file manager just like a normal APK. (Textbook)

Now open the Activity Launcher app you just downloaded from the Play Store.

Go to “All Actions” from the top menu.

Find in the list the action called “recorders”.

Press and hold it and select “Create Shortcut” from activity.settings.

You will see the “Recording Screen” shortcut on the home screen.

That’s all. Samsung Screen Recorder is installed on your device. Now you can easily record your screen with the built-in screen recorder. If you have any problems in the process, you can ask us in the comments.

You can also visit our Galaxy S8 section for official firmware updates, custom ROMs, tips, and other guides.

screen broadcast.

In the Your Phone app on your PC, you should see four or five options (depending on whether you are using the Windows 10 Insider Build). photos, messages, notifications. Phone screen, Calls (when using Insider Preview build). To mirror the screen, select “Phone Screen” and click the “Show Phone Screen” button. After a while, the phone will appear on your computer in the application.

You use a mouse or touchpad to interact with your phone. Clicking the left mouse button is registered as touching the screen. Gestures work: first you need to left-click and then perform the same gestures as on the phone. Text entry can also be done using the PC keyboard.

In addition, if you have configured your phone to display notifications, you can select notifications to automatically open the screen mirror to view an alert at the top through your computer. To get help setting up, follow the link below.

Buy now (80% discount)

Cover image by John Knight / Gadget Hacks.

How to set weather on Android phone screen?

Surely you could see the weather widget on your friend’s smartphone screen? So, you yourself can display such a widget on the desktop, which will show the current weather forecast. To do this, you need to connect to the Internet. otherwise, where will the widget take data from? And here’s how to install it on your desktop. in our article.

Immediately We draw your attention to the fact that a weather widget can be installed in your smartphone. it can be found in most firmware. This means that you should only display the widget on the screen, and for this you need to go to the section with widgets. This can be done in various ways. For example, in one firmware you need to tap on the screen and hold your finger until the menu appears. In the other, pinch the screen. Or both options at once. What does the menu look like? Example based on Samsung and One UI firmware. Select “Widgets” from the menu.

Next. Weather widgets.

Select the desired widget, press and hold on it, until you can transfer to the desktop.

Drag the widget and Release your finger.

Tap on the cloud icon.

Allow the app to determine your location or add your current location yourself.

If the Internet is on, after receiving the location, the application will show the weather.

Including in see:

If you want to add weather to your home screen (unlock screen), you will need to install a third-party application. Which one? For example, Yandex.Weather has such a feature. Installed using the Play Market using the key of the same name.

After installation, we launch and, if necessary, provide the ability to determine your location, or specify the location manually.

By default, the application shows the temperature on the lock screen, and on some smartphones. and precipitation.

In addition, you can find weather information in the shortcut menu.

Which option to use? In our opinion, the built-in weather widgets are more than enough.