How to make an English keyboard on Samsung

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How to switch input (keyboard) language on an Android smartphone or tablet.

All kinds of questions and problems arise during the operation of devices with a “green robot”. One of the most common: how to switch the keyboard language in Android. It happens that you choose one, you type on it. And now it is necessary to switch to another language, but it was not there. Does not work. The thought is already creeping in whether there is a virus on Android, or the reason is simpler. And what magic combinations are not “typed”, but nothing helps. Then instructions can come to the rescue.

How to check the presence of the Russian language in the operating system

We admit, dear user, that since you are reading this article, you have already checked the settings of your Android device and made sure that the Russian language is not in the selection list. But if you nevertheless forgot to do this, check the availability of the Russian-language OS interface right now. Go to the “Settings” menu item of your phone or tablet and then select the “Language keyboard” item. In the menu that opens, select the first item “Select language” and check the list of available languages ​​for the presence of Russian there. If it is not in the system, it’s time to install it, correcting this annoying flaw.

Application for installing Russian in Samsung

Another way to add Russian is to download the app from Google Play. Use the utility at this link. It is a local tool for changing the language on the phone system. Due to the specific operation of Android, the application functions may not be extended to some menu items or file folders. Nevertheless, you can replace the main sections of the phone, including the name of the main menu items, with Russian.

To change it, click the “Recent” tab at the top of the main window in the running application and find it in the list.

Language changer app in Samsung

The application allows you to install several languages ​​and quickly change them. For example, if you want to practice learning German. And you already know some of the words in this language.

How to change the keyboard (layout) from Russian to English and vice versa

To enter text data, the user may need not only the Russian alphabet, but also the English one. It is on it that Internet addresses are entered, some symbols and other data are needed. How to change the language on Samsung will depend on the installed on-screen keyboard and the version of Android OS:

  • At the bottom of the on-screen keyboard (lower left corner) there is a globe-shaped icon. Pressing it once switches the alphabet. To return to the usual input, tap the icon again.
  • Using the space bar. To change the layout. swipe right or left on the space bar. Such a movement will lead to the change of the entered characters to English or the appearance of a menu in which you need to select the desired item. In addition, in this paragraph, it becomes possible to select various options for the virtual keyboard: from standard to extended (with a set of special characters).

After updating the smartphone’s firmware, the usual change method may become unavailable. In this case, you need to use the second method. One of them will always work. Switching back is performed using the same algorithm.

How to change the interface language on Android

If you want to change the interface language on Android, you can do this through Settings. Open your Android settings and go to the Language & Input section. If you want to change the interface language from English to Russian, then this section of the settings will be called “Language input”.

Then you need to go to the “Language” subsection. In the English interface “Language”.

After that, a list of languages ​​will open in front of you.

In order to change the interface language on your Android smartphone or tablet, just find the desired language and click on it. In this case, the change of the interface language will occur instantly. No need to reboot your Android device.

Using the locale 2 crack

There are not so many localizers on Google Play as we would like. One of them is Locale 2. The application is free and compatible with a huge number of devices. In fact, it contains all those language packs that are available in the Android operating system by default, before the impact on it of the Chinese manufacturer.

First, you need to install this program. After that, do the following:

Activate the “For Developers” section of the settings. Our recent article has already covered how to do this. In the case of the English-language version of the operating system, you first need to go to “Settings”.

Then click on the item “About Phone”.

Here, tap about 7-10 times on the “Build Number” item. This will activate permissions for developers, which will be notified by the “You are now a developer” pop-up notification.

Press the Back key. Go to the newly appeared section “Developer Options”.

Here you need to activate the checkbox next to the “USB Debugging” item, thereby enabling the USB debugging mode.

Now you need an archive with an executive ADB file. Download and unzip it to the root of your computer’s C drive.

Please note that the versions for Windows XP and later versions of this operating system are different!

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Next, run Command Prompt. To do this, open the “Start” menu and enter “adb” (without quotes) into the search box by clicking the left mouse button on the displayed result.

Enter the following into the command line: cd c: ADB. Hit enter.

Enter the command “adb devices” and then press Enter. So you will see the codename of the device connected to the computer. If the system cannot detect the smartphone, then something went wrong. it is quite possible that you are using a poor-quality cable.

Enter the following commands in order:

  • pm list packages morelocale
  • pm grant jp.c.c_lis.ccl.morelocale Android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

Please note: the command line does not support the copy function. In this regard, you will have to enter all the text manually.

Disconnect your smartphone from your computer and open Locale 2.

Find “Russian” in the list of languages. Click on this item.

The system will automatically be localized. This completes your actions.!

When you may need it

A new device is purchased, as a rule, with the Russian language already installed, selected and configured. Everything is fine until the first failure occurs. There is nothing discrediting Chinese brands, like all phone manufacturers. The user makes the necessary data reset, boots up the phone, and falls into a slight stupor. Everything works, only Chinese characters are everywhere. Don’t panic, there is a way out.

Settings on Anroid 10

If you are using a modern version of Android (for example, Android 10), then adding a new language to the keyboard should not cause you any difficulties. First you need to open the Device Settings menu. This can be done through the list of all programs, using the upper curtain, or using the icon on the desktop.

After opening the settings, you need to go to the section “System. Language and input. Virtual keyboard”.

As a result, you should see a list of virtual keyboards that are installed on your Android phone. In our case, there are only two keyboards: Gboard and Google Voice Typing. Here you must select the keyboard you are using, go to the “Languages” section and click on the “Add keyboard” button.

Next, a list of all languages ​​that can be added to this virtual keyboard will appear. This list is usually quite long, so it’s best to use a search. Enter the name in the search and click on it. After that, it remains only to select one of the proposed options and click on the “Finish” button.

That’s all, the input language has been added. You can open the keyboard in any application and try switching the layout.

How to add input language to Android

When typing on an Android phone or tablet, Russian-speaking users inevitably face the need to switch the input language from Russian to English and vice versa. And residents of countries such as Ukraine or Belarus, as a rule, use three input languages ​​at once. Therefore, users of Android devices often find that their virtual keyboard does not have the languages ​​they need for typing. Now we will tell you what to do in such cases and how to add an input language to an Android smartphone or tablet.

Settings on Android 4.4

In order to add an input language to Android 4.4, you need to enter the Device Settings. To do this, open the menu with a list of all programs and find the “Settings” program, in addition, the settings window can be opened using the upper curtain or the icon on the desktop.

In the “Settings” menu, go to the “Language and input” tab. This section is located in the “Personal data” section and is marked with an icon with a large letter “A”.

On the Language & Input tab, you will see a list of keyboards and input methods. Here you need to click on the “Settings” icon opposite the keyboard that you are using (the keyboard used will be marked with a tick). After clicking on the “Settings” button, the “Keyboard Settings” window will open in front of you.

Here you need to open the “Input languages” section, which is located at the very top of the window.

Next, you need to check the box next to the desired language, so we will add the input language to the Android device. After the checkbox is set, the settings window can be closed.

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After you’ve added a new input language to your Android device, you may need to change the default settings. To do this, return to the “Settings. Language and input” window and open the “Default” section.

After that, a window will open in front of you in which you can select the default settings.

Here it is enough to check the box opposite the input language that you want to use by default and exit the settings.

Using the language bar

On any version of the Windows operating system, there is an indicator in the bottom right corner indicating the current layout. It is located near the date and time. To select another language, you just need to click on it with the mouse and activate the desired option from the list.

If the language bar is missing, here are all possible solutions:

English keyboard se hindi mai kaise type kare | Samsung keyboard english to hindi typing | Bivu

Change on the keyboard

The fastest and most convenient way on how to make English on the keyboard. It assumes the use of “hot keys”. These are keyboard shortcuts that sequentially switch the language mode. That is, one press selects the next option in the list, and so on.

The most common combinations are:

  • Shift and Alt (left);
  • Shift and Ctr l.

You can read about the location of the above buttons in my article on the main elements of the keyboard.

I can’t tell you exactly which method is installed by default on your PC. Therefore, you should try both (there are not so many of them) to learn how to switch to English on a laptop keyboard.

How to change the text input language on a computer: all methods and solutions to problems

How do I enable English on my laptop keyboard? The topic, at first glance, seems very simple, but there are points that need to be understood for a better understanding.

I am sure that your computer uses several language layouts, and you have to switch between them from time to time. Typically, this is the challenge faced by article authors (like me), editors, translators, and many others. Almost all!

“Experienced” users blindly switch from one language to another, without even thinking about their actions. But beginners are sometimes confused. There is nothing wrong with that. Now I will tell you about several methods that should be adopted.

Configuring your way of switching

If you want to simplify the process of changing the language layout by customizing it for yourself, you will first have to make some “rearrangements” in the system options. Here’s the instruction:

  • Open the “Start” menu. From there we go to the “Control Panel”. Or we enter a query into the Windows search bar, and then select the panel from the results.
  • In the “Small icons” mode, click on the “Language” section. If you have selected “Category”, then first go to the parameters of “Hours, language and regions”, and then click on the link “Change”. It is located at the top of the “Languages ​​and keyboard” tab:
  • A new window will open, where you should click on the “Switching” tab. It displays the active keyboard shortcuts used to change the layout:
  • Now it remains only to click on “Change”, which is located at the bottom of the window, and set your own way to change the input language.
  • Please note that on the screenshot above there is a “General” tab. In its options, you can add a new system language, if suddenly you need it.

Attention! If you are interested in how to change the keyboard layout on Windows 10, the points in the above instructions may be called differently. But the differences don’t have to be dramatic. Trust your intuition and the “hitting” method.

Third party applications

There are several interesting programs that have a lot of settings and allow you to customize the process of changing the language layout.

The most convenient and common is the Punto Switcher. I am sure that you are also brought out by the situation when you type text for a long time and do not look at the screen, and then look up and see that you have entered many lines in the wrong language. So, this software can automatically translate typed text from one language to another, if you accidentally forgot to switch.

Another good option. Caramba Switcher, an overview of which you can see below:

Which keyboard to change the built-in Samsung a50

One of the more interesting “GO Keyboard”. The word “GO” is already signaling that we are dealing with a high quality application, because behind it there is a group responsible for programs such as GO Launcher, Contact, etc.

After launching the application, we will see a quick guide that will guide us through the main functions of the program.

You can immediately download the database of Russian words to your Samsung a50. As with other group applications, the graphic template of the program can also be changed by downloading one of the many available on the market.

You can enter text using the keyboard or your voice using the button marked with the microphone symbol.

You can change almost any element of the keyboard, starting with the sound and vibration settings, by editing the size of the keys in the font settings.

Second SwiftKey is the most popular keyboard among users. One of its advantages is that in addition to changing themes, it also allows you to choose the size of the keys. you can adjust the size of the keyboard to suit your needs.

How to change the keyboard and its language on Samsung a50

Swap for Samsung a50 or 20, a30, a40, a70, a60 can be attributed to almost every element of these new phones released in 2019.

If for any reason they do not meet your requirements, they can often be replaced with others. One such element is the keyboard.

Unlike competing operating systems, on Android 9, which is initially installed in them, you can change the keyboard to another, more functional and much more convenient.

But only Samsung a50 (others mentioned above) have only a standard one. it is the manufacturer who intervened in this area by installing proprietary software.

If it does not meet your requirements, third-party products available on the market will come to the rescue.

There are so many of them that your eyes run wild. Since the choice is difficult, I will tell you which one is better to change the built-in keyboard.

How to change keyboard language on Samsung a50

If you write in several languages ​​or often communicate with foreigners, then you need to change the language when typing in the Samsung a50 phone.

Just to change it, you first need to add. To do this, call it from anywhere and click on the settings. this is the “teeth” icon. Then it will change. Select “Languages ​​and Types”.

Now click on “Manage Input Languages”. Immediately after that, you will see many languages ​​- drag and drop the slider and it is added.

The setting for the SwiftKey keyboard will be almost identical. it also allows you to instantly switch the entire layout, auto-correct and hints when you write a message.

The application guides the user manually through the entire process. at the first stage you will be taken to the corresponding section of the settings, where you activate it (just select it in the list).

Then you need to select the default keyboard so that it automatically pops up when you type.

After the initial setup, the SwiftKey Keyboard Settings screen appears. Go to the “Language” section.

By default, only Russian is selected, because the application automatically activates the corresponding keyboard depending on the one installed in the phone.

Below you will find English, which you can activate by selecting it from the list. In addition, you will find a complete list of all other supported languages.

After choosing the language, the app will quickly download the dictionary. You don’t need to do anything else. just select the one you want to write on.

Only if you want to write something in a different language, even in one message or in one sentence, all you have to do is click on the space.

A small gray window will appear where you can quickly switch between installed languages.

When you select a different language on your A50, all language support automatically changes. sentences, vocabulary and layout. Those interested can watch the video instruction below. Success.

How to make an English keyboard on Samsung

Despite the fact that there is always a keyboard in the list of preinstalled programs of any Android smartphone, sometimes you want something more familiar and convenient than a standard application. So, for example, Samsung has a “Samsung Keyboard” installed, although it is far from ideal and the developers still have something to work on in terms of convenience and necessary functionality. How to change the keyboard on Samsung by installing a more comfortable application for work?

Let’s take the GBoard keyboard (developed by Google) as an example, since it is completely free, supports skins and is much more convenient than its analog from Samsung.

The first step is to go to Google Play and install the GBoard app.

Once installed, launch it and click on the “Enable in settings” button.

The “Manage keyboards” window will open, where you need to activate the switch next to the keyboard name (in our case, it is GBoard) and confirm your intentions by clicking on the “OK” button when asked that the keyboard can collect data about the text you are typing.

The next step is to click on the “Select input method” button and switch to the required keyboard.

And finally, the third stage is the issuance of permits. Click on the “Set Permissions” button and select the “Allow” item. The GBoard application requires access to contacts in order to speed up their writing in the text (it pulls up the names of your contacts into its local dictionary and prompts you to spell them correctly when you type).

After the permissions are issued, click on the “Finish” button and we can use the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard on Samsung if it is already installed in the phone?

In the event that the keyboard is already installed in the system or does not have its own setup wizard, you can activate it manually through the system settings.

To do this, go to the settings and in the category “General settings” select the section “Language and input”.

Click on the item “Default keyboard” and select one of the keyboards installed in the phone.

What to do if the language bar disappeared?

You can also try to solve the problem as follows: go to the toolbar (you can through the start or my computer), select the “Languages ​​and Regional Standards” tab (for Win XP). Then go to the next section called “Languages”, open the menu “” and “Advanced”. There we need to leave only one checkbox, which is located at the very top. Everything, the problem is solved.

Learning to use hotkeys

If this does not work, which may also be the case, then it makes sense to try another combination of “hot keys”. To do this, you must first press Ctrl, then Shift. In any case, one thing should work. If you did everything correctly, then go to the Word document and try to type the text: if it is English, congratulations, you are taking the first steps to mastering a personal computer.

How to switch to the English alphabet: method 2

If for some reason the above methods do not suit you, you should know: there is a workaround, no less simple and effective. For this we need a computer mouse and special software. So, there are programs that allow you to automatically change the language if necessary. For example, Punto Swither. It works as follows. You start typing a word, the program recognizes that this particular sequence of letters is more typical for the English language and switches the layout itself. As you can see, nothing complicated.

There is another option, how to switch to English. To do this, we need to look in “Settings”, then select the “Language” and “Input” tabs. After that, you will see the keyboard settings, they are what we need. There you can select the target layout that will be included when the operating system starts. If it is convenient for you that it was English, then you must select the desired item in the corresponding menu. But it is recommended to leave the Russian layout as well, as it may be needed.

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General information

After the PC has booted up, you see the desktop. By default, you can set any keyboard language that you select during Windows setup. Most often it is English or Russian. You can find out which one you have as follows. There is a taskbar on the desktop, it is located in the lower right corner. You can also find the name “Trey”. Here are the icons of running programs, the battery status symbol (if it is a laptop), as well as the language bar.

Depending on which operating system you have installed, you may see the designation “En” or “Ru”. English layout and Russian, respectively. And now we will see how to switch to the English keyboard using the simplest method. “hot keys”. It is extremely easy to do this, and now you will understand why. This method is suitable even for novice users.

How to switch to English font on the keyboard from Russian and vice versa

Since it is possible to type text on a computer, and this can be done in almost any language, there are several ways to switch from Russian to English and vice versa. Most often, the problem occurs for beginners, but sometimes even confident users fall into a stupor and do not understand how to switch to an English font on the keyboard. There can be a lot of reasons for this: a crash, reset, etc.

How to switch to English font on a laptop keyboard

In addition, you can try combinations of “hot keys”, here they are exactly the same as on a regular computer. Of course, if you have tried everything, but nothing worked, then the answer to the question: “How to switch to the English font on the keyboard?” you will be given at the nearest service, where it is recommended to carry your equipment. Sometimes one of the necessary keys breaks, which is why you have similar problems.

So we looked at all the ways on how to switch to an English font on the keyboard. As you can see, this is not so difficult to do. You just need to understand a little about the combinations of “hot keys” and learn how to use them. You can also install special software or use the settings to set the target language that will be installed at startup. Of course, over time, you will be able to switch languages ​​automatically, and this will not cause any difficulties. It is advisable to install an anti-virus program, since clogging the system with various kinds of worms, trojans can lead not only to the fact that the language bar disappears, you will not be able to switch the language at all. Therefore, always make sure that the operating system is protected, especially if you constantly use the Internet or flash drives.

How to switch language on Samsung keyboard?

Samsung smartphones use their own keyboard. It is quite convenient, but some users do not know how to change the keyboard language: for example, you write in Russian, you needed to add a word in English and And a stupor. In fact, everything is very simple.

Let’s use an application that requires a keyboard as an example. In our case, this is a browser. Pay attention to the space bar. two arrows are clearly visible on it.

They indicate that you need to swipe on this key from right to left, or from left to right. and then the keyboard language will be changed. We spend and the language switched (indicated on the space).

In case you need to change the language, say, English to something else, click on the “Settings” button.

Specify the languages ​​you need. For example, we use two languages ​​- Russian and English.

Disable English and enable French instead.

French is used instead of English.

Thus, languages ​​can be changed to any other that are supported by the system. You can even use more than two languages ​​- then the switching will be alternate, for example: Russian, English, French.

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How to switch language on Android phone keyboard?

For devices based on the Android operating system, there are a large number of all kinds of keyboards that can be found on the Google Play Store. But regardless of the type of keyboard, you can switch to another language. How to do it. in our article.

The first step is to configure the languages ​​themselves. By default, two languages ​​are used. Russian and English, respectively, but you can replace them. To do this, go to the settings and select the subsection “Language and input”.

Next to Keyboard, click on the hash icon as shown below.

Here you can select the required languages ​​for keyboard input.

Changing languages ​​in this way is done on all Android devices, adjusted for the interface (read. firmware).

Now let’s move on to the keyboard itself. In order to change the language, for example, from Russian to English or from English to Russian (depending on the languages ​​you have installed), you need to click on the globe icon.

But this is not the case on every keyboard. On some, you need to swipe on the spacebar, like the keyboard on Samsung devices.

You have learned how to switch languages ​​on the keyboard.

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How to customize the layout and “force” it to switch

keyboard test

It is logical to start this article by checking the keyboard’s performance (why it could fail: flooding, physical wear, dust and crumbs under the keys, etc.).

We are primarily interested in the ALT, SHIFT, CTRL keys. For these purposes, it is best to use specials. utility. Keyboard Test Utility (see screenshot below). Ideally, you need to click through all the keys and make sure that each of them lights up in blue (i.e. works).

How to test the keyboard performance. see step by step instructions

If it turns out that some key (s) does not work. see the instructions

setting language parameters in the OS

Next, we need to open the date, time and language settings (in Windows they are in the same section).

A universal way to open these parameters is to press the WinR combination (the “Run” window should appear). and use intl.cpl command.

intl.cpl. setting language, date, time (time zone)

Further, depending on the version of Windows, there may be slightly different windows:

Add Another Language to Your Android Keyboard (Samsung or Google)

  • in Windows 7, you need to open the “Language and Keyboards / Change Keyboard” tab;
  • in Windows 10, click on the “Language settings” link (I will dwell on this OS in more detail.).

In the “Language” tab, you need to open the link “Select input method that is always used by default”.

Note! Also, please note that Russian and English layouts are indicated in your preferred languages ​​(see screenshot below). If you only have one language available, then, of course, you cannot switch.

After, open the language bar options.

And in the “Switch keyboard” tab, set the keyboard shortcut that is most convenient for your work (by default: ALT (left) SHIFT).

Actually, after changing (recognizing) the key combination, it remains only to press them, and the layout will change to English (Russian).

alternative utility to switch

I recommend paying attention to the specials. programs that allow you to automatically switch the layout in Windows (they help speed up typing from the keyboard and solve the problems of changing the language).

For example, one of the leaders today is Punto Switcher. The utility allows you to assign any keys to switch layouts (see screenshot below).

Help with switching from Punto Switcher

I can’t help but add that Punto Switcher also corrects your misspelled text and helps you avoid various cracks.

How to change the keyboard layout to English (Russian). Why the layout does not change.

Good day!

In our country, users usually use two layouts: Russian and English. And in some cases, you have to face the inability to switch from one language to another.

In general, by default, specials are used to change the layout. combinations (they may differ depending on the OS version):

In addition, you can click on the language icon in the tray and select the desired one in the list that appears.

If you have already checked these methods, and they did not suit you, then most likely the problem may lie:

  • inoperability of a number of keyboard buttons;
  • in Windows options that specify a different keyboard shortcut;
  • only one language is installed in the system (for example, only Russian.);
  • it is possible that some application forcibly changes the layout;
  • you have an unofficial Windows installed, in which the language parameters of the OS are “racked” (some kind of assembly from folk craftsmen.).

In general, below I will give what and in what sequence to do to restore the functionality of switching the layout.

system rollback / reinstall

If the layout stopped changing after installing any programs, drivers, changing settings, etc., it makes sense to try to roll back the system to a checkpoint (i.e. restore it. By the way, checkpoints are created automatically, unless, of course, this option included.).

To check if there are points to rollback: press the combination WINR. and use rstrui command

Next, a window will appear in which a list of several points will be presented to which you can roll back the system (orient by date). Such a rollback will not affect documents (but you may have to reinstall programs and drivers).

To roll back the system. just select points and agree to recovery

By the way, in some cases (for example, when installing various unofficial assemblies with Windows), only reinstalling the OS will help fix the situation. A link to how this can be done without losing data is given below.

How to reinstall Windows 10 (no data loss). see step-by-step instructions

  • try using a wireless keyboard (this is both more convenient and in some cases helps to resolve the issue);
  • if you have a USB keyboard, look at which port it is connected to. If you use ports on the front wall of the PC, various adapters, etc for diagnostics, try connecting it to USB on the back wall of the system unit;
  • also a USB keyboard can be connected to the PS / 2 port (via a small adapter);
  • some laptops have specials. modes of operation of the keyboard, in which part of the keys will be disabled (more on this here).

How to Enable Fast Changer Keyboard Changer on Samsung

To start using this function, go to “Text input methods” and follow the instructions. You can change the layout to virtual using a special icon located on the keyboard.

To activate the shortcut icon for the virtual layout, you need to:

  • Run virtual keys.
  • Go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear (located at the bottom of the window).
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”. “Data Input Protection”.
  • The screen will display the parameters with which you can make the setting:
  • Here you can put a checkbox to launch the virtual keyboard using the CTRLALTSHIFTP key combination. To do this, put the label in the corresponding line.
  • The icon for calling the virtual keys can be placed in the input fields in any messenger. To do this, put a checkmark in the line “Show shortcut icon in input fields”.
  • Also, the appearance of the icon can be provided only on certain sites where it is useful to the user. To do this, follow the steps: “On-screen keyboard”. “Change Categories”. “Data Input Security Options”. Here will be indicated the sites on which it is possible to display key changes in the input fields. After the actions taken, the icon will appear after entering the specified sites.
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How to Change Keyboard Color, Language and Theme on Samsung: Remove Vibration, Change Keys and Return Back

Each smartphone manufacturer strives to make it unique. To achieve this goal, phones are equipped with an exclusive keypad. However, the application does not always respond to user requests. Android allows you to change keys, but how to do it?

How to Remove Vibration Keyboard on Samsung. Disable the Setting

Vibration mode while touching the buttons is not always convenient for the user. How to disable it?

If your phone has a standard Android system, follow these instructions:

  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Go to “General Settings”.
  • Select “Language & Input”.
  • Find the type of layout that is currently in use (it is marked with a circle) and click on it.
  • A list will appear with options, among which you need to find “Vibration while typing”.
  • Move the slider to the left, disabling the function.

Apps to Replace Keyboard on Samsung Android

Leading apps to help change keys on Android are Smart Keyboard Trial, Multiling Keyboard (new beta) and GO keyboard. Each program has its own distinctive features, but not every presented one is suitable for an old phone.

The new keyboard becomes available after installing the following applications:

Missing Keyboard on Samsung Android What to Do?

Buttons for entering disappear usually disappear from the smartphone screen for two reasons:

  • the application stopped working adequately;
  • error in settings.

Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot (there are several ways to fix this problem).

You can return the keys through the “Settings” of the smartphone by adjusting the input methods. We are looking for in the “Input Methods” menu and activate the keyboard by putting a checkmark in front of it.

If this does not help, we perform the following steps:

  • Opening the virtual keyboard.
  • We clean up the data and clear the cache.
  • Stop the program.
  • Restart your phone.

After that, the character set panel should be activated.

How to Change the Default Color and Font of Keyboard on Samsung?

To install a new keyboard on Android, you need to download an alternative version from Google Play. Installation will take place automatically, the user only needs to activate the application.

To activate, choose one of the following methods:

  • We go to “Settings”. “Language and input”. Find the “Keyboard and Input Method” section and select the desired configuration.
  • In some smartphones, you can change the keys in another way: hold down the settings icon until a menu appears. Next, we follow the plan described above.

Before starting the installation of a new application, the phone’s operating system will send a request to get permission to start downloading data. The user needs to click “Accept”.

Change Virtual Keyboard Keys on Samsung

To select a new virtual keyboard on an Android smartphone, you must follow the following algorithm:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • We select “Language and input”.
  • We pass to the current keyboard. It is located in the subsection or tab “Keyboard and input methods”.
  • We mark with a point “Russian” and select the layout.
  • We get to “Language and input”. Select the required type of virtual keys and activate it. Voice input can also be found in this section.
  • For the English-language layout, we repeat all the same.

In the next generation Android smartphones, the procedure will be slightly different:

  • “Settings”. “Language and input”. In the absence of such an item in the menu, you should go to “Advanced settings” or find the item through the search.
  • After going to “Language and Input”, select the item “Keyboards Management” and turn on the desired.
  • We go back to “Language and input” and click on “Current keyboard”. Select the required keys here.

How to change the keyboard (layout) from Russian to English and vice versa

To enter text data, the user may need not only the Russian alphabet, but also the English one. It is on it that Internet addresses are entered, some symbols and other data are needed. How to change the language on Samsung will depend on the installed on-screen keyboard and the version of Android OS:

  • At the bottom of the on-screen keyboard (lower left corner) there is a globe-shaped icon. Pressing it once switches the alphabet. To return to the usual input, tap the icon again.
  • Using the space bar. To change the layout. swipe right or left on the space bar. Such a movement will lead to the change of the entered characters to English or the appearance of a menu in which you need to select the desired item. In addition, in this paragraph, it becomes possible to select various options for the virtual keyboard: from standard to extended (with a set of special characters).

After updating the smartphone’s firmware, the usual change method may become unavailable. In this case, you need to use the second method. One of them will always work. Switching back is performed using the same algorithm.

How to Change Input Language on Android Samsung Phone

The user does not always get a smartphone with the chosen Russian interface. When enabled, you can see both English characters and Chinese characters. Of course, through the settings, you can change this situation, provided that Russian is generally in the gadget’s library. Let’s find out: how to change the language on a Samsung phone, what methods are there for this, what kind of problems may arise.

How to change the language on a Samsung phone

Before starting to work with a smartphone, it is necessary to set the priority input systems. In our country, they are more often used: Latin and Cyrillic. In the process of entering text, the user will switch between them as needed. By default, the test will be entered on symbols set as system.

To select the required types of layouts:

  • go to “Settings”. “Keyboard”. “Settings”;
  • find an item prompting you to select an input alphabet;
  • put a checkmark in front of all the required character sets.
  • save marked changes in system settings.

After the changes take effect, all selected characters will be available in the input field in messengers and other applications. Of course, they cannot be used at the same time. Have to switch between available alphabets.

  • go to the main screen in “Settings”;
  • go to “General managemen”;
  • in the drop-down point, tap “Language and input”. “Language”;
  • select the “” button to add Russian and other alphabets;
  • then you will need to highlight the region of origin. “Russia”;
  • tap “Set as default” (default setting).

The configuration is completed by saving the changes. If the alphabet is already in the initial list, then you need to make this choice a priority. You need to tap on it and, while holding it, drag it to the first position in the list. Save settings.

Change the keyboard shortcut for switching the input language

If you are not satisfied with the combination of quick buttons for switching the input language, then it can be easily changed. For example, instead of the “ShiftAlt” combination, it is more convenient for you to switch the language using the “Shift” and “Ctrl” buttons. This can be done from the “Regional and Language Options” section. To do this, through the “Start” menu, go to the control panel.

Next, in the “Languages ​​and keyboards” tab, click on “Change keyboard”.

In the next window, go to the “Switch keyboard” tab and click “Change keyboard shortcut”.

Finally, we change the settings at our discretion.

Standard method

So how do you switch the language on your keyboard using standard keyboard shortcuts? Everything is very simple. To quickly switch keyboard layouts in the Windows environment, there are two keyboard shortcuts. The first, it is usually the default, includes the “Shift” and “Alt” buttons. Pressing them at the same time allows you to quickly change the input language from English to Russian and vice versa.

The second combination consists of the “Shift” and “Ctrl” buttons.

Which combination exactly with you can be checked experimentally by controlling the process by the language bar icon in the notification area.

How to change the language on your computer keyboard

When working in text editors, instant messengers, the Internet, etc. we often have to change the input language on the keyboard from Russian to English and vice versa. Most advanced users do it automatically, but, unfortunately, there are those for whom this question is still open. If you belong to the second category of users, then the instructions on how to switch the language on the keyboard are for you. Here we will analyze which keys are responsible for quickly switching the input language, how their combinations change and what programs exist to automatically change the language layout of the computer keyboard.

Third party software for automatic language switching

To make it easier for yourself when typing, regardless of the keyboard layout, there is a wonderful program “Punto Switcher”. In fact, this is an automatic language switch when working with texts. With her, the language switches automatically. For example, when typing a Russian word in Latin, the program automatically changes the input language, correcting an incorrectly entered word. The program is free and intuitive.

As you can see from the picture, the program is replete with settings. Thus, it can be customized.

How to change the language on Android from Chinese to Russian?

If a person needs to change the language from Chinese to Russian, you will need to perform simple

  • In the built-in settings, checkboxes are placed next to the desired language;
  • The choice made is saved;
  • Depending on the firmware or the selected language, you need to press the key combination. A common way is the standard layout switching.

The user may come across a button in the form of a globe. For the keyboard to work as expected, the appropriate settings must be made. After that, the function for switching layouts will open strictly at personal discretion.

Android keyboard doesn’t change language: main reasons

If a person is faced with a problem when the language does not change, one can judge that there are many problems. Among the common ones it should be noted:

  • Lack of operating system update.
  • Malfunction of the phone itself.
  • No language needed if the user wants a non-common language.

If you test the smartphone for these functions, the problem can usually be resolved fairly quickly.

Having eliminated the problem, you can proceed with the installation of the required language to use. If a touch keyboard is installed on the smartphone, the following manipulations are performed:

  • Goes to the menu settings. If you need to install English, just activate Settings;
  • There is a line Language and keyboard;
  • The setting of the variant of writing the text is selected;
  • Inside, you should press the command through the buttons Selection key or Enter.

At the end of the operation, the person chooses the desired option. If everything worked out, you need to save the performed actions and use your smartphone or tablet in a comfortable mode.

Change language from English to Russian

The operation, how to change the language from English to Russian on Android, is considered common. The reason is that the standard smartphone keyboard is provided with these two languages ​​when typing. If for a comfortable use of the gadget there is a need to switch the language, you should rely on light and useful schemes.

On Huawei

In the situation with Huawei, you also need to act through the built-in device settings:

  • In the main menu of the smartphone, the section with Settings is pressed;
  • The line Language and input is selected;
  • The required language is highlighted from the list of proposed.

After carrying out the listed manipulations, the information on the phone will be displayed taking into account the choice made.