How to make another monitor the main monitor

How to make it show 2 screens?

Right-click a free space on your desktop, and then click Screen Resolution (screenshot for this step is shown below). 2. In the Multiple screens drop-down list, select Expand these screens or Duplicate these screens.

How to find out which monitor you have?

Determining your monitor model The easiest and fastest way to determine what kind of monitor you have is to find a sticker on the body of the device. If there is neither a sticker nor an inscription on the front side, then in most cases it is on the back of the device, next to the VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, etc.

How to choose the default monitor?

How to change the primary monitor in Windows 7

  • Go to the screen resolution settings: Control Panel All Control Panel Items Screen Screen Resolution or right-click on the desktop and desktop and select “Screen Resolution”:
  • Select the second monitor by clicking on the picture with the number “2”
  • Check the box “Set as the main monitor”

How to identify a monitor in Windows 10?

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Display Settings to open the Display page. The PC should automatically detect your monitors and display your desktop. If the PC cannot see monitors, select Detect.

How to set up multiple displays in Windows 10?

  • Right click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and select “Display Settings”.
  • You can change the resolution of the two screens in the “Advanced display settings”.

How to return Windows 10 display settings to default?

  • Click Start, type personalization in the Start Search box. and then click Personalization in the program list.
  • Under Customize appearance and sound, click Display Options.
  • Reset the display options you want and click OK.
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How to make your primary monitor the first Windows 10?

Everything is much simpler. In order to make monitor 2 monitor 1, you just need to go to the “Screen Settings” section, “Display”, click on monitor 1, and the place under the “Make the main display” checkbox will become active. And after that, they swap places, monitor 1 becomes monitor 2.

How to swap 1 and 2 monitors

How to change the primary monitor in Windows 7

When connecting a second monitor, sometimes there is a need to change the main monitor. This will automatically transfer the main elements of the worker to the second monitor. It is not difficult to change the main monitor. You need to complete only 4 steps:

1) Go to the screen resolution settings: Control Panel All Control Panel Items Screen Screen Resolution or right-click on the desktop and desktop and select “Screen Resolution”:

make, monitor, main

2) Select the second monitor by clicking on the picture with the number “2”

3) Check the box “Make the main monitor”

For the convenience of working at the computer, use the additional functions when setting up the mouse.

The mouse during the game goes to the second monitor

In this case, the Actual Multiple Monitors program will help download,
in the hotkeys settings of this program it is possible to prevent the mouse pointer from going outside the monitor or outside the window


or use the portable Dual Display Mouse Manager software download

Dual Display Mouse Manager

transition of the cursor to the second monitor only along the red line

Adjusting the mouse cursor transition from screen to screen when using two monitors

If the screen layout is incorrectly adjusted, the cursor moves from one monitor screen to a second monitor across the opposite side of the screen. How to fix?
Open Control Panel All Control Panel Items Screen Screen Resolution

It is necessary to swap places 1 and 2 of the screen by simply dragging the mouse, we get:

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2 and 1 monitor

If the monitors are stacked on top of each other, with the monitors vertically positioned with incorrect cursor movement:

two monitors on top of each other in Windows 10 swap 1 and 2 monitor

2 screens, 2 keyboards and 2 mice (2 independent cursors)

The ASTER program will help to launch such a configuration.

Additional mouse settings

Mouse pointer speed when working on two or more monitors.

If the mouse moves slowly across two screens.
For convenient work, set this parameter so that the movement of the hand moves the mouse cursor diagonally from one corner of the monitor to the opposite corner of the second monitor:

Everyone knows the standard settings. double-click opening, single-click selection. It is much more convenient to open files with a single click, and select by hovering the cursor.

How to do it? Click the “Start” button. find “Control Panel”. go to “Folder Options” (for Win7) or “Folder Options” (for WinXP), for Windows 10 it is “Explorer Options”. and change “Mouse Clicks”. to ” Open with one click, highlight with pointer ”. All. Click. Apply. OK

Open files with one click

The mouse cursor on the button by default will make navigation more convenient when working, to do this, in the Control Panel, select “Mouse” and on the “Pointer Options” tab, check the box “On the default button”.

You can see how this setting looks like on the example of Emptying the Trash. “Do you really want to delete this file?”. by default, confirmed by the cursor on the “Yes” button

Some computer viruses block windows and there are unpleasant moments when a window of some program opens, and the control buttons. OK or Cancel, etc., are outside the desktop; and the window cap does not allow moving the program window up and down or left and right. In this case, the program KDE Mover-Sizer 2.8 will help download (the program runs in the background)
holding the ALT key while holding down the left mouse button (LMB), you can move the window,
while holding down the right (RMB). resize the window;
the cursor must be anywhere inside the resizable window

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On computer2 monitors or computermonitortelevision systems, or when several windows are open on the desktop, add one more option. activate the window when you hover the mouse cursor over it.

To do this, click “Start”. Control Panel. All Programs. Standard. Accessibility. Accessibility Center. find “Making it easier to work with the mouse”. and in this window put a checkbox on the item “Activate window on hover”. Apply. OK.

I bought myself a new monitor and connected it together with the old one so that there would be 2 monitors. New VGA old DVI.

The problem is that it recognizes the new one as the second screen, and the old one as the first (and I need it the other way around).

Even when I click on the button make primary, the second becomes primary by digit, it still remains the second.

Everything would be fine, but some programs and games look not at which monitor is the main one, but at which monitor is the first.

If you swap them (the new one is connected to DVI and the old one to VGA, then everything becomes normal. The new becomes the first and the old second. But then the new one loses its recommended resolution, and everything becomes vague. On DVI, the maximum can be set to 1600×900 and on VGA 1920 × 1080 which is recommended for it and the image is not blurry.

In general, I need the new monitor to be on VGA and digitally be the first, and the old one on DVI and be digitally second.
I already had it. Before I bought a new one, I had a friend’s monitor for half a year, which is not very different from my new one. And from the very beginning he was considered the first, and the old second, and they stood on those connectors as I want now.

So I want the monitor in this picture with the number 2 to get the number 1.