How to make black Instagram on Samsung

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To get an interesting shot, place your smartphone on the roof of the car

If there are clouds in the sky, then their reflection on the roof of the car will add some zest to the photo.

Hold your smartphone upright when shooting for Instagram

To make things easier for yourself, hold the camera upright: it’s easier to fit everything you need to frame into a square area. Better yet, set up the camera to shoot only square images right away.

Try to take pictures leaning out of the car window

You never know in advance what you can do. In the case of iPhone, just hold down the shutter button and hold to take pictures in burst mode. On an Android smartphone, you can enable burst shooting by selecting the appropriate Burst Mode in the camera settings. On Samsung smartphones, it can be called Burst Shot. For this photo, Cole used a Slow Shutter Cam to add a blur effect.

When shooting landscapes, press the volume button to release the shutter

Did you know you can just open the iPhone camera and press the volume button to take a photo? The same is true for Android phones. On the Samsung Galaxy S4, assign the shutter function to the volume button in the settings instead of the default zoom function. Such castling of buttons will make it more convenient to take the phone to avoid the effect of “shaking hands”, which can ruin the photo.

Get closer to the ground if you want to bring the subject to the front

Smartphone cameras have poor depth of field, so you can resort to trickery. For example, lower the camera closer to the ground.

Tip 5. People help to convey the scale of objects

These are the ruins of the ancient city of Jerash. If we remove a person from this photo, then we will not feel the scale and grandeur of this structure.

Edit the image and then set all settings back to 50%

The trick is to make your photo look natural. Edit the image as you used to, and then set all settings back to 50%.

Last year, Instagram users finally got a chance to control the strength of their filters. To take advantage of these settings, simply select a filter and then click on it again.

And one more tip: don’t use the LUX tool on Instagram. Its job is to correct the lack of contrast that makes the photo look unnatural.

Android two apps on one screen of a Samsung Galaxy phone

Hey! Ilya Zhuravlev, author of the website, is in touch. Today I will show you how to make two identical Android apps on the same screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone. What it is? You can easily create two profiles or accounts on one Samsung Galaxy smartphone of any model. That is, for example, you will have two WhatsApp icons on your screen, vibe, telegram, skype, instagram, VK, classmates,. etc. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Let’s go!)

How to Install Two Same Apps on Android Samsung

On the home screen, find the Settings icon and tap on it.

In settings, click on the Advanced Features tab.

Next, click here on the Dual Application Profile tab.

Further, all applications that are installed on your phone and that support this function will be displayed here. To the right of the title, click on the switch to turn it on.

In the window that opens, click on the Install tab.

Next, you will be prompted to enable the function to use a separate contact list in the copies of the applications. Click on the Next tab at the bottom.

In the window that opens, click Yes if you will use the same contact list for both accounts of the application.

All is ready. Now you have two icons of the same application with different profiles. I have two whatsapp on my screen.

Now, open the second app. Click on the Accept and Continue button.

Enter your phone number, for the second account it must be different. Click Next. You will be sent an SMS confirmation code, enter it in the field and click Confirm.

All is ready. Next, you can start using the application, just like the main one.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

What is a black background on Instagram and how to make it?

Smart inversion is a standard feature on smartphones, but simply a dark theme on Android OS. It changes the color rendition without affecting the design of the media files. The activated function changes the color of the interface and its icons: the white screen “turns black”, and the dark icons turn white. The dark background in Insta works in the same way.

Instagram has a similar feature recently. The popular social network supported the sensational trend and introduced an innovation after instant messengers. Owners of phones with Android 10 were able to be the first to put a new theme on Instagram. All users liked the stylish design. It updated the familiar interface and made it easier to use the social network at night.

For the lucky ones who have the latest version of Android at their disposal, it is much easier to make a dark theme on Instagram than for owners of smartphones with earlier versions of the OS. They just need to change the settings. When you make a dark Instagram on Android, the display of the device will remain unchanged. Inversion works within the application, does not affect the mobile interface. When you log into the social network, the instagram logo and various icons turn white. The darkened background frames the news feed, is present in all sections: Direct, IGTV and more.

How to remove black theme on Instagram on Android?

To turn off black Instagram, proceed in the same order by turning on the “Light” mode.

How to enable black theme on Instagram?

Owners of gadgets with the latest OS version need to do:

  • Download or update installed Instagram via Play Market.
  • Go to “instu” and go to the “Settings” section.
  • Tap on the “Topic” button.
  • Uncheck the box “Light”.

Having saved the changes, the interface will appear in a new “guise”.

How to install on Android?

Dark Mode Theme for Instagram is the most popular and most importantly safe to use application. Free software is publicly available, it is simple and easy to manage. You can download it to your phone through the Play Market.

Open the downloaded Dark Mode, activate the option and log in to the social network.

  • Changes the design style.
  • Works with Android 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • Web version with advanced functionality.
  • English-speaking, not Russified.
  • Advertising.

Download Dark Mod for Instagram and enjoy the update even if your device does not support this option. The built-in web version allows you not only to darken the screen, but also to paint it in any other color. The color palette for the display is impressive. Users can choose their favorite shade from the suggested Spectra.

These shortcomings are characteristic of the overwhelming majority of programs. Sure, viewing ads is annoying, but you can’t get away from it in the free version. Having decided to forget about the hated advertising forever, download the paid analogue of Dark Mode Theme PRO. Functionally, it is no different from its predecessor. Its main advantages:

  • no advertising content;
  • unlimited use of functionality.

In it, the developers have removed the restriction on the use of a darkened background, that is, it is enough to turn it on once and forget about it, whereas in the free version it turns on every time you log in. You need to pay a small amount for one download. Payment is made in a lump sum and will not be charged in the future.

Not knowing how to turn on the black theme on Android, click on the “Toggle Dark Mode” button. Then a short commercial will start, which must be watched to the end. Upon its completion, the social network will open in night mode. If nothing happens, then click on the “Start web version” button below. Web Version supports multicolor mode.

To remove dark Instagram, proceed in the same way: tap on Toggle. After a couple of seconds, the mode will turn off. But if nothing happens, restart your phone. Be sure to disable the function before removing the software from the device. Otherwise, it will remain, and you will need to download the dark theme again, disable the option and then uninstall it again. Sometimes “bugs” appear that can be bypassed by restarting the device.

To “paint” a social network through the web version, you need:

  • open the mod;
  • go to Web Version;
  • swipe to the right;
  • in the menu that opens, select the item “Change colors”;
  • click on the shade you like and wait a couple of seconds;
  • confirm the inversion change by clicking “Apply changes”.

The mod will activate the accepted changes, and you will see your profile in bright colors. You can reset the installed settings in the same order: go to the menu of the web version, turn off or change the shade, confirm the changes.
Please note that the global night mode is activated. Using it, be prepared that everything will “blacken” everything, starting with the standard phone settings and ending with the gallery. Despite minor flaws, the mod deserves attention, is periodically updated and does not take up much memory space.

“White on black” or how to make a black theme on Instagram

make, black, instagram, samsung

Instagram added a black background color and puzzled users with the question: how to make a black Instagram on Android? You can change the bored theme through the Dark Mode Theme application.

Dark vs light

Users who disappear into the social network all night long run the risk of health costs. Not only is the sleep pattern disturbed, but later there are still problems with vision. Staring at a bright screen in twilight or pitch darkness, people overextend their eyes and get tired faster. The contrast between the light source and the surrounding darkness forces the pupil to change in size. The pupils either narrow or widen, trying to capture the picture and adjust to the constant changes in the brightness of the flickering images.

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Losing sleep and confusing day with night is easier than ever if you surf the vastness of the social network at night. In the evening, the device should change from the usual cold glow to a warmer one, so as not to disrupt the production of melatonin. Each new generation of gadgets comes with an improved display, but the situation with its brightness and backlighting does not change. Whatever the device, it still suppresses the hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm.

Melatonin production in bright daylight is minimized. Its concentration increases with the onset of darkness. But the flickering glow of the displays misleads the body. The pineal gland, which produces the sleep hormone, perceives artificial light as daylight and prevents a person from falling asleep. As a result, not getting enough sleep once or twice, people experience fatigue and weakness, which does not leave them even after a long sleep. In turn, the quality of rest directly affects the cognitive functions of the body and the performance of people. Systematic exhaustion leads to slow response times, distracted attention, irritability, and low productivity.

Scientists unanimously talk about the automatic inclusion of night mode on tablets and smartphones. First, gadget manufacturers listened to their words, and then software developers. But most entertainment software works the old fashioned way, blinding your eyes with excessive brightness. At night, it is recommended to reduce the temperature and brightness of the light, giving preference to a muted palette of shades.

The combination of “white on black” is a good color solution that reduces eye strain. In contrast to the opposite combination of tones, which by inertia passed into the network from paper printing, it is easier to adapt to it.
Be sure to install an Instagram update so as not to harm your health. After downloading the dark theme, you will feel a huge difference between “before” and “after”. The eyes will stop getting tired, and their shells will dry out. And if you do nothing now, then soon you will hear the diagnosis from the ophthalmologist: “You have xerophthalmia.” And this is not a joke at all, all over the world dry eye syndrome is gaining epidemic proportions.

As stated by Dr. Stephanie Mariono: “People are constantly looking at the monitors of TVs, tablets, phones. And now xerosis has become a common disease affecting the cornea of ​​the eyeball. ” Stephanie Mariono, spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, was horrified by the statistics of the last decade.


An innovation is a trend that made a splash and fell in love with a multimillion audience. Staying on the crest of a fashion wave and take care of your health. what could be better?

  • easy perception of information;
  • beautiful, updated view of the display;
  • saving battery power;
  • simple control.

The update was welcomed by the regulars of the social network, who sit for hours for friendly correspondence or spying on idols.

Easy installation of Dark Theme, adjustable duration of use of the darkened screen, taking care of your health and a tribute to fashion trends. all this speaks in favor of innovation from Insta. But it is up to you to stay on the side of the “light” or to join the ranks of the “darkness”.

How to see blocked people on Instagram and unblock them

Instagram gives us the opportunity to follow the lives of friends, acquaintances and celebrities. We can subscribe to interesting pages and receive news from all over the world. If you fill your profile with interesting publications, then you can soon acquire your own audience.

However, there are unpleasant subjects on social networks who have to be unsubscribed and sent to the blacklist for violating our borders. Also, we ourselves can get blocked in case of a conflict with other users. Today we’ll figure out how to see blocked people on Instagram.

How to find and remove a user from the blacklist

In the mobile application, you can view the list of profiles that are subject to restrictions through the settings. I’ll show you how to do this from an Android phone. If you have an iPhone, then everything is done in the same way, but the interface may be slightly different.

Go to your personal section by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

We go to the section “Confidentiality” and there we go to the item “Blocked accounts”.

By clicking on the nickname, we immediately go to the user profile, where it is easy to remove it from the emergency.

Now you can subscribe, continue to follow the news and communicate.

You can also cancel restrictions through a computer. We go to the site and, if necessary, log in. Next, go to the personal section, click on the gear icon and then on the item “Privacy and Security”.

In the window that opens, look for the inscription “View account data”, click on the link.

What blocking gives

After that, this subject will be deprived of the opportunity to view publications, mark and write comments under the posts. However, he will still be able to see your likes in the accounts to which he is subscribed and mark your nickname in his posts.

If a user violates the rules of a social network and laws, insults or threatens, send a complaint about him to the Instagram administration. Then his page can be completely blocked.

What happens if you unblock your account

When you send someone to an emergency, they are removed from the subscriber list and no longer have the ability to receive news from you and view their profile. He can’t even go to your page, but only sees a message that there is no such account.

I would like, like Leopold the cat, to live amicably with everyone, but, unfortunately, it does not always work out. If you quarreled with someone and banned them in the heat of the moment, now you know how to find them and unblock them. I wish you to meet only adequate people so that communication on the social network is pleasant and useful.

On iPhone

The scheme of action, how to view your blacklist on Instagram, for phones of this OS does not differ from the one presented above. The person should go to the Privacy & Security section. To find this section, you need to open an account and go to the settings. In this tab, you should find a list of blocked users, check whether it can be returned back, and who should not be removed.

How to view Instagram blacklist on a computer?

For owners of an account on a social network, the option is open to study the list of people with closed access via a computer. The operation does not take much time, a person must perform the following actions:

  • A browser opens, where you need to find a photo network;
  • Authorization is in progress;
  • The gear icon is pressed, which will automatically bring up a menu with settings;
  • In the menu, you need to follow the link with confidentiality;
  • On the page that opens next, you need to click on the tab for studying account data;
  • On the page that opens, you need to find accounts that were previously blocked.

After clicking on the Show all option, people who are not allowed to view photo and video content will be presented to the attention. This is a blacklist on Instagram.

The information obtained simplifies the life of modern users. Everyone has the right to limit their circle and block people through the phone and PC, with whom there is no desire to communicate. They can be unlocked just as easily. The presence of the function of adding a user to the blacklist of a profile allows you to achieve this goal very quickly.

On Android

Users of such an OS must perform the following manipulations to get into the required section:

  • Mobile application opens.
  • Going to your own profile.
  • The icon that is present in the upper right corner is clicked.
  • In the menu that drops out, the tab with the settings is clicked.
  • On the page that opens, you need to find the section with blocked pages.

In an open new section, a person can see nicknames, as well as links to people’s pages that were accidentally or intentionally included in the emergency.

How to view your blacklist on Instagram on your phone and computer

How to view the blacklist on Instagram is a question that arises when you want to remove from subscribers a person who leaves unpleasant messages under posts. If you activate this option, the user will not be able to view the profile and photos, leaving the account owner alone. The article gives attention to the answer, how to add a user to the list, how to get him back and how to study your own list of blocked people.

How to view the blacklist on Instagram via phone?

This operation is required for users who use the functionality from a smartphone. The function is useful in that a person can enter a user into a special section not only on purpose, but by accident. If checked periodically, you can promptly return an accidentally blocked person and allow you to view the content.

The scheme of action by which it is required to study the list of users is considered the same for smartphones with popular operating systems. Each option should be studied in detail.

Summing up

The presence of the option associated with the blacklist on Instagram is convenient and very useful for users of the social network, and in a variety of situations. In two clicks, users can be removed from the account, showing intrusive attention, writing hate messages. It is easy to add a person to the lock and return your accidentally hitting friend from there. Even an inexperienced user can handle this operation.

On Android

How to view your blacklist on Instagram on Android? Follow the step-by-step instructions to get to the emergency:

  • Launch the social networking mobile application on your smartphone. The method works only in the application, in the mobile version of the site there is no section.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Upon entering, the user is automatically directed to the “Feed” section, where all the latest publications of subscribers are shown. You need to go to the main page, for this, in the bottom menu, click on the circle with the avatar image.
  • On the main page in the upper right corner, click on the icon with three stripes to call the side context menu.
  • In the list that opens at the very bottom, click on “Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Confidentiality”.

Next, you need to decide on the list with which you want to familiarize yourself. The username and avatar will be displayed in the required section.


The procedure for viewing people who have been added to the black-list on smartphones and tablets with the IOS operating system is almost the same as the process on smartphones running Android.

The only difference is that to go to the settings section, the user needs to click in the upper right corner of the main page of his account on the gear image.

If you need to exclude a user from the blacklist for one reason or another, you need to go to the section according to the above instructions, hold down and hold the desired account for a few seconds to call the context menu. From the menu, select the item “Unblock”. After that, the user will again be displayed in the subscribers and subscriptions section, will be able to watch your publications, leave comments and likes.

How to view the blacklist on Instagram via phone

To view the list of people who have been blocked, you need to go to the settings of the social network. The blacklist function is available only in the official Instagram application, if you are using the desktop version, you can only add and exclude specific users from the list through the main page of someone else’s account.

In the settings of the social network there is now a section “Blocked accounts”, “In silent mode” and “With limited access”. In the settings, you can familiarize yourself with the features of each section and choose the most suitable one. Depending on the required degree of activity restriction.

How to view your blacklist on Instagram on your phone and PC

How to view the blacklist on Instagram if a regular user was added there by mistake or if you need to unblock a previously blocked account? ChS allows you to protect your page from annoying users of the social network. After blocking, a person will not be able to view your publications on the page, published stories, leave comments under photos or videos, or mark “Like”.

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A special section has been created on the social network where you can easily view all blocked accounts and, if necessary, unblock them. Below we will consider where the emergency is located in the official applications of the social network on Android and iPhone, on a computer when using the desktop version of the site.

How to view Instagram blacklist on a computer

There is no blacklist on Instagram on a computer as a separate section. Users of the desktop version can block annoying users, but it will not work to see all accounts that have been blocked for one reason or another.

To add a user to an emergency from a computer, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Find the account you want. This can be done through the publication in the feed, through the comments under a specific post, in the search or in the list of subscribers if the user is subscribed to your page.
  • On the main page of the account in the upper right corner, click on the button with the image of three dots to open the context menu.
  • In the section that opens, select “Block”.
  • Specify the reason for blocking your account.

Please note that you cannot find a blocked account through subscriptions and in the section with subscribers. If you need to exclude an account from the blacklist, you will need to find it through other users or through likes and comments left under old posts.

Where to find the blacklist on Instagram: open

Where can I find the blacklist on Instagram? The blacklist on Instagram is located in your account settings. To open the blacklist, you must:

  • Open your Instagram account settings and go to the “Privacy” tab;
  • Scroll down the screen and select the “Blocked accounts” tab;
  • A list of your blocked accounts will open. If you have never blocked anyone, then, of course, the list will be empty.

This is how you can find out, open and see the blacklist on Instagram! By the way, if you blocked an account to which you were subscribed, or which was subscribed to you, then after canceling the block, the subscription will not be restored!

How to view the blacklist on Instagram

Today, almost any social network provides the ability to block users by placing them on the black list and thereby blocking their access to their profile. Instagram is no exception, and here it is easy and simple to block an unwanted or annoying user. However, it is important not only to be able to add a person to the blacklist, but also to open and view the blacklist, as well as remove and remove users from the blacklist. That is why in this article we will consider the blacklist on Instagram: how to view the blacklist on Instagram from the phone and on the computer!

How to blacklist on Instagram: block

First of all, let’s look at how to add to the blacklist on Instagram. To block a person’s account (or community profile) on Instagram. thereby placing him on the blacklist. you must:

  • Go to the page of the desired user and click on the button with three dots in the upper right corner;
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Block” item;
  • Then confirm the action. As a result, the user will be blacklisted and will not be able to enter and view your page and publications.!

How to remove from the blacklist on Instagram: remove, pull out

Now let’s look at how to remove a person from the blacklist on Instagram. To remove a person from the blacklist on Instagram, you must:

  • Open the blacklist as shown earlier;
  • Click on the “Unblock” button opposite the profile that needs to be removed from the Instagram blacklist;
  • Confirm the action by clicking on the “Unblock” button;

That’s all! Thus, you can get a person out of the blacklist on Instagram.!

How to view the blacklist on Instagram from a computer

And what about users who are on Insta via a computer? How to view the blacklist on Instagram from a computer? This requires:

  • Go to your profile from your computer and click on the gear icon;
  • In the menu that opens, select the item “Privacy and security”;
  • Scroll through the page and click on the link “View account data”;
  • Follow the link “View all” of the “Accounts you blocked” tab;

As a result, a list of your blocked accounts will open, that is, the Instagram blacklist! But unblocking blocked users right from here. from the list, as in the mobile application, will not work. You can only see the blacklist! In addition, it is very easy and simple to find the blacklist on a computer in the official Instagram application for Windows, which is available in the Microsoft Store absolutely free.!

Extensions for browsers with a dark theme

For the computer version of Instagram, there are other tools for changing the design. The extension is proposed for the Google Chrome browser, the latest version.

  • Go to Google Chrome. three dots on top.
  • Additional Tools. Extensions.
  • Google Chrome Store. Instagram DarkMode.
  • Click: “Get”,
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Go to the social network. click on the “On” icon.

If you turn off the mod, the theme will change to light again.

On Instagram, the dark theme has not been added in official apps (for Windows 10 or browser). When downloading third-party services, you need to be careful about filling in the fields with personal information. Also, check activity through the “Authorization” section and change the password if the service is not working or a notification appears: “Action blocked”.

On iPhone

With iOS 7.0, there is a color inversion feature. Unlike other operating systems, iPhones have Classic and Smart. The second allows you not to completely change the color of all media files, but only the background and buttons.

How to make Instagram dark theme through color inversion on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”. General.
  • Accessibility. Enable “Display Adaptation”.
  • Color Invert. On.
  • Enable “Smart Inversion”.

Next, go to Instagram and check the operation of the parameter. Inversion of colors may not work in several cases: if any application does not provide for work with the changed settings of the smartphone. The classic version completely changes shades even in photos and videos.

How to change the theme on Instagram to dark

Black theme on Instagram is possible through mods and browser extensions. In the first case, only the browser version will be available to the user.

Another, unusual way is to set color inversion. But this method has a significant drawback. the shade of not only the interface changes, but also videos, photos.

  • applications. Mainly for Android devices;
  • inversion of color. For iOS devices;
  • extensions. For browsers on PC.

It will not work to make Instagram dark in standard ways. The application does not provide a night mode, therefore it is available in only one shade. Dimmed is suitable for the evening or time of day when you need to lower the brightness on your smartphone.

How to put a dark theme on Instagram

On Instagram, the dark theme is not a standard color scheme. To change the design of the application, you need to download additional plugins or applications.

In the standard Instagram application, the dark theme will be available only for iOS 13 and Android 10. But it will work thanks to the settings of the phone itself. for this you need to go to Settings and select a dark design.

There are other options for setting a black background for earlier versions of Android and iPhone, how to set it up correctly.

On Android

Black background on Instagram on Android is available through the Dark Mode and Themes For Instagram apps. The disadvantage with them is that they open a mobile view and can be dangerous for the device. For example, they carry viruses or are designed to get data about the page.

How to use Dark Mode Theme on Instagram:

  • Download and Install Dark Mode Theme. Open App.
  • Enter data from the page on Instagram.
  • Confirm Login.

The browser version will open, which includes the placement of publications and Stories, correspondence in Direct. But there are no additional features like masks or live broadcast. The social network will open the page in the browser, so the theme will be changed there. The stock Instagram app will remain the same as before.

New design on Instagram

One of the updates added a theme change. Through the Instagram settings, it is possible to change light to dark.

  • Go to Instagram. go to settings.
  • Select at the end of the list: “Subject”.
  • Specify parameters.

The dark theme changes the display of the main windows, but does not affect images, videos. The same settings can be specified using the item: “Screen brightness” on the smartphone. If the user transfers the entire phone to a new design, then all Instagram will automatically change the style.

On iPhone

There are two possibilities to switch the background color:

  • Inversion function in iPhone settings.
  • Smart. the ability to change the color of the interface, but not touch the content.
  • We go into the settings of the “apple gadget”.
  • Go to the section “basic settings”.
  • Open the “universal access” tab.
  • Go to “display adaptation”.
  • Choosing an inversion mode.

The classic inversion will change everything, and the content will change too. The “Smart” function has been added only to iOs version 12 devices and is available through optimized official services.

How to make a black background on Instagram in a story

Stories are a popular format for presenting content today. A dark background is needed in the story if you want to submit text information or several photos, reduced in size. And the background environment is important. This automatically generates a gray color (or the color in the shades of the uploaded image or photo) around the reduced publication. There are several ways:

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Download and install the Unfold application.
  • Open it, click on “” to create a story.
  • Black background is automatically generated.
  • Add photos for stories.
  • We save the resulting combination to a smartphone.
  • Uploading to Instagram Stories.

You can install other applications that allow you to do this editing by adding covers to the stories in the background.

  • Selecting the text adding mode.
  • Add text.
  • Click on the circle in the bottom corner and select the background color.

How to make Instagram dark theme

How to make a black background on Instagram. Have you asked this question? Recently, there has been a hype about dark topics on various social networks. Users spammed the phrase “dark theme” in the comments of official and large communities and their account became dark. In the contact settings, you can uncheck the box and return to the standard, light theme. Does Instagram have such an opportunity? Let’s figure out if the popular social network has a dark background and how to enable it.

A dark background helps when viewing content at night. the strain on the eyes and vision in general is reduced. Black background is included on YouTube,. How to enable on Instagram:

  • There is no direct function in the settings.
  • Download and install third-party software or install a modification.
  • Invert the color settings of the phone screen, but then everything will change. A black and white background will appear in some places. Not a very optimal option for the user. The design of the smartphone will change completely, the shades and colors of photos and videos. But we don’t want to change the content settings, only the theme.

We will deal with all the nuances and utilities.

On Android

Android smartphone owners can download the Dark Mode for Instagram app from Google Play. Step-by-step instructions on how to change the color using the utility:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • Find Dark Mode for Instagram in the search bar.
  • Download and install the application, await the verification process.
  • Launching the application.
  • Log in to it by entering your username (nickname), phone number or username, password from your Instagram account (at your own peril and risk).
  • The utility will open (after authorization) the Instagram page in a dark background, albeit in the browser version.

When you scroll through the feed in the browser version, comments and likes are available, but you cannot watch videos on IGTV and live broadcasts. The functionality of the browser version of Instagram is limited. However, a dark theme of the interface will appear. the buttons and background environment will change.

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Another disadvantage. you have to leave one profile in order to switch to another.

How to make a black background on Instagram when flipping through the feed?

There is no official setting for the dark theme in the Instagram feed yet, but you can use a third-party service or customize the smartphone display. Better to use a light theme.

How to make a dark Instagram theme on your phone

How to make a black background on Instagram is a topical question for users of the social network. The article presents data on what methods can be used to add. How to get a new stylish design. There are many benefits that can be reaped if the instructions and recommendations are followed carefully. Among the main ones, one can note the compliance with fashion trends. Optimal level of usability as well as attractive appearance.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram?

Considering this issue, it is worth recommending special third-party applications and extensions. Additional tools should be used to install in a browser. The procedure for setting a dark background looks like this:

  • Go to the browser;
  • A button with three dots is pressed;
  • The Additional tools option is selected in the list;
  • The Store extension is activated;
  • In the search bar, write a Dark theme;
  • Set download option and confirm;
  • Transition to a social network;
  • The extension starts.

After performing such actions, the text becomes light, and the background is darkened. The colors on the cover are not as contrasting. Comments are easier to read when you flip through the feed. Users are provided with stylish design and reduced eye strain.

How to make a black background in Instagram on your phone?

To lower the brightness level at night, you can do one of two things:

  • Color inversion;
  • Apps and mods.

In the first case, the method of displaying videos and photos will be changed. There is software for users of different operating systems. There are special browser extensions. With their help, you can add mobility and the ability to download publications and add them.

If it was decided to use the utilities, you need to make sure they are safe so as not to harm your profile. The optimal solution can be achieved by using the color inversion option. It is available for Android and iOS.

If you follow the instructions provided, you can change the theme in the gadget settings. At the same time, you can change the tints in videos and images. The diagrams of how to make a dark theme on Instagram for Android and iOS should be studied more carefully.

On iPhone

In this case, you can use one of two useful functions:

  • Classic inversion.
  • Smart.

The second option changes to a black and white background, but does not change the pictures in the application. This refers to the official optimized resources. To carry out a replacement on such a phone, it is important to carry out the following actions:

  • Go to Settings, then to General;
  • Select Universal Access;
  • Screen adaptation is pressed.

When using the inversion mode, you should act through the movement of the slider. If you put it on the Classic position, the objects will change color. If this option is not available on your phone, you should install the software for instagram. If you wish, you can turn off the topic in the story if it interferes with the work of the gadget.

On Android

In such a case, it is recommended to use Dark Mode For Instagram software. The program connects to a mobile search engine. Next, you need to carry out the following manipulations:

  • Authorization in progress.
  • The utility will open a tab in the search option.
  • Automatically background and buttons change interface.

The disadvantage of this option is that you cannot use broadcasts, IGTV and full page settings. Limited functionality is noted without settings intended for pages that are conducted for business purposes. Another inconvenience is the inability to switch to another account without leaving the previous one.

Summing up

Darkening the background in the story attracts every owner of the profile on the social network. Installing it and changing the background color on Android is pretty easy. The main thing is to use the correct applications and strictly follow the instructions provided in the articles. Few people neglect this option, as it provides many advantages on Instagram.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android

In order to put a black theme in Instagram on Android devices, you need to do the following:

    Make sure your gadget is running Android 10. You can see the data about the version of your Android in the phone settings, in the section of information about your device;

Your phone system will change color to dark. By launching Instagram, you will see that this application has also received a dark color.

How to set a black background on iPhone

For a long time, the only possible way to get dark mode on Instagram was using an unofficial IG client or jailbreak. Then iOS 11 introduced the “Smart Invert” option, which works as a pseudo-dark mode. In earlier versions of iOS, the “Classic Invert” option also caused a color change in multimedia, but it did not affect the work of Instagram in the most favorable way.

And already with the release of iOS 13 and the corresponding Instagram update, an official effective tool appeared to make a black theme on Instagram.

  • To do this, you need to install the latest version of Instagram (version 114.0 or newer).
  • Then open the “Settings” application of the phone.
  • There select the item “Display and brightness”, and then tap on “Dark”.

For faster and more convenient turning on and off of dark mode, add the dark mode control tool to the Control Center through “Settings”, then “Control Center”, and then “Customize controls”. Thus, switching to dark mode can be done in just two steps. Dark Mode in iOS 13 has a scheduling system, so we can turn it on and off at a set time.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram

When we look at Instagram photos and videos, its bright white layout can be uncomfortable on our eyes. This discomfort inspires many developers to create so-called “dark” themes for their applications. The latter allow you to conveniently enjoy content, especially when viewing occurs at night. YouTube, VK, our website Make-Comp and other mobile applications followed this path, and at the beginning of October it was the turn of the popular Instagram. In the first decade of October, Instagram was replenished with an official black theme, which caused massive user enthusiasm. But when starting Instagram, we may not find the switch to the black theme in the program settings. Where to find it? Below we will figure out how to make a dark theme in social media. Instagram networks, and what we need for this.

The emergence of the possibility of including a black background in the standard Instagram functionality

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated to. that the black theme for Instagram has become available to both Android and iOS users. It is activated automatically with the next update of the application, and works exclusively on versions of the operating systems iOS 13 and Android 10. Inside Instagram, manual switching to the dark theme is not yet provided.

Unlike the pseudo “Smart-inversion” that existed on iOS 11, the new implementation of the dark theme correctly conveys colors, and is convenient both in the dark and in the daytime.

The advantages of the dark theme are obvious, but how do you use it? Let’s see how you can activate the black theme.

A way to enable smart inversion on iOS 11 and 12

If you have not updated to iOS 13 yet, then an alternative option to activate the dark theme on Instagram will be the Smart Invert function, available from iOS 11.

  • This function is located in Accessibility settings.
  • In the Display Accommodations section.
  • There click on “Invert Colors” and then enable the option “Smart Invert”.

Method using Instagram mod on Android OS

If your phone does not run on Android 10, and you are not expected to upgrade to this OS. We recommend installing a special mod for Instagram called “Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme”. This mod has advanced functionality, including the presence of a dark theme, no ads, clickable links in the comments and a number of other convenient features.

At the same time, this mod requires ROOT rights on your device. Therefore, install it at your own peril and risk, being aware of all the possible consequences for your gadget (including “brick” ones).

The way to jailbreak tweaks on iOS and iOS 12

If you don’t mind jailbreaking your iPhone, then there are stable jailbreaks for iOS 11 and iOS 12. After jailbreak, install IGDarkMode from developer Chloe Kuznetsov, which will enable dark theme on Instagram.

  • Open Cydia on your iPhone;
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon (search) in the lower right corner;

How to make Instagram black on Android Honor

If you own phones Honor 10, Honor 8a, Honor 7a, Honor 8x, Honor 8, Honor 10 Lite, Honor 20, Honor 7c and you are interested in the black instagram theme, then you may be in for a surprise.

The black theme on Instagram has already appeared, but so far it can only be done on phones with the Android 10 operating system and on some Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie.

But do not rush to leave the page, I have one idea, otherwise you will have to wait for dozens, besides, not everyone will wait for it.

I have one idea and I will now share it with you. I don’t know if it will rent it, because there are a lot of Honor phones.

Black Instagram theme for Honor phones

To try Instagram in the black version, you need to activate the dark theme in the system settings, more precisely the night mode.

The problem is that you will not find it there, but enthusiasts took care of this, they created a dark theme especially for Huawei phones.

There is one more way. It’s a little more complicated. You need to download the file located at the bottom of this post.

Only it is not installed. You need to manually drop it into any folder, and then use Huawei tools to move the contents to Huawei / themes. Then in the settings go to themes / my themes and just select it, and confirm the installation.

Yes, it’s more difficult, but those who really want to have a black Instagram on their Honor phone should try it (I’m sure most will succeed). Later I will make detailed instructions, for those who do not succeed.

In night mode, the Instagram background turns black and the buttons and text appear white. Menu bars are distinguished from the rest by a shade of gray background.

That’s just that everything will be exactly like this to us your Honor 7a, 10, 8a, 10 Lite, 8x, 7c, 8, 20 after installing the theme I proposed, I still can’t say, unless you share in the comments.

In general, lovers of dark themes have something to note. Dark Mode has become the trendiest addition to the app this season today, without which it is almost impossible to appear in the Google Store or App Store.

It is more or less successfully implemented by all major players, although it should be admitted that not everyone is in a hurry with this.

Although the messenger received its dark clothes, not everyone still has the ability to apply it. There is simply no such option in the application.

The only chance to see Instagram in black is to change the colors of the operating system in the phone settings or with an external application.

From time to time, our favorite smartphone apps undergo various changes.

New features coming after updating apps we are using or getting completely new graphics like black theme.

Not all users rate these changes positively, mainly because we are very attached to something that we know perfectly well.

Just a few days or weeks is enough, and we already forget how it was before the improvements were made.

The new graphic design will be a big relief for users’ eyes. it emits much less light, which makes viewing Instagram content after dark much more convenient and safer for our eyes.

This night fish will also help you if your smartphone’s battery life is poor. Success.