How to make full screen in fallout 4

How to make a full screen in the game: hotkeys

Hotkeys (hot keys) are keys or a combination of keys, when pressed, a certain action occurs. And we’re not talking about the in-game control itself now. In many games, hotkeys are protected at the software level, which allow you to change the format of the displayed window with an image.

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Nowadays, many developers neglect this functionality, because modern hardware very rarely has problems with compatibility with games. Probably, in the future, users will also experience technical problems with old games, which are relevant in our time 🙂 The most common combination in games of the nineties and zero is Alt Enter. Works even in some modern games.

How to maximize the game to full screen: launch options

If you go to the properties of any shortcut of the game, then you will see the launch options (for this, right-click on the shortcut and select the appropriate item in the drop-down window). In the “Label” column in the “Object” line, you will find an address that indicates the location of the executable file in the root directory of the game. Few people know, but there are a number of commands that can be written after the address. All of them are written with a space after the hyphen. Supported commands may vary depending on the game. To stretch the game to full screen, try the following options:

  • -fullscreen. sets options for fullscreen mode.
  • -w 1920.h 1080. sets the size of the window in height and width. In this case, the values ​​are for FullHD resolution. You can change the values ​​specifically for your monitor, where.w is the width, and.h is the height, respectively.
  • There is also a command to run the game in windowed mode. It is often used for the initial launch to avoid some compatibility problems, and later manually set the resolution in the settings. If after the address you see the text.window, then it must be removed. Perhaps this is what prevents the application from expanding to full screen.

The exact same parameters usually work for games installed from Steam. Only in the properties of the shortcut you will not find the “Object” field. To set launch parameters, you need to go to your library in the program. Select the game you want, right-click on it and go to properties. There you will see the item “Set launch parameters”. Click on it and write the above commands in exactly the same way. Don’t forget the leading hyphen and space between commands. You can specify several parameters at the same time.

Open the game in full screen: setting up the video card

First of all, it is recommended to install the latest drivers on the video card: very often you can find fixes in patches related to the compatibility of old applications. To do this, you can use the Snappy Driver Installer or DriverPack Solution. But updates do not always correct the situation. You should also check the option to display the desktop. To do this, open the video card control panel. Usually in the system tray (small icons at the bottom right of the desktop) there is a corresponding icon. If it is not, then try right-clicking on the desktop and find this item in the drop-down menu. If you don’t find it there either, try looking in the control panel. In the program window, select the item “Adjust the size and position of the desktop.” Turn on the item “Full screen“. Remember to confirm your changes and close the control panel. After that, the game window should expand to full size.

For owners of video cards from AMD, the process looks SIMilar. You need to go to the Catalyst Control Center application and find the same setting there.

How to expand the game screen: compatibility

You can also see the Compatibility column in the properties of the game’s shortcut. It also affects the type of application launch and is intended for older games.

Check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and try different versions of the operating systems that are offered to you. It is also advisable to check the box next to “Run this program as administrator”. You can also use the Compatibility Troubleshooter, which is essentially the same as the Internet Connection Troubleshooter, but as you can imagine, this thing rarely helps. But you better not pass by and try all the options, right?

Stretch the game to full screen: in-game settings

Modern games offer gamers a wide range of customization options. You can customize anything from controls to graphics. In older games, the functionality is not so rich, but they also have display options. In general, the process is very SIMple: you need to find the item “Screen mode” and put a tick in front of it. Very often this setting is placed in a separate category, where the user customizes the interface. So if you did not find this item in the section with graphic setups, do not be discouraged and look through the entire menu that is offered to the player. Sometimes you can find the screen display mode in the launcher (when the program responsible for loading the application appears before starting the game). Some developers build separate settings into launchers that are not duplicated in the game itself.

As a last resort, you can put the display mode “Windowed without frames”. In this case, the game screen will maximize. In windowed mode, performance is, of course, lower than in full-size mode, but the difference is not that big and usually does not exceed 5-10%, so the FPS loss will be small. Not all older games have this feature. Check the information on the developers website: perhaps the project is generally capable of working only in windowed mode with low resolution (yes, there are such projects as well).

How to expand the game to full screen and play it full

Older games are poorly compatible with current operating systems. We show several ways to expand the application to full screen.

All modern games at the very first start set in the settings the maximum possible resolution that the monitor supports. However, cases of incorrect operation of a game application are not uncommon. This problem is especially common when trying to run an old game created 10-20 years ago. At that time, monitors had very low resolution by modern standards. And all the software was written for hardware and software, which was relevant in those days. If you want to play the first parts of Doom, Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed ​​or other legendary games, then get ready for the fact that in 90% of cases you will be faced with windowed mode, which cannot be stretched. There are many solutions to this problem, and they vary from case to case. We tell you about the most popular methods of making a game in full screen.

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How to make a full screen in the game: resolution

Not only the game window display mode can stretch the image. The resolution you choose may interfere with full screen mode. Modern games support large types of resolution (from 4K and higher), but older projects have a problem with this. Try to set a lower resolution in the graphics settings and select “Full screen”. If the game refuses to start at all, then set the screen resolution in the operating system itself. To do this, right-click on any area of ​​the desktop and select “Display Settings”. Then just change the resolution from large to lower and confirm the changes.

A SIMilar way is through the Nvidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center. These options are also present there. And as a last resort, try to set the lowest possible resolution in the shortcut properties (see the screenshot in the paragraph about compatibility).

How to make a game full screen

In casual or indie games, as well as in older low-resolution games, the question of how to make a full screen is difficult even for experienced users.

Sometimes it is quite easy to expand the game to full screen, you just need to change the resolution, press the key combination on the keyboard or uncheck the “windowed mode” item in the game settings, but this does not always work.

In order to run the game in full screen mode, you must first of all update the drivers for the video card. Outdated or built-in VGA drivers may be causing the game to not run at normal resolution.

There are several ways to launch the game in full screen. Below we will describe, step by step, all the known ways to run games in full screen mode.

Launch without additional parameters

Launching in windowed mode can be triggered by opening the program with the “-window” parameter. You can read more about this in the article “How to start the game in windowed mode”.

In order to start the game without additional parameters, you must do the following:

  • Right click on the game icon and select “Properties”.
  • Make sure there is no.window parameter in the “Object” line of the game address. If it is, delete it.

With a keyboard shortcut

In many applications, you can try pressing AltEnter on your keyboard. This can put the game in full screen mode.

Setting via the video card driver

The first thing you need to do if you have problems with the graphical display of the game is to update or reinstall the video card drivers. Then go to the graphics settings menu and adjust the image scaling. Depending on the manufacturer of the card, the menu will look different.

  • For NVIDIA cards: go to Adjust Desktop Size and Position and enable scaling.
  • For ATI cards: in the “Display Properties” menu, select “Properties” and adjust the scaling there.
  • ForkartIntegral Intel Graphics: in the “Display” menu, select “Basic Settings” and set the scaling options. If they are not available. lower the screen resolution, adjust the scaling and return the original resolution.

Through game settings

In many games, full screen mode can be done through the graphics settings menu. You just need to select the desired mode: windowed or full screen.

Adjusting the screen resolution

Sometimes old games SIMply cannot open in full screen mode due to a too low resolution, and even if they are deployed in full screen mode, black bars appear on the sides or the picture looks very bad.

If all the previous methods did not help, you should do the following:

  • Look in the game settings for the maximum resolution.
  • Set the same resolution through computer settings.

Of course, the desktop and all programs after that will look worse, will visually increase, and other games created for a higher resolution will not allow you to fully enjoy the graphics, therefore, after finishing work with the old game, the screen resolution must be returned to its original value.

Now you know how to make full screen in different ways. It’s easy enough if you follow the instructions above.

If you have any problems with games on PC or consoles. try to find the answer in one of the articles on our website.

Launch the game in full screen. Fallout 4 General Discussions

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How to open Fallout 4 full screen // Problems with Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 full screen. Fallout 4 full screen. Files. patch, demo, demo, mods.

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Mod how to expand Fallout 4 to full screen? fallout 4

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Fallout 4 black screen at startup

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Fallout 4 how to make full screen. Possible solutions

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