How to Make iPhone Stickers on Android

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All About WhatsApp Stickers for iPhone

The theme of today’s text note is stickers for the WhatsApp messenger on iPhones. The fact is that recently, the developers of the WhatsApp application have finally added support for stickers. Stickers appeared for both Android and iPhone (iOS firmware). Indeed, in some cases, it is more convenient to put a sticker than to type or dictate text, so today I’ll talk about an application that will expand the capabilities of stickers on the iPhone for WhatsApp.

Making your own sticker for WhatsApp right in your iPhone

With the advent of stickers, an application immediately appeared on Androids that allows you to make and add your own stickers to WhatsApp, on the iPhone you can make your own sticker in the same application. Best Stickers Memes Stickers. I warn you right away, this is not an advertisement, the application sometimes crashes when creating its own stickers, so the developer has something to work on today.

It should be noted here that in the free version of the program, you can make no more than 5 stickers in a selection, as well as a condition. at least 3 stickers. Therefore, it will not work just to make one, at least three stickers, otherwise the Save button will be inactive. If your iPhone already has saved pictures or photos for the future sticker, then you can start:

  • Launching the application Best Stickers Memes
  • Press the bottom center button. New set
  • Press the green button. Add photo
  • And choose your photo or picture from the gallery
  • Now press the button below. Eraser. And we erase unnecessary background elements, leaving only the sticker itself.
  • When finished, click the checkmark and the button. Finish. Adjust the dimensions of the sticker and click again. Done.

Thus, you need to make at least 3 stickers, then come up with a name for your collection and click the Save button (7). After creating your stickers, the selection will appear in the program, now we add it to WhatsApp with the button. Add to WhatsApp. We use.

In conclusion, about the cons of this application sometimes crashes and it is not very high quality to make the contours of the sticker with an eraser, if you want high quality, make a sticker on a PC in a graphic editor on a transparent background and send this picture to your mail, then save it from the mail to the gallery with photos. it will turn out better and you will not have to torment the eraser in your phone. Then follow the steps described above and your super sticker will be ready.

Add stickers from WhatsApp chat to Favorites. For iPhone

If your interlocutors like your WhatsApp sticker (or vice versa, you liked someone’s), then you can save it to your Favorites, for this you need to hold the touch on the sticker until the menu appears, in which we click. Add to Favorites. In the iPhone so.

How to Add Standard Stickers to WhatsApp (iOS)

Having done the above, you need to click the plus icon. After choosing the sticker sets that suit you, click the arrow button to download, after which these sets will appear in your stickers.

If you were attentive, then when choosing a collection of standard stickers, you should have noticed an empty section. My stickers. When you are tired of the standard ones, but it happens quickly, you want to download new good stickers.

Downloading New Free WhatsApp Stickers for iPhone

The installation of new stickers is performed in the App Store application, the download process is exactly the same as installing the application (if you did not install applications, then see the instructions). Of course, you cannot install without an Apple ID in an official way.

We found an app in the iTunes Store called. Best Stickers Memes. The free app will allow you to:

  • Add Free Stickers. Memes
  • And make your own stickers for every taste (limited to 5 stickers in the free version)

After installation, an application with stickers will appear on the iPhone screen, among them there are paid collections, they are available when purchasing the full version for 75 rubles, but there are also enough free ones. Stickers are specific, for an amateur, if you don’t like memes, then in the same program you can make your own set of stickers, more on that below.

Launch the application, in the Categories section, select the selection you like and press the blue button. Add to WhatsApp, after which the stickers are exported to our messenger, and you can already use them.

How to use WhatsApp stickers on iPhone

If you don’t know yet where the “stickers” button is in Watsap for iPhone, then everything is simple. The button is in the message set window, on the right. It looks like a piece of paper with rounded corners, one of the corners is bent. If you do not have such a button, then you need to update the WhatsApp application (the update is done in the App Store application).

If, when you click on the sticker button, you see animated GIFs, then you need to click on the button at the bottom of the screen. stickers. But it is empty by default. Now stickers need to be added, since there are standard stickers.

Bot will help

If you already have presets for pictures and Telegram is installed (not a mobile, but a desktop version), you need to write any message to a special bot. @Stickers. In response, he will offer the following set of commands:

/ newpack. create a new set of stickers / addsticker. add sticker to set / delsticker. remove sticker from set / ordersticker. swap / cancel. undo the previous action

We select the first command and send it to the bot. Next, he will offer to choose a name for the new sticker pack (just enter a name in the chat line and press enter), and then send an emoji that will correspond to the first sticker.

It is worth noting that the bot sets limits on the resolution of uploaded images: their width should be exactly 512 pixels, and their height. do not exceed the same value. The maximum image weight can be no more than 350 kilobytes. The image for the future sticker must be attached through the File menu, which appears when you click on the image of the paper clip.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right away. at each stage of creating a sticker, the bot will tell you how to proceed.

When the first sticker is ready, you need to select the emoji for the second sticker and upload the desired picture again. You will have to repeat these steps until all the “stickers” are ready.

To publish a new set, send the / publish command. In response, the bot will offer to come up with a short name (there may be problems with it) of the link, which can later be sent to friends or published on social networks. Of course, it will lead to the author’s package of stickers.

Instructions: How to make your own Telegram stickers

Stickers (which can be translated from English as “stickers”) generally play the same role as emoticons and emojis that express actions or feelings. Stickers often depict characters from films and cartoons, as well as historical figures, public figures and Internet memes with a wide variety of characters in the lead role.

Another good thing about stickers is that not only designers and illustrators, but also ordinary users can have a hand in their creation. The ability to create and exchange homemade stickers is provided by the Telegram messenger, created by the team of the founder of Pavel Durov.

So, if an idea for a set of “stickers” was born in my head for a long time, then using the instructions below, you can bring it to life.

How to make a beautiful picture

It is not so difficult to create a set of stickers itself, but novice users may have difficulties when processing the images themselves in a photo editor. For simple actions, you can use Paint. True, you need some skill, since the arbitrary selection is done “by hand”. setting a value of 512 pixels horizontally (and vertically too) will not work.

If you managed to cut the image exactly, then it should be copied to a new document (copy the selected image. CtrlC. “Create”. Paste the copied image. CtrlV). Do not forget that the final image size should be 512 pixels wide. Height may be less.

If you have access to the Photoshop editor, then it’s better to use it to cut out stickers. The algorithm is only a little more complicated, but the output will be a neat picture with the necessary parameters.

How to Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad?

So, open the picture and take the Pen Tool or the Pen Tool (screenshot highlighted in red). Begin to select images by placing points along the contour. At the end, we connect the last point to the first. By the way, the more points are set along the contour, the smoother the clipping will look.

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Next, on the options panel, find the “Paths” or Paths tab (screenshot highlighted in red), right-click on the “Work Path” and select “Form Selection” on the pop-up menu.

Then you need to select the radius of the feather. Optimal. 1-2 pixels. Check the “Smoothing” checkbox, too. “OK”.

After that, you can copy the selected image (CtrlC or open “Edit” in the “Menu” panel, then click “Copy”) to transfer it to a new canvas of the required size.

To open a new canvas, in the top menu open the “File” tab and select “New” (CtrlN). In the “Width” and “Height” fields, set 512 pixels. “Background content”. “Transparent”. Click “Ok”.

When a new file opens, paste the cut image from the clipboard. This can be done with the shortcut keys CtrlV or “Edit”. “Paste”. After that, the picture can be saved: “File”. “Save for Web” or AltShiftCtrlS. Recall that the picture must be in.png format. it can be set in the settings in the window that opens. There you can also “play around” with the quality level, on which the size directly depends.

RG Digital stickers are available here.

How to make a keyboard like an iPhone with an input device from GBoard on Android

Almost all Android devices have one of three default keyboards: GBoard. SwiftKey and Go Keyboard. For the next method, we need the first one. GBoard.

If you have a different one installed, you will have to download this one from the link provided. Because it is in it that there are suitable settings that allow you to transform its appearance and make it like on the iPhone.

Install and select it as the main one on your phone:

  • Then open the keyboard in any way, you can create a new SMS message or press write text in a notepad;
  • Click on the gear icon at the top of the keyboard window to open its settings;

On iPhone, we have the option to set a dark keyboard theme. GBoard also has this feature. To do this, go to the settings, select the “Themes” item and click on the fourth topic from the list. You may be able to notice that some of the details are missing. But this is the most that can be done with an Android device to make it more convenient.

How to make an Android keyboard like an iPhone

The iPhone is considered the icon of modern phones. Each new version of the device is closely monitored by the whole world, including other popular brands. New elements are adopted or repeated on other models. Now it has gotten to the point where users want to make the keyboard on their Android device the same as on the iPhone. Next, let’s see how to implement this.

Why people love the keyboard on iPhone?

As many iPhone owners know, Apple strives to make its products as good as possible. Every interaction with their devices is a delight for the users. It is enough to type the text several times on Android and iPhone to feel the difference. There are no problems, typos or misclicks on the iPhone virtual keyboard. While on an Android keyboard, all of these shortcomings can be felt at the same time.

The graphic design of the input system is also important. The iPhone has enough space between letters, each letter clearly stands out from the background. There is nothing superfluous among the virtual buttons: the main keyboard is not constrained by unnecessary keys on the sides, the space bar, the return and the button for deleting a character are in place. Several tests have already been carried out for iOS and Android keyboards for typing speed. Where the iPhone won by a significant margin.

Application for the keyboard on Android “OS 11

On Google Play, you can find an application that will make a standard Android keyboard the same as on an expensive iPhone.

This is not a standalone application, but a theme. New Cool OS 11 Keyboard Theme.

After you download and install, the system will need to be activated. Only after that it will be displayed instead of the standard theme.

It is presented in white, which brings it as close as possible to the iPhone keyboard.

Installing the classic iOS interface like on the iPhone

If you’re interested in a more versatile app that mimics the iPhone keyboard on your Android, try the Classic Keyboard app. Its size is almost the same as the size of the iOS keyboard. The main background is silver, but you can change it in the settings.

The application file size is only 3 megabytes. But for full-fledged work during the download process, it requires downloading an additional file.

In addition to the iOS keyboard, it also has emoji. It is called by a separate key, which is located on the main canvas.

It also has the following features:

  • With the help of hints, Classic Keyboard can guess the words that you intend to enter. This function is not T9, which often just distorts and types the wrong words. You can choose the word you want to type or keep typing it;
  • Support the function of sliding on the keys or swipe printing;
  • Support for GIF animations: select the section with GIFs and point to the animation you like to add it to the text;
  • Emoji keyboard;

The app has the highest rating on Google Play among other apps of its kind.

The development is very interesting and definitely deserves a closer acquaintance with it.

How to make an iPhone from an Android smartphone

Perhaps you are already tired of the appearance of the menu and the main screen of your Android smartphone. You can make a device out of it that will be as similar to the iPhone as possible. Which is true, for this you will need to do a lot of settings. But it will be worth it. First of all, you can borrow sounds from Apple smartphones.

On the forum in this topic, you can download them all in one package. Then place it in the memory of your phone and select the necessary ones in the sound profile settings.

Also on the forum you will find almost any utility or tweak for converting your Android smartphone into an iPhone. You can add iOS-style curtains, lockscreens, and most importantly. here you can find keyboards that are as similar as possible to the iPhone.

They are created by independent independent developers. And you won’t find these apps on Google Play. And you can download these files only if you are a member of the community, that is, a registered user.

Create a collage on iPhone

Owners of phones on the iOS platform also have a huge selection of applications with which you can create a photo collage.

The applications mentioned above are in the App Store, and if you want something new or don’t understand how it works, then you have all kinds of editors at your disposal, which contain in their library many templates and adjustable layouts, a set of unique fonts, a large number of frames of various shapes and style. Their functionality includes both manual gluing of photos and on the machine.

How to make a collage on Android

In the vastness of the Google Play market, you can find a lot of graphic editors for creating photo collages from your Android phone. There are applications for both beginners and advanced users. For professional processing and composing collages, they usually use the mobile version of Photoshop. And for beginners, PicsArt is suitable. this is a simplified application that already has a variety of frames, all kinds of stickers, standard filter sets, colorful effects. If you have not coped with these applications, there are special programs of a narrow profile, which are aimed only at creating photo collages. It is in them that the process is simplified as much as possible, and the work is the principle. inserted, pressed, finished work.

Don’t forget about the built-in editor on your Android smartphone. It’s easy to use and will help you create a simple collage.

To create an original picture on Android, you must:

  • Open the gallery and select those photos with which you will work in the future;
  • Selecting images;
  • Click on the “Creativity” button;
  • Choosing a collage;
  • How to create a photo collage;
  • Click on the “done” button, thereby saving the work.

We would like to note that this function is presented differently on each Android, but in general it is present on each smartphone.

How to make a photo collage on Android phone and iPhone

Do you have an important event in your life and do you want pleasant memories to always flash before your eyes? Or maybe you want to make a warm gift for your parents on their wedding anniversary? Or just diversify your Instagram feed, thereby surprising your friends? In such situations, we recommend using a collage. In this article, we will look at all sorts of ways to create this composition: built-in and external editors, and you will learn how to make a collage from photos on your phone.

Create a collage from a photo online

If there is no opportunity to download the application, but it is necessary to create high-quality content, then online services come to the rescue. The most popular ones are:

  • Avatan;
  • Photovisi;
  • Collageonline.

In general, these sites work on the same principle:

  • The required number of photos is uploaded;
  • Then they line up in certain places;
  • Then effects and frames are applied;
  • The result is downloaded to the phone.

What is collage?

As a rule, a collage is a set of elements that are combined into one single composition. A collage can be made from absolutely any object, be it leaves from trees, candy wrappers, seashells from the sea, children’s handprints.

But every day a collage of photographs is gaining more and more popularity, since digital technologies have now stepped far, penetrated into every corner. And much more often you can find a photo collage made on your phone. Therefore, today we will consider the question: how to make a collage from a mobile device on the Android and iOS platforms.

We have reviewed with you popular editors that are available absolutely free. And you can find them on any platform. It all depends on imagination, because that’s when there will be a high-quality result!

How to write an inscription on a photo on an Android phone and an iPhone

You can make an inscription on a photo on an Android or iPhone phone, either using the internal means of the system or using special third-party applications.

So, on any picture, photo, you can impose a test with an interesting font, design, or even with effects that diversify the picture and add meaning to it.

The previous post was devoted to how to connect a USB flash drive to a tablet. Today you will learn how to add a caption to a photo in Android and iOS quickly and easily, both on a phone and a tablet.

T text_on_photo

High-quality fonts and fast photo editing, the authors claim that their application is one of the best for creating signatures on photos. There are many effects and a good editor.

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Works great on both smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. Takes up very little memory space, has a lot of functions and works quickly and easily.

  • Text
  • Over 800 fonts
  • Stickers
  • Transparency
  • Photo editor
  • Effects
  • Change of perspective
  • Gradients

How to Add iOS Memoji in Android✨ | iPhone memoji Android Phone me use Kaise Kare��

How to write an inscription on a photo on an iPhone

Photo lettering apps for iOS are very popular in the App Store. Let’s choose among the set of them three, which users are most satisfied with.


Stylish fonts, fine-tuning them and Cyrillic support. The inscription can be applied and processed in any way, thanks to a good editor.

It has the most simple and at the same time very user-friendly interface, where there is nothing superfluous and distracting. Everything was done in such a way that it was as convenient and easy as possible to work with text in the pictures.

  • Fonts for every taste
  • Instant color change
  • Format selection
  • Works with perspective
  • Shadows


High quality and powerful editor for adding text to photos. Allows you to create collages, blur parts of what was written to create a beautiful effect, transfer what is written by hand to an image and much more.

Combine multiple shots in one at once, pictures, text and textures. Create beautiful collages. There are ready-made inscriptions for lovers, travelers and bloggers.

  • Many fonts
  • Collage making
  • Texture mapping
  • Ready templates
  • Fast posting to Instagram or stories

How to download old Like

Use third-party sources to download the old version of Like for free. Please note that the 2019 app has slightly changed its name and became LIKEE. You will find the old application for Android, iOS and PC. Check the source carefully. Keep in mind that on unverified sites you can catch a virus that will not only worsen the operation of the gadget, but can delete personal data.

How to install old Like on Android

No utilities or computer usage is required to download. You just need to turn on your mobile browser and enter the name of the required installation file. Open the displayed site, click “Download”, wait until the download is finished.

To install different versions, follow the algorithm:

  • open “Settings” on your phone, select “Security”;
  • opposite the item “Unknown sources”, switch the toggle switch until it lights up blue (this will allow you to install files without using the Internet. those that are stored in its memory);
  • find the downloaded APK file;
  • double click on it.

Wait for the installation to complete. As soon as the process is completed, the smartphone will notify about this. The downloaded video editor will be displayed in the list of applications. Various versions of the program can be found on the Internet. The network even has a New Year’s interface that matches the theme of the winter holidays.

How to download and install the old version of Like on iPhone and Android

“Download old version Like” is a frequent request in 2021. Such a need arises for those who want to create short videos and apply special effects to them, but have an outdated phone model. Or he has been a user of a social network for a long time and he likes the outdated version more. To use it, you just need to open Google Play and AppStor. depending on the OS the smartphone is running on. But there are other sources as well. We talk about this in more detail below.

Installing an old application on a PC

To download a social network on a PC, you need to download a special emulator that allows you to watch videos of your favorite bloggers on the big screen. Sign in to your Google Account to run Bluestacks Emulator. This will install an early and updated version on the gadget.

  • Enter the name of the program.
  • Open Like, click “Install”;
  • The file will appear in the list of installed applications.

Open the file, enter your username and password, use the advantages of the emulator. The old version can be installed from other resources as well. Then follow these rules:

  • start the emulator;
  • find the downloaded file in the file manager;
make, iphone, stickers, android

The old version will start running, wait until the system processes the information. Be careful. Only download APKs from trusted sources. If you catch a virus, you will lose important files.

How to install old Like on iPhone

Installing on the iPhone is more difficult. For this task, you will have to connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.

  • start iTunes;
  • select the icon at the top of the screen to go;
  • open the “Programs” section;

Find the name of the old version of Laika, click on “Install”.

Installation of the previous options is possible using iTunes. But there are similar programs like iFunBox or iTools.

History of changes in earlier versions

The first version has fewer features than the new one. Developers try to constantly surprise users with new products. The most popular versions for Android and iPhone:

  • 8.2. the ability to use 3D stickers to create an imitation of weather precipitation;
  • 9.3. an improved way of creating videos to simplify the transfer of finished works in other social networks;
  • 9.9. GIF conversion and copying;
  • 10.1. search for clips on music tracks for listening;
  • 12.1. create a 3D animated avatar, use beautiful fonts for video captions;
  • 14.5. activation of “Magic of Time” to speed up or, conversely, slow down the video;
  • 16.2. changes in hair color;
  • 0.5. changing the name of the social network to Likee, the availability of makeup drawing using application effects;
  • 6.3. the presence of “Multiphoto” to open the possibility of creating colorful photos and videos;
  • 7.2. improved Supreme;
  • 8.3. increasing the variety of types of makeup.

The developers tried to improve the subsequent version, in comparison with the old one. They analyzed the needs of regular users, tried to anticipate trends. We were inspired by the developments of other social networks and took only the best ideas to work out unique effects. And they do it regularly for maximum user comfort. The latest version is also available for both Android and iPhone. Test different and choose the most suitable one for you.

# 1. install emoji from iPhone to Android without root

  • download and install the iPhone iOS Emoji for KeyboardEmoticons mobile application on the smartphone (link to the APK file);
  • then download and install the Kika Keyboard application (link to Google Play), it is also free;
  • after that, go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and set the Kika Keyboard as the main keyboard;
  • testing (open “Messages”, press the button with a smiley face, select the appropriate one, insert, etc.).

# 2. install emoji from iPhone to Android without root

This method, as we have already said, works, but not on all smartphones. But guaranteed to fit HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi models (we haven’t tested other brands yet). In general, we do the following:

  • go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  • if you have an “old” Android (up to version 6.0.), then download and install the Emoji Font 3 program (link to the APK file), if you use a smartphone with Android 6.0 and newer, then install Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 5 ( link to Google Play);
  • after the installation is complete, go to “Settings” again, tap “Screen” and then “Fonts”;
  • download and set the official Gboard as the default keyboard (link);
  • testing (open “Messages”, press the button with a smiley face, select the appropriate one, insert, etc.).

New emoji from iPhone to Android: how to install

It is believed that although emoji in Android are similar in many respects to emoji in the iPhone, they are more static and therefore inferior to the latter in terms of communication.

In other words, if you love and know how to communicate with emoticons, then it will be more convenient and easier to do this with iOS emoji. Another thing is that it is hardly worth changing Android on the iPhone just for the sake of this. So, you need to figure out how to install emoji from iPhone on Android so that it will be faster, without unnecessary fuss and for free.

It seems like nothing complicated, on the Internet in a couple of minutes you can google a bunch of relatively simple ways. However, as we very quickly found out, most of them are non-working (applications often only translate emoji without preserving functionality).

And we managed to find nothing at all, of which. one way is quite simple, another is also simple, but not suitable for all Android smartphones, and one is also universal, but more troublesome, since it provides for root rights. We will now talk about these three methods. So,…

how to install emoji from iPhone to Android

# 3. how to install emoji from iPhone to Android via root

For obvious reasons, this method is more complicated, but purely technically more competent than both previous ones. Therefore, if you have already solved the issue with root for your smartphone, and also know how to work with Magisk, then it is better to use this method. In general, the procedure for installing additional software is standard:

AI Style OS 12

This option is a direct alternative to the previous one, but this time for installation you will need to use two applications at once. AI Style OS 12 allows you to use a huge library of styles and internal settings that make each keyboard unique in its own way. In addition, there should be no problems with the installation, since the control as a whole remains quite simple.

    First thing you need to do is follow the link below to download and install the Cheetah Keyboard app. It acts as the main software and must be added without fail.

Once downloaded, open the Settings app and navigate to the Language & Input section. Here you need to select “Virtual Keyboard”, which is called differently depending on the version of OS and shell.

After confirmation via the pop-up window, deactivate any other options and you can exit the settings.

Now go to the following link and, by analogy with any other application, complete the installation.

To complete on the next screen, use the “Toggle” button and select “Cheetah Keyboard” in the pop-up window. Immediately after that, the application will open and offer to test the keyboard along with emoticons.

In the process of using Cheetah Keyboard with the theme installed, you will get an excellent keyboard with emojis relevant to iOS 12. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with both options, with an overview of other similar applications.

Ways to Add Emoticons from iPhone to Android

Android smartphones differ significantly from iPhones not only in terms of features and available applications, but also in terms of visual design. One of the features of iOS devices is emoji in the original style, which are not available on phones of any other manufacturers by default. In the course of the article, we will look at several methods for adding such emoticons on Android, despite the limitations.

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Adding emoticons from iPhone to Android

The procedure for adapting emoji from iPhone to Android one way or another comes down to choosing one of the applications that often require ROOT rights or replace the original keyboard with your own version. We will consider only a few varieties of software that are quite popular and guarantee performance on most devices.

Apple Keyboard

Start with an option that works quite stably on devices without ROOT rights and acts as a keyboard to replace the standard component. It uses a built-in set of iOS-style emoticons and stably supports any software with the ability to insert emoji.

    Download and install Apple Keyboard from the link provided above. At startup, on the main screen, use the “Enable in Settings” button and on the “Available virtual keyboard” page enable “Apple Keyboard”.

Note: In the future, if necessary, you can visit this section yourself and change the keyboard at your discretion.

Return to the start page of the application and on the second tab, tap on the “Switch input methods” button. When a pop-up window appears, re-select the Apple keyboard.

If the modification procedure was completed successfully, after returning to the application and clicking the “Finished” button, a window with the settings will appear. Make the necessary changes and test the keyboard in any text editor or messenger.

The main problem with the Apple Keyboard is the presence of advertisements, despite their relatively rare occurrence. The rest of the software works at a more than decent level, providing several important parameters and design styles.

Emoji Switcher (root)

Emoji Switcher, unlike previous products, is not a keyboard application, but simply replaces the standard set of Android emoticons that automatically connect when using most keyboards. In this regard, this method is the most effective, but it will require additional actions.

    First, before installing, you need to root the smartphone using one of the existing methods. It is best to use common options like SuperSU to negate any potential problems.

Read more: How to get ROOT rights on Android
After adding root, install the Emoji Switcher from the Play Store page. The application works great with almost any version of Android, so there are hardly any difficulties with installation.

Run the application and go to the last page with a swipe to the left, if you want to familiarize yourself with the main features. At the final stage, an automatic compatibility check will begin and a request for obtaining ROOT privileges will be presented.

On the same page, use the “Start” button to go to the settings. Please note: the software will work best with the Gboard keyboard (standard Google keyboard), while other options do not guarantee stability.

While on the page “EmojiSwitcher”, tap on the item “iOS” and select one of the types of emoji. The sets offered here practically do not differ from each other and fully correspond to analogs with the iPhone.

When you click the Install button, a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the installation. After completing the task, wait for the download to complete.

Now open the keyboard in any suitable field, go to the emoji tab and check the appearance of the default set. If something does not suit you, you can always reopen the application and choose another option.

The only minor drawback should be noted only built-in advertising, which can be disabled by purchasing the corresponding option.

The best choice from everything discussed in the course of the article is precisely the Emoji Switcher due to the minimum amount of ads and fairly high stability. In any case, the solutions presented are quite enough to install emoticons from iPhone to Android.

Emoji keyboard

To use stickers on Whatsapp, you can download the emoji keyboard. It will be active for all applications that allow you to create text messages. They work with emoji keyboards like this:

  • Go to the resource for downloading programs (selected depending on the operating system used).
  • Explore different keyboard options. Choose one of the applications and download. You can do it for free.
  • Install the program on your own smartphone.
  • They go into the phone settings, select the “Additional” menu item. Connect a new virtual keyboard.

Then you can apply emoji to create your WhatsApp messages. An annoying keyboard can be easily replaced with another one. It is enough to disable it in the “Settings” menu, uninstall the application, select a new option, download and install according to the above scheme. The principle of operation for such programs is identical.

Stickers for WhatsApp

The presented messenger did not initially consider the function of working with stickers, therefore there are no such built-in elements in the program. To use them, a person needs to use:

  • Special smilies.
  • Pictures (including animated apps).
  • Emoji keyboard.
make, iphone, stickers, android

Each type of sticker presented must be considered in detail.

Download Stickers for WhatsApp

It is possible to use whatsapp stickers generated by various applications. For this you need:

  • Go to Play Store (or similar iPhone app).
  • Select an app that contains a set of stickers. Well-established emoticons for whatsapp.
  • Download a pack of stickers to your phone. You can download several similar galleries.
  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version, make sure the application works correctly.
  • Open the application with stickers, select the icon you like in the gallery. Click on the “Share” button, select the WhatsApp application for sending.

The application allows you to use standard emoticons, stickers, download add-ons, specialized galleries, updates, create your own collections. The basic version can be downloaded for free, add-ons may require an additional fee.

Instead of such programs, you can use basic image editors for Android, iPhone. Sketch apps have a collection of stickers that you can use for free.

Stickers for whatsapp: on Android and iPhone

Stickers for WhatsApp are needed by many users of the presented application. They make communication brighter, allow you to bring the messenger closer to the vibe and some others in terms of functionality. Let’s see how to use them correctly.

Standard stickers

The easiest way to use stickers in WhatsApp is to download them for Android or iPhone via the respective website. New stickers will be displayed immediately in all programs available to the user. To use them, just click on the smiling face icon located in the message input field. The system will issue a set of smiles, stickers that have.

If after downloading they do not appear on the panel, restart the application. Pay attention to the version of WhatsApp on your device, update it to the latest version for Android, iPhone.

How to send a sticker?

If you want to download a limited number of stickers for WhatsApp. a few fun options. you can abandon the idea of ​​installing a full-fledged application in favor of ordinary pictures. Proceed like this:

  • Go online, choose beautiful large stickers.
  • Upload images to your own smartphone.
  • Open the app. Select the desired chat to send a message.
  • Click on the paper clip symbol in the message entry line. A gallery of files that can be sent to the interlocutor will open. If desired, edit the file in advance in the graphics editor of your phone.
  • Select the desired emoticon, send it to the addressee.

Later, you can delete an unnecessary symbol, pump up other stickers or animated pictures. This will allow you not to overload your smartphone with applications for generating stickers, which require constant updating and take up a lot of free space, slowing down the work of other programs.

Is it possible to download for free on PC, Android and iPhone

In the last subheading, we mentioned the possibility to download pictures from the worldwide network for iPhone (iPhone), Android (Android) and PC. It’s actually pretty simple. As already mentioned, just click on the link. the program will open itself, adding new cool pictures with cool names to the existing ones for free.

  • the largest database in runet.
  • vk group with lots of user generated content.
  • a convenient base with a good classification.

You should not click on links to unreliable sources. this way you can catch the virus.

What are stickers

To begin with, let’s figure out what is generally hidden behind this concept. Many people associate with stickers colored pieces of paper that are glued to the table and remind of important things like “To wash the cat at 9, go to the emergency room at 8.30”.

In fact, the answer is not that far from the truth. Of course, modern ingress stickers do not carry any useful function in themselves, but they really look like stickers. Various funny shapes and pictures, often outlined in white, are used on the phone and PC as a substitute for emoticons. Few people imagine modern communication without them.

In fact, stickers are a transitional stage between emoji and photos.

How to delete

Finally, at the end we will analyze the following situation: some PeterStiker (like where there is a goat, peach, deer, postures, vulgar, Uzbek, zootopia, etc.) you are finally tired of. You don’t use it, but it takes up space. The way out is quite simple. remove it, throwing it out of the heart, from the telegram.

To do this, in the list of your stickers, search, hover over the required pack, click on the not too noticeable cross on the right.

How to send

If you have already found where to get these pictures, the next important question becomes an edge: how to send them, in fact? In fact, there is nothing difficult about this either, you just need to know the algorithm.

Go to the section of emoticons (we described this above), using the tabs at the bottom, select the desired set, click on the picture. Done!

Stickers for telegrams. review for computer and phone: how to find, add, create, download

In most programs for network communication, only simple emoticons are available to us, which do not reflect even part of human emotions. But the telegram also distinguished itself here, because the so-called “sticker” perfectly replaces funny pictures: you can download them online, add them to yourself, and even do them yourself. Thanks to this solution, the problem of lack of emoticons disappears by itself: you can simply make your own and send it to a friend. We will tell you in detail how to add stickers in a telegram in this article.

There is nothing difficult in using stickers for telegrams. The main thing is to choose the sets you personally need and add them to your account.