How to make jpg format on iPhone

We change the image format to jpg or any other in three different ways

Good day to you, my dear friends. How is your mood? I seem to have nothing. Although it has been better. But today is not about that. I remembered here one case, how one employee came with the fact that her picture was not uploaded to some site. She says that she did everything as said, and when she wants to select a file, it seems as if it is not in this folder. She was there, almost in convulsions, looked for this picture, made several copies, deleted everything except this file in the folder. It turned out to be simple. This downloader required uploading files only in the graphic format JPEG (JPG) and in no other.

Usually, most pictures and photos are in this format, but this is not always the case. Well, then I explained to her how to change the image format to jpg so that everything would meet the requirements.

In general, the procedure is simple. Quite the opposite, even a very simple one. Therefore, I will show you today 3 different options, with which you can convert an image to jpeg or any other format.

Crunch your fingers. Come on, come on! Fingers need to knead. Now let’s go!

Graphics editor

The most famous and easily accessible way for these purposes is to use any graphics editor. In this example, we will consider Paint, since this program is in every Windows, which means that everyone can use it.

Open Paint in any way convenient for you. I personally prefer to open it with the “Run” line. In general, I really love this line. In general, open it (for those who do not know, press the WINR key combination). Well, in the line itself, write mspaint and click OK.

In the editor, click on the “File” menu (the button that is responsible for the main menu items). And already from the drop-down menu, click “Open”. Now find on your computer the image you need and it will open in the editor.

make, format, iphone

I decided to open the PNG image. In principle, you can open the most common formats in Paint, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF. Well, in general, now all we need to do is to click on the “file” menu again, only this time select the “Save as” item. “. If you haven’t noticed, an additional menu has appeared a little to the right with possible image formats.

I came here to make JPG from PNG, so I select “Save image as JPG” and look for a place to save. That’s all. We didn’t even have time to sweat).


The next method is also simple, although it requires the installation of an additional converter program. But it is done once and for a long life. If you don’t know, a converter is a program that converts one format into another. And it doesn’t have to be a graphic format. Converters are also created to work with audio and video formats, well, with others. I will not go deeper. About this in a separate article.

Let’s download the Format Factory program. This is a special universal converter that works with different types of files. You can download it from here. Do not worry. This is a proven site and will not take money from you.

Download, install and run. Here’s a simple procedure. But this, of course, is not all.

  • So you are in the program. Now you need to choose the type of files from which you will convert. We need images, so choose “Photo”.
  • In a new window that opens, you see the available image formats. What format do we need? In principle, any, but in this example we are considering just JPG, so click on the icon with the inscription JPG.
  • Next, another window will open for you. Here we need to upload the files that you want to convert (difficult word? Don’t get used to it). To do this, click on the “ADD” button, and in a new window that opens, select one or more files that you want to convert to JPG. As you can see, I have selected 2 PNG files. Now click OK. And if you wish, you can delve into the settings, but I will not dwell on them.
  • Well, now we see that our 2 files are already in the project. Now you can convert, but first look down. Opposite the inscription “Destination folder” is written the destination where our files will come. You can change this path by clicking on the corresponding “Change” button. Click and search for the desired folder. Well, at the end, we press the coveted OK button.
  • Did you think everything? It wasn’t like that. Now we will be thrown back to the main window of the program. only now, note that our files have appeared on the right side, their size and what they will be named after conversion (and of course in what format they will be). As you can see, the name remains the same, only the format is different. True, this is only a preview. In fact, these files have not been translated yet. It remains for us to do the final touch, namely to press the “Start” button.
  • After a short time, depending on the size of the files (it took me 1 second), you will see that everything is done (it will be written this way), and at the same time you will hear a sound signal. We’re done, but to be sure, we’ll go to the final folder. Everything is in place. Everything is converted and opened. So our task is completed.

But that’s not all. Take a short break and we will find out another quick way.

Online converter

There is another rather easy way that does not waste your time and effort. Now we will again use the converter, only via the Internet. What is the advantage of this procedure? What do you think? Of course, you don’t need to install anything, since you will be working with the site. Let’s go to one such site, for example. As you can see, this converter is also versatile and can translate not only image formats, but much more. It’s just that in this case we will do everything using the example of transferring from PNG to JPG.

  • Select the item “Convert” to JPG in the “Image Converter” section.
  • Now select the file on your hard drive that you want to convert to JPG. If you do not have a file, but there is a picture on the Internet, then you just copy the address of this link and paste it into the appropriate line. Besides that, you can play around with other settings. As you can see, everything is clearly written here. I usually do not change anything, well, I only set the best quality and change the resolution in rare cases. In general, if you need to change something in the image, then I’d rather use the same Photoshop. By the way, in Photoshop, you can also save in a different format, but I will not consider this here.
  • Well, in the end, as you yourself probably already guessed, you just need to click “Convert file”. That’s all.
  • After the conversion is completed (from one to several seconds), your new converted file will start downloading to the folder where you have all the default downloads. Just open the file and enjoy.

Well? Which of the presented methods is the most convenient for you? Or maybe you have some interesting way of your own. Then write in the comments. Do not be shy.

Files can be converted to any format. But what will happen if a failure, a powerful virus, technical damage, human misconduct and other factors destroy files that are so important to you. In this case, you shouldn’t count on antivirus. To be ready for all this, I recommend that you watch a powerful and interesting video course on file protection. Everything is told in human language and is designed for any level of knowledge. In general, if your important data is dear to you, then it is better to be on the safe side.

Well, this is where I end my article today. I really hope that you liked my article, so do not forget to subscribe to my blog updates, then you will definitely not miss anything interesting. Well, I say goodbye to you. See you soon. Bye Bye!


The English-language free online service PDF2JPG has a simple interface and fast file conversion speed. Also, the advantages of the utility include:

  • the ability to download individual pages of the document;
  • high quality of converted images;
  • the size of uploaded PDF files is up to 25 megabytes, the number of pages is unlimited;
  • e-mail notification of the completion of reformatting.

To convert PDF to JPG, you need:

  • Go to the main page of the service using the link Select a PDF file to convert on your computer by clicking “Choose a PDF file”. Having found the desired document, you should click on it, and then on the “Open” button.
  • Specify the desired JPG quality:
  • Average. for documents without illustrations;
  • Good (default). for PDF with drawings and diagrams;
  • Excellent. for files with high resolution illustrations.
  • In a new tab, individual pages in the converted format will be available for saving on a PC and viewing in a browser, as well as an archive for downloading with all JPEG files (button “download your pictures as a ZIP file”).

Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Solutions Studio has made a free and easy-to-use converter software for PC. To convert PDF to JPG using it, you should:

  • Save the application to your computer from You need to click “Download for Windows”, run the installer when the download is complete and follow its instructions.
  • Select a location to save converted to JPEG documents:
  • Check the box next to “Customize”.
  • Click on the “Browse” button.
  • Specify the desired folder.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Click on the “Convert All” button to reformat.
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How to make JPG from PDF?

PDF is among the most common document formats. It is designed to display printed products in electronic form. The main disadvantage of PDF files is the complexity of their editing, since this requires special software. It is much easier to convert PDF to JPG (JPEG) extension. it is supported by a lot of programs. Online services and applications on PC allow you to convert.

How to convert PDF to JPG on PC?

PDF to JPEG from Microsoft

For Windows 10 and 8.1 users, Microsoft has developed a free PDF to JPEG conversion program. She has the simplest interface and excellent performance. In addition, when downloading licensed products, there is no risk of infecting your computer with viruses.

How to use the program:

  • Follow the link Click on the “Get” button and follow the instructions of the system to install the application on the PC.
  • Run the utility through the “Start” menu.
  • Click “Select File” to select the PDF document to be converted to JPG.
  • Click on the “Convert” button to start reformatting.
  • After the completion of the conversion process, the user will see the text “Conversion Completed”, and the JPG file will be saved in the previously selected folder.

Note: if you liked the lettering on the image, learn how to identify the font from the picture.

How to convert PDF to JPG online?


PDFtoImage is a free PDF to JPG translation service in Russian. Its main differences from its English-language counterpart: there is no function of downloading individual pages, but you can simultaneously convert several documents.

To convert PDF to JPG, you need:

  • Open page. Click on the “Download” button to select files on your computer or drag them from a folder on your PC to a special window on the site.
  • When the service completes the conversion, it will be possible to save the documents separately or in a common archive (the “Download all” button).

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How to change HEIF photo format to jpg in iPhone

JPG is a photo and picture format known to all users of digital devices and computers. JPG has long foreshadowed imminent extinction, but the expansion is still popular and in demand today. Apple is famous for its desire to make all the tools for its devices on its own, but the photo format on the iPhone is not like everyone else.

If you exclusively use Apple products, there are no problems. Other platforms, however, do not recognize the HEIF or HEIC extension. Therefore, the question arises, how to change the photo format to jpg in iPhone.

What is the photo format on iPhone?

With the iPhone 7, Apple smartphones capture HEIF photos. The new extension reduced the size of the files while maintaining the original quality. The disadvantage of the iPhone photo format is the inability to view the image on previous iPhone models or on computers with a different OS. When uploading pictures to social networks, the photo automatically changes the format to compatible with the service program.

How to disable HEIF and change to JPEG?

Do not get upset right away, Apple has provided all the options and offers to change the camera shooting settings.

Instructions on how to change the HEIC format on an iPhone.

  • Enter the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Cameras”.
  • Item “Formats”.
  • By default, the checkbox is set to “High Efficiency”, move it to “Most Compatible”.

Now the smartphone shoots video in the usual JPEG. However, be prepared for the fact that files with this resolution take up 30-40% more space than HEIF. Here you have to make a choice between the efficiency of using the device and the ability to share a photo.

Another way how to change HEIF to JPEG iPhone is to use online format conversion services. They are free and available without registration. Stages of work:

  • In the search bar, fill in the query “photo converters from HEIF to JPEG. Will choose the appropriate.
  • On the site page there will be a place to download files from your computer. Upload a photo.
  • Start converting.

After the end of the process, the file in the converted extension will be downloaded to the device. There are programs with similar functions. For example, iMazing. Usage instruction:

  • Find and download the program on the Internet. She’s free.
  • Wait for the download, follow the prompts in the dialog box that appears.
  • Select HEIF images by right clicking.
  • Bring to the iMazing main window.
  • At the bottom of the page, in the “Format” tab, select JPEG.
  • In the Keep EXIF ​​data item, check the box.
  • In the tab, the quality will select the desired result. Remember that the higher the quality, the “heavier” the file. Recommended amount. 85%.
  • Choose the folder where to save the photo.
  • Start converting.

The conversion time depends on the number of objects and the capabilities of the PC, but usually the process takes several minutes or seconds. If you don’t want to constantly think about how to change the HEIF format to JPEG iPhone, use tools that automatically change the extension when transferred to another device. To do this, use “share”. The method works for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

To enable the option go to “Settings” → “Photos” → select “Automatically” transfer to Mac or PC with Windows, Symbian or Linux. After that, HEIF files will be transferred already in JPEG. In this case, no additional conversion is required. The quality of the images does not change, but with frequent “flips” from one expansion to another, the image may deteriorate.

Batch change file format using the command line

Go to the command line. This can be done by pressing the WindowsR key combination on the keyboard, then enter cmd in the pop-up window and click OK.

In Windows 10, click on “Search” in the control panel, also enter cmd and click on the “Command Prompt” line that appears in the list.

As a result, such a window with a black background will open.

First you need to go to the desired folder. To do this, enter the cd command in the line (change directory) and insert the path to the folder where the files are located. If someone has forgotten how to copy the path to the folder, let me remind you that you just need to click on the path line in the explorer. The path will be displayed in a command-line understandable form. See the GIF.

We insert into the line the path to the folder where the files are located, right after the cd command, it looks like this: cd C: \ Users \ Albert \ Downloads \ 100D5000. (You will have your own path, so I crossed out mine, so that I don’t accidentally copy it).

We press Enter. With this action, we switch to the folder we need on the command line.

Then we use a special command that will change the file extensions, copy it directly from here: rename PNG JPG and press Enter again.

We look into our folder, and we see that all files have changed the type of extension, or, as we often say, the format. Everyone has JPG.

The result of a batch change of the file format from PNG to JPG

You can enter a more versatile command to change formats: rename JPG such an instruction will change the format of absolutely everything that it gets in the path in the specified folder. So you should use it with caution, after checking if the video or text files that may accidentally appear there will not be damaged.

How to change photo format to jpg

Change format in Windows Explorer

Open the folder with the files. By default, as a rule, the file extension is not displayed in the file name. To make it visible, click “View” at the top of the window and in the drop-down menu, check the “File name extensions” checkbox. The format (type of extension) is now visible in the file name. If the changes did not take effect immediately, just close the file folder and open it again.

How to convert RAW Photo into JPEG/JPG in any iPhone Devices ?

Now, as with the usual renaming, right-click on the desired file, in the list of actions that opens, click “Rename”. In our example, instead of PNG, type JPG and press Enter. The system of foolishness warns of the irreversibility of the action, we think again just in case, and press Enter again.

That’s it, the photo format has been changed. But! The file size has not changed.

Which photo format weighs less

Here are the results of transforming the same image into different types:

  • JPG- 4.62 MB
  • PNG. 20.1 MB
  • BMP. 34.9 MB

JPG is almost 5 times lighter than PNG! In order for you not to double-check the information, save yourself a memo picture. It clearly shows how much “weighs” the same image saved in different types.

Change photo format in paint

It’s as simple as the previous editor. And their names are consonant. Here, look at the image below, one picture is enough to display the whole simple way of how to change the format of a photo.

  • Open the file in paint editor
  • Save it via “Save As” in the desired format.

How to change photo format in paint editor

By means of Windows itself

It is not necessary to use third-party tools to change the file format. On Windows you can do this

  • as with single files directly in Explorer (renaming),
  • and batch processing of all files in a folder at once using the command line.

However, the size of the file (files) will remain the same as before the format change.

In editor

Let’s change the photo format using editor and see what happens to the image quality and which photo format weighs less. It impresses with its simplicity and functionality. Official site The program is distributed free of charge. Download, installation is simple, self-explanatory.

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I hope I started this story with for a reason. You have a chance to love it for its simplicity. This is certainly not Photoshop, but you can process images quite quickly and easily. There are even “layers” here “.

  • To change the format, you must first open our photo in the editor. The upper left corner of the menu, select “File”, then “Open” and in the pop-up window select the desired file.
  • Now, to change the photo format to jpg, we save the file in the new format. Select the same menu item “File”, and then “Save as”. With such saving, it is possible to select the type of the saved file. At the bottom of the window that opens, you will see two fields for filling. One field prompts you to enter a file name. The default is “Nameless”. And below, in the second input field, you can select the format of the future file from the drop-down list. Select jpg.

How to change photo format to jpg in editor

If you use the “Save” command instead of “Save As”. then the file will be saved in its original form. The format cannot be changed.

Basically, I hope it’s clear how to change the format of a photo to jpg. Actually, you probably already guessed how to change the photo format to png. Choose any other format when saving, this is how the files are reformatted.

How to convert HEIC to JPG

In order to get the more well-known and cross-platform JPG format from HEIC, you can use special online services. These services allow you to upload HEIC photos to the server for conversion and on the output you get the same photo without loss of quality, and in some cases, using local tools, even better. service for converting HEIC to JPG

The format was released along with the new operating system iOS 11 relatively recently. Therefore, the services for converting HEIC to JPG look simple and have not yet had time to “acquire” all sorts of additional features and functions. This is the service. It allows you to process up to 30 files simultaneously, which will greatly simplify your task. The good news is that the HEIC files that will be converted to JPG are optimized on the site using JPEGmini, which helps to make the file smaller, but the quality will be the same. To use the service and convert files:

  • Go to the website.
  • A window will open right in front of you, which displays an icon with an arrow symbolizing the download. Click on it.
  • After clicking, a window will open with a selection of files on your computer. After selecting the files and uploading them to the service server, convert the files to JPG. Then you can upload them again to the computer.

How to convert HEIC to JPG

HEIC is a new image file format that appeared in all iPhone and iPad models with iOS 11 preinstalled. This file is developed by the experts who invented MPEG. High Efficiency Image File Format. designed to save disk space. The extension will be used by default when taking photos on iOS 11. Since the format is new, users may have some compatibility issues when trying to open HEIC with other platforms, which Apple has tried to avoid. But fortunately, when you add such photos to popular Instagram services, they will be presented in the form of JPEG. Therefore, no one will notice the difference. In some cases, we need to get from this format. JPG. But how do you convert from HEIC to JPG? We will talk about this later in the article.

Cloudconvert. transforms photo extensions

This service supports over 200 different formats for converting in any direction. CloudConver runs in the cloud and supports archive formats as well. Works with all known services. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive. After you upload your heic file, the system allows the user to choose the format for conversion. The choice is limited to a set of service formats. It is also worth being aware of the selected format, you cannot make a video from a png image. If you uploaded a file with a large size to the service, then its processing and conversion takes a certain amount of time. Notifications can be configured by entering your email address. When the file is ready, the system will notify you with a message by mail. The service provides an API that allows you to host Cloudconvert tools on your site or application. To use the service:

  • Go to the main page of the converter.
  • You are taken to a page with a button in the middle of the screen to upload your.heic files to the service. Select the file and click “OK”.
  • After that, your file will be displayed in a narrow window in the middle of the monitor, opposite the name of your file there are buttons by clicking which you can choose which type and format of the document you want to convert your file.
  • There is also a settings button next to it, by clicking on it you can select the details that will be applied after processing, such as: rotate to the right by 90 degrees, auto-orientation, etc.
  • You need to start converting by clicking the red button, at the bottom right. “Start Conversion”.

iMazing. handy converter app with offline version

The difference between this service is the presence of a separate program that can be downloaded on a PC for further offline conversion. The new HEIC format is surprisingly good in that it preserves the quality of the file while reducing its size. But there is still a drawback in incompatibility with many other platforms.

How can I convert.avi to.jpeg?

.avi is a video format and jpeg is an image format. First you need to take a snapshot of the video frame during playback and then save the image in jpeg format.

How to change photo format to jpg or other? Using image editing software

  • Before changing the image format to jpg. select “File” from the main menu. A drop-down menu of options for the image should appear on the screen:
  • Save or export the image file. The format change will occur simultaneously with saving the new version of the file. This is useful: the original file remains unchanged, and if something goes wrong, you can always return to it. On a Mac, you need to select “Save As” or “Export” to continue the process:
  • In some versions of the software, you will need to first “Duplicate” the file (that is, make a copy of it) and then “Save”. This will save the file in the new format:
  • Change the name and extension of the file. In the window that appears, you can change the name as well as the extension (format) of the file. In the drop-down menu “Format” or “Save as” there should be about 12 options, including “.jpeg”:
  • Before changing the image format to png, change the file name or location if necessary. For example, you can place it on your desktop for quick access;
  • If the extension you want is missing from the dropdown menu, try another image editing software (like Photoshop):
  • Save the file. After you specify the desired name, extension and location of the file, click the “Save” button. Thus, you will convert the file to the new format, keeping the original:
  • Software such as Preview can batch process file conversions. To do this, select the files to be converted and right-click on them to see the available options.

How to change the format of a photo online in jpeg or other? Using third-party image conversion software

  • Upload image files. Most online image resizing services offer their services for free and do not require downloading software to your hard drive. First of all, pay attention to the services that offer instructions for downloading and converting files:
  • Follow the instructions. Sometimes these sites ask for an email address, and then, after the conversion is complete, they send the finished file to you at that address. In other cases, you need to wait a few seconds and then download the finished files:
  • Beware of sites that require you to pay or provide personal information. Remember: there are many free services that do not need to provide anything other than an email address.

Questions and answers

How to convert images from PNG to JPEG?

How do I change the aspect ratio on my computer? Paint or MS Paint is a simple image viewing and editing program included with the Windows operating system. Open the PNG file in Paint. and then use File Save As to save the file in JPG format. If you are on a Mac. you can use iPhoto. Open the PNG file in iPhoto. then go to File Export and select JPG from the list.

How to convert to jeepg or other graphic format?

There are many different ways to change the aspect ratio of a photo. The file format determines in which program it can be opened or edited. The file extension defines this format. Most people working with images will have to convert these files to a different format at some point, so it’s worth exploring a few different ways to accomplish this. JPEG (aka JPG) is the most commonly used image format.

How to convert pictures and photos. change the format to JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP

good time!

When working on a PC, one has to rather often “swarm” with different formats of pictures, photos, images. And the format of the selected file (say, JPG, PNG or GIF) depends on both the file size and its quality.

For example, take a look at the screenshot below : the same file (with “almost” the same quality) can take up 50 times less disk space (if, of course, it is saved in a different format) !

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This becomes even more relevant if you deal with a large number of images (and even more so you plan to upload them to the network). that is, there is a high probability that you will need to re-convert them from one format to another (for example, not all sites allow you to upload to itself BMP or GIF format, but JPEG goes with a bang).

Actually, today’s note will be just about that.

Comparison of BMP and JPG formats: pay attention to the file size

How to reduce the size of a JPG, JPEG file [instruction]. Read the note.-


An excellent free program for working with photos and pictures. Combines dozens of options and functions (pay attention to the round desktop, which will appear immediately after launching the installed Photoscape ).

To convert a dozen (hundreds) of pictures from one format to another. you need to select the “Batch Editor” option.

Next, transfer pictures to be converted into specials. window (see arrows 1 and 2 in the screenshot below). and click the “Convert” button.

After that, specify the folder where the converted files will be saved, and set a new format (for example, JPG). Next, it remains to click the “Save” button.

Next, the conversion of all files added to the project will begin. The running time of the program depends on the power of your PC, the quality of the source files, the selected format for conversion.

Upon completion of the operation, you will have an “Output” folder (if you did everything as in my example). which will contain the new converted images.


Perhaps this program is one of the most versatile and available for converting images. Firstly, Paint is available in all versions of Windows (which means you don’t need to download anything extra). Secondly, it is very simple and easy to use.

1) To open Paint. press WinR, and in the Run window that appears, use the mspaint command. This is a universal way in all versions of Windows to open Paint.

2) Next, you need to click on the “File / open” menu and specify our image.

3) After, click on the “File / Save As.” Menu and select one of the formats:

  • PNG. provides good compression of pictures and photos (sometimes, higher than that of JPEG (the compression rate depends on the specific image)). It is recommended to choose PNG for images posted on the Internet;
  • JPEG is a universal image format used everywhere;
  • BMP. Provides the best quality for any image. It is recommended to save in this format only those photos and images that you plan to edit and retouch in the future;
  • GIF. It is recommended to save simple drawings and small pictures uploaded to the Internet in this format. Also, this format is actively used for working with animations.

In general, on this the problem is solved! If you just needed to change the format of the picture (and you don’t have very many of them), then Paint’s capabilities are generally enough for such a task.

Online services

Recently, they are gaining high popularity. On the one hand, it seems to be convenient: there is no need to install and configure anything on the PC. On the other hand, not every photo and picture should be sent to the network (you never know.).

As a rule, the services are very simple to use: you just need to upload your image to them and select the format into which you want to convert it. After 5-10 sec. they give you a link to download the converted file. Conveniently?!

multi-conversion (dozens of pictures at the same time)

Multi-conversion (or as it is called “batch”) is sometimes necessary when you are dealing with dozens (or even hundreds) of pictures and photos. You will not open each of them manually in the editor, and then re-save in the desired format. It is long and ineffective.

But if you use the special. programs that can automatically run any number of images (for example, from BMP to PNG) is another matter!

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

Online conversion

Some of the features of Photo Converter can be tried online. Select files or ZIP archives to convert:

What is the photo format on iPhone?

With the iPhone 7, Apple smartphones capture HEIF photos. The new extension reduced the size of the files while maintaining the original quality. The disadvantage of the iPhone photo format is the inability to view the image on previous iPhone models or on computers with a different OS. When uploading pictures to social networks, the photo automatically changes the format to compatible with the service program.

How to make jpg format on your phone

Nowadays, the JPG format is widespread, popular and easy to use. Files in this format are lightweight, can be easily opened in any program for viewing and editing images and sent by e-mail without any problems.

On the other hand, JPG is not recommended for compressing drawings, text and sign graphics. Since after compression there are noticeable digital artifacts. It is better to save such images in formats such as PNG, GIF, TIFF. With Photo Converter you can always quickly and free of charge convert any graphic formats to JPG.

How to convert from JPG to PDF

When converting from JPG to PDF or from PNG to PDF, you only need to follow a few steps:

  • Add images, JPG, PNG, WEBP and BMP formats are supported. These are the native formats for Android. We support native formats to avoid making this converter online. If you have images that do not open in Android. we can use our online image converter.
  • Click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the screen:
  • Set the settings you need (maximum image size, password, color) and click on “Convert to PDF”
  • Wait for the result and take the necessary actions further (you can rename your file, send it to someone or open it to evaluate the result).

We understand that now the number of functions is minimal, but if the application is in demand, we will definitely increase their number. If you have any suggestions. write to us by mail or in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Other functions of the application

  • Sorted by name: A-Z, Z-A, by file creation time.
  • Change the order of saving (long press on the image and then drag to a new location)
  • To delete one image (swipe to the right) or all images (in the “Clear List” menu).
  • Color (as is, grayscale, black and white).
  • Setting the maximum image size (proportions are maintained).
  • Set password
  • Renaming the file after generation (by default, a file is created with the current date and time).
  • Make a choice of the image format saved to PDF, for example, so that all files are saved in JPG format with a specified compression ratio, then the output will be a PDF file, in which you can say a full-fledged JPG to PDF converter is used, or let’s say you know that your images are will look better if you use PNG format, then you just select it from the list and get a PNG to PDF converter.
  • The next step is to specify the page format and fit the image exactly to the page size, in this case it will be ideal for printing.

JPG is a photo and picture format known to all users of digital devices and computers. JPG has long foreshadowed imminent extinction, but the expansion is still popular and in demand today. Apple is famous for its desire to make all the tools for its devices on its own, but the photo format on the iPhone is not like everyone else.

If you exclusively use Apple products, there are no problems. Other platforms, however, do not recognize the HEIF or HEIC extension. Therefore, the question arises, how to change the photo format to jpg in iPhone.

Here are some tips for a successful conversion:

Select files to convert. If you have a whole list of images that you want to save as jpg, use batch conversion. With it, you can convert 100 or even 1000 photos at once.

Select the editing tools. With this option you can (crop, rotate your image, adjust brightness, contrast and much more).

Select the format for conversion, in our case it is JPG.

It remains to press the Start button and in a few seconds you will receive your files converted to JPG format.

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